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To mirror, which tells you stories of a different kind







Soul to Berry


Chapter 1:

Basics, whether Building or Blocking?


Chapter 2:

Lust for Distraction


Chapter 3:

Death and Distinction


Chapter 4:

Fashion of Misery


Chapter 5:

Imagination and its Friction









Noun: Soul


The immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an individual life.


One of the many definitions, this one is also termed as psyche. For there are several many concepts discussed over thousands of papers and plenty of thesis, Soul yet appears to me so opposite of conceptualised entity. The more I try to understand its glaze, the more deeper I find my conclusions. Every definition holds some truth but not entirely completes the quest for roots and rhythms of our existence.


Body on the other hand, is designed to understand everything as the form of energy. So it takes up soul as the source of energy that helps us to achieve the purpose of our existence. And then poetry of soul is written with every colour of light and every shade of dark.


We don’t know where psyche comes from and yet we are handling such powerful growth within us. Values of moral and institutional’ however we learn, we take this gear of life in our own hands. No matter where we are born and raised, each one of us drives life as he sums up the fire of his soul. Ultimately it’s about conscience, how clear and vivid have you made your path to reach the life’s purpose.


In this three volume set of Soul to Berry, topics brought to you, have been set of queries since decades. From distraction to misery, from death to productivity, from basics to goals, our work intends keeping a genuine eye for the regular brain cereal. This book is about revitalising your inner questions and forming a set of actions to bring a shift in your life. Acknowledging the simple bits, which have lost it’s essence while competing in this fast growing world. Reading this would let you dig for the real you, one capsule at a time. Chapters such as Lust for Distraction, Fashion of Misery, Death and Distinction brings you verses to rethink and ask same old questions differently.


Enrich the fruit of your time with this first volume set of Soul to Berry.






“Origin is certain but not definite

Immortality is guided by the naive


What it may be, with time and light

Soul is what you see, you drive


Soil your youth, enrol into the fight

Until its berry enriches your life”



- Soul to Berry









Chapter 1


Basics, whether Building or Blocking?




One Tuesday morning, Neil arrives at my door with a package. I recall being so relived after waiting so eagerly for about a week.

When it arrived, he thought of delivering it to me as the first thing in morning. Anyway, we ended up heading office together that day, perhaps for the first time.


Neil, as I know is quite a thinker and logic oriented man. He believes in religions of all kind and trusts to be God one and the same. Though he goes to worship in temple but he also visits church, mosque and gurudwarah with equal faith. I know he advocates for the same understanding of trust and respect in all communities.


That day, while driving as we move past by temples on our way, he lifted his hand in respect each time he saw one. We also crossed by couple of churches in between but I never saw him do the same for later. He noticed them but acknowledged their presence like a park on roadside.

At first I waited for the next greeting but morning thoughts are so curious in its own way, I couldn’t resist to ask.


“Why is that you could greet the temple and not the church?” I blurted out.


“Is it a different way of church prayer that you do when you enter inside them?”


He smiled at first, I thought he would answer in one of his quick witted way. But he just kept opening his mouth to say something and then close it with a frown to think of another answer.


Even I was recollecting how many more of my friends do the same and this is the first time it has actually come out as a question.


We reached office.


He still had nothing.


This episode made me think day long about the believes we are put in. The way we are taught, how some notions are like scar to our mind. Even though it is healed with logical awareness, it is still present there underneath like a habit of reception or like a body routine.

It was Neil’s auto response to lift his hand whenever he saw temples out of respect. But inspite of his belief in church he didn’t do the same. He would definitely do it when he goes inside the church, but it is not feasible for his conscious to do the same every time he pass by one.


This made me question the life form as human, which runs for the salvation. What happens in the follow up of death?


Do we get moksha as we are made understood of karma and completing deeds through rebirth?


If religion A for instance, teaches us that to get another human birth you have to pass through forty-eight life forms. Religion B talks about seventy-two life forms to attain true soul moksha and religion C convinces to get everything perfect in third birth itself. Now in some hypothetical situation, even if all of it is possible, then what if the person of religion A dies and takes rebirth in religion B? The man was expecting a forty-eighth version of ritual and now he gets into the seventy-two. Who will now decide his count in such populated world, whether it gets added up to hundred-twentieth version or whether he should get into the C religion in order to straighten out his deed?

Because it is obviously not possible to keep popping up as a human for forty- eight times continuously, you would mess up something or the other in this period of thousand years maybe. As it is said, after all, only human.


These questions boggle up my mind. There are so many more we are hooked upon dealing with the spirituality and theology and even unanswered atheist community. Moreover, we have made these institutions as the most powerful in our society. This would create a riot or serve war, but would only run conventionally.

This has been quite an issue in the region of power and rule. We have given up our strength to the different levels of institutions in society and classified our life styles accordingly.


Often even after deciding, it gets so darn difficult to imply on that with instant actions. You think and analyse your thoughts on the basis of history of someone else’s experience and rule out your options. You already know, but need to understand that not everyone is of equal capability and there might be a huge possibility that what didn’t turn up right for anyone else might be just straight A for you. If you’re letting them set the combinations of your logic, you are letting your rights get hinder. You are not just swaying your optimum chance of success by going with what others think, but you are also compromising your outlook in order to locate the strength and calculate the audacity of ruined circumstances prevailing in the world. In a way you are building your misfortune on someone else’s sight and perception. You are not blind, so you must not act like one. Remember that you still possess ability to think. Going with the flow is a character of leaves and dust. How are you any different if by default you are not just accepting their flaws but also making them your own?


The world is bombarded with inventions and ideas every single hour, every single minute. Even when we think something cannot be deduced any more, it still gets divided further and further into the vigilant light. In almost all the courses of study, people are obligated to publish papers to get certain degree. With that being uploaded in hundreds of numbers all around the world everyday, mostly it appears that almost all the branches and topics are already covered. And still people manage to enlighten their desk with a new course of ideas inspired from the existing ones.


It is a fact that human mind can never run out of ideas. But there are complex additions to this fact. The ideas tend to crowd up when it is about basic earning need of population improvised with making-life-easy industry. There are people working in non-benefit organization as well, who are coming up with brilliant scopes.


But lets take an instance for environmentalists. They do work to solve problems of pollution and global warming and detoxification. But the major discussion boards all around are seen to have the details of pollution and how fast it is degrading our planet and what are the elements contributing it to its speed.


Do you think they are on the same edge where the previous lot is scrolling towards?


Clearly they appear to lag behind. Or else we would all be detoxifying other way round.


Discussion about ways of actually planting trees is minimal. If a high paying multinational company makes it a basic requirement in its closures to plant a hundred trees, people’s view to the loss of vegetation would be definitely different. With handful of trees, if workers are getting that wishful job or promotional package, then they would make sure to walk thousand miles to plant them. If government or institutions include this in basic necessity, people would gather to think a way into this, deducing into several more.

Even with falling issues like land area or time, if this is made to count an elite asset like a Jaguar or BMW, people would thrive to build vertical forests instead of more parking buildings. Every company client or every yoga teacher would come up with brighter ideas you thought could never coexist before. They would arrange spaces to plant trees no matter how difficult or expensive it gets. People would make a point then to come up with cheaper ideas to plant to a greater extent and then we can have growing number of forest groceries, or nourishing tiles or whatever makes possible to have more and more of it. They would sit in groups in coffee shops and search in progression to get trees fixed in the soil. How interesting that world would be?


But today, it is the most populated time of the earth with free Wi-Fi. There would never be lesser people warming up the globe using free internet around the corner.


You understand how difficult it has become to get bored with endless surfing zone in every hand. And yet somehow we manage to kill all the options sooner or later to enter the lethargic zone of task handling. Even though you are continuously switching tasks, not everything you do covers your soul interest. You are always into something for the next thing to happen. Like today, you prepare for tomorrow’s interview to outsmart the last or this day you wait for the next month’s salary to invest into a better health regime. There’s always a next big thing waiting up in the queue like a chain reaction. The next big exam to do well or the next presentation to tighten your grip in the firm. The next date to try and be better at self-expression. The next big ‘fill up the blank’.


You are always preparing for the things in your near future or the grown up future as your guides and guardians would say. And in that process, you tend to take this current ongoing time as a mere pawn to let it die off to save real chess deal of the life game. You tend to give away those time of life like a piece of garbage.


How can you let it vanish into nothingness just like that even if it is a small part of your lifetime?


No duration of your life is futile that you just decide to put into thrash. Can you even calculate how many days weeks and months you have let it happen?


It is difficult to look back and realize that you have put away so much time of your life like drivel.


Even though you think that’s your making up time for the coming opportunity and even though if you think it is essential to use the way you have chosen to, can you still deny the emptiness every ounce of time you have spent doing nothing but waiting?


There have been plenty on the plate always to appreciate and yet they are so few to remember throughout life. We do enjoy certain events certain vacations so much so we shout out as ‘having the time of our life’. But doesn’t by saying that we make the most happening days very singular in nature? Like that is only limited and would rather be difficult to attain and definitely end up soon. They may come once in a while and even though for few among you it is frequent enough, but isn’t it still like such selected period of life?


Now there is something you can do to bring a shift in your regular lifestyle going through ups and downs. What if instead of thinking about “having the time of your life” you put through “having the life of your time”.

Read it slowly again and let it seep in you “Having The Life Of The Time”.


Only reading the line and understanding its simple meaning would turn up your life suddenly very much alive. Like just by acknowledging it, the very moment of life including every concurrent minute becomes vital and lifelike. As if it just got a meaning to breathe by. Now you can get ready to have as many great unending events in life as you pass clock by. It is not pacing your life, but it is making you aware of every passing minute of your actions, words, and even your thinking. You are letting each instant become verve.

Just like spending time underwater you understand what is like coming to terms with your body. You stay aware of all the actions in your body, from your heart rate to the sluggish swinging movement of hands going ahead. You can recognize each pulse and reconcile it with every beat. This sense of being in tune with mind and body is also preached as term mindfulness.


The basic concept is to understand the nature of being you inside yourself, to not only know your actions but feel your doings. Go along your senses, let it guide you and you can become one with it.

What your ego permits to lay detail in your actions, might be just as free of guilt as the most enjoyable sessions of life.


Today we live in a time where we just don’t stop using whatever we can. If there’s a free food, you will have more than required people to pounce upon. If it is the free internet you won’t stop until you or the device’s power is too tired to be worked upon. The center of logical population is so concentrated on the momentary gains that we have completely overlooked our existence in time. Creativity is rapidly reducing to google search and playrooms are fitting inside the pockets. Ethics, irrespective of how much you use it or not, just bringing the topic in discussion is like asking someone to visit a library.


So where are we heading with all these familiar absences?


We talk about the building basic culture at home first and then at school and eventually the future is all about becoming a social creature.

Expecting the next generation to be far better even after been brought up through same mind setup and limiting them with same principles is no less than gambling.


Are you building the basics in your child or are you just blocking them by launching on them?


With the change of time, opportunities are also widening clearly, then why the same route?


As if we are grooved to learn that adding two fives we get a ten. We grow up, learning life lessons and finding twenty-threes and thirty-twos only to deduce them in fives to get the ten we seek. You will teach the same to your son and make sure he follows the conventional methods of thriving and getting the forms of five.


If however, he comes up with another way to get a ten. Say, adding two fours and a two equals ten, is also possible in solving the problem.


But no, he won’t be supported completely in his endeavour even though the answer he is bringing home is right. We would sit and count the drawbacks and lay possibilities of risks and failures. We would defy the two and call it unworthy of the optimum ten. He strayed away from the path and hence his ten is wrongly processed to answer.


Even if there is a contribution to the solution of life, it wouldn’t make much sense or look significant to get the ten in any different way other then five and five. We might waste next decade doing the same with his life and scopes, only to watch and debate how new kids are doing so well dealing with their problems. After losing hundreds of accounts and resources, perhaps in next generation we would find that well now it is scientifically proven that adding two fours and a two might be just as equal to ten as it may have been rightly inferred as five and five to earn a perfect ten.


It is important to understand that your belief is an outcome of your time and if you won’t process it for your own ventures, you would never find your perfect ten.


This principle of change is valid by the same fact as your perception changes with growing age, first broadening and then deepening with experiences all life long.


It is important to understand that to get something you never had, you require to do something which you have never done before.


The reason behind our query is not its acceptance but our approval and openness to the utility of basics.


As a child, you ask questions to learn and later ‘asking’ reduces in proportion to your ‘thinking of growing up’. When you think you’re old enough to figure it all out, you hesitate to ask questions and slowly get down to the point of average.

This is nothing but an irony of maturity.


This is cleared up when you are about to get placed in job land, that you must and most important of all ask enough questions to able your work. Be it the reason of shyness or be it hesitation of attention in the crowd or the doubt of sounding not so intelligent enough, your success curve is directly proportionate to the questions you ask intending to learn. When you seek knowledge, no question is foolish enough to degrade you.


There are also several questions which boggle your mind. The ones which are answered many times but never actually fixes the query.


One of the most wavering questions asked is “What to do in life?”


You may think some of them around you have figured everything out to go in life, and you are struggling through it. One thing you need to know is that no one actually knows all the processes to cook life up. In spite of all the know how details, it is impossible to go by the chart. That is because life surprises you every once in a while. And that is how it should be. You need to trust your life to let it find a new difference, to make a space for unexpected and still to come out as you may please to. Life is a very jubilant journey and long enough to make everything possible what you really want. It is indeed helpful to


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Soul to Berry

"Lust for distraction, is it? Which element of life is intimidating you dawn and dark", She asks for all. "Is it death or is it misery which is more unforgiving?" "Is it what you were taught as eight which keeps you crawling or is it what you preach your child gives you strength?", She, your Soul, is searching for answers. Soul to Berry is here to pull you, push you, to guide you to whatever way it is you want to take. Goals never seemed so near before. Answers were never found inside yourself before. This volume with eccentric five chapters set will motivate you, ignite you and free you from yourself. This is not for the ones who have settled already in the beliefs laid on them by society. This is for the ones who questions and thrives for their conscience. This is for the ones who are unstoppable. If you are ready to challenge the norms holding you back and let your guards down, grab a copy. This won't teach you the way to live. This would let you dig for the real you, one capsule at a time. Chapters such as Lust for Distraction, Fashion of Misery, Death and Distinction brings you verses to rethink and ask same old questions differently. Enrich the fruit of your time with this first volume set of Soul to Berry. "In his teen, he climbed apace to the tower top Only to understand there is no one view. He spends his life walking down With ease on his acquired path, back to his basics." - Basics, whether Building or Blocking? 'Soul to Berry' "For I have stayed in dark for years, I can still choose to live. For I have lost life in falling, I can still choose to walk. For I have known destiny so near, I can still choose to make another." - Fashion of Misery 'Soul to Berry'

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