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Mail Order Bride Western Romance





Lolita London




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She waited for the instructions to remove her bra and panties, but they didn’t come. Instead Robert seized her wrist to drag her back down onto his lap. His hand immediately went between her thighs and she instinctively closed her legs.


“I thought you said you would a good girl for me,” he let out quietly.


Madeline inhaled deeply then held her breath as she spread her legs open for him and the air rushed back out as his fingertips slid onto the silk material of her panties. A shiver rippled down her spine as her body responded to the intimate touch. Heat blossomed between her thighs and she wriggled around as her husband’s fingers stroked gently along the outline of her pussy lips. His cock throbbed against her ass and she let out a soft groan. There was no hiding that Robert’s touch was turning her on as the damp patch began to show on her panties and she tilted her head to the side as kisses played on her neck. His mouth slid to her ear as he continued to tease touches on the wet material.


“You like that don’t you,” he whispered.


Madeline gulped and her voice was shaky as she replied.




The soft laugh in her ear made her shudder and she rocked her head back as more hot kisses played on her sensitive skin.


“Now show me everything,” Robert demanded.


Madeline trembled as she was made to get to her feet again and she stood with her back to him. Her legs were weak as the flood of arousal swept through her and she unhooked the bra and let it fall to the floor before she turned around. When she did, she was holding an arm across her naked breasts and knew the order would come immediately.




“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Madeline’s father asked.


She heard the note of concern in his voice and almost let out a sigh. It was a question she’d been contemplating herself for the last few days and the honest truth was that she wasn’t altogether sure if she was doing the right thing. At the time of joining the mail order bridal agency, it seemed like an adventure and she knew it was likely her best chance of finding a man to marry. It was never going to happen in the small town she grew up in. The few men there that were of marrying age were already paired off and that meant her chances of meeting someone to share her life with were severely limited.


If she remained in the town she was certain she would end up an old spinster, with nothing but regrets of not taking a chance when she was younger. Becoming a mail order bride seemed a drastic step, but she could see no other way out. She wasn’t the only girl in town that joined the agency. She knew of at least two others and suspected there were more.


Madeline realized she still hadn’t answered her father and looked up to see him watching her closely.


“Yes, I’m sure,” she said in a loud voice.


She knew she was trying to convince herself as much as she was him and cast her eyes to the ground when she saw the skeptical expression on his face.


“I’ll miss you,” he said.


She brought her gaze back up and smiled.


“I’ll miss you too,” she replied and let herself sink in his arms as he wrapped them around her in a hug.


Tears pricked at the corner of her eyes, but she held them back. The last thing she needed was for her father to think she was unhappy with what she was doing. In truth she wasn’t, although there was definitely uncertainty in her mind. She knew that was normal when things changed and there were about to in a huge way. Madeline composed herself and put a smile on her face as she worked herself free of the tight hug.


“Keep in touch and let me know that mother doesn’t get any worse,” she told him.


“I will,” he assured her. “I’ll write to you weekly to keep you up to date with her condition and let you know how we are getting on.”


“I’ll come back if you need me,” she promised.


“I know you will,” he replied and smiled at her.


Madeline nodded then bent down to pick up her bag from where it was sitting at her feet. She turned to step on the train just as the whistle sounded, but looked back as her father spoke again.


“Do you have everything?” he asked.


“Too late now,” she said with a rueful smile.


She quickly moved inside the carriage and walked along the aisle until she found an empty seat on which she could sit next to the window looking out on the platform. Her father waved at her as the whistle sounded out again and the wheels slowly began to turn. The train chugged along slowly at first then started to gather speed. Madeline turned her head to keep watching until her father was a speck in the distance. She was setting off on a journey to a new life and really didn’t know what she was letting herself in for.


Her gaze remained on the passing scene as the small town slowly disappeared from view. It had been her home for all of her nineteen years and apart from the occasional trip with her parents, she really knew nothing else. That was about to change and she again considered if she was doing the right thing.


“Do you want to stay here and end up an old spinster?” she muttered under her breath.


A blush spread across her face at the thought she may have spoke too loud, but a glance around showed that none of the passengers sitting in seats nearby were looking in her direction. She turned her attention back out of the window and watched the open countryside rolling past. The life she knew was over and she suspected that nothing would be the same again. It brought the man she’d been corresponding with to mind and she reached for her bag.





Searching inside, she found the details of Robert Cortege to take them out. The black and white picture was grainy, but showed a handsome, upright man. The information gave his height as over six feet tall and that meant he would tower over her petite frame. The picture showed his head and upper body only and he seemed to have a powerful physique. The smart Stetson, jacket and shirt he wore gave an indication of his wealth and Madeline wondered why he would turn to a mail order service to find a bride.


The details the agency gave her weren’t the only information she knew about her future husband. While the small town she lived in didn’t have a local newspaper, her father often brought one home from his travels for work. Madeline usually scoured them for details of what was happening in the wider world around where she lived. On occasions there were stories about Robert Cortege, which speculated on everything from his net worth to the growth and success of his company, his supposed dominating personality and the women he was said to have dated.


He was well enough known in the region that plenty of writers and commentators producing articles for newspapers were prepared to speculate on his professional and personal life. As Madeline stared out at the passing scenery, she wondered how much of the details she’d read about him were true and how much the invention of creative journalistic minds.


There was no doubt at all that he was rich. The company his father created was one of the biggest gold depository businesses in the region. It was already thriving when Robert was given the job of running it and he’d only increased its success. This gave him riches that most people could only dream of and while he didn’t exactly flaunt his wealth, by all accounts he was happy to luxuriate in the comforts it brought him.


Madeline guessed that the well documented facts about his professional life were more or less accurate, but suspected there was less truth and more make-believe in the stories she read about his private life. Robert was in his late thirties and there was plenty of speculation as to why he remained single. This ranged from him not having met the right woman to conjecture that he was a confirmed bachelor, that he didn’t want to risk losing part of his fortune to a divorce and that his apparent dominating personality manner meant that he couldn’t find a woman that would say yes to a proposal.


The one fact in it all was that he definitely was still single, although that would change the following day when they tied the knot. She could barely believe it, but that was what she was traveling towards. That she was doing it with a man she barely knew, and had done no more than correspond with, made her shake her head. It seemed unreal, but she knew that she would be Robert Cortege’s wife by the end of the following day.


Madeline again wondered why a man as wealthy and handsome turned to a mail order bridal agency to find a wife, but guessed there could be any number of reasons. At nineteen years old, she was around half his age and maybe he thought that would give him a partner that he could more easily control. Perhaps he’d given up on the conventional way of meeting woman since it hadn’t got him what he wanted or maybe his business interests meant that he didn’t have the time to devote to his personal life and he was just looking for a simpler way to meet a bride.


In the end it didn’t really matter. After the agency introduced them, he’d written offering her the chance of marriage and she’d accepted. The train she was on was taking her to a life that was going to be a million miles and a million dollars away from what she was used to. She thought about her father asking her if she was sure it was what she wanted to do when they stood on the platform. She let out a sigh as she dropped her gaze to the picture of Robert on her lap.


“Am I doing the right thing?” she asked it, a bittersweet smile breaking out across her face. She would find out soon enough.


The idea of her father going home on his own after her departure brought out her guilt. It left him looking after her sick mother and she wondered if he would be able to cope on his own. The illness came on six months before although it seemed innocuous to start with.


Complaints of aches and tiredness prompted a visit to the town doctor, whose only diagnosis was that her mother needed some rest. This seemed to do nothing to help and her condition worsened to the point that it was a struggle for her to get out of bed in the morning. She needed to give up her job and this only put an added strain on the situation. Madeline and her father did their best to look after her and she seemed to improve although she was nowhere near back to her old self. Repeated visits to the doctor didn’t help in finding out what the problem was and while he gave her medicine to help cope with the pain when it got bad, a cure didn’t appear to be around the corner.


The marriage proposal from Robert Cortege didn’t come completely out of the blue, since that was the aim of her joining the agency in the first place. It still came at a time when she wasn’t sure if it was a good move for her to leave home. In the end she knew that she couldn’t pass up on an opportunity that might never come her way again. The larger town of Melrose was only a six hour train ride away and she meant to keep her promise to her father that it her mother’s condition worsened she would come home to help. How her new husband would view this was another matter entirely, but she wasn’t planning to get married and abandon her parents entirely.


Madeline rested her head against the back of the seat and the rattling of the train and the mid-morning warmth made her drowsy. She put thoughts of her impending wedding and her sick mother out of her mind as she dozed off. It was over an hour before she opened her eyes again when the jolting of the train woke her up as it came to a stop at a station. She blinked her eyes a couple of times as she tried to sweep the drowsiness away and looked out at the passengers waiting to board the train.


“TEN MINUTES,” the conductor shouted as he walked along the platform.


Madeline decided to stretch her legs for five and got up to walk to the door. She stepped down to the platform then moved along it and back again. When she came to a stop, it was at the window she’d spent the journey looking out of. She glanced in to check on her belongings before turning her attention back to the station platform. A man selling snacks walked by and the sight of the drinks he was carrying made her thirsty, so she stopped him to buy one. It went down well and when she was finished, she moved to get back on the train. A glance at the station clock showed it was just after ten in the morning. There were still four hours or so to go before she arrived at her destination and she let out a sigh as she stepped back on the carriage and made her way along to her seat.


She flopped down in it and stared out at the station building as she waited for her journey to carry on. When it did, she just kept her mind blank for a while and watched the passing scenery. The small houses they passed reminded her of her parent’s property, but they quickly disappeared from view as the train sped through open countryside again. It wasn’t long before her mind was on her future husband again and she wondered why he picked her in particular.


Madeline never considered herself to be anything special when it came to looks. She always thought her long blonde hair was her best feature and while her face was pretty, she wasn’t in the same league as some of the girls in her home town. It was they that managed to catch the attention of the eligible bachelors rather than her and she sometimes wished she’d been more beautiful.


She wasn’t completely inexperienced when it came to the opposite sex and enjoyed a few encounters with young men in the last couple of years. Her suspicions were that their interest was to do with her blossoming curves more than anything else and that they were only interested in one thing from her. She made it clear to them that only marriage would entice her into giving it and she wondered if that didn’t have a bearing on why she remained single while other girls paired off. She’d heard rumors about what some of them were prepared to do to get and keep a boy’s attention, but was never tempted to do the same. It was why she remained a virgin although with a wedding night looming on the horizon, she knew that was about to change.


The agency asked if she remained pure when she joined it and she knew there was only one acceptable answer. Unlike most of the other women in her town, however, she didn’t need to lie. She wondered if that was the reason Robert picked her or whether he just saw something in the picture of her that attracted him. For all she knew it could have been something else entirely that got his attention. There was no way of knowing and she wasn’t even sure she would find out the reasons for his interest when she arrived.


Her apprehension began to rise as the journey progressed and she got nearer her destination. She finally got a book from her bag to try and turn her mind away from what was happening in her life. It worked to an extent and she concentrated on the story as the train sped on through the picturesque landscape. She closed the book when they arrived at the last stop before Melrose. The train remained stationary for only a few minutes before it set off again and gathered speed. The next time it came to a halt, she would be getting off and she worked to keep herself calm as the minutes ticked by.


As she stared out the window, buildings began to dot the landscape and as they became more frequent she knew they were coming to the outskirts of Melrose. Some of the other passengers began to stand and gather their belongings and she guessed it wouldn’t be long before the train arrived at the station. It brought on her nerves even more and her hands began to tremble. She tried taking deep breaths, but they did nothing to calm her as she continued to stare out at the passing scene. The bustling streets of the town began to dominate the view and it was far busier than anything she’d ever seen in her home town. When the brakes of the train engaged to slow it down, she got to her feet and her mind was on how she was going to cope with her new life.


“Time to find out,” she murmured under her breath as she joined the line of passengers waiting to get off.




Madeline ducked her head down to look out of the window as the train finally came to a halt. There was a mass of people on the platform although she couldn’t see the one individual she really wanted to pick out. When the door of the carriage opened, she shuffled slowly forward with the other passengers getting off and looked around when she stepped down to the platform. Her small size meant she couldn’t get a view over the people around her and she moved against the side of the train to just wait for the platform to clear a bit.


Once it did she cast her gaze around again and knew she was looking at the right man the second she set eyes on him. The large Stetson he was wearing was similar to the one in the picture of him and he stood head and shoulders above the people around him. That wasn’t the only thing that made him stand out from the crowd. While most of the men on the platform were wearing outfits that could be termed drab, this was definitely not the case with Robert Cortege. His smart, stylish suit easily marked him out as a wealthy man and he definitely cut a fine figure as he looked around.


Madeline was slightly intimidated straight away and needed to gather her nerve before stepping away from the side of the train and making her way towards him. She kept her gaze lowered as she approached, but lifted it from the wooden platform when she approached him.


“Mr. Cortege,” she said nervously and smiled.


“You made it then,” he replied as a confident smile spread across his face.


Madeline simply nodded her head and said no more. The clothes Robert wore looked all the more impressive close up and she glanced down at the slightly threadbare coat she was wearing. It was the best one she owned, but she thought it looked like a rag compared to the smart outfit of the man she was standing in front of. The silence stretched out as his gaze slid down her body to her shoes and back up to her face.


“Well, let’s not stand about here,” he said and held out his arm towards her.


Madeline gripped hold of it and followed as Robert led the way towards the exit. They walked out to the street at the front of the station and she glanced around at the busy scene. There seemed to be so many people and the street was filled with riders and carriages. She saw eyes looking in their direction and guessed people must recognize the man she was with. Either that or they were impressed with his style and confidence. It meant they looked at her also and the scrutiny brought out her nerves even more. She couldn’t help tightening her grip on his arm and clinging to him.


Robert walked along to a small two-seater carriage that was parked at the side of the street. The driver greeted him as he stepped up to it and she guessed it was his personal property rather than a public carriage for hire. It surprised her at first, but then why wouldn’t a man of wealth have his own transport.


“Where to, Mr. Cortege?” the driver went on.


“Take us home Carter,” Robert replied.


He eased her grip from his arm and helped her up to the seat of the carriage. He then got in beside her and the driver looked back before a gentle flick of his whip got the horse moving. The carriage set off down the street and Madeline continued to glance around.


“How was the trip?” Robert asked in a pleasant voice.


Madeline turned to him and smiled.


“It was fine thanks,” she replied.


The stories of his abrasive personality flitted into her mind, but she’d seen no sign of it in their initial exchanges. If anything, she would have described him as charming and that didn’t change as they continued to chat during the journey.


“Do you live in the town?” she asked.


“Not right in then center,” he answered. “The property my father built was originally in the countryside outside the town. The growth of Melrose in recent years means that the outskirts of the place now encroach on it, but he also bought a large area of land surrounding it. That keeps it relatively isolated from the hustle and bustle around it.”


“It sounds nice,” Madeline said.


“It suits me fine and I have renovated and extended it to put my mark on it,” Robert added. “It’s close enough to my businesses in town that they are easy to get to, although it is quiet enough to make it a good place to relax. I spend most of my time here although I have businesses elsewhere and it means I need to travel sometimes.”


Madeline froze as his hand slid onto her knee and squeezed it. The thought of moving it away jumped in her mind, but she suspected that might annoy him. She remained completely still, but Robert’s hand didn’t move any higher.


“I’m glad you’re here,” he said.


“Really?” she replied as she looked up to catch his gaze.


He laughed at the apparent surprise in her voice and the blush of embarrassment spread across her face. She glanced down to the floor of the carriage as he spoke.


“Yes…, really.”


His words ended the conversation and she brought her gaze to the hand on her knee. The thought of her wedding night came in her mind as the journey continued. There would be a lot more to that than simply a hand on her knee and the idea brought shivers to her spine. She knew that it was mostly nerves that were causing them, but it wasn’t only that. The flicker of anticipation and excitement came on unbidden and she couldn’t shake them off.


“There it is,” Robert said a few minutes later.


Madeline was startled out of her thoughts and looked to where he was pointing. The large, imposing gate was a sign of things to come and as they rolled up to it the carriage was brought to a stop by the driver. He got down to open it wide then grabbed the reins to lead the horse through. When he closed the gate, he returned to his seat and got the carriage moving again to climb up a short incline.


When they got over it the house came in view right away and Madeline’s eyes opened wide. It was huge. She was sure her parent’s home could fit in it ten times over and she turned to Robert and just pointed.


“That’s your…, house,” she said.


He laughed, but said nothing and Madeline turned her attention back to what was more of a mansion than a house as the carriage approached it. She’d never seen so many windows on a building in her life and wondered just how many rooms there were inside. The door opened as they approached and she watched as an older man and younger woman stepped out of it. The carriage rolled to a stop at the bottom of a short path that led right up to the property and the man stepped forward to help them down.


“You have a visitor, sir,” he said.


Robert nodded his head and turned to Madeline.


“I have business I need to attend to,” he told her. “Gillian will show you to your room. I’ve assigned her to you, so if you need anything just ask and she will assist”


“OK,” she said and watched as he walked off with the man she assumed was a butler for the mansion.


She turned her attention to Gillian, who reached out a hand. Madeline shook it without even thinking and heard the quiet giggle.


“Your bag Miss,” Gillian said.


“Oh…, umm, sure,” she replied and handed it over.


She felt foolish that she didn’t realize that’s what Gillian wanted, but then she’d never been in a home with servants before. In her parent’s house it was her that did the fetching and carrying and to be in the situation where somebody else was doing it for her seemed strange to say the least.


“This way Miss,” Gillian went on.


Madeline inhaled deeply as the young woman walked off then followed on. Her gaze went up to the high domed ceiling of the lobby area when she walked inside. Light flooded through glass panels to create a shimmering pattern on the stone floor and she stopped to stare at it.


“Is everything OK Miss?”


She looked up to see Gillian waiting at the bottom of a sweeping staircase that led up to the first floor of the property.


“Yes,” she answered, but she could barely believe that she was inside what was to become her home.


She moved across to the staircase to climb it and continued looking around. The décor of the place was immaculate, with the wood paneled walls and stone floor at the top of the stairs looking like it must have cost a fortune to install. There were pictures hung along the hallway they walked along and she wondered who the people were. Her attention was focused on them and she just managed to stop herself before she bumped into Gillian. The servant girl was standing at a door and she reached out to open it.


“You’ll be in here for the night,” she said as she walked inside the room.


“This place is amazing,” Madeline said as she followed and looked around.


It was luxury that she’d never come across in her life and the thought came in her head that she should really be one of the servants rather than on the verge of becoming the mistress of the house. She suspected her background wasn’t a million miles removed from that of Gillian’s and shook her head as she looked around. A four poster bed dominated the room and she stared at its huge size. It looked like it could easily sleep six, but it was there just for her.


Gillian walked across to a wardrobe and put Madeline’s bag down beside it. She then opened the door.


“These are all for you,” she said. “There are also undergarments in the drawer at the bottom.”


Madeline walked across to look at the clothes draped on the hangers. The dresses were beautiful and she reckoned just one of them probably cost more to buy than all the outfits she owned. She ran her fingers along them and marveled at the beautiful material.


“I can do seamstress work,” Gillian went on. “So if anything needs altered to fit better just let me know.” She then walked across to a door in the corner of the room and opened it. “You can bathe in here.”


Madeline stepped across to the door and looked in at an ornately decorated bathroom. The tub looked huge and there was also the luxury of a shower. It was something that she’d never seen before, never mind used and she walked inside.


“Is the shower easy to use?” she asked.


“Just let me know when you want to bathe,” Gillian replied. “I’ll come in and get it running for you.”


“How exactly do I let you know?” she asked.


“I’ll show you,” the pretty servant girl went on.


Madeline followed her back in to the bedroom and over to a string pull hanging down close to the bed.


“Just ring this if you need me,” Gillian said. “It’s connected to a bell in our room downstairs, so I’ll know to come. Is there anything you need just now?”


Madeline stood thinking, but she was slightly overwhelmed by the situation she found herself in and her mind came up blank.


“No,” she eventually said. “I just want to rest for a bit.”


“OK, well just ring if you need anything.”


She nodded and watched as Gillian walked to the door and left. It was like she was in the middle of a dream as she looked around her new surroundings. She removed her coat and slung it over the back of a chair then moved across to the bed. Dropping down on it, she spread out her arms and legs and they didn’t even come close to the edges of the mattress.


“This is truly unbelievable,” she said as she closed her eyes to enjoy some rest after the long journey.


When she eventually got to her feet again, she walked over to the bathroom door and stepped inside. She was used to doing things for herself and the concept of calling others to help seemed weird to her. A look at the shower convinced her that she should at least get Gillian to show her how to use it one time before she got around to trying it herself.


She walked back out to the string pull in the bedroom and tugged on it. She sat on the bed to wait and a couple of minutes later heard the knock on the door. Gillian opened it and walked inside.


“What is it that you need?” she asked after closing the door.


“I want to have a shower,” Madeline replied. “Could you show me how to use it please?”


“Of course,” Gillian replied.


Madeline followed the young servant girl to the bathroom and watched as she went through the process of getting the shower running. She waited until she was alone then stripped off her clothes. Standing under the warm cascade was a new experience for her, but she knew immediately that it was one she could get used to. She closed her eyes to just enjoy it for a while before reaching for some soap. There was an array of sweetly scented bars on a shelf and she picked one up and started to wash the grime of the day’s travel from her body. Five minutes later, she stepped out from under the water and almost shrieked when she saw Gillian standing waiting with a towel. She’d been so engrossed in the shower that she didn’t even realize that she wasn’t alone in the bathroom any more.


“You didn’t need to do that,” she said.


She was self conscious that she was completely naked in front of another woman and hurriedly grabbed hold of the towel to secure it in place around her upper chest. Gillian began helping her to dry her body, but Madeline backed away.


“I can manage,” she said.


The weirdness of having someone trying to help with such a simple task wasn’t lost on her and she suspected that getting used to having servants around wasn’t going to be easy. She was used to doing everything for herself, but that was going to be turned on its head and she wasn’t altogether sure it was such a good thing. While being pampered seemed like a nice idea, she didn’t want to spend her life being reliant on others all the time and guessed she would just need to find a way of dealing with it as best she could. She waited for Gillian to leave the bathroom before using the towel to dry herself properly. She then wrapped it around her body and walked back to the bedroom.


“What would you like to wear?” Gillian asked.


Madeline let out a sigh.


“It’s OK,” she said. “You can go back downstairs.”


Gillian’s brow creased in a frown.


“You don’t need my help?” she asked.


“No, it’s OK. I can get dressed myself,” Madeline told her.


She ignored the protests of the servant girl and assured her that she would be fine. When she was alone again, she moved over to the wardrobe and opened it. The finery inside seemed too good to actually wear and the same thought struck her when she opened the drawer and saw the lacy undergarments. In the end, she went to her bag and put on some of the clothes she brought with her. It was the most comfortable option and when she was dressed she went to sit on the bed and wondered what to do.


She didn’t think leaving the room to just wander about the house was such a good idea, but as the evening darkness began to fall the hunger of a long day with virtually no food caught up with her. Ringing for someone came in her head, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it on the basis that she told Gillian to leave only five minutes before.


Madeline sat debating what to do when the knock on the door caught her attention. She waited for it to open, but it didn’t and there was a second knock. Getting to her feet, she crossed the room and swung the door open to the sight of the older man that greeted the arrival of the carriage earlier in the day.


“Mr. Cortege has requested that you join him in his room,” the man said.





The words were enough to bring out her apprehension and the thought popped in her head that Robert wanted his wedding night a day early. She knew that she couldn’t refuse the invitation, but the breath stuck in her throat as she stepped out of the room. Her hand was trembling as she closed the door and she hesitated as the man walked off.


“Let’s do this,” she said under her breath and followed.


She found herself staring at the artwork on the walls again as she passed it by on the way to the door at the very end of the hallway. Her apprehension grew stronger with every step, but she tried to keep calm as they came to a halt. The man knocked and opened the door and Madeline waited for him to step through. It didn’t happen and his hand remained on the doorknob as he moved aside and turned to look at her. It could only mean that she was meant to enter alone and she sucked in a deep breath as she stepped forward and did just that.


The room she walked in was even bigger and more opulent than her own and her eyes opened wide as she looked around. She almost jumped when the door closed suddenly. The noise of that was followed by the sound of a voice.

“Have you recovered from your journey?”


Madeline looked towards Robert and saw him reclining in a leather armchair beside a large globe of the world that was opened to reveal the bottles of alcohol stored inside it. She heard the clink of the ice in his glass as he lifted it to his mouth to take a sip. The bottle on the table beside him showed that it was whisky he was drinking and she imagined that it didn’t come cheap.


“I’m fine,’ she answered his question although she wasn’t sure that was quite true.


She couldn’t stop trembling at being alone in the bedroom of the man she was to marry and still couldn’t take her mind from the fact that she might be about to lose her virginity. It brought out her apprehension and her pulse began to race faster.


“Have you looked around the house yet?” Robert went on.


Madeline shook her head.


“I just rested for a while then showered,” she replied. “The room I am in is…”


“Only yours for tonight,” Robert cut in. “From tomorrow you will move in here with me. Is that understood?”


Yes sir,” she replied.


She saw the smile spread across his face at her words and she knew that calling him sir was the right thing to do. He drank some more of the whisky before crooking his forefinger and beckoning her over. Madeline moved straight away and walked across the room until she was standing right in front of him. Her anxiety grew as his gaze slid down to her legs and back up again.


“I think I definitely made the right choice for a bride,” he said. “I like that you’re respectful… a rare quality in a beautiful girl.”


Madeline couldn’t stop the blush of embarrassment spreading across her face at the compliment. It sounded strange to her ears, but at the same time she knew she liked it. She remained silent as Robert went on talking.


“Some of my family and friends think I’m crazy to be going through with this,’ he went on. “But then I’ve never been one to listen to others. My gut instinct on seeing your picture and corresponding with you was that you were the one. It’s something that has never let me down on my business dealings and I’m hoping that it now serves me well in my personal life.”


“I feel the same way,” Madeline told him.


She wasn’t sure she was quite as certain as Robert sounded about their upcoming marriage, but she knew she wasn’t going to back out and wanted things to work out between them.


“That’s good to hear,” he said. “I’m looking forward to tomorrow very much, but you must understand that to become my wife there are certain duties you must perform. I need to know that you will live by my rules and submit to my authority.”


Madeline suspected that Robert was a man that was used to getting exactly what he wanted, so his words didn’t come as a complete surprise to her. Still, she was nervous enough about it to ask the question.


“What duties?”


He glanced up and down the outfit she was wearing and she was suddenly self conscious that she was wearing her own clothes rather than something he got for her.


“For a start, I want you looking your best at all times,” he told her. “I don’t particularly believe in overly flaunting my wealth, but there are standards to maintain and the dress you are wearing doesn’t come up to them. I want you to throw it away.”


Madeline nodded her head.


“OK,” she said.


There was a slight pause before he went on.


“I mean right now,” he went on.


The panic arose to make her heartbeat race even faster and she stood looking at him.


“I’ll…, umm, do it when I go back to my room,” she said.


She saw the dark expression cloud his features and her panic rose even more. His voice was still relatively calm when he spoke again, but there was a steely edge to it.


“Your duties do not include challenging me,” he told her. “When I ask you to do something I expect you to obey without question. I need to know that you are one hundred percent by my side as my wife, so show me that you are and take off the dress.”


Madeline hesitated, but knew if she wanted the wedding to go ahead that she needed to obey the man she was standing before. There was a certain shame to being made to strip, but it wasn’t all she was feeling. The flicker of exhilaration came on unbidden and sent a shiver down her spine.


“Yes sir,” she said.


“So show me what I am working with,” Robert went on.


He lifted the glass to his lips again, but his eyes never left her. Madeline let out a slow breath as she reached for the three buttons at her shoulder. She loosened them one by one then reached for the hem of her dress to work it up her body and over her head. Her hands were shaking badly as she dropped it on the floor. She saw Robert lick his lips as he stared at her undergarments and naked skin. It brought out more shivers and she was unable to stop the tingle of excitement that welled up.


“You’re wearing your own panties and bra, aren’t you?” Robert commented.


“I am,” Madeline replied.


She kept her head bowed and tried to control her emotions. There was no doubt what was coming, but she hoped she was wrong. Robert’s words showed her that she wasn’t.


“Take them off,” he ordered.


Her nerves shot up and her words came out before she could stop them.


“We shouldn’t do this before we are married.”


The dark look clouded Robert’s face again.


“Take them off,” he insisted in a raised voice.


Madeline wanted to resist, but knew she couldn’t. This was partly because she really didn’t want to anger him by refusing his demands, but also because she found herself liking the way his gaze roamed over her body. She’d never been naked with a man before and couldn’t stop herself getting turned on at the prospect of doing it. Goosebumps rose on her skin and sweat began to prickle at her hairline as heat swept through her body. She unhooked her bra and held an arm across her chest to keep the material in place as she worked the straps from her shoulder.


“Take your arm away,” Robert commanded.


This time Madeline obeyed immediately and shivers wracked her body as the bra dropped away to expose her naked breasts. Her nipples stiffened and she saw Robert lick his lips as if he wanted to suckle on her erect buds.


“The panties too,” he told her.


Again Madeline obeyed him without question. There was still a certain humiliation to exposing her most intimate parts to a man she only met for the first time that day and her hands shook as she slid fingers under the waistband of her panties. The urge to do it came on stronger to her surprise and she closed her eyes as she worked the cotton material over her hips and ass and down her legs. The reflex action was to use her hands to cover her nakedness, but when she opened her eyes and looked at Robert she saw him shaking his head.


Madeline let her hands fall away and fidgeted as the turmoil raged in her mind. She was breathing heavily and when Robert gestured for her to turn, she did it slowly. There was no doubt that his gaze was fixed on her butt and her chest heaved. It was the most compromising situation she’d ever been in and the fact that it was turning her on was slightly shameful to her. There was no shaking off the exhilaration though and her heartbeat pounded in her chest. She turned all the way around until she was facing him again and watched the way he was looking at her naked body. There was a hunger in his eyes for her and she suddenly wondered if he would be able to wait until the following day to have his way with her.


There was a knock on the door and before she got the chance to react, a young woman walked in carrying a tray with a pot of coffee and a cup on it. The humiliation welled up in Madeline and she reached down for the dress at her feet. She quickly lifted it to cover herself and saw the look of surprise showing on the servant’s face.


“I’m sorry sir,” she said and bowed her head as she started to back out of the door immediately.


“Bring it in,” Robert told her.


The young woman kept her head bowed as she quickly walked across the room to a small table and deposited the tray she was carrying on it.


“You can go,” Robert calmly went on when she glanced up at him.


The young woman hurried back to the door, but stopped at the sound of the voice.


“Tell Gillian to bring some of Madeline’s clothes to my bedroom,” he said.


“Yes sir,” the servant said and walked out.


Madeline’s pulse was on fire as her embarrassment grew stronger. She couldn’t believe how calm her husband-to-be was and he glanced at her and smiled as he lifted the glass to his mouth to take a sip before speaking.


“You need to get used to being naked around me in here,” he said. “From tomorrow night onwards, I’ll expect to take my pleasure from an obedient wife.”


Madeline shuddered at his words. It meant she wasn’t about to lose her virginity that evening, but knew it was only twenty four hours before she would.


“Can we lock the door when I’m naked?” she asked.


Robert laughed.


“You don’t want the servants to see?” he said. “They are loyal to me and know not to say a word about what they encounter if they value their job.”


“That may be,” Madeline went on. “But I would be much more comfortable if we had some privacy.”


Robert lifted the glass to his lips again and took another sip of the whisky. His gaze remained on her, but he said no more and the seconds stretched out. The knock on the door broke the tension and signaled Gillian’s arrival. She was carrying a selection of clothes and Madeline picked something without even really looking and put it on to cover herself.


“Be ready to leave at midday tomorrow,” Robert said.


It signaled the end of their meeting and she left. Gillian followed her back to the room and put the other clothes back in the wardrobe.


“I’d like something to eat,” Madeline told her. “Could you arrange it for me please?”


“I’ll go down and speak to the cook right now,” Gillian replied. “Is there anything in particular you want?”


“Just whatever is quick and available,” she replied.


Gillian nodded her head and left the room straight away. Madeline walked over to the window and looked out, but there wasn’t much to see in the evening darkness. The meeting with Robert unnerved her and she shuddered as she played it over in her mind. She was both scared and excited by the prospect of her first real sexual encounter and knew it wouldn’t be long in coming. There was a wedding to worry about before that and she wished her parents were with her. She couldn’t have made her sick mother travel so many miles and knew her father needed to stay at home and look after her. It made her feel alone and when Gillian brought her the food she sat and ate it then changed out of her clothes to her nightdress and lay down on the bed.


She needed to rest before the trials and tribulations of the following day, but nodding off proved difficult as the events of the last few hours remained on her mind. Tiredness finally crept over her and as her eyelids drooped, she drifted off to a fitful sleep.





Madeline was awake long before the early morning light began to filter through the curtains on the window. She lay thinking about what the day was going to bring, but it only made her nervous and she tried to clear her mind and get some more rest. Her head was still on the pillows when the knock on the door came. The intrusions seemed to be a normal part of life in the mansion and she guessed she would just have to get used to them.


“Come in,” she shouted when the second knock came.


“I didn’t wake you up did I?” Gillian said when she opened the door and stepped inside. “Mr. Cortege said I should come and help you get ready for the wedding.”


“No, I was awake,” Madeline told her as she sat up in the bed.


She watched as Gillian moved across to a table and put down the tray she was carrying. The smell of coffee and toast wafted across the room and made her feel hungry, so she got up and walked across to help herself. The coffee pot was lifted before her hand got to it.


“I can look after myself,” she said and couldn’t help laughing.


“It’s my job,” Gillian replied. “If Mr. Cortege sees you doing it yourself, he might reprimand me.”


“He isn’t here though,” Madeline pointed out.


“You might tell him,” the servant girl went on.


Madeline shook her head and laughed again.


“OK, OK,” she said and sat at the table. “I’ll let you get on with your job, but if I do something myself I promise not to tell Mr. Cortege. From what I’ve seen of him the rumors of his abrasive temperament are just that…, rumors.”


Gillian looked around nervously.


“From what I’ve heard since I started here there is some truth in them,” she said. “Not that I want to tell tales about my employer.”


Madeline remembered the darkening of Robert’s mood the previous evening when she didn’t obey his orders straight away. She guessed that a man used to getting what he wanted wouldn’t take kindly to being challenged and wondered what that meant for her marriage. Not that she was looking to defy him, but on the other hand she wasn’t sure she would happily just do everything he told her. She shrugged the thoughts aside as she accepted a cup of coffee from Gillian.


“What time is it?” she asked.


“It was just after ten in the morning when I came up the stairs,” Gillian told her. “You need to eat up and we can get your preparations for the day started.”


Madeline nodded her head, but didn’t rush her breakfast. Her stomach was already churning with apprehension, but she managed to get the toast and coffee down. By the time she finished, the shower was already running and she walked through to the bathroom. The jets of water pounded on her naked skin and she stood under them for a while before actually picking up a bar of soap to wash herself. It was a refreshing way to start the day and she felt good when she finally stepped out from under the water. She picked up a towel to dry herself then wrapped it around her body.


When she stepped back in the bedroom, Gillian went to turn off the water before returning. The servant girl then walked to the wardrobe and opened the drawer at the bottom. She picked out silk underwear and petticoats and moved to hand then over.


Madeline took them and liked the feel of the material when she stroked her fingers on it. The silk garments were more comfortable that her usual panties and bras and when she caught sight of herself in a full length mirror, she liked the appearance they gave her. She put on the petticoats and moved across to sit at the dressing table. Gillian came up behind her and used a fresh towel on her hair as she spoke.


“You must be a bit nervous about today.”


Madeline stared in the mirror and nodded her head. A bit nervous didn’t even come close to describing how she was feeling.


“But excited too?” Gillian went on as she reached down for a brush on the dressing table.


“Yes,” Madeline replied.


She watched in the mirror as her hair was brushed and it just felt strange that she wasn’t doing it herself. Her stomach was churning even more with nerves and as she glanced down at her trembling hands, she suspected she wouldn’t have done a good job of making her hair look pretty anyway. Gillian kept using the brush before picking up pins and clasps from the dressing table to create a gorgeous up-style that Madeline definitely knew she would never have managed on her own.


“Where did you learn to do that?” she asked as she turned her head from side to side.


“My mother works as a beautician for a very rich lady,” Gillian replied, “She taught me a few tricks. Turn around and I’ll do your makeup.”


Madeline did as she was asked and closed her eyes while the servant girl worked. It was almost twenty minutes before her makeup was finished, but by the time she looked in the mirror again she could barely recognize herself.


“Wow,” she said and almost let out a laugh. “Is that really me?”


“Do you like the look?” Gillian asked.


“It’s…, it’s perfect,” Madeline replied.


It was definitely the prettiest she’d ever looked and it gave her some confidence. Not enough to take away the butterflies in her stomach though.


“Come and try on your dress,” Gillian went on.


She walked over to the wardrobe and brought out a white dress. Madeline moved beside her and stared at the long gown she would be wearing. The strapless top looked tight and would cling to her curves, while the bottom flared out to a ruffled style that was decorated with beaded petals.


“It must have cost a fortune,” she said almost to herself.


“See if it fits,” Gillian encouraged her.


She helped Madeline put on the dress and fussed around to check the size. There were a few minor adjustments required to get it fitting perfectly and she quickly attended to these once the dress was back in her hands.


Madeline sat and watched the work being done then tried on the dress again when it was given back to her. She ran her hands over the material as she moved to the mirror to look at her reflection. It seemed unbelievable that she was staring at herself, but the gorgeous girl in the beautiful dress staring back was definitely her.

“Not the plain girl in town now,” she murmured under her breath and a smile spread across her face.


“Mr. Cortege is going to love you,” Gillian commented. “You look absolutely gorgeous.”


The smile disappeared from Madeline’s face at the mention of love. The truth was that she was marrying a relative stranger and she wondered if love would really blossom between her and Robert. Her mind went back to the previous evening. There was no doubt he lusted after her and she’d responded to that in a way that surprised her. She liked the way he looked at her naked body, but she knew at the end of what was going to a long wedding day he would be doing more than just looking. The mixture of emotions welled up at the thought of it and she tried to clear her mind.


She continued to stare at herself in the mirror and didn’t notice Gillian taking a box from the wardrobe. When the servant girl moved up behind her, she became aware of her presence and watched as the small floral headdress was secured in place. It was a nice final touch and she looked across the room towards the sound of the knocking on the door.


“Ready?” Gillian asked.


“No,” Madeline answered with a rueful grin.


She took a last look at herself in the mirror before stepping in the shoes that were brought to her then walking to the door. It was time to go and she tried to compose herself before opening the door and stepping out to the hallway. Gillian stayed by her side as they made their way along it then down the staircase to the ground floor. She didn’t know quite what to expect and just followed the instructions given to her. It led her out to the carriage she arrived at the mansion in the previous day. It was decked out in flowers and the driver looked resplendent in his finest livery. He helped her up into the back and she glanced back at the house to see the servants standing watching. It was nerve wracking to be under so much scrutiny, but she suspected that it would only get worse as the day progressed.


She tried to calm herself as the journey started. It lasted around ten minutes and she saw the spire of the church as they approached it. Only the minister was waiting outside when the carriage stopped. He opened the door and helped her get down.


“Mr. Cortege asked me to meet you,” he said and smiled.


Madeline settled her hand on the arm held out to her and they walked towards the entrance. She tried to prepare herself for what was to come, but the large crowd of people sitting in the church interior was a surprise to her. Robert obviously pushed out the boat for their wedding and it looked like half the town had been invited to come and see them get married. The sight of them sent a jolt of apprehension through her and this increased tenfold when the organist started playing. It was the signal for her arrival and she saw the heads turning to look in her direction. She was suddenly the center of attention, with all eyes on her and the quiet murmur of voices filled the church.


She clutched the arm of the minister tighter as she tensed and looked at him as he patted her hand. There was a calm smile on his face, but it did little to keep down her jangling nerves. Being in the spotlight was an unfamiliar position for her and one she wasn’t sure she liked that much. Her legs trembled as she was led down the aisle towards the altar and she kept her gaze fixed straight ahead.


Robert was virtually the only person she knew in the church and when she saw him watching her, she kept her eyes on him. The smart suit he was wearing sat well on his muscular frame and the smile on his face gave him an even more handsome appearance. The flicker of attraction was there and she found herself thinking about the previous evening again. She’d found out the excitement of being with a man that wanted her and a shiver rippled through her body.


The music came to a stop when she reached Robert’s side and he reached out to take his hand. The tingle of anticipation came on as he held her fingers gently and she fixed her gaze on his and smiled. The next hour or so seemed to rush past in a blur as the ceremony took place.


Madeline automatically repeated the words that the minister said and was transfixed as she watched Robert do the same. By the time she was standing at the front of the church again and posing for a photo with her new husband, she could barely even remember saying I do or their first kiss. When the photographer moved away, they kissed again and she blushed as a cheer went up from the surrounding crowd.


Robert then led her back to the carriage and helped her up into it. He got in beside her and reached for her hand as the driver urged the horse on.


“So how does it feel to be Mrs. Cortege?” he asked with a grin.


In truth, it felt weird and unreal like she was in a dream that she would eventually wake up from, but she wasn’t about to tell him that.


“It’s wonderful,” she said.


He let go of her hand and put his hand on her knee to squeeze it. The memory of him doing the same thing on the carriage ride the previous day came in her mind. On that journey she was still Madeline Harper, an unmarried small town girl with little real experience of life. Now she was the wife of a wealthy businessman and the mistress of a huge mansion. It was a monumental change that she wasn’t sure she would cope with and she turned to look at her new husband.


“What happens now?” she asked him.


“Now we party to celebrate becoming man and wife,” he said and squeezed her knee again.


Madeline settled back in the carriage to try and relax. It was difficult considering she could make out the warmth of Robert’s hand on her leg through her wedding dress. It was an innocent enough touch, but she wanted to squirm as the thought of his fingers sliding up her thigh came in her head. She knew it wouldn’t be long before that actually happened for real and she was both scared of the moment arriving and looking forward to it as well. The mix of emotions was confusing and she tried to clear them from her mind.


“Get a grip,” she muttered under her breath.


“What?” Robert asked.


Madeline tensed as she realized she’d been heard and wracked her mind for an excuse.


“Oh…, I asked where we are going,” she finally said after a slight hesitation.


The lie brought a blush of red to her face and she cast her gaze down to the floor of the carriage to try and hide it.


“I arranged for a banquet hall in the town’s best hotel,” he replied. “We’ll stay for a few hours to celebrate then go home in the early evening.”


The breath caught in Madeline’s throat as the words brought her mind back to her wedding night and losing her virginity. She tried to think about something else, but what was in store for her later in the day remained in her head for the rest of the short journey. When they arrived at their destination, the hotel manager was waiting for them. He moved up to the side of the carriage and helped them down.


“Everything is ready Mr. Cortege,” he said.


Robert nodded and they followed the manager inside the impressive entrance to the building. He led the way along to a large hall that was beautifully decorated with floral arrangements. The place appeared huge and Madeline wondered just how many people were invited to the reception. It wasn’t long before she started to find out as the hall began to fill up with those from the church and more. The manager waited around thirty minutes or so after their arrival to give everyone a chance to get there before asking for the guests to take a seat.


It set in motion the hotel staff to serve a meal and Madeline sat at the top table by Robert and watched the proceedings. She was glad when the wine was served and quickly emptied a glass. Her intention wasn’t to get drunk and she wanted to keep her wits about her, but she needed some Dutch courage to get her through the reception and on to her wedding night.


When the meal was finished, she watched as the manager uncorked a bottle of champagne and served her and her new husband. He led the way with a toast to the happy couple before Robert got to his feet.


“First of all I’d like to thank you all for coming,” he started. “This is a big day for myself and my new wife and we’d like to get our married life off to the happiest of starts.” A grin spread across his face. ”But before you all indulge yourself at my expense, I would ask you to make another toast to the most beautiful woman in the room.”


Self consciousness washed over Madeline as Robert turned to her and lifted his glass.


“To Mrs. Cortege,” he said and raised the glass of champagne he was holding to his lips to take a drink.


The others in the room repeated the toast and Robert hauled Madeline to her feet to kiss her. The flush of embarrassment came on again that everyone in the room was watching them, but she tried to keep herself calm. When they sat down again a band began to play and the cry went up for them to be the first ones on the small dance floor. Madeline felt all the more self conscious as she became the center of attention yet again. She was helped to her feet and they moved across the room.


Robert swept her up in his arms when they moved on the dance floor and a shudder rippled through her as his muscular body pressed on hers. His hand settled on her lower back and as they moved around to the music it slid lower. She rested her head on his muscular chest and could make out his rapid heartbeat matching her own. They were on the dance floor alone for only a minute or two, but Madeline barely noticed when other couples began to dance.


Robert’s hand on her lower back held her firmly against him as he led her around the dance floor. When they eventually moved back to their seats, her heartbeat was still racing and she played the dutiful wife as she was introduced to guest after guest. Some more alcohol went down well and helped her to relax as she chatted with people. Most were friendly and welcoming although as the afternoon ran into early evening, the crowd of well-wishers around them thinned out until they were sitting alone watching the revelry taking place around them.


“A quick word about business,” a man said as he approached them.


“Just a few minutes,’ Robert replied and turned to Madeline. “I won’t be long.”


She watched as the two men walked over to the bar to get a drink and she saw their heads coming together as they discussed something. Her gaze was still fixed on them a couple of minutes later and she was unaware of the woman approaching her until the voice caught her attention.


“Make the most of it.”


Madeline turned to see the unsmiling brunette woman almost glaring at her. She appeared to be in her early thirties and would have been pretty but for the way her face was screwed up.


“What?” Madeline asked as her brow creased in a frown.


The smile that spread across the woman’s face was anything but friendly.


“Make the most of the happiness while you can,” she went on.


Madeline bristled at the comment, which was almost spat at her in a cold, unpleasant tone.


“What do you mean?” she asked.


“Well…,” the woman snapped at her. “It won’t be long before Robert sees you for the uneducated, small town whore that you really are. It’s just so sad that he is wasting his time with this pathetic charade. He could do so much better for himself.”


Madeline was stunned at the vicious insult and her mouth gaped open.


“I guess I can see why he picked you,” the woman went on. “Most single men in their late thirties probably have a mid-life crisis and you’ll satisfy his need for an easy fuck. I don’t know why he bothered marrying you though. I suspect you’d happily open your legs wide in a back alleyway for any man that asked.”


Madeline found her voice as she got to her feet.


“Who the hell are you?” she exclaimed.


The woman just laughed quietly in her face.


“Don’t make a scene little girl,” she hissed. “You might think you are something special in that white gown and makeup, but I’m certain everyone here can see through it to what you really are. I’m also sure it won’t be long before Robert does too and sends you back to the hole you crawled out of.”


Madeline’s anger grew at the unrelenting insults being hurled at her. There was no one else close enough to hear what was being said and the woman seemed intent on spoiling her day with abusive comments. She didn’t want to make a scene, but wasn’t about to stand there and just take it. Her mouth opened then closed again as she saw Robert approaching them. It seemed his meeting was over already.


“I see you two ladies have met,” he said.


The change in the woman’s attitude was instant. A pleasant smile spread across her face as she turned around


“Robert,” she greeted him in a friendly voice. “I was just exchanging pleasantries with your gorgeous wife.”


Madeline was shocked to silence again at what was happening. The woman was suddenly all smiles and friendly words.


“The ceremony was wonderful and I just wanted to wish you both every happiness in your life ahead.”


Madeline could barely believe what she was hearing now. It was a complete contrast to the derogatory insults that were spilling from the woman’s lips only seconds before.


“I’ll leave you two to enjoy each others company,” the woman went on. “Please excuse me.”


“Thanks Victoria,” Robert said.


Madeline watched in disbelief as the woman walked off and disappeared into the crowd of people still enjoying the reception.


“I cannot believe that,” Madeline said out loud and shook her head as she dropped back in her chair.


“Believe what?” Robert asked as he moved around the table to sit beside her.


“Her, that woman,” Madeline went on. “She just called me every vile name she could think of when she caught me alone and then acted like it never happened when you arrived.”


“Victoria?” Robert queried and frowned.


“Yes, Victoria,” Madeline answered.


“Are you sure?” he went on. “Maybe you just misunderstood her.”


Madeline shook her head.


“I understood exactly what she was saying,” she told him. “Who is she?”


“Her name is Victoria Collins,” he replied. “She is the manager at my gold depository business in Melrose.”


“Well she doesn’t like me,” Madeline went on.


Robert let out a sigh and she waited for him to say more.


“What?” she encouraged him when the silence stretched out.


“I guess she is jealous of you,” he said.


“Why would she be jealous of me?” Madeline asked.


“Victoria maybe hopes there is more to her relationship with me than business,” he went on.


Madeline narrowed her eyes as she looked at him.


“And is there?” she asked.


“Look…, we shouldn’t be talking about this on our wedding day,” he told her. “You have nothing to worry about.”


“But…” she started, but saw the annoyed look that crossed his face and stopped talking.


His sudden changing of the subject when she asked him about Victoria made her suspicious, but she already knew better than to question him. She didn’t want to make a scene on her wedding day and let the topic of conversation drop although couldn’t get the exchange with the gold depository manager out of her mind. She remained silent and picked up her glass to have a drink. Robert leaned across to her a minute or so later.


“It’s time for us to go,” he said.


All thoughts of what just happened flew from her mind at the prospect of going home and she started to tremble. Her wedding night loomed large and she knew just what that meant.





The carriage was waiting for them when they walked out of the hotel to the darkness of early evening. Madeline’s heart was racing. The grip on her arm was tight and there was an urgency about Robert as he helped her up to take a seat. He got in beside her and his leg pressed against hers. Nothing was said as the driver got the horse moving and there was no stopping the onset of nerves as they made their way home.


Madeline flinched as Robert’s hand settled on her knee again. This time it didn’t stay there and she shivered as it edged higher. She was all too aware of his fingers stroking on her inner thigh through the dress, but his hand moved no higher than that during the journey. He removed his touch as they approached the gate and composed himself as they approached the property. His hand was on her upper arm when they stepped down and he hurried to get her inside.


“Is there anything you need sir?” the butler asked.


Robert stopped to look at him then shook his head.


“No disturbances,” he said.


Madeline’s breath came out heavily as she was led up the stairs. She looked along towards the room she’d been staying in, but already knew it wasn’t where she was going. She gasped as the grip on her arm tightened even more and she could do nothing but follow as she was taken along to Robert’s bedroom. It was to be where she slept too from now on, but she knew it wasn’t sleeping that was on her husband’s mind.


They came to a stop as they got to the door and she was taken by surprise as the kiss pressed on her mouth. It rocked her back and Robert moved forward to pin her against the wall. His muscled torso crushed against her soft curves and the passion of the kiss came through. She was all too aware of the hardness that began to grow against her belly and there was no holding in the excitement that she was getting her husband turned on.


Madeline gasped as the kiss ended. Robert stroked his fingertips across her cheek and she kissed on them as they trailed across her soft mouth. Her chest heaved as the tip of his finger slid just between her lips and she could see the hunger in his eyes for her. It was more intoxicating than the alcohol she drank and a sense of apprehension and expectation welled up in her mind. She was on the verge of losing her virginity to her new husband and the very thought of it made her shudder.


“Are you going to be a good girl for me?” he asked in a hoarse voice.


He dropped his touch from her face and wrapped his fingers around her wrist to bring her hand to his crotch. Madeline closed her eyes as her palm was held against his manhood through the material of his pants and she could feel it growing and stiffening.


“I asked you a question,” Robert said.


She opened her eyes to look at him.


“Yes,” she answered. “I’m going to be a good girl for you.”


His soft laugh unnerved her and she let out a quiet whimper as his lips gently nuzzled hers. The arousal was already taking hold in her body like never before and it was staring a fire that she was unable to contain.


“Stick out your tongue,” Robert ordered.


Madeline did it immediately and liked the way he took it between his lips to suck on it. She glanced along the hallway nervously when he moved back.


“Someone might see,” she said.


Robert laughed again.


“I made it clear there should be no disturbances,” he said. “No one will come up here now unless we ring for them.”


His lips found hers for another hungry kiss that pinned her head against the wall, but he reached for the door when it ended and they moved inside the room.


“Get me a whisky,” he told her.


Madeline moved across to the large globe and opened it up. She picked up a glass then searched for the bottle she saw him drinking from the previous evening. When she found it, she poured a shot of whisky in the glass and turned. Robert’s jacket and tie were lying on the bed and she liked the way the white shirt clung to the muscles of his chest. Her gaze remained on him as he crossed the room and sat in the seat beside the open globe.


She held out the glass to him, but squealed as he grabbed hold of her wrist to make her sit down on his lap. Even with her relative inexperience, Madeline could tell he was fully erect and she squirmed around. His arm came around her waist to stop her from getting up.


“Oh yeah,” he let out. “Keep doing that.”


Madeline gasped as she continued to wriggle around on Robert’s lap and there was no doubt how much he was enjoying the touch of her rounded ass rubbing on his cock. She could hear his harsh breathing in her ear and the kisses that started playing on her neck made her shiver.


“Your whisky,” she eventually said.


Robert relaxed back in the seat and she stopped wriggling around then turned slightly to hand him his drink. His arm remained around her waist to hold her in place on his lap and she could make out the occasional twitching of his erection as the hot blood pumped through it. He enjoyed a sip of the whisky and gave her back the glass.


“Try it,” he said.


She looked at the dark liquid swirling around in the glass and wasn’t sure she really wanted to take a drink. On the other hand she didn’t want to refuse a request by her husband, so took a sip. The alcohol burned her throat on the way down to make her cough and screw up her face.


“Why do men drink this,” she let out as she wiped her hand across her mouth.


Robert laughed and brought his mouth right to Madeline’s ear.


“There are some things men really like,” he said quietly. “Whisky is just one of them.”


The tickle of his lips caressing on her ear made her shiver and she let out a long, slow breath.


“Pretty girls are another thing,” he went on. “Like you. Can you feel how erect I am for you already?”


“Yes,” Madeline let out in a hushed voice.


“Do you like it?” Robert whispered as he kissed on her ear and slid his lips to the sensitive skin of her neck.


“Yes,” Madeline repeated.


She knew it was what he wanted to hear, but the truth was she did like the touch of his erection on her butt. Her growing arousal was a sign of that and she couldn’t ignore it.


“Have you let a man touch you before?” he asked.


“No,” Madeline confessed. “I always promised myself I wouldn’t until I was married.”


“Lucky me,” Robert said and laughed.


His hand slid down from her midriff, but the ruffles at the front of her dress stopped him really getting his hand between her thighs.


“Are you going to strip for me, so I can see those pretty curves again?” he asked.


“I can’t if you don’t release your grip,” Madeline replied.


She let out a soft gasp as Robert moved his hand to her lower back and helped her get to her feet. Her gaze dropped to the floor as she slowly turned around and she lifted it to the sight of her husband’s lustful expression. Their eyes met.


“Don’t be shy,” he teased her with a smile. “I’ve been looking at the wedding dress all day and thinking about what’s under it.”


Madeline wrung her hands together. She was getting the same buzz as she did the night before when Robert made her strip, but this time knew she wouldn’t just be picking up her clothes and walking away at the end of it. Reaching for the buttons at the back of her wedding dress, she loosened them and worked the material lower to start exposing more naked skin. She worked her arms out of the sleeves as she dragged the top of the dress down and it brought her silk bra in view.


“Keep going,” Robert told her.


She glanced up to see him take a sip of the whisky. His gaze was on her breasts, but came lower as she wiggled her hips to slide the white material over them. The dress dropped down her legs to pool around her feet and she stepped out of it then bent down with the intention of picking it up.


“Leave it,” Robert ordered her.


She straightened up and stood nervously in front of him.


“The petticoats too,” was his next command.


Madeline loosened them and let them drop down to her feet too. She didn’t bother trying to pick them up and just kicked them aside. Her breathing was becoming more rapid as she got closer to being naked. She waited for the instructions to remove her bra and panties, but they didn’t come. Instead Robert seized her wrist to drag her back down onto his lap. His hand immediately went between her thighs and she instinctively closed her legs.


“I thought you said you would a good girl for me,” he let out quietly.


Madeline inhaled deeply then held her breath as she spread her legs open for him and the air rushed back out as his fingertips slid onto the silk material of her panties. A shiver rippled down her spine as her body responded to the intimate touch. Heat blossomed between her thighs and she wriggled around as her husband’s fingers stroked gently along the outline of her pussy lips. His cock throbbed against her ass and she let out a soft groan. There was no hiding that Robert’s touch was turning her on as the damp patch began to show on her panties and she tilted her head to the side as kisses played on her neck. His mouth slid to her ear as he continued to tease touches on the wet material.


“You like that don’t you,” he whispered.


Madeline gulped and her voice was shaky as she replied.




The soft laugh in her ear made her shudder and she rocked her head back as more hot kisses played on her sensitive skin.


“Now show me everything,” Robert demanded.


Madeline trembled as she was made to get to her feet again and she stood with her back to him. Her legs were weak as the flood of arousal swept through her and she unhooked the bra and let it fall to the floor before she turned around. When she did, she was holding an arm across her naked breasts and knew the order would come immediately.


“Take your arm away,” Robert let out in a hoarse voice as he sat up in the chair and leaned forward.


She gave him what he wanted and dropped her arm down to hang by her side. It exposed here naked curves and she saw her husband stare at them. He licked his lips as his gaze slid lower.


“Move closer,” he said.


Madeline took a step towards him. He put the glass he was holding down then reached out to stroke his fingertips on the naked skin just above the waistband of her panties. It brought out a gasp and her belly muscles fluttered as the soft touch slid back and forth. Robert looked up to catch her gaze as he then worked his fingers under the waistband and dragged the silk material lower. Her pulse raced as her panties were taken down and she stepped out of them when they got to her ankles. It left her as naked as she’d been the night before, but this time she wasn’t about to be dismissed.


Robert made a gesture that she should turn around and she obeyed it immediately. His touch brushed across the smooth skin of her naked butt to make her shiver and he leaned back in his seat when she was facing him again. His silent scrutiny brought out her apprehension and it grew stronger as he got to his feet. She stepped back, but a tight grip on her wrist made her move forward again and when her hand was brought to his belt buckle she knew what he wanted.


“Undo it,” Robert told her.


Madeline was all too aware of the way his erection was straining against the material of his pants as she loosened the buckle and pulled the belt free.


“Don’t stop,” he said.


The tension rose as she handed the belt to him then began to unbutton his pants. Nervous shivers made her tremble even more as her fingertips grazed over the hardness of his erection. When the buttons were undone, he placed his hands on her shoulders and there was no resisting the pressure as she was forced down to her knees in front of him. She grabbed his pants to ease them down his legs and helped him step out of them. When she lifted her gaze, she saw the way his cock twitched and throbbed against the thinner material of his underwear.


Her curiosity kicked in and she looked up as she pressed her palm on his cock. Robert reached out to take off the floral headdress she was still wearing and dropped it to the floor. He released her long blonde her and it spilled down over her shoulders. Her chest heaved as he combed his fingers through her hair.


“So pretty,” he said.


His breathing became heavier as he enjoyed Madeline’s touch, but the hunger for more filled his mind. He ran his fingertips to her soft mouth and stared in her eyes as he brushed touches on her lips.


“So much to teach you,” he said. “So let’s start with how you pleasure a man with your mouth. Take my underwear down.”


Madeline’s breath rasped out and his words made her feel such an innocent. In truth she was, but her excitement was growing and she wanted what was happening just as much as Robert. She dropped her gaze to his crotch as she hooked her fingers in his underwear. Her eyes opened wide as she eased the material down and got her first ever sight of an erect cock. Thick veins stood out on hot flesh and the large size shocked her. With no experience to talk off, she wasn’t even sure how big a man should be, but the naked erection she was confronted with appeared enormous to her and her curiosity was suddenly tinged by a fear that it was too big.


She dragged the underwear all the way down to Robert’s feet and dropped them on the floor when he stepped out of them. He ran his fingers in her hair when she straightened up and his grip tightened to bring her face close to his cock. The slick skin of the head glistened as pre-cum wet it and she watched a trickle seep from the little slit. Her breathing grew ever more rapid as she stared.


“Stroke it with your hand first,” he ordered her.


Madeline glanced up quickly and saw the excitement showing on Robert’s face. Her hand trembled as she lifted it and she gasped as she wrapped her fingers around his cock. It was thick enough that her petite fingers didn’t quite encircle it to scare her even more. That only brought out her exhilaration and she stared open-eyed at what she was doing as she stroked her fingers up and down. She heard the groan and looked up again to see her husband rock his head back.


The hot rush of blood made his cock throb and he put his hand over Madeline’s to make her grip tighter as she continued to work her fingers along his full length. It rolled the foreskin down and completely off the head and she kept her eyes fixed on it. When Robert stopped the movement of her hand, she slowly lifted her gaze.


“Now kiss it,” he told her.


Her lips were dry and she licked her tongue around them before leaning forward. The warmth of her breath played on the slick head as she brought her mouth to it. Her first ever taste of a man made her shudder and squirm and she moved back straight away. Robert released his grip on her hand to run his fingers through her hair again. His grip tightened and she winced as he made her press her lips on his cock.


“So naïve,’ he said and laughed softly as he stared down at her. He shuddered as he held her gaze and his lust for his new bride grew. “You have so much to learn,” he went on. “Lick as well as kiss.”


Madeline was all too aware of the throbbing of Robert’s cock as she nuzzled her lips on it and the twitching grew stronger as she flicked out her tongue and swept it across hot, slick skin. It brought her more of the taste and she sensed the trembling of her husband’s legs as she licked around his swollen member. He used the grip on her hair to encourage her to slide her touch down right down to his balls and back up again. His body shook as the heat of his longing for her erupted and he urged her on to more.


“Take it in your mouth,” he ordered.


Madeline was even more aware of how thickly Robert’s cock was engorged as she parted her lips and let them slide over the tip. The sound of his heavy breathing turned her on and the desperation to please him welled up in her mind. Her mouth was stretched wide open and it brought out a slight panic as the grip on her hair eased her head lower to take more. She tried to back off, but wasn’t allowed to at first before her husband relented.


“Don’t just hold it in your mouth,” he told her. “Slide your lips up and down. I want to have them caressing me.”


Madeline inhaled before she kissed on the tip and worked her lips back over it. She was eager to do Robert’s bidding and submit to what he wanted so bobbed her head slowly to run her lips up and down hot flesh. The surprise was her own hunger for the blowjob and she liked the sensation of her mouth being filled. She began trying to take cock deeper, but struggled to cope with the size as the tip almost nudged on the back of her throat. She came back up and gasped for air, but was given little respite as her husband demanded more.


When she gave it to him, his hands went to the back of her head and he began to thrust his hips. She gasped for air as his cock brutalized her mouth and his grip held her in place as he threw himself forward. Her hand went to his midriff to try and stem the onslaught, but it was knocked away as his craving for her mouth drove him on and she could do nothing but take what she was being given. Her head was rocked back by the frantic actions of a man lusting after her and it turned her on to be the object of his desire. She gasped for breath when he relented and hung her head to recover. The grip on her hair tightened to make her look up.


“Get on the bed,” Robert told her.


Madeline got to her feet as he began to unbutton his shirt. She moved over to the bed to lie down on it and when she looked across the room saw her naked husband closing the distance between them. Her gaze went to his cock and it sparked her nerves. She was about to lose her virginity and closed her eyes to wait for Robert to get on top of her. Her squeal came out as her legs were roughly spread apart and she opened her eyes again to see him get on his knees between them. She held her breath as he reached out and a whimpering gasp came out as he gently stroked his fingers on her naked skin.


“Virgin pussy,” he murmured and Madeline heard the excitement in his voice.


She clenched her buttocks as the touch between her thighs became more insistent and her back arched up as fingers slid between her pussy lips. The touch on her slick pink skin sent a violent shudder through her and she dropped back to the mattress and squirmed. Her heavy breathing became ever more rapid as Robert’s fingers slid deeper and the pure elation of it grew in her body. She knew the thrill of her own touch, but found herself even more turned on by the intimate attention of a man. Her gasp was loud as his fingers were slowly withdrawn. She looked at him and saw the grin spread across his face.


“Show me how you play with yourself,” Robert commanded.


“What?” she asked nervously.


“Don’t pretend you haven’t masturbated,” he went on. “You heard what I said. Show me.”


Madeline sensed the embarrassment taking hold, but there was a thrill to what she was being ordered to do. She couldn’t watch though and closed her eyes as she slid a hand between her thighs. Raising her knees, she spread her legs wider and lifted her butt up as she circled her fingertips on her pussy lips. The surge of arousal hit her forcefully and she sank her teeth in her bottom lip to hold in the groan. Her breath came out in harsh gasps as her fingers found her clitoris and she brushed touches on the hot bud as she exposed it.


He back arched up from the bed as she played with herself and the dirty delight of having her new husband watch was embarrassing and exhilarating at the same time. That she was being made to be a naughty girl was something she occasionally fantasized about, but she was finding the reality of it was so much better. She worked her fingers to her wet opening and tensed as she prepared to fuck them inside. The touch of Robert’s tongue on her clit made her squeal in shock. It was something she didn’t expect and she couldn’t stop herself looking.


Her husband’s head was buried between her thighs and the hot touch of his tongue licking on her clit made her want to cry out. She plunged her fingers in her wet cunt and stroked them in and out. The hot flush of pleasure rippled through her body and she writhed around as she scaled the heights towards a climax. Robert’s touch became rougher and she groaned when his mouth slid lower. He licked on her fingers as she continued to stroke them in and out of her pussy and it was the kinkiest of sensations.


The taste of pussy stoked Robert’s desire and Madeline whimpered when he grabbed her wrist to drag her hand from between her thighs. His stiff tongue plunged inside her wet hole and she grabbed hold of the bedcovers and tightened her grip as she was carried ever closer to completely losing control. Her body was on fire as her husband’s appetite for her wet slit came on stronger.


The arousal flooded her veins and her knuckles whitened almost painfully as she experienced the hot pleasure of being licked out for the first time in her life. Robert gasped for breath as he moved back, but he immediately brought his fingers to her sex and dipped them inside as he circled his lips around clit. He sucked on the erect bud as he stroked rough touches in and out wet cunt. It was too much for Madeline and the tension held her muscles taut for an instant as the finger fuck continued before she crashed down to the mattress and was engulfed by the heat of orgasm.


Robert plunged his fingers all the way inside and she squealed as the spasms of her slick pussy walls tightened her around the deep penetration. Her body was wracked by convulsions as she called out his name. It made her passion climb to a shattering peak that left her struggling for breath and the joy of the moment stretched out before some semblance of calm finally returned to her mind as she tried to recover.


Madeline released her tight grip on the bedcovers as Robert slowly drew his fingers out of her quivering pussy. She let out a loud sigh as the afterglow of the orgasm flooded her body and gasped for breath as her husband crawled up her body until he was looking down at her face. She tasted herself on his mouth as they kissed and tried to turn her head away. His soft laugh sounded out as he brought his sticky fingers to her lips.


“No,” she exclaimed.


Her refusal came out instinctively, but she froze as the tension flared. She was all too aware of it and turned her head to look at Robert.


“I’m…, I’m sorry,” she said.


“You need to learn,” he told her ominously.


“But…,” she let out.


“No buts,” he snapped. “You need to learn.”


He grabbed Madeline’s wrist and made her move to the side of the bed, where he sat down. It was instinct again that made her struggle, but she was no match for the strength of her husband and was hauled face down across his lap. She was immediately aware of the way his erection throbbed against her belly and despite her misgivings about what was happening, a shiver of delight returned to her body.


“I told you that your duties include obeying me,” Robert said,


“I will,” Madeline shouted out in a loud voice.


“But you just defied me,” he went on. “You need to understand that a show of dissent will bring you punishment.”


Madeline’s breath rasped out and she struggled to get free. Robert grabbed her wrists and easily held them behind her back with one hand while he raised the other. She was completely under his control and could do nothing but submit to him. There was no doubt what was coming and she tensed her muscles. It was no defense against the stinging spank when it cracked down on her buttocks and she bucked up as she was engulfed in the hot pain of the discipline.


“Stop…, please,’ she begged, but her body bucked up time and again as the spanks rained down on her naked butt.


Her face screwed up and she clenched her teeth as the punishment was meted out. There was nothing she could do but wait for it to end and she gasped for air when it eventually did. Her shudders turned to trembling as the searing agony of her reddened skin dulled to an ache. The arousal came as a surprise to her, but there was no doubt she was feeling it and she groaned as fingers stroked gently on her butt.


“Don’t defy me,” Robert said in a low voice.


“Yes sir,” she replied.


She closed her eyes as his fingers stroked along the crease of her ass and slid between her thighs. The mix of agony and ecstasy was turning her on like never before and she squirmed as her slick entrance was opened up by stiff, probing fingers. Her body bucked up again, but it was pleasure that brought on the convulsions this time. Robert stroked touches in and out of pussy to soak his fingers and Madeline knew what was coming when he eased them back out. She kept her head still as sticky fingers brushed against her lips and obediently opened her mouth.


“That’s better,” Robert said as she sucked his fingers clean.


Madeline could make out the strong throbbing of his swollen shaft against her midriff and there was an urgency to her husband’s movements as he made her get to her feet then manhandled her to her back on the bed. He was on top of her in an instant and his kiss ravaged her lips. When it ended he used his knee to spread her legs wider apart and she whimpered as the slick head of his cock nudged her inner thigh.


“Are you going to give me everything?” he asked.


“Yes sir,” she replied.


The burning heat was blossoming between her thighs again as an exhilarating panic held her in its grip. She squirmed around as Robert worked the tip of his cock to her pussy entrance to leave her poised on the verge of losing her virginity. He kissed her again as he eased his hips forward to spread her open. Madeline tensed as the thickness of his erection stretched her pussy wide and she tried to arch her back up as the slight pain of the penetration turned to a hot pleasure that flooded her veins.


Robert’s weight pinned her to the mattress as he slowly buried his entire length in her tight softness. His excitement welled up at deflowering Madeline, but it was more than that. He wanted to fill his new bride’s pussy with his seed to enjoy the pure bliss of impregnating her.


“You’re going to give me a son and heir, aren’t you?” he said as he looked down at her.


Madeline nodded her head and groaned as he circled his hips to grind his erection on her slick inner skin. She was in the midst of new experiences that were driving her wild, but the touch of his cock inside her was by far the best. It got better still as his lust came into full force, and he started to rock his hips back and forward, his hands gripping her tightly. The swell of pleasure took her breath and she pressed her head back against the mattress. She gripped the bedcovers again as he began to fuck his cock in her with rougher strokes.


Their naked skin slapped together as the rhythm of the sex built towards a frantic pace in a matter of seconds. The sweat dripped from Robert’s forehead as he put every effort into making his wife orgasm for a second time. He pushed himself up on straightened arms and Madeline’s body was shaken by the vigor of his frantic thrusts. Her body responded as the virginity was fucked from her and bit her lip as screams threatened to come out. She rolled her head from side to side as thick cock plunged deep in her wet cunt until she was overwhelmed by the sex.


Her body tensed as a second orgasm flared to life and suddenly she was wracked by shudders as her pussy tightened around a thrusting cock. Robert increased his efforts to take himself all the way and he let out a cry as he tipped himself over the edge. The sound of their gasping breaths and moans filled the room as they climbed the heights of their passion. Madeline was all too aware of the powerful streams of cum erupting inside her as they splashed on the rippling walls of her pussy.


Her body was pinned to the bed as the moment played out in all its glory and she let out a rush of breath as Robert collapsed down on top of her. She lay in an exhausted daze as she came back down from the high and shuddered at the gentle throbbing of his erect cock in her cum-filled pussy. She responded to the kiss on her lips and liked the way her husband held inside her until the power faded from his erection. He rolled to the side and she raised her head to see some of her seed tricking down her thighs. She then looked at his fading erection.


“You need to clean it,’ he said.


She looked up to his face and saw him watching her. The thought of being spanked again reared in her mind and she obeyed his command. Shuffling down the bed, she grabbed his cock and brought her mouth to it. He let out a sigh as she rolled the foreskin back and licked the speckles of white from slick skin. His hand touched on her head to stroke her hair and she rested her chin on his muscular midriff when she finished cleaning his cock.


She finally moved back up the bed to lie beside him and liked the way he embraced her in his powerful arms. It felt a safe place to be and she closed her eyes and relaxed. She was all too aware of the rise and fall of his chest against her and her slow breathing matched his as the contented tiredness eventually washed over them to send them to sleep.




Madeline blinked her eyes open as the morning sun streamed through the open curtains onto her face. The fog of drowsiness slowly lifted and as it did the memories of the night before came in her mind. She looked around, but found that she was lying alone on the bed and wondered where Robert was. There was no clock in the room to tell her the time and she sat up.


“You need a shower,” she told herself as she rubbed her eyes.


She glanced at the string pull on the wall beside the bed, but was nervous about who would come to the door of the bedroom if she rang down. Moving to the edge of the mattress, she swung her legs to the floor and was all too aware of her nakedness. The thought of putting her wedding dress back on didn’t exactly appeal, but she wanted to go back along to the room she first used when she arrived at the mansion. She couldn’t exactly walk along the hallway in the nude and got to her feet to walk to Robert’s wardrobe. A quick search found her a robe. It was way too big for her, but she put it on and went to pick up her wedding dress and underwear.


Moving to the door, she cracked it open and looked outside. All seemed quiet, so she stepped out to the hallway and walked along it. When she got to the door of what had been her room for one night, she opened it and walked inside. She immediately moved to yank the string pull and was sure it would bring Gillian upstairs. Madeline saw she was right when a knock on the door was followed by the servant girl walking inside.


“Good morning Miss,” she said.


“I need a shower,” Madeline told her straight away. “Can you switch it on for me please?”


Gillian nodded her head and walked to the bathroom. The sound of the running water started and Madeline followed inside. She waited until she was alone before casting off the robe and getting in the shower. The warm jets of water washed away the stickiness from her body and she spent some time under them even when she was finished washing herself. She eventually got out and covered herself with a towel before returning to the bedroom.


“Have you seen Mr. Cortege this morning?” she asked.


“He left for work at around eight like he always does,” Gillian replied.


“No honeymoon for me then,” Madeline let out under her breath as she walked to the wardrobe to pick out some clothes and underwear.


She was still self conscious about being naked around another woman, but guessed that she might as well just get used to it and dropped the towel to get dressed.


“What time does he usually come back in the evening?” Madeline went on.


“Most days it is sometime between five and six o’clock,” Gillian told her. “Oh…, and while I remember, a telegram came for you this morning.”


She reached in a pocket at the front of her uniform and brought out a piece of paper.


“What is it?” Madeline asked and frowned.


“We’re not allowed to look,” Gillian replied. “And I wouldn’t dream of doing so anyway. It’s your private correspondence.”


Madeline wondered if someone was sending her congratulations on her marriage as she stepped across the room and took the telegram. She opened it and the blood drained from her face as she read the brief message.


“Are you OK?” Gillian asked.


Madeline moved over to the bed and sat down as she stared at the words on the paper to keep reading them over and again. She only looked up when Gillian repeated her question.


“It’s my mother,” she said in a shaky voice. “She’s been ill for a while, but apparently her condition has worsened in the last couple of days. I feel so guilty for leaving her.”


She put her head in her hands and let out a sigh.


“What are you going to do?” Gillian asked.


Madeline remained bent forward with her head in her hands as she considered her options. She wanted to be the dutiful wife for her new husband and running home to her parents the day after their wedding didn’t exactly fit in with that. The minor infraction of refusing to suck his fingers clean during sex got her a hard spanking and went some way to reveal Robert’s dominant nature. That didn’t bode well for her walking out on him, even if there was a good excuse for it, and she wondered what his reaction would be to her asking to go home.


On the other hand, she remembered standing on the platform of a train station only a couple of days before and promising her father that she would come back if he needed her. It already appeared as if he did. She didn’t want to let him down and was also worried about her mother. That left her with a dilemma and she let out another sigh as she raised her head and looked at Gillian.


“I don’t know,” she answered the question the servant girl posed.


Whatever she was going to do, the one thing she was certain of was that she needed to talk to her husband. She didn’t want her marriage to disintegrate the day after it started and she needed to just tell him the problem and hope he would understand her need to help take care of her mother.


“I need to see my husband,” she said. “Can you take me to where he works?”


“Of course,” Gillian said. “I’ll just go and get my coat and let the head butler know what I’m doing.”


Madeline nodded her head. She stood when she was alone and paced back and forth across the room before going to the wardrobe to get her shoes and a coat. She wondered if her leaving was the cause of the deterioration in her mother’s condition and it brought out her guilt even more. Gillian returned in a matter of minutes to lead the way down the stairs and outside to the front of the property.


“Mr. Cortege keeps the carriage with him during the days,” the servant girl said. “It means we’ll need to walk to town.”


“That’s OK,” Madeline replied.


Having a personal carriage was a new experience for her and she was more used to walking anyway. It was how she got around in her home town, so it didn’t bother her that she needed to do it. She urged Gillian to hurry and they made their way down to the gate then out to the street beyond. Her mind remained on her sick mother as they made their way towards the gold depository building, but her nerves began to rise at the prospect of how Robert would react to what she was about to tell him. The streets became busier as they got closer to the center of town and it slowed their progress.


“Are we nearly there?” Madeline eventually asked.


“Yes,” Gillian replied. “We just need to get to the end of this street and turn left.”


Madeline saw the building as soon as they walked around the corner. The burly guards standing at the door were a clear indication of the security and she moved in front of Gillian to make her way towards them. She was stopped as she approached.


“I’m here to see my husband,” she told the guards.


“Mr. Cortege?” one of the men asked.


It was obvious he knew of her and she nodded her head. The guards stood aside to let her walk through the door and she looked around a magnificent reception area. It was beautifully decorated with the obvious intention of impressing customers, but the heavy steel gates that guarded the way further into the building was another sign of the security of the place. She and Gillian walked up to the smiling woman at the reception desk.


“I need to see Mr. Cortege straight away,” Madeline started.


“Is it in relation to your account with us?”


Madeline guessed the woman wasn’t aware of who she was in the way the guard had been.


“No,” she said. “I’m his wife and I need to talk to him.”


“Oh…,” the woman said and the surprise came through in her voice. “If you just hold on a second Mrs. Cortege, I’ll take you through to his office.”


Madeline watched as the woman stepped through a door behind the reception desk. It was the first time anyone called her by her new surname and it sounded a little strange to her ears. Mrs. Cortege was who she was now though and she liked that fact. She shrugged the thought aside though as the concerns returned to her mind. Robert may well refuse to let her go back to her parent’s home and she didn’t know what she would do if that situation arose.


“Just wait and see,” she told herself under her breath, but her nerves grew as she waited.


The woman came back out of the room with a colleague, who took over the reception desk duties.


“Just follow me please Mrs. Cortege,” she said.


Madeline told Gillian to wait and followed the woman over to the steel gates. The guard next to them unlocked and opened them and they walked through. The decor in the inner area of the depository was more basic and comprised bare white walls and polished wooden floors. They walked to the end of a long, straight hallway then turned right.


“This is it,” the woman said as they got to a door.


Madeline saw her husband’s name on it and clenched her hands in tight fists. She consciously tried to relax, but the tension rose as the woman knocked. The shout to enter came and when the door was opened for her, she walked straight in. She almost cursed at the sight of Victoria sitting opposite Robert at his desk. It was the last thing she needed and she almost stopped in her tracks. She turned to look as the sound of the door closing caught her attention.


“Is everything alright Madeline?” Robert asked.


She brought her gaze back in front to look at him. She didn’t really want to say anything with Victoria there, but the manager of the gold depository showed no signs of getting to her feet or leaving the room.


“Madeline,” Robert said as he got to his feet.


“Umm…, I have a problem I need to discuss,” she said.


She hoped he would ask Victoria to leave, but he just stared across the room. It was obvious he was waiting for her to go on and there was nothing she could do but oblige.


“I’m sorry to interrupt you at work,” she started, “but I received a telegram from my father this morning.”


“Nothing serious I hope,” Victoria said.


She turned to stare across the room so her back was to Robert and Madeline stared at the nasty smile that only she could see. Victoria kept her voice pleasant sounding when she spoke, but her expression revealed the insincerity of her words.


The hair stood up at the back of Madeline’s neck as a mix of annoyance and hatred welled up, but she did her best to ignore Victoria and concentrate her attention on her husband.


“My mother has been ill for a few months now,” she told him. “But the message from my father says that she has taken a turn for the worse.”


She stepped across the room and handed the telegram to him. He read it and Madeline ploughed on when he looked up to get her request out before he could say anything.


“I feel kind of guilty about it,” she said. “And I promised my father that I would help him if he needed it, so…”


“You want to go home,” Robert finished her sentence.


Madeline screwed up her face as she spoke.


“Yes,” she replied.


“Oh that’s terrible news,” Victoria said. “Robert, you must let her go and help her family in this time of need.”


“Yes, of course,” he said. “Victoria is right.”


Madeline’s mouth almost dropped open at his immediate agreement. It left her speechless and she glanced at Victoria to see an unpleasant, fake smile she was getting used to. There was no doubt in her mind that the depository manager didn’t care about her or her family and was only interested in one thing. That was getting her out of the picture to leave Robert staying alone. Her mind went back to the insults that were thrown at her on her wedding day and her hatred for the woman she was looking at grew.


Something else that happened at the wedding flashed in her mind and she brought her gaze back to Robert. When she asked if there was anything more to his relationship with Victoria than business he brushed the question off without answering it. The sudden concern that maybe there was something he wasn’t telling her lit up in her mind and try as she might, she couldn’t shake it off.


“You really don’t mind that I go?” she asked him.


“Of course not,” he said. “I want you to be my wife, but that doesn’t mean getting in the way of you and your family. I’ll arrange for a train ticket so that you can travel home today.”


Madeline’s suspicions were raised further by how easily he was letting her go. She’d expected to be pleading with him to let her go home, but his agreement came without so much as a hint of a protest. He reached for a string pull just behind his desk and it was obvious that he was signaling for someone to come to his office. He walked across to the door and after opening it, stepped out to the hallway.


Victoria got to her feet and edged closer to Madeline.


“Don’t you worry about Robert when you’re gone now,” she hissed in a low voice to make sure it was only the two of them that could hear. “I’ll take care of him for you. I’ll look after him real good.”


The soft laugh that followed grated on Madeline’s nerves.


“You just…” she started, but was cut off.


“Take all the time you want,” Victoria went on. “In fact just do everyone a favor and don’t bother coming back at all. People don’t want you around here ruining Robert’s life.”


“That’s not true,” Madeline snapped back. “I am not…”


“Oh but it is,” Victoria interrupted again. “Robert doesn’t need a two bit whore like you around, when he has much better options. So like I say, I’ll take real good care of him and give him everything you can’t.”


Madeline wanted to slap the smile from Victoria’s face as her anger grew, but the sound of Robert’s voice stopped her doing or saying anything.


“OK, I’ve arranged to get a first class ticket for you on the next train out of town,” he said. “It leaves in thirty minutes, so you can take the carriage to get to the station.”


“I didn’t bring any clothes or other belongings to town,” she replied. “All I have is what I’m standing in.”


“I’ve sent my receptionist to the bank,” he went on. “She’ll get some money for you and also buy the ticket. Just meet her at the station and she’ll give them to you.”


The worry grew in Madeline’s mind that everything was happening too easily and that she was walking out on a marriage that might not be there when she came back. She debated what to do, but in the end knew there was really no choice. She needed to go and see if she could help her mother get better.


“Hurry now dear,” Victoria said. “You don’t want to miss your train.”


“Victoria is right,” Robert said. “If you miss this one there isn’t another until tomorrow.”


Madeline was all too aware of the smug smile on Victoria’s face and the urge came back to slap it away. Robert’s hand on her back led her to the door before she could do it and in truth she didn’t think she would have anyway. For now she needed to concern herself with her sick mother, but she stopped at the door and turned back.


“I’ll miss you,” she said and threw her arms around his neck.


“Send me a telegram to let me know what’s happening,” he told her.


“I will,” she agreed. “I’ll get back as soon as I can.”


She sank into the kiss that pressed on her lips and tears pricked at the corner of her eyes when she finally moved away. She glanced back before turning the corner of the hallway. Her last sight of her husband was of him in conversation with Victoria and she let out a quiet curse at the way the gold depository manager’s hand was on his shoulder.


“Is there something between them?” she questioned under her breath.


Robert’s reluctance to talk about it was a worry that maybe there was something more than business between them, but there was nothing she could do about it. She told Gillian what was happening when she got back to the reception area then went to find the carriage. It took her to the train station, where she met the receptionist.


Thirty minutes after leaving Robert’s office, she was sitting in the first class carriage of a train heading home and wondering if it spelled the end of her marriage. That thought remained on her mind for the entire journey and when she got off at her destination she walked the short distance to her home.


“Hi,” she said as she walked in the door and saw the shocked expression on her father’s face. “How is she?”


“I can’t believe you’re here,” he said as he embraced her. “Your mother will be so glad to see you.”


“How is she?” Madeline repeated and saw the look on her father’s face.


It brought out her apprehension, but she set her mind to helping getting her mother better and put the concerns about her marriage out of her head.





“I don’t need to ask if you’re sure do I,” Madeline’s father said.


“Is it that obvious,” she replied and smiled.


“I know it must have made life difficult for you to come back,” he went on. “But I’m glad you did.”


“Me too,” she told him as she hugged him then picked up her bag.


It was almost four weeks since she left the town of Melrose to come home and her father was right about it making her life difficult. The fact that her mother was getting better meant it was worth it, but now that she was on the verge of boarding a train yet again she wondered just what she was going back to.


The trip to the doctor a couple of days previously brought the good news that the new medication was working to get her mother’s health back to a state where she would be able to enjoy life again. It also brought Madeline some other news and she wasn’t sure quite how it would affect her life.


She said goodbye to her father and let out a sigh as she stepped from the platform to the train. Her old habit of being frugal with money led her to buy just a standard ticket and she was aware that the carriage she was in was nowhere near the luxury of first class.


“Getting airs and graces,’ she chided herself. “Remember where you come from.”


It wasn’t difficult to do that as she found a seat and looked out at her father. He disappeared from view as the train got moving and it reminded her of the trip she made just a few weeks before. On that occasion she didn’t really know what she was letting herself in for. This time she did although there were plenty of complications that might make life difficult or even impossible.


She’d sent Robert a weekly telegram to let him know what was going on with her mother, but she hadn’t sent him one that week and was traveling back unannounced. That was deliberate on her part as she wanted to see what she found when she returned without forewarning of her arrival. She suspected that might make him mad, but decided to risk it.


She was still unsure of what the true situation was between her husband and his gold depository manager. Victoria’s insinuations that she would look after Robert played on her mind often during the four weeks she was away, but there was nothing she could do about it. Now she wanted to find out for sure if there was anything going on between them beyond their professional relationship.


Madeline tried to put the whole situation out of her mind for a while and found a book in her bag she could read to do just that. It helped to pass the minutes and hours of the trip quicker and in what seemed like no time she found herself looking out onto the outskirts of Melrose. There was nobody to meet her this time when she arrived at the station and she went to have something to eat before setting off on the walk to the mansion. When she arrived at the gates, she stopped to compose herself. She’d deliberately got a later train in the knowledge that it would get her to the property in the early evening. It would mean that Robert should be home from work and as she stood at the gates, she played out in her mind the happy scene of her falling in his arms for a passionate kiss.


“Time to find out,” she let out quietly and steeled herself for what was about to come.


Moving quietly through the gates, she walked up the small incline and stopped at the top. The mansion was lit up as expected and she could see the carriage was sitting at the front of the building to show for sure that Robert was there. She walked towards it in the darkness and it was only as she got closer that she became aware of a maid standing by the open door of the mansion.


The carriage blocked the view of her approach and it was only as she walked past it that she was spotted. A surprised expression crossed the maid’s face and she immediately turned to walk inside.


“Stop,” Madeline said as she hurried forward.


The maid halted in her tracks and turned around. The apprehensive look on her face made Madeline suspicious and she watched as the young woman dropped her gaze to the floor.


“What are you doing?” Madeline asked.


The maid shuffled her feet nervously, but said nothing at first.


“You know who I am?” Madeline went on.


“Yes Mrs. Cortege.”


“So you realize if I tell my husband to fire you that it will happen,” she warned.


The maid looked up and this time it was fear that showed on her face. Madeline felt slightly guilty at making the threat and had no intention of seeing it through. She just wanted to loosen the maid’s tongue and find out what was going on.


“What are you doing?” she repeated and found that the threat worked.


“I…, I was asked to keep a watch on anyone arriving at the house,” the maid replied.


“Asked by whom?” Madeline queried.


“The manager of the gold depository,” the maid admitted.


The news shocked Madeline. Not only that Victoria was at the house, but that she was giving orders to the servants.


“Why is she here?” she demanded.


“Mr. Cortege invited her,” the maid answered. “They are in the drawing room and I was to inform them if anyone arrived.”


“Well you’re not going to do that,” Madeline informed her. “Do you understand me?”


“Yes Miss,” the maid replied.


“Go to your room right now,” she told her.


The maid nodded and scurried off in the direction of the servant’s quarters in the property. Madeline watched her go and wondered if anyone heard the exchange that just took place. There didn’t seem to be anybody around, so she made way quietly in the direction of the drawing room. As she got closer to it she began to hear voices through the gap in the door and recognized them as her husband and Victoria.


“The figures look OK for last month’s business,” Robert said.


“We’ve increased the number of clients,” Victoria replied. “That’s being reflected in the bottom line and the monthly profits are improving.”


Madeline listened as the business conversation continued and relaxed a bit. It seemed her fears were unfounded, but she remained in place. She wanted to see what happened when the work discussion ended.


“Would you like a drink,” Robert offered when it did.


“That would be nice,” Victoria replied.


Madeline tensed as the short silence stretched out and she then heard the clink of glasses.


“So no sign of your wife coming back,” Victoria said.


“I haven’t heard from her this week,” Robert replied.


“Are you sure she will come back?” Victoria went on. “It’s not like you really know her.”


Madeline’s mouth tightened as she listened. She wanted to burst in the room and tell Victoria to shut up, but held off doing it as a bad idea and just continued to listen.


“I trust her,” Robert replied. “She’s keeping in touch and I know she’ll be back.”


There was a brief silence before Victoria’s voice sounded out again.


“You know everyone thinks you made a big mistake by marrying her.”


“Is that right,” Robert replied.


“Well…, I think so,” Victoria carried on. “You can do so much better than her.”


“Like you, you mean?” Robert asked.


“Would that be so bad?” Victoria replied. “We work well together and it can be about more than business.”


“What can be more than business?” he said.


“Us,” Victoria told him. “We’re perfect for each other. You don’t need that little whore ruining your life. You can have me and I promise I’ll do anything and everything you want.”


Madeline’s heart began to sink as she listened and she suddenly wished she hadn’t.


“So what are you suggesting?” Robert asked.


“Your sham of a marriage can be annulled or if not get a divorce,’ Victoria answered. “Then we can be together.”


The silence in the room stretched out and Madeline wanted to cry as the life with Robert she was desperate for appeared to move out of reach.


“You know what I think,” he eventually said.


“What?” Victoria asked and Madeline could hear the expectation in her voice.


“I think you should get the hell out of my house,” he went on calmly.


“But…,” Victoria said.


“But nothing,” Robert went on in a raised voice. “Get the fuck out of my house and don’t bother coming in to work tomorrow or for the rest of your life for that matter because you’re fired.”


The smile spread across Madeline’s face, but she decided to get away from the door before she was caught eavesdropping. She didn’t want Robert to know she’d been listening, so moved to the stairs as quietly as she could and climbed them. As she walked along the hallway towards her room, she heard a door slam and suspected it was Victoria making a less than ladylike exit.


“Good riddance,” she muttered and felt the joy that she wouldn’t have to put up with any more insults.


She walked in her room, closed the door and went to lie down on the bed. She rested her head on the pillows and considered how she was going to let it be known that she was there. The knock on the door five minutes later startled her and she wondered if the maid revealed to Gillian that she was back. She waited for the door to open, but instead a second knock sounded out.


“Come in.” she shouted and waited.


A third knock got her to her feet and she cross the room and opened the door.


“I told you…”


Her words stopped as she found herself staring at Robert.


“This isn’t your room,” he said and walked off.


Madeline’s anxiety flared and she wondered how he knew she was there. Did he know she’d eavesdropped on his conversation? Was she about to be punished? Her pulse accelerated as she walked out of the room and hurried to catch up. She managed it just as Robert got to his bedroom and followed him inside. He went to the large globe and opened it to pour himself a whisky. The silence stretched out and she finally couldn’t stop herself.


“How did you know I was here?” she asked.


He pulled a piece of paper from his pocket as he dropped in his seat and held it out. Madeline moved across to him and took it. Her eyes opened wide as she read the telegram from her father to her husband. It thanked him for being generous enough to let her come home and look after her mother and crucially gave the details of her return.


“It arrived this morning,” Robert said.


“So you knew I would be here,” Madeline said and saw him nod his head. “And the whole thing was a set up.”


She saw the smile flash across his face, but he didn’t answer. There was no doubt that the whole scenario with Victoria was set up for her benefit though. He took another sip of the whisky before he finally did speak.


“I wanted you to know she meant nothing to me,” he told her. “I only want one girl in my life…, and it’s you. I already told you my gut instinct was that I made the right choice with you. I haven’t changed my mind about that.”


“And you’re really going to fire Victoria from her job,” Madeline asked.


“Yes,” he replied.


“You don’t need a bitch like her in your life anyway,” she told him.


Robert laughed, but the noise of it quickly ended.


“You still need to know your place and your duties,” he said.


“I do,” Madeline replied as she dropped to her knees beside the chair. “I promise you will get everything you want from me and I mean everything.”


“It might mean a punishment when you make a mistake,” he said. “You understand that don’t you.”


Madeline was taken back to being over his knee and spanked. She knew it wasn’t all about punishing her. That was made clear by how strong Robert’s erection got when he meted out the stinging discipline and she remembered her own reaction to it.


“Yes sir,” she answered his question.


Knowing that she was the only woman he wanted was an aphrodisiac that brought out her longing and the stirrings of arousal began to take hold in her body. She didn’t want to be punished, but remembered how good it felt to let her husband have full control. It was going to happen again at some time, but not at that moment. It was a kiss that excited her as Robert leaned in close and brushed his lips gently on hers. She could taste the whisky and when his hand slid in the hair at the back of her head the kiss became more passionate.


Madeline let out a quiet gasp as their lips parted and watched as he enjoyed another drink. She could see in her husband’s eyes what he wanted as his gaze roamed over her body and got to her feet without even being told.


“Good girl,” he murmured as she slowly undid the buttons of her blouse to expose her bra.


She teased the top edge down to flash her nipples and saw Robert’s eyes light up. He sat forward on the chair.


“Closer,” he ordered her.


The flush of arousal grew stronger at the hoarse lust she heard in his voice and her chest began to heave as she moved forward. Robert put down the glass he was holding then dragged the sides of her blouse wider apart. Madeline knew what she was expected to do and eased down her bra again to reveal her breasts. She felt a thrill as her husband leaned forward and kissed on one then the other. She rocked her head back as a shiver of delight rippled through her body.


Madeline was back where she wanted to be and she groaned as teeth grazed on a nipple. The gently bite brought out more shivers and her breath rasped out as Robert sucked the erect bud deeper in his mouth. His tongue swirled around it and his lips crushed against soft skin as he enjoyed his fill of pretty curves. He moved his head from side to side before he leaned back and picked up his glass again.


Taking a sip of whisky, he quickly circled his lips around a stiff nipple again. The alcohol spilled from his mouth to run down naked skin and Madeline gasped as he made her stand up. His tongue flicked out to follow the wet trails lower until he was kissing on the naked skin just above her skirt. It made her muscles flutter and the tingle of flickering flames it brought between her thighs began to burn hotter. Her panties were becoming moist at the attention she was receiving and she wanted more.


When Robert glanced up at her, she saw the smile on his face and again knew what he wanted without him even having to say. She reached for the buttons at her left hip and released them to make her skirt slide down her legs. His eyes went to her panties and he looked up again as he reached out to them. Madeline groaned as his touch stroked on the silky material and she moved her legs apart as he slid his fingers between her thighs. Her body weakened as he brushed his fingertips on the wet material to tease her pussy lips. When he pulled his hand free, he grabbed her wrist to drag her back down to her knees in front of the seat then let got to reach out to her face.


There was no hesitation this time. She immediately took his fingers in her mouth and eagerly licked them clean. Robert gently stroked his fingers in and out and she clamped her lips around them. The sensual touch stirred her desire for something bigger, but she continued to suck on his fingers and wait for him to pull them out of her mouth. He slid forward on the seat when he did and she saw the way his erection was already straining to be released from his pants.


Madeline wasted no time in doing it and the sweat prickled at her hairline as the hot arousal taking hold in her petite frame grew stronger. Robert groaned as she squeezed her fingers around his swollen shaft and stroked touches up and down. He squirmed in the seat as she leaned forward and kissed on the head.


“Use your breasts first,” he ordered her. “I want to feel your soft skin on me.”


Again Madeline could hear the hunger for her coming through in his voice and she knew she was going to give him everything he wanted like she promised. Grabbing hold of her breasts, she leaned in closer and enjoyed the thrill of wrapping her soft curves around the hardness of her husband’s erect length. He picked up the whisky bottle and poured some alcohol on her upper chest. The smell of it filled the room as it trickled in her cleavage and she gasped as she was made to stroke her breasts along his erect length.


She was learning something new and could tell just how much Robert liked it when he rocked his head back and shuddered. He groaned and lifted his butt up as she quickened her movements to pleasure him with her breasts. It was kinky, but that was something she was finding she enjoyed and expected she was going to be taught plenty more by her dominant lover. He tried to fuck his cock into her cleavage, but eventually dropped down to enjoy letting her do the work.


Madeline looked down to the sight of the swollen head popping out the top of her cleavage as she continued to stroke her breasts on him. The craving to take it in her mouth became too strong to resist and she released her grip on her tits. Grabbing hold of his stiff shaft, she brought her mouth to it and immediately tasted the whisky as she worked her lips over the tip. Her eagerness welled up as she started to give the blowjob and she tried to take more of Robert’s erect length with each bob of her head.


“Good girl,” he said again as he grabbed her hair to push it back from her forehead so he could watch her lips running over bulging veins.


His groans got gradually louder, but he finally pulled her head up. The desire showed in his eyes as he got to his feet and removed the belt from his pants.


“Turn around,” he ordered her.


Madeline gasped as he hauled her arms behind her back and looped the belt around her wrists to secure them together. When she turned back, she was on her knees looking at his erection and knew that she was completely under his control. She could do nothing but wait to see what happened and let out a soft whimper as her hair was stroked back from her forehead.


Robert dragged his pants and underwear down then wrapped fingers around his cock when he stepped closer to slap it on her mouth. Trembles rippled through her as he continued to do it, but the tip finally settled on her lips. As he eased his hips forward, she was made to open her mouth wide. She took a breath before it was filled with her husband’s thick hardness. His grip tightened on her hair to hold her head steady as he enjoyed the soft wetness engulfing his stiff shaft.


Madeline gasped for breath as her mouth was fucked. She was submitting to her dominant husband and her head was knocked back as his thrusts became increasingly forceful. His excitement at being in control was all too evident as he lost himself to the thrill of what he was doing to the point that it seemed he was about to fill her mouth with his cum. He moved back before that happened and grabbed her arm to haul her to her feet.


He then took Madeline to the bed and made her lie face down on it. She turned her head to watch him and her eyes fixed on his rampant erection as he stared down at her half naked body. Her longing for what was happening welled up and she shuddered as he got on the bed and straddled the back of her thighs. His fingertips trailed across her silky underwear and she pressed her face in the bedcovers and closed her eyes as the delight rippled through her.


She tensed as Robert slipped fingers under the waistband to peel her panties lower and she groaned as a touch traced gently along the crease of her ass. It made her clench her buttocks and the surge of exhilaration made her trembling grow worse. Her breathing became more and more ragged as every inch of her naked ass was explored.


Robert dragged her panties down her legs and off then leaned forward and she groaned as his hot kisses played on the smooth skin of her ass. He slid his hands under her hips to pull them up and she was manhandled to get on her knees, with her face still stuck to the mattress. Fingers slipped between her thighs and she shivered as they stroked along her pussy lips. The pressure increased to open her up and kisses played on her ass cheeks again as the penetration of her husband’s fingers stroked deeper inside her.


“You like that don’t you?” Robert let out.


“Yes…, yes,” Madeline gasped in a desperate voice.


She squirmed as his fingers began to pump in and out her pussy and her body responded to the rough touch. Robert’s harsh breathing grew louder as he increased his efforts and Madeline pushed back to meet the thrusts of his fingers. It was driving her towards a high and the tension gripped her body as she got closer to the moment she wanted. When the fingers withdrew, she thrilled to the touch of licking on her pussy lips. It heightened her arousal and she found herself begging for tongue inside her wet hole.


The torment of not getting it went on as Robert teased touches along her pussy lips, but she let out a loud groan when her pleading finally got her what she wanted. Her body quivered as her husband’s tongue lashed around inside her and the prickle of his stubble rubbing on her soft skin only added to what she was experiencing. She was so close and her muscles stretched tight as she was almost tipped over the edge.


Her desperate cry rang out as Robert pulled his tongue free, but the sound quickly changed to a gasp as he straightened up and moved forward. She strained against the belt holding her wrists together and the slight pain of the leather chafing on her skin added to the rippling waves of pleasure brought on by the hardness touching on her butt. It spread her ass cheeks apart and the strong throbbing of cock pulsated against her puckered skin.


Madeline whimpered as Robert slid the tip of his erection to her slick entrance. She was still so close to completely losing control and shut her eyes tightly as her pussy lips were spread open by the thick head The touch of it sliding deeper inside set her off and she let out an almost despairing groan as the heat of a burning climax flared to life. The grip on her hips pulled her back to take her lover’s full length as the rippling contractions of her pussy muscles tightened her around it.


Robert’s fingers sunk deeper in her soft flesh as she writhed on the deep penetration of his stiff shaft. She was all too aware of his groans matching hers as the pure bliss of the moment played out, but he wanted even more and controlled himself. Madeline’s body went limp as the heat of the orgasm died down, but her breath rasped out as the crashing thrusts began to hammer against her body.


Robert released his grip on her hips to grab hold of her bound wrists and held on tightly as he pulled himself into her to take his pleasure in filling Madeline’s pussy with his seed. He clenched his buttocks to hold himself back for as long as he could to drill his cock in the tight softness until he was finally overwhelmed by the frantic sex. He drove in deep as his heavy sacs gave up their load and the shudders of the climax wracked his body as he spurted load after load of seed deep inside her.


Madeline winced when her arms were hauled back and Robert held his cock inside her as he let loose with powerful streams of cum. She could feel his hips pressed tightly on her ass and groaned as the hot splashes erupted inside her. His body continued to buck and convulse against her until his climax began to fade away. He dropped his weight down on her and she collapsed to the mattress with her husband lying on top of her.


His erection remained inside her to stop his cum spilling out, but the power eventually drained from it and he rolled to the side to lie on the bed beside her. He released the belt around her wrists and she shrugged it off then turned onto her back. She put a hand on her chest and tied to calm herself from the exertions of the sex. Her eyes were closed when she spoke.


“Do you really want me to bear you a child?’ she asked quietly.


“Yes,” he replied. “I want my child growing in you as quickly as possible.”


Madeline opened her eyes and rolled closer to put her head on his chest.


“It already is,” she told him.


“What did you say?” he demanded.


Madeline raised her head to look at him.


“I needed to go to the doctor’s office a lot with my mother while I was away,” she went on. “I was expecting my period not long after I arrived home and when it never came, I asked the doctor to check.”


“And you’re pregnant?” Robert asked.


“Yes,” she said and nodded her head. “He confirmed it a couple of days ago.”


“That’s…, that’s fantastic,” he went on.


He wrapped his arms around her and held her in a tight embrace. Madeline felt comfortable and cuddled close to the warmth of his body. His muscles pressed against her soft curves and the touch under her chin tilted her head up. The kiss was gentle at first, but grew more passionate as they reveled in being together.


“I love you,” she let out quietly when the kiss came to an end and settled her head on his chest again.


“I love you too,” he replied as he nuzzled his lips against her hair.


Madeline suspected that the pregnancy wouldn’t stop her learning more about sex in the coming weeks and she shivered at the thought of getting intimate with Robert again. For the moment she relaxed in his arms and enjoyed just being there. She couldn’t think of anywhere else she would rather be as she slowly drifted off to sleep in the arms of her dominant, loving husband.


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He's a wealthy southern gentleman that any women would go through hell and high water to marry. So why has he secured a bride through a mail order bride service? Madeline doesn't know, and she's concerned by rumors of his dominant personality - but rumors are just rumors after all, and she knows he's one of the few eligible bachelors left. A letter in the mail, a hurried goodbye, and a long train ride later she meets her new husband - Robert Cortege. Tall and handsome, she begins to think that everything will work out after all. Little does Madeline know her life is about to spiral out of her control, and there's only one man who will have the power to put her life back together - Mr. Cortege. That is, if he doesn't push her to the breaking point first. There will be no mistake as to what is expected of her - total submission. She'll spend a lot of time bent over his knee with a bare bottom, and torn between pleasure and pain as the charming millionaire wastes no opportunity to make her moan shamelessly, no matter who's in earshot. With a sick mother in another city, and multiple harlots chasing her husband and threatening to end her marriage soon after it begins, she doesn't know whether to fight tooth and nail or hope everything works out. After all, if there's one thing Mr. Cortege teaches her, it's just how good surrender can feel. This is a full length, stand alone novella with a satisfying ending. No cliffhangers. This historical western romance involves adult themes of spanking, sexual submission, alpha male domination, first time lovemaking, and domestic discipline.

  • Author: Selena Black
  • Published: 2016-04-12 18:35:10
  • Words: 25447
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