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Elise Kelby



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© 2015 Elise Kelby


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All characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.

The author has asserted her rights under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended) to be identified as the author of this book.

Please note this book contains steamy content and strong language..

Spoke is set in England and as such uses British English throughout.

This is a steamy short story of around 11,500 words.

This story was originally published in February 2015 as Stone (Spokes Bar MC Racers Book 1)

Chapter One

I came home for some mind blowing sex. I’ve been anticipating this for years and it’s just one of those things I need to get out of my system. I’ve built it up in my head. I need to do this and then move on.

When I stepped out of the cab I knew I looked good. My hair, my makeup, was perfect. I’d left my home town as a geeky IT student and come back as a sex kitten with the full purr. Money and confidence does a lot to change a girl.

Fuck, it does everything.

OK, so I’ve been home before, and the change has been gradual, but only up to a point. In the last year, what with the work placements in some great IT companies and the money coming from designing my own apps, I’ve changed. Really changed.

My parents think I’m home for a short break, for a bit of relaxation before I start my IT developer post in London. No. I’ve come home to fuck Flint and Spoke.

Sexy bad boys, Flint and Spoke, who I lusted after before I left for university. Only they never lusted after me.

I followed them round, the little sister of one of their friends. I was part of their little gang, protected and chaperoned. I was just ‘geeky’ Kristen, eyes lost behind untidy hair and always wearing baggy clothes so as not to draw attention to my large breasts. If they noticed my puppy love, they never mentioned it. If I’d really wanted to attract them, I would have had to join the queue behind the leggy blondes they always dated. And a leggy blonde I am not.

The cab driver gave me appreciative glances as I paid my fare. To be honest he was staring at the cleavage of my little short dress. He got himself an eyeful of my well endowed breasts, so that was an additional tip he wasn’t expecting. The real objective of that dress was to make the targets of my attention a little hot around the collar.

Turning towards the shop owned by my unknowing victims, I smiled brightly. They were about to get a taste of the new look Kristen. Sexy, curvy Kristen. Sexy, no longer a virgin, Kristen.

And boy, had I learnt about sex in the last three years. My taste for older men never died. The other students didn’t interest me. I wanted mature lovers. Confident, sexy men who knew how to treat a woman. The trouble was they never matched up to the bad ass guys I grew up with. So I’ve come home to experience some of what I’ve been missing. To taste the wild side and then move on.

As I stepped through the door I was hit with the familiar odour of biker leathers, new motorcycles and, somewhere in the background, the smell of oil and engines. Through an open door at the back of the swish shop I could hear the sound of a bike being revved, throttled hard. There were no other customers. I’d deliberately picked a quiet day of the week to turn up. I wanted the attention of both men. Their full and absolute attention.

The click of my high heels on the hard floor echoed throughout the building. Not that it did any good, no turning of heads here. Working on a bike at the back of the shop was apparently far more interesting than serving customers. Walking past the line of gleaming superfast machines I made my way towards the sound.

It was Flint I noticed first, standing beyond the shop counter. Tall, his dark hair collar length, he was leaning against the frame of the door to what looked to be a workshop. God he looked sexy, even from the rear. My panties were damp just at the sight of his ass. Flint’s buttocks looked so, so good, in tight fitting jeans. The top half wasn’t bad either. Broad shouldered and clad in his trademark black tee shirt, I was sure he had put on bulk since I saw him last. Not in a bad, flabby way, but in a working guy who lifts heavy weights sort of way. Nice, very nice.

As I got closer, I understood why they hadn’t heard me. The noise was overwhelming. I was almost at Flint’s side before he realised there was someone in the shop. As he turned I was rewarded by a flash of admiration from his brown eyes. I almost melted on the spot.

“Can I help you?”

There was no hint of recognition on his handsome smiling face. I took in the familiar lines of his jaw, the way he cocked his head as he looked down at me. This was the Flint I once dreamed would throw me over his shoulder and carry me away to some quiet corner to make passionate love. Even with my new found confidence I could feel my mouth going dry and my pulse rate increasing. I’d swear the palms of my hands were sweating.

“Hi, Flint.” I smiled at the confusion on his face. “It’s Kristen.”

“Kristen?” I could almost see him mentally checking the list of girls he’d dated and coming up with zilch. I knew he wouldn’t make the connection.

“Matt Sinclair’s sister,” I prompted.

He brushed his fingers through his long hair, his eyebrows raised in surprise. “Kristen? My God, it is. Hell, you’ve changed!”

“Well, it has been three years.” I responded, holding out my hand to him.

Quickly wiping his hands down his tee shirt, he took my hand between both of his. Flint had never touched me like this, as if I were something precious, his calloused thumb stroking the back of my hand. Little tingles of pleasure were running through me. It was pure hot panty wetting pleasure.

Flint stuck his head through the open door. “Spoke. Turn that damned engine off!”

“Fuck, what the hell is it?” Spoke’s voice followed the sudden silence. “We’re almost there with this. Couldn’t it have waited for five more minutes?”

I could visualise Spoke’s exasperated face. Well the face I last saw three years ago at least. He was the serious engine enthusiast of the two, the perfect complement to Flint, who was the gregarious outgoing one.

“No! It’s Kristen. Kristen Sinclair,” he responded. “Here in the shop.”

“Here now?” Spoke always did like to have double confirmation of the facts. He hadn’t changed much.

“Fuck, yes!”

I almost felt as though I was not needed in this conversation. It was all going on over my head between Flint and the still invisible Spoke. And all this time, Flint had my hand clutched between his.

Then Spoke was there in front of me. My panties were now on fire.

Hell. And I thought I’d changed beyond recognition!

Flint always slightly overshadowed Spoke in the looks and build area, but Spoke had the sense of humour which attracted the girls. Three years on and he’d definitely been upgraded. Filled out, beefed up and his usual close cut hair had gone. He looked good, very good. His dirty blonde hair was longer, giving him a tear-away look, and combined with those gorgeous blue eyes and cheeky grin I could have been looking at a film star. Way to go Spoke!

What a change, Spoke was the soul mate of my awkward teenage years. The one I talked to about not being one of the cool kids and about not knowing what to do with my life. He’s the one who convinced me to go into IT, told me the hours fiddling on my computer could usefully be turned into a career. His sense of humour had got me through some tough times, making me laugh at myself and building my confidence. He was the one I imagined softly seducing me, turning me on slowly and cuddling up close afterwards.

Did I want soft seduction with Spoke after all these years? Hell no! Hot raunchy sex? Fuck, yes!

Now I was in a quandary. I’d come home to see them both to perhaps have a little fun and finally get them out of my system. I didn’t know when I stepped out of the cab and into the shop I’d be faced with the two hottest, sexiest, guys I’d come across. Which one should I target? Could I even target them? They probably had girlfriends? Might even have wives? They are both in their early thirties, they might be in the process of settling down.

For a moment a flood of disappointment ran through me. My brother Matt has never been very good at keeping up with the news. Anything I do know about the two guys has been extracted slowly, almost painfully, through phone calls. He’d never even think to tell me if they had made a serious commitment.

I gently eased my hand out from between Flint’s and held it out to Spoke.

“Hi, it’s been a long time.” I decided to keep it friendly, at least until I knew a little more. I felt him taking my hand in his, as my eyes drank in his features. The Spoke I remembered was still there in his smile, but now there was a confidence, even cockiness to it. It was as if he’d been taking lessons in how to reduce a girl to a puddle on the floor with just a look. He even did the little stroking action with his fingers, his thumb tracing slowly over my hand. I gave a gentle little squeeze and then let go, giving a signal that I wasn’t easy. Well maybe as far as these two were concerned I was, but I wasn’t giving that away.

“How long are you back for?” Flint’s interest was evident as he moved a little closer.

“A few days.” I wanted to keep my background information limited. An air of mystery does not hurt a girl. “I like the set up.” I pointed back to the showroom, Flint’s wide grin told me the shop is his baby.

“So what’s back there?” I continued, nodding my head towards the workshop.

“Racing bikes.” The way he responds with pride tells me this is Spoke’s passion. Something tightened inside me.

“You race bikes?” I looked at them both.

“Sometimes” Spoke responded, “but mainly we custom build the bikes and engines for other riders.”

I relaxed, but only a little. It was a heart stopping moment I hadn’t expected. These guys had always loved fast bikes and I thought the element of danger from racing would have been an added dimension to my lust, instead I had a gnawing stab of worry. It was probably because I’d known them for so long, because I cared about them. Flint and Spoke had practically lived at our house some summers when Matt had still been at home.

“Can I see?” It was an excuse to stay longer, for me to stay close to them, to revel in their smell of woody cologne and engine oil.

“It’s not very clean through there.” Spoke, as ever practical, took in my short dress and high heels. Well perhaps not practical given the way he eyed my cleavage.

“What this? It’s fine. I don’t mind a little dirt.” OK so the dress was new and purchased to give them a good look at my figure, but that was my little secret. “Please, I’d love to see what you’re doing.” I walked towards the door, intent on giving them no option, a wide smile on my face. I was rewarded by Spoke stepping aside to let me through.

Flint wasn’t very far behind, I could sense his closeness, almost feel the heat of him as he followed me through the door into the light and airy workshop.

It wasn’t what I expected. There were no tools lying about and the place had an air of hi-tech about it. It was an expensive setup; a large sleek bike was raised on a work stand in the middle of the floor. With computerised testing equipment set up on trolleys, the place spoke money. Big money.

I raised an eyebrow at Spoke. “So grease-monkey, where’s all the dirt?”

“That’s Spoke’s standard excuse to keep women out of his workshop and away from his latest project.” Flint as usual was brutally honest. He was never one to keep his views to himself.

“So I’m not allowed in?” I responded.

“Fuck no, you’re Kristen. Of course you’re allowed in here.” Flint responded.

It seemed that they still considered me to be one of the gang. And there I was thinking the new look, and the sight of my well endowed breasts, would have at least got me beyond ‘buddy’ status.

“You’re Matt’s little sister. You have special rights.”

Spoke’s response implied I was ‘off limits’. It would seem that I’m not dating material. I had every intention of changing that attitude. They’d already shown they had some interest in me, the way they studied me and got a little closer than they should. I aimed to break that particular taboo and make them want my hot little body.

“I’m assuming you let your girlfriend’s in? Oh, or are you married?” I’d given up on subtle, the way I’d dressed hadn’t got through to them so asking about their love-life probably wouldn’t signal I was fishing for information.

Spoke gave me a friendly wink. “No. No one special. We’re too busy with the business and besides we’re having too much fun to settle down.”

They must have seriously pissed-off every woman in the neighbourhood.

“Single and footloose,” Flint grinned, giving me a thumbs up just as if I were one of the guys they hung out with.

Yep, seriously pissed them off. Two of the hottest guys in the neighbourhood and only interested in a little fun. This thought brought me back to my own reason for coming back home. Wasn’t a lack of commitment, some good honest fun, exactly what I was looking for?

I had a nagging feeling of doubt at the back of my mind. Now I was with them I could remember the yearning, the absolute desperation to be near them that shadowed me the last few months before I went to university. I pushed those thoughts firmly back to where they should be. In the past, when it was all part of the rush of hormones that signalled I was ready to have sex. I’m a much different person now, much more experienced and able to cope with my emotions. I’ve grown up and I’m a much different Kristen to the one they remember, as they were about to find out.

“So you’re both free to take me out?” I smiled brightly at them. “I haven’t been on the back of a bike for years. I really miss it.”

They looked at each other. I knew that hidden signal they gave each other. Did they think I’d forgotten how they worked? I wasn’t having any of it. No fobbing me off with excuses. I held up my credit card. “I’ve got the cash to buy all the gear.”

No response. I couldn’t work out if it was the ‘off limits’ issue or they genuinely didn’t want to take me out but didn’t want to offend me.

“Well, if you’re not free, I still want to buy the gear. I’m planning to go down to Spokes Bar and renew some old friendships. I’m sure someone will be happy to give me a ride.”

The mention of the motorcycle club hangout motivated them into action. I knew it would. The whole ‘protect Kristen from the bad guys’ issue came into play. I knew they had a very good idea of what sort of ride I might get if I went down there.

Spoke’s nickname came from the amount of time he spent down there in his teenage years. He knew exactly the type of bad boy who frequented it most nights.

“Hold on Kristen.” Spoke had a slightly worried look on his face, which he was trying to mask with a smile. “We’d be happy to take you out.”

“You’ll take me to Spokes Bar as well?” I knew I was pushing it, but I’d always been fascinated by the little bar which was always surrounded by hundreds of bikes at the weekend. Call it a ‘bad boy’ fascination. I suspected both Spoke and Flint still went there often. “Look, I’m all grown up, you don’t have to play surrogate big brothers.”

That look again. I’d swear at times they operated on telepathy.

“OK Kristen, we’ll take you, but you stay with us. Get it?” Spoke glanced across at Flint to confirm he was happy with the arrangement.

I almost did a little victory dance, but I kept my excitement to myself. “Absolutely,” I responded. “Now just show me some of those sexy little leather numbers you have in the shop.”

Chapter Two

Teasing Flint and Spoke as I tried on black leathers was the most fun I’d had in years. I tried to reach up and pull a jacket off the rack, knowing that my dress was riding up, skimming my buttocks. It doesn’t hurt to flaunt a little lace.

I smiled. They deserved everything I was about to do.

They’d tried to treat me as though I was still seventeen. The last time I’d asked to go to Spokes Bar, Matt had also been part of the rejection committee. The three of them had put their foot down collectively. It had made me all the more motivated to go there. It had been Flint that hauled me back when I’d tried to get in two nights later. They knew I’d try to break the ban.

I was about to show them I’d grown up. They didn’t stand a chance.

The showroom was designed for tall guys, and the jackets were just out of my reach. I looked down at Flint from the footstool I’d dragged across to the rack, my heels adding extra inches. His eyes were fixed on the top of my legs where he was getting a full view of my brief panties as I held up one of the jackets to inspect.

“These seem a little too large. Do you have anything in a smaller size?”

Flint appeared to be having trouble concentrating on what I was saying. I bent down and tapped him on the shoulder. As he raised his head, he was treated to an eye level view of my cleavage. I knew I’d got his interest, just from the way he grinned.

“Errr… yes. I’ll get you a selection.” He paused, finally taking his eyes off my breasts, “I think you should get down from there, just in case you fall. Anything else that you need, I’ll get it for you.”

Spoke walked back in to the clothing section with several crash helmets, to find me being lifted down from the footstool by Flint. He raised an eyebrow as Flint walked past him to get the jackets. Spoke’s jaw was clenched, a frown on his face. I ignored him. Flint seemed to like what I was showing, even if he didn’t.

I’ll need some leather jeans, boots and some gloves too,” I called after Flint’s retreating back, with a sexy husky tone to my voice.

I adjusted my dress, firming down the clinging fabric over my breasts. From under my eyelashes I watched Spoke following the movement of my hands. I smiled brightly at him as he put the boxes of helmets down on a long counter.

Flint was back moments later. Now I had the two of them together in the small area at the back of the shop, I’d swear the temperature had gone up several notches. In the small dressing room I shimmied out of my little dress and pulled back the curtain and stepped out.


I now had the full and absolute attention of both men.

“Since when did you two suddenly become prudes?” I looked down at my body now clad in just my bra and panties. “You must have seen women wearing less than this on the beach.”

I was being a little unfair, I knew the lace bra barely covered my nipples and the skimpiness of my panties made it obvious that I shaved. I’d spent a long time selecting this particular set of underwear. From the look on their faces they were worth the eye watering price. I held out my hands for the leather jeans. Flint passed them to me without a single word. As I wriggled into them, Spoke seemed fixated with the way my breasts moved.

All zipped up, I studied my lower half in the mirror. Turning my rear to study the fit and checking the length. I could see both men in the reflection. Time to step it up a gear. My roommate at university taught exotic dancing to earn extra cash and she’d provided me with a few moves to incorporate into my exercise routine. Turning my back to them and dropping forward as if to touch my toes, I wriggled my leather clad ass at Flint and Spoke.

“Do you think these are a little tight?” I called, looking at them from between my legs, my long hair skimming the floor.

Flint’s wide grin told me he appreciated what he was seeing, while Spoke seemed to be fighting to bite back a comment. I’m almost sure he is angry from the look on his face. Why, I don’t know. He’s not my brother, not my keeper, and flirting is fun.

“Perfect,” muttered Flint, as he leant closer to get a better look, as if inspecting the leather. Another few inches and he’d be kissing my ass.

I’m sure I heard Spoke mutter “Fuck.”

Curling myself upwards, stretching my body and flicking back my hair, I turned to them both. “Next?”

Flint held the jacket while I slipped my arms in, pulling it onto my shoulders and adjusting the fit. Slowly, very slowly, I drew up the zip, squeezing my breasts together and pulling the leather tight to my body. Clad in black leather all my curves were accentuated, my toned, sexy, curvaceous, curves. The hours of exercise had been worth it. I could see in the mirror I looked good. I pulled the zip down a little to give them a full view of the top of my breasts.

“I like these. So it’s just the rest we need to sort out.” I mouthed the words huskily as if the tight leather was affecting my breathing. Spoke turned away sharply, dragging Flint along with him. I smiled at their receding backs. So far, so good.

The selection of the boots and gloves were quickly dealt with, but the helmet fitting seemed to take an inordinate length of time. I knew it had to be just right, but Spoke appeared to want me to try everything he had in the shop. By now I was sat on the counter as he adjusted straps and checked for a perfect fit. Every time his fingers brushed my jaw or he touched the back of my neck to check the helmet was tight enough, a trail of goose bumps zinged across my flesh. I don’t know about him, but I was turned on and getting very hot inside my new gear. His face was inches away from mine as I ran my tongue across my dry lips. I swear I saw his eyes dilate, that he was aroused, but he never said a word as he finally lifted me off the counter and pointed me to the full length mirror.

Standing with legs wide apart and hands on my hips, my reflection was biker chick chic. A really great look, all black leather accessorised with a black and silver helmet.

Turning back to Flint and Spoke I gave a sexy little wriggle and grinned. “Brilliant, just what I wanted.”

They quickly packed up my purchases and ten minutes later I was almost ready to go. The taxi was back outside to collect me. I sorted out paying the bill. A big bill, but worth it for a night out with the guys. Besides I had every intention of getting good use out of the gear, the sexy leathers looked good on me.

I put the credit card back in my purse. “So, who’s picking me up tomorrow night? Taking me to Spokes?”

“I am,” they responded in unison, Flint with a sexy grin and Spoke with a muttered growl.

I looked at them both. I wasn’t going to make the decision, let them sort it out between themselves. “I’ll see you at seven,” I replied giving them a cheery little wave as I sashayed my ass out of the shop.

Chapter Three

I’ve always had a thing about men in black leathers, probably because I grew up around guys with bikes, but mainly because I like the bad boy image. And hell, Spoke and Flint had all the looks of bad boys when they turned up.

From where I was standing they were pure raw sex and I wanted them both. It was going to be an interesting evening, because I had every intention of ending up in bed with one of them. It was just a question of which one.

Having a brother who lived and breathed motorcycles, I knew what they were riding were special, custom jobs. I studied Spoke sitting astride his slick black beast of a bike. His arms folded, his body language said ‘angry’ even though he smiled at me. A smile which didn’t quite reach his eyes.

It was similar with Flint, who deliberately kept his gaze off Spoke. He held his hand out to me indicating that I was to get up behind him. Strapping on my helmet I gave them both direct looks.

“Whatever you two have argued about, don’t you dare spoil my night out.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Spoke muttered, starting his engine so I couldn’t continue the conversation.

I tilted my head at Flint, who turned away ignoring my unspoken question. So it was going to be like that.

“I’m with you tonight then?”

“No, both of us. You’ll be up behind Spoke on the way home.” He roared his engine into life, the noise deafening and echoing around the street.

What is it about guys, cutting of the possibility of any questions by playing with their toys?

I climbed up onto the pillion seat, hooked my heels on the foot pegs and dropped my hands onto Flint’s hips, giving him a squeeze to let him know I was ready.

I’ve always loved riding pillion, but this time it was extra special. My thighs clinging tightly to Flint, my pussy almost pressed up against his ass. I wriggled myself closer, enjoying the buzz of the position and the thrill of the speed of the bike, a huge smile on my face. I had no idea what Flint was thinking, all I could see was my grinning reflection in his black glossy helmet.

We travelled to Spokes Bar together, Spoke taking the lead. I knew he was keeping the pace safe, but the buzz of weaving in and out of the traffic, of being in the open air, made my heart run faster; made me laugh out loud at the sheer fun and thrill of being up behind Flint. Once we hit the open countryside, they eased the throttle out, so that I had to hold on tighter to Flint as the increased air pressure suddenly forced me backwards. I felt the freedom, the excitement of the ride, and knew just why they loved riding and racing bikes. It was the danger, the control, the throb of the engines they had built pulsing beneath them. What woman could compete with the adrenaline rush they got from doing this?

As we turned into the car park I was hit by the sheer number of bikes lined up in front of Spokes. Hell, the place had really changed. The guys slowly rode between the lines, almost as if they were on the red carpet. Suddenly I realised they were. Heads were turning, hands held up in recognition. Flint and Spoke were parading their bikes, the special custom machines they designed for racing. Spokes Bar had become the equivalent of the A list nightclub for bikers, the place to be seen and for motorcycles to be worshipped.

A small crowd gathered round as Spoke and Flint came to a halt. I slipped off the back of the bike needing to stretch my now cramped legs, and stepped away pulling off my helmet and shaking my hair out of its pony tail. I watched the two of them chat away with the other bikers, whatever they had argued about gone as they laughed and joked with each other. Catching Flint’s eye, I pointed to the door of the cafe. A slight nod and I knew he had the message.

Inside, I took a seat at the bar, ordering a glass of red wine while I waited. I never expected the place to be so classy. Matt had always told me the cafe was just a burger joint, but it must have been massively upgraded. Subdued lighting, pool tables and a juke box playing in the background gave it a very masculine feel, but I didn’t feel out of place.

I took a sip of wine, enjoying the deep fruity mellow taste as it hit my taste buds. A soft rock song was playing, though it was difficult to make out the words due to the sound of laughter and chatter. I really couldn’t understand why this place had been off limits during my teenage years. OK, so the language was a bit ripe and some of the guys had a bit of tough look about them, but it didn’t bother me. I felt safe enough with Flint and Spoke just outside the door and there were quite a few women about so it wasn’t as if I stood out in the crowd.

I should have taken notice of my intuition. It’s never failed me. I even had cold hairs stand up on the back of my neck as he sat down beside me but I brushed it away, telling myself I was safe sitting at the bar. Besides Flint and Spoke would be joining me soon.

“Hi, Babe. New here? I haven’t seen you around before.”

I turned to look at the speaker. Tall, gritty looking in a hard life sort of way, and smiling at me as if I was the most important person in the room. But the smile didn’t quite reach his eyes and I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach about the way he was looking at me.

“I live local. I’m with a couple of friends.” I didn’t want to encourage him, but also I didn’t want to get a reputation of being a snobby bitch. I turned back to my drink hoping he would leave me alone. No such luck.

“Are they outside? Let me get you another drink while you’re waiting.”

“No it’s fine, thank you. I’ve only just started this one.” I tried to keep my tone polite but not inviting.

He lifted his hand to get the attention of the bartender. “Another red wine for the lady.”

I shook my head. “I’m sorry, but I don’t want another drink.” I was starting to get annoyed.

“Oh, come on, just one drink on me.” He reached out and touched my hand but I pulled it away sharply. He was starting to put me on edge, making me feel uncomfortable.

“Not very friendly are you?” The smile was gone and I felt the cold of his icy look reach down into me. It was hate, pure hate, as if he wasn’t used to getting no for an answer. My intuition was kicking in hard. I didn’t like the vibes he was giving off.

“Sorry, but I really am here with someone else.” I grabbed my jacket intent on getting away. Looking around I saw the sign for the powder room and jumping off the stool I fought my way through the crowded bar until I reached the corridor where it was located. Once I was away from him I felt a little better. I felt safe enough in the bar but I just didn’t want that man near me.

Taking a deep sigh, I dove into the little room. A couple of women were in there already, touching up their makeup and chatting. Leaning back against cold tiles, I brushed my hair with my fingers, checking myself in the mirror until the other women left.

Damn. Not a good start to the evening.

I waited ten minutes. Long enough I thought for him to have given up waiting for me. I planned to make my way outside to find Flint and Spoke.

The corridor looked clear and I stepped out and headed back towards the noise of the bar. I almost made it. Almost. A door to the left of me was slightly ajar and the man I’d been avoiding stepped out, blocking my way, the glass of red wine in his hand. He’d been waiting for me all the time.

“You forgot your drink, pretty lady.”

I took a step back, fear in the pit of my stomach. From the look he was giving me, this man had no intention of leaving me alone.

He followed.

“I think if you were a little less pretty you wouldn’t be so fussy about who you accepted a drink from.” He smashed the top of the glass against the wall, the deep red wine splashing across the white painted wall. He held the stem with its jagged shards up towards my face. Inside I was screaming, trying desperately to remember all I’d been taught in self defence lessons. He had a weapon and I was his target and this wasn’t the safe cosy environment of the training sessions. I kept a straight face, my eyes not leaving his. I would not be a victim. I may be terrified but I couldn’t let him see it.

I took another step back, tightening my grip on the collar of my jacket.

“You do know there’s nowhere to go behind you?” His voice was now almost snarling, a look of enjoyment on his face as he continued to back me up the corridor. Beyond him, only yards away, were people who would help, but I knew they wouldn’t be able to hear me over the noise in the bar.

I knew I would only get one chance. Swinging my heavy jacket forcefully, knocking the glass from his hand I tried to dive down the side of him to make my escape. I wasn’t quick enough and he caught me, slamming me against the wall, his body pinning me tight. I could barely breathe I was so winded by the force, but I could still smell his sweat, his lust, his hot breath fanning my face.

“I like a woman who enjoys playing rough.” Lifting me off the floor, he rubbed his chin stubble hard against my cheek, his dirty breath making me want to retch. I held still hoping against hope that he was only trying to frighten me. That he didn’t want more. Then his hands were on me trying to get under my tee shirt, his knee pushed up against my crotch. I felt sick, disgusted, no way I was going to willingly let him touch me like this. Freeing one arm I started to beat at him, screaming and trying to reach his face so that I could attempt to gouge his eyes. Every ounce of my energy, every last drop of my being, was going into fighting him off. He was hurting me, pulling my hair roughly as I fought him, forcing me harder against the wall. His hand came up and he tried to cover my mouth to stop me screaming.

Suddenly he was gone and I dropped to the floor. There was commotion, fighting, a crowd, and Spoke and Flint were right in the middle of it. In the midst of all the confusion I simply slid down the wall until I was sitting on the floor. Trying to shut the world out I put my forehead down onto my knees.

I heard Spoke shouting, a depth of anger in his voice I’d never heard in all the years I’d known him. “Stay with Kristen while we sort this fucker out!”

Chapter Four


It was Flint’s voice and we were now alone. I didn’t know where everyone had gone and I didn’t care. My body shaking, I let Flint pull me to my feet and take me into his arms. I lay my head on his chest, my eyes closed as I tried to control my breathing to bring it back to normal. I felt safe, cherished, enfolded in his strength. Pressing myself against him, my hands up around his neck, I drank in his warmth and the feeling of safety.

“Did he hurt you?”

“A little, I thought he was going to rip my hair out. My head is going to be sore in the morning.” I mumbled the words into his tee shirt. “I didn’t encourage him. I tried to keep away from him but he wouldn’t leave me alone.”

Flint gently put his hand under my chin and lifted my face so that I looked into his eyes. “I know you didn’t. Don’t worry the MC are dealing with him.”


“Motorcycle Club. Spokes Bar is the base for the Spokes Warriors MC.” Flint gently ran his fingers through my hair. “Nobody touches our women.”

Our women? Did Flint consider me his woman? I looked into his smiling eyes, trying to read what was there. Did he care? Was he trying to tell me something? This was a different Flint to the cocky and confident, you could even say arrogant biker of my teenage years.

I pulled his head down and gently pressed my lips against his. For a few seconds he resisted, it was only my lips moving on his, tentatively tasting and taking comfort from him. Then he started kissing back, just a slow moment, but we both knew something was wrong.

“It’s like kissing a friend,” I muttered as I pulled away and looked up at him. Disappointment coursed through me, along with confusion about the lack of passion I felt for Flint. What was wrong with me? One of the hottest men in the place and I don’t feel a single tingle. Not one. No real desire at all.

Where had all that heat gone that I’d felt for him earlier in the day?

He started laughing, and hugged me close, just like the big surrogate brother he’d always been. “Kristen, please don’t be offended. You’re one hell of a sexy woman but you’re not meant for me.”

I looked up into his soft, sexy eyes and it came to me suddenly, the reason why he hadn’t committed to a relationship. “You already love someone,” I stated with absolute certainty. I don’t know how I knew, perhaps it was the way he’d treated me so thoughtfully, so gently, as if he was thinking about someone else and how she would feel if she had been attacked.

He put a finger to my lips, as if to cut off the discussion. “Yes,” he said simply and I knew he wasn’t prepared to say any more.

“She’s a very lucky woman,” I said with a smile.

“I don’t think she even knows I exist. I’m just not her type.” There was sadness in his voice, as if he had given up.

“And what do you think is her type?” I couldn’t believe anyone would not notice Flint. Not love him for who he was. Who the hell would do that?

“Drop it Kristen.” He smiled but I knew I couldn’t push it any further.

He pressed his lips to my forehead, an affectionate gesture from a man who loved someone else deeply. I had tears in my eyes as I looked back up at him, not because I would never have him, but because I understood. “Fight for her,” I whispered.

I don’t know how long Spoke had been standing there or how much he had heard, but he studied my face, took in my tears, as Flint walked away. When we were finally alone, he walked up to me and took my hand. I noticed the damaged to his knuckles and tentatively touched the bloody scrapes.

“God, Spoke. What the hell did you do?”

“Nothing you need to worry about,” he growled, anger in every word. “He won’t be troubling you again. He’s banned and he’ll not be able to show his face around these parts, not if he values his health.” He brushed the hair away from my face, traced the path of a tear down my cheek.

“He followed me. I tried to fight him off.” My voice was shaky, now I was able to go through in my mind what had happened.

“I know.”

I looked at him.

“We caught it all on the security system,” he explained, pointing to a small camera mounted at roof level. Jerry from the bar came and got Flint and I when he saw you being followed.”

“How did he know I was with the two of you?”

“He didn’t. Flint and I own this place, we bought it a couple of years ago. He was coming to get the bosses to sort out a potential problem. We only knew it was you when we viewed the live video.”

He looked me in the eyes, as if to judge the effect of his next words. “We can use the recording as evidence for the police, if you want to place charges.”

I looked at his hand, thought about the implications. Spoke had obviously been involved in some sort of confrontation, probably along with others from the bar. “I’m thinking probably not. I don’t want to get you and the others into trouble.”

“Fuck, he went after you with a glass!” He slammed his hand against the wall, making me wince at the further damage he was doing to himself. “We didn’t kill him, and much as I’d like to have strung him up by the balls, his only problem will be in using his throttle hand for a while. One of the guys went after him with a pool cue and his hand sort of got in the way.” He grinned, “His bike is in pretty bad shape though.”

It appeared the club dealt out a justice of their own to those who caused trouble. For those who violated the MC code of behaviour. “I’ll think about it.” I wanted to talk to Flint. To find out just how much of a problem this could cause.

Spoke seemed satisfied with my response. “Do you want to go home?” he enquired.

I smiled back at him. “No, I want you to show me around this place. I don’t know why you never told me you owned it.”

“You never asked,” he grinned back, picking my jacket up from the floor and handing it to me.

I didn’t understand why I got a round of applause as I went back into the bar. That is until I looked up at the television screen at the back of the room. Someone had put up the footage of me using my bike jacket to knock the glass out of my attacker’s hand. It was running in a loop with ‘Don’t mess with me, you fucker’ printed across the bottom of the screen.

I looked up at Spoke. “I don’t suppose you have video footage of what you did to him?”

“No, that performance was held live. I think only you and Flint missed that one.” There was a slight catch to his voice.

He pushed through the crowd intent on taking me back to the bar. Putting his hands around my waist he lifted me effortlessly onto a bar stool. “Another glass of wine?” he asked, putting his mouth to my ear so that I could hear him over the rowdy crowd. The heat of his breath made the hairs on my neck stand up. Not in a bad way, but in a very sexy ‘I like this very much’ kind of way.

“No, just an orange juice please. I’m going to be on the back of your bike. I’d prefer to be sober,” I grinned.

“You’re not going with Flint?”

“I came with Flint, I’m going home with you.”

“I thought perhaps…,” he paused and looked across at Flint who was now helping Jerry behind the bar, “…that perhaps you might want to go home with Flint?”

So he had seen us together, but had added it up all wrong. “Come outside, I want to talk to you.” Jumping off the stool, I made my way to the door, giving Spoke no option but to follow.

The air was cooler outside, the warmth of the day fading as the sun set. I continued on by the parked motorbikes until we were well away from anyone else.

I turned to face Spoke. “Listen to me closely. Flint and I are not, and never will be, an item.”

“I never said…” he started, a frown on his face.

I cut him off. “You assumed it.” I put my hand on his chest. “Don’t ever make assumptions about me. Don’t ever make decisions for me. I’m tired of being treated like everyone’s little sister.” I moved my hand over his tee shirt, feeling the tenseness of his muscles, enjoying touching his body. The smell of his wood cologne warmth wrapped itself around me and I took a deep breath. I suddenly realised it was like coming home. I didn’t know I’d missed it, the way I always felt around Spoke.

“Flint was kissing you and I…” He stopped. He seemed uncertain, seemed to be waiting for me to say more.

My hand moved lower, rubbing his stomach muscles. “It was a friendly kiss. No more.”

“Hell. I wanted to drag him off you. For the first time in my life I almost hated him.”


He pulled away so that I could no longer reach him. “Because I was fucking jealous!” he growled, starting to pace up and down in front of me.

“Spoke, kissing Flint was like kissing a brother. I thought there might be a spark, until I kissed him. Neither of us felt anything.” I smiled. “I admit I came home to see if there could be more, but there isn’t.” I kept Flint’s secret.

He stopped pacing, turning to face me. “And what about me?”

“What about you?”

“Did you come home to see if there could be more with me? Did you come home for both of us?” His voice was low, now gentle, his eyes looking directly into mine.

“You know I loved you both?”

“Of course I did. We both did.” He grinned. “You were like a shadow following the two of us around.”

“Do you still think of me as Matt’s little sister?” I needed to know.

“No, I think of you as Kristen. Hot sexy Kristen.”

“Kiss me. I want to know if there is anything, anything at all between us.” It felt right. I was having difficulty breathing, my stomach clenched at the thought of not finding out. My body was giving me all the right signals, but I could no longer be sure. Look what happened when I kissed Flint. What if I were wrong about Spoke?

“I don’t want to play games, Kristen.” His jaw firmed. “I’ve been waiting too long. I’m not prepared to simply kiss and then let you go.”

I could see the internal fight in his features. Even though he was saying no, he got closer. We were almost touching. I could feel the heat of him. Slowly I put my hands around the back of his neck and pulled his lips down to mine.

Initially he resisted. Refusing to move his lips as I started to gently kiss him. His body was stiff, fighting me by not moving. “Kiss me,” I ordered as I stroked the skin on the back of his neck and pushed my body hard against his. I could feel his erection even through his leather jeans, pressing hard against my stomach.

Suddenly he grabbed me, pulling me up against him, wrapping his arms so tightly around me that I could barely breathe.

“God, I tried to warn you, Kristen,” he growled just before his lips crashed against mine.

My whole world exploded, a panty wetting thrill running right up the core of me as his kisses consumed me with a heat I’d never experienced before. His kiss aggressive as he claimed me, his tongue pushing against my lips, parting them for better access. It was no brotherly kiss. Possessive, demanding, his hands reached down to my buttocks lifting me up against his erection so I had no illusion as to what he wanted from me.


Hot and dirty sex.

I wasn’t about to fight him. I wanted it too.

“Take me home with you,” I moaned against his lips, my hand moving to cover the bulge in his leathers. “I want to feel you, I want you inside me.”

“Kristen, if I fuck you I won’t ever let you go,” he moaned, his teeth nibbling at my jaw. “I watched you leave three years ago, I can’t do it again.”

I was damned either way. If I didn’t get him out of my system he’d be the magnet that would never stop pulling me home. If I slept with him, I may never be able to leave. Suddenly my idea of coming home to purge old loves from my head and my body wasn’t so simple anymore.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to remove Spoke from inside my head and my heart.

I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to.

“We don’t even know if we’ll be good together. Damn it Spoke. Just take me home and fuck me.”

Chapter Five

We barely made it through the door of his apartment. I heard the door slam shut as he pulled his tee shirt over his head, his bare muscled chest exposed to my roving hands. My heart was racing, my body heated, as he undressed me. As he pulled off my top he ripped the seams in his haste. I didn’t care. He could rip every stitch of clothing off me, I’d live with the cost so long as we had sex.

With a laboured grunt he clasped my lace covered breast, forcing my body up against the wall in the hallway as his lips crashed down onto mine.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to fuck you,” he groaned, his voice heavy with desire.

Just listening to him made me wet, hot panty dripping wet. I whimpered as he dipped his head and sucked on my bullet hard nipple through the fabric of my bra. An electrifying thrill shot straight to my pussy, my clit tingling in anticipation. I was on fire, desperate to get his cock inside me. Parting my legs and arching my back I pressed my breast harder against his mouth, dragging my nails lightly down his back. His muscles quivered in response, a ripple running down the length of his spine, as my exploration headed down towards his buttocks.

“God, we need to get these clothes off.” I reached down to unzip my leather trousers, but his hand reached to stop me.

“No. I’ve waited too long for this.” He stepped back, running his fingers through his hair, “I’m going to strip. Then I’m going to undress you.”

I started to open my mouth but he put his finger on it to silence me. I nipped it sexily, my tongue sliding between my lips to lick along its length.

“I hope you’re planning to do that to my dick…,” he responded, dragging his finger away and bending to unzip his boots. “…because I plan to use my tongue all over you”

My pussy clenched at his words, “All over?” I’m sure my panties got a whole lot wetter.

“All. Over.” He dragged off his trousers and underwear in one, straightening up and placing his hands on his hips.

“Sweet Jesus!” I was faced with Spoke’s gorgeous hard thick cock and all I could think of was having it thrust into me. Hard. Forcefully. Right up to the balls. I stepped forward, wanting to touch, to run my fingers over its velvety smoothness.

He grabbed my hand and twisted me around pulling me hard up against him snapping my bra undone before trapping his cock between our bodies. “Not so fast, I’m going to have my fun.”

I wanted to wriggle, to tease his erection, but he started nipping gently at my neck and my legs become weak. No longer mine.

Dragging my bra from body he started to play with my heavy breasts, weighing them in his hands, his fingers pulling hard on my nipples as his lips played with the sensitive skin behind my ear. “You’ve got lovely fucking tits.” His voice rumbled on the side on my neck.

I moaned out loud. If he didn’t stop, I’d orgasm just from what he was doing with those hard sensitive nubs. If he kept on talking dirty, I’d be on my knees.

A last firm pinch on my nipples and his hands trailed slowly down over my stomach, my skin rippling and dancing to the touch of his fingers. Then slowly, ever so slowly, he inched the zip of my leather trousers down. His thumb followed its path over the sensitive skin down to the top of my skimpy lace panties.

My breathing ragged, I waited. Waited for him to put his hand down inside, to slide his hand between my legs. To find out how damp I was, how much I wanted him. But he pulled back, swung me around and dropped to his knees in front of me.

“Put your hands on your head,” he ordered, gazing up to me. The look on his face warned me not to disobey.

I complied. I don’t know why. The new Kristen never took orders. Not from a man. Not in bed. But this was different. This was Spoke. I knew I would do anything he asked.


Slowly I reached up, my full breasts swaying as I knotted my hands together across the top of my head.

He removed my leathers seductively, slowly, sexily, his fingers grazing my skin and setting me alight. His lips repeatedly pressing against me, brushing my skin as he exposed me. It was pure torture, pure sexy torment. All the time my hands remained on the top of my head.

“Legs apart,” he ordered, his hands on my thighs, his face level with my pussy. The heat of his breath warmed the only barrier between us, my skimpy black lace panties. “Close your eyes.”

I didn’t argue. I didn’t refuse. I couldn’t. His fingers hooked beneath the elastic of my panties, he pulled them down to my thighs. In the silence I could hear the catch of his breath as he exposed me, opening me up to his gaze. Placing his hands on my buttocks he pressed his lips to the top of my mound.

“Oh please… oh please, Spoke.”

“Are you enjoying this sweetheart? Do you want more,” he teased.

“I want you. I need. Please!” My hormone induced body had reduced me to begging, I didn’t care, I had to have him.

His kisses moved to the crease at the top of each leg. Not near enough. Oh God, not near enough. I needed his mouth on me, licking me into submission.

I heard the ripping of my panties, one side and then the other. I wanted to put my hands down, to grasp his hair, to pull his lips to my pussy. I wanted his tongue to explore me. I wanted him so, so badly. I was putty in his hands, hot and melting, ready to collapse and open my legs to him. All I had was his touch, his smell, and the sound of his breathing as I stood naked with my hands clasped on my head. He was killing me. Just killing me. And I knew he was enjoying every single second.

“Aaahhh!” With a single movement he dragged a finger through the slick juices of my crease. My body exploded.

“Mine,” he said, “all mine.”

I heard the catch in his voice, the emotion behind his words.

I wanted him to mean it.

“Yours,” I whispered.

With my response he slid a single finger up into my pussy. Slowly, deliciously, sexily exploring as he knelt before me. A gentle movement in and then out, sliding through my slick juices, before dragging his finger over my engorged clit. A moan escaped from my lips. Slowly standing up, he dragged a sticky trail up over my stomach stopping between my breasts. His lips touched the spot, his tongue tasting me. Tasting the juices he’d left there.

Taking my hands from my head he guided them down to his erection. My eyes still closed, I touched his velvety hardness for the first time, my thumb sliding through the trickle of slickness on the head of his cock. He pressed his lips to my forehead and groaned. The deep throaty sound rumbled through his chest.

“I can’t fuck you here.” Swinging me into his arms he carried me through to the bedroom.

Dropping me onto the bed, our hands were all over each other, our lips meshed together. I wanted to lick him, to bite him. I wanted him to do the same with me. My temperature was spiking, my pussy on fire. I reached down to his cock.

“No. I want to play with you, to make you orgasm again and again. Then I’m going to fuck you senseless.”

His lips nibbling at my breasts, he forced my legs apart with his hand. His lips moved down my belly slowly, so slowly I wanted to scream at him to move faster. Parting me wider, he put his head between my legs and flicked my engorged clit with his tongue.

“Oh… Oh… Fuck!” My body exploded. My mind blew. I practically left the bed as I arched against his mouth.

He pinned me down, forcing my hips back onto the bed. His lips clasped my clit, sucking me, creating a mindless explosion of light in my head. Rocketing electricity through me, making my pussy clench. I couldn’t escape. I didn’t want to. He was driving me. Driving me on right to the edge. His tongue moved from my clit to my pussy, diving into my slick juicy crease, tongue fucking me and then back to sucking the engorged nub. My whimpering turned to screams as I went over the precipice. My body arched, shuddering, as I came hard, calling out his name as I pressed myself against his lips. Grasping my buttocks he held me there as shivers racked my body, until I slowly subsided trying to control my breathing.

“I’m not finished with you yet.” He slid up the bed, lying down beside me, his hands reaching back between my legs. He slid two fingers inside me, his thumb gently rubbing on my clit. “Look at me, I want to watch you come.”

My mouth dry, I turned and looked into his eyes, running my tongue over my lips. I saw his arousal and the possessive dominant look in his eyes. I suddenly realised that it wasn’t lust I’d been carrying with me all these years. It was love. I’d always loved Spoke.

His finger fucking was slow at first, easing my body gently towards new heights. He leaned over me, nibbling my nipples, sending direct pulses of desire straight through to my clenched pussy. As his pace increased, he pulled his head away from my breasts and returned his gaze to my face. I knew that as he thrust his fingers into me, as my body started to climax, that I was wild eyed, uncontrollable. I could no longer hold his gaze, my body arched in ecstasy, as I cried out for him over and over again.

He rolled over and off the bed and walked through to the bathroom, returning with a small foil packet.

I smiled. “Let me do it,” taking it from his hand.

I rose from the bed and dropped to my knees before him. “I promised you this,” I smiled as I took his cock into my mouth.

“I don’t want to come this way,” he groaned as I tongued the smooth head. “I want to be inside you. Deep inside you.”

I drew my lips up the length of his shaft, taking my time, taking it slowly, my hands clasped around the base. “Then I still owe you,” I responded, as I quickly sheathed him.

“I’ll keep you to that promise,” he growled as he pulled me up against his body.

His warm woody cologne wrapped itself around my senses and I put my lips to the base of his throat, savouring his salty taste as I kissed his skin. Lifting my head, I pull his down to kiss him fully on the lips.

He pulled me tighter against him, his erection pressed against my stomach, his lips demanding, roughly brushing against mine. His breathing was ragged, his breath hot on my face, as he pushed me back towards the bed, tumbling down onto it together.

Parting my legs he lowered himself onto me, pressing his cock against my folds. Slowly he entered me, a low moan falling from his lips.

My voice echoed his. Tightening my pussy around his shaft I dragged him harder against me.

He fucked me slow, as if savouring every sensation, as if trying to prolong the pleasure for both of us.

I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him deep into me. Suddenly his control went, and he thrust his cock into me, forcefully, deep, ball deep, over and over again. Our bodies’ slick, heated and driven by raw passion, we fucked hard until we come together in a shuddering climax.

&I lay& beside him and looked at his face, relaxed in sleep. The early morning sun creeping between the curtains highlighting golden tints in his blonde tousled hair. I was tempted to reach up and touch his face, to waken him, but he seemed to be so at peace. A small smile appeared on his lips, and eyes still closed, he reached his hand out and pulled me tighter against him.

“I could stay here forever with you,” he murmured.

“You’d soon get hungry,” I laughed.

“Hungry for you,” he responded brushing his fingers through my hair.

He placed a soft kiss on my forehead. Then a butterfly touch on my nose. Then finally his lips were on mine.

“Stay here, Kristen. Move in with me.”

I paused. This was Spoke, the man I’d loved since I was a teenager. The man who’d given me orgasms so intense I felt I was leaving the planet. Orgasms, like I’d never had before. I knew it was because I loved him and I was certain he loved me. I had to be honest.

“I have a new job to start in London.” I knew it sounded wrong even as I spoke the words. How could I put London before happiness with Spoke? My eyes teared up. “I don’t want to leave you Spoke, but I don’t want to give up my career.”

Gently he brushed a tear from my cheek. “We’ll work something out. I’d never ask you to give up your passion.”

“And I’d never ask you to give up yours.” He’d never leave this place. His business, his love for motorcycle design and all his friends were here. One of us would have to give and I couldn’t see how we would do that without causing resentment.

“Nothing is too much of a problem that we can’t figure how to sort this, but in the mean time…” He took my hand and placed it on his growing dick. “…you promised me something last night and I’m calling it in.”

He had a look on his face of a man who knew he could have anything he wanted.

Chapter Six

I looked across through the glass wall at the developers working on the latest app. They’d settled in and worked well as a team. I could hear their laughter and chatter through my open door. It was time for a break, time to stretch my legs and get away from my computer.

Ted called out to me as I crossed the main floor. “We should have something to show you later this afternoon.”

“Great,” I smiled back, “So you think we may have something to show the test group soon?”

“Definitely,” he grinned. “They’ll love this one.”

I mirrored his grin. I loved this job. Creative, exciting and so satisfying when we got it right. There have been some late nights lately on getting this particular application perfect, but none of us complained. It was the nature of the job.

I brushed the creases out of my pencil skirt as I walked through to the stairs. It was quiet and my high heels echoed on the wooden steps. The refit had gone well and the new office we occupied and the entranceway reflected the high tech nature of the company. I pushed the door open to the showroom and crossed the floor with a nod to some customers I recognised. Moving on I opened the door at the back.

I love watching him work, particularly when he doesn’t know I’m doing it. His hair has flopped over his forehead and eyes and his body hunched, he’s deep in concentration. I can tell from his body language. I study his rear and lick my lips. I can never get enough of that view. I really do have a thing about his buttocks.

“If you don’t stop looking at my ass, I’m going to bend you over the work bench and fuck you.” He hadn’t even turned his head.

“How the hell did you know I was here?”

“Your perfume.”

Damn. He was getting too good at this. “I’ll stop wearing it then.”

“I’d still know you were there. I have my own personal radar as far as you are concerned.” He turned and grinned at me. “And keep wearing the perfume. It’s sexy, just like you.”

“So about this fucking you just promised” I countered, sashaying over to his side.

“Are you still looking at my ass?”

I leant down and placed my manicured hand on his left buttock. “Not just looking,” I grinned.

“You do realise I’m in the middle of a complex engine redesign and what you are doing is very distracting.”

“I’m also not wearing any panties.”

“Kristen, I’m not sure I want to hear my fiancé is working with a room full of men with a bare pussy.”

When he calls me his fiancé I shiver with delight. “Spoke, they don’t know I’ve not got any panties on and besides, it’s not all men. I’m sure Kerry and Claire are women.”

He slid his hand up my skirt and as his fingers reached my pussy lips I quivered.

“Fuck, you really do have a bare pussy.” He slipped his finger into me. I was sopping wet in anticipation. I’d been on edge all morning, ever since I removed my panties.

“I sometimes wonder if it is a curse or a blessing to have the new business above the shop. I’m never going to get any work done if you keep doing this.” He’s still on his knees, gently sliding his finger in and out of me.

“You know it makes sense, you and Flint are partners with me in the company and you are the experts…” I paused, distracted for a moment before continuing, “…on what bikers need in the way of apps for their smart phones.” He inserted a second finger and I started to give little whimpers of pleasure as he finger fucked me.

“Damn it, Kristen, I can’t just watch you orgasm, I need you too,” he groaned, a throaty rumble that made me wetter still.

“Bend me over the workbench like you promised,” I moaned, my eyes closing as I enjoy his fingers.

“Wait here,” he ordered, pulling his hands away. I whimper for the loss, but know I’m going to get something even better. I watched as he crossed the workshop floor and dropped the catch on the door leading to the showroom. “We don’t want any interruptions,” he grinned.

“I love you, Spoke,” I laughed as he grabbed me by the waist and pushed me towards the workbench, hitching up my skirt as he went.

“I love you too, the future Mrs Turner,” he replied as he lifted me onto a strategically placed box and bent me over the workbench. “Now woman, it’s time for the fuck I promised you.


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