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by K. P. Walker

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The English word slave is from the word Slav, which means someone that speaks a Slavic language such as Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Polish, Czech and others. Germans captured so many Slavs during the 10th century that the word Slav(e) passed to their cousins the Angles and the Saxons who had taken over much of England. (In fact it is Angle-ish that we speak today.) But slavery didn’t originate with the Germanic tribes; it seems to be part of human nature since it is as old as human history.

Before 2500 B.C. a Sumerian story spoke of a slave. Hammurabi’s Code in about 1800 B.C. set a couple of laws concerning what to do with escaped slaves. Historically most cultures treated slaves with disdain. In a story in the Bible the 10 brothers of Joseph sold him to some Ishmaelites under the presumption that these traders would resell him into servitude and he would undoubtedly die. This was the usual expectation of slavery and slavers. Joseph was sold to an Egyptian. Eventually all of Joseph’s brothers moved to Egypt where over a 400 year period in an ironic turnabout their hundreds of thousands of descendants became slaves. About 400 years later after the Israelites had been freed from Egypt rules concerning slaves were recorded in their Law (Bible). Israelites could voluntarily enter into a form of slavery through debt, but they could only be held for six years. The debt did not enslave a man and his children forever as in other cultures. The Bible rules concerning females said they could be purchased from their families with the expectation that they would marry into the family that bought them. But rules such as these for ethical treatment of slaves were the exception.

Some cultures treated their slaves well such as in ancient Greece. These were comprised mostly foreigners, and in Athens it is said that they equaled the number of citizens. It all depended on what the worth of the slave was to the culture. The neighboring Spartans were warriors and they treated their slaves with prejudice. But the later Roman Empire thrived on slavery. Their victorious armies always captured the defeated armies and paraded them through the streets of Rome before enslaving them. First the slaves were Italians, but in time the bulk of slaves came from the Balkans, Greece and the “Barbarian” north, Germania, Gaul, and Britannia. Skilled slaves lived in the cities, and unskilled slaves died in the mines. The rural estates of the aristocracy were agricultural ventures that were operated by slaves. Slave labor produced most of the food in the Empire.

After the fall of the Western Empire of Rome the armies of Islam (which means submit) overtook the descendants of the Ishmaelites and then spread terror through (the Eastern Roman Empire) the Christianized Byzantine Empire. They eventually conquered the Christian states of Syria, North Africa and what is now known as Turkey along with European Albania and Kosovo. They forced conversion on millions (bow the head or loose it) in addition to enslaving many. Islam permits slaves even today because of the precedent set by Mohammad himself. He had all the males in the Jewish settlements in Yathrib (Medina) slaughtered, but he took a women as a slave and gave the rest of the women and children to his solders. Thus slavery has always been an integral part of Muslim life.

With the conquering of the Christian Byzantine Empire the routes to the Holy Land and the Far East (Silk Road) were closed to European traders. (The First Crusade was initiated to open the road and protect European pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land, while the answer to the Far East trade through Syria and Egypt was that the Portuguese navigated around Africa. This in turn opened Africa to as an opportunity for profit and trade. The Portuguese settled some agricultural islands along the way and needed workers. Muslims and their African allies gladly supplied slaves. (African tribes kept slaves from neighboring villages.) This in turn grew into a big business as the Portuguese also shipped African slaves to their new colony in Brazil to work in the sugarcane fields. Then the Portuguese spread northward to the Caribbean. (Note the racial composition of Brazil, Haiti and Cuba. Of the ten million slaves brought to the Americas, the Portuguese colony of Brazil received the most in the New World.)

Muslim slavers didn’t just operate in Africa, their corsairs (Barbary pirates) raided Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal, England and even Iceland). Their captives were sold as slaves or offered for ransom. The author of Don Quixote had been a captive of the Muslims for five years until he was ransomed. Muslim pirates enslaved the crew of the ship carrying goods from Plymouth Colony (the Pilgrims) to England. (They also stole the goods.) Muslims also captured and enslaved the town of Baltimore in Ireland. The situation with the Muslims didn’t seem to change for centuries despite some countries paying the pirates tribute money. President Thomas Jefferson sent troops to stop the Barbary pirates of Tripoli from robbing American ships and enslaving the crews. In 1808 Britain abolished slavery in their domain.

In the Americas the indigenous peoples (Native Americans) had slaves from neighboring tribes. The Spanish had been forbidden by the Pope to enslave native Americans but they regularly ignored that injunction. Nonetheless, the Portuguese found this an opportunity and sold African slaves to Americans greedy for cheap labor in the cotton fields.

A couple of decades before the American Civil war ended slavery in the U.S. Dr. David Livingstone, a Scottish missionary in Africa in the mid 1800’s witnessed the Muslim slave trains. He saw hundreds of chained humans walking to the slave-trading villages of Zanzibar and others in East Africa where slaver ships would transport the survivors to Muslim and other Asian lands. Muslims working with local African tribes would devastate villages and pay little heed to the needs of the enslaved. Even now armed Muslim armies are slaughtering the males in Christian villages and enslaving the women to function as prostitutes.

China had slavery throughout its history too; this seems to have been comprised mostly of other Chinese. This could be a debt servitude, or people could sell their children to obtain money. Starting about 1850 China was exporting a lot of men to California so many that the U.S. banned their immigration (1882 Chinese Exclusion Act). The Chinese men started their own slave activity to bring Chinese girls to California as prostitutes and as wives, for Chinese were forbidden to marry Western women. This type of slavery brings us to today’s world.

Slavery hasn’t stopped today. You can occasionally read about it in the news. It is loosely estimated (2016) that between 20 and 40 million are enslaved, albeit only in Muslim societies will it be called slavery. Today the terms used for slavery in polite society are human trafficking, child labor (as in China), debt bondage (used by traffickers), domestic servitude (as in Saudi Arabia in the case of Asian women), sex trafficking, child and forced marriage (India and Arab states), Untouchables – descent based slavery (India), and bonded servitude.

There are all kinds of ways modern slavery is perpetrated. There are many similar stories (they are easy to find) but one that tells about a Ukrainian woman that answered an ad for job as a teacher. When she arrived in Istanbul the woman that met her delivered her to a room where she was abused and forced into prostitution. She was sold numerous times to various “owners” who would bring all their friends to brutally share her.

The “coyotes” (from Hispanic countries) ask large amounts of money to transport people to the U.S. When they arrive in the U.S. they say more money is needed to pay the fee owed to the drug cartel for transiting “their” territory. This circumstance forces these people into debt bondage, for they will now do anything to keep from being killed by the cartel. Chinese women are treated with the same claims of debt by their own “snakeheads” (traffickers). These women end up as “workers” in the numerous Chinese restaurants, or brothels.

I was once privy to a story told by an American man concerning his daughter. This happened thirty years ago, but could still happen today. His daughter had married a Saudi. To his chagrin they moved to Jeddah. When she got there the husband took her passport. The man no longer treated her as he had in the U.S. She was relegated to the “woman’s quarters” and became subject to her mother-in-law. (It was a good thing she was his first wife or she would have had to answer to the first wife also). Like all the Muslim women she was not permitted to leave the house without her husband. She was trapped. She became the servant of the mother-in-law. She had sexual relations with her husband through a small trap door because he didn’t want to see her. (Saudi men classify and treat all western women as prostitutes, and as with all women she got no respect. She had become a slave in everything but name.

I was glad when I inadvertently met the man again about a year later because I got to hear the end of the story. The woman had become desperate to return to her father’s house. She had gotten sick and had been permitted to be seen by a doctor. The doctor was not a Muslim. She conspired with him to get her free. He diagnosed her with a rare disorder and gave her a referral to a doctor, a specialist in England. She then had to act deathly sick, and became lax in her work. She incessantly pleaded with her mother-in-law and husband until he finally relented and sent her to England. She thereupon fled to the U.S.

It’s not just women that find themselves bound by unscrupulous people. As you can surmise, anyone can be trapped. Unscrupulous people not only populate the human trafficking business, but they are also politicians, used car salesmen, or your self-serving boss who hires illegals knowing that they will work extra hours for less pay and no benefits (as they are essentially slaves because they have to pay off their coyote or snakehead). Slavery is not confined to one race, sex, or nationality, rather it is an equal opportunity curse.

Who are these unscrupulous people? As you can see even by my short presentation they can be anyone, but some people seem more prone to evil than others. Some countries produce more than their share of these evil people. Why are these people so unscrupulously evil? Could it be heritage, religion, societal pressure, greed, mental derangement, lack of a father, poor education, a paucity of opportunities, national custom, sexism, or racism? Slavery is certainly an evil that crosses national, social, linguistic, racial, generational, and civil bounds. What’s more, these unscrupulous activities have been going on for millennia and even when slavery is abolished by law it’s never eradicated. People are prone to continue despite laws or love. It’s as if people are natural law breakers and without love.

Yes, slavery and all sorts of evil seem to be an integral part of human nature. I’m sure you have met people in your own life that simply want to bully and dominate or subdue and humiliate others. Fear of these aggressive people is what causes people to surrender to them. It happens in schools all around the world. It happens in the work place. It even happens in neighborhoods with gangs, and in religions through threats to religious benefits. Yes, slavery and its lessor manifestations occur because of fear, reasonable or unreasonable. At this point it should be intuitively obvious that humanity and human nature are inherently corrupted, because there is another form of slavery, more extensive and more insidious than the physical slavery that has occurred throughout human history, and that’s spiritual slavery. When the human spirit has been corrupted evil thoughts and evil deeds flow naturally and easily from human hands. Slavers are only acting in accordance with their own corrupted spiritual natures.

So, how did mankind become so corrupted? It was a simple choice. At one time humanity was connected to a spiritual power source that made everything idyllic. But humans had been given the option to choose to remain connected or to disconnect from that power. With a little deceptive persuasion along with a bold-faced lie by the king of slaves humans chose to disconnect from God. (This is the real definition of sin.) They chose to disconnect despite the warning that death (separation from God) would result from this action. Humankind theretofore became enslaved by a new power, an evil power – sin. This evil power corrupted the former perfection of human nature. It turned all righteousness upside-down so that evil became good in the eyes of those enthralled by sin. Good became undesirable and even abhorrent. The results of sin are an intemperate mind, unscrupulous actions, duplicitous intentions, disdain for others, a focus on self, a disregard for righteous behavior, a spirit enamored with evil and its derivatives. The virtues of sin, such as power, greed, self-centeredness, foolishness and pettiness is why we have such evil businessmen, politicians, government officials, teachers, religious leaders, relatives and neighbors, etc. Fake gods were also installed to replace the God of Life. In fact, sin imposes a hatred of God and even of life itself. So what more perfect expression of a corrupted spirit enslaved by and to sin is there than to enslave others. Thus you can clearly see that slavery has been part of human nature from the beginning.

The ruler of all the human slaves, the king of this world is Satan. Yes he is your ruler. All evil is done in his name, whether you like this thought or not. There is nothing you can do to escape this bondage. The king is far too powerful for you to overcome. Besides, through sin he has a contract with you. It says (just like it does in those examples of slavery you already read about) that only through death can one be set free from the power of sin. The real bad news is that if you die physically and are not connected to God spiritually, the source of true life, you will have no life after death. You will not rejoice in this after-death existence. You will be separated from God forever. This is not a good outcome for anyone to consciously choose. But how can we pay the debt we owe? If I die, I am separated from God, and no one else can die for me because they must die for themselves to pay their own debt. How can we be free from sin, Satan and death? What a terrible predicament humans have gotten themselves into. We must live as thralls in a world controlled by a devil with no way out.

Humans have tried performing good works, paying alms, helping the sick, freeing physical slaves, and feeding the hungry. Although good to do these did not work to free anyone from sin. Humans tried religion in a vain hope of placating a god of their own invention. That didn’t work in the past and still doesn’t work. There is only one God that must be placated and that is the one that created us to be with him forever, if we had chosen that course. Even if we built rocket ships and transported ourselves to Mars we would still not be free of sin since it is part of our nature. Oh wretched people that we are, and what a predicament we are in; who can free us from slavery to sin and save us from the call of death?

Before God made Man he knew that Man would choose to separate himself from life. So before Man had even been created God made a plan, a plan to salvage Man from an inescapable condition. [Read Plan for Life by K. P. Walker to find out amazing details about this plan that are hidden in the Bible right before your eyes; and learn how you can be “in” God and have life with God forever.] In part, the plan calls for God to do what Man cannot accomplish. God himself became a human [Read KING Jesus by K. P. Walker for more on the humanity and divinity of the Savior.], a human that lived the righteous life we cannot and who died the death we deserve. He did this for us because he loves us and wants us back, even though we had chosen to be disconnected from him. His death is a substitute for the death we owe to sin. His death pays our debt. In this Savior, Jesus, we have life with God forever. This is where we all were meant to be from the beginning.

The King of Heaven has come and has freed us from the power of the king of the world. All you have to do to enter this freedom is to repent. That means turn away from the world, from the deceptive enchantments of this existence, from the influence of your enslaved friends, from anything in this world that holds you back from life. Turn to Jesus who paid the price for your freedom. Spiritually cling to him in faith. He will give you the Holy Spirit to be with you, the Spirit is your guarantee of life eternal. The God that loves you is the one that does all this for you. Let go of religion, self-help, and promises by governments for a Socialist Utopia. Don’t be distracted from the goal, life in Christ. Ignore the scoffing of the doomed slaves around you. Don’t give in to peer pressure from those in your inherited religion. God never said to join a religion, he said to repent, turn to him in Jesus. Don’t let regional customs, race, nationality or family pressure keep you from life. Life is only for those that repent, that disconnect from sin and connect to God in Jesus.

So now you know that there are not only 40 million slaves, rather there are well over 7 billion slaves living on earth at this time. Don’t remain one of them. Don’t wait another day. Turn to him and be freed from the oppression of sin. Turn to him and get your corrupted human natured cleansed and healed. The Lord will also change your worldview so that righteousness is seen as good and evil will be seen as repulsive. No longer will you follow the urgings of this world of death; rather you will desire the life and peace that is with God in Jesus. Repent now.

For more information you can read the other free small books by K. P. Walker or you can purchase the four-book Way to Life series that tells about God’s plan throughout the whole Bible. In the first book Plan for Life you will learn the prophetic meaning of Joseph and his slavery and how you are delivered from slavery. Of course you can always read the Bible for free on the internet, in any language you want. God had made his Plan for Life an Emancipation Proclamation complete with implementation procedures. Follow them, for there is only one way to be freed from slavery to sin and that is through faith in Jesus.

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This was just a very tiny peek at historical slavery as practiced throughout history. I have referenced none of the sources used for my statements. If you are interested you can easily find any history you want on the internet and much more.


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