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Mario V. Farina

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This is a book that, I expect, will be read by only a few. Among those few may be several students or their parents. It may be that this book will be read by only one student. It does not matter to me. If I am able to help even that one student, I will feel that the time I spent authoring this book and publishing it will be worth much more than that.

You may be a student or the parent of a student that has finished high school but is not yet ready for college, or may not even be able to go to college because of the expense. You may feel that the high school education that you had, or that he or she had, was inadequate for the life that the student will be embarking upon.

There are many places in our country that are not graduating work-ready employees. Thankfully, there are many other places that are receiving excellent education. This book is not addressed to those people, but to those who feel that further education is necessary.

At the very minimum, students who graduate from high school, should be able to speak English well. I don’t mean they should simply be able to communicate; they should be able to communicate with excellent use of grammar. They should also be able to write well including letters and reports. With arithmetic, they should be able to do elementary addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division manually. Yes, calculators are available to do these calculations automatically. No one should be content with machines only being necessary for the calculations they need. Everyone should be able to do simple arithmetic.

Without the minimum skills mentioned above, a student may find it difficult to find even the most menial of jobs. With the skills, a student should be able to land a decent job, with some possibilities for advancement. However, just a few possibilities for advancement, should not be enough. With additional education, an individual should be able to land a job that is well above average in providing a living wage.

Some additional skills that a student graduating from high school should have are such additional ones as knowledge of the world in which they live, the countries, their locations, their languages, and a bit about their culture. They should have a minimum amount of knowledge about the universe in which they live in, the stars, planets, galaxies, and other subjects related to space and the universe.

The should have, at least, a cursory knowledge of electricity, engines, chemistry, mechanics, medicine, weather, stocks, and other everyday topics. When I say cursory I mean a tiny bit. It’s my belief that when a person knows a little bit about something, they will learn more and more about it through osmosis, without even have trying.

In order to qualify for better jobs, they should have an understanding of United States and world history. What were the most important events that have occurred in the history of the world and of humans. What were the most important events involving the United States, when was the country born, what happened over the years, the wars, the economies, the politics, the inventions, and similar other topics.

It is my opinion that an employee when beginning jobs who has a better education than those around him or her will begin to stand out and get promotions. I feel that even with promotions, an individual should never be satisfied with their lot in life. If at all possible they should continue their education, and the get a four year degree in college with a specialty that is useful to the business world. There are many opportunities for students to receive grants, to pay as they go, to get credit for life experiences, and to earn a degree though it may take several years to accomplish this. There are many jobs in the business world that require a college degree for evening applying for them.

How do I propose that an individual who knows that he or she has not been adequately trained for the business world should fill the gaps? I think that person can take evening courses, take courses while looking for work, and even engage tutors. Nowadays, the best jobs go to the best educated people. The American dream is delivered most easily to the best educated. It behooves everyone to get the best education they can, then strive for more. There is never a time in the life of an individual when the need for education becomes unnecessary.

I need to iterate that there are many places in this country where education is excellent. I am not addressing students and parents in those areas. There are however, many schools that are not doing a good job in educating their students. A student graduating from one of those schools should not be satisfied with the status quo. I would recommend that they take the initiative to get the education that they are entitled to.

If this book is being read by a student who agrees with what I am saying, but does not know how to begin, I would suggest that they see an advisor at the school from which they graduated, or from another that they respect more. I would be happy to help anyone who requests it at no charge. Simply email me, and I will respond.

Where you found this book, you will also find another that I authored entitled “are you truly educated.” This book is free for downloading, and it may be a good one for you to look into while you aren’t endeavoring to accomplish the objective that I have mentioned in this book.


  • ISBN: 9781370986989
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-11-02 05:35:08
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