Stop Simpin In the Workplace



Stop Simpin In The Workplace

Shakespir Edition

By Shawn James

Copyright © 2016 Shawn James

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Chapter 1

Definition of a Workplace Simp



What is a SIMP? A Simp is a man who puts himself in a submissive position under women in the hopes of winning them over.

In the workplace a Simp is the kind of guy who never insists a woman pull her weight on the job, but insists on giving her help, raises, and promotions in the hopes she’ll be happy working there.

Simps are the kind of guys who try to mix business with pleasure on the job. They’re the kinds of guys who believe that by paying extra attention to a woman’s work they’ll increase their chances of getting her affection on the weekend.

Who is a Simp?

p<{color:#000;}. He’s that guy who works a minimum wage retail job but constantly brags about his expensive sports car or luxury SUV with twenty-inch rims and a subwoofer in the trunk,

p<{color:#000;}. The guy who works in the mailroom wearing expensive designer clothes and a Rolex watch anxiously looking around to see what female co-workers are noticing him,

p<{color:#000;}. The guy who hangs out at the water cooler flirting with his female co-workers,

p<{color:#000;}. The guy who pines eagerly for the attractive woman at work but is “just a friend,”

p<{color:#000;}. The guy who constantly “helps” an attractive female co-worker by writing reports she was supposed to,

p<{color:#000;}. The guy who works overtime and takes on extra projects for his female boss hoping she’ll notice what a “good man” he is,

p<{color:#000;}. Or the guy who buys his sexy co-worker lunch every day in the hopes of getting a dinner date with her on Saturday night.

Why should a man stop being a Simp in the workplace? Because Simpin on the job violates numerous personal, professional and social boundaries and puts everything a man works for at risk. Simpin in the workplace can cost a man his job, his career, and possibly even his life.

Simpin in the workplace is unprofessional in most cases and in some cases even illegal. When a man Simps in the workplace it prevents him from maintaining a level of professionalism and objectivity on the job and prevents him from achieving his personal and professional goals. Men who Simp on the job oftentimes wind up getting themselves written up for disciplinary action, caught up in sexual harassment lawsuits, or even fired.

And no man should ever put his job or his career at risk just to get the attention of a woman.

Can a man stop being a Simp on the job? Of course anyone can change. All it takes is for a man to acknowledge his pattern of self-destructive behavior and make efforts to correct it. It won’t be easy, but once a man overcomes his self-destructive pattern of behavior he can go on to have a successful career as a competent professional in their field instead of being seen by his peers as a tool they can use to move themselves forward in the workplace at his expense.

Chapter 2

The Gynocentric Workplace



Over the last 100 years there have been major changes in the way people in the world goes to work. Unfortunately, many men have had a hard time adapting to them. As the world’s economy has gone from a agricultural model to an industrial one and now to a service and information one, many men have struggled to adjust to an economic system that has become more and more female oriented and more gynocentric.

During the days of agribusiness and farming, men had their fathers to teach them how to conduct themselves socially while doing business with other men. However, as the agribusiness of farms transitioned to industrial and factory work, fathers left the home to go to work. And their sons spent more time with their mothers. As they grew older, they learned that the only way to get their needs met was to please and appease female authority figures like their mothers and teachers in school.

When the industrial economic model changed during World War II, more women entered the workplace to take the place of men in factories in offices. And during that time some business owners began taking advantage of women in the workplace by paying them less than men. Others created business policies to force women to resign from jobs after they got married or pregnant. A few would sexually harass, sexually assault, and rape women on the job. And a handful would deny women entry into certain management and executive positions.

After World War II ended, women began demanding the right to a safer workplace, equal compensation for doing the same work as men. As their voices grew louder during the 1960s and 1970s during the Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, and White Feminist movements and their economic base grew larger, government policies were established to protect the rights of women in the workplace.

Unfortunately, due to business owners and White Feminists manipulating Affirmative Action policies in America, women have become the largest population of American workers over the last 50 years. And as the economy changed from an industrial one to a service and information one, those industries have changed to serve and cater to the majority of working women in the business world.

Boys who grew up in this increasingly gynocentric society learned a different set of social skills to conduct themselves in the business world. From birth they were taught to submit and defer to female authority figures. And thanks to this cultural conditioning, they only see women as leaders and will naturally go out of their way to follow the lead of a woman.

Thanks to the gynocentric way most boys have been raised, many men have a hard time adjusting to life in the workplace. While there are large majorities of women in today’s businesses, most of the authority in business still resides with a small group of men. And those men who were raised to think in a gynocentric way like those raised in single mother households struggle the most in the workplace. Due to the way they were raised, these men never learned the social skills needed to navigate a workplace with male authority figures or how to socialize with other men professionally on the job. Instead of seeing these men as allies they need to work with, they often see them as adversaries they have to work against.

And while these males struggle to deal with submitting to the leadership of male authority figures, they also struggle with the evolving authority of the growing population of women in the workplace. Many men from gynocentric environments like single mother households often find themselves in for a rude awakening when the social approaches they used to get their needs met at home don’t help them achieve their professional goals on the job. As many of those men try to pander and cater to women on the job in the same ways they approached their mothers and teachers, they find themselves becoming caught up in cases of sexual harassment or being used by predatory females who advance themselves up the corporate ladder at their expense.

In order for a man to adapt to the changing workplace he has to learn a new set of life skills and a new way of thinking. Pandering and catering to women won’t help him survive in an aggressive and competitive place like the business world. Men like Simps who use those approaches usually find themselves being escorted out of the door by security guards after management has told them they’re fired.

Chapter 3

Identifying A Simp in the Workplace



What does a Simp look like in the Workplace? On the surface he looks like any other man. However, his behaviors are easy to identify. And when a person sees them they soon understand how counterproductive they are to the business and how they disrupt the flow of a workplace.

Simps participate in behaviors such as:

Constantly bragging about his list of Credentials. Simps will always talk about their brand name degrees from top universities, their previous work experience at Fortune 500 companies and his references of relationships with prominent people.

Unfortunately in spite of all of his credentials like his advanced degrees, work never gets done and goals never get met when a Simp is assigned a task. Why? A Simp is too busy focusing on social matters such as getting the phone number of the secretary or receptionist working in his department and planning to have a romantic dinner with her at the company’s expense.

Bullshitting. When Simps talk, there’s usually more crap coming out of his mouth than coming out of his ass. If they’re not spending their time bragging about themselves, their degrees, and their man toys, they’re letting their mouths write checks their asses can’t cash. Most Simps talk a good game on the job, but in most cases they can’t back it up with the work they produce or when they bring their wallet to the table to pay for the expensive lunch he takes his female co-worker to at a fancy restaurant.

Overdressing for their job. Workplace Simps are easy to recognize by the way he dresses. He’s the guy who works a $10.00 an hour retail job and is wearing a $1000 Italian designer suit. Or he’s the guy wearing $2000 alligator shoes and a Rolex watch working at a $25,000 a year customer service job. Workplace Simps are notorious peacocks and use designer labels to get the attention of others, especially women and higher ups he wants to brown nose to.

Carrying the latest widgets. A Simp will always have the latest smartphone, tablet, or laptop with him on the job. And that’s not because he wants to use it for his work. No, he has that man toy with him in the hopes of getting the attention of women in the workplace. He wants them to see that he’s a big shot who can afford the latest and can afford to give them whatever they want.

Driving a car they can’t afford. If a Simp has to drive to work, he won’t be driving a car like a Honda Accord or a Subaru that’s paid for. No, he’ll be the one who owns the Cadillac Escalade, the Corvette, or the Lexus in the parking lot. And if he’s a manager, there’s a chance he’ll have own Porsche, Mercedes, or a Bentley. And in most cases he’ll be living with his mother while spending every dollar of his paycheck for that vehicle’s car note. Simps often spend so much money on man toys like cars and clothes that they wind up stealing people’s lunches out of the company fridge to feed themselves.

Thinks only in the Short-Term. A Simp thinks about NOW and not about later. In the business world this kind of thinking can destroy a man’s career before it even starts.

Most of the trouble a Simp gets into in the workplace is because he only thinks of short-term gratification instead of long-term growth. Because he thinks of getting something in the short-term such as the attention of an attractive receptionist on the job, he can’t focus on long-term things such as his career. Thanks to his limited focus, he’s often his own worst enemy on the job.

Wears a Pair of Rose-Colored™ Glasses. A Simp’s view of the workplace is seen through these imaginary spectacles that distort his picture of the world. In the view of Rose-Colored™ Glasses everything is seen from an idealized view, not a realistic one.

That perception of the world usually gets a Simp in trouble in the workplace. Because he can’t see what’s going on from an objective perspective, he winds up being used as a tool by predatory women to move themselves up the corporate ladder.

Unable to set boundaries. Smart men set boundaries with managers and co-workers from day one. They establish imaginary lines in the sand with co-workers to keep themselves safe and to create a foundation for the goals they want to complete, set a standard for how their work will be done, and a timeline for when tasks will be completed.

Because Simps don’t set boundaries, they often wind up becoming targeted by predatory female co-workers and predatory female bosses. And because he’s always to eager to please a female, she winds up collecting a paycheck for doing nothing while he struggles to do her work and his.

Unable to set goals. Usually men who put themselves first quickly set goals for what they want to accomplish in an organization. But because Simps don’t set boundaries they often go to work without a set of goals for what they want to do at that job. And because they don’t set goals for what they want to achieve at a job they have no direction when they work there.

Thanks to a Simp’s inability to set goals for himself on the job he winds up following behind predatory female co-workers. And after they use him to help them achieve their goals and move themselves forward in their careers, they leave him behind in the dead-end job where he started. Some will even fire him once they get promoted.

Tries to mix business with pleasure. At work it’s not common for a Simp to try to befriend co-workers, especially women he likes. Some will even invite women from his workplace into their homes. Unfortunately, when he crosses the line at the job he often winds up getting into jams in his personal life. And because these are situations where it’s his word against hers he usually can’t find a way out of the trouble he put himself in without quitting his job.

Looks to be “Liked”. Simps go to work looking to advance up the social ladder, not the business one. And they work towards being the most popular person on the job, not the most professional one. They don’t feel comfortable unless they can find a way to be the center of attention.

Unfortunately, running a business isn’t a popularity contest. Sometimes an employee has to do things on the job that aren’t appealing to their fellow co-workers. Sometimes they have to make decisions that aren’t going to be popular with the masses of employees. And in many cases the person who isn’t the center of attention is an essential employee to a business.

Tries to be a friend to co-workers. Simps are extremely insecure. And they don’t feel comfortable in a workplace unless everyone is their friend. Simps believe if someone isn’t his friend on the job then they can’t work there.

Unfortunately, there are no friends in business. Everyone on a job is working together in that business to make a living to take care of themselves. And everyone working on a job is competing to move themselves ahead either at that company or to move themselves further ahead in accomplishing their career goals. How someone feels about someone else has no bearing on the standards established in that business. Sure, a person who works at a business can be someone’s friend off the job. But if they’re not performing up to a professional standard then they can’t be a part of that business.

Looks to be “happy” on the job. Simps are always looking to be “happy” on the job. Unfortunately, a workplace isn’t a place where anyone is “happy”.

Because they’re emotionally insecure, Simps expect everyone on the job to always be upbeat all the time. Not understanding that people aren’t always going to be in the same emotional state all the time. If there are busy periods sometimes most people on the job aren’t going to be upbeat or pleasant. They’re too busy focusing on completing the tasks given them or finishing a project to think about smiling.

The workplace is an indifferent environment where most people are serious about getting things done. And sometimes work isn’t pleasant.

A business is not where people go to be happy. A business is a place where people go to get things done. While most people are passionate about what they do, and many get some sort of personal satisfaction from their work, they understand that when they go to work they aren’t there to enjoy themselves. Most people only tolerate working with people at a business so they won’t be miserable in their personal lives.

Puts women first in the workplace. One of the goals a Simp has in the workplace is pleasing and appeasing the women who work there. And because he puts the needs of women first, the work of the business winds up being last. Thanks to his inability to prioritize, productivity at a business slows to a crawl while he spends his time doting on the personal issues of his female co-workers.

Puts female co-workers on pedestals. In the workplace everyone is supposed to do the duties of their jobs. And they’re supposed to be given the respect of their position.

Unfortunately, thanks to the dysfunctional way a Simp has been raised he believes that submitting and deferring to women is natural. So instead of asserting his authority with female co-workers he elevates them to a pseudo authority position above him. It’s not common to see a Simp manager deferring lower level female co-workers to his assistant or his receptionist and having her make the decisions he’s supposed to be making.

Never says NO to Female co-workers. A Simp is always available to lend a helping hand. Especially to a female co-worker.

Due to the fact that Simps have a hard time with boundaries they have a hard time saying NO to women on the job. And because he’s always looking for the attention and approval of women he’s always ready to say YES to them

Oftentimes he has no idea what he’s saying YES to.

Most Simps think that by saying YES to everything a female co-worker asks them to do will get them brownie points with them. Unfortunately all he’s doing by constantly saying yes to his female co-workers is making himself look like a wimp with no backbone and a tool that everyone can use to get themselves ahead with.

Giving women passes for coming in late. Sometimes there are days where a bus is late, there’s an accident on the freeway or a train gets delayed. And people wind up late for work due to these periodic traffic issues. But some women like single mothers come in to work late literally every day. And the Simp supervisor’s response to these women coming late in five, ten fifteen and even a half-hour late is…Silence.

Meanwhile when a male co-worker is five seconds late once in a year due to a periodic traffic issue, this same Simp will be yelling at him and giving him lectures about time. If he’s a boss he’ll be making threats to write him up and even terminate him. Worse, he himself can come in late on the regular and not believe he’s done anything wrong.

Gives women passes for unprofessional behavior. In a workplace run by Simps, women can be rude to clients, have an attitude with co-workers and even curse people out. She won’t turn in reports on time. And the Simp manager will….Do absolutely nothing.

Thanks to this pass he gives female co-workers, a business’s long-term reputation suffers. Because he refuses to assert himself and reprimand, discipline, or terminate an unprofessional female employee, word of mouth spreads with customers and clients not to use a business due to the behavior of the unprofessional female or females who work there.

Never holds a woman accountable for anything. When a Simp is in charge, Women can come into work late, be rude to customers and clients, and not turn in quality work. Why? Because Simp managers will never hold them accountable for anything. Whenever women make mistakes on the job he’s the first to make an excuse for them. In some cases he’ll even do their work for them. Thanks to his enabling, women never are made to take responsibility for their conduct, ethics, or professionalism on the job. And because they are not held to the same standard as men the quality and consistency of the products and services at a business declines.

Never insists women pull their weight on the job. When a Simp is around he doesn’t insist women be made to take responsibility for performing the work assigned to them at the same standard as men. Usually when they can’t perform the tasks assigned to them, he’ll make excuses for them and then either pass their work onto another man or woman or just do the work for them. Then he’ll complain about being overworked by his bosses.

Rewards women for failure. A female employee on the job can come in late, not turn in work on time, and be rude to customers and clients. But due to the fact that a Simp wears Rose-Colored™ Glasses he’ll praise that woman and gives her raises and promotions she doesn’t deserve. And thanks to him rewarding the failure of this female the business declines.

When Simps reward unprofessional behavior it sends a message to women that their unprofessional behavior is acceptable. Worse, it encourages everyone else in the workplace to participate in the same unprofessional behavior as well. If no one in the workplace takes the time to set that woman straight, her unchecked attitude and poor work ethic can demoralize workers, alienate customers, and ruin a business’ reputation.

Overly concerned with women’s personal issues. It’s not common for a Simp to befriend female co-workers he likes. And it’s not common for a Simp to lend them an ear and listen to their personal problems.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t hired to he her therapist.

Due to the fact that a Simp focuses on his female co-worker’s personal issues he often doesn’t focus on the tasks he was assigned or completing the projects he’s given. Because he’s so busy looking for an opportunity to play Captain-Save-A-Hoe™ and deal with a woman’s personal issues instead of a business’ professional ones, he winds up putting a business in a crisis.

Always concerned about the next man. The employees of a business are supposed to be working together to help that company compete against other businesses. But when a Simp is on the job he’s often working against his male co-workers.

Instead of focusing on their jobs, Simps spend a lot of their time on the job looking over at the next man. Wondering what he’s doing. What he’s working on. And making plans to undermine and sabotage him.

Because a Simp spends so much time worrying about other men he can’t focus on doing his job. With him so busy making plans to sabotage the next man he usually winds up performing poorly in the workplace himself.

Listens to Gossip. A Simp always has his ear to the ground listening to what’s being said in the company grapevine. And the main reason why he has his ear to rumors and gossip is not to find out who’s getting promoted, he’s listening to find out if what female co-workers are available for him to make a move on. If he hears about a breakup, a divorce or a death in the family he’ll hurry over to her cubicle or her office to offer his condolences and a shoulder to cry on. Secretly hoping, wishing, and praying that he’ll be able to get an opportunity at some sort of relationship when she sees what a “good guy” he is for being there in her time of need.

Simps are also listening in the company grapevine for information on other male co-workers. And he hopes to find a juicy piece of gossip that will give him the information that will get that man fired so he won’t have to compete with him.

Starts rumors about men. Simps not only listen to the grapevine for rumors and gossip, they also start them as well. Especially about men they don’t like. So they start telling stories about that man in the hopes of tarnishing his reputation and his professional career. And they hope that the word of mouth spreads to the right people in management so that guy will be fired or passed over for promotion.

The way the Simp sees it once that man is gone from the company then he can get back to the business of being mediocre.

Jealous of other Men. Whenever a Simp sees another man in the workplace, especially one who radiates confidence and strong masculine energy he gets upset. It’s not common for a Simp to talk bad about that man behind his back. Or for him to throw salt on that man’s accomplishments on the job when he hears about them. And after he talks bad about that man to his co-workers, he’ll make every effort to sabotage him in the workplace and get him fired.

Shit tests other men. Some Simps try to make themselves the unofficial gatekeeper of a workplace. And they try to do things to test the resolve of workers on the job. Things like practical jokes, paradox traps, and mind games. If the employee can pass his shit tests he’ll believe they’re worthy of working there.

But the real reason behind the shit tests is not to prove if an employee is qualified to do the job. It’s to see how far he can push an employees’ boundaries and see how much crap he can get away with. If he can push another employee all the way to the wall with his shit tests he’ll have someone he can walk all over and use as scapegoat for his fuck-ups on the job.

Insecure. Simps fear competition from male co-workers. If a Simp sees a man who is confident, secure in himself, and talented on the job he starts to feel inadequate about who he is. Because he knows that if that man starts stepping up at the job and performing well, people will start to see how mediocre he truly is.

Emotional. Due to the way a Simp has been raised by his single mother and in some cases his Simp father, he is raised to think emotionally. And due to that emotional way of thinking a Simp has he doesn’t use logic and reason to make decisions.

Drama Kings. Some Simps turn minor issues into major catastrophes. It’s not common for a Simp to launch into a melodramatic tirade over being asked to do a basic task or to sit brooding in their office if they have to fill in for a sick co-worker on a later shift the next day.

When asked to do his part and be part of the team, the Simp will rant and rave about how his employer is encroaching on his time. However, he won’t see how he constantly wastes that company’s time by spending most of his time chasing females and undermining male co-workers.

Passive Aggressive. Workplace Simps are notoriously passive aggressive. They’ll do little things like “forgetting” to attend meetings, “losing” documents and these little things will completely disrupt the operations of an organization. In his subconscious he’s trying to get even with co-workers for slighting him. Unfortunately, his attempts at getting revenge on his enemies can cost an organization its business and its reputation.

Manipulative. Simps are notorious for trying to twist information to fit their interpretation of what they want others to see as the truth. However, when one digs under the surface of all the misinformation he tries to feed his managers and co-workers they soon see that they’re being manipulated by a liar who makes it his business to keep them from seeing what the truth really is.

Simps on the job will do things like fudge reports, misappropriate funds, and hide information that show a business is having issues. Then just before the house of cards he sets up starts to fall, he tenders his resignation and leaves the mess for everyone else to clean up.

Thinks with his dick. A Simp spends most of his time on the job using one head: The one on his penis. And because he lets the little brain between his legs do the thinking for him instead of the one between his ears he often makes decisions that fuck up his career.

Simps often are so caught up in their short-term desire for sexual gratification that they don’t think about the long-term ramifications of their actions on the job. This is why they wind up making decisions on the job that screw them out of promotions and the opportunity to move himself forward in his professional career.

Puts his foot in his mouth. Simps on the job love to talk. Unfortunately, they say the absolute wrong thing at the wrong time.

A Simp is the kind of guy who will go and say something sexual to a female co-worker within earshot of a supervisor. Then wonder why he’s being fired.

Simps also are the kinds of guys who will correct a boss during a meeting right in front of a client. Then after they point out the mistake their boss made, they wonder why they’re passed over promotion, or let go in the first round of layoffs during a slow period.

Because Simps don’t understand what discretion is, they oftentimes wind up saying things that wind up costing them their jobs and even their careers.

Turns in mediocre and poor quality work. A Simp is so busy flirting with women and participating in gossip with co-workers that he has little time for focusing on working on the tasks he’s assigned or the projects he’s in charge of. And usually when he turns in work it’s not the best.

Oftentimes Simps rush through work projects not checking their facts, or doing their research. They don’t check memos and reports for spelling and punctuation. And because they don’t pay attention to those small details it can make a business appear unprofessional and incompetent to customers and clients.

Turns in work late or at the last minute. Thanks to his constant focus on women in the workplace, office gossip, and his plans for the weekend with a female co-worker, work at the company isn’t a priority for a Simp. Thanks to them being so busy chasing women around the office, Simps start projects and tasks late, rush and do things in a half-assed way, then turn in work at 4:59 PM on the day it’s supposed to be due. Then at 5:00 they scurry out of the office hoping that the boss won’t call them to the carpet about the poor quality of the work they produced.

Unable to complete the tasks assigned to him. When a Simp is on the job nothing usually gets accomplished. Thanks to him putting women first, making socializing with them a priority, and his constant focus on gossip, rumors, and drama and making plans to undermine and sabotage male co-workers, usually he has next to no time to get work done.

Every day a Simp is in the workplace he lowers productivity, decreases worker morale, and prevents a business from being competitive in the workplace. The faster men in the workplace identify a Workplace Simp, the faster they can plan a course of action to prevent his dysfunctional behaviors from impeding their progress in a workplace.

Chapter 4

The Priorities of a Simp in the Workplace



Most men go to work for three reasons:

p<{color:#000;}. To make a living,

p<{color:#000;}. To master a craft or skill,

p<{color:#000;}. And to lay a foundation for building wealth that will be passed on to the next generation.

In contrast, a Simp goes to work for four different reasons:

p<{color:#000;}. To be liked,

p<{color:#000;}. To get the attention of women,

p<{color:#000;}. To impress women,

p<{color:#000;}. And to acquire social currency to exchange with men and women.

If one notices the priorities of men, and their reasons for working they’re putting themselves first. And they make what they want to accomplish a priority on the job. And because they put their need to make a living first they’re able to help a business meet its goals and expand its business as they move forward in their lives and their careers.

However, a Simp puts women first. And because the Simp puts women first, he winds up with a career that winds up going nowhere. Because Simps focus primarily on taking care of the needs of women on the job, they wind up moving forward in their careers at his expense.

Many Simps believe that if they make efforts to meet the needs of women on the job, they’ll go out of their way to meet their needs in their personal and professional lives later on. Usually they wind up disappointed when the women at work don’t want to get involved with them. Simps have a hard time understanding it’s not the job of any woman at work to meet any of his needs, personal or professional. That’s not what they were hired to do. The women at the job were hired to get work done at that business for the owner.

Due to their screwed up priorities, most Simps are usually terrible employees. Oftentimes they’re so busy daydreaming about getting the attention of the attractive female co-worker who works on his floor that they can’t get any real work done at a business. A Simp’s main focus on the job is on socializing with women, not meeting the goals of the organization.

For a Simp work is just an ends to a means, not a place where he masters his craft or lays a foundation for building wealth to pass down to his family. In most cases it’s a just a place to meet women, brag about his degrees, show off his designer clothes and man toys, and a place to make the money he spends on getting the attention of women inside and outside of the office. Due to the way he’s been raised by his single mother or his mother and Simp father, a Simp believes the social currency he gets in exchange for the attention of women has a higher value than the profits a business makes.

Unfortunately, social currency has no value in the real world. And the compliments and cool points a Simp tries to accrue with women on the job can’t profit him or the business he works at. Social currency doesn’t allow a business to create new products, open new markets, or help a man form relationships with customers and clients to form a network with other businesses. Usually most Simps have such poor social skills that they can’t form a professional connection with someone to make a business contact because they’re too busy seeking the attention and approval of women on and off the job.

What makes a Simp truly bad for business is his inability to get his priorities straight. Because he puts women first and work that needs to be done last, the everyday tasks a business needs to get done never get completed. While he’s busy pandering to low-level female co-workers like Administrative Assistants and receptionists for their attention, a business’ productivity start to decrease as his work backs up. If a Simp remains in a business for too long chances are that business will eventually wind up going out of business.

Chapter 5

Looking For Like in All the Wrong Places



Most men go to work get their economic needs met. However, most Simps go to work looking for people to like him. And in his quest for social acceptance, he goes out seeking the approval of others. Whether it be his supervisor, “cool” people in the office, or an attractive female co-worker, the Simp goes to work looking for ways to get brownie points with people.

Because Simps are so eager to be liked by others, they have a nasty habit of being overzealous. And because they try too hard to get the attention and approval of others in the workplace, they wind up trying too hard to please everyone. If there’s overtime he’s the first to take it. If there’s extra work he’s eager to do it. And if female co-workers are asking him to do something he’ll make it a priority.

Regardless of how it will benefit him or his career.

The Simp will believe that he’s coming across like a hard working consummate professional. But he’s sending a message to his bosses and co-workers that he’s a complete pushover. Thanks to his inability to set boundaries regarding how he’s treated in the workplace, most Simps are seen as tools that other co-workers and managers can use to get themselves ahead in their careers.

What the Simp doesn’t understand is that when he goes around looking for the approval and acceptance of others he’s putting himself LAST. And a man who puts himself LAST will never be seen as FIRST in the workplace.

In their quest to win the favor and approval of others, Simps spend a lot of their time on the job chasing other people. And because he’s following behind others no one in the workplace sees him as a leader. Yes, people may like a Simp. But they don’t respect him.

What most Simps don’t understand is that there is a difference between being liked and respected in the workplace. A person can be liked by people in a business. They can even become popular. However, liking someone is an emotional response based on an individual’s opinion.

Respect on the other hand has to do with a person’s abilities and accomplishments. The respect a professional receives is based on an objective assessment of their past, present and current work performance.

People may not like someone on a job. But they respect the results of their finished work. And because they respect their ability to produce something of quality they will make efforts to work with them towards not only pursuing the company’s goals, but their professional and personal goals as well.

A man who is respected by his professional peers will have a more successful career than a person who is liked. Why? People know that when that man comes to work he has a reputation of being a productive worker who will consistently produce quality products and services for customers and clients.

And instead of him chasing others for their approval, those people are chasing him for business. And when he starts his own business they start following his lead at his company.

Men who enter the workplace don’t look for people to like them. They want their work to speak for them. So they put themselves, their goals and accomplishments FIRST regardless of wherever they work. Because when people see the results of their labors they know it’s going to leave a lasting impression that shows the world who they are, what they can do, and what they bring to the table for a business.

Chapter 6

Why Simps Struggle To Meet The Needs of A Business



An economic system is a way a nation allocates its resources. Businesses contribute to the economic system of a nation by providing places where people go to create and sell goods and services for a profit. Unfortunately, due to the gynocentric way Simps are raised they are not prepared to compete in the business world as employees or business owners.

The business world is a place that requires men who think logically. Men who think logically can plan long-term strategies that enable a business to remain profitable over a period of years and even decades. However, due to the way Simps are raised in places like single mother households they learn how to feel instead of think. And instead of them thinking of ways to create new marketplaces to increase a business’ profits they go to work seeking to get their emotional needs met.

Simps go to work looking for a business to provide them with intangibles like happiness, love, and satisfaction. Things that they’re used to getting from women like their mothers. Things that do not profit a business at all.

In most cases a Simp is looking for the business to meet his emotional needs, not his economic ones. While Smart Men go into a workplace looking for an opportunity to develop skills they can use to enrich themselves financially, a Simp goes into a workplace looking for ways that business can offer him personal fulfillment. Emotional intangibles most businesses just aren’t designed to provide to employees, customers or clients.

Simps have no understanding that a business is part of an economic system. And economic systems are not designed to cater to people’s emotional needs. Businesses are designed to create products and services. And the people who work in a business are too busy trying to sell those products and services to customers to take time out of their day to cater to a Simp’s emotional needs or tend to his feelings.

Many Simps are so emotionally needy that they just can’t be productive workers. Because they’re so caught up in their feelings they can’t think about the tasks they’re supposed to complete or the projects they’re supposed to finish. Nor can they think about how their emotional and unprofessional behavior is affecting their co-workers or the overall logistics of the business. With a Simp something as simple as a rejection by a female co-worker or a bad day can cause them to shut down and disrupt the operation of a business. It can even cause them to act out in ways that alienate customers and clients costing that business money and its reputation.

A workplace was never designed to meet anyone’s emotional needs. Yes, most people get personal satisfaction from completing a task they were assigned or meeting a goal their bosses set at work. But a job was never designed to make someone happy or be something someone liked doing. Those personal intangibles related to an individuals’ emotional state were part of that individuals’ values and character before they came to work at any organization. If a person is a happy person before they came to a job, they’ll be just as happy when they work there. And if they were miserable before they came to job, they’ll be just as miserable when they work there.

Smart men understand that the work they do for someone else isn’t about meeting their emotional needs, it’s about providing a product or a service that allows them to meet the customers’ needs. And their job is to satisfy customers so that the business they work at will make money. The profits from that business are what are used to pay the salary of that man so he can pay for his living expenses. Unfortunately, most Simps never come to understand that if man can’t take care of his economic needs first, then he won’t be able to care of his emotional ones later on.

Chapter 7

Types of Workplace Simps



Just like there are all sorts of Simps in the dating scene, there are all sorts of Simps in the workplace. And a man needs to know which kinds of Simps are just pests and which ones are lethal predators.

A Pussy Hound Is a man on the job with absolutely no control over his emotions. Whenever he sees a woman he thinks is attractive on the job he has to talk to her. Most of his conversations with women on the job usually consist of him asking her out, giving her compliments, or making sexually suggestive statements to them about his sexual prowess.

Pussy Hounds can usually be found around a company flirting with women on the floor or in the Human Resource Office being disciplined for sexual harassment charges. Whenever he interacts with men, he’s always talking about sex. The first question a Pussy Hound will ask a man on the job is if he has a girlfriend or if he is in a relationship. Then he’ll start lying about all the women he’s getting in the hopes of making him jealous.

It’s best for any man on the job to keep his distance from a Pussy Hound, especially a new hire. Just associating with this guy and listening to his trash talk can get a man brought up on sexual harassment charges or seen as an accessory to them if a woman hears them.

A Peacock is a Simp who dresses up in expensive designer clothes and jewelry on the job. He hopes that women who see his flashy exterior will think he has money and pay attention to him. Peacocks are notorious for spending all their money on attachments and man toys to make their outer appearance attractive but often scavenge for the basics.

Usually Peacocks are the guys who steal Lean Cuisines and diabetic ham sandwiches out of the company fridge in the break room. Peacocks are easy to identify, they’re usually the guy wearing the $1000 suit begging co-workers for $20 to pay his bus fare for the week.

The $25,000 millionaire is a variant of the Peacock who wears designer clothes and expensive jewelry on the job. Only the job they work at is usually an entry-level position like sales and customer service. And while this guy only makes $25,000 a year he’s living like he’s making $1 million dollars or more.

$25,000 millionaires are the kinds of guys who try to live the high life on a small paycheck. While they spend a good chunk of their paychecks on designer clothes and luxury cars such as a Cadillac Escalade, they usually don’t even have place to stay. Many live with their mothers and many more are living out of a suitcase on a friend’s sofa. Like the Peacock, the $25,000 millionaire can easily be found in the office break room stealing Lean Cuisines out of the company fridge or begging co-workers for $20 for gas or bus fare to get to work.

Workplace Techies are Simps who are good with computers. And they hope to use their tech savviness as a gateway to romance. Workplace Techies often make an extra effort to help a female-co-worker with a tech issue she has with a computer or her printer. However, if a man has an issue with his computer he tells him to go to the IT department.

Workplace Techies usually have poor social skills and use their computer and tech expertise to get the attention of women they like. However, Workplace Techies are often disappointed when they find out the object of their affection is married or has a boyfriend. And they usually get upset when they’re shown the door by the woman he’s chasing.

A Workplace Techie can easily be identified by all the video game and computer magazines on his desk or by the widgets and gadgets he carries like his tablet or Smartphone. Workplace Techies think these attachments will get the attention of women and provide an opportunity to break the ice with them, but usually they wind up turning most women off. In most cases all his widgets, gadgets, and magazines do is send a message to predatory females that he’s a tool they can use to advance themselves to the next level in their own careers.

Workplace Bumblers are Simps who bumble and stumble about the workplace. These are guys who can’t seem to do anything right on the job. And they usually always need the help of someone else to do their jobs.

The incompetence of Workplace Bumblers is usually fueled by his lack of self-confidence. Because he’s so insecure about getting attention for merit based things like hard work, he believes the only way he’ll have a value to the organization is if people feel sorry for him. Unfortunately, in a competitive environment like the workplace pity eventually turns into contempt. And as people get tired of pulling the weight of this screw-up, the calls for his termination get louder from everyone.

Workplace Comedians Are Simps who always have a joke to tell. Due to their poor social skills the only way they feel comfortable with communicating with co-workers is with humor. While most workplace comedians present a friendly and bubbly façade to the world, most are extremely insecure and uncomfortable around people without being able to use their humor as security blanket.

Unfortunately, the business world is a serious place. And workplace comedians usually wind up alienating people because they don’t understand that there’s a time and a place for a joke and a time and a place to be serious. A poorly timed joke by a Workplace Comedian can cost him promotions, and his reputation at a business. If he makes a joke or laughs at one at an inappropriate time it can even cost him his job or his career.

Workplace Pussy Beggars bumble and stumble about the workplace as well. However, they’re only awkward around women.

Workplace Pussy Beggars always have some sad story to tell female co-workers about women about their personal lives. Either an ex girlfriend or an ex-wife or a baby mama is doing them wrong or their mother is mad at them. And they just wish they had one person who understood them and would do right by them.

Workplace Pussy beggars hope to turn their tales of sorrow into some easy pity pussy from a co-dependent co-worker. Unfortunately, they usually wind up in a jam when they mix business and pleasure. Usually no one on the job feels sorry for him when his begging for sexual table scraps at work gets him caught up in drama with a female co-worker. Everyone understands that his mistake was begging under the skirt of a woman. And they do right by him by keeping their distance as the situation blows up in his face.

Workplace White Knights are the kinds of guys who want to be chivalrous to female co-worker in distress. Workplace White Knights are always quick to help out a female co-worker who has trouble with a copier or has a hard time figuring out a computer software package.

Like the Workplace Techie, Workplace White Knights only offer help to women. Men are just told to solve their own problems. Workplace White Knights only offer help to women in the hopes of getting brownie points with them to use later on.

While there’s nothing wrong with helping a co-worker occasionally, Workplace White Knights enable women by helping them all the time. And because they help them all the time, women aren’t made to take responsibility for their actions on the job. Workplace White Knights are the kinds of guys who constantly make excuses for women who constantly screw up on the job. White Knights have a hard time understanding that this woman was hired because she asserted in the interview she could do the work. If she can’t pull her own weight on the job like everyone else, then she shouldn’t be here.

A Workplace Captain-Save-A-Hoe is the kind of guy who wants to play superhero to women he works with. Usually Captains are friends of women in the workplace. And they spend countless hours listening to women complain about problems in their personal lives. They believe if they deal with bad guys like baby daddies, abusive ex-boyfriends, and ex-husbands after work she’ll be grateful enough for his help to sleep with him. Usually the only reward he gets for all his Heroic Good Deeds™ is smashed in the face with Kryptonite Doo Doo by that female co-worker right before the police arrest him for crimes ranging from assault and battery to first-degree murder.

In their quest to save damsels in distress at the office, Workplace Captain-Save-A-Hoes put their safety and the safety of everyone in a workplace at risk. Oftentimes the heroic stunts he likes to participate in like confronting abusive boyfriends can turn into workplace violence especially if that person he’s looking to fight with comes looking for him at the office to get some payback. And if he’s dating single mothers on the job there’s a chance of him getting into a fight with that baby daddy on company property if there’s a confrontation between them.

Workplace Psychos Are Simps with mental health issues. Sometimes they’re guys with mental health disorders like Asperger’s Syndrome, Borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder and schizophrenia who take medication to deal with their mental health issues. When they’re on their meds, they’re productive. However when they’re off their meds…WATCH OUT.

Workplace Psychos participate in behaviors like fixating on female co-workers and doing things like stalking and harassing them. Others will obsess with getting men they don’t like fired and ruining their lives. A few will participate in crimes like stalking, rape and even murder. A handful will go out and participate in a mass shooting and murders dozens of people.

The behaviors of workplace Psychos varies and there’s no real way to identify it. Some workplace Psychos are extremely quiet and don’t say anything. Others are very loud and boisterous. But in all cases Workplace Psychos are extremely dangerous. If provoked, they will try to participate in some sort of workplace violence. And that violence can vary from a simple threat to a boss to a full-fledged mass shooting where dozens of people can wind up murdered.

Workplace Simps can vary from benign to downright dangerous. However, all workplace Simps can put a man’s career at risk if he gets involved with them. In the workplace Smart Men put professional distance between themselves and their co-workers. Only after they figure out who is an ally and who is an enemy do they start looking to form professional relationships with them.

Chapter 8

Workplace Manginas

The Deadliest Male Predator in the Room



One of the deadliest predators in the office is the Workplace Mangina. What is a Workplace Mangina? A Mangina is a Simp who gives women a pass for all sorts of unprofessional, unethical and egregious behavior.

Worse, a Workplace Mangina is extremely jealous of other men in the workplace. Workplace Manginas want to remain the center of attention of all the women in the workplace. Because he’s extremely insecure in the presence of other men, he makes efforts to eliminate any other male who he feels threatened by from the work environment.

It’s easy to tell when a Mangina is in the workplace. Good workers are demoralized. Employees who were good workers at the company are quitting and pursuing other fields. Respected veteran employees are going to work for competitors. Productivity has decreased, and the work environment has become hostile due to drama, rumors and gossip.

Meanwhile women who work in the organization around him are getting all sorts of passes for unprofessional, reckless irresponsible and egregious behavior. If he’s a manager some are being promoted to management positions even though they’re grossly unqualified to do the work. And one woman is being singled out for a pseudo managerial position such as Co-Manager where she’ll eventually become the surrogate mother who takes care of all his responsibilities on the job.

Plain and simple Manginas are HORRIBLE workers. While they dress well, are well spoken, and have multiple college degrees, they’re extremely incompetent. Manginas talk a lot of shit but oftentimes cannot complete any task assigned to them. Any work usually assigned to them often falls into a Black hole never to be seen again. And when asked to take accountability for his work, Manginas will use tactics like deflection, shaming language and gaslighting to avoid being held responsible for anything.

The longer a workplace Mangina remains in a company the more damage he can do to a business’ profitability and productivity. When things go wrong, a workplace Mangina never takes responsibility for their mistakes and works towards a solution. Instead they blame their co-workers and try to use them as scapegoats to cover for their incompetence.

Worse, Manginas lie. Whenever a Mangina is confronted with conflict in the workplace his first action is not to work towards solving a problem. It’s to lie about everything. Then sweep it up under a rug and act like nothing is wrong.

And if he does eventually get caught hiding his mistakes he’ll try to talk his way out of a jam by blaming his co-workers for all the things he told them to hide. Because nothing is ever a Mangina’s fault. Even when he’s been put in charge of a department or even an entire business.

Thanks to his lying, denying, hiding, deflecting and gaslighting, serious problems can go unnoticed in a workplace for YEARS at a business until they put a business’ solvency at risk. Unfortunately, by that time the Mangina is putting in his resignation and starting his havoc at someone elses’ business.

What makes Workplace Manginas dangerous to men is the fact that they are extremely devious. And they’ll make every effort to get a man who he believes is a threat to him fired. And all the time he’ll act like he’s their friend.

Workplace Manginas usually like to befriend men on the job and offer lots of advice to “help” them. However, once a man starts noticing his pattern of behavior they see that this friend is actually a foe. Manginas are notoriously passive-aggressive and will tell lies, spread gossip, “lose” documents and reports, “forget” to tell a man about meetings or deadlines, and ask men to do things on the job that he knows are illegal.

A man has to be extremely perceptive when dealing with a Workplace Mangina because he’s very charming and his behaviors are extremely subtle. If a man’s instincts tell him something is wrong with a workplace Mangina he has to trust them the first time.

Smart men can easily identify a Mangina by the tactics he uses such as shit tests. Shit tests are where a Mangina creates a series of imaginary standards for a target co-worker to chase. If a man tries to jump through his imaginary hoops he’ll actually fall into a trap. Because Mangina shit tests aren’t about meting any standard for a business. They’re all about seeing how far he can push the boundaries in manipulating and controlling someone.

Manginas fear competition and if a man is showing signs of potential and promise on a job, a Workplace Mangina is going to make every effort to get that man fired. He’s the kind of guy who will sabotage a man’s project or a man’s work, steal documents off a man’s desk, or do something to embarrass a man in the eyes of other managers and executives.

Manginas are the kinds of guys who say nice things to a guy’s face then talk bad about him behind his back to supervisors and executives. The only way to deal with a Workplace Mangina is to confront him head on, let him know what he’s up to, and let him know he won’t put up with any of his bullshit. Once a man sets a hard line in the imaginary sand they can quickly neutralize the threat of this predator. The faster a man deals with a Mangina in the workplace, the quicker he can get focused back the goals he wants to accomplish in his career.

Chapter 9

Office Perverts

The Simps Who End Careers



While the Mangina may sabotage a man’s work and the Psycho Simp may threaten a man’s life, the Office Pervert is the Simp who can end a man’s career. How? Just being involved with this guy can not only damage a man’s professional reputation, but it can lead to a man getting caught up in a situation where he possibly could wind up becoming a convicted sex offender.

What makes Office Perverts dangerous is their lack of discipline and self-control when it comes to sex. Because they constantly think with their dicks, they act out sexually everywhere including places where it’s inappropriate such as the workplace.

There’s a time and a place to talk about sex. And there’s a time and place for a man to express his sexual feelings. However, a workplace is never one of them.

Office Perverts are guys who walk into the office talking about women they’ve had sex with and women they want to have sex with. They use company phones to call up sex chat lines. They watch pornographic videos on workplace computers. And they use those workplace computers go on online dating sites looking for hookups with random women and escorts. A few will even display sex toys and pornographic magazines on their desks and decorate their office spaces with sexually explicit pictures.

All of these behaviors create a hostile environment in the workplace and put a company at risk for a sexual harassment lawsuit.

In addition to these behaviors, some Office Perverts will participate in sexually deviant behaviors like putting cameras in women’s changing rooms and bathrooms, inappropriately touching female co-workers, masturbating in their office or cubicle, or watching child pornography on a workplace computer.

In the workplace a man must make sure he NEVER allows an Office Pervert to use his workplace computer or his personal laptop or tablet. Office Perverts are notorious for asking to use other people’s computers so they can cover their tracks when they watch pornographic movies or engage in sexually explicit chat on online dating sites. Some will even use another person’s computer to watch and download child pornography.

If an Office Pervert uses another man’s computer on the job the trail will lead IT and Human Resources directly to his terminal. And he’ll be the one written up for violating company policy if there’s adult pornography found on that workplace computer. In some cases it could lead to a man being arrested if he’s been downloading Child pornography on it.

And if he uses a man’s personal laptop or tablet to download Child porn there’s an airtight case against him in federal court. Because the IP address of the device and Internet account used to download that material won’t be the Office Perverts’ but the man who owns it.

Smart Men in the workplace make every effort to avoid Office Perverts in the workplace. Just having a conversation with this guy can lead to a man being written up, suspended, or even fired. Almost everything coming out of this guy’s mouth will be about sex. And most of it will be crude and vulgar.

With the unprofessional way the Office Pervert behaves he is a career killer of anyone in his radius. Just being associated with this guy can impede a man’s ability to move forward in his professional career. Most managers and executives don’t want to promote anyone associated with an Office Pervert out of fear of having to deal with a scandal that tarnishes the reputation of the company.

In the business world, a man can bounce back from disciplinary action and even being fired. However, it’s next to impossible for a man to rebuild his career and professional reputation if he is involved in inappropriate sexual behavior on the job, especially if sex crimes are involved. Once a man is known in professional circles as a repeat sexual harasser or is known for participating in sexually deviant behavior like installing cameras in women’s bathrooms, most businesses consider him a liability. And hiring him is considered too risky from a financial and a professional standpoint.

Smart men understand that if they want to protect their careers, they must keep their distance from an Office Pervert. In today’s workplace it’s next to impossible for a man to rebuild his career once he has a reputation for being a sexual deviant or a criminal record as a registered sex offender. So Smart men keep their distance from this guy and let him self-destruct.

Chapter 10

Why Simps Pursue Women on the Job



In a world with six billion people on it and four women for every one man there are opportunities for romance with women everywhere outside of the workplace. So why does a Simp pursue romantic relationships with women on the job?

Easy. They’re already there. And because they’re working with him he thinks they’re actually paying attention to him. And because those women work with him every day a Simp believes the chances of them saying YES are higher than in other places like bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, bookstores, and the places people gather to socialize in. In those places women are more likely to say NO to him than YES.

Many Simps never grew up understanding what boundaries were. Because their single mothers and Simp fathers never taught them about the imaginary lines in the sand of life they weren’t supposed to cross they never learned that the women in their workplace were OFF LIMITS.

And because a Simp never learned what these social boundaries were as a child, he believes that any place where women are is a place to pursue them for dating and relationships.

Simps think because they work around women for eight to twelve hours a day they know something about them. What they don’t understand is that the persona most women present to their co-workers at work is not who they are outside of the office. Oftentimes women will put on a friendly face with her co-workers to get through a day at work. Some like Administrative Assistants and Receptionists are actually supposed to be nice to people as part of their job. And who they see at work is not who they actually are in their personal lives.

Most Simps don’t understand that most women are just putting up with people at work to get a paycheck. In most cases that kind, polite woman they see at work is not who they really are. Oftentimes these men often wind up for a rude awakening when they start pursuing a relationship with a woman outside of the office. Once they start dating women from the job they find out things they didn’t want to know about them. Like that some of the women they date were victims of sexual abuse. Others have serious drug and alcohol problems. A few are bipolar and have severe mental health issues. As they try to deal with this woman’s numerous personal issues they wind up getting overwhelmed in both their personal and professional lives. And what oftentimes seems like an easy opportunity for romance with a co-worker turns into a complicated situation that could put his career or even possibly his life at risk.

Smart men understand a business is not a place for a man goes to pursue women. On the job a man’s focus is working towards his professional goals and finding opportunities that will make him money and advance his career. If the women on that job aren’t interested in working with him towards achieving those goals, then he has no interest in dealing with them.

There’s a time and a place for romance. And the workplace isn’t one of them. A Smart man understands his job is where he goes to make his money, not a love connection.

Chapter 11

Why Women on the Job are OFF LIMITS



Why are women in the workplace OFF LIMITS for dating? Because a man doesn’t want to make a mess that will destroy his life and his career.

“Don’t shit where you eat” is an old saying fathers and grandfathers used to tell their sons and grandsons about the workplace in the 20th Century. And this meant that a man doesn’t mix the shit he deals with in his personal life in the business where he works to get the money to pay for his food.

The women at a man’s workplace may be extremely attractive. They may be very friendly. But if they are on the payroll of a company he works at, a Smart Man keep his relationships professional with them.

Today if a man mixes business with pleasure and starts pursuing relationships with women in the workplace it can create a mess that can cost him his job at that business or his reputation and his professional career. All it takes to put everything a man works for at risk is a woman filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

And he doesn’t have to do anything in most cases. All she has to do is say he did something to her and everything he worked for can be put in jeopardy.

What most Simps don’t know is that in most sexual harassment cases Human Resource managers will oftentimes take the woman’s word over his own. Why? Businesses fear being sued for not being proactive in dealing with the issue of sexual harassment. So they will make every effort to discipline and fire a man who as much says anything that could be considered inappropriate by a woman.

Smart men understand that their job is where they make the money to take care of their needs. And they make every effort to protect that source of income until they can become financially secure enough to start their own businesses. To protect their jobs, they establish hard boundaries for their relationships with women they work with. They let them know from day one that they are going to keep it professional with them and that they won’t pursue any sort of personal relationship with them.

Smart men know the women working with them on the job may be pretty. They may even be sexually attracted to them. But their eyes aren’t on their made up faces, and sexy bodies. Their primary focus on a job is taking care of their business at that company so they can achieve their professional and personal goals in life.

Smart men understand there are six billion people on planet Earth. And four women for every one man. With so many opportunities to pursue a relationship with a woman, Smart Men have no problem declaring the women in his workplace OFF LIMITS.

Chapter 12

The Dangers of Pursuing Women on the Job



While Smart Men understand that women on the job are OFF LIMITS from day one, Simps dare to cross that imaginary line in the sand. However, pursuing women on the job not only can put a man’s job at risk but his career as well.

Many Simps grew up watching movies and reading romance novels where men and women in workplaces pursued romantic relationships with each other. And because they believed these stories had a happy ending, real life would work out the same way. Unfortunately, what most Simps didn’t understand is that those stories were FICTION and followed a formula that was designed to entertain readers.

In real life relationships between men and women in the workplace is a lot more complicated. While at the end of the romance novel those imaginary characters can go on to happily ever after, a man has to see a woman on the job EVERY DAY. And after a couple of weeks of dating, seeing a woman both at home and work every day can become stifling and overwhelming.

What most Simps don’t understand is when a man pursues a relationship with women on the job he gives her AUTOMATIC LEVERAGE in the home and on the job. This means she gets the advantage in both his personal and professional relationships. And she’ll use that advantage to dictate the terms of both his personal and professional relationships.

In a romantic relationship Men and women share almost everything they know about themselves. And with Simps being big talkers who put all their cards on the table, a woman will know everything about her that he knows about himself. With her aware of his strengths and weaknesses she now has an advantage over him in both his home and the workplace. Once a Simp gets his leg over female co-worker in the bedroom, she automatically gets a leg up him in the office. And she’ll use that leg up to get to the next level in her career.

Worse, if things go sour in the relationship this woman can hold a sexual harassment lawsuit over his head like the sword of Damocles. So he can’t do anything on the job without the fear of her destroying his reputation and his career.

That gives a woman the power to control him like a puppet on a string. And instead of a man pursuing his career on his time and his terms, he’s forced to follow the lead of a woman who will use him as tool to advance her career at his expense.

Worse, if she’s feeling extremely vindictive that woman can use the leverage she’s gained to get that man fired and tarnish his professional reputation. In most Human Resource departments the word of a woman is usually taken over a man. And in some extreme cases that woman can also use that leverage to file false criminal charges like false rape claims.

Men who pursue relationships with women on the job do so AT THEIR OWN RISK. Yes, there are possibilities for romance and even marriage on the job with a female co-worker. However, the risk is rarely worth the reward. A man just has too much to lose to pursue a relationship with a woman on the job.

Smart men understand the workplace is all about finance for them and not about romance. The workplace is a competitive environment where every man and woman is there for themselves. On the job a man has to put himself FIRST if he hopes to achieve his personal and professional career goals. Because if he doesn’t put himself FIRST, he will wind up LAST when he’s on the unemployment line.

Chapter 13

What Most Women Are Working For In The Workplace



Most Men go to work to meet their economic needs. So what do most women go to work for?

Men are told to meet their economic needs. And some responsible women are working to pay their bills and take care of themselves and their families. However, this group of women who work to survive is in the minority.

If a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat. But if a woman doesn’t work…Some Simp will pay for her meals. Others will buy her clothes. A few will even give her a place to stay.

A good majority of women go into the workplace looking for something to supplement the income they receive from one of the multiple revenue streams they receive from men. In most cases the men in their lives are paying the bills. So most of the money they receive from their jobs is spent on expensive luxury items such as smartphones, designer handbags, and designer shoes.

When many women come into the workplace they don’t have an economic incentive to learn skills and develop a craft. Nor do they have a need use their income to build wealth for the future. Since their life doesn’t depend on their livelihood they don’t take work on any job seriously. If a job is not meeting their emotional needs and making them “happy” they’ll just quit and go pursue some other interest they believe will satisfy them.

Since a woman’s financial needs aren’t a priority in the workplace, she primarily focuses on getting her social needs met on the job. This is why she focuses so heavily on things like spreading gossip, starting rumors, creating drama, and pursuing high-risk sexual relationships with co-workers. Thanks to this constant focus on socializing, some women will treat a job like sorority house forming cliques with co-workers and working together with Simps and Manginas to plot against other hardworking co-workers and managers a company needs to do business effectively. Most women aren’t concerned about the productivity and profitability of a business, but about getting attention and social currency for themselves.

Because work isn’t about survival for most women, they aren’t motivated to do their best on the job. This is why they believe it’s okay to come into work late, turn in half-assed work at the last minute, and have an unprofessional attitude. Like the Simp, work is an end to a means for most women. A place to get a paycheck at the expense of a business, not provide a return on the owners investment for their labor.

Most women in the workplace know that there will be some Simp or a series of Simps who will pay her some attention. And this man will make every effort to accommodate her on the job. And because this man enables her, she rarely has to do any real work on the job or learn any skills that will advance her career. If she’s attractive enough, there will be a Simp or series of Simps to do her work for her and she’ll be able to collect a paycheck just for showing up.

While a man is the only one working to keep himself alive, many women survive because men take care of them. When a woman loses a job, she has multiple sources of revenue to keep her alive such as the Simps she dates, child support, family members, and friends who will help her find another job in less than a few weeks. Not to mention a large support system of government social programs, churches, nonprofits, and charities that will form a safety net to keep her from falling into the gutter.

Unfortunately, the only person taking care of a man is himself. And if he loses his job he will struggle to get back on his feet again in the modern gynocentric workplace. With employers able to meet affirmative action quotas for diversity by hiring women, most women can get jobs faster than men these days. However, it can take months and even years for a man to find a new job even with a strong network of contacts. In that time he could lose everything he works for from his savings to assets he’s built up to establish a platform for wealth in the future. Once his resources are gone, there is no support system of charities and social programs to help him get back on his feet. So he has to watch how he interacts with a woman in the workplace.

Smart men understand that when they’re on the job they have to be all about business. While women can afford to be social, a man has to keep it professional and with any woman he interacts with if he hopes to survive. While most of the women a man works around have nothing to lose in the workplace, a man can lose everything he worked for by getting involved with the wrong woman on the job. And while a whole host of people, churches, government social programs, and charitable organizations will be there to meet her economic needs during her hard times, no one will be there when a man is trying to get back on his feet after a job loss.

Chapter 14

Why Spending Money on Women in the Workplace Never Pays



Many Simps hear women on the job complaining about how hard it is for them to make ends meet. They hear the sad stories about how they can’t pay their bills and how they barely have enough money to pay for things like lunch or even dinner after work. And because they want to win her favor, they open their wallets thinking that if they get them out of a financial jam, they’ll want to get into a relationship with them.

It’s throwing good money after bad.

The biggest mistake Most Simps make is not paying attention to the woman who is telling him these tales of financial woe. Many of these women crying poverty on the job will be coming into work wearing high-end makeup, designer suits, carrying designer purses and wearing thousand dollar pairs of shoes. And many of them will be making high five figure and six figure salaries at the company they work at. But to hear these women tell it, they’re barely struggling to make ends meet.

However these women aren’t struggling at all. Most working women aren’t poor even if they’re working in a minimum wage job. They just make poor choices when they spend money. Why? Most women are spoiled rotten by a group of enablers who provide her with money without making her take responsibility for her finances. Thanks to these people she believes she can spends on frivolous things like expensive handbags, designer clothes, and trips to the hairdresser and nail salon without having to deal with any sort of financial repercussions.

What most Simps don’t know is that most working women, even the poorest ones working minimum wage usually have three sources of income. These include:

p<{color:#000;}. Her paycheck,

p<{color:#000;}. Child support, if she has children,

p<{color:#000;}. Her parents,

p<{color:#000;}. Female co-workers,

p<{color:#000;}. Government Public Assistance,

p<{color:#000;}. And a series of Simps who pay for her meals and drinks during dates.

Several of those sources income is practically tax-free. All that money she gets from her parents on birthdays and holidays and those free dinners, drinks, gifts and in some cases rent paid for by the men she dates is literally like getting an extra paycheck for free. In many cases a woman doesn’t have to spend a dollar on essentials like groceries because people from those three sources will be paying for them.

Thanks to these three sources of income, most women take the money they get for granted and don’t do things like creating a budget to pay for essential bills like rent or electricity. They don’t pay their credit card bills off on time. They don’t set aside a savings or an emergency fund if they get injured or laid off. The way most women see things there will always be someone who will take care of them financially, whether it’s family, a man or a government program.

Because most working women have multiple sources of income, they aren’t really impressed by a Simp’s efforts to win her favor by opening his wallet. For her, his money and gifts are just more loot to add to her pile. While a Simp is making all these efforts to invest in getting her attention and praise, she’s not investing anything financially or emotionally in him. To most women in the workplace a Simp’s money is just like toilet paper, disposable income she wipes her ass with and flushes right down the drain.

When a woman cries poverty on the job it tells the world something about her: That she’s a LIAR. And a man shouldn’t trust a single word that comes out of her mouth.

Moreover, it tells a man she’s financially irresponsible. When a woman has three sources of income and is still broke at the end of the day, it shows the world she has no understanding of how to manage or maintain money. If a woman can’t manage her finances when she’s single then she won’t be able to manage them in a relationship with a man. And if he marries her, chances are she’s going to spend him right into the poor house.

When Smart Men hear a woman’s cries of poverty in the workplace they pay them no attention. Then they laugh at the extra salty tears and tales of woe. They understand if a woman has the money to buy expensive designer purses, designer clothes and shoes, and get her hair and nails done, then she has the money to pay for essential things like her rent or her electric bill. Smart Men understand if a woman can’t pay her way when she’s single, then she won’t be able to carry her own weight in a relationship.

Chapter 15

Taking Care of HER Business



Employees are hired by a business owner to take care of a company’s business. However, a Simp has only one mission when he gets on the job: Taking care of the business of a woman he likes.

When a Simp sees an attractive woman on the job such as a receptionist or an administrative assistant, he stops making the work of a business a priority. Instead of taking care of company’s business, he makes taking care of her business his business.

Simps think by putting women first on the job they’ll get brownie points with them. And because they’re doing things for her on the job she’ll want to do things for them after hours.

To get that chance at romance, a Simp will go out of their way to help women on the job take care of their business. They’ll make her copies and write her memos. They’ll do her research and her reports. And some will even go as far as getting her dry cleaning and getting her coffee in the morning.

And while he’s taking care of her business on the job, the work he was hired to do ends up not getting done. Thanks to a Simp’s enabling women start thinking they don’t have to take responsibility for the job they agreed to do.

What most Simps don’t understand is that he was hired to take care of a company’s business, not some woman’s. And every day he spends working for her, he’s working against himself. She’s collecting a paycheck for doing nothing, and he’s actually working two jobs, not one.

Worse, he’s not working for himself. On the job, a man is supposed to put himself and his career goals FIRST. Every day he’s putting that woman FIRST he’s helping her achieve her career goals and not his own.

What happens when a Simp puts a woman first on the job? Usually the woman he was trying to impress gets promoted or moves on to her dream job. And after she steps over him as she steps up to the next level he winds up in the Freindzone™ in that same dead-end job while she pursues a relationship with another man outside of the office.

The only business a man needs to take care of at a job is his own. If a woman is hired to do a job at a company then she’s expected to pull her own weight. She knew what she signed up for when she went to the interview. Responsible women understand if they’re being paid to do a job, then they’re expected to take care of their own business.

Chapter 16

How Simps Enable a Woman’s Unprofessional Behavior In The Workplace



Some men see a female co-worker struggling at the copier and help her and get her copies done. Others see a female co-worker having a problem with a computer application like word processing or a spreadsheet they help her get it done. And there’s nothing wrong with providing a woman with that kind of help. Once and a while if it gets business taken care of.

Unfortunately, Simps aren’t interested in giving women help to help them get things done on the job. He’s giving that woman help in the hopes of getting her attention. Most Simps hope that if his female co-worker sees how helpful and supportive he is on the job, she’ll be interested in getting involved with him after hours.

And when they try to help women in the workplace they go overboard. Because they don’t understand boundaries, they don’t know the difference between help and enabling.

Help allows someone to understand figure out what they need to do in order to complete a task on the job. Eventually after someone is helped, they are expected to start taking responsibility for doing their job effectively.

Enabling keeps people in the same place. Because people are making excuses for that co-worker they never learn how to do what they need to do in order to complete a task on the job. And instead of them being able to pull their own weight, stand on their own two feet, and contribute to the team, they wind up depending on others to keep doing things for them.

Workplace Simps like to enable women because they think that it’ll make them be more willing to do things for them. If they see him as someone who is cooperative on the job they may be interested in pursuing a relationship off it.

It’s an extremely dishonest approach to personal and professional relationships.

What these Workplace Simps are trying to do with their enabling is enter a woman into a covert quid pro quo contract. And in this unwritten deal, he’s looking to get personal favors in exchange for helping that woman in a professional setting. The more help he provides her, the more he expects to get in exchange from that woman.

Simps think that by doing things for women on the job he’ll get brownie points with her. Unfortunately, he’s the only one keeping score. Oftentimes Simps are disappointed when they find out the woman at work they’ve spent so much time “helping” actually has a boyfriend, is married or is interested in someone else at the office. It’s not common for a Simp to call a female co-worker a bitch, a whore, and a cunt when he finds out there’s no possibility for after hours romance after “helping” her.

What most Simps can’t understand is decades ago women fought for equal rights. And with equal rights come equal responsibility. When a woman is hired to work at a business she’s expected to pull her own weight with the men and do the same jobs as men. At the interview she clearly stated what she could do in the workplace. And her manager is expecting her to complete the duties posted in the job she applied for.

Many women in the workplace actually resent it when Simps try to enable them on the job. They actually respect men who insist they do their part and don’t make excuses for them. They understand what they signed up for and want to make an effort to prove they can pull their own weight and contribute to the team.

The only women who like the enabling and excuse making of Simps on the job are predatory females. Predatory females are only using the workplace as a pit stop until they can find an executive Simp to marry, get a promotion into a more comfortable position, or get a nice fat settlement out of a lawsuit. And they use Simps in the workplace as a stepping stone to achieve one of those three goals. Her career path is about getting herself ahead at the expense of others.

The excuses a Simp makes for women oftentimes prevent a business from being as productive as it could possibly be. Thanks to him making excuses for the women on the job and doing things for them, they’re not doing the job they were paid to do. And while he carries their loads, the workplace winds up getting bottlenecks that slow it down. When he tries to do too much it winds up killing a business’ ability to serve its customers and clients.

Chapter 17

The Triple Standard



In a workplace there is one set of rules and regulations for every worker regardless of age, sex, gender or race. And with that singular standard in place the quality of products and services produced remains consistent for customers and clients. However, when a Simp is in charge at a business he establishes three sets of rules and regulations. And thanks to those three standards the quality of the products and services a business is oftentimes inconsistent in some cases it declines.

Simps establish three sets of standards for the workplace: One for Men, one for Women, and one for himself.

Under the standard for men, men are required to perform at a high level productivity. In fact, he expects them to perform to a level above that of women and even himself. If men can’t meet that standard in the workplace he yells at them, and threatens them with disciplinary action such as write-ups.

And if they make one minor mistake he terminates them.

Under the standard for women, women aren’t required to perform at any level of productivity. In most cases he gives women all sorts of passes for unprofessional and unethical behavior. If they don’t meet the standard in the workplace he says nothing.

And if they make any sort of mistakes on the job, he sweeps them under the rug. Worse, when someone higher up like an executive finds those mistakes he blames it on a man he doesn’t like.

Under the standard for himself, the Simp has no standard for anything. Similar to the standard he has for women he doesn’t demand that he perform at any level of productivity.

The main reason a Simp has no standard for himself is so he can implement a covert contract between himself and the women in the workplace. He believes if he gives them a pass for their bad behavior so he’ll get a pass for his own bad behavior.

The second reason why a Simp has no standard for himself is so he can’t be judged by other men. If he has his own standard other men can’t hold him accountable and make him follow the same rules they have to follow.

The Simp believes by having three standards that he’ll have a “smooth” world. If there are different standards for men, women and himself, he won’t have to deal with the everyday conflicts in the workplace. And usually he doesn’t. While most men and women are busy fighting each other and insisting they be held accountable for their work, he avoids doing anything and avoids being held accountable for anything work related.

In workplaces with the triple standard oftentimes the quality of the products and services declines. And because different customers and clients are getting different levels of quality on products and services, the reputation of the business suffers. When customers don’t get consistently good products set to a uniform standard everyone has to follow they tell their friends and colleagues not to do business there.

A smart business owner has to make every effort to abolish a Simp’s Triple standard in their workplace and make sure everyone is following the business owners’ single standard.

Chapter 18

Quid Pro Quo



In a workplace standards create a foundation for the rules and regulations that establish a business’ polices. Unfortunately due to a Simp’s triple standard there are three sets rules in a business where he’s involved. The business’ official company policy, and his two Quid pro Quo contracts with men and women.

Quid Pro Quo is a Latin term for “This for That”. And under this standard The Simp gives women whatever they want on the job in exchange for any attention they give him. The more attention they pay to him, the more benefits they can get from him like raises and promotions and even days off.

If a woman pays him attention he’ll give passes to her unprofessional behaviors like coming to work late, wearing inappropriate attire to work or not turning in projects and reports on time. In many cases he’ll even cover for her by doing her work for her.

Those women who participate in bad behavior with him like going out to lunch with him get given preferential treatment like being allowed to go home early or being given consideration to take on projects they like.

And those women who give into his advances and go on a date with him or have sex with him can get gifts and dinners at expensive restaurants in addition to raises and promotions.

Those men who agree to remain silent about his bad behavior will also get rewarded with raises and promotions. And because they’re participating in his covert contract and letting him get away with his bad behavior, they’ll get a pass from him when they act unprofessionally on the job.

Unfortunately, those women and especially those men who seek fair treatment in the workplace and refuse to agree to his covert contracts will find themselves having a hard time in the workplace. Under the Simps’ triple standard, those who don’t participate in the covert contract are judged by the high standards of his interpretation of company policy. And he’ll use those technicalities as grounds to create a hostile environment where good workers resign or fear termination for violating whatever arbitrary infraction he imagines.

The unwritten policy of Quid Pro Quo Simps participate in often demoralizes a workplace. Good employees who don’t feel valued turnover and go to work for other organizations. And unprofessional and incompetent employees get passes for unprofessional and unethical behavior that make a workplace untenable. Many Simps think by giving passes to women on the job they’re going to have a “smooth” world where they get what they want by giving them what they want. Unfortunately due to their unprofessional and sometimes illegal behavior they usually wind up in a situation where those women they gave a pass to get leverage over them and wind up taking control over the workplace.

When a Simp has unwritten Quid Pro Quo policies written in the heads of employees it prevents a business from being productive. Usually his covert games of “Let’s Make A Deal” usually wind up putting a business right out of business. Because everyone is working against each other, no one is working together for the goals of the organization. There’s only one deal every employee needs to work on in the workplace, that’s the one where customers pay for products and services.

Chapter 19

Pussy Passes in the Workplace



Thanks to the unwritten Triple Standards and the Quid Quo Pro policies many Simps implement in the workplace they often give women Pussy Passes™ for participating in unprofessional behavior on the job. Unfortunately when he give them that Pussy Pass™ he sets a standard for a business that declines over time.

Simps believe if they give women passes for their bad behavior he’ll get a pass for his own. Unfortunately this covert contract has a direct impact on a business. Every time Simps give women on the job a pass for coming in late, not turning in work on time, and constant absenteeism they are sending them a message that their unprofessional behavior is acceptable in the workplace. And that this is how she’ll be allowed to do business at a company.

Because Simps don’t set boundaries with women regarding their professional conduct women on the job start feeling it’s perfectly fine to participate in unprofessional behavior. And that coming in late and turning in substandard work whenever they feel like is okay.

Worse, some start thinking that they’re entitled to behave in unprofessional ways like throwing tantrums and having an attitude with customers and clients. Not understanding how these behaviors can have a negative impact on a business and its reputation.

Thanks to Simps enabling these unprofessional behaviors in women on the job the business stops running on the company’s terms it starts running on a woman’s terms. And when the business is run on a woman’s terms it usually starts to decline. Because the women doesn’t see doing business as a priority. Thanks to the Simps serving women on the job they starts seeing the business serving them as the priority. Most women are usually so caught up in the power they wield over workplace they don’t see the responsibility the business has to its customers and clients.

Smart Men and Smart Women in the workplace must insist unprofessional women be held to the same standard. When unprofessional women are allowed to get away with being unprofessional, unprofessionalism is established as the standard for a business. Under this inconsistent standard a business’ reputation starts to suffer. The word of mouth a customer passes on about an experience with a rude or unprofessional employee at a business can put that business right out of business.

There can be no Pussy Passes™ or Penis Passes™ in the workplace. When a woman behaves unprofessionally both men and women in the workplace must let her know it’s unacceptable. When Smart men and Smart women let a woman know what the standard for workplace conduct is, she’ll either get in line or she’ll resign.

Chapter 20

Lunchtime Trickin



Some Simps try to make a love connection with a female co-worker during office hours. However a few try to go through a woman’s stomach to get to her heart. That’s when the workplace Simp turns into a Lunchtime Trick.

Lunchtime Tricks believe if they pay for a woman’s lunch or in some cases her breakfast at the job they’ll get the possibility of a dinner date after work. A few even believe they’ll get a shot at some sex in the office or in her bedroom after hours.

Lunchtime Tricks are the kinds of guys who will take a female co-worker to an expensive restaurant for lunch. And to pay for the meal he’ll take out a large bill such as a $50 or $100 to pay for it. Hoping she’s impressed by his big bank he’ll then try to make romantic advances towards her.

Another tactic a Lunchtime Trick will use is to present a female co-worker with a menu from an expensive fast food place and let her order anything off the menu, suggesting expensive dishes like steak or lobster. When the food comes, he’ll present the large bill to pay for it and even tell the delivery boy to keep the change.

A few Lunchtime Tricks will even make lunch date with a female co-worker and have a picnic in the park. Then as they’re enjoying lunch under a shady tree he’ll try to make his romantic advances.

A handful of Lunchtime Tricks will try to use their company credit card or expense account to pay for a woman’s meals. Then they’ll lie to themselves and say it’s just a business expense.

However, it’s still Trickin. What makes it Trickin isn’t the source of the money, but the reasons for spending it. And the primary reason the Trick is spending money on this woman’s lunch is to get a chance at a date after work and the possibility of sex later that night.

Oftentimes Lunchtime Tricks are disappointed when the women they’re trying to making a move on do entertain his advances. On those rare chances he does get a date with a woman from work he has pay even more money for dinner and drinks. And in most cases after she eats up all his goodies and drinks up all his Kool-Aid, she leaves him with an empty wallet and full balls.

In most cases women aren’t impressed by a Lunchtime Trick. And the only ones who pay him any attention are predatory women who use him to fill their bellies at his expense. Most women use him to get lunch at the job, then go out later on and get dinner at some other Trick’s expense, then go home to have sex with the man who they truly care about. At the end of the day she doesn’t have to pay a dollar for groceries because both these Simps are paying for all of her meals.

Smart Men don’t pay for a woman’s lunch at the job. Women fought for an opportunity to be equal in the workforce. If a woman can do the same work as a man for the same pay, then she can pay the same expenses that men do.

Chapter 21

Identifying Female Predators in the Workplace



Simps think every woman with a pretty face is a friend. And if they smile at him he can trust them. However, some attractive female co-workers use their appearance to lure unsuspecting males into pitfalls and traps that can end his career and in some cases put his life at risk.

Some of the female predators in the workplace include:

A Workplace Hoodrat is a woman from the inner-city who brings the culture of the ghetto to the workplace. And that chaotic culture can totally disrupt the order of a business.

What makes Workplace Hoodrats dangerous in a workplace is that they have no sense of boundaries. Hoodrats will try to turn the workplace into an extension of their homes. Workplace Hoodrats take office supplies and use them for their personal use, make personal calls, and use the computer for personal business. Some will even bring their kids to the office and use it as their own personal daycare center if a boss does not put his foot down.

Hoodrats will also try to take control over a workplace. In most cases she will use her loud mouth and attitude to provoke men in the workplace to get an emotional response to her. And while people watch his emotional response to her she manipulates situations to make herself to look like she’s the victim.

It’s also not common for her to try to get men from work involved in her personal issues. Some Workplace Hoodrats will try to get a man from her job to deal with her ex-boyfriends or their child’s father if she’s having problems with him or she just doesn’t like him. If a Simp is stupid enough to try to put on a cape and play Captain-Save-A-Hoe™, he may wind up in the hospital, in prison, or in a body bag.

Workplace Gold diggers are women looking to climb the corporate ladder by climbing into bed with senior managers and executives. Workplace Gold diggers are very strategic about who they get involved with and won’t even consider pursuing any man who isn’t at least an assistant manager at a business.

Workplace Gold diggers have a taste for the finer things in life and will walk into work carrying designer purses, and wearing designer clothes. Many will start their conversations with new hires asking what position a man has, asking how much a man makes, and what his career aspirations are. Her ultimate goal at work is to find an executive with a six or seven figure salary and get him to marry her so she can live well off the alimony from the divorce and the child and spousal support.

Workplace Gold diggers are not loyal to ANY man. They’re notorious for abandoning men if they wind up in a crisis such as a healthcare issue, or if they wind up losing their jobs. If she hears another man in the organization is available and makes as much as $1 more in salary or works in a higher position such as an executive, she’ll drop the man she’s involved with and pursue him. Some will even have relationships with both men at the same time in the hopes of getting a payday out of both of them.

Career Climbers Are ambitious women looking to go up the corporate ladder. And she’ll befriend a hardworking Simp she believes is intelligent and is talented. Career climbers have aspirations to get themselves promoted and will take advantage of naïve men and trick them into doing their work for them. Oftentimes they’ll sell a man by saying things like “doing what’s best for the company” or “being a team player”. It’s not common for a Career Climber to get Simps to write her reports and do her projects for her. Then she’ll take all the credit and leave him stuck in a dead end job while she gets promoted to a higher position with higher pay.

Workplace Cougars Are older women looking to have sexual relationships with younger employees. Many are executives and senior managers. Usually these women know that their options for relationships with older men are slim to none because many men their age know about their past reputations. Others know that this woman is difficult and will not cooperate with them in a relationship. So Workplace Cougars often stalk around the office hunting for younger men in entry-level jobs and look to use them as boy toys for casual sexual encounters in and out of the office.

While some younger men may think it’s great that this attractive older woman is offering her body to him, he usually winds up in a jam when the relationship goes sour. Most Workplace Cougars have serious power and control issues and will eventually try to subjugate a man to having a relationship on her terms. When he refuses to do what she wants, she makes his life a living Hell on that job. To pay him back for spurning her, she may change with his work hours or have him perform unpleasant tasks on the job. In some cases she may even have him fired.

An Office Attention Whore is a woman who goes out of her way to draw attention to herself at the job. Easy to identify by her ostentatious workplace attire, brightly colored hair, nails, shoes, jewelry and even tattoos, Office attention whores want everyone’s eyes focused on their appearance. Usually because they have next to no talent.

However, if a man looks too long at her or if the wrong man is paying attention to her she’ll get upset. Office attention whores are notorious for going to management and Human Resources to report people they don’t like paying attention to them. In their efforts to make themselves the center of attention they’ll make themselves out to be a victim and a man into a villain. And because Human Resource managers are more likely to believe the word of a woman, that man will be out of a job.

The best way to deal with Office Attention Whores is to ignore them. No matter how ostentatious and gaudy their attire is just make eye contact and keep all subjects business related.

An Office Slut is an emotionally needy woman who will pursues sexual relationships with men on the job. Like the workplace Cougar, the Office Slut knows her options for romance are limited due to her scandalous reputation. So she often targets new male hires in an effort to get a man involved with her. Office Sluts are notorious for offering men casual sex on the job. They’ll do it in the parking lot, the copy room, the bathroom or even an employee’s office.

However, once a man starts having sex with most Office Sluts he winds up putting his dick in a Pussy Trap™ he won’t be able to get out of without losing his job. Usually most Office Sluts want a relationship. And they want a relationship on their terms. If a man doesn’t submit to doing things her way she’ll threaten to take him to management and Human Resources on sexual harassment charges.

A Workplace Side Piece or Mistress is a woman who gets involved with married men or men in relationships on the job. Workplace Side Pieces are usually women who work closely with men in positions such as Assistants and receptionists. Oftentimes they think they can turn a sexual relationship on the job into a romantic one. And a few of the more predatory ones think they can turn a sexual relationship into a promotion.

The easiest way to identify a Workplace Side Piece is on December 26th, January 2nd, or February 15th. That’s when she’ll be receiving some sort of flowers or gifts from the man she’s involved with.

Female workplace predators can destroy a man’s career and professional reputation. Smart men keep their professional distance so these kinds of women won’t use them as stepping stones to move themselves ahead at their expense. With professional distance between themselves and workplace predators they have the room to step over them and keep moving themselves forward towards the goals they want to pursue in life.

Chapter 22

Dealing with Single Mothers In the Workplace



One of the deadliest female predators in the workplace is a single mother. If a man gets involved with this woman, he is not only putting his career at risk, but he might also be putting his life at risk.

Simps are extremely susceptible to falling into the traps Single Mothers lay in the workplace. Because many Simps come from single mother households themselves, they often empathize with these women. Hoping to break the cycle of dysfunction they experienced growing up with as a child, they often play the role of Captain-Save-A-Hoe™ and come to the rescue of these damsels in distress.

Not understanding they’ve just fallen into a super villainess’ trap. As the Simp listens to his female co-workers’ sad stories about childcare and having to work so hard due to the father not being there and a boss being so demanding, he starts making efforts to help her solve her problems. Unfortunately, in most cases he can’t see how this woman is manipulating him between the tales of woe and the extra salty tears.

Most Single mothers use their sad stories to manipulate Simps in the workplace. Once a Single Mom gets a Simp to believe her lies, she can trick him into doing her work for her and covering for her when she’s late. She can even get some guys to do things for her like running errands and caring for her kids when she brings them to the office on those days when she can’t get daycare.

And if she can get a Simp boss to fall for her stories he’ll give her a free pass for coming in late and give her days off for whatever reason she comes up with for not doing her work.

In some cases a Single mother will try to get a Simp to help her in personal problems after work. And because these guys want an opportunity at a relationship with this woman they go out of their way to buy her kids toys and to help her with things like her bills and even her rent.

These situations can get dangerous whenever she’s having problems with her child’s father. Some single mothers will recruit guys from the office to go out and fight their child’s father. In these cases Simps oftentimes put their lives at risk.

Because most Simps are caught up in their emotions they can’t see how this woman is taking advantage of them and the business they work at. Many single mothers are notorious for using her kids and her personal issues as a way to make herself appear to be a victim. And as the men and women in the workplace cater to her issues they stop taking care of the company’s business and start taking care of her personal problems.

What most Simps don’t understand about single mothers is that every time they excuse this woman’s unprofessional behavior they allow her to steal from the company. Every absence she takes, and every man who covers for her allows her to get a paycheck from a company for doing absolutely nothing on the job.

Worse, they allow her to steal from their time. Every second a man takes to focus on the issues of a single mother in the workplace is time he’s taking away from his professional and personal goals. And when men get caught up in a single mother’s drama their lives get completely derailed. As they spend their time trying to fix her personal issues on the job he gets more focused on taking care of her needs and not taking care of his own. In less than a few months of getting involved with a single mother a Simp can go from being focused on his goals to being focused on teaching some single mom’s kids their ABC’s and 1-2-3’s.

Smart Men make every effort to avoid getting involved with single mother’s drama. They understand it’s not their job to play Captain-Save-A-Hoe™ and solve her personal problems at home or her work related issues on the job. Smart Men understand that this woman made the choice to have those kids and she made the choice to come to that company to work. When she decided to have those kids and take that job she committed herself to taking responsibility in both situations.

In their interactions with Single mothers Smart men keep their professional distance. They don’t listen to any of the excuses single mothers make for not being professional or doing their work and insist they do what they were paid to do. When that single mother took a job at that company she was expected to be able to perform the duties of that job like every other man and woman. If a single mother can’t perform the tasks of that job, then it’s time for her to leave.

Chapter 23

The Dangers Of He Said, She Said Situations



One of the most dangerous places for a man on the job is working alone in an office or part of an office space with a woman. In those situations a man doesn’t have anyone around to witness what goes on between them. If there’s some sort of workplace issue or personal issue between them, a man can find himself in between a rock and a hard place.

Simps think being alone with a woman in the office is a good thing. They believe if they’re alone with a woman they’ll have an opportunity to make a powerful first impression on her. And if an innocent conversation turns sexual or happens to escalate into horseplay between him and a woman he’s getting brownie points with her.

He has no idea that he may have possibly signed his own pink slip. In some cases he may have even have signed his own arrest warrant. What most Simps don’t know is that being alone with a woman in an office creates a he said she said situation. And in that situation it’s his word against hers.

And usually in the workplace Human Resource managers are going to take her word over his.

Simps don’t understand that predatory women love situations where they are alone with men. Because they know they can turn them to their advantage. Predatory women love getting people’s emotions riled up. And they use people’s emotions to turn herself into a victim and him into a villain. And because most workplaces are gynocentric and most HR people will favor the female, she knows he doesn’t have a leg to stand on in a he said, she said situation on the job.

Predatory women will use he said she said situations to set themselves up for a sexual harassment lawsuit or civil lawsuit. And with only two witnesses they usually win. Because it’s hard for a company to argue against a sobbing woman on the witness stand.

Smart men make sure they keep their professional interactions with women public. And they make sure there are always witnesses around when they are working with women. If they have to work in private with a female they always bring another female employee with them to witness their interaction. Some men even make sure to have some sort of recording device on like a Smartphone to have a visual and audible record of their communications. The more evidence a man has to protect himself from a he said, she said situation, the safer he’ll be in the workplace.

Chapter 24

Dealing with Female Drama in the Workplace



Due to the way Simps are socialized in single mother households and households with Simp fathers many learn how to interact with people just like their mothers. And when they disagree with women on the job things can escalate into heated arguments with screaming fits or a saga of back and forth jabs and insults that can go on for months and even years.

Conflict is a way of life in the workplace. Unfortunately, Simps have a hard time understanding how to put a period at the end of things and moving on. If there’s a workplace disagreement he just can’t agree to disagree. In his mind he’s right. And he’s going to make every effort to try to convince everyone why he’s right. So he’ll drag out a situation for weeks, months and even years to prove his point.

In most cases when a Simp tries to prove his points with women he disagrees with he often escalates things. Getting loud. Getting emotional. Sometimes making threats and getting violent. And when he can’t prove his point and be “right” (persuade people to agree with him) he gets surly and moody. In some cases he starts having rivalries with the people he disagrees with.

Because women are emotional and have a need to be “right” they’ll keep going back and forth bickering and arguing with the Simp trying to convince him how wrong he is. And because the Simp is socialized to act and think like a female he’s going to continue getting louder and more emotional in an effort to convince her he’s “right”. In most cases both sides end up in a war of words that seems to have no end in sight.

Unfortunately, while both these individuals get into it with each other the workplace becomes a hostile environment for everyone. If a manager or owner doesn’t step in and check their nonsense people in the workplace will have to tiptoe around these two just to get things done on the job.

The biggest mistake Simps make in disagreeing with women on the job is trying to argue with them in an attempt to convince them he is “right”. Most Simps don’t understand most women will never admit they are wrong. And arguing with a woman to convince her she is wrong in the workplace is an exercise in futility. Most women are masters of deceptive tactics such as deflecting, shaming tactics, straw man arguments, and gaslighting. And in any sort of disagreement with a woman on the job they will never concede their position. All they’re going to do is argue a man into a circle until he becomes frustrated and storms away. Then she’ll insult him as she gets the last word. And then the cycle will start all over again.

Usually this vicious cycle of arguing back and forth will continue until the woman quits, or the Simp quits or both are fired. Whichever comes first.

What most Simps don’t understand is that a man will never win a verbal argument with a woman. No matter how much logical evidence a man presents to a woman she’ll never listen to his facts. Because she’s emotional, her goal in any disagreement is to be “right.” And her interpretation of “right” is a man conceding and agrees with her.

Moreover, most women want to get the last word in. Unfortunately, due to the way a Simp is socialized, he too wants to get that last word in too. And because he wants to be “right” and get that last word in, an exchange between himself and can go on for weeks, months and years.

Unfortunately, every exchange he has hurts his professional reputation. Every time a Simp has an argument with a female co-worker he’s leaving an impression on managers, executives and clients that he’s a loose cannon. In the business world loose cannons are the kinds of people who will say or do anything due the inability to control their emotions. If a man gets a reputation for being a loose cannon his career is pretty much over at a company. No manager is going to risk their reputation trying to promote an employee who has no control over themselves and no control over their tongue.

Smart Men understand that arguing with women in the workplace is a waste of time. Since a man will never win an argument with a woman he simply lets her say have that last word then moves on. At the end of the day her opinion doesn’t help him achieve any of the professional and personal goals he’s set out to accomplish. And every second a man continuing to engage in a verbal battle with a female co-worker will only cause him to lose the war in moving forward in his career.

Chapter 25

How Simps Create A Hostile Environment in the Workplace



Simps have a hard time with boundaries. And when they come into the workplace they often try blur the lines between business with pleasure. And their attempts to find pleasure at work with women can often lead to a lot of pain for a business owner.

Because Simps have a hard time with social boundaries they behave on the job the same way they’d behave in a nightclub or the same way they’d behave at home. It’s not common for Simps to come into work trash talking about women, making lewd sexual comments regarding female co-workers, or telling stories about females he got involved with on Saturday night on Monday morning.

It’s also not common for a Simp to decorate his workspace like his cubicle or his office with pictures of scantily clad actresses and models or use his workplace computer to watch things like online porn or to send messages to women at online dating websites.

And it’s not common for the women and some men he works with to become very upset and offended when they hear him talking trash, overhearing his Monday morning stories of his weekend sexual conquests, or seeing those pictures of scantily clad women or read his racy messages to the women he’s trying to court online. So offended that they report him to management. And he’s usually shocked when he hears that his behavior on the job is something serious like sexual harassment.

What most Simps don’t understand is that sexual harassment isn’t just unwanted and unwarranted advances towards female co-workers and clients, but creating a hostile environment that makes both male and female co-workers uncomfortable. And when he calls women derogatory names, tells those stories of weekend sexual conquests, and post up those pictures of scantily clad celebrities he’s creating a work environment that’s hostile and offensive to both men and women.

A workplace is supposed to be a professional environment where everyone can be comfortable performing the tasks required in a professional manner. Unfortunately, because many Simps are stuck in a state of arrested development and are stuck at a mental age of about 11-16 years of age they treat their workspace like their bedrooms or their high school lockers.

Simps don’t understand that there’s a time and place to talk about their sexual exploits, look at pictures of their favorite celebrities, talk trash about women or date women online. And that time is when he is off the job at his home. There he can participate in all these behaviors and not put his job and career at risk. Men who create hostile environments can be disciplined with warnings, write-ups and suspensions or even terminated from their jobs.

When a man is on the job he has to maintain his professionalism in the office and outside of it when he’s representing the company. That means keeping all of his discussions professional and about business. Because when he creates a hostile environment for his co-workers and clients he puts himself and his place of employment at risk for a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Chapter 26

NO means NO

Explaining Sexual Harassment to Simps



A Simp often pursues relationships with women at the job because he believes they’re easily available. And oftentimes when they make advances on women in the workplace they have a hard time hearing them tell him NO.

Simps have a hard time dealing with rejection. And their mantra with women everywhere is “if you first you don’t succeed, try again.” And they try again. And Again. And Again. With the same woman. The rest of the world calls this insanity, but in a Simp’s mind persistence will pay off. He’ll wear down her resolve and she’ll eventually say YES to her.

Unfortunately, on the job, when a man continues to make unwanted and unwarranted advances a on a woman in the workplace after she says no to him it’s a case of sexual harassment.

What is sexual Harassment? Sexual Harassment is when an employee makes continued unwanted and unwarranted advances on a co-worker whether it be male or female. Sexual Harassment is a violation of Federal and State law and clearly written in a businesses’ company policy. It is a hard boundary established for the protection of a man and a woman’s right to a safe and productive workplace.

Unfortunately, most Simps don’t understand what boundaries are. Nor do they understand that when a woman says NO on the job NO MEANS NO. And that when a woman says NO to his request to get coffee, go out for lunch, or even go out for dinner after work, he must put a period on things and move on if he hopes to continue to have a job and possibly a career at that company.

Because if he has a hard time hearing NO from that woman he’ll hear it from someone else. Like his supervisor. Or from Human Resource managers when they discipline him for violating a company’s sexual harassment policies. And if he has a hard time hearing it after being written up and suspended without pay for violating company policy, he’ll be hearing two words from the company’s legal department:

He’s fired.

Simp employees who have a hard time hearing NO means NO from women oftentimes have a harder time getting their life back together after being terminated from their jobs. Simps who have a history of sexual harassment charges filed against often struggle to find their next job. No smart business owner wants to take the risk of hiring someone who has been involved in a sexual harassment lawsuit or been accused of sexual harassment in the past. Because that employee is considered a huge liability to a business based on their past behavior.

Simps often put a business at risk of being liable for a sexual harassment lawsuit due to his inability to hear one word: NO. Due to their constant pestering of women for attention and affection they threaten the profitability and productivity of a business. Every time he refuses to hear NO from women on the job a lawyer it increases the chances of a lawyer saying YES to taking her case to sue a business in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

In the workplace smart men understand that NO means NO. And they keep things professional in their business and social interactions with they women they work with. They understand not to make business personal with women on the job. Because if they cross that line with women in the workplace it could not only cost them their jobs and their careers, but punitive damages in a sexual harassment lawsuit and their professional reputation in the future.

Chapter 27

The Protocol For Dealing With Women in the Workplace



Smart men understand there is a protocol for interacting and socializing with women in the workplace. And they follow those unwritten rules to the letter. What are those rules?

Be very direct. A man in the workplace has to be very direct with a woman in the workplace. He has to keep everything work related. All communications and assignments of tasks must be straightforward and presented to her in linear fashion. If a man tries to be flexible with women and show them some kindness, it’s going to be interpreted as weakness. And if a woman senses weakness she’ll use that opportunity to take advantage of a man in the workplace.

Keep your professional distance. A man must maintain his professional distance at all times with women in the workplace. He must keep all his interpersonal communications work related. What predatory women love to do is get people to get personally involved with her so she can manipulate their emotions. Once she gets these people on the job emotional, she can put them in her Trick Bag™ so she can use them as tools to get herself ahead.

Predatory women will use people on the job like tools. She’ll have one co-worker to write her reports, another to fill out her forms, and another to make phone calls. Then she’ll take the credit for all their work and collect a paycheck for doing nothing.

Deal with her on the COMPANY’S TERMS. One of the big mistakes a Simp makes with dealing with women on the job is playing the game of “Let’s Make A Deal”. When a man does this, it’s GAME OVER. That man has given the woman leverage and allows her to dictate the terms of how she’ll work in a business. If a woman on the job is allowed to work on her terms she’ll always make sure that the any business on the job will always benefit her, not the business. This is why a man always deal with female employees directly in a straightforward fashion.

A smart Man always insists female employees deal with them on the company’s terms. They make them follow the company policy in all business dealings and communications.

Establish a clear line of authority. When dealing with female co-worker a man must establish a clear line of authority. They must let them know they are in charge and they do will not put up with any nonsense in a workplace. The faster a man establishes a clear line of authority with women the faster troublemakers like Predatory Females will quit. Predatory females hate structure and rules and are looking for a workplace with lax rules where they can get away with unprofessional behavior.

Explain all workplace rules to her clearly. A Man must cover his ass when dealing with a woman in the workplace. Explain every company policy to her within the first five days of her reporting for work. The faster a man explains all the company policies to her the faster he can establish boundaries in the workplace. If possible, have her read the company handbook from cover to cover and then sign a document stating all the rules. This establishes a paper trail if this female ever gets out of line in the workplace.

Getting things in WRITING is PARAMOUNT when dealing with a woman in the workplace, especially a predatory one. Women love to play the game of he said/She said where the lines are blurred and there is no way to objectively deal with her with facts. Paper trails establish a record of hard evidence a woman cannot challenge in the workplace.

Establish boundaries. Predatory females come from a place of chaos. In her home and personal life there are no rules or regulations. And when they come into a workplace, they attempt to replicate the chaos they have going on at home in the office. To nip this dysfunctional behavior in the bud, Smart men establish hard boundaries with women immediately. This structure helps men maintain the order needed to supervise their business and employees.

When dealing with Predatory females and females in general, a man insists that they dress professionally, keep their desk clear of personal items, keep the volume down when playing Mp3s, iPods, not use business equipment and business items for personal use, and not make personal calls and texts when on company time.

Be Consistent. When dealing with a woman on the job, a man has to enforce the workplace rules the same way every day when dealing with them. There is NO FLEXIBILITY in dealing with female co-workers, especially predatory ones. If given a chance they will take advantage of a situation and the people in a workplace. A man must consistently maintain the boundaries they establish and continuously reinforce the rules with them if they want to maintain an orderly and productive workplace.

For example if a woman comes in late every day, manager must consistently discipline her each time she does it. The behavior has to be dealt with the same way every time in order to establish with her that there is a penalty for this action and that she is not above the business.

Insist on reviewing their work every other day if not every day. A Predatory Female’s main objective in the workplace is not to produce quality work. No, her main goal in the workplace is to find workplace Simps and get them to trick on her. As part of that game, she cons co-workers into doing her work for her and then takes the credit for it. And she cons bosses into getting into sexual relationships with her so she can get leverage over them so she can keep a job where she gets paid for doing nothing. Don’t fall for her games, hold this woman accountable for her actions!

To keep her focused on her projects, don’t ask her what she’s doing. Ask her to SHOW you what she’s doing. Ask for documents, files, and e-mails. Insist on a paper trail. This woman cannot be trusted and will usurp a managers’ authority and disrupt a workplace.

Maintain thorough records. When dealing with a woman on the job, a manager must always keep thorough records. Any time she acts unprofessionally a manager must keep WRITTEN documentation of that behavior. If possible, even video record the meeting on a Smartphone. It’s best that he have witnesses to corroborate and substantiate that behavior.

The main reason for maintaining these records is to protect the company from a woman in case of a wrongful termination lawsuit or a sexual harassment lawsuit. Predatory females love to sue companies when caught in wrongdoing and these records establish a paper trail of her bad behavior. WRITE every infraction down from the first time she came in late to the time when she curses out a co-worker.

Keep socialization to a minimum with a woman in the workplace. Women are social creatures. And they love to befriend people. But she doesn’t do this because she likes people, she does this so she can shit test the boundaries in the workplace. She wants to see what dirt she can dig up on other co-workers so she can use it as leverage to get away with her own bad behavior. Shut her down by keeping all fraternizing related to business.

Explain to other male co-workers that all fraternizing needs to be kept to a minimum with women on the job and explain to them that if they do get involved with her, they are putting their own jobs at risk. Women, especially predatory females love to cross boundaries in the workplace and get co-workers to do things like date her. Then when things go wrong head over to Human Resources and say she was sexually harassed in the hopes of scoring a payday from a company.

Watch out for deflection tactics. When called on her unprofessional behavior, some women will point out to others and say “Bob’s doing it” and apply her shaming language. And as the manager goes to admonish Bob, she escapes punishment. Don’t fall for this bait!

When she talks about Bob, bring it back to her and let her know you are addressing her, not Bob. She is the one out of line and she is the one that needs to follow the rules of the workplace. If a manager falls for her deflections, they are going to lose control of their business. Again, be direct and consistent in dealing with a female, deflections are one of the three tools she uses to knock authority figures like managers out with!

Watch out for her diversions. Predatory women also like to divert attention from their mediocre work record by showing co-workers pictures of their children, or showing off their toys and trinkets like cell phones. Whenever asked about their work on a project they’ll start talking about their clothes, a party or if they’re being called on their lack of work on a project, their kids and how they’re doing in school. Keep her focused on what you’re asking her about.

Watch out for her deceptions. Some women like to con others into doing her work for her. When given a task, a woman will try to pass her work onto an unsuspecting co-worker, usually a clueless Simp or a Mangina. The Simp will think he’s getting brownie points with her will do all her work and she’ll take all the credit and collect a paycheck for doing nothing. And if things go wrong, she then throws said male co-worker under the bus by saying he took over her project and this is the reason why things are wrong.

This is why a man must maintain a clear line of authority with a woman on the job. Every other day, a manager must insist on seeing their work, and ask about where they are on it. Do not accept a woman’s excuses, this is how she keeps from completing projects on time! Call her to the carpet and INSIST that she do the work that she was assigned!

Watch out for her shaming tactics. If diversion, deception and deflection do not work, female co-workers will start attacking a man with Shaming Tactics. This is a defensive attack used to turn herself in a victim. In this emotional attack she’ll start crying extra extra salty tears and saying things like she’s overwhelmed, how she has so much to do when she gets home and telling sad stories about her troubled home life. If she’s really jammed up she’ll start talking about her kids. Some will even blame them for her poor work on the job. Some will even recruit other co-workers to start making excuses for her.

Don’t fall for the bullshit. Hold her accountable for her actions. This woman knew what you required her to do when you hired her. Explain to her that she was hired to do a job and she is responsible for all the duties required of that position. If these personal obligations are too much for her, then she can go back home to deal with them. She was hired her to do a job and is paid her to work.

Document all unprofessional behavior. Women love the game of he said/She said because most people will sympathize with her and go along with her emotional tirades of extra salty tears. Sadly in most situations where women are unprofessional, most Men go after a woman with an Oral argument and lose.

However, a woman can’t fight a paper trail. Because paper trails show irrefutable written evidence of their behavior. A good manager makes sure to document all of a woman’s unprofessional behavior with written documented disciplinary action from day one. With these records on file with HR and corroborating witness statements from co-workers, Human Resources has no choice but to see the mounted evidence against this unprofessional female and terminate her employment.

Clearly explain what she is being disciplined for. When dealing with a woman in a disciplinary scenario explain clearly what infraction she violated and why she is being disciplined for it. Present documentation of the infraction with witness statements. Go over clearly with her the punishment whether it be a write-up, suspension or termination. Make sure to take witnesses with you and have THEM corroborate that you are disciplining this employee. Never confront a female one-on-one in the workplace! This woman will use any situation to create a He said/She said scenario where she’ll turn herself into a victim. Keep all interactions with her in group settings so she cannot gain leverage.

Watch your language and tone when communicating with an emotional woman on the job. A woman’s deadliest offensive and defensive weapon is her mouth. And when she’s not getting her way, some will launch into profanity–laced tirades. But she’s not upset. She’s trying to manipulate others into reacting to her.

What she’s trying to do is get the manager, especially a male boss or co-worker she’s targeting with her tirade to lose control over his emotions. If a boss loses control over his emotions and starts yelling back at her she gains control over the workplace. And if the boss starts cursing back at her she has evidence she can use against him with Human Resources or in court.

A Man has to watch what he says when discussing business with a woman on the job. Women will take what a man says and use it against them. The best way to deal with women on the job is to use language that doesn’t identify them personally. If a manager is disciplining them, keep all verbal communications focused on the action, not the person. Women love to make things personal so they can bring in their arsenal of shaming language, threats and turn a situation where she makes people believe she is the victim.

Follow through with disciplinary action. One of the biggest mistakes Managers make in dealing with females on the job is not following through with disciplinary action. This lack of reinforcement is why they think it’s okay to act unprofessionally on the job Again, a manager must remain consistent in enforcing the rules when dealing with a woman on the job. She must understand that there is a clear line of authority in a workplace and that this line of authority will deal with her accordingly if she tries to challenge them.

For example, if a woman comes into work late every day for two weeks straight, a manager can have no mercy on her. He cannot just write her up, he cannot just orally warn her. No, he must terminate her and clearly document this as the reason for her termination. This is the only way to send a message to her that the policies of the business will not be violated by her and that she is not more important than the business.

Remain calm when she acts out. Women like to make a lot of noise when upset. They’re yellers and a big talkers. But most of it is HOT AIR. Most people make the mistake of reacting to her threats and yelling. That gives her the evidence she needs to go to Human Resources to say what someone else said to her or threatened to do to her.

What most men don’t know is that a woman’s loud mouth is part of a strategy she uses to manipulate people. She yells, screams and makes threats to get an emotional response out of the people around her. The fastest way to shut her down is to NOT say a word. Remain silent. Remain calm. If you can, record her verbal tirade and then take it to HR as a sign of HER unprofessionalism.

Women use all sorts of tactics to control and manipulate men in the workplace. But once Smart men understand how these crazy-making approaches work, they can navigate a clear path around their unprofessional behavior. When this woman acts out she has nothing to lose and everything to gain at a man’s expense. Don’t let her cause you to lose all the hard work you put into getting that nine-to-five job or business you built from the ground up!

Chapter 28

Simp Corporate Crimes



On the job Simps mouths’ often write checks with women that they can’t cash. And when they start running out of money to pay for the promises they make to women on the job, they start looking for other ways to pay for them. And instead of taking a second job to pay for their after hours Trickin they start treating women with company money.

Most Simps like $25,000 millionaires, Peacocks, and Workplace Manginas walk into the workplace putting on an image of being a big shot. They brag about their expensive designer clothes, their luxury cars, and how they can spend money like it’s going out of style. And when they try to pursue relationships with women on and the job they take them to the finest restaurants and promise to buy them expensive clothes, expensive shoes, designer handbags and take them on trips. Where do they get the money to pay for all these amenities when their paychecks don’t cover the cost?

Right out of the company coffers.

Some Simps will take money from petty cash to pay for lunch dates and small sundry items to impress female co-workers. Others in management and executive positions will use their company credit cards to pay for their workplace Trickin. They’ll charge all sorts of lunches, small gifts to the company credit card and try to justify them as business expenses. A few will try to bring women they’re trying to impress on business trips they’re going on and cover all their expenses on the company dollar.

Not understanding that they’re stealing from the company. On paper the Simp will justify these “expenses” as the cost of business. However, it’s still theft because none of those expenses has to do with taking care of the company’s business.

In their quest to impress a female co-worker most Simps wind up headed down a slippery slope. Once the Simp gets away with stealing those small amounts of money from the company they start giving themselves the justification to steal even larger amounts of company money to finance their quest for romance. As the women they pursue start demanding high-end items like designer handbags and shoes that’s when they start crossing a moral and ethical lines on the job. That’s when Simps go from committing petty larceny to felonies like grand larceny and embezzlement to finance their quest for romance. Some who work in retail will start skimming money off the daily receipts. Others will start misappropriating funds that are part of a project’s budget. And a few will just take money right out of the register.

In most cases the Simp will leave a paper trail in accounting that will eventually catch up with him. And once it does he usually winds up leaving his job in handcuffs.

And while he’s in jail waiting to go to trial for crimes ranging from Grand Larceny to embezzlement, the woman he was so desperate to impress is going on with her life. By the time he gets out of prison in seven to ten years for defrauding the company he used to work at she’s been promoted and has moved on to management and a life with another man. Meanwhile, he’s trying to pick up the pieces of his life and wondering how he’s going to make a living with a felony conviction on his record.

Simps think that they can spend the company dollar to impress women on the job but don’t understand what it’ll cost them in the long run. The intangibles of manhood a Simp puts at risk like his health, safety and most importantly his freedom aren’t worth risking winning the favor of a woman. There are numerous opportunities for romance outside of the job so, there’s no reason for any man to put his career and his safety at risk stealing money from someone else’s business to get the attention of a woman.

Chapter 29

What Simps Don’t Know About The Workplace Side Piece



Some married Simps take the risk and pursue relationships with women they work with on the job. They think a casual sexual fling with a female co-worker will just remain between them. Unfortunately, a little sex on the side usually turns into a complicated situation that oftentimes costs a man his marriage and his career.

Many Simps pursue relationships with women on the job to get away from a stale relationship with a wife or a girlfriend. Others pursue relationships with women at work to have an escape from a domineering emasculating spouse. A handful chase women on the job because they just love getting their dicks wet.

All of these men are playing Russian Roulette with their careers.

In most cases the men who are pursuing relationships with a Side Piece are thinking with their dicks. And because this woman on the job is offering them sex and an ear to listen to their problems they think there’s a possibility for a better relationship far away from the dysfunctional one they’re already involved in at home.

Unfortunately, these men don’t know how much worse things are going to get for them. When they pursue relationships with women at work they give the mistress automatic leverage in the relationship. And while these women will pretend to cooperate in the beginning, eventually they’re going to turn the tables on the Simp in the end.

What most Simps don’t understand is that the workplace is a competitive environment. And most of the women they’re trying to have affairs with are looking for an advantage to move themselves ahead. Every intimate moment he shares pouring his heart out to that woman is giving her the information to gain more leverage over him in the relationship.

As she gains that advantage over him she starts using the leverage she’s gained to start making more demands of the Simp. And as the Simp makes efforts to please her he stops having the relationship on his terms and starts having it on hers. Every tryst he has with her, every gift he gives her winds up building a case of incriminating evidence that can be used against him.

In some cases women who have affairs with Simps will use this information to blackmail Simps into giving them cash, expensive gifts, cars and even paying their rent. As long as she can threaten to hand incriminating evidence of their affair to a Simp’s wife, he has to do things on her terms.

What most Simps don’t understand is that in a Side Piece Situation the woman usually has NOTHING TO LOSE. Even if the affair between herself and the Simp is revealed, and she’s busted out as a homewrecking whore, she’ll eventually return to the job and the dating scene in a few weeks resuming her life just as it went on before. Once the affair is over, there’s always six more Simps waiting in line ready to take a man’s place.

When it comes down to Side Pieces in the workplace a man has EVERYTHING TO LOSE. If a Side Piece decides to out a Simp the evidence revealed can cost him his marriage and his career. In the best case, he’s going to have to resign in an effort to save face and his career. If he’s lucky he’ll be able to make the rent on his half of the studio apartment after he pays alimony and child support once the divorce is finalized.

In the worst case, that man could wind up in a sexual harassment lawsuit with a mistress. In that situation he won’t have a leg to stand on with Human Resources. With all the evidence the woman has amassed against him during their relationship he’s a Simp is guaranteed to be terminated.

In some rare cases the evidence a workplace Side Piece has acquired can be used in criminal court as well. To have their affairs, some Simps oftentimes misappropriate company funds to buy her gifts, take her on trips and even pay bills. That creates a paper trail that easily can lead to a man winding up getting arrested for Grand Larceny, and embezzlement charges.

A married man has too much to lose to have a Side Piece at work. A little after hours sex with a female co-worker may give a Simp a few minutes of pleasure. But if his relationship is revealed it can cost him everything he took a lifetime to work for.

Chapter 30

Simp Violence in the Workplace



In the workplace men and women have to deal with rejection, failure, and loss in their quest to get work done on the job. Unfortunately Most Simps have a hard time dealing with these everyday setbacks. When a Simp encounters any form of rejection, fails to accomplish something or loses, he usually becomes emotional. And in some cases he becomes violent.

What makes a having a Simp in the workplace dangerous is the fact that he has little control over his emotions. Simps have a hard time hearing the word NO. When people say NO to a Simp he can’t accept the rejection and plan another course to accomplish his goals. No, he simmers and boils in anger as he holds a grudge against the person whoever denied him what he wants.

The scariest thing about having a Simp in the workplace is that most people won’t know when or where he will act in a violent manner. Many Simps appear to be consummate professionals on the outside but simmer and boil in anger on the inside. And they may do so for months and even years before exploding in rage. That rage can be expressed by screaming and yelling, or extreme violence like a workplace mass shooting.

However, all it takes is a perceived slight to set the Simp off and have him planning some sort of retaliatory action. Warning signs a Simp is about to lose it include passive aggressive behaviors like “losing” documents, “forgetting” to tell co-workers he doesn’t like about meetings, sabotaging projects, or blowing off a meeting or presentation the co-worker is working on.

If these slights don’t get the reactions they want or make the intended target “pay” for their wrongs, some Simps may escalate their behaviors to bullying. These include cyberbullying, stealing property, or destroying property like mementos on a co-worker’s desk. The goal of these behaviors are to make a workplace hostile and make the person he hates feel like quitting the job.

And if these behaviors don’t get the response a Simp wants he will escalate his behaviors to criminal behaviors. These will include making terroristic threats over a person’s home and Smartphone, leaving threatening notes in an employee’s workspace, deflating tires, keying cars, and putting bricks through car windows. Some Simps will even stalk employees they don’t like after hours or make attempts to physically assault them.

In rare cases a Simp who feels slighted on the job will participate in extreme violence such as rape and murder of a co-worker. And a handful will participate in mass murders in their quest to get revenge against employees and co-workers who they feel have done them wrong.

However, when a man or woman in the workplace believes that they are being targeted for bullying and violence by a Simp on the job they must take action IMMEDIATELY. Document any behavior with photos and evidence and report it to a supervisor and Human Resource department. File a police report with your local precinct.

If possible, have a supervisor and Human Resource manager sit down with the Simp. Explain to him that his behavior is inappropriate and if he continues participating in that behavior he will be terminated and possibly arrested.

Oftentimes when a Simp is put on notice that authorities like law enforcement know he’s participating in inappropriate behavior they often back off. Most Simps are cowards and they hate being confronted by people who are aware of their behavior in face-to-face situations. It’s not common for Simps to resign when confronted in a face-to-face situation with hard evidence of their erratic behavior.

The faster an employer and employees takes action to deal with a Simp the faster they can diffuse the violent behavior a Simp will participate in. If a business owner doesn’t do anything about the behavior of a Simp, chances are they can be held liable in a civil lawsuit and be made to pay punitive damages if someone is killed or injured as a result of it.

Chapter 31

What A Simp Costs A Business



Having a Simp in the workplace can have a negative impact on a business. When this man is on the job his unprofessional behavior can lead to decreases in productivity and profits.

What can a Simp cost a business?

A Simp can cost a business its professional image. When a Simp makes his unwanted and unwarranted advances towards women on the job and management doesn’t do anything about it, it can ruin a business’ professional image. All it takes is one sexual harassment lawsuit to tarnish a businesses’ image with the public. And instead of people seeing a company as a place to do business, they start seeing it as a place to avoid.

A Simp can cost a business its reputation. When Simps get caught up in scandals for things like sexual harassment and even crimes like embezzlement they can hurt a business’ image. That can cost a business its reputation and damage its brand long-term.

A Simp can cost a business customers and clients. Word of mouth is how a company builds its reputation and its customer base. And every employee and customer who has to deal with a Simp’s unprofessional behavior on the job is a person who will tell other potential customers not to do business with that company. All it takes is one negative experience from a customer or series of customer to get people to start avoiding a business. And with the half-assed way many Simps work, the chances of people having that experience are sooner rather than later.

A Simp can decrease worker morale. Some Simps like Manginas are notorious for playing mind games. And their mental manipulations, rumors, gossip and daily drama can turn a amicable workplace into an hostile environment.

Thanks to the negative energy a Simp brings into the workplace, people around him wind up frustrated, demoralized and lose their motivation to do their best on the job. Instead of looking forward to working on projects and focusing on career goals, most people who work around Simps start working on their resume and making plans to leave.

A Simp can cost a business legal fees and damages. When Simps make advances on women in the workplace it can cost a business owner thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs. It can also cost that owner millions of dollars in damages if that woman decides to file a sexual harassment lawsuit.

A Simp can cost a business profits. Every dollar a business has to pay for court costs and legal fees dealing with a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by a female employee is money a business will probably never get back. Add those dollars lost with the money a business loses every time an employee quits after they get tired of dealing with a Simp’s shit tests, pranks, and workplace drama and a business can quickly go from being in the black to going in the red in no time.

A Simp costs a business its best employees. Some Simps like Manginas just don’t work well with co-workers. And their unprofessional behavior such as shit tests, mind games, gossip and rumors oftentimes have good employees heading for the door.

What most Simps don’t know is that every employee that quits a job costs businesses money. Like the equipment a company owns, employees are an investment in a business. And every employee who is retained bring profits to a company by the customers and clients they bring in. Moreover, when they stay on for years and learn new skills they become assets that bring a wealth of experience to the company.

Unfortunately, thanks to a Simp’s unprofessional behavior a company rarely sees that investment in labor ever pay off. Because people are turning over jobs, a company has to spend more money to replace them. What most Simps don’t understand is that it usually takes 90-180 days for a company to get a new employee up to speed and start producing work that profits a business. For every new hire that doesn’t make it past that 90-180 days, a company loses the money on the salary and training they invested in that employee and more money on the subsequent employees they have to keep hiring to replace them.

A Simp can cost a business new talent. Many years ago a business owner could dismiss a former employee who said bad things about a company as a disgruntled employee. However, former employees who work at companies today often post horror stories about working at companies on websites such as Glassdor.com and yelp.com these days. And in their horror stories potential candidates are learning things about the behavior of Simps on the job that discourages them from applying there. No Smart Man or Smart Woman wants to start or continue their career in a dysfunctional environment where Simps have created a culture of low standards, unprofessional conduct, and disorganization. If prospective candidates read too many negative statements about a company they’ll think about applying someplace else.

A Simp can cost a business new markets. Most Simps are focused on getting their emotional needs met, not their economic ones. So they aren’t looking for new markets and new customers, nor are they listening when customers and clients are asking for new products or suggest new markets they could target. Because the Simp is focused on being comfortable, competitors will capitalize on opportunities for new business he overlooks. As they get more market share and corner the marketplace their business becomes an industry leader while the company the Simp works at declines into obsolescence.

A Simp can put a business out of business. If a Simp is allowed to stay in a business for an extended period of time his dysfunctional work habits and unprofessional behavior can have a devastating impact on a business. Because he puts work last and chasing women first, work doesn’t get done, customers and clients get frustrated, and a business’ reputation starts to suffer. And while a business owner is filing bankruptcy papers, a Simp is sitting comfortably in his cubicle waiting for his female co-worker to offer him a shoulder to cry on.

Many business owners think they can overlook a Simp’s skirt chasing, trash talking, shit tests, and sloppy work. However, if a Simp is allowed to remain in a business for too long, he can become a liability that costs a business owner everything they worked for. The faster a business gets rid of a Simp, the faster it can return to productivity and profitability.

Chapter 32

Why Men Shouldn’t Simp In the Workplace



Simps think they’ve accomplished something when they get the attention of a woman in the workplace. Unfortunately, he has no idea what he looks like when he panders to females on the job.

Why shouldn’t a man Simp on the job?

It makes a man look weak. The workplace is a competitive environment where the strong survive. When a Simp puts himself in a submissive position under women, he’s sending a message to everyone in the workplace that he’s no one they need to take seriously.

It makes people not take a man seriously. A man’s professional image is what makes a first impression with co-workers, managers, and clients. When a Simp does things like expressing weak body language it tells others not to see him as important. And when he goes on to do things like defer to females in social situations it tells them he’s no one they should really consider as a priority. A man only gets one chance to get a first impression. And a Simp usually makes a poor one when he meets people.

It makes a man lose face. In the workplace a man has to present an image of professionalism if he hopes to be taken seriously by co-workers and clients. When men Simp on the job he sends a message to both men and women that he is someone that they can easily take advantage of. Instead of people seeing a man as a person they should consider for promotion, they start seeing him as a tool they can use to get themselves ahead with.

It makes a man look like he’s not a leader. If a man can’t lead himself, then he can’t expect others to follow him. When Simps chase behind women on the job it sends a message to managers and clients that he’s not someone who they can trust to take responsibility for their work. If he’s following behind women in the workplace then he won’t be able to hold them accountable for their work when he’s put in charge of a project and millions of dollars are on the line.

It makes a man look like he has no self-control. It’s hard to trust someone with managing business matters when they have no control over themselves. If a man can’t maintain a sense of self-control in basic social interactions, then he can’t be trusted to delegate tasks and responsibility to others. With their constant skirt chasing and pussy pandering a Simp sends a message to the world that he only thinks with his dick and nothing else. A man who thinks that way sends a message to managers, co-workers and clients that he’s a liability, not an asset.

It makes a man look like he can’t prioritize. In the workplace a man has to focus on taking care of business. When a Simp goes about the workplace looking to get the attention of women, he shows everyone that his primary goal isn’t getting work done. A Smart Man’s primary focus on the job is getting work done, and focusing on meeting the professional goals he has set for himself. If it’s not about business then he doesn’t have time for it.

It makes a man look like he can’t organize. When a Simp chases behind women in the workplace it makes him appear as if he is terrible at organization. If a man can’t keep his business and personal lives separate then he won’t be able to sort things out when a manager gives him a project to complete.

It makes a man look like a tool. A Simp thinks he’s being helpful to women and bosses by offering up information in exchange for brownie points. Unfortunately he’s letting everyone know that he’s a tool everyone can use to move themselves ahead with. Because he’s so eager to please he can’t see that many of the people he’s trying to impress don’t care about him outside of his utility.

Smart men share information with those who can offer them something tangible in return for it. If a Smart man can’t get any help from someone working towards his goals, then he doesn’t deal with them.

It makes a man look like he can’t think critically. When men Simp it sends a message to both men and women that he’s an emotional thinker. Emotional thinkers are the kinds of people who focus on the short-term. In the workplace being a short-term thinker is considered detrimental to a man’s character. Emotional thinkers don’t respond to a situation, they react to it. Emotional thinkers act on impulse not thinking about the consequences of their actions or the long-term ramifications of them.

The impact of an emotional thinker in the workplace can be devastating. Emotional thinkers are the kinds of people who shoot first and ask questions later. That kind of reactionary thinking can cost a business its reputation and even put a business right out of business.

Critical thinkers in contrast focus on the long-term. They respond to situations. They weigh the options before making a decision. And they understand the consequences of the long-term ramifications of their decisions. Critical thinkers understand that every action has an equal and opposite reaction and that if they make a decision they have to make one that benefits not just themselves, but employees, customers and clients as well.

It makes a man look like he has no vision for the future. Ask a man what his plans are for his career and he’ll tell you what his goals are for the next five to ten years and a plan to get there. Ask a Simp what his career plans are and all you’ll hear are crickets. Most Simps are so focused on short-term things like getting the phone number of a woman, that they don’t have a plan for

When a man Simps in the workplace he usually winds up stuck with a dead end career that goes nowhere. While a man who chases another man’s standard will always be in second place, a Simp usually winds up in last place because he’s running right behind the women he pursues on the job. And while they’re moving themselves ahead in their careers thanks to his “help” they leave him behind in the dust laughing as they move ahead at his expense.

Chapter 33

The Short Sightedness of Simps



Most Simps can get a job. Unfortunately, they usually don’t keep it that long. Why? Most Simps are too busy trying to get the attention of the low-level female co-worker standing in front of them today to start making plans towards getting into that corner office five years from now.

Simps are notorious short-term thinkers. And due to their lack of self-control they believe they have to act NOW. Due to their impulsiveness, a Simp will make decisions in the workplace today that will hurt him tomorrow and five years from now.

In the workplace a Simp is a loose cannon. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t think before he speaks or how he acts. When he sees an attractive female in the workplace he’s the first to say something sexual about her.

Not understanding how he’s offending his co-worker or how he’s putting his job at risk. When he makes that statement that woman has a reason to go to Human Resources and file a sexual harassment suit against him.

Worse, he’s the kind of guy to say something inappropriate at a business meeting or to an executive or a client. A Simp is the kind of guy to interrupt a boss during an important meeting or presentation and correct them. Or he’s the kind of guy to say something negative about a business right in front of a client.

Not understanding how he’s embarrassing his managers and the company he works for. When he interrupts that boss or speaks against a business in front of a client he’s pretty much put the nail in the coffin for his career at that company. Some managers may even show him the door that same day.

In addition to putting their feet in their mouths, Some Simps are so eager to impress women on the job that they wind up doing things to their detriment. Simps are the kinds of guys who overstep their bounds and act without authorization of a manager, or they go out and make promises to female clients and customers a company just can’t keep.

Due to the shortsighted way many Simps think they don’t understand that the actions a man takes today can impact his career tomorrow. Every action a man takes today leads to an equal and opposite reaction tomorrow. So a man has to watch what he says and what he does in the workplace today if he hopes to achieve his professional goals tomorrow.

When Smart Men enter a workplace they have a long-term plan of three to five years. And in order for a Smart man to achieve the goals in that long-term plan he has to have intangibles related to his character such as discipline and self-control.

Moreover, he has to understand when he needs to be discreet. Smart Men not only watch what they say, but watch when they say it. If a manager or a customer didn’t ask him to do something then he doesn’t do it. If a manager makes a mistake, he doesn’t say anything. And if a customer asks him a direct question, he gives them a direct answer.

In addition he only acts only at the time when it’s appropriate. If it’s not in his job description, he doesn’t do it. If he’s not authorized to do something he doesn’t do it. And If he’s not trained to do something he tells the customer, the client or even his manager he doesn’t do it.

Smart men understand it’s better in the long-term to not do something than to do it. Because when a man acts impulsively in the short-term he can do long-term damage to his career. Once a man gets a reputation for being a loose cannon, managers aren’t going to see him as someone they can consider for promotion. If a manager can’t trust a man to act in the best interests of a business in the short-term, then they can’t plan to have a place for him in the organization in the long-term.

In the workplace a Smart Man understands he has too much to lose to act impulsively. He understands the short-term gratification of a female co-workers phone number will keep him from achieving his long-term professional goals such as starting his own business. While Smart men may be working now, but they’re always focused on where they want to go later in their career.

Chapter 34

Why the YES man Goes NOWHERE on the Job



Due to his poor communication skills and his inability to set boundaries with others a Simp’s has one answer for co-workers and bosses on the job: YES. And because he is always ready to say YES to anyone, especially women he usually winds up going nowhere in his professional career.

On the job Simps are too eager to please. They brown nose and ass-kiss not understanding that they’re sacrificing their personal power in their quest to win the approval of others. And that these intangibles pertaining to their internal character are far more important than winning brownie points with people on the job. Because he’s a complete doormat people on the job just walk all over him as they head up the corporate ladder.

Simps believe that agreeing to meet co-workers and supervisors’ needs on the job will allow them to move forward in their careers. They think saying YES to anyone and doing anything anyone asks them will allow them to establish the same covert contract they have with their mothers and Simp fathers. Unfortunately, the world of work doesn’t work like a family. Unless a man clearly states exactly what he wants in exchange for his time and services on a job he’s not going to get anything but taken advantage of.

What most Simps don’t understand are that YES Men don’t get much respect from male or female co-workers on the job. A man who will follow behind anyone is not someone managers can consider for a leadership position. Men who are considered for promotion in an organization are men who set goals for themselves and put themselves FIRST.

Smart men understand they work at a company. But they work for themselves while they work at that business. They understand that they are the only one who can help themselves achieve the goals they want to pursue. So they set boundaries with managers and co-workers from day one for how they are treated and what work will be done there.

Smart men have no problem saying NO if someone asks them to do something that they have no time to do, is out of their skill set, unethical, or even illegal. They understand if someone is not helping them achieve their goals then they have no problem saying NO to them.

Simps grow up believing that saying NO on the job is a bad thing. And if they say NO to a boss they’ll be fired or won’t be considered for a promotion. However, saying NO in the workplace is a good thing. Saying NO means that a man has a backbone and testicles. That he’ll stand up for himself. And he’ll have the integrity to do what’s right not only for himself, but the business he works at.

Men who know how to say NO will maintain standards at that company and won’t cut corners. Men who know how to say NO will set a tone for professionalism and conduct in the workplace. Men who say NO understand that YES men will fall in a time of crisis and not rise to overcome adversity.

It’s the men who say NO can lead others. And they command the respect of clients and co-workers. If a man can’t stand up for himself, then he won’t be able to stand behind the business he represents.

Chapter 35

Professional Distance



Most Simps get into trouble in the workplace because their fathers never taught them the protocols for social etiquette in business. And because they don’t know the unwritten rules they don’t know how to navigate the workplace effectively.

One of the most important rules a man has to follow on the job is Professional distance. What is professional distance? Professional Distance is the space a man establishes between himself, his work, and his co-workers.

Professional Distance creates a safe boundary that allows a man to do his job effectively. Because when a man is at a reasonable distance away from things at the workplace he can see the business from an objective perspective, not a personal one. And from the viewpoint that professional distance gives him he can see the bigger picture of the organization and his place in it. With this vision he can set goals for himself and the direction he wants to take his career.

Men who maintain their Professional Distance are passionate about their work, but not emotionally involved. There’s a big difference between passion and emotion. Passionate people care about improving their skills and honing their craft. They’re focused on making sure that the quality of their work is the best it can be. If someone gives them constructive criticism, they listen to it and take the points given to them under consideration on their projects.

While men who are emotional have their feelings invested in what they’re doing. But they don’t really care about what they’re doing. They don’t have a vested interest in making sure their work is the best it can be or improving the quality of it in the future. Many can’t take constructive criticism; any commentary on their work is seen as a personal attack on them.

Due to the way many Simps are raised they are taught to invest their emotions in whatever they do. However, they really don’t care about their work or the quality of it. For them work is an ends to a means to getting social currency and getting the attention of women.

And because they’re looking for the attention of women on the job it’s hard for a Simp to maintain his professional distance. Because he’s so eager to get the approval of women on the job a Simp approaches them from an emotional way, not a professional one. From that viewpoint he can’t see the mistakes she makes on the job.

Worse, he can’t reprimand her for her improper or unprofessional conduct. Because he’s so afraid of upsetting her, A Simp won’t go out of his way to deal with women on the job when they get out of line. This is why a woman who constantly comes in late always gets a pass when Simps are on the job.

And why men on the job wind up being unfairly punished. In his efforts to show out to impress the women on the job by showing how authoritative he is, many Simps will excessively punish men or insist on excessive punishment for men on the job for their mistakes. Thanks to his biases based on his emotional view of the workplace, both male and female feel demoralized and frustrated in the workplace.

The truth is most women like it when men maintain their professional distance in the workplace. They like it when men hold them accountable for their unprofessional behavior. And they like constructive criticism from men. When a man on the job makes the effort to point out what a woman is doing wrong she understands there are boundaries in the workplace. Boundaries that will keep her safe. Boundaries that will protect her from predators in and out of the workplace.

The only women who have issues with professional distance are predatory females. These females didn’t grow up with boundaries and they didn’t grow up with rules or structure. So they have a hard time navigating a structured environment like a well-run workplace. In order for them to achieve their goals they need to break the rules and undermine the structure of an organization. And they use weak men like Simps to weaken those business structures and create the chaos they need to exploit professional situations so they can enrich themselves.

The ultimate goal for a Simp is doing things on the job to get the attention, favor, and approval of women. Hearing women tell him he’s great is an accomplishment for him and being popular is his idea of an achievement. Unfortunately, businesses don’t run on popularity or social currency. Businesses run on money and the ability to generate it by selling goods and services to customers and clients. Usually Most Simps don’t get far in business because the Rose-Colored™ Glasses they wear doesn’t allow them to see the bigger picture in the workplace. Without the panoramic perspective that Professional distance gives a man they often are so short sighted they can’t see where they’re actually going on the job and fall into many of the pitfalls and traps laid by predatory women.

Chapter 36

Looking out For A Man’s Financial Future



Feminists often state that women make 70 cents for every dollar a man makes. However, this hasn’t been the case and never been the case. Most women these make far more than men when all the unreported sources of income they receive from Simps are added to the money they make.

As stated before, most working women have more than one source of income. In many cases most single working women have a minimum of three sources of income at any given time. They have:

p<{color:#000;}. Their paycheck from their jobs,

p<{color:#000;}. Child support, if they have children, or money from their parents,

p<{color:#000;}. And the revenue she gets from a Simp or a Series of Simps she’s having a relationship with or dating.

In addition to the money she gets from Simps most women also benefit from social perks like free drinks on Ladies Night at bars, free coffee from Simp coffee shop owners and a whole host of gifts depending on the situation from men courting them.

When one counts all those sources of income combined women make far more than men. Yet they still cry poverty. Why?

Because most men keep falling for the game.

Most women know that it’s natural for men to want to provide and protect women. And when a man hears her complaints about not being able to pay her bills he’ll want to instinctively meet her needs. So when she starts whining about how she can’t meet the bills it’ll send out a signal to men.

Weaker men like Simps rush out to pay attention to these damsels in distress hoping to prove they can be providers to her. They think that if they show her how they’ll take care of her needs she’ll be eager to pursue a relationship with her.

What most Simps don’t understand is dating and relationships are a lucrative business for a woman. All she has to do is look at a man or a series of Simps and they’ll be willing to offer her free dinners, free drinks, free designer clothes and shoes, and even free cars. Some will even be willing to give her a home and even pay her rent.

And all of that income is tax-free.

While a woman has multiple sources of income, the only person who makes money for a man is himself. And a man has to make every effort to protect and maintain his financial resources. If a man loses his job he has no other source of income to take care of himself until he can find another job.

Simps in their quest to chase women on the job oftentimes put their financial futures at risk. Many often spend most of their paychecks to in their efforts to impress women. And while they spend to get the attention of a woman, they don’t build a savings for themselves. Which usually leads to them being in a jam when they wind up in a financial calamity such as a job loss or an event where they aren’t healthy enough to work. As they struggle to recover and get their lives back on track, that woman will still be making money from revenue streams he’ll never have.

When a woman loses a job she’ll still be well taken care of by one or two of those sources of income she has until she finds that next job. In most cases all she has to do is find a Simp or a Series of Simps to pay her bills until she can go back to work. In some cases these same Simps will even help her get an inside track on that next job. A few will even hire her even if she doesn’t meet any of the qualifications for the position just to help her out.

Unfortunately, a man has no support systems in place to help him when he runs into a situation like a job loss or something that prevents him from being healthy to work. So he has to protect his finances by doing things like maintaining his professionalism on the job and building a savings and investing in revenue streams that help him build wealth.

When a man loses a job or has a catastrophe that prevents him from working there is no safety net to protect him from falling like there is for women. And because there is no helping hand to help him get back up on his feet he has to avoid doing things that will put his livelihood at risk. Every time a Simp chases a woman on the job he takes an unnecessary risk that puts his way of taking care of himself in jeopardy.

Chapter 37

Take Care Of Your Business



On his reality show Hell’s Kitchen Chef Gordon Ramsay tells his chefs: “Either you run the kitchen or the kitchen runs you.” And when he says this he’s making a statement about leadership. In the workplace a man either runs his career or he winds up being told what to do on his job.

Instead of taking charge of their lives in the workplace, most Simps usually wind up getting overwhelmed by their jobs. And instead of setting a course for their careers, they wind up becoming lost at work. As they run behind managers, Manginas, and female co-workers they wind up working on someone elses’ terms. And while they help their bosses and everyone else move themselves ahead, the goals they set in life for their careers wind up being left behind. Eventually, most Simps wind up forgetting what they were working for in the first place and wind up stuck in a dead end job that takes them nowhere.

Who is a man working for? When a Simp is asked this question they often tell people the name of the company they’re working at. And that’s the wrong answer.

When a man goes to work he’s working for himself. Yes, he is an employee of the company he works at. But he’s only working at that business because it offers him an opportunity to develop his skills, get work experience, and network with contacts that will help him achieve his professional goals.

A man is ultimately the one in charge of his career. Not his bosses or executives at the so-called top. He sets the course for where he wants to go in the business world. Men who are leaders set goals for where they want to go from day one. They go into the business world looking to do business on their terms, not a company’s. If working at a company isn’t helping a man towards achieving the personal and professional goals he wants to accomplish, then a man starts making plans to work someplace else.

Smart Men run their job like a business. Smart Men understand that they not only represent a company in their social interactions, they also represent themselves. Smart Men are always looking to make a powerful first impression on co-workers, customers and clients; this is why they keep it professional with everyone in the workplace. When they make that strong first impression on others, those people are willing to provide that man with opportunities to move forward in his career.

Smart men understand that time is precious. And every second a man spends working in a company that doesn’t help him move himself forward towards achieving his professional goals is time he will never get back. The time a man takes taking care of someone elses’ business is time he won’t have to take care of his own.

A man has to understand has only one life to live. And most Simps are taught from birth not to make their needs a priority from day one. Instead of them running their lives, life is running them. Life is too short to spend taking care of someone elses’ business. Spend it taking care of your own!




Every year men all over the world put their careers and even their own personal safety at risk trying to make a love connection with women on the job. And in their quest to win their hearts they wind up losing everything they worked for.

Sixteen years ago when I worked at STRIVE, the leading job readiness workshop at the time, I learned a lot about the numerous social mistakes men made in the workplace. And I not only learned what kept program participants like ex-offenders, drug addicts and homeless adults perpetually unemployed, but what caused many educated professional men to fall apart in the job market as well. During my year working at STRIVE as part of the Americorps* VISTA program I saw many educated professional men lose their jobs and derail their careers by not understanding how to interact with women in the workplace. And while these men had advanced degrees and years of work experience, they were complete novices when it came to socializing with women in the workplace.

In most cases it wasn’t the big mistakes that would get them in jams on the job. It was the little things like not understanding that how a man interacts with women in the dating scene is not how he interacts with them in the business world. Most women on the job would use those little social faux pas men made in their social interactions to get leverage over them in the workplace and advance their careers at their expense. In most cases after making these social mistakes on the job these men would wind up quitting their jobs to save face, or they’d wind up being fired.

Having lost jobs myself in the workplace and seeing men lose jobs and their careers derailed, I started to see what mistakes men were making on the job when they interacted with women in the workplace. And I wanted to help men learn how to plot a course where they could avoid many of the pitfalls and traps predatory females set for unsuspecting men on the job. Just like a man has to have a protocol for interacting with women in the dating scene, a man has to have a plan for socializing with them in the workplace to avoid derailing his career. The faster a man can set a boundary between himself and the women on his job the faster he can secure his financial future.



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Stop Simpin In the Workplace

What is a Workplace Simp? A Workplace Simp is a man who puts his career at risk trying to win the favor of a female co-worker on the job. In his quest to get her attention he cost the company he works for hours of productivity and billions of dollars court costs. In this eBook men will learn why Simpin in the workplace has them working against themselves and prevents them from achieving their personal and professional goals on the job.

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Stop Simpin In the Workplace Stop Simpin In the Workplace