Steve Saves the Day




































For my boys, whose love of Minecraft fuels their love of reading.















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This is Steve.









































Steve lives in a house.

It is in a village.








































He has a bed and a chest.

What else do you see?








































Steve has a farm.

He grows food to eat.








































Steve also has animals.

He takes good care of them.








































Steve goes to mine for gold.

He wants to make a golden sword.








































He mines and mines.

He puts torches on walls.








































At last he finds a cave. He sees stone and lava.









































Oh no! A cave spider!








































Steve uses his stone sword.

The spider is gone! Steve wins!








































Steve walks down a stone path.

Where is the gold?









































Here it is! He found it!








































Steve comes back home.

He crafts a golden sword.








































He looks outside.

It is dark.









































Night means time for bed.


















































































What was that?

















































































It is coming from the village!

Steve goes to help.









































The fence is broken! Mobs get in!








































Steve uses his new sword.

The mobs fall.








































But there are too many.

Steve needs to fix the fence.









































Steve puts in a new gate.









































The mobs stop coming!









































The villagers cheer!









































Steve saves the day!

Steve Saves the Day

Come on an adventure with Steve! Can he save his village? Find out in this exciting story! This book is perfect for early readers, with full color pages and easy to read words. It is the first book of the Unofficial Minecraft Early Reader Stories.

  • Author: Anna Kopp
  • Published: 2016-03-11 20:40:22
  • Words: 298
Steve Saves the Day Steve Saves the Day