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Spiritual Embarrassments


[]Spiritual Embarrassments

Collection of 5 Christian Short Stories

By Achille Bérenger Doungméné

Copyrights 2017 Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty

Distributed by Shakespir


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This Book is licensed for your personal enjoyment.

May God bless you as you read.


Illustrations: Meli Metino Cedric Gael and Monthe Paul

Publisher: Tâ-Shalom Editions


This ebook is available in French in PDF, Mobi and epub formats

under the title: Embrouilles Spirituelles


First Printed in March 2017



Christian Short Stories you find in this volume,

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Glory be to Jesus Christ, The Light of the World




To my younger brother, Kéambou Firmin for his help and support in the fulfillment of this work.

May God Almighty bless him and those dearest to him.

In the name of Jesus, Amen!


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Why I Left Yoga


Ritual Baths Deceptions


Phallus Disputes


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Spiritual Embarrassments unveils the invisible world with due art and caution. Evils spirits never leave their victims easily; only with strong faith in battles will the heroes overcome the kingdom of darkness.

Suspense and good mood await the reader however!



When dream and cheat work together, loss is inevitable.

Despite numerous warnings; Bopda stubbornly believes dreams to instruct his decisions. Before God saves him, he is in the dark for dreams have led him to nowhere.

After this incident with Elder Ntoundi, I wanted to stop any search for advice in dreams. Even if I couldn’t confess to Brother Paul that my confidence was no longer complete, I felt the need for more pragmatic method to govern my life. I needed a safer approach. To this point, dreams and their interpretations had already led me to awkward embarrassments.

“If you persevere in this way, shame and disgrace await you,” Brother Paul said that day.

“You are jealous of my visions,” I replied, “instead of fighting me; you would better help me improve my interpretations.”

“Let me warn you that dreams have misled a multitude of sincere and honest men. As far as I can see, you are on the list.”

“We have received the same teachings by the same speaker and God speaks through dreams! It is better I avoid your presence; as to what I see, you are a threat to those who want to grow in faith,” I replied irritated.

“When you encounter calamity, you will be less supercilious; be blessed,” he said before separation.

After this conversation, I could not refrain from considering Paul reprimand which, above all, seemed sincere. He made it following some revelations I had received through dreams concerning Elder Ntoundi. Those visions proved questionable and even ridiculous after investigations. Although my revelations might be true, Brother Paul couldn’t establish the truth, and he left the case confused and doubtful.

The predicted downfall almost took place. While I was recovering with great pains, Pastor Johanson came forward. He came from Nigeria for a seminary in the church. My wife and I offered him hospitality for the two weeks stay in Yaoundé.

In our conversations, I realized that he put forward the leadership of God through dreams and shared some of my experiences with him. I had much to share in the domain. For almost four years, apart from great revelations, my day patterns looked like a repetition of my dreams’ sequences. My current circumstances were full of already lived shots.

He asked me for some samples to guide his understanding. I relate him the dream about my boss. I told him precisely:

“While I was napping on a Sunday afternoon, I saw my boss pursuing me in my dream. He was dressed in bright red dress. The race was long and exhausting. As he stretched out his hand to seize me, I shouted, “Jesus save me!” and woke up. 

The next morning at the office, the boss, dressed in costume as usual, greeted me with a menacing look and said: “Do not think that you will be here forever; there are plenty of applicant files waiting.” What’s surprising, I had never heard any complaint about delay, incompetence or indiscipline before his impeachment. Nothing like warning had been issue against me before the charge.”

The pastor who had listened attentively said nothing about the story. Rather, he asked if I could remember another one.

I could remember all of them. Which one should I recount to help him got inspired? I resumed:

“About a year ago, the church received an American missionary. He came for Evangelization Campaign. My wife and I went to him for greetings at his hotel on a Saturday evening. The next day, at about 5.30 AM, I had a dream about him. I saw him approaching my wife and saying, “The man you have married is not the husband whom the Lord has prepared for you; you will soon see your true husband.” In the same night, my wife also had a curious dream. If my memory is correct, she saw the missionary suggesting taking her to the United States.”

“What did you do after the dreams?” Pastor Johanson asked.

“After we woke up, we entrusted our couple to the Lord through prayer and went to church. Just before the Longkak junction, my car had a puncture. As soon as we arrived at the Province, we had a second puncture. Time to collage and we got to worship late. When we arrived at church, the missionary was on phone in the parking zone. When he saw us, he said: “I have a message from God for you, make an effort to see me after the service.”

At this level, Pastor Johanson interrupted me to hear how the missionary’s attitude was while speaking to us.

“He was courteous,” I replied. “There was nothing in his attitude that was incorrect so far. During the worship, I was uncomfortable; I couldn’t concentrate. At the time of prayers for the sick, my heart was blocked. I asked myself thousand of questions about what to expect in the next hour. I was disturbed in part by the dreams my wife and I had had.”

“What did he reveal to you finally?”  Pastor Johanson asked.

“Let me tell you!” I resumed. “Just after the service, he received us in the library. He first prayed, then he came up and said to me: “I see that God has a great plan for your life. Until now you have worked hard without seeing fruit, but the Lord is with you.” After saying this, he turned to my wife and, neglecting my presence or perhaps provoking me, he said to my wife: “God loves you my daughter; He has given you a better future than what you are supporting now.”

At this statement, we looked at each other, my wife and I. But the man was bold and added: “I do not take people’s emotions into account and I say things as God shows them to me: “This man is not your husband and you must cease all intimate relationship with him until God reveals you the man of His divine choice. I know him, but God will show you his picture.” I couldn’t stand listening to the man any longer; I seized my wife by the hand and we stepped out.

Pastor Johanson who had listened attentively was speechless. What was he going to say? Was he more shocked than we were about these events? Was he going to provide a valid advice? We were suspended to his lips. His advice was welcome because after the first dream, my boss unceasingly pushed me in the back during months; only patient prayer had restored peace in my relationship with him. In the second case, my wife and I were on the brink of separation during the six-seven months that followed; God alone had kept us from divorce. My wife was torn between her love for me and “the will of God” as viewed in her dream and as said by the American.

After a protracted silence, Pastor Johanson intervened:

“You are guilty of what has happened to you. God had warned you through dreams and you did nothing to thwart the events in advance. Look at the two punctures! You had to think! You should have prayed and blocked these problems with prayer. In the first case, you had to pray immediately after your dream. God warned you and you did nothing! Everything that happens to you is your fault.”

“How can you say that? Are we faulty simply because we dreamed?” my wife asked.

“Of course! God did his work; He warned you! God is not your servant to do everything for you! You had to respond appropriately by prayer.”

The pastor’s words seduced me. Admitting he was right, I was making points against Brother Paul who sees in dreams only distortions and confusions. Moreover, the pastor being right was to challenge my own desire to abandon my confidence in dreams. Where was the truth? 

“It’s your fault,” Pastor Johanson resumed, “God does speak sometimes one way, sometimes another-, and no one care of it. He speaks in dreams and this is well written in the book of Job, Chapter 33, verses 14 to 15. It seems to me that you do not read the Bible. Read the book of Job and be convinced of your sin!”

At these words, Carole intervened again:

“Is the problem as easy as you claim? If God announces that he is going to do something, can somebody change it by prayer?”

The pastor replied:

“Remember that you are children of God and you have the power to thwart the plans of the Devil. God has warned you in each case that the Devil was preparing traps against you; since you did nothing, you fell into it! “My people perish for lack of knowledge,” Prophet Hosea says. You haven’t read about this prophet, have you? Do not worry. My presence here is no coincidence; it is clear to me that God wants to teach you what you shall do after warning dreams like those you have told me.”

Perhaps was the pastor right. This was the second time I heard that it was appropriate to pray and block an event that had been announced in dreams. In other words, any premonitory dream could be canceled or reorganized by prayer. During a radio show I had already heard a pastor from the Center of Miracles and Prodigies say that it is better to be late to service or appointments if the reason is that we were praying to defeat a threat announced in a dream. Otherwise, regrets might be bitter.

“Tell us what to do pastor; help us please!” I asked.

“When you dream and are not satisfied, let’s say you receive an ominous announcement; you must pray and cancel the dream and all its content; proclaiming in the name of Jesus that unhappiness will not reach you, proclaiming that you are victors, proclaiming that Christ died for you and you are destined to His unceasing victory.”

“What do you mean? I can’t follow you please!” I said.

“Very simple,” he resumed, “for example, in the first case you could say, “I am the son of God! Nobody catches me! I am the head and never the tail! I overcome all circumstances through Jesus Christ! I proclaim that no one can hurt me in this company! I proclaim that I dominate everybody; I proclaim that all my enemies fall! I proclaim that all who rise up against me will fall! I declare that no one can compete with me!”

“Wow! Great God! I had been warned on average of three to four times a week during the last three years! How many victories would I have had! May God have mercy on me!” I said, nodding my head thoughtfully.

“If you dwell in ignorance, you alone will bear the guilt,” the pastor said. “If you want to do better, I assure you that you can even go back into dreams and fight your enemies. For example, you could go back to bed, provoke your dream back and act as the real indomitable. Back into the same dream, you could now summon your boss, catch him and beat him copiously, give him a good lesson and forbid him never to persecute you again. There in the dream, you would have defeated him forever and he would never have come to threaten you or throw against you arrogant words as he did.”

“What about the second dream? Could I return to the dream? Could my wife do something…?”

“Very simple,” the pastor resumed, “you just had to resume the sleep and provoke the resumption of the same dream and this time, you, you,”

The pastor was halted. He was confused and had difficulty in continuing explanations. The missionary was a servant of God. Supposing he had spoken in the name of God, can man fight against God?

“All depends on your love for your wife,” Pastor Johanson resumed hesitantly. “Do you really love her? If you love her and know that you have married her regularly by paying her dowry; if you have signed the marriage certificate, if you have slept with her only after the nuptial benediction of the Church, know that the Lord is not against your couple and cannot stand up against you. No one can separate the couple that God has united.”

“What should we have done then?” I asked.

“Being convinced of God’s plan for your couple, you would have resisted the missionary, you would have told him that what God has united, nobody can separate. After this first step, you would have proclaimed that your couple is solid, that no one can separate you. You had to make things clear in the dream and forbid the missionary to approach your wife in any way. If you had fought this way, the man wouldn’t have dared an appointment as he did. I am very sorry for you!”

Admitting he was right; why the repetition? Why was it necessary to see things in dreams before seeing them being accomplish in the crude reality? Oh! Yeah! Pastor Johanson made it clear that dreams were warnings from God. “Through dreams, God reveals to his child problems and pitfalls in ambush against him; up to the child to work for resistance and victory…”

Pastor Johanson made two weeks with us. Before the end of his stay, I had become an expert at combats in dreams.

One month after the Nigerian pastor, I systematically could rectify my dreams. Reviving, reinventing a dream with my marks had become a facility. I could go back in any dream and rearrange the scenes to my convenience. If I did not agree with a speech, an act or a decision of some sort, I would put things straight from the dream. And if someone had threatened me in any dream, I would beat him and I give him the correction of his life.

This episode lasted about three months. During these three months, no more annoyances in the social or professional life. At the church, I was also listened to and respected.

An embarrassing situation was to occur which scattered all my belief about dreams.

Following the copious beating of a neighbor who in a dream was trying to strangle me, I was informed after work that he was hospitalized and delirious; 41 Celsius Degrees of fever. He had kept saying my name.

I ran to the hospital. He was in the ER. It was about 8PM and I only had few minutes before the end time of visits. I begged visitors I found therein to quit the room for I had some words to change with the patient. After they had gone out, I asked:

“I am reported that you have been pronouncing my name since you are here.”

“Yes, I wanted to see you; I am happy you’ve come,” he started. “Before daybreak, I saw you approaching me in the dream and you began beating me furiously. I tried to stop you but you were too strong. When I was dumbfounded down the ground, you said: “This is the last time you provoke me.” I woke up with this fever. At first it did not matter. I went normally to work and at about five PM, I have woken up in this bed.”

I was confused and could not understand. “This is the last time you provoke me,” had I said! I, Bopda! I had no remembrance of it. However, my neighbor’s words seemed sincere. He continued:

“The colleagues have informed me that I fainted at work before they drive me to this hospital. According to them, I was delirious for a moment and have repeatedly pronounced your name few minutes before waking up.”

Shocking! “What have I done to this man? Mystery!” His words were curious and really frightening to my imagination. He ended:

“I want to ask your pardon. I do not remember having caused you any deliberate harm. But in case I did or said something you did not appreciate, please forgive me. I know that you are a good Christian, we have never had any problem between neighbors and my children play every day with yours. Even if my wife has wronged yours, please forgive us, forgive our children.”

Tears surprised me; panic also. The battle in dreams for me was a settlement in the presence of God! From the lessons, God warns me through dreams and it is my duty to settle everything in dreams in order to have a peaceful and enjoyable life.

To this point, I had to reconsider the issue.  I had to revise the Dream Question both in its substance and in its aspects.

Are images of people in dreams objective representations of real people? If so, why is the contradiction in the perceptions of the same dream? Otherwise, who was I used to fighting in dreams?

The version of my neighbor was opposite to mine. In my dream, he attacked me and he tried to strangle me. In his version, I had struck him without cause; and when he tried to curb my resolve to harm, I was so strong that he couldn’t stop me.

The discrepancy between our observations of the same dream was suspicious. By the way, did we have the dream exactly in the same lapse of minutes? What if his dream has come after or before mine? No help so far! Even if our dreams had been synchronous (i.e., had occurred exactly in the same lapse of time), the contents were different. I had to admit the interference of a third party who had been cautioned in lieu of human being. I was uncomfortable at the idea of what I had been doing to people via dreams.

God does not advise us to render the slap, but to offer the other cheek for the second slap of our enemy. I had learned in dreams to tear apart every man or woman who would dare provoking me therein.

The incident with my neighbor Goodness led me to repentance. Even if he wanted to hurt me, I as Christian had to kneel down, pray and intercede for him. I had to pray for him, supposing him an enemy. In doing so, I would never have sinned.

Following this incident and its analysis, I stopped forcing the returns into dreams under the pretext of reorganization and settlement of account with my enemies. Christian does not fight against flesh and blood and my neighbor was not a spirit. He should under no circumstances suffer citing me as far or nearly involved in his suffering. In fact, Christian blesses and curses not; he heals and causes no sickness.

During the week following my repentance, my sleep was better. Ten days after, I saw Pastor Johanson in a dream. He asked me why I had so naively believed the neighbor. He revealed to me that my neighbor was not the gentle and truthful man people believed. He demonstrated that my neighbor had actually attacked me and that his brotherhood of sorcerers was secretly trying to kill me.

I awoke confused. “This accusation is not plausible,” I refuted, “my neighbor had asked for forgiveness, even for the unknown faults of his wife and children.” It was not possible to condone the charge against Goodness. His sincerity had touched me to the point of leading me to repentance.

Whatever the approach of analysis of this last dream, my reflections remained blurred. “Who is right? Pastor Johanson seen in dream? Goodness preached in dreams or the neighbor I encounter in everyday life?”

On Saturday night, i.e. two days after the warning in the dream by Pastor Johanson, I saw the neighbor Goodness in a dream. This time he was domineering and our relation was that of master to slave. He was the one giving orders and I would execute them as a faithful slave. In this last one, I was volunteered to serve him until the end of my days.

I was deeply shocked when I woke up. The day had not yet dawned and I resolved to pray that God bless my neighbor. Following my repentance, I had resolved to always pray for good. As I was praying, I fell asleep again. This time I saw in the dream Pastor Johanson and my neighbor in perfect friendship. Curiously, I was this time the slave of them both, and I saw them laugh heartily at my servitude:

The poor guy,” Pastor Johanson said, “he is so naive! I gave him good advice and he refused to listen to; let the Bible save him!”

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” continued my neighbor, “if only he knew that many many pastors do not even care of the content of that book, he would immediately stop reading it.”

He’s mad! Can’t you observe it?” Pastor Johanson said. “His conscience is too much sensitive. Just remember the staging at the hospital. He saw nothing at all! “Lord forgive me for listening to the advice from Pastor Johanson…Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I tell you, he is a tears box!

Leave him alone! Let’s see how far he will hold! Help yourself and Heaven will help you! Let him read that book and continue to bless us. That same Bible advises him to be the slave of the brothers. To whom will he complain? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

I woke up with a beating heart. I was perplexed and ultimately displeased by the conversation I had witnessed in the dream. Let assume that I was no longer free spiritually; was I free physically and socially? I couldn’t pray and remained fixed on the intense desire to meet Brother Paul. Since our disagreement following the seemingly fiasco with Elder Ntoundi, we had no longer exchanged on dreams. He did not even meddle with my disgrace in the case about the Virgin.

We were Sunday and Brother Paul was absent at the service. The pastor was taken by appointments and I could not share the problem that was disturbing my balance.

Back at home, I had to take a decision. Defending myself and being free in the spirit realm was my priority. In spite of me, I couldn’t keep feeling myself a social junk. I did my best to avoid meeting with Goodness. Was it possible that he had been a hypocrite and a sorcerer? Was he really associated in spirit with Pastor Johanson? By which process did I become their common slave?

The Word of God was formal, however:

… I tell you not to resist the wicked. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, present him to the other.”

Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who ill-treat you and persecute you…”

“…Whosoever heareth these words which I speak, and putteth them into practice, shall be like a prudent man who built his house upon the rock.

The greatest among you will be your servant.”

My servitude was spiritual, involuntary, and that was my problem. It aroused in me malaise and anger! I needed arguments to continue obeying the Scriptures.

At table I could not eat much. I had said nothing of my recent dreams to my wife and fearing that she might insist on the cause of my mood, I pretended fatigue and went into the bed room. For how could I explain to her that the husband who loves her was now a spiritual slave?

Once lying on the bed, I began rehearsing some of the real incidents that dreams had caused me before and after the dispute with Brother Paul.

My first interest in revelations comes after a seminar on listening to God. The speaker took examples from the Bible and demonstrated that God directs his children through dreams. Few months after the teachings, I started receiving revelations in dreams. At the arrival of Pastor Johanson, I was in my fourth year of regular revelations.

If it is permissible to say that many events of my life had been announced through visions I was used to receiving during my sleep, it is fair to admit that failures weren’t rare during that period.

During my Master Degree Exams for example, the night before we sit for School Psychopathology (a course), I was revealed in dreams that the Essay would be on School Phobia. I almost fell into a swoon when after the distribution of question sheets, I realized questions were rather on Suicide among Teenagers. Thanks to God’s pity I didn’t faint in the room! I had revised nothing but the Chapter received in dreams. I remember that I covered my face and begged the help of God so that I could recover myself, and find by reflection some acceptable answers. The scars of this incident took weeks to disappear. The first alert was given.

After I regained confidence in dreams, another more disturbing incident nearly caused my loss.

In my dream, I saw Elder Ntoundi in an incestuous relationship with his daughter. The scene was so real that I woke up convinced that there weren’t need for proofs. Fortunately, I shared the revelation with Brother Paul, who, thoroughly confused, asked me to grant him two days during which he would conduct an investigation. The brother went the following day to the Elder who rather forestalled him asking:

“Tell me, I know you are close to Brother Bopda. Do you know if he is faithful to his wife?”

“Certainly yes,” he replied, “he walks according to the Word of God, his wife and children as well.”

“In fact, I saw him in a dream seduce and sleep with my daughter. Let him be careful. Youth Leader does not give him rights over my daughter,” the Elder said to Brother Paul. “I teach my children to keep themselves clean for their spouses and I feel that I should no longer let my children be indoctrinated by him.”

Embarrassed by the output of his visit to the Elder, Brother Paul came to me for feedback. Were my revelations trustable? Was the Elder really guilty or not? The revelation about the man brought a lot of confusion. Thanks to God I didn’t share the dream publicly! What would I have looked like? What would the Elder have done if he had taken cognizance of my dream?

Annoyed by this event, Brother Paul gave me the warning I have reported above, in the introduction of the story. His harshness was in part due to the ridicule he had suffered. Nevertheless, I kept the conviction that the old man might have lied to avoid suspicion or to protect himself.

After this incident, scenes similar to sequences of my dreams continued to feed my days. Six months before the arrival of Pastor Johanson, another occurrence had shaken my belief in dreams. In a dream I saw the statue of Virgin Mary. It was tall and was talking. She asked me to trust her and invited me to pray to her. She also asked me why I was no longer going to Catholic Church. After her requests, I observed in the dream that she could distribute fortunes to all who serve her.

Following the dream, I consulted neither the elders nor the pastor. During the meeting with the Youth, I gave my testimony and encouraged youngsters to implore the Virgin when in need. The anger of the Church Committee flared up immediately. The same evening, Brother Paul came to my house and informed me of the fire I had just lit at the church. In addition, he informed me that the pastor was waiting for me.

It was already 9PM when I arrived at the pastor’s residence.

“Good evening Brother Bopda,” the pastor saluted.

“Good evening Pastor,” I replied.

“What have you taught the children this evening?” he asked.

“We talked about confidence in God and I shared the vision I have received two days ago in a dream.”

“No brother, be honest. You have not stopped at the vision, you have asked the youth to address prayers to the Virgin Mary.”

Seized with fear, I couldn’t discern the appropriate answer. I had left Catholicism without a particular conviction about the Virgin Mary, and the grave attitude of the pastor was an indication of the seriousness of my fault.

“You saw a statue talking to you; isn’t this what you have shared? A statue tells you that she is the Mother of Jesus and you believe! Do you realize the mischief in which you have plunged the children today?”

I wanted to speak, to apologize, but I could not weigh up my fault so far. The Pastor resumed:

“Assuming that Mary is a goddess; let us admit it. Jesus forbids useless repetition when we pray and you know that the prayer technique to the Virgin Mary is several times repetitions of Hail Mary. Why haven’t you taught them how to count the rosary in the course? Be aware that the Committee of Elders will sit on this issue and I can’t guarantee your continuity in leading young people.”

“Excuse me Pastor, I still don’t understand,” I observed.

“What can’t you understand?” he growled. “Tell me, what you want to understand? You teach your dreams to the children of God instead of teaching them the Holy Scriptures; and you can’t understand? You teach the saints to pray to a statue and you need what to understand? Be aware that we have been patient enough with you and everyone must take his own responsibility. Do you know how parents will react after their progenies tell them of the stupidity a supposed mature Christian has taught them?”

I wanted to explain and defend my logic, but the Pastor still had to say.

“Understand once and for all that even if Mary is the biological mother of Christ, she is never resurrected. Whoever invokes Mary is doing witchcraft. As I see, you don’t take time studying the Word of God and as a result you have nothing to teach but reveries. Christian faith is founded on the Holy Scriptures, not on tradition, not on dreams, not on social wisdom. Go and prepare your defense. You can’t escape being suspended during this Saturday Elder’s meeting. What you have done can’t be judge outside the Disciplinary Council. The next one is scheduled for the next week. May God help you prepare your arguments; breeding the lambs of Christ is not a fantasy.”

That day, I left the pastor with my heart bubbling with anger against the Virgin. Why had she trapped me? By the way, had she trapped me? No! At that period I was no longer reading the Word of God. I did not even take time to examine the Virgin Mary message in the light of the Scriptures.

My suspension lasted four months during which I became disgusted with dreams. The already seen shots continued, but I kept indifferent. Did I have a choice? My humiliation coincided with my wife’s desires for divorce and I refused to focus on dreams till the arrival of Pastor Johanson.

Should I have listened to his advice? I can’t evaluate. Following his advice, I had almost killed my neighbor. Supposed my neighbor was insincere, how was he now associated with Pastor Johanson to talk of me as their common slave? I had to manage the contradiction!

I was confused and had a critical need of appropriate help. It was Sunday and I had counted on Brother Paul for advice; he was absent at the worship. I had hoped to meet the Pastor, he was busy.

Hidden in the bed room, I tried to pray again; I pray for my neighbor and for Pastor Johanson. At the end, I opened the Word of God and read this:

If your brother sins against you, go and rebuke him between thee and him alone. If he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.” Immediately after reading of the text, I went to my neighbor’s home. He received me with great joy. After my recounting of the dreams, he was incredulous.

“Neighbor,” he said, “it is the devil who has pictured out everything you have seen. Jesus is faithful to His Word and you must continue to obey his instructions. You know, my big brother had practiced witchcraft before becoming pastor. In his testimony, he explains how easy it is for wizards and sorcerers to divide friends, brothers and churches through dreams. Now that you have told me, you will notice, the devil will no longer use my image to disturb you.”


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Spiritual Embarrassments

Spiritual Embarrassments unveils the invisible world with due art and caution. Evils spirits never leave their victims easily; only with strong faith in battles will the heroes overcome the kingdom of darkness. Suspense and good mood await the reader however! From all the stories, the reader retains the lesson that ignorance or rejection of the truth exposes the subject to suffering, to confusion and to wandering. The treatment and the healing in each case come from the effective application of the Word of God which is the historically infallible medicine against any spiritual aggression. Spiritual Embarrassments is a collection of Five Christian Short Stories Edited by Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty. This Collection is available in English in PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats. Available in French in PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats under the title: Embrouilles Spirituelles Illustrations by Cedric Gael Méli Métino and Paul Monthe Copyrights 2017 Tâ-Shalom Editions, The books to liberty BP 3889 Douala Cameroon Website: https://tashalomeditions.wordpress.com Distributed by Amazon

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Spiritual Embarrassments Spiritual Embarrassments