Souring Into Aquarius: Briefs In Metaphysics, Energetic Healing, And Esoterica

Souring into Aquarius:


Briefs in metaphysics, energetic healing, and esoterica


by: Denton Coleman


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Chapter 1 – Our true nature and that of reality

Chapter 2 – Esoteric teachings


Chapter 3 – Energetic healing

Sound therapy


Chapter 4 – Mastery

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Chapter 1 – Our true nature and that of reality



The knowledge of Nature as it is – not as we imagine it to be – constitutes true philosophy. He who merely sees the external appearance of things is not a philosopher; the true philosopher sees the reality, not merely the outward appearance.” – Paracelsus



I would like to welcome and introduce you to this work by offering the primary reasoning behind its generation. I am intending for the material comprising this text to serve as a sort of capstone atop the pyramid of my other e-books. Many of the topic areas included in this e-book have been explored in my other works, but the specific curricula presented here is largely new. I have attempted to approach the covered subjects from different angles, tendering new details so as to broaden and add depth to the discussions given elsewhere (within Satori Institute). Because the makeup of this text is not designed to be overly introductory, to an extent I do jump in and out of each section. I apologize for this, but I have done so in order to keep the material concise and pertinent, and because much of what is treated here is built off of the constitution of my other e-books. With that out of the way, let’s begin our adventure by examining the true nature of our being and the premise underlying our existence here on this earth.

The composition of the human is of course multi-fold, there being seven emanations or bodies in operation. Numerous names, labels, and arrangements have been ascribed to these bodies, but you may be most familiar with the following hierarchy and its corresponding appellations: the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, the etheric body, the Higher Mental Body (or Christ Self), the Causal Body, and the I AM Presence 1. The exact title for each emanation and their arrangement are not all that important for our immediate interests. As channeled through Geraldine Innocente: “The I AM Presence is the individualized focus of God, connected to the heart of the physical body through the silver cord…It is the God within you and knows only perfection” 2. What is very frustrating to the orthodoxical scientist, but quite obvious to the metaphysician, is that some of the light or energy used to construct the seven bodies stands beyond the recognized electromagnetic spectrum (meaning the range of electromagnetic radiation from radio waves to gamma rays, essentially). Such energy is incapable of being detected through our material instrumentation due to the fact that “no instrument can detect frequencies higher than those from which it is made” 3. This is why we laugh at the physicists who cannot fathom the existence of basically anything that does not lend itself to being recorded in a laboratory. We should also understand that there is nothing in the manifested universe that does not partake of consciousness, as Seth (a higher-dimensional entity) has explained: “Nothing exists – neither rock, mineral, plant, animal, or air – that is not filled with consciousness of its own kind. So you stand amid a constant vital commotion, a gestalt of aware energy, and you are yourselves physically composed of conscious cells that carry within themselves the realization of their own identity, that cooperate willingly to form the corporeal structure that is your physical body” 4.

In my e-book Know Thyself, I describe the seven dimensions of our octave as being founded upon particular vibrational patterns that manifest as the seven rainbow colors, or rays. This is correct, but the “seven rays” have also been described in a bit different context. In The Law of Life: Book II, this context is illustrated thus: “The seven rays represent the diversified activities of cosmic service from the God-Parents, the Sun [Helios and Vesta are the God-Parents of our solar system]. The seven rays are life manifest in seven different ways, seven phases or activities of development. These rays are directed to the planet through the Seven Elohim, Archangels and Chohans. The First, Second and Third Rays represent the Threefold action of the Godhead; they represent the inner action. The other four rays represent the outer action, that is, that of the etheric, mental, emotional and physical planes. The Fourth Ray corresponds with the etheric, the bridge between the inner and outer” 5. Avoiding a lengthy talk on the Four Elements, I just want to acknowledge here that “water represents the emotional body” and that “Water is the greater part of earth as the emotional body is of [our] energy” 6. Taking a step back in looking at what we truly are, I’d like to first quote Rasha’s channeling of ‘Oneness,’ a presence and embodied principle of higher consciousness: “You are a piece of Divine essence – with consciousness, with identity. You are a fragment of your own expression and experience of the One” 7. Essentially, what or who we are as individualizations of consciousness is represented by the summation of all vibrational portfolios ever expressed by the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual facets of our being. Therefore, even though there is no true proceeding of time, only an eternal present, technically we could say that we are continually becoming a slightly new person, as the past, future, and parallel aspects of ourselves continually mold the profile of our identity. We’ll chat more about time and the nature of reality in a moment.

Adding to this train of thought, we can look at our physical reality as an expression or projection of ourselves, and then see ourselves as “literally…the dimension of experience of which [we] previously thought [we] were only a component” 8. Put simply, it is quite correct to say that we are the reality we experience. Digging deeper, there are aspects of our own consciousness who compassionately offer guidance in remembering who and what we are in this life and in others; these aspects are commonly referred to as angels. They may tender love, light, intuitive knowledge, or simply gentle nudges in the right direction as they assist us in our advancement. In addition to these “personal angels,” there exists a hierarchy of angelic beings within various planes whose roles and offerings vary a bit depending upon their wishes and the planes in which they operate 9. For instance, there are some angels who work with our Sun in perpetuating the blueprint for the octave we are currently dwelling within 10. I think it’s appropriate to include here a citation from Max Freedom Long’s book The Secret Science Behind Miracles: “The kahuna theory is that we are allowed free will, and that the High Self will not interfere with our doings, no matter how we muddle our lives (except for predetermining certain vital events of life) UNLESS WE ASK IT TO COME TO OUR AID. Asking is “opening the door.” The kahuna belief is that the High Self yearns over us as a parent over a wayward child, and longs to help and guide us, but is bound to keep hands off our affairs until we make the astounding discovery that there is a High Self, and that there is a way to gain its help in living” 11. I would say that there is some truth to this, especially if we replace ‘High Self’ with ‘I AM Presence.’

To wrap up this initial unit, let’s outline why it is that we are here, why it is that we have decided to incarnate upon this planet. Speaking generally, physical embodiment is chosen out of the desire to acquire mastery over energy on the lower plane, to truly learn (or remember) how to create consciously with thought, emotion, word, and action 12. A passage from The Magic Presence extrapolates this idea, “Physical embodiment is for the purpose of preparing, perfecting, and illumining a body whose vibratory action can be raised to blend with the Body of the “Mighty I AM Presence”” 13. As excellently expressed by Maurice Maeterlinck, “What is man but a god afraid?” I think we have waited long enough to fully embrace our divinity and lay claim to that which is ours by birthright. An excerpt from 21 Essential Lessons agrees with this contention and gifts us with an important gem: “Re-acquiring this God-consciousness is the need of the hour. It is “the second coming of the Christ”” 14. Remember that the term “Christ” is a title, not a name. The Christ consciousness is within all of us, and its unfurling denotes the real salvation.

In furthering our covering of the nature of reality, let me present an extract from The Secret Doctrine: “The “Fiery Whirlwind” is the incandescent Cosmic dust which only follows magnetically, as the iron filings follow the magnet, the directing thought of the “Creative Forces.” Yet this cosmic dust is something more; for every atom in the Universe has the potentiality of self-consciousness in it, and is, like the Monads of Leibniz, a Universe in itself, and for itself” 15. Gottfried Leibniz was a German philosopher (1646 – 1716) who used the term “monad” in labeling his conception of primal precursors to all form, with space and time being illusory, and matter being a phenomenon expressed by the monads which pervade the universe and mirror its totality (according to Leibniz). We know that the universe is holographic by design (more on this later), but it is the work of Walter Russell that clearly illumines the mechanism by which the “Fiery Whirlwind” magnetically follows the “Creative Forces.” If you are unfamiliar with Russell’s cosmogony, an introductory discourse can be found in my e-book The Art and Science of Healing.

To use Walter’s words, “This electric wave universe of divided pressures is an electric record of God’s thinking…The Light of His knowing is undivided. It is a magnetic equilibrium…God’s magnetic universe is the still Light of His knowing. God’s electric universe is the product of God’s knowing, expressed by the pulsing lights of His dynamic thinking…God’s communion with His Self is identical in principle and practice with your communion with your Self Oneness as God. Your electric universe is the product of your knowing, expressed by your thinking” 16. So, the division or polarization of God’s “magnetic light” gives rise to electricity and provides for the manifestation of the universe. As co-Creators or sparks of God, we can direct this polarization and shape our physical reality. Since our brains record the thoughts produced by our minds, our brains are involved in constructing the projection that is the material framework (as we perceive it) in which we are focused. Light waves come together to form three-dimensional patterns, and these patterns are detected by our physical senses and then interpreted by the brain, which subsequently helps to build the objective reality we discern 17. However, our subtle or inner senses are well aware of the greater reality all around us, but the information supplied by them is typically filtered out. This allows for us to concentrate within the physical world and to experience time as being linear. Chief to our interests though, is the great plasticity of the brain, and how our beliefs and thoughts can mold its architecture and open its gateways so that we may unlock its greater functionality and witness the larger reality that surrounds us 18, 19.

Moving on, let’s now say a few words concerning the means by which we may draw desire into manifestation. Recalling that the knowing of the I AM Presence is absolute, it is our “human” beliefs and comprehension that are capable of limiting and confining the materialization of God’s light. Otherwise, all of our creations would be perfect and immediate in their actualization. Although, as soon as we formulate a desire and intend for it to come forth, immediately the manifestation begins taking shape, without fail. Releasing or at least turning our attention away from negative or restricting notions more fully opens the door to the abundant energy available for our use. Saint Germain has spoken to this in the past: “Order is Heaven’s First Law-Harmony and Peace, the Cohesive Power of the Universe. These come from One Source only, and that is the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ of the Universe, your God Self. Limitless Substance and Invincible Power are forever about you…You, the individual, are the channel through which the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ wishes to expand Its Perfection. It pours out ceaselessly the Limitless Light, or Energy of Life; but you are the governor of its use, the director of its destination and of the result it is to bring forth to you” 20. The act of visualizing or mental picturing “creates a focus for the concentration and condensation of the Electronic Light in the ether which fills all space everywhere…feeling, united with the mental picture, sets up a drawing activity-a magnetic pull upon the Pure Electronic Substance” 21.

Pausing for a moment, many definitions have been ascribed to the term ether in both the occult and philosophical literature, but let’s align our view with that of H. P. Blavatsky, as she provides it in The Secret Doctrine: “Ether is one of the lower “principles” of what we call Primordial Substance (Akasa, in Sanskrit), one of the dreams of old, which has now become again the dream of modern science. It is the greatest, just as it is the boldest, of the surviving speculations of ancient philosophers. For the Occultists, however, both Ether and the Primordial Substance are a reality. To put it plainly, Ether is the Astral Light, and the Primordial Substance is Akasa, the Upadhi of divine thought” 22. For your reference, upadhi is a Sanskrit word for ‘vehicle.’ Returning to our talk, the mind stands as the architect behind the sculpting of the “electronic light” which, in a way, is vitalized by feeling. To lend some credence to this conversation on manifesting, here is a very intriguing excerpt from The Secret Science Behind Miracles in which the apporting of multiple objects is recorded during a séance: “A medium named Mrs. Guppy, who was a woman of wealth and note in the early days of Spiritualism, gave a sitting with her friends for Henry W. Longfellow in Italy. At the sitting a block of ice over a foot square was brought as an apport and dropped with a crash on the table. At a second sitting, while the famous poet was holding both the medium’s hands, several oranges were apported. At still another sitting, in which the spirit spoke through the medium and asked what things were desired, the following items were apported: A banana, two oranges, a bunch of white grapes, a bunch of black grapes, a cluster of filberts, three walnuts, half a dozen damsons, a slice of candied pineapple, an onion, a peach, some almonds, three figs, two apples, four very large grapes, a potato, and several other objects” 23. Apparently, a séance is the place to be when one is suffering from hunger pangs yet finds themselves a bit short on cash.


Chapter 2 – Esoteric teachings



Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.” – Max Planck



In this chapter, I’d like to shift gears a bit and examine the universe through a different lens. Earlier I stated that the universe is holographic, and it is the oneness of creation that truly permits for this to be. Quantum physicists have played with the idea of and even demonstrated what is termed “quantum entanglement,” but no matter how hard the atheist academician tries, there is no escaping the Law of One 24. Many early systems taught about the immutable connectedness of all things in one way or another, and in the Avatamsaka Sutra of Mahayana Buddhism, we can find an excellent example of this: “Far away in the heavenly abode of the great god Indra, there is a wonderful net which has been hung by some cunning artificer in such a manner that it stretches out indefinitely in all directions. In accordance with the extravagant tastes of deities, the artificer has hung a single glittering jewel at the net’s every node, and since the net itself is infinite in dimension, the jewels are infinite in number. There hang the jewels, glittering like stars of the first magnitude, a wonderful sight to behold. If we now arbitrarily select one of these jewels for inspection and look closely at it, we will discover that in its polished surface there are reflected all the other jewels in the net, infinite in number. Not only that, but each of the jewels reflected in this one jewel is also reflecting all the other jewels, so that the process of reflection is infinite” 25.

In the ancient text, The Divine Pymander, we can discover another allusion, albeit in a more verbose form: “And the Soul of Eternity is God; and the Soul of the World, Eternity; and of the Earth, Heaven…God is in the Mind, the Mind in the Soul, the Soul in the Matter, all things by Eternity…All this Universal Body, in which are all Bodies, is full of Soul, the Soul full of Mind, the Mind full of God” 26. Turning to the Greeks, the Pythagoreans were evidently well aware of not only the fractal holography of the universe’s organization, but even the geometric structure of the unified field or the vacuum of space-time (modeled by the ‘vector equilibrium’), as concealed within the tetractys diagram [Figure 2.1]. As Bashar (an Essassanian collective) has explained: “…the triad formation, or triangular formation, first of all is the primary fundamental geometric that will always occur in the second and third densities. The tetrahedron is the most basic fundamental form of manifestation in third density that you can have in physical reality” 27. More information on the vacuum of space-time can be found in my e-book As the universe, so the soul. The following oath of the Pythagorean initiates displays how significant the tetractys was to the ancient wisdom keepers: “By that pure, holy, four lettered name on high, nature’s eternal fountain and supply, the parent of all souls that living be, by him, with faith find oath, I swear to thee.”



Figure 2.1 – The tetractys diagram disguises the vector equilibrium.







Sticking with the ancient Greeks for a moment, let’s press on to a dialogue of their cosmogony. Likely drawing from the teachings of the Orphic Mystery School, the Pythagoreans functionally divided the universe into three worlds or “spheres,” these being the Supreme, Superior, and Inferior worlds 28. The Supreme world might be seen as the celestial sphere of Source, the envelope of the Divine which houses the other two worlds. The Superior world exists basically as the angelic realm of higher consciousness and close proximity to Source, while the Inferior world provides for the physical plane and the lower kingdoms of Nature. When philosophically related to the human being, the three worlds explain our threefold constitution of body, mind, and spirit, with the Supreme world being attributed to the heart, the Superior world to the brain, and the Inferior world to the reproductive system 29. Using the labels of the Hindu Trimurti, Brahma (the creator) was attributed to the heart, Vishnu (the preserver) the brain, and Shiva (the destroyer) the reproductive system. Here Brahma’s ‘creative’ property denotes the heart being the center of the body’s toroidal field (which is the source-point of the individual’s spiritual manifestation into the physical), Vishnu’s ‘preservative’ property denotes the sustaining of experienced realities by the mind’s focal consciousness, and Shiva’s ‘destroying’ property denotes the “animalistic” aspect of man being able to contribute to the deterring of man’s spiritual unfoldment.

Symbolically and diagrammatically, the respiratory diaphragm was used to separate the Superior and Inferior worlds of man, as in its resting position (or after exhalation) it stands as the “mountain” which supports the “holy temple” (the heart). For your possible interest, the physical body requires a continual cycling through the inspiratory and expiratory actions of the respiratory diaphragm for sustenance within the material plane. Upon transcension of the material plane, symbolically the respiratory diaphragm may remain in its resting position in which it supports the heart (or the holy temple). Thus, the body will no longer require physical sustenance through ventilation and instead may be supported by the spiritual nourishment of the heart. In other words, the physical act of breathing allows the body to remain suspended within the material plane. With proper and sufficient attainment, such suspension would no longer be necessary – hence many of the techniques contained within the Yogic discipline of pranayama, which seeks the transcension of self through the rhythm of the breath. In the next section, we’ll examine the cosmos with the help of some very old occult knowledge.






In beginning this discussion on the system of Kabbalah, I must say that I don’t intend on diving into a thorough unraveling of Hebrew mysticism, but merely wish to cover enough to provide a convenient grasping of the system’s philosophical tenets. Even though multiple spellings have been used in many different texts, here I will be sticking to the Kabbalah spelling, except when quoting other works. Turning to Samuel Mathers for an introduction (writing in 1912): “The Qabalah may be defined as being the esoteric Jewish doctrine. It is called in Hebrew QBLH, Qabalah, which is derived from the root QBL, Qibel, meaning “to receive.” This appellation refers to the custom of handing down the esoteric knowledge by oral transmission, and is nearly allied to “tradition”” 30. While some of the Kabbalistic teachings have of course been transcribed, many have been closely guarded, accounting for the current store of varied interpretations and understandings. Employing a passage from Isis Unveiled: “The kabalist is a student of “secret science,” one who interprets the hidden meaning of the Scriptures with the help of the symbolical Kabala, and explains the real one by these means. The Tanaim were the first kabalists among the Jews; they appeared at Jerusalem about the beginning of the third century before the Christian era. The Books of Ezekiel, Daniel, Henoch, and the Revelation of St. John, are purely kabalistical. This secret doctrine is identical with that of the Chaldeans, and includes at the same time much of the Persian wisdom, or “magic”” 31.

Buttressing the above passage, it has been said that: “Only the one who understands the Kabbala can completely understand the true meaning of those things that are conveyed in the Bible” 32. Of course, we have to apply this statement to the original manuscripts that comprised the curricula of the Judeo-Christian Bible, and not to the perverted, recrafted, and riddled-with-fabrication editions of the composite text. The Kabbalah recognizes the notion of man being a holographic reflection of the macrocosm, with the extent of our divine power waiting patiently for our utilization of it – for it is an irrefutable law “That a creation can partake of no quality not inherent in its creator.” As a side note, this law swiftly invalidates falsities of eternal damnation within a metaphorical realm of “hell,” but that’s another story. As Nicholas Culpeper puts forth in his work, The English Physician: “Hence he is called the microcosm, or little world, the recapitulation of all things, the ligament of angels and beasts, heavenly and earthly, spiritual and corporeal, the perfection of the whole work, the honor and miracle of nature” 33.

Within the Judaist system, it is typically taught that the first man was both male and female – the Celestial Androgyne, created in the “image” of the Elohim 34. And from this archetype, the ‘terrestrial Adam’ was formed which was originally androgynous as well, until ‘Eve’ was “removed from his side” in order to separate the sexual polarity and allow for material experience. Hence, the Zohar describes Adam as being made with two faces to denote the archetype’s androgyny – much like the Roman Janus, which has been used to denote the same in addition to the office of the pineal gland in serving as a doorway between the inner and outer or visible and invisible worlds. As Helena Blavatsky states in Isis Unveiled, “the Adam of the second chapter in Genesis…strives in his pride to become Creator in his turn…the prototypes of our races were all enclosed in the microcosmic tree which grew and developed within and under the great mundane or macrocosmic tree” 35. The alchemical symbol of the androgynous king, seated upon the “celestial throne” with both a male and female head, portrays the original, epicene race as well as the interplay of the positive and negative polarities in creation 36.

Now, the Kabbalistic system views the complete nature of the Absolute as being beyond “mortal” comprehension. For our purposes, we can designate the Absolute as Hoa, using a sphere to represent the Cosmic Egg within which the entirety of infinite creation is carried out. According to tradition, the concentric withdrawal of Hoa from the circumference of the sphere (symbolizing the “boundary” of the universe) to a focalized center formed the first Sephirah of the Tree of Life – Kether (holding the name ‘Ehyeh’ or ‘I AM’). In the wake of this concentric withdrawal, four planes were purportedly created – these being the spiritual plane (Atziluth), the divine mental plane (Briah), the astral plane (Yetzirah), and the material plane (Assiah) 37. From here, the remaining nine Sephiroth (plural form of Sephirah) unfolded from Kether to construct the Tree of Life – ten principles illustrating the map of the Divine’s radiation [Figure 2.2]. The schematic of the Sephiroth also offers guidance for passing through what are known as the “Fifty Gates of Binah,” rungs in the ladder of consciousness-blossoming leading back to unification with the All. Additionally, the three pillars of the Tree of Life personify the Creator’s magnetic fulcrum extending its equilibrium through two poles, one positive or male and the other negative or female.



Figure 2.2 – The Kabbalistic Tree of Life.





Collectively, the Sephiroth “represent the archetypal man, Adam Kadmon, the protogonos, who in his…unity is yet dual, or bisexual, the Greek Didymos, for he is the prototype of all humanity” 38. More information on the significance of the Adam Kadmon can be found in my e-book Ambrosia descending: A Satori Institute treatise on the system of Yoga. Cyndi Dale has described the Sephiroth as stages “in the manifestation of the God-Spark,” and one of the traversals along the “paths” or bridges linking the Sephiroth has been labeled The Path of the Flaming Sword 39. This pathway is also known as the Lightning Flash of Creation, which might be said to functionally map the avenue through which creative potential manifests into materiality, as we experience it. This ‘Flaming Sword’ allegorically guards the Tree of Life within the Garden of Eden, it is the “Creative Fiat, or Word of Power, by which the illusion of material permanence is slain” 40. The Biblical account of the Garden of Eden offered in the Book of Genesis is a symbolical portrayal of two Golden Ages (among multiple other references, such as the physiological and metaphysical functionality of the human heart). As Werner Schroeder has elucidated: “…there was no imperfection…in the Garden of Eden, E-Don meaning obedience to divine wisdom, the all-knowing activity of consciousness. During this time period, no lifestream used energy to create a discordant vibration” 41.

The twenty-two paths connecting the Tree of Life’s Sephiroth correspond to the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and from the Sepher Yetzirah (or Book of Creation) we can obtain the below diagram which portrays the emanation of the twenty-two letters from Source, Hoa [Figure 2.3]. Here, the central circle is the designation of Hoa, seated upon the triangular throne of the three primal elements – air, water, and fire (represented by the Hebrew letters Aleph, Mem, and Shin, respectively) 42. Emerging from the central triangle is the black, seven-pointed star that houses the seven double letters, which correlate with multiple septenaries (such as the seven Elohim). Lastly, evolving out of the seven-pointed star is the twelve-pointed star, with its twelve simple letters correlating with multiple duodenaries – two of which being the zodiac and the twelve cranial nerve pairs 43. The twelve cranial nerve pairs can be said to embody the twelve “occult centers” or positive-pole minor chakras, serving as paths of materialization, with the twelve letters to which they are tied existing as “vibratory keys to the opening, or unlocking of [the positive-pole minor chakras] or paths, which lead one through the world of Formation, and mental plane, to the Spiritual plane, where the soul is bathed in the Light of Hoa” 44.



Figure 2.3 – Diagram of the twenty-two Hebrew letters.





Below is a listing of the correspondences between the twelve cranial nerve pairs, the twelve simple Hebrew letters, and the twelve signs of the zodiac 45:



Cranial nerve pair – Hebrew simple letter – Zodiacal sign


Olfactory – Ayin – Aries

Optic – Samekh – Taurus

Oculomotor – Qoph – Gemini

Trochlear – Lamed – Cancer

Trigeminal – Yod – Leo

Abducens – Teth – Virgo

Facial – Cheth – Libra

Vestibulocochlear – Zayin – Scorpio

Glossopharyngeal – Vav – Sagittarius

Vagus – Heh – Capricorn

Spinal accessory – Nun – Aquarius

Hypoglossal – Tzaddi – Pisces



The last point I want to mention before ending this chapter is that within the model of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life we can find hiding the geometric array of the unified field – the vector equilibrium, which provides another clear example of the profound knowledge possessed by the wisdom keepers who came before us [Figure 2.4].



Figure 2.4 – Array of the vector equilibrium.




Chapter 3 – Energetic healing



The student of the Great Work says the environment is subject to the nature of the mind.” – Ramtha



When we relinquish ourselves from limitation and accept that all possibilities are available to us in our pursuit of our heart’s desires, we deconstruct the barriers which are otherwise erected and unravel the joy in creation that is our birthright. Fear, doubt, and assumptions or perceptions of unworthiness lay the tracks for the manifestation of just about everything except the reality that we truly wish to experience. Creation is performed through the directing, organizing, and coalescing of light, so when we view ourselves as being anything less than divine, we essentially instruct the light that is at our disposal to redirect, reorganize, and recoalesce itself into some creation that is unreflective of our heart’s desire as a spark of the Creator. For simplicity, we could say that the universe impartially and immutably obeys the commands relayed to it, so if we are to experience what we desire, we need to be aware of the commands we offer, both intentional and unintentional. Effortless creation is done through establishing energetic resonance, if I may, rather than through physical exertion or forceful mentalization. In regards to physiological health, the maintaining or devising of limitations similar to those just mentioned, can concoct energetic disharmonies that interfere with the natural operation of the physical and subtle bodies, which can then lead to the manifestation of disease or ill-health. And it is such underlying beliefs that often need to be corrected or altered if genuine healing is to take place. Hence, true medicine acknowledges the composite human being, and not just displayed symptoms of the physical vehicle. Simply suppressing symptoms through pharmaceutical or surgical intervention is not an appropriate approach, as substratal imbalances may continue to grow and seek outlet until they are properly resolved. Though this model does make the Rockefeller family and the medical industry complex an unbelievable amount of money, which is why it was created and why it continues to exist (but not for long).

This chapter will deal with the healing of oneself and others largely from an energetic standpoint. If we think that the physical body is constantly being “refreshed” in accordance with our subtle blueprints and the beliefs we hold, we can see that the corporeal form is quite programmable, for better or worse 46. It’s also important to grasp that the body is not simply destined to break down and fall apart as we get older, as the body’s capacity for regeneration is uncommonly appreciated fully. Dr. Maurice Doreal gives an insightful testimony of this avowal in his book The Great Temple: “It is an absolute fact that all of the great Mystery Schools of the past recognized that the human body was a temple and as a result the great temples of antiquity, the caverns in which the mysteries were celebrated, the vaulted chambers, all were replicas of the human anatomy…and it is…a fact that all the initiatory rites of the ancient mysteries were for the purpose of instructing the neophyte in the mysteries of the human body and its relationship to the Divine or spiritual nature of man…We know that the human body is subject to various sicknesses, illnesses and diseases and yet, it is also a fact that the human body has the power of overcoming any and all conditions which might manifest within it. That overcoming may come about when one begins to learn the true nature of self in relationship to the higher or transcendental nature which is within” 47.

A primary cornerstone of healing is the repairing or reestablishment of the body’s communication pathways, as these pathways are key to the body’s synchronization of activity and adaptation to stimuli 48. Furthermore, the order in which communication pathways (or other bodily components for that matter) are corrected may need to be aligned with specific requirements of the physical body and the individual’s holistic readiness to experience healing. When conducting some kind of healing session with a client, it may be beneficial for you to ask the Ascended Host or your I AM Presence for assistance in viewing the client as being in their perfect state or being already healed. Of course, doing your best to be healthy and grounded yourself before working with someone is certainly advised, but loving intention can easily transcend possible interference from not being at the pinnacle of health. Before we continue, let’s quickly glean some insight from the work of the Heartmath Institute®, as it applies to both the health of oneself and the healing of others.

From the extensive research performed by the Heartmath Institute®, we know that the experiencing of positive emotions or the attaining of calm, centered states can facilitate the achievement of rhythmical harmony between the heart, the brain, and the remainder of the body. When such a state of “heart coherence” is maintained, one can see an improvement in vagal tone or parasympathetic nervous system activity, respiratory efficiency, fluid exchange, nutrient absorption, waste removal, cognitive function, and widespread synchronization of tissue and organ activity 49, 50. Note that communication between the heart and the rest of the body can be conducted via neural impulses, hormones and neurotransmitters, pulse or pressure waves, and electromagnetic field interaction 51. This topic is discussed at greater length in my e-book The Art and Science of Healing, but there are a few things I’d like to comment on here. Firstly, because the magnetic field generated by the heart extends beyond the periphery of the body for several feet, information can easily be relayed from one person to another through this field. Moreover, sensitivity to information being received through this medium can be enhanced through first attaining a heart coherence state 52. For energy workers, this mechanism can be utilized in diagnosis/empathic understanding, as well as in the facilitation of healing by way of an entrainment-mediated betterment of the client’s coherence 53. Similarly, greater degrees of heart coherence may expand and “grease” the accessing of intuitive data or nonlocal intuition – possibly raising the therapeutic value of any counseling or intervention offered during a client’s session 54, 55.

Moving forward, I want to offer a simple exercise before we get in to our next talk on the therapeutic use of sound. This exercise can be used to strengthen or vitalize the Ka body (also referred to as the etheric double), which will also strengthen or vitalize the physical body as the Ka body interpenetrates the physical form. The Ka body is a conveyor of life-force energy, and this exercise is intended to amplify the amount of life-force energy drawn into the Ka and physical bodies. Here we will be focusing on the intake of life-force energy through the central prana tube, which can vary in length, but commonly assumes a path between the crown of the head and the perineal region. As the Ka body is bolstered, you may notice your intuitional ability expanding. Thus, this exercise is great for not only replenishing spent or “vampirically-drained” energy, but also for heightening the intuition for those of you who practice energy work.



Step 1 = Place your awareness upon your heart chakra, and then do your best to conjure a warmth or impression of unconditional love.


Step 2 = Next, consciously intend for life-force energy to be drawn upward from the earth into your prana tube that runs along the area of your spinal column as you inhale slowly but deeply. Keep your awareness focused on the heart chakra as you inhale.


Step 3 = As you exhale slowly, visualize or intend for the energy that has been drawn up into the prana tube to spread outward and permeate the rest of the body.


Step 4 = Now, consciously intend for life-force energy to be drawn downward from above your crown into your prana tube as you inhale slowly but deeply. Again, keep your awareness focused on the heart chakra as you inhale.


Step 5 = Virtually repeating step 3, exhale slowly as you visualize or intend for the energy that has been drawn down into the prana tube to spread outward and permeate the rest of the body.


Step 6 = Continue steps 1 – 5 for as long as you like to complete the exercise. In my opinion, a few minutes should be plenty.



Sound therapy



While we typically divide sound and light as being distinct phenomena, they are in actuality very much connected. That being said, here I’ll be referring to sound mostly in the traditional sense. Certainly music and sound have been wielded for many different purposes since the dawn of mankind, but this talk will just cover a few points relevant to this text’s material. Purportedly, music was used therapeutically at the shrine of Asclepius as well as within the clinics of Hippocrates 56. According to a work of Manly P. Hall, the musical note E “has a cleansing effect, strengthens the intuitional faculties, and assists in the digestion of food” 57. In comprehending music’s impact upon the human being, the ancient Greek philosophers attributed the aspect of rhythm to the order and functionality of the physical body, the aspect of melody to one’s mental and emotional facets, and harmony to one’s soul or spirituality. It is said that the disciples of Pythagoras listened to soothing songs of string instruments before retiring for the night in order to clear and settle the psyche 58. Knowing that we create in the dream state much like we do while awake, clarifies the reasoning behind the practice of dismissing negative thoughts and feelings before going to bed. While asleep we shift into the astral consciousness, and during this time we are impressed with the “music of the spheres,” and the “soul feasts and lives in flowing tone” 59. Extrapolating, music may be said to “open the veil” or increase the permeability of the interface between the physical body and the higher bodies – for “To live without music is to die without peace, but to be enriched by its gentle persuasions is to find God and beauty everywhere” 60.

Because of the crystalline density of bone tissue (including the structured water contained within), our skeletal structures serve well as data repositories 61. In a way, sound waves can be used to “extract” this information, as well as connect one to or attune one with their higher chakras residing outside the perimeter of the physical body – so that the understanding housed by these centers may be more easily incorporated, if you will 62. Relatedly, different forms of massage therapy can aid in removing the “armoring” held in the soft tissue (mainly muscular and fascial tissue) that may stifle the unfurling of the data stored in bone. Because our cells are capable of perceiving, remembering, learning, and adapting to internal and external information, both manual and sound therapy may be employed in a kind of epigenetic reprogramming that restores harmony and naturality to the operation of the body 63. Being exposed to certain types of music can also induce appreciable changes in neuroplasticity 64, 65.

Continuing with the medical applications, the experiencing of trauma on a physical, psychological, and/or emotional level can “give rise to pathological oscillations in the standing waves” constituting the pattern of the physical body 66. Such oscillations can interfere with the resonance between the body and the earth, as well as simply disturb the order of the body’s systems. Focusing on emotions, as emotions settle within the area of the physical body, they may retain a certain signature of timbre and pitch, thus making them amenable to manipulation through sound 67. Sound waves may reach beyond the subatomic level, but as the Hathors have explained: “The key is the right use of intention, awareness, and sound. This is the triad that will allow you to begin to actually affect physical matter through the agency of consciousness expressing itself through sound” 68. Tuning forks in particular, can be of great aid in knocking down obstructions to energy flow, remedying distortions in energy fields, and reestablishing order within the body. Additionally, tuning forks may be used much like ultrasound in phonophoresis, helping to drive topically-applied agents like essential oils or Bach Flower Essences deeper into the body 69. I believe this application of tuning forks may also enhance or “lubricate” the transfer of energy from such agents to the body, especially since sound waves propagate spherically 70. I feel for our purposes we can state that consciousness organizes geometry, and sound waves can serve as a medium for the directing of geometrical formation. Thus, does sound not stand as a device for universal attunement? Let’s explore this idea more in the next section.





There’s no doubt that many volumes could be written on the subject of crystal healing. However, staying in line with the intended scope of this text, in this section I’d prefer to merely cover the foundations of their use. In introducing the spirit of crystals, might I turn to the wisdom of Manly P. Hall: “According to the teachings of the Mysteries, the rays of the celestial bodies, striking the crystallizing influences of the lower world, become the various elements. Partaking of the astral virtues of their source, these elements neutralize certain unbalanced forms of celestial activity and, when properly combined, contribute much to the well-being of man” 71. Dr. Rudolf Steiner held a similar comprehension, and described crystals in the following way: “If you look at a crystal you have to recognize it primarily as the expression of certain natural laws which prevail in the external world in the so-called lifeless kingdom. No crystal could be formed without the assistance of all surrounding nature. No single link can be severed from the chain of the cosmos and set apart by itself…and therefore, whoever views a crystal rightly will see in it a picture of the whole of nature, indeed of the whole cosmos” 72. Multiple elder peoples considered mineral crystals as being sentient entities which could be communicated with and which shared a unified consciousness, or oversoul 73. Some American Indian teachings view the mineral crystals of the earth as being the neurons of Mother Earth’s brain, in reference to the American Indians’ understanding of the ability of crystals to receive, store, transmit, and generate information as well as energy 74. Although, more literally, the earth’s crystals do collectively operate in a manner that parallels our own brains’ functionality in their assisting of Gaia in her regulation of the physical earth.

As I understand, the atomic arrangement of virtually all crystalline, lattice formations are based upon the geometries of the five Platonic solids 75. Although, because the atoms comprising mineral crystals are not actually material, particle forms, their geometric arrangements represent dynamic light wave patterns that provide for specific expressions of creation, essentially. Furthermore, every naturally-occurring crystal will fall under one of the following six systems of classification based upon the axes of symmetry that the crystal’s structure displays: isometric, hexagonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, and triclinic. I want to mention here that the vector equilibrium, which functionally houses each of the five Platonic solids, can be thought of (in my opinion) as an interface for relaying the creative potentials contained within the geometry of Metatron’s cube into the crystallizations of physical reality [Figure 3.1]. Thus, the vector equilibrium basically represents the geometric skeleton through which Nature unfolds. Perhaps this lends some clarity as to why Marcel Vogel, a renowned crystallographer, has defined crystals as “the external outpourings in visible form of the perfection of the Divine Mind” 76.



Figure 3.1 – Metatron’s cube.





Crystals can be used in clearing, repairing, or restoring balance/order to layers of the auric field or the human biofield (the auric field and biofield not being identical) through either passive or active means, especially because of their capacity to draw and utilize other-dimensional energy or information. In most healing endeavors, even though the patient is typically recognized as being the true agent of whatever healing is experienced (with the ‘healer’ essentially serving as a facilitator or catalyst), it is incorrect to say that the patient is the only one doing any “work” during a crystal healing session. Granted, the greater healing actions lie within a realigning of the individual to their innate, perfected harmony, but still this is not to say that crystals (or other implements, emanations, substances, etc.) do not exert any healing or corrective power of their own, for they may indeed. Crystals often emanate coherent and “smoothing” vibrational profiles that can be used to combat discordant radiation and harmonize (or improve the coherence of) radiation from the physical body. This trait makes them excellent for kick-starting, disinhibiting, or accelerating the inborn healing processes of the body. Furthermore, crystals can be of aid in strengthening the connection of one’s physical body to their higher bodies, and thus, higher levels of consciousness and intuition. Similarly, crystals can serve as bridges for the quickened or immediate manifestation of desire or intention upon the physical plane. Lastly, much like many radionic or ‘vibrational medicine’ devices, crystals also hold potential for the neutralization or destruction of pathogenic microbes and toxicants introduced into the body, therefore offering a quite specific and direct pathway for correcting states of disease or ill-health. Though technically a mineraloid, shungite has been shown to be very potent in this regard 77. Sage, sweetgrass, and joss sticks all work very well for smudging crystals, and a feather can be used to fan the smoke in each of the four directions (if you choose to do this) 78.


Chapter 4 – Mastery


We’ve reached the final chapter and are now ready to converse about the attaining of our ascendency. Segueing from the previous chapter, oftentimes we take on the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of others as our own, and this can include the adoption of others’ physical pain or physiological illness (even if we are not fully aware of doing so). This is especially evident in cases where we “justify” the suffering or the attaching of a ball and chain to our ankle through perceptions of unworth, undeservedness, or inferiority. There is no place for martyrdom in the Age of Aquarius my friends, and there is no need for anyone to save the world. We have each chosen our own path, and each of the paths that have been chosen are valid. If it helps, we “cannot transcend the limitations of humanness by limiting [our] experience of it” 79. As we all come to honor and love the Divine within, it will become unerringly clear that, in the words of Adamus Saint Germain, “The greatest service you can be to the world is to be yourself” 80. The inappropriate harboring of guilt can set up a blockade to our sense of unity and reinforce the impression of separation from the rest of creation – for to exist is to be divine 81. Looking at these ideas from a bit different position, a few lines from The Soul and Its Nature articulate the following: “God is, and God is behind all principle and all manifestation and all law. God sets laws into operation. Man harmonizes himself with them and his life becomes perfect, or he does not and his life becomes imperfect, and man, by raising himself above and beyond the limitations of the earth [or an “earthly consciousness”], may gain understanding of the purpose and the plan and operation of those Divine laws and thus live in harmony with them. The Great Ones we hear about are those who have gained the power to rise into a state where they blend themselves with the Divine until they become one in purpose with the Divine” 82.

As previously introduced, we have all chosen to incarnate on the earth, partake of and participate in the evolutionary ascent of Gaia, and experience this world of physical reality for a number of reasons. Included among these is the desire to explore the corporeal extreme of emotional expression, which is partly why the suppression or avoidance of feeling can be such a roadblock to spiritual development as well as physical health. When certain emotional patterns are not allowed their course, they can effectively reside as thorns within either the auric field or the biofield where they can contribute to physical illness in addition to a stifling of the acceptance and incorporation of the entirety of our identity and what we have created. Because most of our emotions stem from the beliefs we hold, one of their purposes is to help teach us regarding what we believe about ourselves, others, and the world in general. As Seth has stated, “Emotional states are…impetuses for action, meant to be physically expressed” 83. Similar mosaics of experience, even if not highly charged with emotion, can serve as magnets which consistently draw to the individual scenarios or realities that offer the opportunity to fully feel that which is desired (on some level) to be felt or have resolved. Such mosaics can be successfully removed, repaired, or satisfied through a number of ‘vibrational medicine’ or ‘energy work’ modalities (e.g. radionic devices, Reiki, Pranic Healing®, etc.). This kind of “energetic purification” is becoming increasingly important in this day and age as we accelerate toward ‘ascension’ and further prepare ourselves for operating within the higher planes. Accordingly, the development and energetic cleansing of the physical vehicle might be said to stand as a requisite for continuing up the evolutive staircase, if you will (to an extent).

Relatedly, achieving a level of acceptance, clarity, and understanding regarding the experiential themes one has decided to survey, also pushes one forward in their evolutive journey by allowing for a state of equilibrium and harmony to be attained that eases and beautifies the traversing through physical reality while allowing for a further uniting of one’s other selves residing in parallel realities – thereby providing them a higher vantage point of perspective and understanding 84. As this uniting occurs, basically a greater resonance between one’s self and their other selves experiencing parallel realities is established – permitting one to more easily shift to or manifest the reality they wish to experience. In this way, an individual can become more masterful in how they operate and exert their creative power, which should add to the enjoyment of their adventure through the dimensions. If we conveniently view the stepping stones of each dimension as scholastic grades (as in 1st grade, 2nd grade, and so on) that progressively prepare one for reunification with Source, we can imagine that within each grade, the seas of experience are organized around themes which help to shape, filter, and guide our learning processes and development. So as we grow in our mastery, we expand our capacity for effortlessly building the realities we desire to partake in.

I do not wish to rudely debase the belief systems to which any subscribe, as all paths ultimately lead back to the Creator. However, there are many who knowingly preach falsity in order to mislead, disempower, and enslave all who will listen, and for these individuals, it’s tough to have compassion. The fabrications of multiple religious systems have ensnared the bulk of humanity for long enough. It’s time for truth to reign supreme throughout the planet, and for the true Creator and the true nature of reality to be known. As excellently described by ‘Oneness’ (the consciousness channeled by Rasha): “The God you long to know does not seek to control you, or to punish you when you choose to express the free will with which you have been gifted. You have not been provided with the opportunity to experience your Divinity in physical form simply to have you follow a particular prescribed routine. You have been given unlimited freedom of choice. And that choice encompasses all avenues of the expression of your innate Divinity. The opportunity here, in these times of blossoming self-awareness, is to recognize the unlimited potential in who and what you are, and to gift yourself with permission to express that knowingness as you choose to” 85.

This brings us to the next point I’d like to bring up, which is twofold. Firstly, our DNA contains a record of our incarnations, as well as those of the entire human race, according to Serapis 86. Secondly, our DNA is in the midst of an evolution in that there will be an expansion from two helices to twelve, according to a Pleiadian collective 87. These twelve helices correlate with the seven major chakras that lie along the area of the spine plus another five chakras which are located outside the perimeter of the body. Evidently, this evolution will bring about a greater “opening” of the twelve chakras and a more pronounced drawing-in of extraterrestrial or off-planet energies. Furthermore, it seems that the twelve chakras are also currently undergoing a kind of merging so as to become more singular 88.

The last topic I’d like to go over before I conclude this work is that of the ego, referring essentially to our sense of identity rather than the Freudian conception. Many religious and spiritual sects teach about the dissolution or abandoning of the ego, especially as a means to experience some aspect of the greater reality or to meld more easily with some sense of connectedness. Unfortunately, such approaches are not only inappropriate but also detrimental because they lead to a denying of our divinity and a dismissal of our unique consciousness’s casting within creation. The ego is an integral part of who we are, and we might say that the ego is the “trail of breadcrumbs” that leads back to Source 89. As we move forward in the New Energy, our male and female polarities are to become more balanced, more congruous. Accordingly, I believe that the appropriate suggestion is to give love to our ego and our creations, for as Tobias has remarked, doing so “is like food and water for the Christ Seed that is growing within you” 90. And is it not true that “love given is never work,” since genuine love is the pure essence that flows through and sustains us? Ergo, it shouldn’t encounter any resistance except for that which we erect to it, right?

Finally, I think it might be helpful to extend a morsel of food for thought, and that is to, as an underlying but gentle guidance, try to “accept and honor all things and people as they are…[for] As you do this…You find that life – your life and your creations – take on a new kind of ease” 91. This may seem too absolute at first, but it does not mean that we should simply sit and do nothing for ourselves or anyone else. Instead, the recommendation is to respect what others have created for themselves while remaining compassionate, so that we do not hinder the grander unfolding of our own creations and those of others via limited, “human” perspectives (or moral crusading). When we allow our creation processes to be directed but open-ended in a way, energy is given the chance to flow with grace and ease, and our creations can more freely take on the highest order or the most perfect form 92. In this way, we can create masterfully.

It is my hope that this short text has been or will be of some benefit to you, and that your life continues to be guided with light and love. Till we meet again my friends.


About the Author

Denton Coleman is an Exercise Physiologist who currently resides in Ogden, Utah. He received his bachelor’s degree in Human Performance with an emphasis in Wellness from Weber State University. Once a Business Administration major, Denton decided to step away from his Department of Defense employment and pursue a career in health and fitness. After serving as a Personal Trainer at two universities, Denton chose to go his own way and ultimately founded Satori Institute, which serves as a resolute and honest academy for holistic health and wellness knowledge. You may visit Satori Institute’s repository at http://www.satoriinstitute.info.







- Bachelor of Science in Human Performance with an emphasis in Wellness.

- Certified Exercise Physiologist: American College of Sports Medicine.

- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist: National Strength and Conditioning Association.

- Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist: American Council on Exercise.

- Certified Holistic Fitness Specialist: Academy of Holistic Fitness.

- Certified Personal Trainer: American College of Sports Medicine.




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Souring Into Aquarius: Briefs In Metaphysics, Energetic Healing, And Esoterica

This brief work was put together for the chief purpose of augmenting the curricula presented in my other e-books. New details and explanations associated with topics previously discussed within Satori Institute's collection of materials are offered in this text, in addition to information that has not been covered in my other works. Much of what is presented has been designed to function well in a stand-alone fashion, but the rest of the book's material is largely intended to be supplementary. The curriculum begins with a dialogue of the metaphysical nature of ourselves and the reality we're participating in, and then proceeds into a talk on various esoteric understandings of the human being and the universe. The third chapter deals with healing via energetic manipulation, mostly with the employment of sound, crystals, and energy medicine modalities in general. The work concludes with a conversation regarding masterful living and the aligning of ourselves with the New Energy.

  • ISBN: 9781370712458
  • Author: Denton Coleman
  • Published: 2017-02-19 03:20:11
  • Words: 11768
Souring Into Aquarius: Briefs In Metaphysics, Energetic Healing, And Esoterica Souring Into Aquarius: Briefs In Metaphysics, Energetic Healing, And Esoterica