Suicide Downed Airliner Mysteries Solved (Germanwings…)

Suicide Downed Airliner Mysteries Solved

Soulology on 50 plus Shades of Truth (Germanwings…)

I was in the cockpit with Andreas Lubitz and you thought He was alone



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Dedicated to the Memory of

All who perished

on GERMANWINGS Airbus Flight 4U9525

and their surviving families and friends.


Table of Contents


If I am not Andreas Lubitz but I was in the Cockpit Together with Him “WHO AM I”?

If I am not the Death Wish then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not a Human Soul “WHO AM I”?

If I am not His Genetic Family Pass-along then “WHO AM I”

If I am not a Thought Seed “WHO AM I”?

It I am not His Early Development Years then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not His Family or His Parents then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not His Dream of Flying then Tell Me “WHO AM I”?

If I am not His Medical Condition, then Tell Me “WHO AM I”?

If I am not His Premeditating Thoughts then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not His Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not Psychotropic Meds “WHO AM I”?

If I am not Pharmakeia, “WHO AM I”?

If I am not an Implanted Thought Seed then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not the Conscience then “WHO AM I”?

The Alternative to Living in the Present tense of Conscience

If I am not Intuition then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not Mental Illness then “WHO AM I”

Man’s Solution to an Offended Conscience

If I am not Angels on Your Shoulder, then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not a Moral Cop then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not the Hunger Pain then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not Self-Confidence “WHO AM I”?

If I am not Knowledge “WHO AM I”?

If I am not Cognitive Dissonance “WHO AM I”?

If I am not Problem Solving then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not The Liar then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not Self-Pity, then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not the “Hinter Gedanke” “WHO AM I”?

[+ If I am not 50+ Shades of Truth “WHO AM I”? +]

If I am not the Forefending System “WHO AM I”

If I am not Religion, then “WHO AM I”?

If I am not a “Death Doula”, then “WHO AM I”?

Now it is Your Turn. – “WHO AM I”

Remember, – Real Eyes – Realize – Real Lies!

Have You Figured it out yet? “WHO AM I?”

On Testing the Spiritual Source of Thought

Please Identify “WHO AM I” and Enter to Win

“WHO AM I” – Not?

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A Comment I Read

“There is more to this story.....................If he wanted to commit suicide why not BEFORE or AFTER he flew that plane, why take 150 people with you??? Why go online, and research about cockpit doors, and suicide???...Wake up people unfortunately I'm afraid that we will never hear the REAL story.

In the meantime I’m sick and tired of people feeling sorry for his “mental illness”. He was not too mental to research cockpit doors, and suicide. Whatever his reason, he was a SELFISH individual taking 150 people with him to die, people who did NOT want to die. There is more to it…………………………….but the slightest hint, and we are labeled “Islamaphobe”. I have no proof, but I smell a rat, BIG TIME!!”

I believe I read this comment among over 6,150 other comments and I am sorry to say that I have lost the originating source information. I use this comment because it mirrors my own sentiment about mental illness and suicide. I am not suggesting that this comment writer will agree with my view point at all but I agree with the broader presentation of the “selfish” label being addressed in that comment.


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WHO AM I” makes this bold claim …

I was in the cockpit with Andreas Lubitz and you thought he was alone.”

You may not know me and I prefer it that way. I come to you from many graves. For the purpose of this book I come to you today from beyond the grave of Andreas Lubitz

Can you guess the identity of “WHO AM I”?

The concept of involving a reader participation game right from the outset of publication has the intention of soliciting extensive reader problem solving engagement. In that I seek to promote awareness and involvement of Soulology, using PinPoint Soul-Logical Understanding principles as it relates to becoming a soul and soul development, I focus heavily on the area of psychology’s rejection of a personal spiritual life functioning capacity in human beings.


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If I am not Andreas Lubitz but I was in the Cockpit Together with Him “WHO AM I”?

The words of the author:

The voice from out of a Germanwings plane crash grave is not the voice of Andreas Lubitz. I, the author, am telling you this untold part of the human tragedy story because in most likelihood nobody else will. The “WHO AM I” of this book really does prefer.to hide its true identity from those who would seek to know the truth about GERMANWINGS Airbus A320, flight 4U9525. And recent speculation would also suggest that possibly even Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.could belong to this category of suicide mass murder airliner downings. The “WHO AM I” however will be exposed for the real culprit it is in causing carnage, suffering and death among so many life loving individuals not just in this crash but in every other woe and ill of society.

Hi, this is the voice of “WHO AM I” so please pay close attention.

Ha, if anyone actually released my true identity as to who I am, in most likelihood it wouldn’t be believed anyway. For that reason I have decided to use this method for disseminating the uninvestigated and untold truth behind this Germanwings flight 4U9525 crash instigator. It appears to me that most everyone who pays attention to what’s happening around the globe just swallows up what the media feeds say and print. It is truly amazing the amount of spin which will be put on everything by those spin doctors who would suffer the most if the truth actually came out.

Most folks will want to believe what they are being told but very few will actually investigate the facts they are presented with in order to come up with what is in truth. Very few folks actually believe in what is truth nowadays. “Give us the facts they clamor.” Most folks, and probably you included, have this predisposition to believe lies more readily than believing what is true. Most human beings are like sheep going to the slaughter. “But who cares,” they so often think. Even when true facts are released and revealed that does not imply that the full truth is known.

For many folks it is very difficult to understand that at the very core of a human being is a deep yearning to experience life to its fullest with the greatest amount of pleasurable activity and at the very same time there also exists a deep seated subconscious death wish to which is attached for a better and less painful existence. Have you ever wondered why a person attempts suicide when all they really want is to be able to enjoy the fullness and vitality of life with great relationships? Well keep on reading, you may eventually come to understand this strange human phenomenon for which I take full credit.


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If I am not the Death Wish then “WHO AM I”?

This is the author writing …

This death wish is not always as evident in every person as it is in some. Often times this death wish intensity demonstrates and tells folks that the answer to real life is attainable outside of the miserable, suffering and painful life which so many experience on planet Earth. Very few ever get to know the origin of these thought seeds that seek to direct individuals to want to exit pain by pre-planning their self-murder.

What I, as your current author of choice, find even more disturbing is that the so called professional mental health workers very seldom, if ever, know anything about the source of this universal death wish. Do you by any chance happen to know where this death wish in mankind is derived and sourced from? Do you understand why it is that every culture and every society has had to experience loss of human life by pre-planned self-murder or mass murder?

Why is it that the pursuit of pleasurable living is coupled with the death wish? Why are these two, the life wish and the death wish so much a part of humanity? Why do so many live in a manner that is sure to lead to death? Why do some plan their self-murder when all they really want is to enjoy life?

Why is it that the dark death wish, which we all experience from time to time, offers to our thoughts the suggestion that if a person were to enter into forming a completion of that death wish thought would result in that person having an easier and better life? Does the death wish not seek to suggest that one could help themselves to a solution that would help them remove themselves from the presence of all those who would dare make their life a misery? Why does the trip to Zuicide offer to take someone to the other side where they may anticipate the ultimate good life where there is no more rejection, abuse, misery or suffering?

Let me share an unedited copy of a Google Plus post, and let me state here that I absolutely disagree with the understanding of what was posted. I enter it here for you to ponder on and observe the inherent death wish which has at its very core the desire to have a better life. So ironic is it not?


imran yousuf

Shared publicly on Google Plus


Please share with dear friends who may benefit from a different, “awakened” perspective on the longing to die….


If you ever feel like ‘leaving’ your world, if you ever feeling like taking your own life, if you ever feel a longing to die, if the thought “I want to kill myself” comes to visit, do not fear and do not despair. Celebrate, for a deep intelligence is now at work in you.

Know that it’s the most natural thing in the world to consider taking your own life. It is not a sin, not wrong, not a sign of your weakness or failure, not a symptom of a terrible disease or darkness inside you. It’s an urge, a consideration as old as the universe itself, something all human beings have known in some form or other. Know that you are not alone, but connected to all humanity in your aloneness.

The urge to ‘end my life’ doesn’t need to be indulged or worshipped, but understood; not numbed away or acted upon, but embraced for what it is.

Translated, “I want to die” means “I feel homesick, and I desperately want to go home, but don’t know how right now.” The urge to die is the natural urge to shed the illusion of the separate self, to let go of the exhausting burden of ‘me and my life’ (who you are not) and rest deeply in presence (who you are).

It is a call to remember your true home beyond all earthly homes – here and now. To taste your own taste once again. To come out of the story of past and future, and live in this precious moment. To be here, fearlessly present, courageously alive, no longer at war with the pain and bliss of life, no longer resisting the slings and arrows of existence.

Use the thought “I want to die” to begin a deep meditation on the nature of self. Who will die? Who would want to kill a ‘self’? Who lives now? Who breathes? If the ‘self’ can be killed, if it can be loved or hated, is it really who you are?

What is the intelligence in you that knows that the ‘self’ is impermanent and can be lost? Is that intelligence not fully present and alive and awake now? The ‘successful self’ and the ‘failed self’, the ‘wonderful self’ and the ‘terrible self’, the ‘self that wants to die’ and the ‘self that wants to go on’, are these not all images, pictures, ideas, movies, floating in your eternal movie-screen presence right now? Are you not beyond all of these concepts? Are you not the space for it all?

If you have taken ‘self’ to mean less than who you truly are, of course you want to ‘kill’ or ‘end’ it, for it feels too small in your vastness! If you know your ‘self’ as Self, your own presence beyond birth and death, then you cannot really kill yourself, for presence cannot kill presence, just as the ocean cannot kill the ocean, and the sun cannot stop shining, even though it burns.

You are just tired, friend; so tired. You feel burnt out. You shine so brightly. So rest now, and know that your longing to die is not a mistake but an expression of great intelligence, reminding you of your deep love of life, your unlimited nature, and your cosmic innocence.

A new life is dawning for you. Stay open. There will be unexpected gifts.

I speak as one who has walked this path. I realize now, my longing to die was always my longing to live. And it ended up saving my life.

- Jeff Foster

I hope, that as you read the above quote, that you may have sufficient spiritual truth insight to catch every negation of truth. I am not a fan of Jeff Foster. It is easier to believe lies than it is to believe in truth. I hope you got real angry and upset at such ignorance presented in those lies as written by Jeff Foster. But remember, I just want to illustrate what it actually is that is universal within a death wish – it is always for a better life.

In the writing of this book I hope to present to you what I understand is happening with the human soul and it will be my endeavor to have you know the truth even if you do not want to believe the truth. To believe truth is not a matter of having freedom of choice. To believe truth is a matter of obedience to what you in your conscience know to be true. For example, if you believe that life, as we experience it on planet Earth, is about “Me first!” and the way you feel about living or dying for your own benefit, then you know that such is a lie. The evidence that you are believing in lies is seen in the number of business, social and personal relationship you have been in which have deteriorated over time. The ‘me first’ attitude is a belief in lies and by such beliefs all manner of wars, relationship difficulties as well as mental and emotional health issues are caused.

Now that you know this is true, continue with me please and attempt to figure out what the identity of “WHO AM I” is.


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If I am not a Human Soul “WHO AM I”?

It was “WHO AM I” that was present in the cockpit with Andreas Lubitz and why were you never told the truth about that presence?

In the event that nobody told you the truth, please pay close attention to what you will read next. Not every soul on board Germanwings flight 4U9525 died in that horrendous crash that day. Some souls are still alive while others were in death prior to the crashing of the airbus. I know this may be hard to swallow as being in truth, but it is a fact- some souls never ended up with the dead.

A human soul is non-corporeal reality. A human soul is judged according to the knowledge it has and the mental reasoning ability it has to use the spiritual truth knowledge of the conscience in making morally right and good decisions. A young child is unable to enter into the area of mental logic and discernment and for that very simple reason there cannot be present what some would say was intentful disobedience to what it knew to be right and good. Such a soul is not in the realm and dimension of death. Therefore it is accurate to say that not everyone ceased to exist after impact. No Sir! Not even one non-corporeal soul was pulverized or annihilated either.

The voice of “WHO AM I”

I am not a human soul, yet I survived the impact of the crash. “WHO AM I” is not mentioned on the passenger manifest but if you are not going to believe any other truth, you should believe this – I was there and fully present and I was never hurt in the least bit. All of me is fully intact. I wasn’t even amazed that I survived the crash, but if you are at all honest with yourself, you may be very skeptical about my claim and if you are, you wouldn’t be the first.

I’m still very much aware of what is presently going on with the numerous investigations and I am also very much aware of what took place up there in the sky. “Yes, I was in the cockpit with Andreas Lubitz and you thought he was alone.” “And believe me, – if you dare, that real blameworthy and culpable party in the reported death of those 150 deaths of passengers and flight crew members was not Andreas Lubitz; it was not his death wish and it was not another human soul. I am the guilty party.” “WHO AM I” –can you guess yet?


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If I am not His Genetic Family Pass-along then “WHO AM I”

This is the voice of “WHO AM I” …

Andreas Lubitz was a Great Sport. The both of us were inseparable. What he did, we did together and he did it all because of me. He did not inherit a genetic disorder that made him want to kill people, but just a minute, maybe he did inherit this tendency to kill others. Kind of absurd is it not to believe that one could inherit a trait that causes on to be a mass murderer?

Well, maybe it is not so far-fetched. First we are told that same sex homosexual perversion is a natural inherited predisposition. Now we are being told that pedophilia is also an inherited genetic pass-along trait. Well, I am here to declare that bestiality, necromancy, mass killings, homicides of anger and passion as well as self-murder, stealing and lying are all pass-alongs. How can you blame anyone for what was genetically inherited? Is that not what is being asked of us to consider? Eventually nobody can be blamed if this trend continues – and I am positive it will if I have anything to do with that process.

Just recently an article came out and therein we read:

Margo Kaplan is not very popular today. In the Monday edition of the New York Times, the Rutgers-Camden law professor, an NYU and Harvard graduate, takes to the op-ed pages to argue that we’ve got it all wrong when it comes to pedophilia. She writes that pedophiles don’t necessarily turn out to be child molesters and that pedophilia is not a choice, i.e. a pedophile might be born that way.

Kaplan says a pedophile is “a person with an intense and recurrent sexual attraction to prepubescent children,” and cites the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which defines pedophilia as a mental disorder if it causes “marked distress or interpersonal difficulty.”

(Read more at http://www.phillymag.com/news/2014/10/06/pedophilia-not-a-crime-rutgers-margo-kaplan/#lEaz0gUwlexBxPtl.99)

Mass killings may not be nice but what can be done when it is an inherited genetic predisposition? If you believe that lie then I consider you an ardent hardcore believer in lies.

There are even those of you, who, after knowing the truth upon completion of reading this book, would rather still hide your head in the sand like the ostrich and wish the truth would just go away. In some strange psychologically unexplainable behavioral way most of you, if you had the opportunity to do so, would probably prefer to protect the real guilty party from the charge of culpable homicide and not cast blame. And believe me, – if you dare to believe truth, that real blameworthy and culpable party in the reported death of those 150 passengers and flight crew members was not Andreas Lubitz’s genetic family pass-along predisposition.

Ask Margo Kaplan, she should be able to defend any person who is born to believe in lies.


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If I am not a Thought Seed “WHO AM I”?

These are the words of the author.

We all seem to believe that the guilty party was Andreas but let’s not be too hasty. I just happen to know there are some very intelligent individuals who are covering this story and who are responsible for investigating every possible shred of evidence, yet they will be the ones who will never ever, even if their life depended on it, investigate the fullness of what is to be known in truth about this Germanwings aviation disaster. In the process of a continuing investigation there have been and will continue to be many who will be asked to speak publicly on radio and television. Many highly educated commentators, professionals and bureaucratic government spokespeople will be asked to give their opinion and their theories as to why or how mental illness and or religion could have been a major factor in the decisions made by Andreas to lock himself into the cockpit but they will not inquire any further not even into the “WHO AM I” that was in there with hi, at the time of the crash.

I believe there will be many who will eventually give their psycho-theories and their psycho-logic version of events and who will speak boldly on behalf of what they call “the mental illness issues of Andreas Lubitz. These bleeding heart advocates will make outrageous claims about how much more tax money needs to be made available so that mental illness never again becomes responsible for such heinous crimes against humanity. There will, no doubt, also be a call and a demand that we need to spend more money and prescribe more medication for those afflicted with depression and all other forms of psycho-logical disorders.

Before I go any further though, let me tell you a bit about the guy whom everyone believes to be guilty of this horrible crime against so many individuals.

This is the voice of “WHO AM I”…

Andreas Lubitz was always very close to me and we became “bosom buddies” so I speak. From a standpoint of intimate knowledge of him I can definitely say I know him very well. Because I have such intimate knowledge of him I am able to know what he believes. I know him so well that I can almost predict what he is going to do.

I was the one who had him believe it was a great idea to lock the door to the cockpit. But I never touched those control, oh no, he did all the dirty work himself. I guess in that sense one could most definitely argue that Andreas is the responsible one for locking out the pilot and for rigging the cockpit instruments for descent of the airbus into the French Alps. I am not denying that fact. But what is interesting here is that a belief in a fact does not substantiate the complete truth.

Complete truth requires that someone look at every possible facet of a person’s life and if one area of that person’s life functioning capacities is neglected or missed then that particular facet or function, which could possibly have been a contributing influence would remain hidden and truth would be withheld. And if the completeness of truth remains hidden or even if it is intentionally buried then how could anyone say they are believing what is in the fullness of truth? Go ahead and permit any witness against you in a murder trial to hide any part of truth or add anything to the truth, would you then not say that truth has been compromised? If you are on trial for murder and you did not commit that murder, would you want the judge to believe a lie spoken by the prosecutor’s witnesses? How important do you believe it to be to be informed with all of what took place in that cockpit or in any other situation of tragedy?

Believe me when I tell you; there was a great pre-flight conspiracy. There were numerous heated debates both back and forth and these involved much more than just one mere man by the name of Andreas. Although I was present in the cockpit, I must state it very clearly here, that I did not give him any thought seeds that would persuade him to do what he did or to not do what he eventually did do. It was however in the pre-flight conspiracy encounters where I became very active and yes, I definitely was present. There was at that time a great back and forth fight which had become quite heated. I remember this one voice who was very forceful and drilled into Andreas the need to get even for all the wrong he had experienced in life. I so desperately wanted him to believe that part but I never said a thing. Here is a list of those who were identified to him as having done wrong to him.

His parents who always wanted him to be better and who were too busy for him when he grew up.

His girlfriend who always criticized him for minor errors of judgement, for looking at other girls and at pornography instead of being intimate with her.

His employer who would not understand his need for time off.

The co-workers who always called him “Tomate-Andi”. They were all so jealous of him; because he rose from out of their ranks. Oh how he hated that when they poked fun at him.

Those hypocritical churchy religious folks who wanted him to live right and not have sex prior to marriage.

The other religions that pointed their finger at him too and identified him as being not as good as he should be.

The psychiatrists who kept telling him he was mentally sick and needed help. All they ever did for him was pump him so full of medication that he often wondered where the real Andreas had disappeared to.

His own conscience – damm that thing anyways! He always felt so guilty and full of shame. He regretted so much in life that he wished he had never been born. He felt so sorry about his sorry state of affairs that he could not see any hope for relief from this inner torment of guilt and shame. He knew what was right yet he always ended up doing what was wrong.

Andreas was such a nice guy he should have been a Canadian. Well, come on and admit it, don’t Canadians say so many “I am sorry” apologies that they are even sorry for saying sorry so much. If you want my take on those Canadians, I think they just find it easier to say “I am sorry” after the fact than to seek permission to offend first.

Oh yes, back to that conspiracy get together. After all of these evil wrong doers were identified to him, he spoke up and said “Verdammt nochmal! Lass mich in Ruhe! Ich kann es nicht mehr ertragen!” (Damm it anyways! Leave me alone! I can’t take it anymore!” He just had enough of others always telling him what to do , how to behave, what to be like what to stop doing and what to start doing. He was just never good enough for anyone. Everyone always seemed to find fault with him. Nobody treated him with respect. Nobody accepted him for who he was, they all wanted something changed.

Oh my, oh my, how he felt sorry for himself day after day. Oh my, oh my how often he had felt bitterness and rage well up in his thoughts and how he wanted to so desperately kill every one of those people who made him feel so rotten. He had wanted to get off his medication so very often because they always made him feel like such a looser to the point where he just wanted to end his own misery. I guess the bottle didn’t do it for him, the pills didn’t do it for him and smoking pot didn’t do it for him. He just couldn’t shake that “stinking old despicable me” corpse off his back.

I was there when Andreas had made up his mind that he would no longer be bullied by anyone in his life. “They will all have to pay for how they make me feel”, he had said. On another time he admitted to thinking this, “I’m going to show all of them that they can’t get away with bullying me and treating me like this.” Many a time he had said under his breath “I’ll show them.”; the very same words used by all those in every nook and cranny of this globe when they seek to settle the score, set things right and get even. It is the way of vengeance in anger.

Because anger is not technically an emotion we must learn to consider what anger really is. Anger is a thought process whereby one seeks to lay a plan of how a person’s revenge or vengeance could inflict equal harm if not greater harm against ones victimizers, offenders and abusers.

In the midst of all of this kerfuffle, in which Andreas was the badgered central figure, there emerged one dominant thought which would neither leave him nor be removed from the place it had lodged itself. This thought lodged itself in the most volatile and sensitive part of his subconscious mind. This was the place that would eventually elicit the greatest memories:

Of having been lied to,

Of having been unacceptable by many people,

Of having been rejected on many occasions for not having performed good enough,

Of having been a naturally untalented and a non-humorous enough person,

Of having been a severely medicated and a seriously addicted individual,

Of having been a loser all his life,

Of having been unloved and unlovable,

Of having been a hopeless case and

Of having been a mentally incompetent and mentally disturbed and dysfunctional creature who would have done everybody a great favor by not having been born in the first place.

Somehow I just knew that the last thought would not leave him any rest. Over and over again, for years now, he was told the very same things – it was a never enough situation into which he was born. I just knew right there and then that Andreas was going to my best friend. I just knew he would die for me. I just knew it, but I wasn’t going to tell anyone. Oh no, you’d never catch me ruining my own party.

I knew that such a cesspool of deeply rooted and putrid memories would be the place where the right – I mean the wrong thought could trigger a mass school shooting, or even trigger a massive carnage like the 9/11 Twin Tower type of disaster. All that needed to happen was for those pent up subdued emotions to be triggered and permitted to surface. I was secretly hoping that it would turn out that way for such actions make it all worthwhile for me.

That one recurring mental activity within the mind of Andreas was the one that was other-sourced and became involved in laying an emotionally triggered trap. Yes there was one outside source, an individual – a person who had placed a most devious and horrific thought seed into his mind before he even left his home to go to work that fateful day. What do we know about that person? This somebody, whom I will not name at this time, counselled him to consider self-murder and promised Andreas a reward in the ever-after hereafter if he crashed the plane and took everyone onboard with him. An awful thing, is it not, to counsel someone to commit atrocities against one’s self and against others as well.

Do you not wonder what could have happened in Andreas Lubitz’s life that would eventually lead him to do what he did? Well, in order to get closer to the truth so that you would have a better shot at identifying the voice from out of a Germanwings flight 4U9525 grave of “WHO AM I” let us take a closer look at what has been reported about him and things related to him.


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It I am not His Early Development Years then “WHO AM I”?

As factually reported, on the day of Andrea’s mass murder and suicide crash he was 27 years of age. He was born on December 18, the day on which Stalin was also born – not that it is of great significance but it is an eerie coincidence.

Andreas definitely grew up knowing that there is a God in heaven. He was baptized as an infant into the religion of the German State Church which is Lutheran. In case you did not realize it let me remind you that all religions are about doing the right things to ensure their adherents do not end up in hell, purgatory or some other kind of lower reincarnation nonsense.

The religion of Andreas’s mother basically provided him with the assurance that when one is baptized as an infant in the Lutheran Church, such a person will have a free “Get out of Hell” ticket. This is the absolute same old rubbish as is promoted in many other religions like Catholicism and Islam. How can water sprinkling protect you from doing evil or going to Hell and how can any religion give you assurance that when you kill infidels by suicide bombings that you will receive seven to seventy two virgins with whom you can copulate within an ecstatic, celestial, heavenly, and never ending blissful orgy?

The lies that seek to control people’s lives are found in every religion, in psychiatry, in secularism in humanism and in every other ism that will ever be formulated. As all isms are belief based, all isms are exclusive by nature and intolerant of those who would not agree with them. I mention this so every one may understand that no matter what your religion or philosophy of life is, it will be inclusive of its followers and obedient adherents and to varying degrees also defensively exclusive and intolerant of those who would disagree.

Tolerance is only ever demanded by those who would disagree with another’s viewpoint and beliefs. Therefore the one who demands tolerance from others demands acceptance by others not of themselves as individuals but acceptance of their activity. Nobody really gives a hoot about what goes on in your head and mind but they surely do pay attention to your activity. Tolerance is a demand placed on others that they accept and permit the demanding party to engage in activity that is unacceptable to the other person. It is not possible to be intolerant of people’s minds and thoughts or even their feelings. What anyone is intolerant of is the merely the actions. If I do not know that you have a fantasy that includes sexual activity with children or with sheep and goats I cannot display intolerance. But as soon as a person demands to be able to take children for one’s own perverted pleasures then I become intolerant of their action. Tolerance is demanded, not for inclusiveness into another’s religion, it is more accurate to say that it is a demand for the other person to dismantle their beliefs. Tolerance is a destruction of one’s own moral values and viewpoints.

The same isim practices hold true of some fundamentalist evangelicals who reject and exclude those who would believe it is okay to read the Bible in any language or in any other interpretation other than the Authorized King James Version of 1611. The bigotry, the hatred and the judgmental attitudes of these book cult worshippers seems to take in only those who agree with them and considers all others to be pagans and heathen for reading any other version or perversion as they see it. Again, I write this to demonstrate that all religious activity feels right to some and wrong to others and for that reason the doing of religious traditions is no guarantee that a sane and sound mind will be their constant companion through life. A person can believe anything they want to believe but whatever they form a belief in will dictate the values they set for themselves to live by.

Although infant baptismal sprinkling may have occurred in Andreas Lubitz’s life, some would argue and say that Andreas may have switched religious beliefs along the way. That however is not yet supported by evidence. At this time it is merely an interesting speculation.

This young Lubitz boy grew up in Montabaur which is a small town situated approximately 20 minutes’ drive from the city of Koblenz. In 2007, at the age of 20, Andreas Lubitz moved away from Montabaur. Apparently his young childhood years did not prevent him from pursuing his dreams. As he became of age and closer to that time in life where he had to decide his future career and corresponding employment opportunities he moved to the city of Bremen, in northern Germany, where he began to take his commercial pilot’s training.


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If I am not His Family or His Parents then “WHO AM I”?

His father was considered to be a successful business executive and to some degree a workaholic who had little to no time for his family obligations. He believed the lies that said it is more important to be a successful good provider for wife and family than to be a humble and possibly not, a so wealthy, dedicated father. It wasn’t the rich or the poor part of his belief that affected him in his home life; it was the lie that told him that being a successful and looked up to provider was of greater importance. The many marital conflicts he had at home provided for ample excuses to work more. There was no shortage of marital discord in the home Andreas grew up in.

His mother was a sought after piano teacher who apparently still, at times, plays the organ in her church. It is therefore not a surprise that this two income family could afford the expense of flying lessons at his local flying club at “Westerwald”

“He (the father) is a man whose life, he claims, is now in shambles and in complete ruin. Wouldn’t we all feel incredibly sorry for him and possibly even feel with him if it were one of our own family members who was responsible for such a horrific crime against so many?

Guenther Lubitz expressed his emotions, not just because he too has lost a loved one, but also because his son is perhaps the (cause) of all this tragedy and human suffering among so many victims and their families. Since their interview by the German prosecutor in Düsseldorf, the parents have not spoken in public.

But one thing which has come to surface is that the father shares his son’s love of exercise by running; something that has come about by his wanting to catch up on social association not merely social connection.


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If I am not His Dream of Flying then Tell Me “WHO AM I”?

When we hear and read the media we realize that Andreas was the boy who grew up dreaming of flying and of one day becoming a pilot.

At the flying club Westerwald, at the age of 14, Andreas first sat in the cockpit of a light aircraft. After a few years of tutelage, by use of dual controls instruction, Andreas Lubitz was able to fly on his very own. His plan was to get hired on by a commercial airliner and thereby get his foot in the door so to speak. He knew that once in, there was always a possibility for advancement.

A friend of Lubitz shared with the media that Andreas had a mocking kind of a nickname. He said, “His nickname was ‘Tomato Andi”. Andreas apparently considered this as a diminishment of his abilities for he took it as a mocking of his rise from within the ranks and not as a compliment for his achievement. Every such comment was taken by Andreas as being a negative insult and put down rather than as a positive, likely indicating the jealousy others felt towards him for having been successful in rising from within due to his employer’s promotion and advancement opportunities.

The friend said that Andreas’s nickname was given him “in reference to Andreas’s past position of employment as a flight attendant.” Apparently after a year as a grunt level entry employee he was accepted by Lufthansa for flight training.


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If I am not His Medical Condition, then Tell Me “WHO AM I”?

It was reported that the focus of Andreas’s medical condition has moved from issues with Lubitz’s eyesight difficulties to his mental health issues.

Apparently Andreas was treated for suicidal tendencies a few years earlier and it is believed that he may have been experiencing eyesight problems as a result of what is now called somatoform – a condition of the non-corporeal – non-physical psyche – also referred to as the soul, which brings forth symptoms in the physical body but which is not substantiated by a physical disease or sickness. In the past this was referred to as being psychosomatic in origin.

Soon after the crash the investigations began to bring forth a substantial amount of evidence to support the notion that Andreas was experiencing mental disorders especially that of depression.

As the Straits Times now reports:

Investigators made the discovery in a search of the home of Andreas Lubitz in the western city of Düsseldorf and seized a number “of medicines for the treatment of psychological illness”, Welt am Sonntag weekly said.

The 27-year-old has been treated by several neurologists and psychiatrists,” it quoted an unidentified high-ranking investigator as saying, in excerpts released ahead of Sunday’s edition…

The same story goes on to report:

On Friday they said searches of his homes netted “medical documents that suggest an existing illness and appropriate medical treatment”…

In today’s global system of pharma-dominated health care, so-called “appropriate medical treatments” for depression consist almost entirely of mind-altering medications which have been repeatedly linked to mass school shootings.

The police found antidepressants during a search of his apartment here on Thursday,” reports The New York Times, further confirming that the SSRI drug link to Lubitz.

A Reuter’s story also explains, “German newspaper Welt am Sonntag quoted a senior investigator as saying the 27-year-old “was treated by several neurologists and psychiatrists”, adding that a number of medications had been found in his Düsseldorf apartment.”

18 months of psychiatric “treatment” on medications, but still allowed to fly

According to the Daily Mail, Lubitz “…reportedly received a year and half of psychiatric treatment and was at one point recommended to be examined by a doctor before flying.”

As I noted in a previous Natural News article, SSRI drugs are considered so dangerous by the FAA that U.S. pilots are not allowed to fly commercial or private airplanes if they are currently taking antidepressant medications. (The FAA knows SSRI drugs can make pilots suicidal.)

It now appears Andreas Lubitz was attempting to hide his psychiatric treatment and medications from authorities, and he may have stopped taking SSRI drugs in order to pass a urine test or blood test.

he other possible explanations for Lubitz’s actions are that he may have stopped taking his medication so it would not be detected in any medical tests…”reports the Daily Mail. Other behavior demonstrates by Lubitz is also consistent with this idea, such as his tearing up of doctors’ notes to avoid submitting them to his employer.

Regularly collected a prescription from the pharmacy”

Also from the Daily Mail:

He reportedly received a year and half of psychiatric treatment and was at one point recommended to be examined by a doctor before flying. But, incredibly, he passed his psychological assessments and was later considered fit to fly.

German police are now investigating whether Lubitz had stopped taking any medication he was on and have questioned chemists at the Apotheke am Breidenplatz close to Lubitz’s Dusseldorf flat.

Lubitz regularly collected a prescription from the pharmacy, MailOnline understands. A chemist at the Apotheke confirmed she had spoken to the police but declined to offer any details.

As with all such stories, there will be enormous pressure exerted on the mainstream media by the pharmaceutical industry to downplay any link between SSRI drugs and this mass murder tragedy. But given the repeated pattern of mass murder carried out by people who are either currently taking SSRI drugs or have recently quit taking them, we must ask the obvious question: Can psychiatric meds transform a normal person into a mass murderer?

Until society honestly asks this question, many more people might unnecessarily die from acts of violence which are induced by psychiatric medications.

For further shocking information on this pseudoscience of psychiatry and the psychotropic manipulation of individuals worldwide please go to the Appendix Section of this book and there you will find the various links where you can visit us. I would however ask you to please finish reading this book first before you click through and learn more about:

Abuses of Psychiatry”,

Psychiatry and Social Control”

Psychotropic Drug Medications”

Psychology/Psychiatry and the Church”


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If I am not His Premeditating Thoughts then “WHO AM I”?

We are told that:

“Andreas Lubitz conducted Internet research on “cockpit doors” and “suicide” days before crashing a Germanwings plane into the French Alps., German prosecutors revealed on Thursday, as the doomed jet’s second black box was finally recovered.

The web searches are the strongest indication yet that the 27-year-old co-pilot committed premeditated mass murder when he locked his captain out of the Airbus A320 and slammed the plane into a mountainside”

Thus it is reasonable to suggest that he, Andreas Lubitz, planned and premeditated both self-murder and mass-murder.

When searching on how to commit suicide I came up with over 18.300,000 results. There are plenty of opportunities out there which one may consider if so inclined. Some media even made a reference to the idea that the crash can be attributed to suicide by immolation – self murder by fire. Although this method of suicide may be considered to be the most horrific of all suicide methods I do not believe that to be so. In most likelihood however it could be said that death to the crash victims was not by burning to death but by traumatic force.

Mr. Brice Robin, a prosecutor in Marseilles said Lubitz had a “deliberate desire to destroy this plane. He refused to open the door of the cockpit to the pilot and deliberately began the descent of the plane”.


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If I am not His Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) then “WHO AM I”?

Consider This Ominous Revelation: Germanwings jetliner catastrophe could possibly be the world’s first ascribable SSRI or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors antidepressant drug-induced mass murder of the skies.

Did the “Natural News” publicly predict and identify a contributing factor in the crash by their question when they wrote: “Germanwings jetliner catastrophe: The first antidepressant drug-induced mass murder of the skies?”

It was reported by many media groups that psychiatric drugs have been located within Andreas’s residence. Apparently the found medications have been identified as being linked to his psychiatric condition by the responsible investigating law enforcement authorities who were involved in searching Andreas Lubitz’s two residences of Germany’s most horrific pre-meditated murder-suicide co-pilot.

“In today’s global system of pharma-dominated health care, so-called “appropriate medical treatments” for depression consist almost entirely of mind-altering medications which have been repeatedly linked to mass school shootings.”

“As with all such stories, there will be enormous pressure exerted on the mainstream media by the pharmaceutical industry to downplay any link between SSRI drugs and this mass murder tragedy. But given the repeated pattern of mass murder carried out by people who are either currently taking SSRI drugs or have recently quit taking them, we must ask the obvious question: Can psychiatric meds transform a normal person into a mass murderer?”

“Until society honestly asks this question, many more people might unnecessarily die from acts of violence which are induced by psychiatric medications.”

This is the voice of “WHO AM I” …

Having now brought forward all of these articles from the media, am I, who was in the cockpit together with Andreas, suggesting that I am the SSRI drug used by Andreas Lubitz at the time of the crash and that it is the drug which continues to live on even past the mass murder and self-murder?

It does sound rather intriguing and suspiciously interesting and delicious to me that you may have thought that thought. Yes it is a fact that both the psychotropic drugs and the pharmaceutical industry remain long after a self-murder and a mass murder has been committed by an individual. The drugs that were influential in the lives of many mass murderers are still widely prescribed and continue to be abusive and harmful agents to the human body. Let it be known that I am not that drug nor am I the pharmaceutical-industry that continues to thrive at the expense of humanity’s hurts.

These are the words of the author …

It is a fact that these prescribed medications cause an enormous psychotropicly induced malfunction of the physical brain organ but it is not true that these drugs can in any way affect change of something which is not physical. It is impossible for a drug to control a thought seed. But it is possible for a drug to mess up the playground in which a thought seed is processed and cause all manner of induced or uncontrolled thought process directions. We need to remember that the brain organ is only the playground of the mind – it is not the mind and it is not the seat of the soul.

The playground matter is where chemicals meet transmitters and receptors and it is the location where repeated patterns of thought trigger the formation of near hardwired neuro-pathways that result in habits of behavior and action. For example, if a person plays video games of violence long enough, many thought patterns become “hard wired” into the brain; a sort of do this when this kind of thought occurs. Often when a certain thought seed is presented to such an individual, with such a predilection, an inclination and a pre-favored appetite for such violence, the auto direction of a thought seed will be transmitted down that same path which had in the past led to violent video interactive play of murderous killings. Whatever mass killing instruments may have been used within such games, be they guns, knives or any other object of preference, an image of accuracy and successful use of weaponry will build a person’s learned competence skills towards future re-engagement. This is no different than when a hunter has learned a competency level and skill with either a bow and arrow or a knife or possibly with a particular firearm. It is also no different when a basketball player practices mental hoop shots without a ball. Accuracy increases when repletion is practice in either real physical or real mental activity.

It seems like most individuals understand that the patterns of thought are all played out on the playground of the brain. Let us however also learn to understand and become fully aware that a person’s mind, their volition or will and their emotions all belong to the realm of what is non-corporeal and therefore invisible. This is the unseen soul realm of mankind and thus these workings are considered to be non-physical functioning capacities or as some would say –they belong to the incorporeal functioning realm and of a human being.

Here is some more of what the Natural News had to say in the above referenced article.

These days, almost everyone who is described as suffering from “depression” is on mind-altering prescription medications which are marketed in a deceptive way that glosses over the murder-suicide risks associated with such drugs. Antidepressants literally alter brain chemistry and cause people to think and act in ways they would not normally exhibit. http://www.naturalnews.com/049137_Germanwings_depression_antidepressant_drugs.html#ixzz3WoFvPAf4


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If I am not Psychotropic Meds “WHO AM I”?

Is there such a thing as drug induced role playing?

“It’s not unusual for pilots to fly planes into terrain while they are training on in-flight simulators”

“Here's something else most non-pilots don't realize. Although it's not a condoned practice, all of us who are trained to operate aircraft have trained at one time or another in flight simulators. And all of us -- including myself -- have done things in those flight simulators that we would never do in real life. I've performed loops and barrel rolls with a Cessna, for example, even though I would never be crazy enough to try such a thing in a real airplane.

Attempting these maneuvers in a simulator has legitimate training value that saves lives in the real world, because these “games” help pilots learn the limits of aircraft power, stability and maneuverability. To know the limits of an aircraft, it’s useful to exceed those limits in the safety of a simulator where you DON’T die…

At the same time, I’ve also seen other pilots in simulators intentionally fly aircraft into mountains as a way to end the current scenario with a surge of excitement. Again, this is undoubtedly frowned upon in the commercial aviation industry, but I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes. I’ve never done this myself, it turns out, but plenty of other pilots have.

In a simulator, of course, it’s perfectly safe to fly your airplane into a mountain. What if Lubitz thought he was in a flight simulator? Could antidepressant drugs have caused him to confuse reality vs. simulation? It’s speculation, of course, but it’s consistent with other SSRI-related mass murders we’ve seen over the years.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/049137_Germanwings_depression_antidepressant_drugs.html#ixzz3WoFLnCXR


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If I am not Pharmakeia, “WHO AM I”?

This is the voice of “WHO AM I”

My identity is not the name you know me by. I am not actually known by a given name but I am always associated with the name of the culprit who locked out the pilot. I am not Andreas Lubitz. I am not his anti-depressant prescription nor am I the mega-zillion pharmakeia industry by proxy.

The words of the author …

The word pharmakeia is the Greek word used within the Christian Scriptures – the Bible, and in there, the word is translated into the English language with the words like witchcraft and sorcery. And why would I bring that into this writing at this time except for the fact that I do believe and agree with that kind of translation of that particular word. Well, for starters, all forms of pharmakeia are an attempt to influence and control something or someone by way of their mind and thoughts.

Medication, or compounding of herbs and chemicals for physical ailments such as diabetes and malaria fever are designed to correct a physical organic malfunction with the intent of stopping that occurrence. Physical sickness is something we all seem to know a fair bit about but mental dis-ease, dis-comfort and dys-function – now that was a problem back then already. In the days of the ancients there was already the stigma of having to deal with non-physical ailments. For example, love potions and elixirs were in demand from the local witch brewery, and these pharmakeia toad brews were sought after in an attempt to influence that which was not physical but mental and emotional. Today however, medication for something which is not physical is not referred to as a witches’ brew. But for all intents and purposes, many modern concoctions are being prescribed for the storms of the mind and emotions. Apparently many believe that thoughts must still be brought under control by use of a magic happy pill.

We are no different than those ancients who labored in hidden places over cauldrons seeking to come up with the right proportion of uterus placenta, toad’s feet and prairie oysters (the testicles of bulls); all in the attempt to control society. It has always been man’s intent and desire to learn how to control an individual’s soul – the function wherein we operate thought, volition and emotion.

As author of this book, I ask that we now consider moving away from the discussion on use of drugs that are used for curing physical conditions to the use of chemicals for the treatment of something that is non-physical. In my research for this book I came across a comment which I located in over 6,000 comments on http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3013743/. There Jennifer Gabriel from Malaysia writes, “Depression is very difficult to pinpoint because it is not a physical illness.” I do agree with her and many others would also agree that mental illness can never be treated with medication because it has nothing to do with the organic physical brain matter.

Most of the general public seems to understand that the mind is not the brain. I can recognize that many of us have however been “brain-washed” to believe that the brain is our mind and when something goes wrong in our mind that it must be fixable in the organic matter of cells and chemicals belonging to the mass of neuro-transmitters and receptors. I ask you, “What kind of reasoning and logic is that to believe that the brain is the mind?” And it is because of this erroneously disseminated propaganda from the pseudo-science of psychiatry that we have all bought into their lingo and their redefining of humanness.

How many of us have bought into the philosophy of Descartes who said “I think therefore I am,” and then extrapolated it to mean “I am because I think and I think because I have a brain and therefore I am because of my physical properties, and therefore if I tinker with what is physical I will be able to control who I am.”

I find that the practice of attempting to fix an invisible reality by cutting out brain cells or by chemically lobotomizing them to be rather absurd. Why are we, who are a part of this modern and scientifically advanced society, expected to consider such hocus pocus “treatments and therapies” to be within the confines of real scientific medical procedures? Yes, I definitely do believe that the use of psychotropic drugs in the so called treatment of something invisible demonstrates an absurd practice for anyone who would desire to be a physician of that which invisible and incorporeal.

We all know that malaria fever can be treated with medicine and that the resulting cure eventually removes the continuing need of that medication. However, since when is cabin fever or spring fever a condition similar to malaria fever? Since when has spring fever become a physical malfunction of the body parts and thus a medically treatable disease of a physical organ? How can cabin fever be a medically treatable condition when it is an exclusive activity of the soul – mind, will and emotion – all of which belong to the invisible reality of the soul of man and not to the physical organ of the brain?

The brain merely becomes the toxic playground when pharmakeia has become responsible for sloshing it with additional chemicals. Reality and truth are normally able to forge new pathways in the grains of the brain’s pre-played texture hardened sandbox. But when the initial rain of thought seeds fall onto a hardened and toxic sand texture it does not find its new own gullies and craters right away, it rather goes in the direction of the pre-existing pathways and hollows. Just watch how rain affects a finished sand sculpture when it rains and you will know what I am referring to. The rain is never the sandbox and the sandbox is never the rain. The rain vapor comes from outside of the sandbox and it comes in a manner which is initially invisible to the observing eye until it begins to drop. I am not suggesting within this illustration that the rain is akin to the pharmakeia or concocted chemical, it is however akin in comparison to that which has an invisible origin and yet brings about a very real and profound engagement with the sandbox of the brain which has become the toxic dumping ground for big pharmaceutical companies. It almost appears to me that these big drug companies can’t get rid of the toxins so they repackage their toxic waste and give it to unsuspecting consumers who may be prone to having suicidal thoughts.

When chemical toxicity is introduced into the brain, it messes up normal thought processing patterns. It is for this reason, that when a person considers vengeance in his thought process of anger, that he can be chemically prevented from entering into his or her normally reasoned thought processing pattern. When such a chemically controlled person ends up in possession of a gun for example, and then meets others – let’s say in a school setting, they may actually be replaying their current thoughts on pre-existing thought processed patterns. When, their brain is chemically prohibited from normal thought pattern processing, such a person may end up believing they are participating in a pre-existent video game. Thus this experience of having thoughts becoming wrongly aligned is very real. When thoughts are forced to be realigned due to previously heavily used pre-existing neuropathway ruts there is no control at all. The previously established ruts may very likely have been gouged into the landscape of the brain when repetitive thoughts of rage and murder from former video game experiences have been the norm. Should we not be considering this to be drug induced role playing?

In the case of Andreas Lubitz, he could have wanted to experience the same adrenalin rush he received when he simulated a previous flight into a simulator’s mountainous terrain. Remember, legitimate reality thought process control is negated when the playground of the mind, which is the brain, is awash with toxic chemicals that prevent normal use of the will and emotions to coincide with thought processing.

At this juncture I would like you to consider another of the over 6,000 comments I referenced previously. Here we read what was written by”TheAwakenedOne”, Vienna, Austria, who wrote

“There is so much hypnosis going on on the planet and so many people susceptible to it, that even the nice guy next door, even, oh, let’s just say, a co-pilot of an aircraft, could have been implanted with a hypnotic suggestion, for lack of better words, a while back, and didn’t even know it. Didn’t even realize it. And suddenly gets the signal – could be a pattern of phone calls that initiated an action that the being would have normally never ever taken otherwise. But suddenly he finds himself in a hypnotic trance, suddenly doing things that even he is not aware of, just like being a robot. Changing, manipulating the flight path and just letting go of the plane. Why? Why would somebody do that? Why? Why would they implant a virus in your computer? Why would they destroy your hard drive? Because they can, even if they don’t make 10 cents off of it. A very, very strange energy. Why? Because they wanted to see if it would work, and it did. And it did. –

Adamus St. Germain”

Now, this person has indeed touched on a subject most would not even consider. Yet He dared to speak out and give an alternative thought for us to consider. Did you get that? We were just given an alternative thought to consider within our minds and if we want to, we are capable of continuing that thought processing or we are able to discredit it as being a non-starter. What are you wanting to do with new thought seeds as they are presented to your mind for consideration?

Is your brain so awash with chemical cocktails that when new thought is presented that you have no alternative available to you but to let that new thought be washed away down the habituated brain gully that says “Not worth pursuing”?


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If I am not an Implanted Thought Seed then “WHO AM I”?

Have you ever heard that a thought seed source could be controlling your behavior and action? Well, we need not go too far to recognize that thought seeds are implanted daily. Just watch commercials and you may begin to find your thought processing moving along a previously established pattern and rut. You see a snack item advertised and you become hungry for that snack item right there and then. You may see a new kitchen gadget, a new fitness program or a new weight loss magic pill and immediately you think you need something you never knew existed before.

I guess we could say that derivatively there are two thought sources from which a human being is able to derive thought seeds. But ultimately, in the first cause there has to be one origin and I’ll go on to explain myself in more detail as you keep on reading. Are these internal sources or are they external sources – that remains the question at this time.

Let us take a closer look at what could be considered as belonging to the internal thought sources. After that we will considered as to what could belong to external thought sourcing. What do you think? Is it possible that both internal and external thought sourcing actually controls human behavior and action? Have you ever heard of this type of social control? Isn’t that what belongs to science fiction? But could you, if only for a short time, consider with me the remote possibility that an external thought seed source was the contributing factor which led Andreas Lubitz to lock himself in the cockpit and set the controls for a rapid decent? Let us explore this vein of thought at length.

The Voice of “WHO AM I?” …

Do you honestly believe that anyone is going to buy into believing the above comment which suggests the possibility of an external thought source – possibly the involvement of a hypnotic thought being implanted in Andreas’s mind? If they were wanting to hear my voice on all of this and I was being interviewed I’d tell them the truth about my involvement but who is going to go to all that in depth investigative seeking of truth? Is it not less expensive and less personally exhausting to just reveal a few morsels of facts rather than to investigate the truth? It is for these reasons that the untold truth behind the Germanwings crash is now published within this book.

If my claim to being inside the locked cockpit, together with Andreas Lubitz, has any chance of believability then I am sure you also want to know just how it is that I survived the crash and that you are now also able to hear my voice from a Germanwings flight 4U9525 grave. Come along now and let the writer of this book take you on a thought journey you may never have had the opportunity to walk in. With the information written about me in this book it has now become possible for the world to know something about how I operate and the destruction I am able to cause.

So, if I am not Andreas Lubitz and if I am not his antidepressant SSRI medication (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) which he was taking or not taking at the time, and if I am not Pharmakeia, then you could possibly be thinking that I must be a demon on his shoulder thought source or his conscience. Well, that is a good guess but it is not accurate. Let my author explain a little more about the function of the human conscience so you can understand why I could never have been his conscience.


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If I am not the Conscience then “WHO AM I”?

The words of the author continue…

As you may already know, conscience and consciousness are not made of the same kind of fabric. Consciousness belongs to the life functioning capacity which is primarily physical and which relies on our senses and the use of the body parts associated with the gathering of information. We then use this gathered information and process it within our mind and that processing of thought and memory requires the playground of the brain.

The human brain cells already have all the required chemicals they need in order to perform all the necessary tasks associated with transmitters and receptors. There is no scientific method available that can test or determine what has falsely been identified as being a chemical imbalance. With such evidence known to the industries associated with psychiatry and pharmacology one has to wonder why SSRI are being prescribed. When however, additional chemicals are introduced into the chemistry of the brain many things are no longer able to function according to that person’s normality. Instead of experiencing normal moods according to his or her ways of habituated thinking and memory association, medicated junkies are chemically forced into a labyrinth where hopelessness is increased or where solutions are passively not recognized. Even a bad mood would be more reasonable to deal with than no mood at all for then the person at least is still able to be their normal self and not a drug reduced self. A lousy mood still acts as an indicator that something is amiss and needs attention. While on anti-depressant medication that person’s normal activity of a memory recall is hindered from being fully experienced. Where normality would greatly benefit a person to ably identify a previous activity as being a video game, for example, that normal association is being prevented from being made when drugs are sloshing within the brain or the brain sand grains have been sprayed with hardening clear coat.

They, who seem to know it all better, tell us that SSRI meds are designed to reduce the association of negative moods to thoughts and memories. But would not the removal of what would otherwise be normal to that person’s response be severely affected if there is created a loss of an element that was rightly or wrongly attached to those memories and thoughts? Yes, even a bad mood is more favorable to proper thought processing than a suppressed mood or no mood at all.

Although the brain does belong to the physical life functioning capacity of man the conscience does not belong to what is physical. But the conscience also does not belong to the life functioning capacity of the soul either. “Then in what realm or sphere does conscience reside?” you may be asking yourself right now. Although our psychological life functioning capacity requires input from the invisible conscience; it, the conscience, contrary to popular belief, is not an element or a component of what is called the invisible psychological life functioning capacity. The human conscience is located in a different non-corporeal functioning capacity of man which can only be described as being man’s spiritual life functioning capacity for within that sphere we find what is commonly referred to as being moral knowledge.

Could “WHO AM I” have been sitting on his shoulder all that time?

The conscience can most definitely be considered as being a soft small voice. This voice is inaudible yet it is heard by every person individually in a very profound way. The conscience operates within every human being no matter how good they have been raised or how wicked and evil they have become. .Contrary to popular belief, the conscience has only one primary function and it is not what you may have believed it to be. The conscience is an invisible existence within every human being and it points to the origin of human thought and the direction all thought processing .must go if man is to function optimally among other human beings.

Optimum functionality among human social creatures in not a ‘dog eat dog’ manner and it is not a ‘give me give me’ manner nor is it a ‘take it for yourself if you want it’ manner. The optimum manner is a manner by which one gives to the other what the other needs. Another optimum manner is to do things together without one taking all the credit. Yet another human social manner is to selflessly and tirelessly make ones’ self available to one another when the other is hurt or in pain.

Within every person is knowledge of what is right. When right is willfully suppressed it can be said that it is negated. When for example, a mirror is clouded over, it is always going to present a view that is not accurate. The mirror is still a mirror but when something is added to the mirror – steam, or when something is taken from that which makes a mirror give back its clear reflection – a scratched up backing, or when the form of the mirror is twisted and shaped differently, it is no longer to be what it really is. One could say that the mirror or the purpose of it has been negated. When the essence of what is in truth is negated it may suggest that something has been added to truth or something has been removed from truth’s completeness. And as is the case with a mirror, so it is with truth. When a thing is negated an aberration appears in the mind’s processing of right and sound thinking. A person’s life may be cloudy and all darkened because truth about their self or about the self of another person is not accurate and complete. Only something that is absolute and steadfast can be negated. Something that flounders along in life can’t be trusted and therefore a negation is not required to doubt its stability. A tossing boat can’t fully be trusted can it and neither can a boat be trusted from whose bottom a piece of waterproofing has been removed for they are both compromised ;they are negated conditions of perfection one may say..

The conscience of man must be trusted to hold the knowledge of absolute truth. It cannot be left to its own devices and learn what is truth as it accompanies the maturing child into adulthood. It is therefore not a learned function; it is a non-changing stable asset of each human being on which one may rely, at all times for knowing what is right, good and in truth. This perfect conscience, which is an infallibly inspired and breathed in truth bank, also houses the law of self-giving love. Although the essence of the conscience remains the same at the core it may at any time become a distorted source of moral reasoning no different than a twisted mirror.


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The Alternative to Living in the Present tense of Conscience

The Active Present Tense Other Oriented Social Deference Manner


The Self-serving Habituation Response Manner

When a person does not use their conscience in a present tense way of living, a person begins to switch to a different pathway for thoughts to proceed. The alternate pathway for thought and experience processing then creates its own data base of what it perceives to be right and wrong, good and evil, patient and impatient etc. This pathway is called the “habituated pathway manner”. It also includes the learning of how to habitually go to the grocery market without conscious marker identifications. The ancient Greeks had come up with a new way of referring to the ways of learned habits; they referred to this as being the way of the flesh. It was their way of identifying the way all habit formation must be established within the physicality of a person. Within this “habituated pathway manner” an invisible thought process can thus become a learned and near daily physical activity of the flesh – the human body.

When a person did not act in a way that would be in a present tense way of obedience to the invisible conscience of what was right and true, it became known as the way of habituation of the flesh. Thus the correct and right “social deference manner” of the conscience begins to be replaced by the “self-serving habituated pathway manner”. Mind you, knowledge contained within the active present tense of the “social deference manner” does not necessarily equate to bringing forth good behavior. Good inner thought behavior and thus good outward activity comes about from what a person believes in and holds as being of exceedingly great value, for such things would surely be pleasurable and beneficial in their life both mentally and physically. This is where the axiom “If it feels good it must be right” comes from. The thought behind this self-serving habituated pathway manner is that habits will make you more comfortable within cognitive thought processing for it is connected to the erogenous pleasure/pain zone of the brain. .For example, if something were right according to the social deference manner of active present tense response to your intuition, it may be mentally painful initially to go and help a person who is being beaten up on the street by some other person. Your self-serving, and self-protective habituated pathway manner may be to engage flight from confrontational violence, yet your active present tense social deference manner quires that you ignore threats to yourself and proceed immediately to helping the victim with no lingering thoughts about your personal safety and self-preservation and or subsequent pleasure of having done the right thing.

When the present tense social deference pathway is rejected, refused and ignored it then becomes the clouded mirror in our life. There it is, your moral code in your conscience, yet more and more it loses its luster and significance. If it feels right to run away from a potentially dangerous situation and thereby you end up saving your own skin you have joined the numerous others who would do the same thing and run away too. If it feels good to have saved your own skin you will begin to value that new habit you are developing and that will be your guide within life. Habits are all about me first including everything that is self-preservation, self-serving self-interest.

And from that “me first” thought comes the concept of a human being having personal moral right which says, “I must be right because it feels good and look at how many others believe the same way I do.” This pathway of “me-first” is the pathway that is studied by psychologists and treated by psychiatrists. Instead of helping a person understand the difference of the two manner systems and guiding them into using their conscience within active present tense daily living, folks are being prescribed pills to help mask even more the guilt they create against their very obvious “social deference manner” violations of moral right, truth and love. A person does not need to become religious in order to understand this basic truth of what is required of a human being. All manner of societies, including those which are political and financial empires, which have embraced into their social rule laws that which violates “social deference manner” law of the moral right conscience, have hurt themselves irreparably even to a point of extinction from the face of the earth.

The “social deference manner” is active present tense living and must consider everything accordingly to ensure that the other toward approach is taken by a person individually and can never be forced onto a society corporately unless it is so enshrined within social laws of the nation. When that is eroded and the personal rights agenda takes over in government rule, society ends up with a logically unsustainable future. Just consider this, if everyone were to become habitually engaged in sexual perversion of bestiality, pedophilia, necromancy and homosexuality, there would be no more human births. Therefore homophobia has nothing to do with reasoning thought. A lack of reasoning thought however has everything to do with the perversion we see in society. Within such a “me first” society, a moral reasoning person must be labeled a bigot, a homophobic a pedophilophobic and a beastialophobic to mention only a few. – Mark my words!

When this feeling good “habituated pathway manner” is embraced society will more often hear the chant from the sidelines, “therefore it is morally right because it is right for me”. Every rainbow colored parade in the future may eventually also have those who cry out, “If it feels right and good to have sex with babies it is morally right for you”. “If it feels right and good to have sex with, dogs, sheep, goats, and horses it is morally right for you.” “If it feels right and good to have sex with dead bodies, it is morally right for you.” “If you want to eat your own offspring (should, god forbid, some errant person have had sex with an opposite sex partner) and it feels right and tastes delicious with the right spices then it is morally right for you.” “Mark my words, it will come to a society where it will be acceptable to decapitate anyone who dares to stand up against such pervasion, and if you want to have a backyard orgy with consenting adults and animals, you will be permitted to dunk all dissenting homophobes etc. into tar and burn them on stakes and save on your energy costs.

When social deference manner is rejected and ignored long enough by more and more individuals all that will be heard will be from those with habituated lifestyle manners. There will be the loud hail of boorish, obscene and boisterous voices of participants and onlookers. If there should be a few children left in society it will be picked up by them as being wrong because they do have more sense than those who live by their mentally dysfunctional ways of habituated pathway manners. Yet those young children too can learn this apparently new way of life that society has embraced.

The Active Present Tense Other Oriented Social Deference Manner

By the words “active present tense other oriented social deference manner” or “morally right social deference manner’’ I am referring to how a thought seed can and ought to be processed so that it is absolutely right and brings forth an accurate and complete perception; a correct reasoning process; an ‘other oriented’ social deference manner along with a determining decision to be compassionate, kind and patient. The morally right thought processing route must also include comprehending of the other person’s needs, and seeking of a solution that would bring about a pleasurable experience aimed at helping meet the other person’s needs.

The conscience, you see, is an invisible and yet hard wired identical moral knowledge code of right, truth and love and it is ‘breathed’ into each person genetically as a spiritual life functioning capacity no matter where that person is born or in what environment the child will be raised in or what circumstances of life they will need to endure or possibly be abused and victimized in. The moral conscience code is knit into the very fabric of what conception begins with because conception does not have its origin within the act of coitus.

Although many folks may not believe the following statement to be true, it would serve humanity exceedingly well to understand just how it is that I can say with the utmost of confidence that everything a man thinks of has its origin in what is right and good. – Not right and wrong but only in what is right in truth and in love and therefore in good. Please remember that all lies have their origin in truth for it takes negated truth to set up doubt and ultimately the lie.

Wrong does not happen unintentionally it happens by intentful deceit and deception. When a person lives in the present tense of the essence of what is right and good, in truth and by the law of love they will be the conduit through whom this essence will be imaged to others. When a person seeks to live in the present tense of life there may still occur an occasional hiccup. Such hiccups result from as a deeply held subconscious belief in unaddressed lies which have not yet been brought to the conscious awareness and therefore could not yet have been dealt with. Although not all habituated behavior is wrong and rooted in lies we need to understand that much of what is self-serving and self-indulging is stored within this very same location of the subconscious mind as is the daily hygiene habit and the driving to the store habit.

When the habituation of evil, perverse, vile and psychopathic personality traits are not dealt with in the light of truth and love on an individual basis they become what is often referred to as a generational curses and that may be seen in how hardwired or strongly “pre-pathed” neuro circuitry can become a genetic dysfunctional proclivity, propensity or bent.

“Why is there so much wrong and bad thinking all around us?” you must be asking yourself. Give me some time and we’ll get to that eventually. Just remember this for later on, every wicked deed done is done in the pursuit of pleasure for the purpose of seeking to meet ones perceived needs. If an activity seeks to bring some form of perceived real or perverted pleasure into a person’s life it is always engaged in for the experience of what makes a person feel good but always at the others expense.

This human need to want to feel good indicates that there must be a standard of good to which such feelings can ultimately be measured against. Every person seeks to attain pleasure from that which would give itself out to be good – good food, good entertainment, good health, good friendships, good social interactive acceptance and desirability and so much more. Both nice folks and wicked folks all seek to experience pleasure in what they do or do not do. That constant pursuit of pleasurable activity provides proof positive that there exists a knowledge of good in each of us, for it is pursued by all no matter if you pursue the other oriented social deference manner or the self-interest habituated lifestyle pathway manner.

The conscience, which contains the knowledge of your social deference manner, contains but one – that is right, only one (1) universal moral law which is based on the essence of what truth is, what right is and what love is. To know the essence of that one law is to know more than knowledge – it is to know the relational life itself behind that knowledge in an intimate and personal way. Knowledge alone is cold and impersonal, but the proper use of knowledge within a relationship becomes most beneficial in social interaction within community.

Many religions and philosophies make an effort to identify this law of love to mankind because they know that every person is able to tap into their conscience and find that law of love written there as plain as it could be. Some say that these following words are the most accurate in describing this one law of love as it is written within the human spiritual moral right conscience, for it is not a reciprocal or a reactive law but it is a proactive law. This is the proactive law of love to which I am referring as quoted within the Christian and Judaic Scriptures.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind with all your soul and with all your strength and love your neighbor as you love yourself. And this is no different than to say

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

You can research this Golden Rule and as you do you will see what I am referring to as being the proactive element of the law of love. Religions and philosophies of all manner have however reversed this law’s intent by negating the proactive element. They still want to make it sound real nice and good but the proactive aspect has been replaced with the reactive response consideration. The reactive version says – “Be nice to those who have done you wrong.” A little negating of truth brings out a whole different action within folks than what the true proactive version requires man to live by. It is like saying, “Well I’ll forgive if they say they are sorry”. The essence of truth in love requires however that forgiveness be given even before an offence or a wrong is given or experienced. You see, when the true law of love reigns as a relationship between you and the essence of love, a person would never hold on to the notion that they have been wronged or that their rights have been violated


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If I am not Intuition then “WHO AM I”?

When you develop a pattern of habits by which you have repeated violations against your conscience it will become evident in your cognition that you created a dissonance – a discord of thought and conscience/intuition. When some things you believe and do which just don’t match up with the knowledge in your conscience and the direction of our intuition, you will experience a guilt sense come over you. When a person dismisses that initial uncomfortable feeling of unease within the brain’s playground they will create a neurological pathway within the brain that says’ take this route again – it has served you well’. And thus you continue to engage in telling lies which you believe are for your own benefit and the more you do that the greater the cognitive dissonance becomes apparent and the greater the guilt accumulates and the greater your emotional discomfort and pain may become.

However, when you continuously suppress the knowledge of truth in your conscience which is to live life by doing unto others what you would have them do unto you, you build up a pseudo conscience called “force of habit”. Christian writers often refer to this as being “in the flesh” and eventually as you continue to live by the rules of this force of habit you will believe your own lies and be controlled by the fears that always accompany lies. You will eventually develop the fear of being found out and you will seek a way of shifting the blame of your guilt onto others.

As you continue to repeat the speaking and the believing of lies by the process known as self-talk or self-evidencing you establish auto-responses of inner behavioral thought patterns. As habituated auto-responses can only occur from having repeated similar activity in your past, you end up experiencing life in “the habit of the flesh” or by habituated neurological thought process patterns and behavior. When you believe something about yourself, or about others which is not based in the completeness of truth, such experiences or information also gets registered in your subconscious mind. The more you think negatively about another person or even about yourself the more you will subconsciously believe that you are better than others or worse off than others. You will believe more lies – lies that tell you that you ‘deserve much better in life’ or that you have been ‘done wrong to’ because you have not been able to get what you so badly desire. Sometimes you may think ‘that you are ‘never enough’. The more you believe that you deserve more or that you are more, your pride will hinder you from being satisfied in life but that is all rooted in the many lies you have formed a belief in.

When a person tells a lie they are very often able to reason that not telling the truth has a provision for reaping a personal benefit. In other words, they believe that telling a lie will be a good thing for them. Such personal benefits are often only perceived benefits which a person will seek to obtain even if it is only for the purpose of identifying to others that one knows more or needs less than the other.

Intuition will not direct the person to stop lying but it will rather direct that person to tell the truth and to seek forgiveness. Intuition is a moral better right spiritual direction not a moral spiritual scolding mechanism.

If a person is easily annoyed and frustrated by others their conscience will not identify those feelings as being wrong but will rather identify that mental cognitive well-being comes from not needing to get even, set the record straight or bring on a calculated revenge response. It is up to you to use mental reasoning and logic together with your conscience’s truth bank to determine what you want to believe about those who have victimized or abused you. You can ignore and forgive immediately and ask God to bless them or you can wish for them to rot in hell. And by that very same cursing wish on others you will experience a living mental hellishness developing within yourself. The root of bitterness begins to form and it will be a strongman in ruining your life.

Intuition will always direct a person to be more patient and more forgiving. Intuition will direct thought seeds to come to you in order for you to help others prevent more harm from coming to themselves by their own action of inconsideration or abuse. Your intuition will direct you to want to help improve the life of the other person. Sometimes you can substantially improve another person’s wellbeing by simply identifying to them certain limits they need to learn to respect as their relationship is valuable to you. By considering and pondering on some of your intuition thought seeds you may receive even more thought seeds that would require of you to let the other person know that real love sets boundaries. As you ponder on what those boundaries ought to be, for a good relationship to occur with the other person, you will also come to a reasoning which uses spiritual truth to identify to you that love keeps no record of wrong and holds no grudge, and that love is always patient. Thus each person becomes the one who reasons that being patient with thankfulness of heart is a better approach than being rude.

Consider this example, when a person finds a wallet the conscience does not tell them “do not keep it” or “you must return it” The conscience will not identify that it is wrong to keep it. The finder of that wallet will rather come into the awareness that love is the law by which to live and that love always seeks the pleasurable benefit for the others in our life. Most likely, the thoughts that will be entered into when listening to the conscience will be, “That wallet must be returned to its rightful owner.”, or “Somebody must be experiencing some difficulty when they realize they lost their wallet.” The conscience does not say or speak all that to you, it merely points out that the other’s best interest is paramount. We then reason within our soul’s mind that returning the found wallet would be most pleasurable and beneficial to that person.

Intuition will not direct the person to not steal but intuition will rather point to the spiritual right direction which would be best to take when another person’s property comes into your possession either by wrongful acquisition or by opportunity. Your mind is supposed to use spiritual truth of love and right as input together with your reasoning and logic in determining your course of action. As you mature in the spiritual use of your conscience you will more often than not go in that direction to either obey the law of love and return the found item to its rightful owner. When you reject and suppress the knowledge of spiritual truth, love and right you will be obeying the law of the liar which is the habituation law of self-serving interest and keep what we found for our self-gratifying cravings.

We could, in all generality, say that the conscience and the intuition are parts of the same parcel which helps all mankind to know that we ought to be nicer, kinder, and more generous, more understanding, more compassionate, more patient, more respectful, more accepting, more forgiving and the list of moral virtues and fortitudes could be a never ending and inexhaustible list because love never ceases.


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If I am not Mental Illness then “WHO AM I”

If you can figure out from whence mental illness comes, then you will be able to figure out the identity of “WHO AM I”.

Duh, how can another person feel offended when the victimizer is forgiven for their action before it has been committed? If a person does not demand the right to be treated right, they may experience the feelings of hurt and rejection, abuse or neglect but cannot consider it an offences against them. A person can never be offended. A person can only take offence when they themselves have not responded to a victimizer according to the law of love, for the relationship requirement of the law of love holds no record of wrong doing. You see, love is a present tense I AM relationship response which leaves behind the past by the active present tense of forgiveness.

Forgiveness has its root in the “other oriented social deference manner”, it seeks to restore relationships and community. To hold on to a person’s wrong doings and to plan revenge for such wrongs is to live according to what happened in the past. The past life experiences are what develop habits. Habits may be very useful but habits that have a way of negating the social deference manner law become a person’s nemesis – the inescapable agent that contributes to his or her downfall. Offenses are taken when somebody else’s actions cross one’s own value system of right according to one’s self set standards.

On taking offence

I hope you “get this” – the lower a person’s standard of what acceptable rightness is the more offended we will feel. Their threshold is easily offended against the more selfish they are. The more self-interest they have developed values for the greater the opportunity for others to cross that line. Now if and when you, for instance, deny those lower thresholds a place to exist by denying them that place of occupancy, the higher the threshold will be raised. When the human threshold has become equal to the essence of what is perfectly right and good, then such a person will be in a position to understand that all offences are ultimately a direct assault against perfect love and that perfect love forgives even prior to the offence. A person can never be offended against if they deny to themselves all rights to please themselves and expect that same other oriented deference manner to be exhibited to them by others. Deny your “self” and your “self” will give to the “offender” the right to reap their own mental discomfort of guilt.

By denying one’s own self-serving rights that person will experience the healing within an easily offended soul. If someone raped or molested you, rejected you or diminished you, hurt you or abused you many mental and emotional dis-eases will come upon you but when you forgive you will stop to feel the pain in their life which has not yet been dealt with.

The past tense is of the flesh and it is habit forming and therefore it can be said that it is carnal for it is based on the organic physical involvement; in this case it is the involvement of the brain’s established neuro circuitry. To live in the present tense of what is the essence of truth, right and love is to live by what is spiritual. The social deference manner is the law which is the moral spiritual right way to live in society. To live according to feelings and emotions is to live by the physicality of the habituation process which also involves subconscious memory triggers which lead to recall neuro circuitry pathways whereby a person finds what experienced memories are stored within the brain.

The victimizer however would definitely have offended against their own conscience and it is they who must deal with their mental disorder at that time. When you have already forgiven them, then all they, the victimizer, needs to do is to seek forgiveness from the essence of love Himself. Remember, the essence of love requires the presence of a person otherwise it is merely cold knowledge of the essence only. Love without a person to give it to is merely an illusion of a feeling. But let us say that you are the victimizer and you want less mental illness and disorder yourself, then you need to be the one seeking forgiveness for you have thus offended against your own dulled conscience and ultimately against that which is the standard of perfect love essence. You have therefore offended against your very own spiritual and morally right and other oriented social deference manner which is based on the law of love.

On forgiving one’s self

But remember this very important fact which is so contrary to modern psychological and positive thinking mantras, – it is impossible to forgive oneself! Yes, please read it again, – it is an impossibility to forgive one’s self. And why is that so important to know? Because a vessel which is the recipient of love cannot be equal with the essence of love. The container is never the content. The container, let us assume it is a library room, is not the same as the book it contains. The books in a library are not the room, they came from outside of the room. To have offended against what one knows to be right, is not to offend against the library room, but against the writer of that books knowledge content. Why do so many counsellors psychologists, psychiatrists and all manner of religious clerics not understand this basic truth is beyond my ability to comprehend except for the fact that they too all believe in the lie that says man is his own god.

Reason it through yourself. You are not the essence of love; you are only a vessel that contains the knowledge of the One who is the essence of truth, right and love. A vessel can only receive what is given it from outside of itself. A vessel can never give itself what it needs. What the life of a victimizer is in need of is the forgiveness from the source of this knowledge. If you are the wrong doer, in other words if you are the victimizer of others and the offender against your own conscience then it is you who needs to go to the essence of the one who gave you the knowledge of the “social deference manner” – the law of love, for it is ultimately against that person that you have “sinned”. When a person has a relationship with the essence of love and believes in that relationship’s essence of truth, love and right they will act in a self-denying manner. Their behavior will then be in line with what self-giving love is all about and they will reflect the opposite of self-centeredness, self-interest and self-indulgence. The ‘me first’ mantra will become the ‘You first’ obedience.

The bottom line then is this, – believe in more than just the knowledge of the essence of truth, right and love; believe into the essence Himself. When you have a relationship with the essence Himself you will then be able to use your knowledge in relationships with others. Once again there will be a person added to the ranks of those who experience a clear conscience – a conscience which no longer must remain sullied and seared with beliefs in lies and offences against the law of love but one which is regaining its luster to penetrate the subconscious mind.

On essence

When the essence of love and the essence of truth are discussed, we should remember that essence is absolute; essence never changes. Essence is what makes a thing that thing. Essence is what determines the character makeup of that thing. When essence is viewed for its in-depth composition it becomes clear that if anything should ever be removed or be added to it that it would no longer comprise he completeness of that essence. Just as the essence of gold remains gold and never becomes a different diluted metal even if it should be painted or covered with tar or even have impurities remaining in it. The essence of gold is gold not the impurities or its coverings.

Anybody can attempt to cover up the true appearance of essence and make it appear to be something it is not. If we are presented with a quartz rock and we are told “This is what the essence of gold is.” and if we believe in that lie we would be deceived and could come to be defrauded. The essence of gold is not a quartz rock nor is it a rock made to appear like a lollipop with a rainbow of colors and coated with sparling and glistening sugary crystals, nor is it a stone with the word ‘GOLD’ embossed on it in foil. The essence of truth and love is not contained in a book called the Bible, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib, Tripitaka, Avesta, The book of Mormon, The New World Translation, Talmud, Tao-te-ching, Five Classics, Upanishads, The Holy Veds, or the Bhagavad Gita to name a few. The essence of Truth is in the Spirit of Truth and that essence is God.

No matter how much a person may want to discredit the presence of the essence of gold within the metal of gold, it would only be a negation of what is in truth. No matter how colorful we make a rainbow image appear and use it to identify a wonderful “Good2Bgay4me”behavior, it is still not the essence of what makes a rainbow but an illusion of a deviated concept. And the same reasoning and logic must be applied to what the essence of truth, love and right is.

Truth is not a personal interpretation of what one sees or what one is told, for that can vary with the billions of different perceptions which are based on personal beliefs and biases. But once again it must be identified that a belief about a truth does not make that belief a belief in what was real nor what is inclusive of the essence of truth. All the denominations, sects cults, religions and philosophies of the world bear witness to that fallacious way of thinking. Anyone can feed you malarkey,

If, let us say, a psycho-theory-therapist has fed thought seeds into your subconscious mind that you have been molested by a parent or a family member in your very young years you may actually have had another person form a false memory belief within you. There is a great personal story about this kind of acquired false knowledge and if you wish, you may view it at, http://free2helpyourself.com/my-lie-a-true-story-about-false-memories. But please finish reading first. You will find this link at the back in the Appendix section. Research has aptly demonstrated that false memories are not based in truth but on lies and yet these beliefs in lies can profoundly affect the way people treat each other and how a person can be made to feel about themselves. Some therapists believe it is morally right to implant subconscious thoughts that could possibly lead to a happier mental state.

Real truth can never be based on personal interpretations of perceptions, implanted thoughts or even accurate facts. Yet it is important to also understand that personal interpretations of something which is believed about truth will be handled within ones thoughts as if it is true and whatever a person forms a belief in that will then be that which forms a person’s individual’s character and personality. A person’s beliefs in lies will in turn result in activities and actions that reveal what all ones fragmented perceptions during a child’s developing years have actually accumulated and picked up and accepted as being true.

The human conscience is therefore to be considered as being the truth bank. It contains the knowledge of what the essence of truth, right and love is. It is not the essence of truth but it is the knowledge of the essence of truth. Within this very same storage bank known as the conscience is also found the knowledge of what the essence of real love is all about. But as every person knows, knowledge is useless unless it is used inter-relationally. In other words, all the knowledge of what needs to happen with the definition of the word “coitus” or “copulation” is of no personal benefit to anyone unless that knowledge becomes a part of a relationship with an opposite sex partner who has the anatomy to accommodate such a function. It is impossible for an anal same sex partner or a mouth piece to experience the truth behind the intelligent concept of “coitus”.

All the knowledge of God – the Creator of man is of no benefit unless a relationship is established with that Creator. All the knowledge about a historical figure known as Jesus of Nazareth is of no benefit unless a relationship is established with that person. But as everyone knows, relationships can only occur among the living. It is impossible to have an ongoing relationship with Freud, Skinner, Maslow or Rodgers and for that reason we will never find out any truth from them, will we. Their interpretation of love, truth and right has died with them for they are not the essence. They are but mere memories and a historical fact and so are their books and writings too. Man must learn to walk away from that which is dead and go to that which is alive and the active essence which never changes. The word life is also essence originated, for life as essence requires reality, volitional mobility and vitality. A carcass and a corpse, be they with a brain or without a brain are less with life than before. We call that a state of lifelessness. The human being who body has turned corpse was therefore merely a vessel of life it was never the essence of life. If life was just energy then it would just become one with the universe until it is reassembled into a different energy. But man can never be just energy for is it not true that if he neglects to derive energy from the environment in the form of food, light and air to mention a few, he loses energy and becomes waste and refuse and I guess, in a way, someone could claim that decomposition and dung is energy too and that would be correct.. The user of energy however never becomes the essence of energy. Any second grader can recognize that when they drink water energy they do not become water itself. I just love the far-fetched notions of religions that claim we all turn back into energy when we are the ones who use energy. Once again I have to say “DUH!” There just can never be the essence of life in anything that is a vessel or a user of life.

Now let me ask you this question, if the essence of life were to indwell a dead body then would that body not come to life and take on the character of that new spiritual essence of life? Okay, I may have lost some of you at this thought but take courage for there may be made available to you an opportunity to undertake an experiment that is far more exciting than the game of 72 where kids are asked to go missing for 72 hours in order to cause fear and panic among caregivers and parents.

I urge you to participate in this complete investigation. I will offer you to participate in an experiment so you may know that what I write about the essence of truth, right, light, love and life is absolute and real even when you are unable to see it. A full investigation is only valid if it involves the testing and verifying of all possible ways. This may be too deep for some to understand, so why not just leave it there until you finish reading this book and then maybe you will have a better understanding of how to test the claims of anything that claims to be the essence rather than the vessel or the user of essence.

If a person does not have a personal relationship with the essence of light, love, truth and right, then a human’s life must become a mere “do this” and a “do not do that” kind of moral and ethical obedience which needs to be placed under social or religious control of others who believe they have the right to act on behalf of that which is essence. When a person is placed under the control of others that person’s freedom is removed. But when a person voluntarily places himself under someone’s authority then the authority over you becomes your protection ensuring your freedom, Place yourself under the authority of truth and you will find a lot of hindering false beliefs being removed and you will have a new freedom to dream, plan, build and embrace life on a different higher level.

There will thus then always remain a demand for hierarchy and obedience to that hierarchy be it the state or otherwise and ultimately to what many believe acts as the invisible moral cop of mankind – the conscience. Voluntary submission to good and right authority can be very helpful in keeping the peace mentally and socially on a global scale.

No matter how much one tries to erase or cover ones offences against hierarchy among mankind there will always remain the offence against the knowledge of one’s conscience. The guilt offences against ones conscience is something that is accumulative and always remains. Because of your very own knowledge of good and evil you will come under guilt and shame as you hear yourself thinking. Your thoughts will contain such phrases as “you should have”; “you ought to have been nicer”; “why didn’t you do the right thing when you had the opportunity?” and “how come you did that awful thing or say those mean words or take that which was not yours, or cheat or lie?” . When real guilt or perceived guilt is not dealt with by the relationship with the essence of what has been offended against, an emotion of fear prevails and fear brings on a shame of failure to have been good, right and true to what one knows they ought to have been.

It is for this reason of shame and guilt that one seeks to do penance by whatever way we deem appropriate towards society and its needs. Sometimes we engage with volunteerism, take on noble and valuable humanitarian causes, work tirelessly on environmental issues and many other social causes and even by religious ritual adherences.


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Man’s Solution to an Offended Conscience

The whole concept of secular or humanitarian volunteerism douchery provides evidence of such human need to do kind and good things for others in need. It is purely out of selfish reasons that ‘random acts of kindnesses’ are being gloried in by their promoters and those who engage in such douchery pleasures. This volunteering douchery is evident in forms of philanthropies, service clubs, disaster aid relief, and “mission trips” and it represents a deep subconscious presence of guilt. It then becomes man’s way of expressing the sorrow for his personal guilt in having done wrong against his own conscience as well as attempting to cover humanity’s corporate guilt against their fellow man. It is man’s way of saying “Sorry we as humans have messed up against the law of love. Let me help make it better for you as best as I know how.” I would caution to say here that not every act of kindness and not every person falls into this category, but for the most part we need to accept that it is so.

Many a person has developed that kind of an on again and off again obedience relationship with their conscience. If such volunteers were indeed at that kind of a deep intimate relationship level with the essence, where they know that their relationship with the essence of love requires them to be a certain way towards the needy, there would never be a need to raise money. People would be moved to be more generous on their own and with their own.

Fund raising for humanitarian causes and other worthwhile causes will often only succeed when they coerce, bribe or pull at the right heart strings, of others. The fundraising we so often participate in is so often an attempt to get others to pay so we get to glory in our own goodness. If it were you who is just seeking to be obedient to your conscience and you had a relationship with the faithful supply of the essence of love, you would simply go and or give from what you have already been given. If it is about you however, you will fundraise, but if you know the essence of love, you will just go because you know the faithful supply of sufficiency which must for its own glory provide what is needed to be in obedience to His will. Just keep remembering that essence is not a thing, it is a person. The essence of truth, right and love can only be experienced in a community of relationships and that therefore becomes the evidence that humans are derivative, dependent and contingent of this essence in order to know what needs to be practiced within the social deference manner to the next person, your neighbor.

One’s own best effort of obedience to appease the law of love within your conscience is not the same as you having an intimate personal relationship with the one who supplied the knowledge of that law of love to you in the first place. If you do not believe me on this point, then you too may belong to those who have to fight for the right to believe there is no God. Stand in line, there are many in this line who are all believers in lies. Any person can believe that there is no God if that is what they want to believe but strange as it is, they also have to fight their conscience and remind themselves that they do not believe in something they have to deny.

I have nothing against such a foolish person who would reject investigating every possible suggestion that the moon is not a ball of blue cheese or that there really is a better one and only true way to know the essence of a thing. An atheist’s belief does nothing to convince others who have fully investigated that which is in truth. You can either intellectually find out yourself that the moon is not a ball of blue cheese or you can believe the people who say it really is. Who is the fool? If you do not know the answer with complete confidence in the truth teller then a reasoning and an intelligent person will continue their own investigation or simply believe what others have already proven to be true. And this is the truth I am referring to – that in order for truth, love and rightness to be experienced in its own merits of essence one must be in an interpersonal relationship with that Person of essence. If there is no God then a person would not have to negate the knowledge of a God. Duh, how simple is that to understand? A person will often only argue that the world is not round when they already have rejected participation in the full and personal investigation of such a claim.

If there is no gold or if there are no diamonds on planet Earth, then nobody would have to set up pretentious arguments to demonstrate that it is impossible for gold and diamonds to exist on planet Earth. A lack or a refusal to personally investigate whether what another person found while digging in the ground could potentially be the real existence of the essence of gold or diamonds would never remove the reality of their existence. However, upon entering into a full investigation the conclusion would hopefully lead to the capture of a thought that is rooted in a belief in a lie. Once the truth is known that gold and diamonds exist, such truth must then be used to discredited and dislodge from the deep in the subconscious mind and falsely held beliefs which had told you that gold and diamonds do not exist. Only those who have not refused to fully investigate the essence of truth, love and right can walk away from the label of “FOOL”. All others deserve that label for there is no greater tom-foolery than to believe in one’s own uninvestigated lies. And whenever that old thought comes up again that somehow gold and diamonds can’t possibly exist, you can then destroy that old belief in a lie with the understanding of what is in truth.

Having and holding on to the essence of gold is more than a feeling. You may have a feeling of being wealthy but that does not translate to wealth. Unless you use your will to engage that essence of gold in a relationship of sorts with another person or barter with the essence of the gold which you are holding, you only have a feeling in your self’s hands or in your self’s imagination. The essence of real love is the same. It is much more than just a feeling or an emotion but it is rather based on willed use of intentional affection. The feelings a person experiences and the emotions they so enjoy about “falling into love” are not what the essence of real love is. Real love is not demonstrated by a person’s need to be with another person or a need to be satisfied by an activity which leads to a culmination of coitus.

Feelings, sensations and emotions and are merely founded on one’s own fragmented perception of what the essence of real immutable love is. Having the experience of a feeling of love does not make that feeling the essence of love, because love is never a self-serving and self-indulging expression to be enjoyed by one’s self but rather to be given for the benefit of the other. No human being is able to fall into love or fall out of love; it is simply a myth. You are either experiencing a belief that you are being sufficiently gratified and satisfied as long as the other person gives to you what you want, desire or need or you are having doubts about the value of that other person to you. When your needs change, or you have developed beliefs that your needs are not being satisfactorily gratified, you will end up believing that you have fallen out of love.

A person who believes in such “falling in and falling out of love” foolishness only reveals the fickleness of a fragmented and inaccurate belief they have acquired. When a person believes in the true essence of love they will never again accept the emotion of love feelings as being equal to the experience of the essence of love; there is nothing that compares to essence of a thing; everything else is either an illusion of love or a shadow of love which one seeks to experience once again as it fleets away out of one’s reach. For example, nobody can force themselves to hold on to a happiness emotion; all emotions are fickle – they are all fleeting feelings.

But when a person is the recipient of genuine willed affection, no matter what they do, they can never dislodge love off of themselves. Such love is not based on fickleness of feelings but on resolve of the will. The recipient of such willed affection of love can never fall into that kind of love nor fall out of that kind of love. They can never shake off willed affection or be cut off from it. Such willed affection love remains anchored no matter how deviant the recipient has become. If love is not willed affection it remains nothing more than feeling and emotion which ebb and wane.

Thus the belief one has about one’s experience of love feelings and emotions is for the most part incomplete and inaccurate. If, for example, you believe love is a feeling, or if you believe it is a force over which you have no control when it hits or when it leaves you, then you must be considered to be a slave to feelings or to a force. Well, if you believe love to be some kind of force then you must also believe love to be transitory and inconsistent, as well as unfaithful and never to be concerned about your feelings when that, so called force called love, leaves you.

To consider, that a person could be living at the whim of this force called love, gives understanding that such individuals who are then without control, must act towards the other person according to that force of love they feel for another person. If love were to actually be a force that could just come over you and force you to love that other person then you will not be able to enter into any sort of moral conduct obedience towards your conscience. You would then simply make the claim that you could not resist the force of love in you, for that force just sprung on you and made you favor that young child and thus you could not be held responsible for forcing yourself on a child and being labeled a pedophile for example. Your defense would then be that you are sexually involved with a child because you love the child and the force of love compelled you beyond your reasonable efforts to control it.

Love must for such obvious reasons of logic never be considered to be a force for then nobody would be responsible for rape, incest, buggery, bestiality and you can figure out the others that belong to such a group where it is claimed – “Well we just fell in love with each other.”

The knowledge of the law of love must become an inter-relational community activity wherein one’s volition is required at all times in the consideration and the determination to do what is right for all the other person’s best interest who may also be subsequently affected. When using your volition you may then want to consider what your actions would cause to others before you go against the moral code you know you ought to follow.

Volunteer douchery is what appears on the scene of humanity as it attempts to deal with the guilt and shame of having failed at meeting the requirements of truth, right, and love as set forth in the social dereference manners demanded by ones conscience.


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If I am not Angels on Your Shoulder, then “WHO AM I”?

Your conscience is not akin to two angels sitting on either side of your shoulder and bending your ears so as to have you listen to them. So often we see pictures where a good white angel sits on the right shoulder of a person and an evil black or red angel or a demon sits on the left shoulder. According to that picture of the false perception of human conscience, each angle will tempt you to do it their way.

But that is not what the conscience is about; a conscience is not a tempter – it is only knowledge of what is good, right, truth and love, – and mind you, it is not the essence but the knowledge of that essence, and a big difference that is. The conscience never has two opposing thoughts to bring to your attention. Your conscience’s sole responsibility is to ensure that you know what is morally right and best for the other person in our life and that would make it right for you personally. And remember this truth – the other Person being first and foremost is your Creator and Love giver and then the other persons are those among mankind who are your antagonists, enemies, friends or neighbors.

The work of your conscience is to identify whether an action, a thought or an attitude is true and whether it is within the law of love and therefore also right. The conscience does not say “Do not steal; do not kill; do not lie; do not covet, do not worship this or that” it merely identifies that being other oriented selflessness is looking out for the best interest of the other persons in your communities and spheres of influence. By default, a person may use the knowledge of truth to identify the presence of a lie, a deception and all that which is setting itself up against the essence of love.

The instructional benefit of the conscience is to identify to every individual what love is – that love is always other oriented towards those who come into your life. Your conscience is there for one purpose and one purpose only; to be the impenetrable vault of truth. To believe in the essence of truth and love is all one needs in order to help one be the best one can possibly be for the benefit of the other person.

Intuition on the other hand is the direction sense of which way a person should or ought to go. Intuition will always direct a person towards that which the conscience has knowledge of, namely that an individual be in an inter-relational expression of truth, in love and right in all behavior, attitude, motive and that would then translate into right, honest and loving actions towards others. Every person knows they ought to be nicer to others, more generous to others, kinder, more forgiving, more acceptable and never only more tolerant of others but to go further and beyond tolerance and thus be more loving of others.

As a sidebar let it be known that the message of tolerance is only preached by those who want others to tolerate what they personally know to be wrong. They know their actions are wrong for society and for an individual’s life and for that reason tolerance must be demanded. Inherent within the concept of tolerance there is always a controlling demand. If anyone believes in the concept of tolerance they believe in a lie for by such belief in a lie a person may be controlled by others. By demanding that others show you tolerance you seek to impose your beliefs on them and thus you must become intolerant of them and their beliefs. Tolerance is a concept of dominating opposition and of controlling others. The tolerance demand is for acceptance. Tolerance is demanded and placed on others by self-serving self-indulging doers of wrong who want everyone to agree with them and not speak against them. The essence of love on the other hand is the desire to help that person come out from their wrong beliefs in lies which ensnares them to do evil against themselves and society and ultimately against the essence of truth, right and love.

As you learn to understand the real spiritual life functioning capacity of conscience and intuition I believed that you may be able to more readily determine the identity of “WHO AM I” that was present in the cockpit with Andreas Lubitz when it crashed.


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If I am not a Moral Cop then “WHO AM I”?

Can anyone really claim that a person’s conscience is to play the role of a moral cop? Does a moral cop not act as a judge? Do you not at times say that you have a guilty conscience? Be it known, if you did not know already, the conscience can never harbor guilt feelings or create feelings of guilt if its only role is to be a compass showing right. Your conscience can’t accuse you of wrong doing, it is not a cop and not a judge; it is a body of knowledge wherein is embedded spiritual rightness truth and the law of love knowledge content only. It is that which belongs to God breathed thought.

Would a moral cop, let you know that what you are doing is right, in truth and in love or would the job of a moral cop be that of judging your behavior only when it is bad? I guess, at times the police may act in that capacity where they identify what a person does right but usually they do not. If what you are engaged in is not in truth, not in love and not right for the pleasurable benefit of the other person, then by using your abilities to reason and by the use of logic and deduction, you should be able to determine that what you are engaged in doing must be bad or wrong. But here is the clincher, when a person’s conscience knowledge is rejected, all manner of thought processing diminishes. Reasoning gets rooted in biases of preferences and established beliefs.

If you believe in an Almighty Creator God then you may find it easier to understand that the human conscience acts more like Stonehenge. Because it is present presence, it identifies prior existing knowledge and points to an originator. It may also be likened to the circumpolar usage of inuksuk which is a mysterious stone figure and the singular form of inuksuit which in the Inuit language means “in the likeness of a human”. These stone figures are monuments. They identify a prior presence to subsequent generations. They are put in place with unworked stones – natural law – not polished or needing improvement. Is it not interesting that these stone figures are culturally used by the Inuit for communication and survival. The ancestral and thus also the traditional meaning of the inukshuk or inuksuk is “Someone was here” or “You are on the right path.”, or it could signify the presence of sustaining nourishment which has been cached nearby.

The conscience of man is akin to such an inuksuk which stands as a sentinel, identifying to all of mankind what God has designed man to be – namely the King’s regent bearers of His Image on planet Earth. Someone was here before you and knows the way to go for happy fishing and hunting. The conscience says “Do this and live a good life.” Intuition says “Follow this path and you will make it through the treacherous foreboding mountain pass; you will find the right path here.”

If you are not a believer in God, then at least by the use of this illustration if inuksuk, you may come to understand the soulology of the human conscience and intuition. But keep your mind open to learning more about this spiritual life functioning capacity. The only functioning role of the conscience is to identify right, truth and love-and never to judge or condemn. It is not for me to claim that the work of the conscience does not contribute to the awareness of guilt and shame because it clearly does play a role in bringing about guilt and shame. For the Inuit who do not follow the direction as indicated by inuksuk there is shame and guilt when they come back empty handed to their family. If there is no absolute reality of God, there need be no conscience and no intuition to lead mankind to care about others. As inuksuk provides a man-made symbol of social care for others how much more true for the conscience of man.

As the world, for the most part, refuses to use the prior origin of spiritual knowledge which includes the social deference manners of conscience, we come to see society going to hell in a handbasket. Is that not what most of the world is being viewed as – as a cesspool of misery, greed and terror? And does the world therefore not reap the destruction of what greedy self-interest is all about – one’s self-indulgence first and to hell with everyone else?

Every malady of man and every malware in life is proof positive that an absolute truth, right and love essence has been negated and subsequently been violated. Such deception and delusion of lies has become the playing card and toy of greedy and selfish corporations and individuals.

It is not the role of the conscience to rule or to give understanding. The conscience is not as some would believe the presence of two angles on your shoulder or a negativity oriented watchdog that seeks to tell you, “do not do that,” or “do not think that or say that bad thing”. Those matters are for each person to reason out and to decide. But remember, your decisions are never free willed decisions, they are at all-times influenced decisions. It is therefore impossible to assert that man has a sovereign will or that man has freedom of choice. When an Inuit does not follow the direction of inuksuk, it is because they do not believe they will get what they are wanting if they follow somebody else’s direction marker. No matter which direction such a person decides on, their decisions always remain influenced.

When a decision is based on believing a lie a person may eventually come to realize that there is no freedom in believing a lie; the liar controls the one who believes in the lie. There is no societal improvement possible when lies are believed. It is a social deference manner and duty to live by what the essence of truth, right and love demand and when a lie is believed, there is no more freedom of anything; there remains only the influence of what one believes to be better for one’s self and that is rooted in lies.


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If I am not the Hunger Pain then “WHO AM I”?

The hunger games commence when the inuksuk is ignored, for often times such identifiers have been set up to indicate the presence of a food cache. When a person’s reasoning and logic do not lead to a volitional agreement with the conscience a strange thing develops within the organics of brain circuitry- the human being begins to feel spiritual hunger pangs. There, within the brain – the playground of soul and spirit, develops a form of cognitive hunger pain discomfort often referred to as dissonance and this infectious mental and spiritual conscience dissociate is the pinprick of dysfunction. When this slight cognitive spiritual hunger irritant is not addressed by rethinking one’s value system or one’s belief system, a deeper sense of irritation, discomfort and even excruciating pain may set in. When a particular severity of spiritual hunger pain is experienced a person may actually disassociate themselves from both the problem that needs to be solved and from others that may be beneficial in helping them to get back on track. They become social anorexics and recluse themselves even more.

It is only when the spiritual moral knowledge of the conscience is in oneness with the soul’s mind processing of thought seeds that the physical organ of the brain can give signals to all other body parts to stop giving migraines, neck tensions, headaches, stomach knots, heart irregularity and a host of other somatoform – spiritual hunger pain symptoms found described within the psychiatrist’s bible – the DSM-5.

When you consider that the conscience is your very own moral truth bank (or spiritual food bank) you will come to understand that it is not a physical component of man. The conscience must also not be considered to be a psychological component of man as the psyche of a person is an ever-developing life functioning capacity, it is never at a stagnant stage.

The knowledge of something which never changes must therefore belong to something that is fixed in absolute and secure unwavering faithfulness. The only other life functioning capacity left for you to then consider as being the realm of your conscience’s residency is the one no psychiatrist wants to build his or her practice on. If they did, they would have to provide their services for free. They would also no longer be able to collect blood money from the pharmaceutical industry. HA! HA! HA! As if that were ever to happen in real life. The conscience, without doubt, must then belong to the spiritual life functioning capacity that acts like a compass that points one way only – always indicating north no matter which way you or I are facing in life.

Because your conscience can never be your moral cop it will not give you warnings or tickets; it will exclusively say – “This is north. This is life. This is truth. This is love. This is where you find your stash of spiritual food knowledge. This spiritual truth food bank identifies real love and points to where real love has its first cause origin among mankind. It is not from within but it is from that which is transcendent and referred to by many as being God. If you believe in creation you will probably believe that this God, who designed you, knit you together in your mother’s womb, directed your place of entry into this world – the very spot on planet Earth where you came forth, that He is now also the one who wants you to live out His image in your daily walk. Well, isn’t that what the born again Christians teach? Maybe they really do understand the soul of man and the spiritual life functioning capacity and how it influences every thought process within man. Please keep an open mind as I continue discussing the conscience and its spiritual truth food bank. Intelligent reasoning folks do that don’t they – I mean – keep an open mind and investigate every possible opportunity without prior rejection?

This conscience of yours will not identify if an action you have entered into is for the other’s benefit and pleasure. You already know what kind of action would be good for the other person. You know it is not in a family’s best interest if you selfishly seduced another person’s spouse away from them. You know that by your self-indulging fantasies, when you watch pornography, that you are actually participating in the pain and misery of human trafficking. By your reasoning you will be able to determine if you followed your conscience or not. But you, as a person, who has the ability and the use of a mind on the playground of your brain, are solely responsible for making a decision to believe what is in truth or to be in unbelief and thus disobedient to what is the essence of right.

I feel I need to say it again; all decisions which humans make are influenced decisions. There is absolutely nothing that indicates that you or anyone else has the ability to be a free willed individual or that you have any element of what is generally referred to as being man’s freedom of choice. No human being can consider themselves to be “free people” and nobody can ever claim to be a “free thinker”. Everything about man is contingent and dependent and derivative. Man is not self-sufficient, he is a creature of need. Man needs nourishment sustenance, love, acceptance, and forgiveness which are all pleasurable stimulation, activities. When this food bank of truth and love is not tapped into, the spiritually hangry human becomes visible.

As creatures of need it is important to realize that all thought seeds are sourced and derived from an originating spiritual source. They are either derived from the source of truth or from the source that takes truth and negates it. If something is negated away from truth it does not automatically imply that it is its own source. For in order to negate it must take from the first cause source. It simply means that the origin of good thought is the same source of spiritual good and right even when the presentation has been altered, twisted, negated or embellished by another spiritual being whose function is negativity. Some negations can take a thought process into a deep perversion and depravity which would then have the visible appearance of utter evil and wickedness. Some negations can have an almost opposite effect. Some thought seeds, when processed by individuals who have learned to consider many moral aspects of their conscience, may still involve negated truth but their thinking processes will bring forth the visible appearance of what could be considered to be good and honorable.

Because the activity is a negating of what is in the food bank of truth, of what is right and real other orientated love, negativity has the ability to demonstrate a wide range of mental, emotional and behavioral symptoms of spiritual hunger pain. This gradient of symptoms may still however range from real evil to the appearance of doing good. Some people actually believe that if your actions are not evil, sinister, predatory and wicked then they must be good and respectable citizens of the community but that is not an accurate observation or belief. The end result of all negativity and negated truth is that it always remains a hungry pursuit of and a craving for pleasurable satisfaction. This hunger pain pursuit game will always lead a person to use or take from others. All that these spiritually hungry folks do is to hoard as many pleasurable experiences for one’s self as they possibly can. This is the type that seeks activity which will contribute to his or her own happiness. This includes the building up of one’s own self esteem by doing good things rather than being good as a way of life where others would eventually end up esteeming the helper as being valuable to them, Do you see the subtle difference between being genuinely kind and engaging in random acts of kindness? The difference is that one is self-less and the other is self-focused pursuing recognition or even guilt ablution.

There is not one action of a person’s volition which can be used in providing to them the evidence that they are free-willed, free-thinkers or autonomous and sovereign individuals and not with or under influence of anything or anyone. The environment you grew up in forms biases within you which you may not even be aware of. As I have repeatedly asserted, all thought is influenced thought. All reasoning is influenced by logical deductions or a lack thereof. It is therefore sorely evidence that the religious doctrine of predestination needs to come into a dialectic thought process because all thought is influenced unless of course you are God.

This form of thought processing which claims that a person is pre-elected to end up believing in truth while others are not permitted to believe in truth is contrary to all evidence. It is possible for anyone to believe in truth once they have been told the truth. No human being is cursed to have to continue to believe in lies unless they refuse to believe in the truth. Christians have this great argument they find in their Scriptures – they say that even Satan believes in the truth that God exists and yet he shudders and trembles at knowing what befalls those who do not have an obedient believing activity. Apparently there must be a big difference between a historically formed belief and active present tense believing or faithing.

But having said that, I do not assert that every person who is presented with the good news of what is true will actually accept it as such and actively believe in truth. Evidence shows that no person is ever made incapable of believing truth when he or she is presented with what is truth. Believing truth is something any person with a mind and a will can do. And when a person believes what is more in line with truth, they will eventually overcome their many mental and emotional disorders and hang-ups. And guess what, for all you skeptics, atheist etc. I have some element of good news. It is possible to claim that many a person has overcome adversities of childhood and enjoyed relief from severe mental disorders without becoming a Christian or another religious adherent. Believing in truthful elements however is not the same as having an active believing or faithing relationship with the essence of truth, love and right. Such attempts at self-help and self-actualization have only demonstrated that an addiction in one area can be readily transferred into other addictions or in numerous relapses.

To eat from the truth bank is to believe in the knowledge of truth. Although it is relatively easy enough to believe in facts of truth like 2 +2 = 4, mankind seems to find it easier to believe in lies rather than in truth. To believe in the knowledge of truth is just one-sided. It is you telling yourself that you believe you are right in believing what you believe is right and true. But because truth is an essence of being, it is always community based and thus it demands inter-relational expression at all time. This requires not only a physical community but also a spiritual invisible community for that is how the essence of truth – the Person of Truth is communicated with; in spirit and in truth.


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If I am not Self-Confidence “WHO AM I”?

What a person believes about their self is of no value to anyone else – not even your own self, except to say that if you believe in lies about yourself and others you will have mental dysfunctions and disorders. You can be as cocky as you want to be and you can have all the self-confidence and self-esteem building you want but what you actually believe about yourself, if it is not in line with the spiritual truth food bank, you have only bought yourself an illusion and have fabricated your own castle in the sky. But regardless of that, it still doesn’t matter to anyone what you think and what you believe. No matter how grandiose your castle in the sky is nobody but you yourself can visualize it. And what you tell others about yourself is not what they will necessarily believe to be true about you.

To see what I mean by this, try this experiment. Lock yourself up and disappear for a few days and you’ll find that nobody cares what you believe about yourself and others – absolutely nobody but yourself. But when you come out of hiding and you meet people, you can believe all you want that you can fly away when danger is present or that you are invincible, for example, and when you walk out into traffic, you may experience proof to the contrary.

Go ahead and walk out into traffic and all of a sudden, that what you may have believed in, for example the lie that you are invincible, is put to the test and all false beliefs will eventually affect you adversely – either in this life or in your hereafter everafter. Beliefs in lies cause phobias. Beliefs in lies result in various degrees of narcissism. Beliefs in lies cause cognitive dissonance, dissociation from reality and I could go on and on. So, if you isolate yourself, nobody cares what you believe and think. Come out and become a part of relationships and you will soon find out that all of your mental disorders, idiosyncrasies, quirks, bad habits and annoyances have to do with interpersonal relationship. Nothing about you is just ever only about you. Even when a person masturbated to their fantasies, it is not only about your own pleasurable stimulation but it involves the mental exercise of control over others to have them give you what you would otherwise never receive from them. The more a person believes the lies of sexual fantasies the more sexual perversion and degradation will be the action of those who engage in their mental orgies. If you have read the book, “Fifty Shades of Grey” you will be a fantasizer in things that will eventually make you want to try it in real life. If you believe it is right to be involved in bondage sex or in buggery, you will want to experiment. It is a fact that all beliefs in lies will be acted out in real life.

This conscience of man is not man’s own imagination and buildup of his own self-confidence. The conscience is not the human spirit, nor is it a voice of conviction. The conscience of each individual adult and of each developing and maturing young child is nothing more than the spiritual truth food bank in which the law of self-giving love is embedded and by which knowledge you may know what is right. If it is not right and in love you can reason it through and figure it out that it must therefore then be wrong and self-centered. It is easier for a young pre-adolescent child to recognize the value of their conscience than for an adult who has already rejected the knowledge of truth throughout his life span. However, when an adult uses their mind’s capable reasoning and judgment abilities they will be able to know when something they are doing is wrong. They know this not because every wrong action is identified but because everything that is in truth and right is identified. Remember, the compass of the conscience points only in the direction of what is in truth. A young developing child has yet to develop the thought processing abilities by which it can take the knowledge of the conscience and the judgment of reasoning to determine whether its actions are right or wrong. It is however relatively easy for a child to trust what it knows to be right if so instructed by its caregivers. When caregivers have already clouded their own consciences by continuous rejection of truth, you can well imagine what the child is going to follow.

But as proven over and over again, the knowledge of good and right does not remove the desire to do evil and wrong. In the same way, the desire to build up ones self-confidence level and the desire to build up ones self-esteem may all be good sounding psychological principles but without spiritual truth input from the conscience, a person will only build something which fades, and is not lasting. Knowledge alone is of no use unless it is used inter-relationally and then it is of no benefit to the other person and one’s self if it is not passed along in the spirit of love’s essence.


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If I am not Knowledge “WHO AM I”?

You see, Andreas Lubitz may have had an accumulation of much knowledge in how to fly safely, how to engage in locking cockpit cabin doors and about suicide but was it this knowledge that was responsible for his actions?

As there is no inherent power in knowledge itself there is also no inherent power in thoughts. And as there is no such innate power in thoughts so there is also no such inherent power in the letters or in the pronunciation of spoken words or in the letters of written words of languages and dialects. If something is not read, there remains no value in its writings. If one reads and yet does not believe in what is written, therein is also no value. In the same way there is no power in the words that someone speaks into a person’s subconscious mind for example by hypnotics used in regressive memory planting. So, wherein then lies the power of what is spoken or written? Haven’t we all been told that knowledge is power? Well, is there or isn’t there some form of power acquiring knowledge from reading, in education and in learning?

What I have determined is that no matter what one believes in, be it in truth or be it in lies, it becomes either the truth teller or the liar who ultimately gains a surrendered human being as a subject in their kingdom. Believe in lies and you are a subject of the negativity kingdom of darkness – darkness of spiritual understanding and darkness of mind. Believe in truth and you are in the kingdom of the truth teller and in truth is light which enables one to understand and reason spiritual truth and gain wisdom and insight into what is really happening all around you. Only the person who believes in truth is free to reject all enslaving control of the liar. But as soon as another lie is believed there remains no voluntary control against the lie one has believed in. If I should begin to believe a lie I have never before believed, that I am a looser let’s say, then once again the liar would gain control over my thought processing, feelings and actions once again. If I believe I can’t write a book then I remain enslaved to the liar who told me, by way of a thought seed, that I can’t write a book. If I should actually believe that lie who would you say would end up controlling my actions? Of course, the liar whose lies I have believed will control my actions.

If a person would know that the one telling you a li is nothing but a liar nobody would believe him and he would not have control over anyone. So it is never the situation where one believes a known liar it is rather a situation where the liar must make a person believe they are being told the truth. This clearly demonstrates that it is the believing in lies which gives the liar control over the believer. When, for example, a pedophile seduces a young child with a dog story, the child becomes the slave of the liar. When the child knows the truth and believes the truth that it is important to run away from strangers it would have been free from that liar’s intentional control efforts. Ultimately we believe the lie that the liar is telling the truth and for that reason we believe more subsequent lies. Young teens are often lured by many kinds of promises and are then trapped by slave owners in a life of prostitution. Adults who believe the lies offered by credit companies or payday loan businesses will find themselves as indentured slaves. It becomes very obvious that anyone who believes a lie becomes the slave of the liar

Believing in truthful facts, on the other hand, frees one from the negativity control of the liar and permits the will and purpose of your God given life to be brought in line with the conscience’s social deference manner which is what the law of love is all about but that does not necessarily mean that you have to become a theist and believe in a god by any name..

Believing in truthful facts requires a voluntary act of our volition, reasoning and truth data input from the conscience. And like I have stated on numerous instances previously, any person can form beliefs in truthful facts and then live a mentally healthier and a more emotionally stable life with increased positivity. .But herein is where a great difference appears the negativity of the lie and the positivity of truthful facts which still keeps one in bondage to the liar. The reason for this retained control by the liar over a person who is either a believer in obvious negativity and a believer who is a believer in positivity truth facts is that it all remains within the realm of the lie that we are the ones who determine what we want to believe and nobody else has a right to tell us what to believe and demand obedience to such beliefs. Let us take a closer look at how it is that the liar retains control over those who are ensnared in negativity beliefs and those who are ensnared by positivity truth knowledge.

When it comes to believing a negativity lie, the liar remains in the background. We believe it is us who are in control of our life when all along it is the liar whose lies we believe that controls us. It is for this very same reason that if we believe in true factual information, that the liar may still have control over us because we believe the lie that we are in control. We believe that we can help our self or self-actualize ourselves into a better state of being. Thus we become self-sufficient and self-resourceful and self-confident in the truth knowledge we have arrived at and it all appears that we are our own savior to some degree simply because we have learned some truth facts about ourselves which we can use to decimate other lies, those pesky negativity lies we have been believing prior to that.

Thus, after forming many new habits and changes in thought dominance processing, it could be said that one is living by the habituation of newly formed positivity beliefs in truthful facts and knowledge. This new self- improvement or self-actualization way of living is still not what the religious way or even the way Christians often refer to it as the Spirit re-birthed life way. But it is a step in the right direction if a person wants is to get better mental health outlook in life

Although this new way of self-help and self-actualization is still only living in a psychologically healthier way which has its benefits for sure, it remains a life lived by formed habits and beliefs. It is also possible that a person can become a slave to newly formed habits where there is no joy in doing what one has learned to do differently than before. There is much available proof that a person does not need to be medicated in order to live in better mental health. Many alternative self-help type methods are being used by those who have been labeled with mental illness disorders and with great success it seems.

Let me address the Christian religious situation for a moment and draw your attention to some serious problems that are occurring in that camp. Many so called “Christians” live by the newly revised and sanitized habits they have relearned after forming new beliefs in some truthful facts and knowledge. Many have joined churchy groups and signed official Church Club Memberships and learned to model the Church Club’s Swinger’s behavior lifestyle – one day this way and six days that way. I agree that there is much good, morally right, positivity and factual truth knowledge that is being preached. But I also see that there is much fear mongering going on with end-times left-behind prophetic seminars, there is much war-mongering going on as they lobby for more war involvement in the Middle East and elsewhere and there is much hate mongering going on towards Muslims and towards those some would wrongly call “Jews”. With all of that evangelical and conservative fundamentalism being preached there is developing this great massive exodus away from such hypocritical religiosity – for who needs the church when all I have to do is to think positivity, hate my enemy and fear the future. I guess we can all do that without having to believe in God or a particular religion.

This kind of newly re-habituated churchy people population is found in those camps where rules and cosmetic legalism abounds, where book worship reigns, where rituals must be observed and where knowing correct doctrine becomes the way of right living. I would dare to say that it shows signs of a good start while still being all wrong. I would call that a self-right determination with a not so light sprinkling of hypocrisy. Others may call such churchy folks self-righteous bigots, or holier than thou fanatics, and rightly so for something very obviously is missing in the realm of spiritual submissive obedience.

These are the same folks who call themselves Christians and yet live in defeat with mental and emotional disorders. These are the ones who are called hypocrites, Pharisees and religious zealots. These are the ones who remain in depression’s grips; they remain medicated due to what is often called a social anxiety disorder, or they are in pangs of fear and anxiety and are nothing more than a stressed spring ready to uncoil. Many of these folks are true believers in the knowledge of what the conscience has to give, but they are still missing the active power which is made available when the Person of Truth is believed. One believing is in knowledge the other believing is active present tense faithing into the relationship that the essence of truth, love and right requires.

If believing in truth knowledge is all there is to finally getting the good life for one’s self, there then remains only the belief in words. Thoughts and words do not hold power over a person but a belief in those words does sway power over a person. When you form a belief in words of positivity truth, doctrine or theological dogma it is still all only cold knowledge. You can change many aspects of your miserable or rotten life simply by developing new belief systems, but then the power to change will still be self-serving and self-indulging.

Please pay close attention here, when you believe in the Person of Truth who speaks truth, you go a step further than just believing words, you believe the speaker of truth words and not the words alone. You believe into the character of Him who is a truth teller because you sure would never believe into the character of a liar would you. How could you ever trust a liar if you knew he was a liar, but it sure would be easy to trust a truth teller who was unable to tell a lie due to His essence being truth.

When a person believes the words that are lies, the liar gains control over them by manipulation and deception. When a person believes in the speaker of truth they entrust themselves to the essence of truth. A child believes the Father who says “jump”. Just one word and no belief in a word. It is believing a person in the present tense of the situation; that is my father and I know he is there. When that child grows up and his friends say, “Come on, you don’t need to be afraid. Look, there is only water at the bottom. Go ahead and jump off that cliff, it is safe landing. Everybody does it.”, that child is being manipulated into believing a lie. It is impossible to believe into a liar for the liar has to take truth and distort it or negate it. If the liar came to you and said the truth – “I am a liar”, he would never be believed and thus have no control. The liar has to make a person feel that they are god enough that they can do what they want and get away with it even when they know it is wrong. Otherwise nobody would come under the liar’s control.

When an individual believes a lie it is not the conscience which acts as an immediate accuser or as a prosecutor of the actions, thoughts, attitudes or motives that are being formed. .Believing a lie may not yet have resulted in any immediately visible bad or wicked action but a habit of action will begin its journey to the forefront from out of the deep recesses of the subconscious mind. It will only be a matter of time before the subconscious response will be effected for public visibility. For those who are highly tuned into the knowledge in their conscience they will more readily be able to identify thought seeds which could eventually lead a person to believe in lies and in their attempt to not be controlled by negativity, they exercise a degree of discipline in capturing thought seeds which they know will cause them serious mental and emotional dis-ease. It is for this one reason, that many folks already have a jaded and shrouded conscience, that a person must often learn truth first and then use that truth to help shield themselves against the fiery darts of negativity thought seeds. Every person who suffers from excessive negativity thoughts will want to begin the process of capturing thought seeds before they are eventually processed.

Thought seeds are thoughts which contain in them a suggestion or question whereby when that thought is processed it contains a deadly doubt consideration towards one’s self, towards others but ultimately towards the faithful spiritual supply of sufficiency that provides for pleasurable present tense life experiences. My word for this faithful supply of sufficiency is God who is the essence of truth, love and right.

Capturing thought seeds takes time and energy. Capturing thought seeds is a present tense learning activity by which a person wants to believe in the speaker of truth and not in just the words of true facts. It is of no use to anyone when their thoughts are captured but there is no further present tense action to bring them into obedience to what is in truth. Both existing subconscious beliefs in lies and new thought seeds need to be captured and then processed in the mind by filtering them against the knowledge of truth which a person already has within their conscience and particularly the knowledge of truth which has been most recently spiritually received, become aware of and understood.

Will such active present tense reasoning within the mind dramatically slow down the amount of verbal diarrhea coming forth out of a person’s mouth? You bet, and the less you talk the more you can process your thoughts as to whether they are in truth and in love. And when those thoughts are not lined up with truth and in love then it becomes a person’s very own responsibility to bring their thoughts in line with what is in the essence of truth, love and right.

Like I said before, the conscience does not create guilt nor act as a prosecutor. “What then is the accusing guilt source?” you may be asking right now. Because beliefs in lies enslave you to doing the will of the liar whose lies you believe or even have at some time in the past believed, the guilt a person receives and lives with is not from one’s own conscience for having violated truth, love and right but from the liar who provided you with those doubt encapsulated thought seeds which you entertained and eventually believed.

You need to understand that the essence of love involves forgiveness without keeping a record of wrong doing. But when the character of love is negated, there remains the element of guilt. Because guilt implies a legal status due to an illegal action, guilt must be brought to a person’s awareness by an accuser or a prosecutor. When negativity against the essence of love and truth has been believed and in some way been entered into a person’s subconscious mind, there becomes established a contractual and legally binding obligation for the subconscious mind to fight against what is trying to set itself up as being contrary to those entrenched false beliefs.

Did you get that? When you have an established belief in a lie and it is stored deep within your subconscious mind, there becomes entrenched a contractual and legally binding obligation for the subconscious mind to fight against what is trying to set itself up as being contrary to those entrenched false beliefs.

The liar is the one who wants to point out just how stupid, foolish, inconsiderate, obnoxious, unforgiving, hateful, spiteful, selfish and self-indulging you really are among other things. The liar wants you to know just how trapped you are by him. The liar is a contractual legalist. He requires adherence to all things a person may ever have had the opportunity to believe at some time in their past. Not only that, but in some instances, the lying accuser and legalist may also point out that you, for instance, are an amazing study case of mental disorder and that you need medical psychiatric attention for believing his lies.

Take a closer look at the cocktail of pills the accusing liar wants folks to be addicted to – pills for depression, pills for anxiety, pills for bipolar and schizoid disorders , pills for phobias and attention deficits, pills for schizophrenic hallucinations and the list goes on to fill an entire compendium of human condition disorders. All of those listed conditions within the DSM-5 and the associated symptoms comes from the one thing common to all humanity yet not being addressed by the professionals who would have you continue your beliefs in lies for their financial gain. The liar and accuser of guilt will always try to keep you labeled with what you once were even long after you have already moved on. An example of this is found within the philosophy of AA. Twenty years later you still hear folks introduce themselves as, “Hi. My name is O. SAM OBOHM AAH and I am a lying gender blending alcoholic.” I’m trying to be funny – forgive me please for is it not so with many who call themselves Christian and identify themselves with a previous lifestyle? Do not many say, “Hi, I am Mathew Mark-Luke John, and I am a sinner. Oh I forgot to add ‘saved by grace’.” The liar, whose lies you have believed will always be your accuser. A person’s feelings of guilt and shame are never conscience originated they are always the liar’s legal bondage chains claiming identity ownership. The liar’s trump card in keeping a guilty person enslaved to him is this, “Once guilty always guilty”. “This is just who you are, you can’t really help that you were born this way, or that’s just your nature.” he keeps telling the guilty person.

Believing in a liar’s lies brings one into bondage to that liar. The knowledge of guilt brings identity into the relationship with the liar. If you have ever told a lie, then that guilt knowledge identifies you with the legal relationship you have with the liar whom you believed enough to have come to the conclusion that a little white lie may just save your neck. If you believe the lies which MasterCard and Visa want you to believe then you will continue to spend beyond your means and eventually suffer the consequence of what will happen to you financially when you keep feeding them their greedy profits. Your guilt of overspending identifies you as a debtor in the credit card relationship. If you continue to believe the lies that the next iPhone is what you need, then Apple will make another million plus dollars in corporate profit each and every day and your identity is ever after that of being an Apple Addict. Does that not make sense to you? The liar will have you in a wedgie under his control for as long as you believe in his lies and more often than not the consequences of believing in lies may result in temporal satisfaction but have the sting of long term consequences for yourself and for others. And the important part to remember here is that the guilt associated with the actions that resulted from a belief in a liar is that your relationship with the liar becomes even more entrenched or should I say enslaved.

The only source where guilt is not used in identifying a person’s character sourcing is when character is sourced from the essence of truth, love and right. There is no law in any society that forbids patience and kindness. Therefore you can never be guilty of indulging in patience and kindness. You will never experience negativity feeling or remorse for being kind and patient. Nobody is going to want to put you on medication because you have a mental and emotional disorder of being “patiencephrenia’’ or “kindnesskoninis”.


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If I am not Cognitive Dissonance “WHO AM I”?

The conscience does not bring about shame or conviction in regards to what you have done in your past which was less than honorable, right, or good. Shame is rooted in feelings of fear; fear that you have distanced yourself from your acceptability by others who would not have the same views and habits as you do. What a person with guilt and shame feelings then needs to do, in order to have a restored and a once again cleared up conscience, is to agree with the truth of the conscience. There must then also come about a mental agreement that the lack of including spiritual and moral right laws of love and truth in ones thought processing was wrong. When a person eventually admits that they were wrong in not using the spiritual moral truth in love as is made available through their conscience, they would be moving in the right direction which could help in restoring a sound mind.

As guilt is that which occurs after the conscience has been disobeyed the only way past that guilt feeling is to deaden ones conscience. The guilt is against the knowledge of what is right and good and when knowledge gets used in relationships, it becomes painfully clear that the guilt against another person and that it is ultimately against that which is the Person who is the essence of truth, love and right.

As I have stated previously, the essence of a thing is determined only in a relationship. Although the scientific fact that the essence of gold is a physical element it is of no use or value if gold is not used relationally with others. The essence of gold is of no value unless it is used in conjunction with another being. But when it comes to the essence of truth, love and right, there is no physical visibility. Does that then mean that truth is an abstract? Of course not. Simply put, truth, right and love are all a non-corporeal essence but nevertheless it is essence and not a feeling. Essence must at all times be used in relationships and thus the essence of truth love and right must belong to an absolute pure and wholly other being than that of a human being.

It is therefore to be understood that the non-corporeal essence of truth, right and love is of a spiritual source and not of a physical source. That does however never remove the validity that all manner of essence whether physical or spiritual is relational in its value to others. A concept is never relational unless it is shared from one person to another. In the same way, if truth was only a concept it would be of not values. Truth must be shared from one person to another and thus we see that truth is not a concept but that it its essence is in a person. This person would have to be the original source of truth telling. Thus we say that this essence of truth, love and right belongs to the spirit realm of spirit personhood.

As it is negativity which takes away from the essence of this truth and love it can never be said that the essence of all that which is evil is equal to that which is good, for all evil is derived from good and then negated. Negated truth, good, love, and right is then used for self-serving purposes and becomes an accumulation of even more guilt. Because love is always a ‘self-for-other’ orientation, all negation of this essence of love must, by default, be a ‘self for self’ orientation. When this’ self for self’ life is lived and when the cognition of truth has been rejected it establishes a mental/spiritual cognitive dissonance. And what do you think that will eventually lead to? It leads to what is describes as being mental and emotional disorders. It is the inclusion of what the conscience offers as moral right, truth and love knowledge which will result in and bring about a harmony of cognition and spiritual truth knowledge which in turn will lead to a more stable and core pleasing mental and emotional wellness.

It appears then that in order for mental health to prevail and cognitive dissonance to disappear on a large scale that a person must have at least a full 180 degree turn in their thought processing to start off with. But there is even more than the activity of the mind which is referred to as re-penting which is needed. Re–penting is the re-thinking of serious and important issues of life. To “re-pent” is to turn from a former way of thinking about serious life issues and re-thinking them in conjunction with a new serious spiritual contextual way which is not in line with the former way.

To “re-pent” is to agree that the former way was wrong as it was without full obedience to the law of love and most definitely not in truth. A person must learn to recognize from which thought seed source their thoughts are derived. A person could very easily re-turn to their old way of thinking simply by ignoring or rejecting input from a reestablished and more vibrant conscience. But let us say that such a previously guilty and unsound minded person does nothing to change the processing of their thought patterns, by which they would start to include spiritual truth knowledge, they would once again suffer mental dysfunction. But there is a much deeper meaning to the word re-penting and I will get to that in a bit.

In a limited way we can see what the unpopular word “repentance” implies: it means stop processing your thoughts without consideration to the moral right truth knowledge. It means stop processing your thoughts without consideration as to what the law of love requires of you and begin processing your thoughts in a different way. Repentance means start using the technique whereby you capture every thought and then use the spiritual moral right law of love and the knowledge of truth to complete your thinking process. In other words – shut up and listen before you speak and do whatever you intend to do. Slow down and live in a present tense activity of thought processing. Stop living by the feelings you have habitually developed because of the way you processed thoughts based on doubting, fear and self-centeredness. Stop living by habituated responses and start including spiritual moral right thinking that considers others to be more valuable than yourself. By that repented way of thought processing you will have turned around 180 degrees from believing in lies and will have turned to believing in the knowledge of truth. Any person with these so called mental and emotional illnesses can experience tremendous satisfaction and wellbeing without becoming a religious adherent to a temple, cathedral, synagogue, sweat lodge or churchy kind of building. But it still all remains only a believing in different lies – the lies of self-sufficiency and self-resourcefulness. If such a person does not have the active present tense indwelling of the Spirit of Him who is the essence of truth, love and right that person’s life remains a life outside of the essence of Him who is truth, love and right and will remain a self-serving and self-indulging person who merely begins to live by new habits and not in the present tense activity of love and truth.

Now, what I have just discussed above is not the so called “Christian” way but merely the right way to process your thoughts in order to experience wellness and wholeness feelings of inner peace and serenity. This is the way of what is referred to by many as New Ageism, Transcendentalism, Positivism, Humanism, Buddhism, Baha’ism, Hinduism, Atheism, Sikhism and many other concepts which include Churchism along with its Christian psychology. But there is a grave problem which will surface when a person believes they know truth and they merely want to use some truth knowledge for their own self-serving and self-indulging purposes. To be able to use the knowledge of truth is good to a point but it always falls short in man’s ability to exhaust its fullest potential. Before I return to the issue of repentance and the deeper aspect of what it means to repent let us consider what happens when the knowledge of the essence of truth, love and right is rejected. In order to do that let us take a look at the newly evolved species of “homogayvert”.

This Homo gayvert species is similar to the Homo sapien species who refuse to include spiritual moral truth knowledge into their thought processing patterns. When a person refuses to consider appeasing their spiritual life functioning requirements for inner soul peace, there remains only one other alternative and that is to become boastful, arrogant and prideful about what the person knows to be wrong. They become severely delusional and in their new deepened darkness of mind they must seek to find others whom they can manipulate into believing the same lies. These individuals have not yet learned to capture thoughts, beliefs and thought seeds and then bring those false thoughts into obedience to the essence of truth and thereby reject all which is wrong. The axiom of the day is “Everybody needs company”, so why not have company with other similar oriented “Homo gayverts” and in that process of thought, take the stigma of shame and suppress it. When shame can be suppressed, it becomes easier for the guilt feelings and accusations against ones conscience to be buried with the excuse-“well look at all the others who are doing it”. Then comes the “make it legal” stage and then comes the “if you do not agree with me…” then “we will make you bake us a cake legally” stage, and then, “How dare you speak against our lifestyle choices; such opposition does not belonging to moral religious freedom of expression.” Folks who reject the knowledge of truth, love and right aren’t even intelligent enough to look at history and observe what happened to other societies who embraced the rejection of spiritual moral truth knowledge in everyday life.

Like I stated previously, there is a much deeper meaning to the word re-penting and repentance than merely just engaging in a 180 degree turnaround of one’s worldview and thought processing ways of old. When engaging in a spiritual truth understanding of the word repentance there is a requirement that the knowledge of the essence of truth, love and right come under the full control of the source or the giver of that knowledge. Let me illustrate this important requirement for gaining a fuller and more complete understanding as to what is involved in the spiritual concept of repentance.

We know that Charles Darwin wrote a book entitled “On the Origin of Species”. This book is a fine work of accumulated knowledge. Everything which Darwin learned, studied and researched could never possibly have been written down in that one book nor even in numerous other books for learned knowledge is never static. Human acquired knowledge must remain an ever changing body of knowledge which is subject to further investigative input. Now consider this; what Darwin wrote down is being passed on to subsequent generations and yet much of what he wrote has already been revised, refuted and redefined by subsequent scientists and archeologists. Would you possibly agree with me that in order for a body of knowledge to be actively relevant that it would require the active participation of the source or the author? The hard copy of knowledge contained within the covers of the book “On the Origin of Species” would be a lot easier to understand if Darwin himself was present to explain himself. But now that he is dead, others have come along and have added to or taken away from what he wrote and concluded. A body of knowledge is good to have but to have the originating presence of that body of knowledge enable a student of that book for example to ask questions especially when even the best of scholars are unable to always locate what they are need to know or address. The author would always know more about his work of knowledge than the student. In order to write that book, Darwin would have had much more material available on which to draw in the event of further questioning by the student. So you can now see just how valuable it must be to have the presence of the author on whom you can draw to identify to you what you are needing to know in any given situation and question as it pertains to that body of knowledge.

A person can easily say that they know what is right according to what is within their spiritual moral code of conscience. But I personally want to thank the essence of truth, love and right for having made it possible to receive His forgiveness for having lived in such a way as to have violated Him who is the giver of this essence of truth knowledge, the giver of this ‘self for other’ perfect law of love and for having provided a way by which my guilty disobedient and unbelieving life could be given a right standing before the one who judges right and wrong. In other words, re-penting requires the present tense input from Him who is the essence of right. He must become the Helper who helps identify all the subconscious filth, hurt, selfishness, self-centeredness and self-serving habits from the previous way of thought processing and behavioral response to an active present tense way of living. By this new way of living under the control of Him who is the essence of truth, love and right, all things former will come under review in a personal other toward deference manner of judgement. Engage the Spirit of Truth, love and right in judging one’s self while the opportunity remains and no judgment will be meted out on that final day of reckoning.

The more a person seeks out the active judgement activity of Him who is Spirit and who has come to dwell within our human spirit to give it that re-birthing into newness of life the quicker all habituated activity of the former life will be cleansed out of our subconscious life. Lies which we may have believed will be identified and when they come into our conscious awareness, we must then capture those thoughts which were rooted in lies and fear and bring them into obedience to what is in truth, according to the law of love and right without a shadow of wrong.


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If I am not Problem Solving then “WHO AM I”?

Problem solving is not just always and only a mental activity of the human soul. I would go so far as to suggest that most problem solving in life needs to be considered as a spiritual function of man. I ask that you now thoughtfully consider the following situation together with me. Let us say that a person is rude to you. That person’s conscience will not identify to them that they did wrong for conscience is not the moral cop. What the rude person’s mental and spiritual problem is, has absolutely no bearing on how you need to solve your problem in relationship to them. But because someone else’s rude behavior towards you does place you in a position which requires problem solving skills, you will want to learn what is all required to come into the mix so that a good and right solution is arrived at by you. Because I know that you have the knowledge of what is morally right, in truth and what is also according to the law of love, you will need to find the appropriate solution to that present tense situation of the other person’s rudeness.

Your immediate gut response may be exactly what you have learned and habituated in previous situations but that would be living according to the past subconscious habits which are for the most part fractional perceptions and therefore based on beliefs in lies. Your present tense problem does not, for the majority of times have a good past tense solution. The present tense problem requires a present tense solution on how you ought to be towards the people you encounter. That right solution, which you are looking for, will require the use of your spiritual moral conscience and intuition. In other words, you need present tense spiritual input not past tense triggered response as was the case with Andreas Lubitz. When he locked himself into the cockpit cabin, he wasn’t alone. “WHO AM I” was right there with him in the closed off cockpit. Andreas’s response was a triggered response; it was not a present tense spiritual input activity.

Let us now again focus on the encounter with that rude person we have been discussing for it still needs a solution. Your conscience has the knowledge that forgiveness is the right thing to do. Your conscience has the knowledge that loving the other person is the right thing to do and it also has the knowledge that love always seeks God’s best possible outcome for the other person. Once you know what is right your intuition will be guiding you into the path of rightness even if you most vehemently deny the existence of a Theos.

Remember, your conscience is not your spiritual moral cop but being that the conscience is a component of your spiritual life functioning capacity, it works together with another component which is also found within the spiritual life functioning capacity of man namely that which is called intuition. A person’s intuition also belongs to what is invisible. Intuition does however act as a cop of sorts but only as a traffic direction cop; never as a moral cop. Because moral cops must identify and judge on wrong behavior and action, it becomes impossible to consider that the conscience or the intuition can be considered to be your moral cop. Intuition only acts in the capacity of a traffic cop who will identify direction only and instruct in cautionary advancing or yielding requirements as it stands in your five corners of life intersection.

Your intuition gives the direction by which this knowledge ought to be applied and it directs your thoughts to consider that in order to love someone more than one’s self that the other person must be esteemed as being more valuable than yourself. When you then process your thoughts about the other person and you consider the knowledge of truth and the law of love you know that your response must be different than any thought of getting even which you may have entertained up to that point. When you listen to your intuition you are able to use the spiritual moral life functioning capacity within all of your thought reasoning processes and your decision should become clear as to how you ought to treat the person regardless of what their actions were.

Your conscience knows that it is true that a soft answer turns away wrath. Your conscience knows that doing good to any person is a more powerful tool than revenge and for that reason you must then consider and believe that the same consideration must also be considered when applying any actions you take against the one who abused you. You therefore begin to form a present tense response and not a gut habitual response to your victimizer. You now have learned to use spiritual moral input into your thought processing and thus you begin to dislodge any beliefs that you must always set things straight or get even. Thus you will actively believe that revenge would not solve your present situation of dealing with rudeness. When you engage your spiritual moral truth bank which is always right and in love for the other person’s best interests, your conscience and thought processing of the problem at hand will give you an intuitively reasoned approach which says “forgive them, and set forth reasonable limits for yourself and for the other person and then let them go their way”.

Your intuition helps you reason that immediate forgiveness will stop bitterness from being developed within you. But because all forgiveness requires a making right of a wrong, you have to consider the best options open to you. Your conscience knows that vengeance is God’s domain. Therefore, if you believe in God just talk to Him and ask Him to help that person to know how they should treat others. For those who believe in karma or some other sow and reap philosophy you are still tapping into the functioning use of your conscience. At that point of spiritual truth knowledge input your reasoning engages a spiritual communication in truth and you end up leaving the work of correcting wrongs to the Theos that pays back right judgement for wrongs committed. But there is one more spiritual functioning activity which many readers may not be fully aware of.

This spiritual functioning system is called the forefending system and it directs a person to fend off or stave off additional future rude encounters. This option still refuses to take revenge for a wrong or a perceived wrong but it uses the mental anger thought processing activity for identifying to one’s self the steps one needs to take in order to avoid future problems with that person again. In the forefending function you would seek to identify to the other person what the other person did wrong towards you. This is part of the spiritual forfending system wherein a person is moved by love for the other person and whereby one deeply desires for them to avoid being hurt by others because of their continuous rudeness.

You thus help forefend against your own spiritual dryness. By establishing a teaching of others in spiritual understanding you grow in spiritual understanding yourself. Teaching others in love is beneficial for the other person but in the same instance it is the way you fulfill the law of love. As you fulfill the law of love towards others in a proactive way you are demonstrating and identifying that what you do to others really is the way you want to be treated by them. A person thus forefends against isolation, against marriage breakdown, against further rejection and abuse against self-pity, against self-centeredness, against loneliness and all the mental and emotional disorders that come from living in a self-serving disassociating life.

This forfending system also requires spiritual reasoning and it will identify that the essence of love is not just about forgiving but also about setting limits both for one’s self and others. This is then where you in a soft spirit and voice need to be assertive in identifying the wrong the other person did and to tell them that it is unacceptable that they continue to treat you in that manner if they wish to remain close friends with you. If you are unable to address that conversation for example, then you are not living in a spiritual active present tense assurance of what is right. Within right, within love and within truth there is no element of fear of either man or fear of God for you leave the consequences to God.

All of this spiritual truth knowledge which you have just included within your mind as you sought to solve the other person’s rudeness problem towards you indicates what the law of love requires from you. What happens within the other person’s mind who has just verbally assaulted you, belittled you or abused you is of no concern to you when you engage in present tense living of what is right. Problem solving for yourself now becomes a part of the dominion you have been expected to operate under as you walk on planet Earth.

Christians refer to this kind of present tense living as being a life of faithing obedience to one’s spiritual sourcing of right, truth and love. Non-Christians and secularists would refer to this as being true to one’s deepest inner self. Good reasoning and logical deductions however can only occur when the mind is able to play in a non-toxic playground of brain mass. Once brain intoxication occurs by substance abuse or medicated substance dependence, the mind is prevented from making socially sound reasoned decisions. A similar degree of toxicity may occur when there is a substance absence as in the lack of proper nutritional intake or some measure of sleep deprivation. When active spiritual input is lacking from the reasoning process of a person they will revert back to living by the fleshly habits of their subconscious mind which is rooted in all that which is self-serving, self-centered and self-indulging.

Do not let anything or anyone dull the playground of your mind which is your brain mass. But rather keep it unintoxicated and nutritionally balanced, keep it well rested and keep it well nurtured so you may use it to reason with logic and come up with the required spiritually right and true solution within the law of love for every problem you get to face. Living in the present tense now most definitely beats auto-response living by habit any day.

When a person reasons out every situation in life, in a present tense living experience with the presence of the Spirit of Truth who indwells their re-birthed human spirit such a person will be able to use the already available spiritual input from their conscience and spiritual direction by their intuitions. In the process of active faithing a person listens to their re-birthed spirit unclouded and their newly uncovered conscience along with the spiritual guide of intuition and is thus able to see the spiritual solution and can respond in an obedient way. If you happen to be that person who has been rudely abused you can come to a reasonable solution to all your problems

Let me set this forth in all clarity, if you come to a spiritually reasoned solution it really isn’t your solution at all. It is ultimately God’s solution for your problem in life. When you come to a spiritual solution it is not because you happen to be a freethinking individual or because you have uninfluenced free will, or because you have made a good freedom of choice decision, because you haven’t. Your solution would then be influenced by that which is spiritual in its function. When a person thus reasons out their problems in life with spiritual input from their conscience truth data bank, they may face great subconscious opposition to the truth due to their deep rooted beliefs in lies. Such deep seated false beliefs will ultimately be exposed as being nothing more than beliefs in lies.

Once you have participated in using your spiritual forefending system together with your conscience and intuition in responding to the rude person they will need to come to a conclusion themselves by using their own reasoning ability. Because they, the offenders and victimizers, know what the law of love requires them to consider. They will be responsible for how they treat you and all other people’s feelings and emotions. They know that other people’s well-being is of greater importance than their own.

Intuition will not stop the other person from being rude to you but will rather direct that person to be kinder and more polite, and more understanding towards you. And failing to heed such intuitive direction, the rude and thus guilty party will either need to justify to themselves their wrong actions or will need to seek forgiveness. But in your case when you are the recipient of such rude abusiveness, your intuition will tell you to be kind and forgive them or to be more gracious and compassionate even when they do not deserve it. Should you fail to follow through on your intuition’s direction towards being nicer and forgiving, you are then also the one who will receive the accusation of guilt from the liar whom you believed and feared. Because apparently you responded with unkind words because you believed a lie that told you the offender needed to be set straight and that you had the right to do so. And so tit for tat results in a guilty verdict and a guilty accusation from the liar whom both parties believed.


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If I am not The Liar then “WHO AM I”?

If a person has lied, their conscience will not identify that the words spoken were wrong or that it was a lie. If you are the person who lied about something or lied to someone you will come to that conclusion yourself that what you did was wrong. Lying is always predetermined, it happens not by accident, but it can happen by ignorance. In most cases a person lies after knowing by their conscience and intuition that they are entering into a wrong. The individual’s intuition directed them even before they spoke and intuition identified which is the honest road to take. Your conscience did not tell you to speak the truth. When you go against your conscience your mind already knows that it is not processing thoughts in the spiritual realm of truth. When the knowledge of what is right does not align with what you believe or what you speak, there will result within the brain what is commonly referred to as cognitive discomfort or dissonance. Discomfort originates within the pain pleasure location – not necessarily immediately apparent but it still registers and keeps a memory of that discomfort and disorder hidden within the subconscious mind.

That subconscious location is not within the brain organ but is retained within the mind. It is the place where all learned habits, skills and abilities are retained for daily functioning use and for specific recall or response triggers. The subconscious mind also uses the brain to process patterned pathways of behavioral thinking and relational responses and actions. Are you able to get an idea or see more clearly just how very interactive all three life functioning capacities of man are and how these so called mental disorders are brought about within a person? Although the liar speaks the lies, his power never lies within his spoken word but rather in the believing of his lies. The only time a person’s soul becomes passive is when they refuse to capture thought seeds which are lies. It does not require great effort to believe a lie – just look at the suffering in this world brought on by the words of liars. It does however require great effort to believe in truth for when truth is believed the effort of capturing lies which have previously been believed become the work which only you can do.

When the mind, without adequate spiritual truth input from the conscience, and when the will, without sufficient obedience to intuition, the soul of man becomes inadequately used. Therefore such folks remain in an underutilized capacity which leads to mental passivity. This then becomes the state of non-resistance to all manner of thought seeds. These are the ones who will experience the most when it comes to their feelings. Their feelings will rule them and they will continue to have their will usurped by negativity thought seeds.

The same soul-logical under-utilized capacity of mind and will becomes very evident in the lives of those who have any sort of association with substance abuse including the use of marijuana and psychotropic prescription drugs. When the mind is prevented from engaging in its normal manner because of the sloshing of toxins in the brain, the mind becomes incapacitated and passive in its use of the brain. When the mind is not active and the will is not engaged no matter what the reason may be, a formed belief in a previously entered into and accepted lie will force the believer in those lies to act according to actions that would provide evidence of belief in that lie.

If you believe the lie, that your life has no value, negativity has already usurped the normal functioning of your mind. When that happens your emotions rule you to a great degree and therefore you may abuse the relationships you are in or cause you to consider self-harm or even self-murder. If you have been ruled by negativity in your thoughts, you will be very upset and angry with yourself for having failed to take good action to protect yourself and your body and thus, very often such a person will abuse animals and others for their lives must also have no value they think. Their thinking, without truth and love consideration from their spiritual input, will go like this – if I don’t have value now and in the hereafter everafter then others do not have any value either. An evolutionist would consider this way of thinking -after all, when you originate from nothing then to hell with nothing for there are no consequences to be damned. The subconscious mind is then forced to resort to habitual thinking patterns that draw on past memories and experiences. You may not like it but that is exactly what happens when you refuse to capture every thought and bring it into obedience to what is moral rightness, complete in truth and real other orientated love where self-interest does not exist.

When the mind and the will are both engaged in present tense awareness and when the thoughts are made to align in the present tense activity of obedience to the knowledge of the law of love within the conscience, such a person will experience far less mental dysfunction, disorder and cognitive dissonance in their life than one who has not been taught how to use their mind in that manner of thought processing.

Cognitive dissonance is particularly evident in situations where an individual’s inner behavior conflicts with spiritual knowledge and thus also conflicts with outward actions that go against ones conscience. By this conflict they see themselves as not being what they believe they are or should be – in other words their beliefs that are integral to his or her self-identity do not match the reality of who they know they really are. Often a person will portray themselves in an image they know they are not. It’s like living a lifestyle you can’t afford. Or you live as a sensuously dressed person and deep inside you feel worthless. Or you act like a rebel when with your peers and at home you are shy and withdrawn.

You do not need to belong to any religious group or have a particular philosophy in life to benefit from such resulting wellness that comes from the innate spiritual connectedness to the conscience. All you need do is to live more in the present tense awareness of your conscience and work as hard as you can to capture every thought that causes you difficulty and then do what your conscience and intuition tell you to do. That is what is called spiritual connectedness living. But be advised that spiritual connectedness living is only living according to the knowledge of truth within your conscience it is not even similar to the higher life that come as a result of mental re-penting. The higher life is actually a humble life which agrees to live life under the rule of the Spirit of God in a manner that is self-denying and God worshipping. Such a life would be said to be a life being lived in the Spirit of God.

Some folks would say, “Well I keep the Ten Commandments isn’t that the same?” Oh yes, I would agree that that is exactly the same as being spiritually connected. Only bad thing with claiming to live by the commandments is that you have to remember a lot more rules and regulation than just ten and you must keep them all in order to benefit from living by them. For as soon as you miss obeying just one of them the whole mental health act comes down hard on you. When you miss just one legal law requirement for perfect mental health living you will have transgressed the entire mental health act requirements and thus you will be experiencing the guilty accusations from the source of negativity.

That spiritual source if negativity is always intent on negating the pure character of the essence of truth, love and right. And as stated earlier, knowledge of truth and love is a dead body of knowledge only. This essence of being must involve a person for truth, love and right for that kind of a character is only valuable when you use elements of that perfect essence in intimate relationships with others. Therefore, this knowledge of the essence is evidence of a person with whom that essence is ONE present tense I AM, and from whom such knowledge is the actual demonstration within its own community.

You see, under the mental health act you are not what some people would refer to, in “Christian” terms, as being a “sinner”. Under the mental health auspices you would just be labelled as being mentally and emotionally deficient, unhealthy or unstable. You may be classified with a “medical disorder” or a somatoform dysfunction. Everyone would then feel sorry for you and is that not what everyone desires? Do not all folks want people to feel sorry for what they have to endure and is that not what eventually leads a person to experience the “self-pity” addiction? And that is exactly where your self-pity addiction can take root and begin the journey to self-harm, self-destruction, and self-murder with no compassion for the well-being of others.


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If I am nor Self-Pity, then “WHO AM I”?

Before one starts down that road to self-destruction, a person often experiences such darkest of dark thought seeds where one seeks to gain pleasure out of causing pain to others or to one’s self. The mental anguish of discord, which occurs when what a person knows is morally right is rejected, ignored and therefore is also not obeyed. Such disobedience discord feelings may accumulate and may result in tremendous emotional pain. This pain can become so intense that at times, the only possible solution to dealing with their emotional pain seems to them that they must make it hurt elsewhere. And because they cannot do anything with that which is invisible they take to dealing with their invisible emotional pain on a physical level against their body. At least they have control over that they believe. The physical pain then takes away some of the emotional and mental pain for a period of time and that is the indication that even in self-harm they seek pleasure for themselves. A cutter once wrote, “I cut not because I want to die; I cut because I want to live.” The pleasures of life are often sought by causing one’s own death.

When a person, let us say it is you, expresses visible and audible communication with others that you seek from them something to help your self-pity grow even more, be aware, you will be shunned. Many will have a tendency to distance themselves from folks who have a self-pity mentality. Nobody wants to be used to feed someone else’s addictions. Can you see what will happen when you are no longer able to get others to feed your self-pity agenda? If you can’t feed yourself by taking from others you will eventually find other ways to feed your self-pity. If you do not feed yourself by making others feel sorry for your condition or situation in life, in other words, if you do not take from others to feed to yourself what your self-pity demands in its addiction development stage, you will end up needing a crutch like religion or medication to help yourself get better. By proceeding along the pill popping pathway to pleasure fulfilment you can once again feel stronger and then once again you will be enabled to go and seek all that you can find to feed your self-pity. Like any addiction, it is always and only about one’s self and self-pity is no different.

In every medically termed psychological disorder that has a symptom or an association with anger, fear, anxiety and or depression you will find that self-indulgence, self-pity and self-serving interest is always right there. The self-pitying self-centered life thus becomes medically referred to as a mentally disordered life when in reality it is a disobedience to the conscience of that person and ultimately unbelief in the Person of Truth, Love and Right. When the conscience’s spiritual moral truth and the spiritual moral law which demands that the law of love be done unto others first, is not obeyed, a person deals with much more than a mental illness it is unbelief in the essence of what is truth love and right.

Don’t you agree that it sounds a lot better to be mentally unhealthy and depressed, instead of being called a liar, a self-pity monger, a whorer, a thief, a backstabber, an adulterer, a fornicator, a pervert, a pedophile, and so much more? As a “sinner” you would have the religious label of “guilty” stamped all over. But if others could see you as being mentally unhealthy, then they can be solicited for sympathy for your lack of mental health; after all, you are sick aren’t you? Everybody knows what it feels like to have diarrhea and to vomit, well it is nothing much more different than feeling depressed; after all, they are all medical conditions if both give a sense of crappyiness – aren’t they.

Should those few other people in your life be able to have compassion on you when you feel depressed? After all, when you are labeled with a mental illness others would then know exactly how awful and bad you feel, wouldn’t they? Well, it’s a good yarn to believe and many have bought into this mental illness relabeling of humanness. If you were unable to claim a mental illness label for yourself then the truth would be known – that everybody would know you are a self-pitying, self-serving self-centered individual. And what a stigma that would be on your life.


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If I am not the “Hinter Gedanke” “WHO AM I”?

Oh if a person just didn’t have to deal with the stigma of mental illness

The reason there still remains this stigma of mental illness in the midst of all the so called enlightenment, and why I predict there will always remain this stigma, is very simple to grasp. It is for the fact that every person knows, by their conscience that they are being lied to. Their spiritual moral code, the truth bank which is embedded within the invisible and non-corporeal life functioning spirit of man, clearly, at the most hidden thought source of all thoughts, knows what spiritual truth is.

Your spiritual conscience is the source of all good thought seeds ever given to mankind. The conscience is the moral truth bank in which is contained the knowledge of what is moral right, in fullness of truth and according to the law of love. And it is according to this hidden source of truth knowledge which is embedded within their conscience that humanity knows it is being fed a lie. Aw, could that be true? Is that why the stigma of mental health must remain? When the first cause of thought within man is seen for what it really is, then it is no wonder, that no matter how hard and by whatever efforts man seeks to deny the first cause of thought (in, by and from the essence of truth) that nothing can dislodge or remove anything out of the conscience.

As of more recent, psychology has made strides in the acknowledgment for the need of spiritual input into wholesome development of children. They do not call this the spiritual life functioning capacity as did Dr. Jim Fouler of Christinyou.org ministries from whom I have learned this term. They do not refer to this as the spiritual conscience of man, but they are recognizing the exceedingly great value of this sort of input into the process of mind thought reasoning development. It is finally a proven scientific fact we are told that if a child is encouraged to use this spiritual source of truth knowledge, that they will be better off. At least that is so according to the author Lisa Miller who wrote “The Spiritual Child”. Here is an excerpt from a MacLean’s March 30, 2015 article and in there the author Brian Bethune and Genna Buck write the following:

In fact, Miller declares, spirituality, if properly fostered in children’s formative years, will pay off in spades in adolescence. An intensely felt, transcendental sense of a relationship with God, the universe, nature or whatever the individual identifies as his or her “higher power,” she found, is more protective than any other factor against the big three adolescent dangers. Spiritually connected teens are, remarkably, 60 per cent less likely to suffer from depression than adolescents who are not spiritually oriented. They’re 40 per cent less likely to abuse alcohol or other substances, and 80 per cent less likely to engage in unprotected sex. Spiritually oriented children, raised to not shy from hard questions or difficult situations, Miller points out, also tend to excel academically.

They also point out that when Lisa Miller dared to speak out on this connectivity need for spiritual input, that she was… well, I’ll let you read what the same article detailed.

It was the start of a long and sometimes rocky road for both Miller and the place of spirituality—however defined—in mainstream psychological thinking. She remembers doors literally slammed in her face and “people walking out of talks I was giving.” But Miller and other researchers, including so-called “spiritual” neuroscientists like Montreal’s Mario Beauregard and the much-cited American psychologist Kenneth Kendler continued to explore the intersection of religiosity and mental health in studies published in major, peer-reviewed science journals.

But here is an interesting thing to observe. When spiritual truth is accepted and believed great results are witnessed within a developing human being. But when truth is doubted, denied and or covered over, a different thought source gains control in feeding more of the same distorted truth thought seeds. It is this spiritual “SOURCE” which is being utterly missed and or obviously rejected even yet by all those who would agree that good spiritual connectivity input is necessary for proper soul development. Nobody it seems wants to touch on or fully investigate the spiritual source of negativity.

Can you guess what the new hidden thought source is? The new hidden thought source will not be truth, right and love because everyone knows of its benefits. Truth is never hidden or obscure unless unbelief in it is promoted and encouraged. When unbelief is permitted to run rampant, it becomes the bushel that covers the light. T They found his mobile phone still in his hands and his head in the back seat. Isn’t texting fun? The hidden thought source is the spiritual source of negativity.

It is however impossible for this spiritual source of negativity to be its own thought source. In order for negativity to exist it must seek to destroy truth first and thus it must be contingent on the very same essence of truth for its information as. Very simply put, negativity is always taking that which is in truth and placing the character of the essence of truth into doubt. When the essence of truth is doubted, it is negated and negated truth is compromised truth and compromised truth has elements of truth that sound right but within it there is a taking away from truth or an adding on to truth something which is not in truth and thus also void of love.

And what exactly is this first lie based on which man has come to believe? The foundation of the first lie rests in these doubt filled thought seeds, “Can the one who made you be trusted to be faithful in supplying all your needs? Have you not yet been told that you can be just like God and know good from evil?” The lie is inherent in a doubting thought seed and a lie must at all times have the intended goal of diminishing the very character of the essence of what was spoken in truth initially.

Negativity only ever seeks to destroy a person’s character, either yours or somebody else’s. You do not need to become a theist or be an ‘a’-theist in order to understand what happens when truth is negated. The liar becomes the ‘a’ theist’s god whom they believe, and thus there is no such thing as a ‘true or genuine’ –‘a’-theist.

PinPoint soul-logical understanding sets forth, that if truth is negated by a thought seed, which contains the intent or the suggestion to doubt the character of the essence of what is truth, and it is accepted and believed, that such negativity source must henceforth become the new source from which subsequent thoughts are derived. And as discussed elsewhere, all thoughts derived from this spiritual source of negativity will bring forth one’s own personal suffering and bring about untold misery and suffering to others as well.

The intent of negativity is to take from others and use others for one’s own personal benefit, profit and pleasure. Negativity thus becomes the new “Hinter Gedanke”; the self-serving and self-indulging thought source. This term is borrowed from the German language and it means – hidden thought. It is important to understand this term so that it becomes clear that the original hidden thought is actually sourced from the essence of truth and then negated. When truth is not believed in, a person’s conscience will be hijacked by negativity and a dutiful life will follow towards doing that which is subconsciously hidden as beliefs in lies or as psychologists would say, a false belief system.

Negativity, at its core, is self-focused, self-centered, and selfish and thus a person who believes in himself or herself is a believer in lies. Those who buy into the mantra of believe in yourself will see themselves as being self-sufficient and self-resourceful. At the same time, when they entertain revenge in their anger processing thoughts or the entertain self-pity they will readily and easily become depressed and wallow in self-pity. Remember, negativity speaks with a forked tongue about feeling helpless and hopeless right after a self-sufficient attempt as solving a problem has failed.

If mental illness were a truly treatable medical condition of an organic organ within the body as the psychiatric profession would have everyone believe, then mental dis-eases would be no different than every other medical condition. There would then be no real difference between a particular mental dis-ease such as cabin fever and erectile dysfunction; between depression or anxiety and a tumor, an aneurism, cancer, diabetes, fever or even, as mentioned previously, it would be no different than the dis-ease of diarrhea.

The intent of what the label of mental illness disorder is attempting to build up within the minds of people is that the non-physical can be treated just as easily as the organic physical and thus medications need to be prescribed. Apparently folks are to believe that the invisible and incorporeal soul –the psyche of man can be treated in the same manner as is done with all other physical diseases ailments and illnesses. I guess then that if the hidden and invisible non-corporeal thought of man can be treated with medication then maybe man will become the one god he must somehow already be thinking he is deep inside of himself; at least deep down in his ‘hidden thought’.

So what has all this got to do with the stigma of mental illness? Well mental illness is classified to be a dis-ease of something that is based in thought not in reality or in physicality. That the mind is not the brain is already a given and an academically non-debatable issue by those with intelligence and knowledge of research done in that area. It must then stand to reason that all manner of mental dis-ease or mental illness must be located in what is believed, or one could say, is rooted in a belief system that has not been based in what is truth. If something is not in truth, and it is being touted as being true, some folks will have their “Hinter Gedanke” become the thorn that draws attention to the knowledge of truth within their conscience. Negativity can never exist without the spiritual source of truth. Every lie eventually point back to truth and has to acknowledge the presence of truth, even if only at very minute proportions. All you have to do is to listen to your intuition which always guides to that which is nicer, better, more generous, more patient and to that where truth is to be found – in the essence that God alone is. But too many of us are too busy to take time and listen.

I would suggest that all people instinctively know that mental illness is a lie because every person has life issues to deal with and problems to solve. To some folks it is a no brainer so to speak and to them mental illness is all about negative thinking, negative vibes, lousy moods and negative emotions over which one must gain mastery. These folks may have a deeper sense of spiritual truth knowledge than others but may still be further from the essence of truth themselves than they realize. But at least their intuition has directed them to dig into a heavily covered up and seared conscience.

An Eastern religious or philosophical mystic would suggest that this hidden thought is the deepest unconscious thought that connects mankind back to the universe and that this “Hinter Gedanke” is the thought that triggers all of the human unconscious activation triggers such as heartbeat, breathing and gland functioning to mention only a few. This hidden thought, they say, is supposed to be a thought which is not a thought within conscious awareness. They claim that it is the most hidden thought within the subconscious mind. Apparently therein is to be found the connection with the universe these mystics and transcendentalist New Agers claim.

Although the subconscious mind is the place where all previous memories created by the experiences of life are stored, it is also the place where all formed belief systems and false beliefs in lies are stored. So, is it that in this place there has been planted a thought seed from which has developed a thought which is based and rooted in a lie and which goes back to the first mind reasoning human beings? Is this the one thought seed that was meant to instill into mankind the understanding that he is really the essence of autonomous sovereignty over his own destiny? Is therefore this hidden thought seed within every person the thought seed from which springs forth the ‘me for me’ individuation development that gives us the ides that we are like gods? Or is it another thought seed from which germinate all successive beliefs in lies which prevent man from finding out what really is in truth?

If this “Hinter Gedanke” is the one thought that connects a person to man’s own omnipotence within the universe energy then it has proven itself to have been a very poor source to draw on or to want to tap into. For with all the mental dysfunctionality and disorders, and for all of humanity’s evils and wickedness, back-biting, slandering and gossiping along with thieving and murdering such universal ‘hidden thought’ god must have run amuck. Who would ever want to claim to be one with that kind of a hedonistic, sadistic, masochistic pluralistic aberration of a god where one god fights another god and they all gang up to fight each other so they can die and become another energy particle of the universe? No wonder so many religions exist and so many different philosophies have popped up within man’s thoughts; every person believes they are their destiny’s god.

All religion can ever attempt to do is to try and make you holy and good. So it becomes obvious that every human being wants to find out what that missing link is -.which will take them back to the big bang or possibly even further back than time. Every person, including atheists, have this need to know more about who they are and what their purpose is for being. In a recent Maclean’s article we read the following:

Humans have an innate tendency to ascribe random and natural events to conscious agents and a hunger to belong to something larger than ourselves—both militant atheists and fervent believers can agree on this.


Every person has a craving for something they are unable to provide for themselves out of themselves. Every person has an insatiable appetite to know more for the more a person knows and sees on social media, the more they realize they lack a lot of knowledge to help themselves become who they believe they should be.

On the other hand, if this hidden thought seed is the source of all that which is found to not be holy, virtuous or pious but to rather be greedy, corrupt, perverted, false, deceptive, depraved, darkened, insane, mad, sick and disgusting, then mankind has an apocalyptic dilemma they need to address real soon. If everything which has evolved in the world demonstrates the reality of this hidden thought of altruistic humanism and inherent goodness, then evolution has wired man to become a monstrosity who in the end kills himself in a murder suicide plot with the rest of humanity. Or is it possible that someone, potentially a liar, has pulled the wool over man’s eyes? If this deeply hidden thought seed of man’s own autonomous, sovereign and altruistic goodness, (and some would dare to spell that word with only one “o”, as “godness”), is the birth of all the lies a person starts to believe in, it would make more senses to admit to the truth that mankind has been duped by a liar and that such a lie has been swallowed hook line and sinker. But how many would dare to find out what the truth is? The truth is this, – you do not want to know the truth when you are entangled in believing lies. Like it was said in a movie, “You can’t handle the truth!”

Apparently all world religions including the religions of secularism, atheism and humanism have a lot to answer for if they were ever to be judged for their failure to bring awareness to the originating “Hinter Gedanke” – hidden thoughts of negated truth, negated love and negated right from seeing the light of day. Thus, everything hidden is found in the habituation of what is stored in the unconsciousness of the subconscious mind


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If I am not 50+ Shades of Truth “WHO AM I”?

What do you think, could the folks who came up with that “mental illness” lie actually end up believing their own lie? And if they did, would that then not mean that they too suffer from a mental delusion disorder? If you came to that kind of a discernment conclusion you must be implying at least some elements of truth within your reasoning processes. Don’t you just wonder at times, at the prideful audacity some folks have (pseudo-science psychiatry for example), in believing that you, another human being, belong to those who are as gullible as the rest of the sheep are who do not use reasoning abilities but who are mere sheep to be sheared?

Because the liars themselves know that they have lied they know that you, who also belong to the human race, have also lied to others and to yourself. So if they can label you as having lied at least once in your lifetime then you too must have established a pattern of guilty symptoms which you keep using over and over again for your self-preservation and self-indulgence. No matter how nice and kind you are to others with random acts of goodness you must then still get labelled as having a lying disorder. You may not be labeled as being a pathological liar or bear the label of having a compulsive lying disorder but believe it, the DSM has you covered. Your lying disorder is more common than you would like to acknowledge or even realize. Some other hifalutin pseudoscientific medical terminology which psychiatry may also use are the terms known as ‘mythomania’ or ‘pseudologia-fantastica’. See, I’m telling you, if you are a human being you have a mental health problem at least according to the psychiatrics DSM.

But who really cares what it is all called. You and I know that a liar is a liar is a liar is a liar and that only a liar tells lies- even if it is only one lie every so often. A truth teller on the other hand must have an essence of truth for in such an essence it is impossible to lie. Truth is an absolute essence which is faithful and without change or compromise as are fifty shadows and shades of negated truth which are all lies.

There is no essence of lies. A lie is fifty or more shades of negated truth. A lie must therefore be ever evolving as new evidence appears which supports that there is an essence of absolute truth to be found if one looks for the Person who is the essence of the community of truth.

A liar lies for one reason, they believe in lies and they believe they must protect themselves from being exposed and made vulnerable to the law of love which is inherent in the essence of truth. It is less probable that you would speak lies as you begin to learn what is in truth. I must also state that a person must not become a Christian or even believe in a religious kind of a god/deity being in order for a sense of wellness in mind to appear. Just believe less lies about yourself and others and you will begin to see many mental illness symptoms subside. Even if the many new positive thinking lies which you learn to accept and believe are not in truth, they will inevitably move you along the line away from mental illness disorders. The more truthful things you believe the less cognitive dissonance occurs. The more positivity thinking you engage in the more relief you will experience from depression, anxiety, fears, moodiness and numerous psychosomatic illnesses which are nowadays referred to as somatoform. But the good thing is that you will still remain under guilt for having violated against your own conscience. Many counselors and therapists would suggest that you must then learn to forgive yourself. And as good as that sounds, and it may give an illusion of some reprieve, it is impossible to forgive one’s self because we ourselves are not the essence source behind the knowledge which has been violated.


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If I am not the Forefending System “WHO AM I”

So, when you consider the identity of “WHO AM I”, you must consider that I could never be Andres Lubitz nor his moral cop. Both conscience and intuition are not moral judges of right and wrong, nor of good and evil. The basic understanding which all human beings need to take from this, my “PinPoint Soul-Logical Understanding” concept of soulology on conscience and intuition, is that conscience is the knowledge of the essence of truth, love and right and the intuition is the direction markers of how to get to know that essence personally in your life.

Please pay close attention here, the forefending system which also belongs to the spiritual life functioning capacity as does man’s conscience and intuition, has the responsibility to bring on real physical pain within the body when conscience and intuition have been violated. Please re-read this again and remember it. The pains associated with what is commonly referred to as mental illness are the spiritual forefending systems warning signals. You may never have heard this before from those self-help and positivity thinking gurus and that is evidence that they all believe in the same lies and are controlled by the same liar.

Let it be known that this spiritual life functioning capacity and data bank of truth knowledge is never to be equated as being this awesome and wonderful god in a human’s inner self-being. Man has the knowledge of good and evil and of right and wrong in a life functioning capacity which is neither physical nor psychological, and therefore the only alternative is that it must belong to the third life functioning capacity which is spiritual.

Personal moral right knowledge does not come about as a result of engaging in brain matter thought processing. The moral right knowledge is present within the law of love as located within the conscience. But the use of this moral right knowledge or the lack of its use or even the rejection or clouding over of this knowledge will have a major impact in the way moral right knowledge is made to flow along in neurological pathways within brain matter.

When the spiritual moral right knowledge is being used in present tense relationship matters according to the law of love, even a fearful person can be filled with confidence, not of one’s self but of the faithful supply of sufficiency for the moment. Such a person will decide to be right and let the consequences be resolved in further present tense action. This sphere of spiritual influence is greatly needed by a human being in order to experience a good formative psyche development from a young age on.

If a parent passes along a good understanding of how to use the spiritual life function capacity in determining the child’s activities and attitudes, a better functioning mental process will be experienced where one experiences less cognitive dissonance and dysfunction, which by the way come from making decisions that are not in line with the truth bank of the conscience and the embedded element of the law of love.

I wish to make reference again to the author of “The Spiritual Child” – Lisa Miller and her studies and the article found at: http://www.macleans.ca/society/science/god-is-the-answer/

In Miller’s view, and that of many traditional cultures, individuation—the way children become their own individuals rather than unconscious copies of their parents—is an essentially spiritual process. When that process runs into difficulties, says Miller, the health effects can be severe, especially in terms of depression,


The evidence for a personal religious advantage is overwhelming, Miller claims, drawn from literally “hundreds” of epidemiological and longitudinal studies.


It’s worth noting that the advantage was conferred by individual devotion rather than the degree to which the girls believed sacred writings were the literal word of God—spirituality, then, rather than religion.


A 2005 study found that a teen with this sort of spiritual connection—as manifested by statements like “I turn to God for guidance in times of difficulty”—was at least 70 per cent less likely to move from substance dabbling to substance abuse. Again, the key was personal engagement; there was no protective factor at all from going to church or taking part in family prayer when those acts came from obligation rather than conviction.


“In our lab, we looked at the brains, through MRIs, of people who had a strong sense of relationship in a transcendental dialogue with their higher power,” recalls Miller. That two-way sacred relationship is central to Judeo-Christian spirituality—hence the importance of the subway nod—and those people showed a thickening of the cortex in the same region. “They essentially had stronger wiring, through a sustained personal spirituality,” Millar explains. The exact implications of the neurological findings remain tentative, but stronger, thicker wiring is considered beneficial.


Patrick McNamara, whose neurological lab at Boston University studies what happens to the brain in religious practice, says, “There are studies that show that religiosity is associated with better executive function and self-control. Those things are moderating factors on a whole host of health-related behaviors.”


The dogma-free spirituality she recommends (and practices herself), which can be “cultivated in nature, in service, in human relationships,” has appeal for adults, and not just for the benefits it promises their children.



When the knowledge of the essence of truth, love and right are rejected and when the direction of intuition is ignored, the forefending system reduces the body’s threshold for pain endurance. A person becomes physically weak, exhausted, fearful, pain wracked, timid and passive without a thought of hope – thus literally helpless.

When cognitive dissonance occurs, it is a mental and a spiritual conscience battle. When battles are fought either fear or valor are present. When valor becomes evident within a person it is attributable to the strength of mind with spirit truth. When mind and spiritual truth are engaged within the person’s soul they experience enablement to not fear danger, to be firm in what is right and to experience boldness, courage and bravery in facing and in resolving difficult issues of life.

Mental dissonance and dysfunction are what mental and emotional pain originates from. It all boils down to not believing in what is truth and deciding to disobey the law of love. There you have it in a nutshell. Simple clean, easy to understand. Mental and emotional pain is the spiritual forefending system’s way of identifying to mankind that something spiritual is being ignored, amiss or rejected. The way I see it, all non-organically associated mental illness is a result of personal unbelief in the essence of truth and that leads to a self-serving and self-indulging life which harms others and ourselves.

As is brought forth in the scientific study of Dr. Miller, religion alone does not greatly assist and neither does a churchy lifestyle. The direct correlation of better mental health and spirituality is in how the child uses spiritual moral right knowledge in the personal formation of neuro circuitry.


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If I am not Religion, then “WHO AM I”?

Andreas Lubitz’s religion is irrelevant we were told by many when the question of his religion came up. Many calls came to the authorities and they included the request that Lubitz’s religion be identified. Yet there were also many who strongly opposed such witch-hunt investigation.

But one media source printed this for all to read:

The co-pilot of the Germanwings Airbus was a convert to Islam

According to Michael Mannheimer, a writer for German PI-News, ---Germany now has its own 9/11, thanks to the convert to Islam, Andreas Lubitz.


Translation from German:

All evidence indicates that the copilot of Airbus machine in his six-months break during his training as a pilot in Germanwings, converted to Islam and subsequently either by the order of “radical”, i.e. devout Muslims, or received the order from the book of terror, the Quran, on his own accord decided to carry out this mass murder. As a radical mosque in Bremen is in the center of the investigation, in which the convert was staying often, it can be assumed that he – as Mohammed Atta, in the attack against New York – received his instructions directly from the immediate vicinity of the mosque.

Converts are the most important weapon of Islam. Because their resume do not suggests that they often are particularly violent Muslims. Thus Germany now has its own 9/11, but in a reduced form. And so it is clear that Islam is a terrorist organization that are in accordance with §129a of the Criminal Code to prohibit it and to investigate its followers. But nothing will happen. One can bet that the apologists (media, politics, “Islamic Scholars”) will agree to assign this an act of a “mentally unstable” man, and you can bet that now, once again the mantra of how supposedly peaceful Islam is will continue. And worse still, the attacks by the left against those who have always warned against Islam, will be angrier and merciless.

For now the German Islam supporters like never before have their backs against the wall.

Michael Mannheimer, 26.3.2015

There are also many others who upon hearing of the pilot of a Boeing 767 flying from New York City to Cairo in 1999 pointed to this incident as having been an intentionally planned terrorist plunge into the Atlantic Ocean only 30 minutes after takeoff. Apparently the investigation found that the pilot of the Egypt Air Flight 990, Gamal al-Batouti, had said several times in Arabic “I rely on God,” before switching off the engines and crashing the plane into the Ocean.


Some of us may wonder why on God’s Earth Andreas Lubitz’s religion would be relevant. If he had wanted to crash the plane on purpose then would it not logically have been because he was depressed and on meds or off of his meds? Was he not depressed enough and angry enough at the world to have wanted not only to pre-plan his own self-murder but to also pre-plan a mass murder? Does mass murder have to involve religious terrorism or political terrorism or does it not all fall under the same umbrella of terrorism against all humanity?

The only reason we want to know if Lubitz converted to the Islam religion is so that we would have more reason to hate other people. Of course it is wrong what is being executed under the name of the demon god “ALL-a-Ha-Ha” and under the guise of some “Reprobate Proff-Fette Moh-MaMa-Who-Med”. What this kind of thought is wanting us to consider and process in our mind is that we must hate even more those who would terrorize and persecute the rest of humankind who do not believe their way.

The subtext which we are to read here must be this, “White folks who adhere to some kind of Christianized religion do not go off the deep end.” There is no greater bunk than trying to cover one lie with another lie. How smart is it to tell yourself a lie and then to also believe that lie? But you know what? Human beings are creatures of need and when we do not know the full truth we need to fill that void with a lie and that just proves how ignorant and gullible we are. The sad part is that we will all continue to believe lies unless of course we actually get to see what the essence of truth is all about.


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If I am not a “Death Doula”, then “WHO AM I”?

“Death Midwife” or “Todes-Einfuehrung (Entbindungs) Agenten” are now being used by individuals who want to be assisted with their soul’s journey into the ever-after hereafter. No matter how much a person may reject the notion of an ever-after hereafter or of a judgment of their life and doings while on their journey on Earth, there still remains a natural fear of death.

Just as in childbirth where the birthing mother experiences bouts of pain so also we experience various forms of pain in the dying of death. These, often violent attacks and struggles are called the throes of death and refer to the body being mentally, emotionally and physically convulsed into a physically agonizing experience. When a person’s struggles are on the subconscious level, their emotions may become exceedingly frayed. During this time all manner of emotions which have previously been attached to subconsciously stored memories may at any time be triggered and become outbursts of varying intensities.

Whatever a person believes will have an effect and will most likely also determine their level of death throes. For example when a person is soothed by a death doula into believing they will go to the happy hunting ground, they will undoubtedly have an easier ability in dealing with fear. Even if what they believe is a lie, it can still has a positive effect on the soothing of the soul. It is amazing that a belief in a lie can actually help a person deal with difficult situations. This does not however suggest that believing a lie makes it true. I guess, this is where that saying comes from, ‘that whatever a person believes becomes truth to them’ but that just does not pass the real essence of truth smell test.

In situations of the soul’s agony and fear at death, an individual may throw what they can at their attacker or their accuser. These throes may involve throwing of punches, kicks or any physical objects, they may involve vocal outbursts or these throes may remain in a controlled mental state of agitation or even resignation, but each such attack on the soul of man requires strength which seems to be waning in the deteriorating body. And the uncertainty as to what will face them may haunt them for quite some time. However, when the death comes by sudden traumatic impending doom, there is little time to display such throes and more often than not folks realize that they are to become the soon to be deceased person and they will be vocal as they express their last few minutes or seconds in the agony of fear, as was the case on the Germanwings flight into disaster.

It is this overt fear or even a subconscious fear of death that makes people not want to go through the throes of death and no matter what your personal beliefs are about the hereafter, everyone sure hopes it will be different than the life they had on planet Earth and hopefully a lot better if they believe in the happy hunting ground or some reincarnation possibility or in a grand ole party with friends either in hell or in heaven or even in soul sleep or annihilation.

You may not know this but the job of a death doula is to provide many comforting thoughts in an attempt to ease the pain of transition. Sometimes the “Todes Entbindungs Agent” –often times also referred to as shaman or witchdoctor, will do a series of drum beatings, perform a series of incense burnings and use various other noise making paraphernalia and percussions as well as incantations in a display that is to give comfort and knowledge that evil spirits are being warded off. Even some of the most ardent secularists and atheists go through a long period of death throes.

The most difficult part of a death midwife’s job is not in helping a client deal with physical pain for that is often taken care of with medication. Like I’ve heard some say, “Why deal with truth when I can live in ignorant bliss by my medicinally induced wellness and aroma therapy?”


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Now it is Your Turn. – “WHO AM I”

This is the voice of “WHO AM I”

I, yes I have successfully become synonymous with the name of Andreas Lubitz with the mass media attention surrounding the Germanwings airbus crash into the French Alps. I kind of like the way I have been linked to that name and how much footage I am receiving out of that association with his mental illness label.

I know that many of you have and still are now labelling him with having had a mental disorder. Wow, I like that a lot. I now realize exactly what great a power I have over people. Thank you from the depths of my ‘burning for you’ yearning heart. Did “they” not, immediately after identifying him as the responsible person, just give him a label? Did they not, immediately after the crash have a mental disorder label for him? Of course they did. Have you ever been labeled with a mental health disorder? Those labels stick for a long time.

These are words from the author

Many have labeled Andreas Lubitz with the label of “depression”. Then, as if by magic somehow, the intent of a mental disorder label is to signify to others that such a person has diminished responsibility for their actions. And often, all culpability of blame is entirely removed or at the least, guilt and responsibility becomes a lighter burden to deal with. Is it not exactly that what the label of mental illness accomplishes in most situations where criminal charges of culpable homicide are considered?

If a lawyer could convince a judge or a jury that the guilty person must not be held criminally responsible for reason of insanity or for this mental health disorder or for that mental health label which some psychiatrist has labeled him or her with, then whoever believes that yarn will act according to that what they believe. Would you agree with me that this is about as accurate as it gets in the reasoning department? How is it with you when you believe what you have been told? You may not be fully persuaded of a person’s innocence and non-responsibility but you would be affected in some manner in your thought processing of any decision regarding the information you believed, wouldn’t you? If you believed any portion of a lie you would be affected in your responses.

Some people are labeled as being a “terrorist” and by that label we seek to identify the reason for their engagement in their heinous crimes. Some people are labeled with the term SAD – social anxiety disorder, others are called schizophrenics or have the label bipolar to contend with. But no matter what label they are given by the pushers of psychotropic drugs, religious or philosophical zealots the underlying intent is to provide a reasonable explanation as to why a person does what they do and why they have difficulty in dealing with situations they find themselves in.

Every terrorist must therefore also be labeled as being mentally dissociative as must every soldier who goes to war and every red neck sports enthusiast. In other words what I am saying is that being a human being quires us all then to be labeled with a mental and emotional dysfunctionality or disorder. And how real is that? Is someone somehow less guilty or less responsible for their thoughts and actions because they love their pets more than other human beings?

I believe that all mental health issues that a person experiences in their life which is not a result of an organic damage to the brain, is related to a person’s inter-relational activities with others. And that is why a label has been attached to Andreas. He apparently has had difficulties in interpersonal relationships. He is often withdrawn from others and believes things about himself and about others that may not be true. But no matter what kind of lies they believe in that would result in a person being labeled with a mental disorder, they are no different than the mass serial killer known as the Russian the chessboard killer who killed 61 people but who had no problem with social interaction and no different than you. The crimes and all manner of immorality is not a matter of a mental disorder for every human is by default subjected to forming beliefs in lies. All of society’s ills are not rooted in mental disorders; it is all about the beliefs a person has formed and which have been deeply rooted within their subconscious mind.

Everybody may identify Andreas Lubitz with the label of “depressed” but I personally know that my label is accurate beyond all doubt. You see, I refer to Andreas and others like him who engage in pre-meditated self-murder, mass murder and serial killer or any culpable homicide as “a believer”. That is right folks, every mental health disorder labeled person is really “a believer”. Oh I do not mean that they are “born-again believers” as Christians are often referred to for in order to be that kind of a believer a person must be re-birthed in their human spirit and they must believe in truth and reject beliefs in lies. But for now, we only need to understand that no matter what your problem in life may be, your problem is relational and moral in some aspect and therefore is due to a belief in lies. You may not agree with me in this understanding but isn’t that the most simple and most accurate diagnosis you have ever come across?


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Remember, – Real Eyes – Realize – Real Lies!

I am always surprised that so much effort is being put forth in studies of the human nature and the psyche of man when the solution to all problems is to have people believe in truth. Just think on this – when truth is negated negativity is expressed towards one’s self and others. As negativity involves diminishing it also includes the diminishing of one’s self and the character of others. Once this elementary nature of negativity is realized one can come to the obvious conclusion that all woes of wickedness, societal breakdown, economic exploitation and all manner of mental health deficiencies, disorders and dysfunctions are related to our beliefs in lies.

Like every other child born, Andreas Lubitz believed so much of what he was told about himself, about others by his caregivers in every social interaction and function. He was no different when it came to social media connectedness. He was always interested in determining his social acceptance by the number of ‘likes’ he received. Has not every person been presented with thought seeds that led them to believe in inaccurate perceptions, and lies simply because they entertained those very thought seed which contained within them the inherent questions of doubt against one’s own abilities, doubt against another person’s acceptance of them and ultimately doubt against some self-appointed cosmic cop in the sky or whatever you want to say – “Mudder-Nate-Shuer”, “All-a-Ha-Ha”, Brudda-Ha-Ha”, “the-GOOD-U –ARR-ARR”, “Car-Ma-La-La” and many others such systems of religious philosophical thought.

The Voice of “WHO AM I”

I can’t rightly remember when Andreas and I met. Nor can I say how we were introduced. I think it had something to do with the grandparents on both sides of his family – or something like that. All of them got to know me very well and they all became serious believers in what they had been told over their lifetime. I think that I believe that I was introduced to Andreas first and not the other way around. Oh well, it doesn’t make any difference right now.

It is now your turn to use your reasoning logic and deducting abilities to determine what you believe about my identity. “WHO AM I” I ask you.


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Have You Figured it out yet? “WHO AM I?”

The Voice of “WHO AM I”

I shouldn’t be telling you this, but both Andreas and I are having a grand time together, well at least I am – in that place called the hereafter ever-after. Even as I speak to you by means of this book, I am laughing at him for having been such a fool. I have now become the tormentor of his soul. I love reminding him of just how gullible he was while on planet Earth. I take every opportunity to let him know that I am no longer a part of his existence. I keep reminding him that there is no second chance. That’s right, I keep hounding him recurrently and say such things as “Ha, Ha, Ha - no reincarnation, Ha, Ha, Ha.” and “Ha, Ha, Ha,- no purgatory, Ha, Ha, Ha.”.I think he finally gets it – for he now knows the truth and believes it. I keep telling him that once a person has blown it and has rejected the full investigation of what the essence of truth is while they are alive on Earth that such a person will forever burn with the emotion of regret and anger at himself.

I am not Elvis, but you could say, I have left the building, so to speak. By that I mean that I am no longer his companion for now he knows the truth of who I really am and how I have ruined his life. He wants nothing to do with me anymore because now he has real eyes to realize the real lies which he believed. But oh no, he can’t get rid of me just that easily. I love the fact that he now has intense feelings of sorrow and remorse for what he did and that it will be my pleasure to hound him with guilt, shame, and disgust at who he was. I keep telling him it is not really only about who he was while on planet Earth, it is about who he still is for now there is no past tense experience it is all in the present tense and when you hate the present tense of a bad situation then – don’t you know it too, it last forever.

Can you believe it? The fool Andreas wants to know why nobody told him that there is no annihilation of the soul after physical death. He also wants to know why He is not on another planet and having a celestial orgy with virgins. I really do not know where he picked up such a hair-brained notion of the everafter. Man, if you find out who teaches that rubbish let me know because I want to become their best friend too. Oh, I forgot, they already are travelers with me.

I’ll have you know that I am still very much alive and active. I won’t cease to exist until the very last loser on planet Earth gives up his ghost.

No, Andreas Lubitz is not burned to crisp. His soul and spirit do not provide physical fuel. Don’t you remember? Soul and spirit are non-physical; they are non-corporeal.

No, he is not annihilated, his soul and spirit return to the spiritual source he derived his character from. Annihilation, what a bad religion that one is which teaches such foolish notions.

No, Andreas is not a god on some other celestial planet. Oh, that myth is an easy sell for suckers who want to control others. Who wouldn’t want to have a perpetual horny harem and believe they can be gods and rule others while having a celestial sex orgy and populating another planet all over again? My oh my, what people will all believe.

No, he is not in the place where he was given seven virgins after killing all those unbelieving infidel because of some suicide blast. There was no welcoming party for him by some guy called Moo-Ham-Id

No, he is not just another form of energy that is released into the universe. Don’t people know the truth that energy is never self-generated nor self-giving? Don’t they know that all energy must at all times be derived from a source and never becomes the source? – Duh!

No, he most definitely is not with the god who claims to be you in your inner self. Can you tell me please just who believes this nonsense that just because a person knows what is right and wrong that such knowledge must be the evidence of individual deity? All humans know that they need to be nicer, more patient, kinder and forgiving. But does that knowledge all of a sudden prove that it makes the holder of truth knowledge also the source of that truth knowledge? If you know to do right then why in the name of perdition do you keep doing what is wrong? What a lousy god that must make a person be who would make someone believe in lies. Don’t get me wrong, I love those ignorant teachers who keep spouting the very same lies they themselves believe. They make it easy for me. They teach everyone who will listen to them via the different talk shows, seminars, pulpits and books. The gullible fools they are, they shall remain.

No, he is not in a fiery purgatory from which he will one day escape. Ha, Ha, Ha, the pope kept all the indulgence money and didn’t pay it forward. If that were the case then even the vilest offenders will have a second chance to come out on top of the “clean heap”. Well, like I just said, the Vatican doesn’t yet know how to wire money into the everafter and what are you going to do after the fact anyway?

No, he is not in the baptized Lutheran only part of heaven. Just in case you didn’t know this, but there also isn’t even a spot reserved for book worshipers like the baptized, “King James Only Version Warriors” or the baptized “Christian Zionists”. Sorry to burst your fundamentalist, legalistic dogmatism bubble about such issues. Now that I mentioned that, I thought I saw a place for legalistic Sabbath worshipers, and proper name only worshippers. Sorry, just kidding.

But if you keep believing lies you may be able to join Andreas Lubitz. Just kidding, you don’t get to visit there either, it’s all about self-imposed isolation, torment and regret. As a matter of interest, I do not exist in that realm of the everafter and I am also no longer a companion of those with whom I had previously traveled while they lived on Earth.

No, he has not become an angel playing on a harp. In case nobody told you, angles are spirit beings and Andreas is a human being. Humans do not become angles in case nobody told you the truth.

No, he is not with Moo Ham Id and all his followers who killed themselves for the sake of “All-a-Ha-Ha”. “All-a-Ha-Ha” was just a very real bad impersonator of the Genuine, Real and Absolute who took from the essence of love and made it to be feared, who took from the essence of truth and made it a lie and who took from the essence of other toward love and made it self-serving and self-indulging.

No, he is not in the place where atheists can continue their fight against what they believe to be a non-existent god. Wow, just how much of a fool can a person become in putting up arguments against someone they believe does not even exist? Oh well, I don’t care, they love me, and I love them back. This way we stay connected and they will forever be sorry they never fully investigated the full truth.

No, he is not in a secular, non-religious environment. There is no place in the hereafter everafter where deity is excluded. But at least the secularists won’t have to put up with all that religious baffle where they go. Take my word for it, I am not a liar; there are no religions on the other side. .Again, in case nobody told you the truth, all religions are man-made attempts at pleasing themselves and at being made right from their wickedness. Appeasement to a transcendental deity or denial of guilt is the work of all religions.

No, he did not become or join a Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) group of gender dysfunctional gender bender-blenders who go and hang out at the end of a rainbow. In case you didn’t know the truth, souls are genderless where Andreas is.

I can just read your expression now; -you don’t actually believe me do you?! Well, have you ever caught me lying to you before? Trust me; you have been doing that for most of your life.

Well, what do you know for sure at this stage of your reading? I’ll tell you one thing, I sure didn’t die a physical death. So if I did not die in a physical death and if I claim to have been in the very same cockpit as Andreas Lubitz then please tell me “WHO AM I”.

What do you mean by telling me that you haven’t figured that out yet? Get busy and go online and at least enter your wildest guess.

“WHO AM I” has the identity of three words. Two of those words must be in the plural form and the other word is a preposition.


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On Testing the Spiritual Source of Thought

These are the words of the author

Some folks, who may want to clamor all over this book and denounce it as rubbish, are those whose conscience has been hijacked and who have darkened and rejected truth sufficiently enough that they now only believe in lies and thus they are the slaves of liars. You can easily identify this group of believers by looking at their character. Are these naysayers not really just believers in lies? Check them out, are they selfless or do they parade their good works for self-glory and self-importance? Are they out to profit from the medications they can peddle knowing full well that there is absolutely no scientific evidence to prove that mental illness is a real sickness and that it can be treated or can be cured by drugs? These folks themselves live according to the “Hinter Gedanke” which is spiritually sourced negativity against the essence of what God alone is.

The stigma of mental illness remains. The lie that mental illness exists and that it is treatable with a witch’s cocktail of pharmakeia is not acceptable to many individuals. Many folks know that guilt of their wrong doing is not erased with medication it is merely masked, rejected, denied or shifted on to others.

Medication does nothing to restore relationships, whereas helping others meet their needs has a greater ‘therapeutic’ value in building new relationships. Subconsciously many lies are believed by many, but on a spiritual level they know that believing in the essence of truth would help them far more than they would like to admit. If they did admit that they were wrong then this God who claims to be the essence of truth, love and right would need to be worshipped by their obedience to the truth. Why would anyone want to give up their perceived free will or freedom of choice to do whatever pleases them just so that some imaginary god can tell them how to live? Who would want to give up their will and take on the will of another – as in “Why do I have to love my neighbor and help him when he hasn’t done anything for me?” Yes, that is how a real absolute deity God is worshipped; by obedience to what is in truth and according to the law of love. And when that is entered into, all manner of mental and emotional disorder will be removed.

Well, to admit that one has been wrong for so long would be kind of embarrassing wouldn’t you agree? All of mankind’s beliefs and perceptions are all thoughts which have been processed according to personal biases finding their origins in caregiver influences. We now can realize that the mental illness stigma is rooted in a lie and that is why it will never be overcome. Both camps, the proponents and the opponents of mental health issues know that they do wrong things which could be considered as going against one’s conscience.

But just because every person knows that they themselves do wrong things and have bad attitudes and hide their true agendas and motives does not deter them from engaging in promoting more lies. The pork trough must never be dry for them, this is their livelihood, and they must become the proponents for more funding of their mental health services. They must seek to convert more believers in lies so that more would believe that the stigma of mental illness can be removed entirely. Thus mental illness becomes the excuse for why you, a normal human being, is caught up in believing lies, doing morally wrong things, and experiencing deaths in relationships. Your personal guilt, of violating against your conscience, can then be more easily transferred and shifted to something called mental illness. The spirit that rules this kind of thinking is the spirit that sets itself up against the law of love.


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Please Identify “WHO AM I” and Enter to Win

If you are not one hundred percent positive about the identity of “WHO AM I” just keep on reading because at the end of this book I’ll make an offer of a reward for the one who will properly identify “WHO AM I”.

But back to Andreas and the voice of “WHO AM I”

Oh yes, Andreas doesn’t think it is funny anymore but I love taunting him. I keep reminding him of what good buddies we were together and especially at how good I was at making him do what he really did not want to do. Well, that is what he asserts to be true now. I keep telling him that he needs to remember the fun time he had when he maneuvered that plane and took it for a wild mouse roller coaster drop ride. I keep telling him that it was better than any Six Flags drop anyone could possibly ever experience.

Wow, you should have experienced that adrenalin rush with Andreas and myself – nothing like it. Man, you can’t tell me you know what a rush is unless you’ve been in that plane with us. You have no idea what kind of fright and flight “wet your pants” type of rush everyone experienced in their last few moments of life. It was even more intense than what some good white famous celebrity boys like Robbin Williams experienced when they apparently died by – by auto-erotic asphyxiation. Whoa, did I just give out some secret information that the coroner was trying to withhold from the public? Remember, you never heard it from me. In case you haven’t clued in yet, I was there with Robbin Williams too.

These are the words of the author

In order for you to accurately find out just “WHO AM I” is you will have to join me on an investigative journey into an area of Andreas’s life which is not being covered nor revealed by any other source of investigative journalism. Even the medical practitioners and the professionals involved in his psycho-theory-therapy sessions, including his religious soul-care providers will all refrain from fully investigating what the real truth is behind this so called mental illness which Andreas suffered from.

Before I continue let us now consider again what some of those investigative journalists reporters have come up with. They have all added fuel to the notion that Andreas apparently suffered from some kind of mental illness, possibly depression or schizophrenia. After all of what you have read right after the crash, what label have you attributed to him? Are you unbiased or are you in the same camp which seeks to attribute mental illness as the primary contributing factor to the crash? Do you accept that mental illness must remain the end of the story or do you believe a further investigation needs to be conducted into what appears to be the foregone conclusion on the cause behind the crash of Germanwings Airbus flight Number 4U9525?

At the beginning of this book I have enclosed this comment which I will once again place at this location.

A Comment

“There is more to this story.....................If he wanted to commit suicide why not BEFORE or AFTER he flew that plane, why take 150 people with you??? Why go online, and research about cockpit doors, and suicide???...Wake up people unfortunately I'm afraid that we will never hear the REAL story.

In the meantime I’m sick and tired of people feeling sorry for his “mental illness”. He was not too mental to research cockpit doors, and suicide. Whatever his reason, he was a SELFISH individual taking 150 people with him to die, people who did NOT want to die. There is more to it…………………………….but the slightest hint, and we are labeled “Islamaphobe”. I have no proof, but I smell a rat, BIG TIME!!”

Come now, be as honest as you can, what is your take on this thing called mental illness?

Was Andreas Lubitz mentally ill or was he a radicalized terrorist? Was he depressed or was he hearing voices as is the case with schizophrenics? Was he hypnotized and given instructions or was he given a thought seed from some other source? Was he in fullness of his consciousness faculties or did he have a drug induced replay of a previously experienced fragment of his memory?

Tell me the truth, are you personally a liar? Have you ever lied in your life? If you have lied only once, are you then not a liar, because is it not true that only liars lie??? Can a truth teller also tell lies? No, for then he or she would be a liar and not a truth teller. Can a liar also tell truth? Yes, any liar can tell a truth. Can truth lie? No. Can the essence of truth ever be vilified as being unfaithful to itself and contain in the essence of truth even so much as a hint or a shadow of a lie? No. Does more information equal more truth? No. Do more facts substantiate truth and make truth more truthful? No. Or can facts remain without an element of truth and therefore only be referred to as being truthful yet not complete in truth? Yes. Can the knowledge of truth be only factual data if the Person of Truth is not involved relationally with that truth knowledge and the speaker of what is in truth? Yes. Come on folks, admit it, you are reading this because you are curious, but tell me the truth, are curious folks often appeased with partial truth or even with one or more of the fifty plus shades of blatantly negated truth?

Tell me the truth, are you willing to learn the truth or will you remain fixated on believing what may not be true?

Here is a question, what is the difference between a bird and a fly? Maybe this riddle will help identify the difference between a lie and a truth. One can do the other but the other cannot…

The _______________can _____________, but the _______________can’t ____________.

Thanks to my seven year old grandson Ezra for this bit of humorous insight.

Remember – I am interested in knowing the identity of “WHO AM I”.

Who or what do you believe was present in the cockpit with Andreas Lubitz?

What was it that was the actual causation for the action of that airliner downing?

I am looking for three (3) words:

_ _ _ _ _ f _ / /_ _ // _ _ _ _

7 letters//2 letters//4 letters


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“WHO AM I” – Not?

I was present in the cockpit with Andreas Lubitz when the Germanwings Airbus Flight #4U9525 crashed. – “WHO AM I”?


I am not Andreas Lubitz


I am not his death wish


I am not a human soul


I am not his inherited genetic family pass-along predisposition


I am not a thought seed


I am not a conspiracy


I am not bitterness and rage


I am not that despicable old me of his soul


I am not his vengeance thoughts


I am not his bully


I am not his anger at the world


I am not mental incompetence


I am not his emotions or feelings


I am not his memories


I am not his early development years


I am not his family


I am not his personal dream


I am not a medical condition


I am not depression, schizophrenia nor any other “mental illness”


I am not his pre-meditating suicide thoughts


I am not antidepressant drugs nor any other psychotropic drug


I am not his antidepressant medication – SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors)


I am not his pharmacist nor his psychiatrist and not pharmakeia


I am not an implanted thought seed from a hypnotist


I am not the conscience or intuition


I am not a spiritual moral cosmic cop


I am not the demon angel on his shoulder


I am not psycho-theory-therapy-logic nor any pseudo-science of psychiatry


I am not his religious affiliation


I am not a radicalized Muslim nor a Muslim cleric


I am not the jihadi Andy nor Tomato Andy


I am not a death doula nor the death midwife


I am not his fantasy


I am not a generational curse


I am not a perverted gender blender nor a perverted gender bender


I am not his financial problems


I am not a collectable life insurance policy


I am not a former friend nor his girlfriend


I am not a relationship problem


I am not hunger pain games


I am not self-confidence or knowledge


I am not a lack of parental guidance


I am not his cognitive dissonance and not his problem solving ability


I am not his forefending system


I am not a physical medical condition


I am not peer pressure


I am not his self-pity problem


I am not a “Hinter Gedanke” or a hidden thought


I am not any of 50+ shades of negated truth or spiritual negativity


I am not the Liar nor the Father of lies the devil nor the accuser known as Satan


I am not the will of Elohim nor am I a god or the Almighty Creator God – I AM.

The above list is only a small sampling of what takes place in life and everything on this list has, on many other instances, been used for explaining or laying blame as to why someone has done what they did in harming themselves or others. Any number of the above list could be considered a shade of truth when it comes in determining the real reason and cause of any tragedy but then it would only ever be a shade of truth and therefore it would only demonstrate that a lie has been believed.


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When believing in a lie a person comes under the control of the liar.

When believing in the knowledge of the essence of truth a person can change behavior and action by what some refer to as self-help attempts. But such is still only believing in other lies, albeit the lies are positivity thinking actualization attempts, they are still not the complete truth.

Truth requires that an individual be in a personal relational community where one derives what is true from the essence of truth, love, life and right and you then relate to others by that very same presence of essence in them

Now let me ask you this question, “If the essence of life were to indwell a dead body would that body not come to life and take on the character of that new spiritual essence of life?” Give it some thought, some serious thought. Okay, I may have lost some of you at this thought point, but take courage for there may be made available to you an opportunity to personally embark on an experiment journey which is far more exciting than anything you have ever experienced in your life.

In just a moment I will offer you to participate in an experiment so you may know that what I write about the essence of truth, right, light, love and life is absolute and real even when you are unable to see it in a physical kind of way. Remember, a full investigation is only valid if it involves the testing and verifying of all possible ways and options and my requirement is that you include into your investigation of truth the spiritual life functioning capacity you have been given to live by. This may be too deep for some to understand, so why not just leave it there for a few more minutes and then maybe you will have a better understanding of how to test the claims of anything that claims to be the essence rather than the vessel or the user of essence

I urge you to participate in this complete investigation of what is in truth without any preconceived ideas, reservations, biases or doubts whatsoever. Here is what you will want to do:

If you believe that 2+2=4 then in the same way believe that there is such a thing as absolute truth. Believe that this absolute truth is a person because you already know that all truth must be engaged in on a personal relational basis where one speaks truth and the other believes it because they know that the person, who is the essence of truth, cannot lie. And what good is only a speaker of truth without a listener to what is of truth who believes in the person and his character because they know the character behind the name of the speaker. But ultimately there needs to be involved yet another person. For truth to be functional it needs to be relational for that is what all manner of essence demands.

If you happen to be my boss and you instruct me in what the truth fact is to look like in relation to others you may tell me that two plus two equals four. You have at that point imparted to me the factual knowledge of truth and let us assume that I have believed you and not just the mathematical formula. I have thus believed in the person behind the imparted knowledge. Now, if I never use that acquired knowledge in any other relationship it remains static imbedded knowledge only. But, let’s say that you are my boss and I work for you in a coffee shop, like the Canadian coffee and donut chain called Tim Hortons, then I may run into difficulty with my customer and my boss if I have not learned how to accurately use the truth fact that 2 and 2 equal 4. In comes my very first customer and says to me, “I want 2 of these donuts and 2 of those donuts please”, well I better be factually true in this transaction, right? If I took those ordered donuts and picked them up with my hand and just handed them to my customer in a stack of 4 high, I have just completed a truthful and accurate transaction. Is that what would be referred to as a transaction of truth? No, it would be called a truthful action; it is filled with a lot of truth knowledge but it would be missing an element of right. Now, if you have also shown me how to accurately sell 4 donuts to a customer, by involving a right way of dispensing a truthful action then once again, it becomes necessary to involve more than just two parties to a transaction of truth and right. If I do not pass on to others what I know to be truth and right then what use am I to my employer and his valued customer.

But when you advise me on the most pleasurable way of treating your customers, always being accurate, being right with the handling of accuracy and being engaged in the social deference manner of the law of love then I would greet the customer on arrival, package the ordered donuts in a pleasing and safe manner, and complete the financial transaction promptly and with a cheerful disposition and wish them a good day.

Now if the next person comes in and asks for a large coffee and says “two and two” they would not be asking for four donuts. They would be asking for a “double-double” coffee – 2 sugar and 2 cream and I, the employee would need to learn the better and correct way of using truth knowledge in every relationship. Are you beginning to see that the essence of truth, love, right life and good are all found in the one person who is absolute and unchanging, faithful and all sufficient?

You see, when a person misses this spiritual truth, that man was made to function according to a spiritual life functioning capacity, that person will actually develop all manner of mental and emotional disorders, dysfunctions, and false beliefs about themselves and others.

Now, here is your test, take some time and talk to Him who is the essence of the community of love. He is the One and only essence of truth, love and right and therefore must be approached by those who would believe in Him as a person and not as a concept. The person of the Godhead will always reveal Himself to those who want to know truth, complete truth and love.

To those who would believe

by way of active present tense faithing in Him, – the person

and in His name, – the character of that person

who is the present tense I AM essence of truth, love and right,

to them He gave the right, the power and in full authority

to become spiritually re-birthed new life children of God

(John 1:12 EPV)


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About The Author Garry G. Laser

The author, Garry G. Laser was born in Germany in 1947. After his birth the hospital was unable to treat the infant’s medical condition and he was sent home with his mother to die there. The prayer of godly family and friends and their faith in God brought the healing God wanted to give. The family of five immigrated to Canada in 1954 and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As a child, he was raised in a German speaking home and church environment. Dogma and legalism were never far from being included in all teaching and preaching, yet at the age of 14 years through the work of the Holy Spirit, he asked Jesus to come into his life. In 1971 a beautiful and stunning young lady by the name of Nettie Reiter had come to Winnipeg to attend a family related funeral and as a result it was love at first sight. Within less than 6 months Garry convinced her that he was her man and they got married and had 4 children.

Garry and his wife currently live in Chilliwack, British Columbia and attend the Rosedale Community Church of God (affiliated with Anderson, Indiana and its heritage in the Wesleyan movement). Their 4 adult children and now five (5) grandchildren all reside within close driving proximity. What does Garry do for the most part of his day? Well, he gets up in the wee hours of the morning (12:01 to be more precise), studies and writes and then it’s off to work which commences at 5:35 AM in a cold, ‘case ready’ meat processing plant as a general laborer. At least that is the routine until he retires from there.

It was as a result of a one year separation early in their marriage that God was able to work in Garry’s life and prepare him for considering the study of Scripture. After reconciling in their marriage the young family with one child (son Kevin) at the time, moved to Germany. Garry studied at Brake Bible School for two years and the family with their second child (son Ron) returned to Canada and moved to Three Hills, Alberta where after a year of studies he graduated from Prairie Bible Institute. With their third child (daughter Cindy), a Three Hills New Year’s arrival in tow, Garry commenced his studies at North American Baptist College in Edmonton Alberta. (Currently operating as Taylor University College and Seminary). While studying at NABC he was introduced to studies in psychology. After his first semester, funds dwindled, and Garry had to consider abandoning further studies.

Garry’s work experience started at the entry level of stock boy with the Hudson’s Bay Company and within a short period of time he moved on to data processing and computer operations. He stayed within the field of computer operations until the move to Germany. When his studying years stopped, he found employment with Corrections Canada and commenced his job with corrections that had just opened the new Edmonton Maximum Security Institute. There he engaged in security and case work. At that time he also did voluntary chaplaincy work within that prison. From there he transferred to the newly opened Kent Maximum Security Institute in British Columbia and it was in Chilliwack where their fourth child (daughter Tamara) was born.

In 1985, their eldest son, 10 years of age at the time had an inner tube tobogganing accident which resulted in prolonged unconsciousness and spinal cord severance. At that time of their family life the mortgage rates were at 21% and the additional cost of borrowing funds for home renovations resulted in eventual foreclosure action commencement by the bank.

It was in this vulnerability that Garry came to believe he had freedom of choice to do whatever it would take to never again let his family down for lack of provision on his part. Garry wanted to get rich and get rich fast so nobody would ever again control his life and force him and his family out of their home. When he entered into the bankruptcy act for creditor protection and participated in the Orderly Debt Repayment program he was eventually able to pay off everything he owed, but there was one thing that really bothered him, he could not obtain a credit card for at least seven more years. That prompted him to seek any way possible to circumvent that restriction and during his pursuits in finding alternatives, he came upon the advertisements that promoted the “Get Rich Now” mail order programs. He took the bait and started selling “Get Rich” books too and that venture provided such an enormous income in only a few months that he quit his work in the field of corrections.

This trip into abundance of money, the belief in self-sufficiency and self-resourcefulness and the belief in the lie that he actually did have freedom of choice, moved him into the arena where the rich seek to hide money in offshore accounts. Such company always includes the fraudsters, the hucksters, the money launderers and the deceiving, greedy liars. Keeping such company is bound to catch up to you, and, as often happens, there are those times when people with such labels are given a temporary home away from home. Garry enjoyed such quiet respite under God’s ultimate control for 10 months in Seattle.

God has a way of catching up with all those who are His children for He has predestined all His children for the doing of good works for His good pleasure. Garry was one of those whom God wanted to change into the image of His Son. “God knew what He was doing from the very beginning. God decided from the outset to shape the lives of those who love him along the same lines as the life of his Son. The Son stands first in the line of humanity and therefore all of humanity is able to be restored in Christ. We all see the original and intended shape of our lives there in Him. After God made that decision of what his children should be like, he followed it up by calling people by name. After he called them by name, he set them on a solid basis with himself. And then, after getting them established, he stayed with them to the end, gloriously completing what he had begun.” (Romans 8:29 MSG) Garry was one of the names God lovingly called, and finally Garry heard.

I believe this short autobiography of Garry’s life will shed some light and insight on what it is that God wants to ultimately accomplish in him in the way of maturing faith and come to use, from his personal life experiences, in the writings of Soulology, the PinPoint Soul-Logical Understanding book series; where the Divine Self Being restores the human self being.

Garry is a follower of Jesus Christ; he is the husband of one, father of four, and a grandfather; a lover of God’s church and a general laborer in the service of God.

Praise be to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen


Note from the Author

Thank you so much for reading this book. If you have enjoyed it and have received a blessing may I kindly ask you to leave a review at your favorite retailer?

Thank You,



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Other Books by Garry G. Laser

What does Garry do for the most part of his day? Well at the time of writing this book, he gets up in the wee hours of the morning, studies and writes and then goes to work in a cold, meat processing plant as a general laborer. I am not a professional and do not seek to give any kind of medical advice. What I aim to do is to enlighten on how the spiritual life functioning capacity of man must be included and understood when studying the human development in their soul.

In the past I have worked in the field of computer operations, nursing care, federal maximum security corrections, and various entrepreneurial ventures. My exposure to my very own dysfunctionality and the dysfunction of mankind in his and her normal everyday type of relational workforce environment have provided me with invaluable assistance in my learning journey of Soulology.

I consider that as a believer in the Person of Truth, Love and Right that I must remain a teachable disciple of Jesus Christ. In the process of writing down what insights and illuminations I have received from God in and through my continuous study of the Scriptures and through an active listening to the life of Christ in me, I have come to use the terms “Soulology”, “Soul Care”, “PinPoint Soul-Logical Understanding” and “Help for the Self in Our Soul” with the implied connectedness in relation to man’s spiritual life functioning capacity. I have come to believe that the human soul is a becoming – a developing soul and that by .default it is governed by the many lies a person has learned to accept and believe in since their in-utero experience.

In my studies I have come to understand that the problems of the soul, – the human psyche, can only be properly addressed when we consider all three life functioning capacities of the human being. To believe in fragments of truth or in true factual data is not the same as believing in the Person of Truth. The non-meritorious activity of believing always involves the spiritual life functioning capacity which, sad to say has become the missing link or the rejected link of psychiatry and psychology.

Many Scripture quotes in my writings use all manner of versions and. for accuracy and historicity‘s sake you may want to have your Authorized King James Version handy and refer to it whenever a different translation is used. My intent is not to add to or remove from truth, but at times I have found it useful to present a different word or an expanded inclusive number of words and ideas as is routinely the manner used when we listen to sermons. Expounding, enhancing and expanding on a particular Scripture verse is exactly what a preacher does in a sermon and in a bible study. We talk about a verse and then add to that discussion what we have learned from the Holy Spirit about that particular verse being examined and seek to bring every thought into the obedience of Jesus Christ. Well, I do the same in the EPV. So far, much time has been spent by me in writing the Enhanced and Expanded PinPoint Paraphrase Version (EPV) and I doubt if I will ever finish it, but at least the verses I have had a need to use in my writings are worked on as I find a need.


Soulology 101

From Whence Cometh Mental Illness … an Introduction

Exposing the missing link of psycho-theory-therapy-logic

From Whence Cometh Mental Illness? This is an introduction to what I call PinPoint Soul-Logical Understanding. I believe that no soul can be properly studied without considering all three of our life functioning capacities. Because scientific psychological/psychiatric research has rejected one of these capacities, which does not require “rational” thought, there is now a scrambling in the search for the missing link – that which is spiritual and involves conscience and intuition.

There is more than a computer mouse linked to thought sourcing which becomes obedience in action to that thought source. The human brain is an amazing organ and it is used by our will, our mind and our emotion. The brain however is not the soul nor is the brain the seat of mental illness nor is it from where mental and emotional hellish issues are sourced.

So what function does the brain play as we understand mental illness and how it affects the neuro chemistry of the brain? I would suggest that the brain must be viewed to be the playground in which, what we in our society call mental illness, gets to hard wire certain pathways for thought patterns and emotional triggers.

The brain becomes the storage and the processing center of something which it is not in and of itself. The brain is not the soul, yet the major functioning elements of the soul use the brain to accomplish the purposes of the source from whence cometh the thought source mastery over the human soul.

The human soul has long been an enigma. Many a person has had thoughts as to why we do what we do and how what we do has such control over the way we think and feel, or is it the other way around – we often wonder. As we can so readily see, the soul presents a great opportunity for studying the human being. But why spend money on ‘Psycho-Theory-Therapy-Logic’ when you can have FREE help to rid the “self” in your soul from all mental and emotional hellish issues simply by a change in derivative sourcing?

The study of the human soul goes way back to the Greek philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato and Socrates among others. They themselves were seduced by their pantheistic religion and the mythology they loved and accepted.

Among this mythology we find many names of gods and goddesses, and on further study we find that each such deity of man was a deity of insufficiency and of need. Among the many mythology names we come across these character – a young maiden by the name of Psyche, the goddess of Aphrodite, her son Eros and the love child of Psyche and Eros being the daughter by the name of Hedone, meaning pleasure and bliss.

In mythology, the young and beautiful maiden Psyche was a melancholic, always strongly regretful and mourning lonely person. She was sick in body and woefully wounded in her heart. She loathed who she was, her beauty even when the world seemed to love her and admire her for her beauty. Eventually Psyche became fixated on her ever increasing desire for Eros. Her desire was for the god of desire.

According to mythology, everything came together, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, her son Eros and his wife Psyche and their daughter Hedone. Apparently all came together in love and ‘soul’ for that is what the word psyche means.

Psyche has thus become the Greek word we use for soul and it is even used in the Greek translation words of the Scriptures. And that is not where the problem lies. The problem I wish to address in this series of books and writings is that the study of psycho-logic has its origins in this milieu of self-serving, and self-indulging hedonistic desire for the god of desire and pleasure.

Sigmund Freud is often touted as being the father of modern psychology, and as he studied the human soul he was always drawn to the sexual aspect of human suffering just as in Greek mythology.


Soulology 201

The Essence of Light for the Dark Soul

Never Enough? Start sourcing from the faithful supply of sufficiency

Who ever heard of real love being present in hell?! Well if we do not pass along the love of God to others, and we do not return the love of God to God in the way that the essence of love must go, then we are the ones who hoard the benefits of this love and that results in the malfunction of the soul. Is there not a saying “Too much of a good thing will harm you?

A hedonistic and a narcissistic self-love indulging will harm and even kill relationships. The more esteem we seek for our self the greater the mental and emotional disorders and dysfunctions will end up controlling our self-serving, self-indulging and self-centered life.

In this book we come to understand that the essence of a thing must adhere to the laws of that essence. Essence of light never diminishes and never leaves a shadow. When the essence of light comes into a darkened human soul it gives visibility. The essence of a thing such as light is always giving of itself for the benefit of others without diminishing its value. When benefits of this essence of light, truth, love, right, faithful and life are to be useful to anyone they must involve a personal relationship to that essence. In other words, there always is a derivative benefit from such essence without there having to be a consciously aware connectedness.

When the essence of a thing is to be considered as self-giving then the recipient of its benefits must also involve those benefits in a social, relational and communal pass along activity. Any human person who refuses to pass along 1) the benefit of light in understanding others; 2) the care for life’s needs to another creature; 3) being faithful to ones words and promises; 4) the correcting of wrongs done to another by setting things right; 5) the passing along of procreated life to continue within a relational community and finally but not excluding anything else 6) the communication and speaking in unadulterated truth with others, such a person will find themselves in violation of at least one law of what essence demands of the beneficial recipient.

In addition to that law of essence which is the pass along law, there is also the law which requires that the beneficiary return an understanding as to where this pass along benefit is derived from. If I should give you a million of something, you may feel indebted to me personally. But if I tell you the truth as to who provided that million and more to me in the first place then I am also passing along truth in a communal relationship between myself and you and in relationship with the one from whom I derived the benefit I am sharing with you. When this law of essence is omitted, I would be a hoarder of worship and of praises.

If I did not return worship and praise to my faithful supply of sufficiency then I would suffer great mental and emotional disorder for that is equivalent to living in a lie and that can only go on for so long until something overloads.

Come in and study this essence of light and so much more and find out how this essence of light is also the essence of truth, love and right and so much more and how all essence elements are that which makes God not just who He is but WHAT He alone is – our faithful supply of sufficiency.


Soulology 301

Death and Life in a Soul

When was “I” not yet “Me”?

Brokenness, shame, guilt and our unaddressed vulnerabilities all have an effect on how we form beliefs in lies. From as early as the in-utero development of a human self in its soul, negativity against God’s perfect character of love keep us enslaved to doing exactly what the Liar wants us to do. The power is never with the liar, nor is there power in a lie. The power and control over our lives comes not from the lies we have been told but it comes from the power we give to the liar when we believe their lies. Believe a lie and you become the slave of a liar. Mental and emotional hellish life are all connected to the lies we believe.

Within our human subconscious mind we will find the auto pilot directory of the real “me” in our self. This “me” has developed, habituated and formed us to become the deep secret hidden real character and personality we so often attempt to hide from others.

Within the subconscious mind we find:

1) Our various beliefs we had entered into while we were experiencing life from our in-utero fetus stage onward,

2) The habits, skills and abilities we have formed and learned by repetitive activity of thought and action,

3) The triggers which keep moving our thought patterns to travel along genetically predisposed and specific previously-engaged in neuro pathways within our brain circuitry and

4) The triggers that derail volitionally controlled emotional responses.

When is a soul dead and in the grips of the dying death continuum?

When does a soul experience completeness of life while on planet Earth?

When does a soul have an active will and when is a soul’s will controlled against what it knows it ought to do?

When is darkness of a soul the darkness of wicked and evil narcissism and psychopathy where remorse and feelings for others no longer exist?

God made man to operate according to three life functioning capacities. When we take a closer look at the discipline of psychology we will notice that it studies only two of these human life functioning capacities and rejects that which is the non-rational and instinctive or intuitive realm – the missing link – the spiritual life functioning capacity. How we function according to all three capacities determines what our derived character nature will express as inner behavior and as outward action.

The soul is by default in the dying death continuum but when the essence of light shines into that dark and dead soul it comes to reveal what the absolute reality of the essence of light, truth, right, good, life and love is. It is life changing for anyone diagnosed with mental illness.

As we realize the power of light to reveal dark hidden unresolved issues from our “me” past, our hurts, our insecurities and our vulnerabilities, we can only marvel at the awesomeness of this essence. But essence becomes most valuable when we use what the benefits of this essence provides to our life as we pass it along to others for their pleasurable benefits as well.

When we are enabled by faithing obedience to live within this active present tense activity we will be living the life of “I” – that is to say we will be living in His present tense activity of His I AM Love, I AM Truth and I AM Light.


Soulology 401

Your 3 Life Functioning Capacities

Conjunctive Development not Congenital Dysfunction

When we begin to understand that our soul develops by way of deriving its character from one of two spiritual sources we can soon begin to identify where we individually are sourcing our thoughts from. Do we source from the knowledge of the essence of truth, do we source our thoughts from that which negates truth, do we source our thoughts from our subconscious mind and memories or do we source our thoughts from the essence of truth directly?

The one thing psycho-theory-therapy does not tap into when it is used in behavior modification is the spiritual life functioning capacity by which the soul derives its spiritually sourced character.

In this book you will find out how to identify the thought source you are most tapped into and how you can capture those thoughts and bring them to an obedience to what you know is right and good, in love and in truth.

There are three distinct life functioning capacities man operates by -BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT. Understanding and knowing our "self" as functioning in these three capacities will assist us in our Christian walk of faith and move us into spiritual maturity.

Is it not time to understand exactly how we as human self-beings function and become that “Despicable Old Me” in the self of our soul? Where does our ugliness, our fearfulness, our negativity and our dark psychology of self-indulging, self-serving and self-focus in our character come from? How do the human operating systems such as conscience, intuition and forefending affect us?


Soulology 501

Removing Your Mental and Emotional Hell

Guaranteed or you can have your “Hell” back

What is the myth we have heard about Christians and emotional problems? Does the myth state: ‘Christians should not have emotional problems’ as Dr. Dwight L. Carlson originally presented in his book ‘Why Do Christians Shoot Their Wounded? Helping Not Hurting Those with Emotional Difficulties’ or is the myth the notion that ‘God needs help in healing emotional problems in a person’s life’?

If you have read all the previous Soulology books I wrote in this series, you will have an understanding that mental and emotional disorders as listed in the DSM are in some manner associated to beliefs in lies. From the least to the most severe cases as listed therein, if God is not capable of using spiritual truth in setting psychological suffering individuals free, then we really do have a small ‘g’ god. Would such a god then not also need the generous help of psycho-theory-therapy-logic offered to mankind by the very profession that seeks to discredit the spiritual life functioning capacity within the human self being?

From the time we are born we begin to accumulate every life experience. Memories are formed and beliefs are developed. Believe in just one lie and it can ruin your joy and peace on planet Earth. If memories are not sanctified you will experience many triggers of unwanted and undesirable emotions. Memories need to be sanctified; they need to be divested of emotional baggage feelings and negativity thoughts.

The spiritual life functioning capacity of man brings to the psychology researcher’s agenda a long neglected tool for understanding truth about how emotions from past experiences can be removed from the human memory bank within the subconscious mind.

Forgiveness is a spiritual activity which affects every other facet of human existence. Real forgiveness requires that the offender pay a price or set things right. So how do we get around that requirement when someone simply has no remorse for their actions and behavior? How do we deal with malignant narcissists and psychopaths? Is there more than just forgiveness we need to know about when it comes to abusers?

By forgiving our offenders and our victimizers we remove the toxicity which permeates the entire soul. When the toxic root of bitterness is removed it completely allows us to heal from painful emotions and thereafter experience healing in relationships.

Removing the hellish toxicity with newness of life and sanctification of our memories brings about an unexplainable peace and joy.


Soulology in ONE

Receive Fullness of Light for Your Soul

The Soulology Series – Your Mental Health Counts

Volume 1-5 Combo

Because man is a becoming soul, he has to have a default start position and if God created man then how come he turned out so depressed, angry, addicted and fearful?

All of our life experiences are attached by emotions and then stored in our subconscious mind. If our everyday response to others is not in the present tense activity of faith, we will revert to auto-responding according to habituation within that ‘despicable old me’. Understanding annoyances, frustrations and the thought process of anger engagement will help us in freeing the hellishness buried deep in the unconscious ‘me’.

Man has three life functioning capacities. Psychology studies only two and rejects that which has become the missing link. How we function determines what our derived character nature expresses as inner behavior and outward action.

Man is not self-resourceful, he is a creature of need and as such is dependent and contingent. Does man have free will or freedom of choice in determining whether he will be walking along the good side of societal life or on the wicked side of society?

Do we really understand who offered the concept of freedom of choice for making moral and ethical decisions?


Soulology on Depression

Depression Free Forever … and For Men Too

Depression is a condition that apparently affects 1 in 10 Americans. We are told that over 80% of people who experience symptoms of clinical depression do not receive any specific treatment or therapy. Depression is most prevalent in ages 45-64 and women are twice as likely to have depression as men of the same age whatever age that may be. We are also told that every year there is a 20% increase in the number of people who are diagnosed with depression according to: healthline.com/health/depression/statistics.

Deborah Wan of the WHO writes this “It is now estimated that 350 million people globally are affected by depression,” In her report she also writes, “What is depression? Depression is a common mental disorder that presents with depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, decreased energy, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, and poor concentration. Moreover, depression often comes with symptoms of anxiety. These problems can become chronic or recurrent and lead to substantial impairments in an individual’s ability to take care of his or her everyday responsibilities. At its worst, depression can lead to suicide. Almost 1 million lives are lost yearly due to suicide, which translates to 3000 suicide deaths every day. For every person who completes a suicide, 20 or more may attempt to end his or her life (WHO, 2012).”

Just reading these kind of statistics is enough to bring almost any person who works in the mental health industry to a place of hopelessness themselves. It is because of the ever increasing bleakness and the ever growing ominous cloud of depression among humankind that I felt called to write this book. When hope is lost the heart becomes faint and the dream dies and without a vision man perishes in self-pity and increases in anger against himself, others and against God.

This book, “Depression Free Forever… and For Men Too” came about due to my personal involvement with many individuals whom I have gotten to know and work with over the years. I’ve talked to them wherever I worked be it in the nursing home, in prisons, in schools and within the various church fellowships and congregations. What really disturbs me the most however is the sheer numbers of church going people who claim to be suffering from depression, anxiety, loneliness and many other so called “mental illness” symptoms. What this tells me is that many of those who belong to the church of God on a global scale, have somehow switched their worshipping allegiance and have become “mental health” self-worshippers.

When God took me into His Holy Spirit’s school of truth teaching I learned more than in any other academic classes I attended. He taught me to understand things about the soul of man which I had never learned before under any other teacher or preacher. He taught me how to gain pinpoint soul-logical understanding on things concerning “mental health”, inner behavior, belief system formation, character development, thought sourcing and the outward actions which we live by as we all become obedient to the thought source we are deriving spiritual direction from.

In this book I share with you the spiritual insights I have learned especially as it pertains to this subject of depression, mental illness and psychiatry professionals. I also openly discuss the failures of pastors and preachers in having bought into believing the lies of this pseudo-scientific profession and how that has resulted in the ever growing number of spiritually crippled churchy members. How can we who claim the power of the blood of Jesus Christ and His victory over the stranglehold of sin and death be of any help to others when we are the ones who cower in fear of our own thoughts and moods and have no idea of what it means to be active present tense faithing believers in truth.?

There are many questions we need to ask ourselves in order to understand depression and many of those hard questions will be answered here in this book. Questions like, Is it wrong to be depressed? What is the root cause of depression? What about chemical imbalances? What are the emotional and physical symptoms?

I also address the many causes of depression as they have been so called by psychologist and some of these “causes” have been referred to as emptiness, weakness, unmet goals, inferiority complex, social media, singleness, loss, money, suppressed emotions, and lack of assertiveness. I also address the issues of medication and natural alternatives to drugs.

Throughout the book I keep asking the same question as to what depression and mental health is really all about and by that manner I seek to engage your newly gained spiritual truths which you may have learned up to that point. Hopefully you’ll gain a clearer sense as to what the entire scope of depression is all about as I seek to refresh your mental discussion and the thoughts on that which belongs to gaining a deeper pinpoint soul-logical understanding. Will you have found the answers to such questions as: Can depression be treated without drugs? What works best for coping and staving off depression? Can any religion be of any help?

When discussing depression and mental health, suicide must also be addressed and I do take a candid look at self-harm and self-murder in the context of spiritual truth. You may be surprised at learning how the field of mental health has become a religion of self-worship and that suicide has become one’s own attempt to sacrifice one’s body for one’s own guilt. All I can say and warn you about is to stay clear of the evils of psychiatry for it definitely has its tentacle right into the top leadership of so many churches and denominations.

But above all of that which is negative about depression, there is this awesome and beautiful side so many folks never see. I discuss the beautiful side of depression and also recapture all the 10 “CALL TO ACTION STEPS” at the end of the book for easy reference.

I am so confident in the ability and the power of Him who is the essence of truth, love and right that He is able to restore any soul of man or woman, be they child or senior, to a place of complete “mental health” that both my publisher and I, GUARANTEE to help you become Depression Free Forever or we will sadly agree with you that you deserve to have all of your depression symptoms back. No questions asked.

That is right, just believe into the essence of truth and love and He – GOD, will give to you all that is necessary to actively engage in the 10 “CALL TO ACTION STEPS”. Yes, you can be Depression Free Forever and depression need never again become a part of your life.


Suicide Downed Airliner Mysteries Solved (Germanwings…)

Soulology on 50 plus Shades of Truth

Who Am I?”

As human beings we all have this deep innate desire to know the truth. But exactly how does a person come to know what is true and what is speculation, theory, conjecture, wishful thinking or even media-manipulation? Is a partial or an incomplete truth really true or is it something else?

The Germanwings Airbus crash was indeed a very horrid thing to behold. The story of how 144 passengers died along with six crew members is something that shocked us all. We were deeply touched in our hearts and our minds went to those who perished. Our prayers now as they were then are with those who continue to grieve and feel the loss of their loved ones.

Although many other parts of the globe have daily experiences of lives being snuffed out by natural disaster, acts of war, intent, neglect or accident we all, at times, wonder, “Why did that have to happen to my loved one?”

Have you ever been able to determine a beneficial purpose in dying? I have asked myself that very same question and many other related questions on different occasions. If we are all already in a state of dying at conception, why do so many have the idea that they need to hasten its occurrence? Why self-murder? Why mass murder? Why murder for compassionate grounds or kill someone for passions of the heart? Why kill someone for financial gain when there is no “Everafter Bank” to send one’s gained wealth to?

In this book I will identify to every reader that there was a presence within the cockpit of Germanwings flight 4U9525 which greatly influenced Andreas Lubitz to do what he did. Many readers who followed the various media reports as they were generated from mere tidbits of information have had some fairly good insight about that case. As I scanned over some of the over 6,000 comments made to a particular online site, there was one that struck me in a particular way.

I want to acknowledge that person and have therefore included that comment in this book because it was the catalyst which prompted me to write about the voice of what was present within the cockpit when many of us just presumed that the co-pilot Andreas was alone. The truth be told, there was much more going on than depression or religious terrorism.

In an attempt at writing about this voice that comes to us even today, from a Germanwings crash victim’s grave in the French Alps, I am forced to become this dual identity. I must remain the author who has the responsibility to use his soulology and pinpoint soul-logical understanding as I inform about the soul’s invisible workings. In addition to my personal author identity I must also play the role of the “WHO AM I” identity presence within the cockpit at the time of the crash. At times I find myself switching back and forth between these two and you may find that I may have used the reference “we” as being inclusive of myself as a human being but in that instance it must be exclusive of the “WHO AM I” identity.

This study of the human soul takes a different approach to what is commonly referred to as being the study of the human psyche. Although I spend a fair bit of time identifying that the “WHO AM I” is not this or that, I found it important to spend more time on the subject of the conscience of mankind even though “WHO AM I” is not the conscience. I discuss ‘WHO AM I” in an openly revealing manner, because it is the very same “WHO AM I” in every crime committed and yet it is the one thing so often rejected by mainstream psychology and psychiatry.

I hold forth that this book is a good to read book if you are a truth seeker. If you adhere to religious or philosophical, secular or humanistic precepts you will find that your thinking will be challenged. You may or you may not know whether what you are about to read in this book is in truth or not, but you can rest in the assurance that after you have read it and you eventually come to the conclusion as to the identity of “WHO AM I”, that you will know a lot more about how to identify what is not in truth.

In order to engage you, my readers, in helping identify the “WHO AM I” presence in the cockpit with Andreas Lubitz, when we all thought that he was alone, I needed to establish a way to see just how many readers would be able to grasp how different soulology is from other studies of the soul and the psyche of man. You are encouraged to participate with all of your reasoning abilities as we, the community of truth seekers, seek to know what is in truth about that fateful event.

I have already listed what I refer to as a mere 50+ Shades of Truth. Everything that is not the complete truth may in fact contain elements of truth, but when even a small minute particle of complete spiritual truth is negated, it is a lie. When the truth bank of our spiritual moral conscience is excluded from the research in and the study of any vile and evil act, be it school shootings, financial corruption and political upheaval, there will always only ever be one or more shades of truth falsely identified as being the precipitator or the cause for destructive behavior.

If a person really wants to know the real truth behind any act of intentional terror, violence and destruction of life and or property, they must be willing to go beyond speculative psychologically theorized reasoning as to what could have been the underlying causes. When engaging the full knowledge of truth, right and love, in any psychological research and study it will add an accuracy and completeness dimension to such studies as never seen before. Any search for truth which rejects and or refuses a full investigation by excluding the soul-logical approach which requires the input of spiritual truth knowledge will only be able to offer fractional understanding.



• [+ The pilots who immolated themselves and their passengers+]

“Pilot suicide” is believed to explain five crashes in the last 20 years, including Germanwings Flight 9525

The name Younes Khayati is not remembered in aviation history. Yet this 32-year-old Moroccan was the first pilot ever to deliberately crash an airliner laden with passengers.

On August 21 1994, he steered himself and 43 other human beings on board Royal Air Maroc Flight 630 into the Atlas Mountains.

Since then, four more pilots have broken the ultimate taboo and chosen to immolate their own planes and kill not only themselves but all of those entrusted to their care.

The evidence now suggests that Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525, can be added to this short and tragic list.

For the first 60 years after commercial airline services began in the 1930s, there is no record of any pilot choosing this atavistic method of suicide. Some decided to fly solo missions that ended with their own deaths; one Russian pilot stole an Antonov and flew into a block of flats inhabited by his divorced wife in Novosibirsk, killing 12 people on the ground in 1976.

But Khayati was the first to ensure that a planeload of passengers shared his final journey, diving an ATR-42 airliner into the Atlas Mountains soon after taking off from Casablanca.

Since that incident, “pilot suicide” has become the received explanation for a series of tragedies. Some believe that it lies behind the disappearance Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 last year but nothing has been proven.

It is probable, however, that Tsu Way Ming, a Singaporean captain, plunged a Boeing 737 into the Musi River in Indonesia, killing 97 passengers and six of his fellow crew members in 1997.

Two years later, Gameel Al-Batouti, an Egyptian co-pilot, crashed a Boeing 767 into the Atlantic Ocean barely half an hour after taking off from New York, ending 216 lives. And in 2013, Herminio dos Santos Fernandes, a Mozambican captain, killed himself and 32 others by flying into the ground in Namibia.

Lubitz, the first European pilot to behave in this way, appears to have used the same method as all the others. He chose a moment when the captain was absent in the lavatory to lock himself in the cockpit, disengage the auto-pilot and then steer the Airbus A320 into the Alps.

The compulsion to kill oneself and a random assortment of innocent people can only be explained by “fury or a psychosis”, said Phillip Hodson, a Fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

A suicidal pilot might be so infuriated – and so determined to take revenge on his employer in the most dramatic way possible – that he becomes “temporarily psychopathic in the sense that you cannot empathise with the passengers behind you,” said Mr. Hodson.

“Human being can go into windows of psychosis from an apparently normal way of life.”

Now that five pilots have chosen this method of suicide in 20 years – after decades without a single incident of this kind – the danger is that a taboo might have been broken.

“One of the worries is about copycats,” added Mr. Hodson. “Human beings think of doing things because other people have done them.”


[+ True Story about False Memories+]

Abuses of Psychiatry”,

Psychiatry and Social Control”

[+ “Psychotropic Drug Medications”+]

Psychology/Psychiatry and the Church”

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Suicide Downed Airliner Mysteries Solved (Germanwings…)

“Who Am I?” In this book I will identify to every reader that there was a presence within the cockpit of Germanwings flight 4U9525 which greatly influenced Andreas Lubitz to do what he did. Many readers who followed the various media reports as they were generated from mere tidbits of information have had some fairly good insight about that case. As I scanned over some of the over 6,000 comments made to a particular online site, there was one that struck me in a particular way. I want to acknowledge that person and have therefore included that comment in this book because it was the catalyst which prompted me to write about the voice of what was present within the cockpit when many of us just presumed that the co-pilot Andreas was alone. The truth be told, there was much more going on than depression or religious terrorism. This study of the human soul takes a different approach to what is commonly referred to as being the study of the human psyche. Although I spend a fair bit of time identifying that the “WHO AM I” is not this or that, I found it important to spend more time on the subject of the conscience of mankind even though “WHO AM I” is not the conscience. I discuss ‘WHO AM I” in an openly revealing manner, because it is the very same “WHO AM I” in every crime committed and yet it is the one thing so often rejected by mainstream psychology and psychiatry. You may or you may not know whether what you are about to read in this book is in truth or not, but you can rest in the assurance that after you have read it and you eventually come to the conclusion as to the identity of “WHO AM I”, that you will know a lot more about how to identify what is not in truth.

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Suicide Downed Airliner Mysteries Solved (Germanwings…) Suicide Downed Airliner Mysteries Solved (Germanwings…)