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Speed Reading: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Reading with Speed That Will Boos


Speed Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Reading with Speed That Will Boost Your Productivity and Make You Successful

Author: John Slavio





What Kind of a Reader Are You?

Understanding Speed Reading

Disproving the Common Myths

Why Speed Reading?

Getting Started

Breaking the Poor-Reading-Habits Cycle



The Pacer

Single-Finger Techniques

Multiple-Finger Techniques

Card Techniques

The Ruler Pacing

Skimming and Scanning

Reading in Groups

In-Depth Speed Reading

Painting the Words

Advancing Your Speed-Reading Skills



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John Slavio is a programmer who is passionate about the reach of the internet and the interaction of the internet with daily devices. He has automated several home devices to make them ‘smart’ and connect them to high speed internet. His passions involve computer security, iOT, hardware programming and blogging. Below is a list of his books:

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Imagine if you had a few extra hours every week. How would you use them? Would you finally do all the things that get endlessly postponed? If you want a workday’s worth of extra time on a weekly basis, then you have definitely landed at the right place.

This is a book that will not only save you a lot of time, but it will also make you function more efficiently. It will boost your productivity and put you in the lane to success. No, I am not selling some magical product. I am merely teaching what most successful people already know.

Most of the successful people don’t just read, they soak information like sponges. Their eyes and brain are trained to run smoothly as a unit that results in enhanced focus and increased comprehension. Say goodbye to wasting your time reading meaningless emails and documents, because this book will turn you into a ‘sponge’.

From how you can benefit from speed reading to teaching you the most successful techniques that will help you master this skill-of-the-successful in no time, this book will drag much more values than extra time into your world.

Are you ready for the change?

[] What Kind of a Reader Are You?

Before I delve deeply into revealing to you the ultimate tricks and tips of speed reading, you must first determine exactly where you stand as a speed reader. No, I will not ask you to read “War and Peace”. This next exercise will only take a minute of your time. It takes only a minute for you to see how badly you need to read this book. Thanks to this next one-minute exercise you might boost your productivity permanently.

In this exercise, we will see exactly how fast of a reader you are by determining the average number of words you read per minute.

p<>{color:#000;}. Choose any article to read for this exercise.

p<>{color:#000;}. Have a timing device nearby.

p<>{color:#000;}. Set the timer to go off after one minute passes.

p<>{color:#000;}. Press ‘start’ and begin reading.

p<>{color:#000;}. Stop reading exactly after one minute.

p<>{color:#000;}. Mark the line you are on.

p<>{color:#000;}. Count the number of words from the first five rows and divide that number by 5. That is the average number of words per line.

p<>{color:#000;}. Now, count the number of lines you have read.

Your reading WPM (words per minute) rate can be determined by simply multiplying the number of lines read by the average number of words per line:

Number of lines x Words per line = WPM

Now that you know your reading WPM, let’s check out the results and see how fast of a reader you are:

< 200 WPM. If you have managed to read less than 200 words per minute, then you are what they call talkers. You read a sentence with the same speed it takes you to say the words out loud. You read only one word at a time, and when reading fast (and comprehending!) you may hit 240 WPM. There are very few of the talkers who can actually hit a 400 WPM.

You are a talker because you can actually hear yourself read. You engage in the vocalization as you read, and that is a habit that slows you down extremely.

200-300 WPM. If you have read somewhere between 200 and 300 words per minute, then you are an average reader. The average readers do not enjoy reading particularly, and reading books is not their hobby. Unfortunately, most people fall under this category. These are the people that haven’t had reading trainings since they were in elementary school.

However, belonging in this category is nothing to be ashamed off. Being an average reader does not mean that you do not read at all. Most lawyers and doctors are average readers and they read all the time.

The average readers also engage in vocalization, but they are also capable of reading a couple of different words at once.

300 to 700 WPM. People who read from 300 to 700 words are considered to be above-average readers. They can easily read groups of words at once, as well as recognize phrases in sentences at a single glance. The above-average readers engage very little in vocalization, are well-educated and most likely have a pretty large vocabulary.

>700 WPM. If you have read more than 700 words in one minute, then you already are a speed reader. You do not vocalize, and can easily read up to 15 words at one glance.

Although speed readers do not really need to read speed-reading books, don’t throw this book on your read-for-later-book pile. Who knows, maybe you will learn a new technique that you are unfamiliar with and increase your agility even more. Besides, it will take less than 13 minutes of your time to get to the final page.

Another way for you to test your speed reading rate is to simply measure yourself reading 700 words. After you are done, simply divide 700 by the time that it took you to read them and you will get your WPM. For example, if you read 700 words in 2.75 minutes, your speed reading WPM is 700/2.75 = 254.5

[] Understanding Speed Reading

You read a book. By the time you get to the middle of the page you ‘wake up’ just to realize that you haven’t been paying any attention. Sound familiar? That is what happens with ‘regular reading’; the mind wanders. And while not paying attention to how Khaleesi ended up riding the dragon while reading the new ‘Game of Thrones’ book may not have a significant impact on your life, to have your mind wandered while reading an important document at work might actually hurt your work position. So why not try a new, much more efficient method of reading?

Contrary to the popular belief that speed reading is a whole different reading technique, it actually isn’t. You cannot change reading. You see the words, you inhale the information. However, you can change the attention you pay while reading, and that is what speed reading is all about really. Unlike ‘regular reading’, speed reading is a much more focused way of reading.

Speed Reading Equals Seeing

People in the past believed that reading was moving the eyes from left to right, seeing one word at a time. But no one (except for those who are just learning how to read) can see only one word at a time. You can check your eye fixations by simply focusing on a single word, As you can see, you don’t see only one word. You also see those surrounding that word. As you move your eyes across the lines, they move into starts and fits and can easily soak up to five words.

Speed reading can help you increase this ability by:


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Speed Reading: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Reading with Speed That Will Boos

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Speed Reading: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Reading with Speed That Will Boos Speed Reading: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Reading with Speed That Will Boos