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Street Dogs

Street Dogs


By: Daisy, Angelina, Wilma and Ella






Chapter 1: Street Dogs in India                    Page 3-4


Chapter 2: Street Dog Stories       Page 5-6


Chapter 3: Dog Behavior                          Page 7-8   


Chapter 4: How to Help          Page 9-10


Bibliography Page 11

About the Authors Page 12



Street Dogs in India


There are over 30 million street dogs in India. The street dogs are actually a breed called the Pariah dog. No one knows how the Pariah dog came to India, only that it is the ancestor of the Australian Dingo and that it has existed for 15,000 years or more.

There are a lot of street dogs in India because there is a lot of garbage on the street which is what the street dogs eat. There are street dogs in other countries too. Sometimes they use to be pets and are abandoned.





Population Control


The obvious method of controlling the number of the dogs is either removing them or killing them. It is not effective because there are so many. Dogs have territories, which means they live in the respective area. When they are taken away from their territory, these things happen:

1. Garbage (their food) is still around and available so other Pariah dogs from the areas near by move into the vacant territory.


2. Puppies growing up in the surrounding areas take over the unoccupied area. The small handful of dogs that aren’t captured fight the new dogs, meaning there are frequent dog-fights.


3. Because they are not sterilised, the dogs escape and keep on mating, which means more fighting and an increase in population.

4. During the fights, dogs can accidentally be aggressive to humans near by, so many people get bitten.

5. Mother dogs tend to attack humans if they come too close to their offspring

6. Pariah dogs breed fast, 2 litters of puppies are given birth to each year. People have estimated that in 3 years 2 dogs can produce 300 more dogs.


Did you know: bites and rabies from dogs causes around 20,000 human deaths each year in India. If you are bitten by a street dog see a doctor immediately.


Street Dog Stories

Leo’s Story


Hi, my name is Leo and this is my story.                                        

As soon as I was born I was bundled away from my mother to another home. I cried and whined for my mother but I would get smacked on the face. Then I remember a little boy taking me into his warm house. It was so good to get a tummy scratch. I was walked daily, feed three times a day and got to play in the park when Rupert was free.


But   ….. all boys grow up. The day he left for college was the day my life was about to change. For about  a week my regular schedule went on with Rupert’s house keeper except for free time. One day my walk seemed longer than usual and I didn’t know what was happening at the time but then it all made sense . The housekeeper left me in a corner of rubbish and walked away . I tried to go to her but she shooed me away. She was leaving for good. I was hungry for many days and I only got food once a week. Kids threw stones at me for fun but it hurt and wasn’t that funny. Please help me. I want to be loved again. I can be just as cute and cuddly. Please I promise.

This is Leo.


Lali’s Story


My name is Lali. I am a stray on the streets of  LalBagh, Bangalore. I was born not that long ago. On an average day I get food and a corner to sleep in. But I want more, I want a home. I dream of having a family that loves me, feeds me and plays with me. I would not mind going to the vet or being chained. Why wouldn’t they take me in? What’s wrong with me? I would be better than the other dogs, I would be just as faithful, alert and as friendly as the other dogs. Pain flared on my head. A sharp stone. It seems I have wandered to close to a family. I ran away with a throbbing head. I wish I had a family to love me.



This is Lali.

Dog Behavior


The Indian Pariah Dog’s behavior means different things. How other dogs act can tell a dog if he’s friendly or aggressive. If you don’t want the dogs to attack you, there are a few things that should signal it that your friendly. If a street dog approaches you could:

p<>{color:#000;}. Lick your lips

p<>{color:#000;}. Yawn

p<>{color:#000;}. Don’t make eye contact

p<>{color:#000;}. Stand sideways to the dog

p<>{color:#000;}. Let them approach to sniff you (Don’t raise your hand, that can startle them and make them bite)


These actions are what dogs use, to say “I’m peaceful, I won’t hurt you”. Most dogs use this body language. You should make the dog think that you mean no harm and are just passing by. If a dog attacks, that is probably because you did something,  which to a dog, is aggressive.





p<>{color:#000;}. Stare at them

p<>{color:#000;}. Shout

p<>{color:#000;}. Wave your arms

p<>{color:#000;}. Run or walk towards them


That sort of tells the dog that you’re angry and/or wants to fight. Other dogs bark, run to the other dog to fight. They look straight at their target. Waving makes you look big and scary so they will defend themselves. If you do these actions the dog will most likely bark and try to bite you.


If a dog bites you, you should go to a hospital to get it checked because dogs can carry diseases. You should also avoid running around because the dogs will think you want to play and will chase after you. When a Pariah Dog fights, they bite each other and run around, disrupting people.


How to Help


You can help by:


p<>{color:#000;}. Raising money for CARE and other rescue centres

p<>{color:#000;}. Share this book with others to educate them

p<>{color:#000;}. If you see an injured street dog, call a shelter





You can make a change in a street dog’s life.

















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About the Authors


This is a book that we are doing as part of the action in our PYP Exhibition 2017 at Stonehill International School, Bengaluru, India. We found that many people don’t understand or appreciate the history of the Pariah dog in India. This book gives you information and different stories about street dogs in India. We decided to make a book to educate people about how to behave when seeing a street dog. After you have read this book you can learn how to help street dogs have a better life.






Street Dogs

This is an information book about the Pariah Dogs of India, otherwise known as street dogs. This book has been created as part of a school project for the IB PYP Exhibition at Stonehill International School, Bengaluru, India.

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Street Dogs Street Dogs