Small Horrors of the Seemingly Strange and Unusual Sort


Small Horrors of the Seemingly Strange and Unusual Sort

D.L. Holmes


Small Horrors of the Seemingly Strange and Unusual Sort

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Copyright 2016 D.L. Holmes

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Turn Left

Mr. Grey and Mr. Black

A Lack of Sense

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Turn Left (Revision)

A morning like this springs disaster and distress. At a Chinese restaurant on 95th Street, across from the donut shop his grandmother used to take him to before passing when he was seven years old, Aaron sits by himself with a mostly clean plate staring at Sunny from across the room. If his drummer Alan were here he’d be telling him about how his brother used to date her sister, and her whole family was just a bunch of freaks that needed to be avoided. Aaron’s insecurities and sense of purpose today is what had him sitting there alone at this moment.

After coming to this restaurant for five years he’s never dared utter a word to her. The combination of her being gorgeous, and rumors about her being weird didn’t seem to fit the same image, and he had such horrible taste in women, he couldn’t do anything else but be wary.

It was yesterday evening when he left here after stopping in to get some gyoza that he received the fortune cookie he decided to take as inspiration. His luck with women, life, and everything of late seemed to be a bit of a floater, but the message “Seize the prize within her eyes” stuck with him something powerful. He decided that today he was going to talk to the beautiful girl he couldn’t stop looking at even if he was there with someone else.

He watched her half smile on the side of her face through her short haircut. He knew that she wasn’t aware off the other areas of his life. The band, the drama, and all that fell in between, and that’s honestly what to him was most attractive about her right now. He sucked it up, stood to his feet, and walked over to her. Confidence and consequence, all rolled up in a paranoid ball.

She greeted him before he even got full ways there, and her smile made his heart jump. He needed this. This fresh start. This happy hello from a stranger that could become an intimate friend if the words and intentions he conveyed ringed true to her, and he figured that they should, because they mostly were. It really didn’t matter what rumors circumvented about her sisters and her from behind closed doors, because they would always be things that happened before, and he more than anyone knew that someone shouldn’t be judged from what may or may not have happened in a past relationship.

“How was your meal Mr. Aaron?” she said formally even though she was a year older than he was. He smiled at her like he always did.

“It was great Sunny, thanks for asking.” He said almost awkwardly. He was greeted with another smile, and while thumbing over the fortune cookie over in his pocket decided to go for it.

“Hey, so, would you like to grab coffee sometime?” he said, after which he immediately stopped breathing.

Sunny looked at him confused for a moment, and then looked down, and started sweeping. He couldn’t tell at first if she had actually heard him or not.

“I already drank coffee today.” She said, and then began to turn to grab the rest of her stuff off of the table.

Aaron panicked a bit and moved forwards, and it was at that moment, that the two of them collided and cold soda was spilled all over Aaron’s pants. There was a slight scene, and there were people that glanced over, but as it was just a bit after eleven, everyone went back to eating their lunches. Aaron was shivering from the cold, and Sunny was about to start wiping his pants near the crotch, but upon realizing how that would look, she stopped, and touched his hand.

“Come with me out back please?” she said. Aaron of course followed, and they moved through the kitchen hastily, and made for the back alley.


Her lips were pressed hard against his, and her skin was almost as soft as the towel that was on his skin. He was completely surprised in coming back here, when she turned him around to the wall and instantly started clawing at him, and biting at his lip. Where was this girl a moment ago when he asked her to coffee? He kissed her back with fervor and tried to just lose himself to the moment. Was this what the fortune cookie was bringing him to?

She fumbled with his pants a bit, causing him to recoil a bit, and hold her hands and look into her eyes. She looked down for a moment, and then looked up with a smile reaching into her back pocket. She pulled out a small pink wallet, and opened it to a photo of a smiling little girl with her two front teeth missing.

“This is Anna. Her father isn’t really around much.” She said, much to Aaron’s confusion, which he could tell she could read.

She put the wallet away, and pressed him harder against the wall. Kissed him on the neck, and laid her head on his chest and said a phrase that would cripple him for a remainder of the day.

“You’ll help me out a little, right? I know your band just played a show, at the Nectar, right?” she said damning herself to his strong reaction.

He pushed himself off of the wall, and looked at her with a frantic and manic look in his eyes. That last show was a horror fest in what has recently been a hard life. How did she know about it? Then again, who didn’t know about it.

He looked at her another moment, and in all his awkwardness, said the first thing that came to mind.

“So that was a neat soda trick, huh? You do that often?” he said.

Sunny sighed, grabbed her stuff, and went back inside to work.

Aaron actually felt bad for making the statement, but then again, all he could hear in his head right now was the laughter and I told you so’s from his band mates, whom he hoped would never find out that this happened.

Mr. Grey and Mr. Black

An Adaptation of “The Pigeon and the Crow”

Mr. Grey stalked the great expanse of the jungle in search of the large creatures he hunts for meat and great game. Since the time of the Great ending, the world had become a more savage, and horrible place. Mr. Grey was however a great and wise hunter imbued with the power of his ancient ancestors. He hunted at dusk when the creatures were just waking and not fully awake, and never took on more than he could handle, only hunting what he needed. There were however other hunters, that did not agree with this method of hunting.

There was another hunter that stalked the great expanse. He was a reckless, wild, and ferocious warrior. Rumored to eat the meat of the snow giants for strength and sustenance during his hunts. His name was Mr. Black, and currently, Mr. Black had an arrow pointed at his head in his pursuit of Mr. Grey.

“State your business Mr. Black. My time is short.”

Mr. Grey had no intentions of killing Mr. Black, nor any confidence that if he fired the arrow into Mr. Black’s eye that it would kill him. Those that hungered for the grey meat of the snow giants gained a ferocity unlike that of normal men.

“Calm yourself my friend, I was simply admiring your stride.” Mr. Black said hands raised by his head.

Mr. Grey scanned Mr. Black, and noticed that he seemed to be entirely sincere, which in turn sent a chill up Mr. Grey’s spine.

“Mr. Black, I am in a hurry, so if you please.” Mr. Grey said lowering his arrow, at which point, Mr. Black raised his sword.

“I simply wish to hunt with you my friend. We can pull in twice as much meat working together.”

Mr. Grey thought for a moment. He knew that he did not need more than one creatures flesh, but he also knew that it may be dangerous to turn down Mr. Black’s proposal. So he nodded, and began to walk, fully aware of Mr. Black’s footsteps behind them.

As the wind grew harsher the further they walked, Mr. Grey began to think upon what kind of man he was with. He’d seen the carcasses left behind, and the wasted meat. He knew that they weren’t of the same mind. Mr. Black’s hunting weapon was a long blade meant for tearing the flesh and cutting. His markings and tracks showed and eagerness for the kill. His occasional stumble showed a lack of coordination and a lack of patience. This scared Mr. Grey as he was incredibly precise in not only his every movement, but his every kill. He refused to waste an arrow, and hasn’t ever since his first shot as a small boy in training to hunt after the calamity. He had a bad feeling about this, but his sense of perception was waning as his hunter’s instincts were beginning to take over.                                                                                                                       

“Tell me Mr. Grey, what is your favorite part about the hunt?” said Mr. Black.

Mr. Grey thought about the question for a long good while as they moved through the terrain. In the silence and pause, he found terror in the fact that Mr. Black was being patient in waiting.

“I enjoy the fact that with each precise stroke, each way my will moves my essence, my actions will guide the future in a positive way.”

Mr. Black was silent some more. The wind swayed ever so slightly, alerting Mr. Grey to the fact that behind him, Mr. Black was smiling. He increased his stride as they headed over a ridge, and Mr. Black followed closely behind.

“Funny Mr. Grey. That’s my favorite thing too.”

Over the ridge, the abysmal sound of these destructive creatures that came from the calamity and now slumbered filled the air like a suffocating fog. As they peered over the ridge, there was a moment of terror that filled Mr. Grey as one of the creatures opened its wide eyes and set its gaze right upon Mr. Black and himself, before settling back into a state of rest that seemed it was to end soon. Mr. Black touched Mr. Grey’s shoulder as if to reassure him, but the certainty of the smile he had on his face did nothing to quell the ill feeling in his gut. He readied his bow, shortly after firing his first arrow into the throat of one of the creatures.

Mr. Grey stepped cautiously between the torn bodies of the snow giants, and tried his best to ignore the gross sounds of Mr. Blacks loud chewing as the bodies he stepped over, Mr. Black tore pieces and bits from and stuffed them into his mouth. This was how Mr. Black got his ferocity and unsurmountable strength. Mr. Grey wondered, when was the first time he’d ever tasted snow giant meat? Had Mr. Black done it out of curiosity, or out of a necessity bound to a story he wouldn’t dare share with another hunter.

Mr. Grey had nearly bound the creature that he had killed and Mr. Black had cut, when he noticed that Mr. Black stood facing him, sword drawn, and a huge gaping smile across his face. After some thought and consideration, Mr. Grey took his slings and arrows, and tossed them to the side.

“I will not fight you Mr. Black. There’s plenty here for all of us to eat.”

Mr. Black seemed highly amused by Mr. Grey, and moved to place the carcass of the large creature on his back, a task meant for two men, or one with a pulley system of some sort, but definitely not for one man alone.

“A wise decision Mr. Grey.”

As Mr. Black began running past Mr. Grey, suddenly there was some movement of Earth, and one of the half eaten snow giants had swiped a claw at Mr. Black, knocking him down. Mr. Grey fired an arrow into it, and ran forwards attempting to lift Mr. Black off of the ground so that they could make an escape.

Mr. Black did stand, but refused to let go of the mean, and still ran with it on his back. His inhuman strength still had him about half a pace ahead of Mr. Grey, but when the roar of the waking creatures turned the sky black, the adrenaline set in, causing Mr. Grey to take the heat, and pass Mr. Black exponentially.

“WAIT!” said Mr. Black.

As Mr. Grey turned around, he saw the creatures closing in, but it was the arm of another half-eaten snow giant he saw pierce the chest of Mr. Black, killing him, and leaving him to die there among the fields. Mr. Grey did not hold his gaze long, he instead held his bow close to him, and picked up the pace running through the jungles and back to his village.

Mr. Grey heard the calling of his chiefs and a clamor of excitement. Some of it was from shock that Mr. Grey had returned for the first time in ten years empty handed. Partially because the creatures could now be heard and he was late returning, and they all awaited the tale of how he was able to escape. HE looked up, and when the first series of questions were asked, he simply let out a big smile, and a raucous laugh towards the sky.


A Lack of Sense

4:29 am

I awoke from a dream unlike any that I’ve ever had before in my whole life. Sweat caked rolls of deodorant sticking to the fine hairs beneath my armpit forcing me to smell the aftermath of my subconscious drifting. I look down at my hand which now seems to have taken control of my body as a sharp pain grips it firmly. Scratch marks. I haven’t slept this wildly since I was a child. Images of blood and hair are still fresh in my mind.

Tonight, I dreamed of murder.


On my lunch break nodded off for a bit, was so tired today I could barely keep track of the time. Somehow awoke screaming in my car on the second floor of the parking garage. Instantly put my hand to my neck and felt the scratches there too. I’m thinking of wearing mittens if this keeps up. It’s rare for me to dream during the day, but then again, it’s rare for me to walk around aimlessly in a sleep haze and not know how I ended up somewhere either. Good thing I was granted a two hour lunch today.

2:45 am

Had another really vivid dream. Realizing now that each dream is a different girl. My back is burning, and it’s unnerving that these dreams are so intense that I am actually physically harming myself. Despite how late it is, I called and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Thomas for tomorrow afternoon. His automatic messaging service approved it, and now all I have to do is come up with an excuse to call in after work. Maybe just talking about everything will set my mind at ease.


 9:30 pm

            Today was hell. I had another horrible nightmare full of blood. I feel like it was an omen. I just finished giving my statement to the police about this afternoon. Dr. Thomas was found beaten to death in his office. I nearly fainted. Seems I was the first one to discover his body. I haven’t been that close to death since dad died in that accident a few months back. Cut break line. I’ve got to tell mom. She, dad, and Thomas were good friends. She’ll want to hear it from me before anyone else. I’ll head there first thing in the morning.

1:30 pm

My hands are shaking as I am writing this. I can’t believe what my mother just told me. How could she keep this from me? How could she and dad? I can’t believe it! I have a twin brother named Sebastian. Given up for adoption and put into foster care around my teen years. God how I’ve always wanted brother. I’ve resolved to find him.

I wonder what he’s like.


Last written two hours before Benjamin Marks death, and recovered from his burned apartment building post mortem.


About the Author

D.L. Holmes is an aspiring writer currently residing in Northern Louisiana. He is currently working to attain his Bachelor’s in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. He is a writer, and avid reader, of horror and science fiction. In his spare time, he attends the local theater, frequents indie book shops, and is a part of the local writing club. He takes inspiration from literary greats like H.P. Lovecraft and Poppy Z. Brite. He recently just published his first book with Full Sail Alumni Tiffany Pennywell.

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Small Horrors of the Seemingly Strange and Unusual Sort

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Small Horrors of the Seemingly Strange and Unusual Sort Small Horrors of the Seemingly Strange and Unusual Sort