Slave Wages in America - Turbulence of Life in the World


Slave Wages in America

Turbulence of Life in the World


Viora Mayobo

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We live in a world of increasing turbulence, a world with ever-changing rules, laws, and landscape. But sometimes change occurs at a pace too fast than a human mind is built to understand.

The grounds upon which we stand are constantly moving, and whether or not you are ready, when the ground shifts, we as humans are forced to move with it or be left behind.

When I was a child, growing up in a remotest corner of earth, father always told us the importance of knowledge, that education was the only vehicle to take us places. Without it…you will, in almost every instance, be grounded, in that your choices from which to choose will be few, he said.

But that assumption was only true to a certain extent, because almost everything that gave us reason to push ourselves beyond limits has been redefined, leaving many of us hanging on to outdated information with no merits.







About the Author


Early in life we are introduced to school as a means to learn, acquire knowledge, get informed, and get educated. Illiteracy becomes more of a curse and an outdated way of life.

Hence, the procedure of learning begins and incorporates a large portion where the activity of humanity is founded. It integrates as its major elements the succession of understanding and the increasing of capacity, which transforms, to a certain extent a byproduct, a range of moral assertion, once its basic aim.

Education becomes uniformly accepted across the world, that in order to remain relevant in life, one has to get an education. Education allows individuals to prepare themselves, and become more productive in society.

We are each required to contribute to our society; we all have to play a role to make our world a more stable place to live. In the past times, education was offered mostly free. This is because leaders of a long time ago understood the distinction between children born with a great inheritance and those without any.

If education was a byproduct of hyped tuition fees that many years ago, many of us would have gone without it, because we wouldn’t afford it. If food to eat was as costly as it could be, I can only imagine where money to pay for education would come. Our means were limited in every aspect; we lived with limited access to almost everything that makes like livable.

But we knew at a very tender age that we had to work with whatever was available to us if we were to stay on level ground. We walked through animal-infested corridors, knowing those were the doors to the world. We walked with confidence, pride and dignity.

For three hours and half we sailed on with an even bigger smile each day. Determined to acquire knowledge at every cost, we pushed our little selves far beyond what would be considered normal to modern man.

I was born in one of the remotest corners of earth, and knew that the best I could do was study hard, bring home the grades. As that was going to be my launching pad into the civilized world.

We utilized our whole being to walk three and a half hours to get to school, and another three and a half to get home. Early in life we were introduced to a life of limitation, a life of lucking one or other the thing. We learned to sacrifice certain things for others, as that was the one option available to us, at the time.

We were told, by our parents, to work hard, study hard and bring home the grades. Because with education on your sleeves, you can be anything you want in life. The only problem with that assumption, in today’s one-legged world, is that those with power and money are not leaving anything to chance, to allow the middle-class and the working poor to remain relevant.

The problem here is that…that assumption worked well a very long time ago, perhaps in the industrialized world of the bygone, not in this time and day. Almost everything we were accustomed to have since changed, replaced with nontraditional rules, laws, ones that favor a certain group of people more than others.

A long time ago, leaders worked hard to ensure every person regardless of where he comes was well taken care of. Today however, the political realm is used to make money, by those so greedy and without vision.

All that our leaders do is argue more about everything, and do little or nothing to make people’s lives a little bit easy. The loud talk is just for nothing, empty rhetoric at best. Our leaders ask too much of us, while on the one hand, they do the opposite. Responsibility must start from the top, not the other way around.

We can’t teach our children discipline if we know nothing of it. The do as I say mentality of the medieval era must be left in the bygones, where it belongs. The world is changing constantly, so must the rules that govern.

If you want to see improved results, create an environment that works for everybody, not just a select few. We are citizens of the world, and what that means is that we all belong here. Please give us a fair chance to be productive individuals in society, to be of service. Remove the barriers that restrict us from reaching our goals.


By all accounts, college has become more of a game, a way to make money than it is about educating the world population. If college were as important as those in power seem to suggest, then why aren’t they doing nearly as enough to keep college tuition at a price law enough to accommodate everyone.

College, in my opinion, must be offered free to those who can’t afford it. This world is very uneven, especially because those with the power play political poker with people’s lives.

Those with degrees no one is looking for are left with mountains of tuition debt to pay back. By the time they are done paying off those debts, they will have nothing left to enjoy, for many will be too old to make sense of life, or enjoy life in the simplest of terms.

We need leaders with vision, a vision to make life livable for all beings. When we elect our leaders, we are always looking up to them to do the right thing for us, our countries, and certainly the world.

Greed and ill-conceived notions have no place on earth. Please allow us to dream with purpose, that if you try, regardless of where you come, you are bound to succeed, whether or not you come from a place of comfort.

The school system, from kindergarten through college, must be accessible to every child, even to the ones born in remotest corners of the world, where people still climb in trees to speak on their cell phones. Doing so would help ease dependence on governments, and create more opportunities for all.

The world is complete when every person and child is taken care of. And education is where it all begins, it is a foundation upon which every life, rich, poor, young and old, is laid. The world is not civilized if not all people are equally benefiting from it. We must then begin to realize the well-being of every individual is every individual’s responsibility.


Now, what am I taking about, when I say “Slave Wages in America-Turbulence of Life in the World?” My one and biggest priority when I was home, in the village, was to find my way to America, the most civilized country on planet earth.

I have worked tirelessly since the day I stepped foot on American soil, because, for many years, I was reminded of the importance of hard work. But when all you see suggests otherwise, it is difficult, and perhaps impossible to keep mum. If at all we stand a chance at success in today’s society, we must learn to speak up and demand the rules be changed to incorporate everyone.

Politics cannot only be a platform upon which leaders are elected, but rather a place where rules are called to amendment, laws called to question if they don’t make absolute sense.

What am I missing here? Although the world of the times past made little sense, people of a very long time ago knew when to come together and protest against biased laws, and it is up to us to do the same, speak up and loudly in more interesting ways than not. We are the pulpits, victims, the working poor, the middle class, and where this world goes from here is completely up to us.

We can choose to keep quiet and then complain of everything that is broken with the world system, a system that favors some more than others, or stand together and force the system to hem us in. We must force the system being utilized to be amended to accommodate us all, to be accessible to everyone.

I have worked hard my entire life, but when you are quickly approaching 50, it is impossible to hold three jobs and survive a heart attack or stroke that comes along with exhaustion and old age. Give me a break!

For years I fit the profile of a provider, and not that of a parent, because I had to hold two and sometimes three jobs in order to take care of my responsibilities – my children, replicating bills, and etc. When does it end?

I’m not only approaching fifty but disabled in my own way as well. I was involved in a hit-and-run accident, one that left me a completely different person from what I was before the circus, in that many things I did with ease take me longer than what many would consider normal…to accomplish.

It was a raw, blustering November evening when my journey through life almost came to an abrupt ending. But for unknown reasons, my life was spared. I don’t really fathom the magic behind it, but know enough to make myself believe God wants to keep me alive for good reason, to continue making use of my services.

Even if it means I labor as though in the early 1600s, then that is what I intend to do to keep myself above the fray, my competition. It is not humanely possible to compete on level ground, especially if you are with disabilities and in a different category, with different specifications.

I have seen BLUE, blue is the term given to unusual circumstances in the village, Chitapu village in Mumbwa district. The accident has made me believe I’m alone; many things don’t belong to me anymore.

I have learned to advocate for myself, because all responsibilities I had before the accident are still there. I was a mother before the accident and still am. I am now confronted with the truth about life as an immobile, which approached me at a time when I didn’t expect it.

For sure, I have been forced to create a new identity, one I’m not familiar with; it’s going to be on the go, touch-and-go. Eventually, I will come to terms with my new found identity, as it is important that I do. And what I choose to do with that image, how effective it becomes, is up to me.

I have been hurt in more unusual ways than modern man will find necessary to understand, and I don’t expect them to. All I need is the help and support of every individual to remain relevant in today’s society. Most of my injuries are invisible that even I cannot explain.

I don’t intend to retire before I become of legal age, 67. For now I will keep working and paying my fair share of taxes. I am going to keep trying, hard, even when nothing seems possible.

Even with limitations I still believe there things I can do better than those without any, and writing is one of them. With writing I don’t have to stand on my feet, all that I need is a computer and my writing skills; compose in more interesting ways as only I can.

I know also that the distinction between those who are successful and those who are not is the motivation to try. Over the years I have seen my own writing excel, because I keep trying to make my writing better.

Although I have health insurance, I’m being asked to pay some of the bills out of pocket. But, as of now, a source of income is what I do not have. Where that money will come from is the question no leader alive today is bound to answer in a logical order.

Being a disabled person makes you a candidate for illogical government benefits, where you have to have less than a thousand dollars in your account to qualify. Since when did this kind of madness become logical? I’ve been working diligently, but now, because of no fault of my own, I am being gauged based upon an illiterate politician’s methodical that make no absolute sense.

I hate those benefits with every fiber of my body, and for good reason. Who makes these determinations? Faulty, failed determinations based on nothing but medieval policies! If I could go for years without the need for food, that is what I would have done, gone on years-worth of fasting to avoid humiliation.

Because, if I’ve been working my entire life, the amount of money I have in my account must be irrelevant. This system, the one being utilized in this day and era, is fraud and broken; it is a manufacturer of poverty, one that benefits more on the backs of the majority working poor. They have to make sure you don’t exceed their threshold of what the leaders think you must have.

Another bizarre circumstance is when you are asked to pay, $7.00-$11.00, and sometimes more dependent upon hours, for parking when you go to the hospital for appointments. Why should I pay for parking when I’m asked to be there? Give me a break! I know without doubt that I live in a capitalist country, but certain things come straight out of the heart of madness, failed policies of the golden times, twisted thinking of the medieval era.

These corporations, big companies and others like them are the ones responsible for buying elections and creating havoc on citizens. They are the ones responsible for homelessness and everything that’s wrong with this world – wars, greed, disease, discrimination, racism, terrorism, and etc.

Leaders must stop behaving pathetic, making friends with the super-rich, and offering them favors, at a time when world citizens are seemingly struggling.

What we don’t need are puppets looking for another thing to sacrifice. We need leaders who exhibit the traits of true leadership, not followers who can very easily be bought with a small amount of dollar.

Living as an immobile has really given me an in-depth insight of living with disabilities, now that I’m one myself. I have become my own advocate; I’ve learned to fight for everything with tooth and nail.

Because, in many instances, you are treated as if you are looking for a handout, as if you don’t deserve any assistance, even though you’ve been paying taxes all your life.

My case is nothing different, because I’m not the only one in this position, many law abiding citizens are. It would make sense to put together a logical system, one that caters specifically to victims of hit-and-run accidents. Most of the injuries sustained from these accidents are life-threatening, life-changing, enabling; they leave people in situations where they have to change their living arrangements, habits, etc.

And what that means is that you spend more time begging for government benefits, fighting with case workers, making doctors appoints, touring food pantries, and so on and so forth.

Being lazy – not wanting to work and contributing to society is one thing – being immobile for no fault of your own is another. Hardworking people shouldn’t have to live with limited access to government benefits. The system being utilized now is one that is inaccurate and broken, illogical; it makes no absolute sense to treat hardworking people in a demeaning way.

Create systems geared toward promoting the quality of life of hardworking people, and not diminish them in every possible manner, systems that reward good behavior.


Please stop rigging elections, buying off politicians to make certain nothing changes. We are told that we live in a democracy, yet all we see is in contrast to that. When the richest companies, corporations are allowed pay their employees, people who make it possible for them to be who they are, next to nothing, shows the brokenness of a world system; it is contrary to what I believe a democracy to be.

A democracy makes it easy for people regardless of where they come to compete on level grounds. A democracy makes it easy for people of all races to reach their highest potential, without discriminating against those who look nothing like them.

Today, however, everything that made for greatness has been reinterpreted or twisted on purpose, to shut out multitudes of hardworking, struggling families who appear to have lost footing.

If you are going to govern, then do it with a genuine motive, an open heart, open hands? Problems the world faces are diverse and varied; we need leaders who are equipped to handle complex issues Mankind is confronted with here in the 21st century.

What we see happen is a complete waste of time; most of what we have today is more emasculating tales of the medieval forces, forces with nothing in common, with never a chance of ever merging for a common good. Every argument made comes from the heart of selfishness and evil, self-centered, and that frightens me a lot.

Loud talk, tough talk is mostly to blame of what is wrong in this world; it is not a solution, but rather what is wrong with this world of turbulence today. A solution comes when either side gets a fifty percent of their demands, when both sides agree to meet halfway.

By now, we know very well how that kind of twisted methodology works – the my-hundred kind of thing; it ends up in hung jury. And when that is the case, the very people who are supposed to benefit more from it are the ones who get hurt the most.

Through life we have been given options from which to choose, bad choices, almost as if you are being asked to choose between being killed by a knife or a gun. What difference does that make, when the outcome is the same anyway – death? That is how this year’s election feels – Trump or Cruz. What a mess! There on the one side you have Hilary. Laugh out loud!

And, it really doesn’t matter which part of the world you are, the resemblance is strikingly similar. These people behave like they all drink from the same pot from HELL, one that keeps them insanely drunk from reality.

Give us realistic options from which to pick, options that make sense, not more of the same. If you must see different results, don’t do more of the same. Make education, kindergarten through college, accessible to everyone. Also, responsibility must begin with you, at the top. Allow us to live with a purpose, support pride and dignity, not humiliation and intimidation of the medieval era.

We need leaders who will find it necessary to unite humanity, rather than separate us along racial lines, as is usually the case in many instances. Unwanted war is terror, and so is ISIS. It matters not what race one might be, if he takes innocent lives by means of a gun, or anything else, he too is a terrorist, and cannot be characterized as sick, because a sick person does not know how to aim a gun with precise calculation and pull the trigger. Muslims aren’t the only terrorists, and every race has at least one byproduct of disconnected thinking.

When people protest against how things are done, corrupt systems, racism, discrimination, division, they are protesters, regardless of race, and not thugs, super-predators or trouble-makers.

Please find cures for AIDS, cancer, Ebola, not treat them. It is unrealistic to say we are civilized when one part of the world is perishing from Ebola, AIDS, unknown diseases. Also, get rid of wastelands in Africa; they are a cancer here to destroy the very livelihood of humanity. They are driving Mankind to extinction.

Find a realistic solution to minimum wage. Minimum wage is like a cancer here to destroy and threaten humanity. It doesn’t make sense to assume a family of four can depend on $2,000 per month, and live a decent life.

Members of congress, House of Representatives, senators, $2,000 or more, is what you spend when you go out with friends or family members. It is reckless and selfish to treat people like idiots, the very people you are elected to lead. Lead by example, do the right thing. Give us a living wage, we deserve it.

I mean, come on! We do have more pressing issues for candidates to discuss, to have presidential candidates tweet nude pictures of their grand-daughter-like wives, compare one woman to the other is like a bad joke, an embarrassment to those who take very seriously their political process and their vote. A parental figure needs to step in and stop the madness, though it’s already as bad as it gets.

Trump must realize that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. His wife is his alone to enjoy, not an illiterate sideshow. Cruz’s wife is all that Ted needs to be a happy man, not Trump’s daughter-like wife.

These people need to grow up. I don’t know how it feels to be a politician this year, but one thing is clear – it makes you uncomfortable; it puts you in an awkward position where you almost always have to lie to defend your buddy…and make yourself look stupid.

Talk more of what you will do for the country, not unrealistic dream-bites we’ve been exposed to by this year’s field of jokers; just when you thought it doesn’t get any worse. Trust me, it’s muddy!

This e-book is yours free of charge. I need your help and support to stay relevant. I have written paperbacks and e-books as a means to support my children. I am no longer able to work because of the hit-and-run accident, but that does not mean I become a burden.

Look, we have heard it all by now: be responsible, do the right thing, work hard, and pay taxes. Well the people who are telling us to be all those things are in fact the ones who are stashing billions of their money in their offshore accounts to avert taxes. Responsible! I don’t think so; it is double standard; the same thing that’s wrong with this world of turbulence, where hardworking people are considered working poor.

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is one of those with a low-IQ, with a demeanor to benefit from offshore Panama trust accounts, and he is not the only one, as many world leaders are.

Something is wrong when world leaders are the new mafia, gang-bangers, prostitute seekers, con men, and so forth and so on. What we need now is to come together regardless of race or where we come, party affiliation.

You must ask yourselves this question – are we really going to see real change if Cruz is elected president? Let’s not forget, Cruz led the march that led up to the government shut down, in which a billion dollars or more went to waste. Is that the kind of leadership we want? Be the judge!

Do we want to have a leader like Trump? Can we expect real change? I honestly don’t think that. Trump will most likely spend more time fighting with everyone and none getting things done.

What about Hilary? Would she make a good president? I can’t say with absolute certainty that she will be the savior; she has already given us a peep-show into her leadership style, for sure it isn’t pretty. Bad choices were made, choices that have reconfigured the world map.

And that leaves us with only two candidates – Sanders and Kasich. Even with those two saviors I can’t celebrate just yet, because political gang-bangers will not allow anything to get done, as most of them (politicians) benefit more from chaos. When world citizens are struggling, world leaders love it, if they didn’t, they would lead with a genuine motive.

We are the world. We are tax payers and therefore responsible for creating the kind of world we want for ourselves, children and grandchildren. Without us there’s no world and certainly no world governments or leaders.

We cannot allow politicians to destroy everything brave men and women worked so hard to build, many died trying.

Now, why am I saying this now? Well, because after the hit-and-run accident I was left alone to hang dry, when all I’ve done over the years is to work hard. I’m now a burden for no fault of my own.

I’ve come too far to give up now. From walking three and half hours to get to school to smuggling, walking in thick terrain, carrying as much weight as my body could handle; from working one hundred and twenty hours per week to survive in America to teaching myself to stay relevant.

When does it end? It doesn’t. It will only end when world citizens come together and say enough of the madness. When we begin to demand real change, speak with a simple voice, united. Perhaps that is when real change will ever have a chance.

You can’t see change by simply pointing fingers at what is wrong, or fight each other for voicing genuine concerns. We have to act civilized, that if our concerns are important, then other people’s concerns are just as important. Politicians are the only ones who benefit from division. And we must deny them of that, as that is what they feed on to grow.

In the times past, divide and conquer was a strategy the devils so cherished, with their hearts and soul. Because that strategy is one that brought them power, it secured them elections. We look at the past times and laugh, yet, those who lived before us knew when to demand the government bend toward them; they knew when to fight for their rights and make that change happen.

World leaders benefit more when world citizens are divided. They have mastered the system and perfected it for their own gain. And ours as world citizens would be putting an end to the uneven, rigged systems of the world geared toward benefiting the rich and their politicians more and diminishing the majority working poor.

Politicians have exploited the political system, so much so that nothing makes sense anymore. We need to begin asking questions, smart questions: why was Jesus crucified? In what capacity was he condemned? Why, why did they find it necessary to humiliate him, when he was healing the sick, helping the poor?

It’s because the deeds of dear Jesus were a threat to those who saw themselves as conservatives, those who had everything to lose from a fair system.

We live in a civilized world, and cannot allow politicians to take us back to the early days, the dark ages, and the medieval era of the lost world. This war does not belong in the Middle East, Africa, Asia or Europe, Australia. We must fight at every cost to end tyranny, war, disease, division and everything that separates us from others, our fellow citizens. Let us learn to love those who look nothing like us, fight evil and unite, speak a simple language.

Many of us cared nothing of terrorist attacks that took place in the Middle East, until they begun to happen here in the United States, Paris and every place else. My plea to you – wake up, stop sleeping, being lied to and be of service.

We can’t have a world full of nothing but walkers. We can’t ignore what’s happening, much less be mum!

The Numbers Game by Viora Mayobo is available on Amazon Kindle Store; it is also available in Barnes & Noble, and on my website: www.vioramayobo.com. I talk about diverse issues, from my experience as a homeless person to things that drive me to extreme.

I have also written an e-book – “My Great Desire to Live” by Viora Mayobo, in which I describe into detail how the accident has left me a different person. It is available on: www.vioramayobo.com and Shakespir.

Also available on: www.vioramayobo.com and Shakespir: The Final Stretch by Viora Mayobo, in which I talk about challenges we faced in pursuit of knowledge.

The Life of a Homosexual: In which I describe in detail what my male relative went through as a homosexual, and the rift drawn between family members.

Coming Soon: The War within an Enemy Without In which I go into much detail of what my siblings and I and all children my age went through in pursuit of knowledge – war, politics, division, disease, discrimination, and etc.

Your support will be greatly appreciated!

[]About the Author

To be born and raised in one of the remotest corners of earth is perhaps the best part of experiencing life in its fullest. To look at issues affecting Mankind today from a diverse angle is an opportunity only available to few.

Viora has a different view of many things, given the fact that she has been blessed with a rare circumstance…to belong on either side – in a remotest corner of the world and in one of the most civilized countries on planet earth.

With respect to her insight, Viora believes the entire world bears a striking resemblance, with regard to how things are done – it’s one way or the other. Either you get it or you don’t, with middle ground being none existent,

Slave Wages in America - Turbulence of Life in the World

We live in a world of increasing turbulence, a world with ever changing rules, laws, and landscape. But sometimes change occurs at a pace too fast than a human mind is built to understand. The grounds upon which we stand are constantly moving, and whether or not you are ready , when the ground shifts, we as humans are forced to move with it or be left behind. When I was child growing up in a remotest corner of earth, father always told us the importance of knowledge, that education was the only vehicle to take us places. Without it...you will, in almost every instance, be grounded, in that choices from which to choose will be few, he said.

  • Author: Viora Mayobo
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Slave Wages in America - Turbulence of Life in the World Slave Wages in America - Turbulence of Life in the World