Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Do The Shift From Lack to High End Clients




Can you create the business and life of your dreams?


If you got this eBook and have the desire to create a successful business and make lots of money from it, while helping other people and working with dream clients, that’s because you know it is truly possible!


It doesn’t matter if you have spent a large part of your life (or maybe all your life) in a mindset of lack.


All that matters is the here and now and your desire to manifest the life and business of your dreams, because you deserve it.


The Law of Attraction tells us that we attract who we are.


So, in order to attract high end clients that are a pleasure to work with, that value your work and pay your rates on time, you need to step up your game and align with that.


You need to be a vibrational match to what you wish to manifest, because alignment comes before manifestation.


If you want abundance, you need to feel abundant first. In the now.


You need to feels so abundant and deserving that you will be like a magnet to your ideal clients because like attracts like.



Why you were in a place of lack


I coach many spiritual entrepreneurs and most of them ask me this same question: if what I truly want is a successful business why have I been in a place of lack and frustration?


The reason why that might seem weird is simply because they are very contradictory vibrations.


Wanting a successful business and to live your dream life comes from your true self.


Living in a mindset of lack and feeling frustrated comes from your limiting beliefs that are creating lots of resistance in your life.


And those beliefs are not you. They probably came from parents, spouses, educational or religious systems, etc, and were acquired very early in your life.


They were so “normal” in your life that in fact they seemed like the “reality”. It’s just how life is.


Maybe you were told that you cannot make lots of money, that is not for you. Or that you cannot make lots of money from doing spiritual work. Or that money is the root of all evil, etc, etc.


A spiritual entrepreneur is someone who lives from their heart center and have a business that is their soul purpose, who follows their calling to help others.


Is someone who truly wants to change people’s lives.


But what I feel is that very often spiritual entrepreneurs wish to be of service so much because it is their calling, that they tend to say yes to everyone that needs help, regardless if those people are ready or not to the work in themselves.


This can really be the case with Empaths or highly sensitive people that sense other people’s energies and emotions as their own.


The call to help is huge because they feel everything about the other person.


But what happens when you say yes to help everyone without putting yourself first is that you tend to attract all sorts of people.


Your intention to help might be really good, but if you feel uncomfortable for some reason and you still say yes, you might end up attracting people that:


p<>{color:#000;}. are not open to do the inner work

p<>{color:#000;}. want to take advantage of your work

p<>{color:#000;}. can be abusive and just want to feed on your energy

p<>{color:#000;}. won’t pay you anything

p<>{color:#000;}. will pay you much less than what you deserve

p<>{color:#000;}. are not committed to your services or programme


 Besides that being incredibly frustrating to a spiritual entrepreneur, it can also make you feel exhausted and resentful at the end of the day, because you feel you’re giving so much and receiving so little in return. There’s an imbalance in there.


If you have spent many years thinking you don’t deserve much money or that your work or yourself is not that valuable, it could very possibly lead to that scenario.


But deep down you always felt that those beliefs weren’t exactly true.

And you want more because you know you weren’t born to play small.


Because when you play small, the Universe can’t hear you.


We live in a you first Universe. No one can use their unique gifts fully to help others when they’re struggling financially, feeling frustrated or exhausted.


You need to cater to your needs first and the more happy you are and the more you manifest all you want, the more you have to give to the world.


When you raise your vibration, you’re raising the vibration of the entire Universe because separateness is an illusion, we’re all connected.


It’s a balance of giving and receiving, and it’s only when your cup is full that you can help others properly.



Making the shift through Empowerment


The mindset of abundance and prosperity doesn’t start with your business or with money, it starts with you.


You need to raise your vibration to a place where you feel abundant and worthy regardless of how much money you have at any given time.


This means leaving your old limiting beliefs about money and self-worth behind – for good!


This shift is a process with several stages and the first step is wanting to do the change – which you already did since you are here reading this eBook.


So, your shift has already started.


The way to leave the old beliefs and old energy and show up fully in your business and in your life is through empowerment.


Is through finding your inner power and connecting with your true self.


The more you peel the layers of what is not you, the more your true self will come out into the open and the more powerful you will show up in your life.


That’s when your vibration changes and your reality changes to match it.


The alignment before the manifestation.


Because you can do all the marketing and sales techniques in the world, but if you don’t do this inner work first of leaving old beliefs and owning your power, you’ll never get there.


Owning your power in your business means:


p<>{color:#000;}. saying no to what doesn’t feel right to you

p<>{color:#000;}. saying no to charging less money than you feel you deserve

p<>{color:#000;}. saying no to clients that don’t value you or are abusive

p<>{color:#000;}. no more stepping out of your truth to please others

p<>{color:#000;}. saying yes to what feels good to you

p<>{color:#000;}. deciding how much you feel comfortable charging and owning it – your rates are non negotiable

p<>{color:#000;}. deciding which clients you want to work with – manifesting and working with amazing clients


When you do this vibrational alignment work and own your power, you decide how much money you feel comfortable to accept from your clients, and commit to it.


Your ideal client is the one that matches the rate you feel comfortable and feels happy to pay you that rate.


I’ll say it again: Your ideal client is the one that matches the rate you feel comfortable and feels happy to pay you that rate.


Not the one who asks you to lower your rate to make them feel comfortable.


And those clients are out there, waiting to show up when you step up your game and show yourself fully.


A client that sees your value and is willing to pay your rate is also a client that is ready to do their own inner work and get results.


Your ideal/soulmate client is the one that:


p<>{color:#000;}. sees your worth – because you see the worth in yourself

p<>{color:#000;}. pays your rate – because it is the rate you feel comfortable

p<>{color:#000;}. is ready to do the work they need to do – because you only work with clients that are ready and that take their own responsibility

p<>{color:#000;}. are committed to your services/programme – because you are 100% fully committed to them

p<>{color:#000;}. are a pleasure to work with – because you say no to the clients that are not aligned with you


Your ideal clients show up when you show up to yourself.


When you decide there’s no such thing as “too much money” or “I need to help everyone that comes to me”.


When you own your inner power, that’s when you do the shift from a place of lack to a place of abundance, and step into a higher vibration.


That’s when the Law of Attraction will bring you the right people that are ready to work with you and value your work.

And that’s when you balance the energies between giving and receiving and live a fulfilled and happy life.


Because you deserve it!


Making this shift is a process but it is easier than you think.



I hope you enjoyed this eBook and that it gave you more clarity into what it is possible for you to achieve.


Yes you can do the spiritual work and have abundance and prosperity, make lots of money and create the life of your dreams.


And the reason I know this is because I’ve done it myself.


I lived in a place of lack and frustration for a very long time, but after a major spiritual awakening and through my own inner work of leaving my old beliefs behind and raising my vibration, I started to own my inner power fully.


I always questioned what my life purpose was and after I stepped fully into my inner power I realized that everything I went through in my life was preparing me for living that life purpose, that is helping other spiritual entrepreneurs to step up into their inner power and create the life of their dreams.


To help them bring heaven to earth!



Can you imagine living the life you always wanted whilst doing spiritual work, helping other people and changing their lives?


If you feel ready to do this shift and need guidance I can coach you to where you want to be.


It will be an amazing journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


Please click here to know more about my Step Into Empowerment coaching programme.




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Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Do The Shift From Lack to High End Clients

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur wanting to manifest the life and business of your dreams? Maybe you have been in a place of lack and feeling frustrated for a long time but that's about to change because you always felt there's so much more to life and you weren't born to play small. Yes you can do spiritual work and have abundance and prosperity and live the life you always wanted. And that's when you fully show up to the world and can fully use your unique gifts to help others. This eBook will give you clarity in how to make the shift from a place of lack to a place of abundance and high end amazing clients.

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Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Do The Shift From Lack to High End Clients Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Do The Shift From Lack to High End Clients