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Thanks for downloading this book. I highly appreciate your efforts in buying this book .There are some bad trades and mistakes learnt from stock trading from my experience. I have included all the things that can make someone better with trading stocks and investing. This is the easy method that I use with stocks trading or investing daily as well as on monthly timeframe. Why is that most traders lose money? The answer would be that stock market is a place of random activity; there are no set of rules to make profits. Each one has their own set of beliefs and trading style. Why do I want to sell this to you? I want to teach others and teaching is the best profession in the world. I want to help fellow traders to make more money.

Each one has their own ambition to achieve their financial dreams. One wants to make 2 percent of their investment while another wants to make 20 percent of the total money. The money gets transferred from the hands of weak trader with less money investment to the hands of strong trader who has the buying power counting to ten times than an average trader. Someone thinks the stock is an asset and other believes that it is a liability.

Is trading gambling?

No, definitely not!

If you read the financial news and knew what are resistance level, support level and volume, you aren’t gambling. That’s all you need to know with stock trading. However there are numerous methods of technical analysis out there but these three are the basics . You might have learnt a 1000 times probably what is a resistance, support and volume. There is no technical software that can rightly predict the buy and sell signal, if it had then the software coders would have become the richest people by now. But the probability of success would be 70 percent and if you have traded only 30 percent of the calls generated by the technical software, then you will end with losses. We want financial freedom in 5 years from now; we want our investment to grow every year.

What you must know is how to make money work for you? Make money with ease, that happens when you understand psychology and develop money management skills. Have a budget and spend effectively on things that you require. Make recurring income with stocks and only way is to read more and pick the right stocks at the right time. A decision to buy or sell can cost you a lot of money; you will find how to be in the safer side. Learn about the myths of long term investing and when to cash out your money.

Understand about the saving and how to keep your accounts active avoiding debts. If you don’t have debts, it’s a blessing and you don’t need to be answerable to the authorities of the bank. Understand the popular saving tricks and when to save your money and how! Savings can really help you for a rainy day, what if you make 30000$ in a year but end of the year you are empty and asking your friends for help. Investing for long term would make you feel secure. How to do savings hassle free and maintain a balanced portfolio?

How much do I earn after reading this book?

It depends on how quick you learn and take efforts. Someone can run 2 miles a day and another person who is starting would run only 0.5 mile, so it depends. Understand the basics of trading, investing, saving and spending. Imagine you make 60k$ and never had the feeling of spending your money effectively. Spending your money wisely is another chapter in this book. Learn to save money than from burning it on fire for things that you don’t require. Investing in yourself is the best investment that you can make. It’s improving your wisdom by challenging yourself, learning new things, doing it hard way and learning from mistakes. The goal to achieve anything you want is within your mind. The way you believe at things gives you richness.

Money Management

Are you a trader or Investor?

Are you stock bull or a stock bear?

Do you sell stocks mostly or buy stocks mostly?

Don’t worry about the market trends, you can be a bull or bear relative to the market direction.

Learn how to find opportunities with trading every day; never have a rigid plan to make money. Divide your total money into parts which is the old school method to save money for the future. If you have a static idea to keep buying the stocks, you will miss the best shorting opportunities or if you keep on shorting stocks, you will miss the investment opportunities.

The initial step is get money month after month with less effort. The best known ways are to invest in dividend paying stocks, renting your apartment, [+ starting an online business+] and first of all to reduce debts from your life. If you have more debts then no matter how much you earn it goes for paying debts.

Make long term investment for 15 years to 20 years, this would be your backup plan in times of emergency. It’s available under different names for several countries.

Australia’s superannuation system

Belgium’s pensioensparen

Brazil’s and Portugal’s Fundo de pensão

Canada’s Registered Retirement Savings Plan

France’s special retirement plan

Germany Betriebliche Altersversorgung

India’s Public Provident Fund

Malaysia’s Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja

Mexico’s Retirement Funds Administrators

New Zealand’s KiwiSaver system

Philippines Social Security System

Singapore’s Central Provident Fund

South Africa’s Government Employees’ Pension Fund and the Financial Services Board

Spain Plan de pensiones

The United Kingdom’s pension provision and individual savings account

United States’ 401(k) system

I always recommend my friends and stock traders to have a backup plan…first you need to save then you must start investing…

Many people argue that the amount you get after 20 years wouldn’t be enough as the inflation would be increased higher than it is now. But have a systematic approach to investing for emergency needs and attain your financial goal. This is the base for all other investments that you make. We don’t know about the future but we are trying our best to save for future.

So the base for your triangle of investments would be the Pension account (Long term saving account never touch it for 15 years),

Next is your Health insurance which is compulsory for every individual.


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Stock Trading Now

Stock Trading Now is the work that took 2 years to complete.... You will now understand to stay out of debts by making the investment strategies mentioned in the book Easy steps to financial freedom through stock trading How to make 3 percent daily from stocks? MACD when and where to use ? Much more explained in this book. Read one chapter and take action for creating wealth

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