Skullboy and the Leap Of Faith


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Written by Scott Hewitt


Cover by Abigail Larson




Copyright 2016 ©


Skullboy has always been the little cheeky side of me. He was born from a mixed media stand-up comedy show in which I would play Skullboy’s straight man and he would get away with teasing me as much as possible. He always was that cheeky little monkey that was rude at times, but still so lovable.

In this story Skullboy represents all of me. The unsure side, the side of me that never quite fit in, the side of me that struggled with self-doubt. He is the lost child that can reside in all of us, that knows there is a better way in which we can do things to have a more fulfilling life, but too afraid to step out of the front door.

This story has been sitting on my hard drive, in other people’s inboxes and in my heart since 2012. It’s time to get it out there. It is a story realised from a revelation I had some years ago….gosh at least 10 years ago now (Sorry it has taken so long to let you in on it!) It is a revelation I came across when I was taking already known phrases and rearranging the letters. I was doing this out of curiosity, to see if there was something we have missed, and I believe I found a message that we have. I’ve held on to this for a long time so it fills me with such happiness to be able to let you in on my discovery. The discovery, as you will discover with Skullboy, is hidden in the phrase ‘Leap Of Faith’.

It wasn’t until I applied for some funding to make a short film that I wrote this poem. In the end I didn’t get the grant, but this story has stuck with me. The next step after releasing it to you is to continue working towards an illustrated release and ultimately the short film that it was always meant to be. Please keep in mind, that this is still a work in progress. However, if I waited until it was perfect to release it, it would never get released!

What do I hope by having you read it? I hope it inspires you to take a Leap Of Faith for yourself. To do something you never thought you could. That when the bad thoughts start creeping in, you have the strength to banish them and continue on your own path of greatness.

To be able to teach your children that life is their playground and as long as they are true to themselves, and don’t cause any harm to others, they are capable of doing anything they choose to do in this muddled and mixed up world.

Skullboy and the Leap Of Faith is a story from my heart, and it is my own Leap by releasing it for you to read. Little did I know that by writing this story, I was actually writing my own journey. The people Skullboy meets are people that I have encountered and also the person that I have been.

Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts you may have by emailing me at [email protected]. This story is for you and your feedback is greatly appreciated. I wish you all the best in your journey through life, and thank you for taking the time to read about mine!



This story is dedicated to anyone who:

Has ever felt like they’re stuck in a rut ● Has wondered how others become so successful ● Who isn’t happy with their day job ● Who loves their day job ● Who suffers from depression ● Who knows there is so much more they can be ● Dream big but live small ● Dream small but live big ● Has made definite decisions in their life ● Hasn’t made definite decisions in their life ● Have been heartbroken ● Is in love ● Have felt oppressed ● Who are creative ● Who are clever ● Who are happy ● Who is sad ● Is content ● Isn’t content ● Has travelled the world ● Hasn’t travelled the world ● Procrastinated ● Is determined ● Zoned out in front of the tv ● Sold their tv ● Gets nervous ● Is confident ● Has felt lonely ● Has achieved their goals ● Is working towards their goals ● Don’t know what their goals are ● Thinks a goal is something you score in football ● Has jumped out of a plane ● Refuses to get on a plane ● Wonders what life is all about ● Wants to throw their alarm clock out the window ● Has children ● Is a child ● Is a man child ● Is a woman ● Is a girl ● Wishes they were David Hasslehoff ● Is David Hasslehoff ● Has helped someone in need ● Is someone in need ● Has lost their job ● Has quit their job ● Has lost their faith ● Has found their faith ● Has found $20 in a jacket pocket they haven’t worn for ages ● Is afraid of the dark ● Is afraid of the light ● Are prisoners of their crime ● Are prisoners of their mind ● Loves their family ● Doesn’t have a family ● Wishes they didn’t have a family ● I’ve missed out in this list ●

Most importantly, anyone who is YOU!



Up on a hill,

In a bright, sunny place

Lived a boy with no body

And a skull for a face.

All of his life

He felt different from others.

All of his friends

His father and mother.

Skullboy was his name

A creative young lad.

With clever ideas

Some funny, some sad.

He made a machine

That vacuumed and dusted

But this only made

His mother disgusted.

It wouldn’t turn off

And it soon overloaded

And the house became messier

Once it exploded.

While his mother cleaned up

He was the opposite of glad

So went on to see

If he could help out his dad.

His dad was out back

Chopping wood for the fire

And the look on his face

Said he was soon to expire.

Skullboy made a device

With an automated axe

That would soon take the strain

Off his dad’s poor old back.

The machine went berserk

With a mind of its own

It nearly cut his dad’s leg

Right down to the bone.

He tried playing sport,

But would stumble and fall.

The kids even used

His head for a ball.

This made Skullboy sad

Depressed quite a lot

And he felt in his head

A tiny Dark Spot.

“You’re nothing” it whispered.

“Give up, there’s no chance.

For an ugly young kid

On which people won’t glance”

“Is this true? Is this right?”

Skullboy began pondering.

“Am I worth nothing?”

His mind started wandering.

“What can you do?”

The Dark Spot retorted

“You’re bad at all things

And your face is distorted.”

“Runaway with me

I don’t mean to depress,

But I understand you

In times of distress.”

“Enough!” shouted Skullboy,

“I’ll make you see,

There’s a chasm of wealth

Hiding deep inside me!”

“I just have to find it.

And find it I will.

I’ll find my true self

And the world will stand still.”

He knew he must leave

To find the courage within

He packed up his bag,

And was set to begin.

Saying farewell to friends

Bidding family goodbye

He gave one last look

And tried not to cry.

Skullboy then walked,

With a small sense of grieving

He wandered alone

For 3 days and 4 evenings.

He came to a place

With grass no longer groomed.

To a path through a forest,

Where a deep darkness loomed.

Yet all was not still

At this place of decision.

Something caught his eye

At the edge of his vision.

At a frightening pace

The thing that he saw

Coming quickly towards him

Was a big scary claw.

It picked Skullboy up

From once where he stood

But he noticed the claw

Was in fact made of wood!

Leaves and not fingers

Bark in skin’s place

He followed the branch

To a sad looking face.

“Stop!” cried the boy,

That was trapped by a tree.

‘Put me down and I’ll go!

I promise, I’ll flee!’

‘I was just on my way,

To find inner joy

To become so much more

Than a skull headed boy.’

The tree looked him up,

The tree looked him down.

And with the greatest of care,

Put him back on the ground.

“I see you have travelled

Through night and through day.

If you’re seeking your soul,

These woods are the way”

“Once you’ve passed shadows

Passed the scream of a wraith.

You must gather your courage

And take a Leap of Faith.”

“Stay sharp and stay focussed,

Or soon you’ll be lost.

For finding yourself

Will come at great cost.”

“Of all of the people

I’ve sent down this track.

They always go forward

But never come back!”

“Who are you?” Skull asked

“I’m the trembling tree.

But this isn’t the way

That I once used to be.”

“I once was like you

A curious young lad

I discovered these woods,

Though wish I never had.

Too scared to go in

For years here I stood.

Until one dark day

I was a part of this wood.

“You must though, take heed

If you wish to go forward.

Find the Leap of Faith

And the truth in the sword.”

“Thanks for the tip”

Skullboy said to the tree

And set off on his quest

With a heart full of glee.

Yet cold soon set in,

On our young hero’s plight.

Though off in the distance

He saw glints of light.

As he drew closer

He was beginning to tire

He spied three strange figures

Huddled ‘round a fire.

He heard them all laughing

They were all having fun

The thing had three heads

But the body of one.

SNAP! Went a twig.

Skullboy froze and stopped breathing

The thing turned around

With eyes that were seething

“WHO GOES THERE?” one bellowed.

“Over there!” Said the second.

“Don’t let him leave!”

“I’m in trouble” Skull reckoned.

“WHO ARE YOU?” It cried.


They hung him over the fire

Like a pig for the carving.

Skullboy tried pleading

With the three headed beast.

“Please, I’m all bony!

I’m no good for a feast!”

The creature then laughed.

And gone was his scorn.

“EAT YOU?” it cried.

“We’re just keeping you warm!”

Taking him down,

They exclaimed “Take a seat”

We’ve plenty of water

And plenty to eat.”

Dying from hunger

Skullboy started to eat

They all asked him questions

As he warmed up his feet.

“I’m Skullboy” he said

“And I’m on a quest

To find the Leap of Faith”

“Surely, you jest?”

“We’ve seen many a traveller

With stick and with sack

Go down that road,

But never come back.”

“We all were like you!”

“On a soul searching quest”

“We set off for the Leap,”

“But we soon had to rest!”

“I woulda kept going!”

“I shoulda been bold!”

“I coulda kept walking”

“But it just got too cold.”

“So we all built a fire

And here we have stayed.

And we’ll woulda shoulda coulda

Get there one day.”

Skullboy stopped and he blinked

And he looked at the three

And thought to himself

‘There’s somewhere else I should be’

And so Skullboy left

Without further ado

And left the beast saying

“Woulda” “Shoulda” “Coulda gone too!”

Then a strange thing occurred

What it was hard to say,

A gap soon appeared

Between night and ‘tween day.

“Is this it?” Skullboy asked

“It’s the end of the woods…

My journey is over


Skullboy then leapt

From the night to the day

And a little old lady

Stood in his way.

She stood by a cottage

Smelling of cookies and bread

In through the window

Was a nice comfy bed!

“Deary, you look tired

Come in, settle down!

Pass me your things.

Which I’ll keep safe and sound.”

Skullboy entered the cottage

And what he saw made him sick

For there were shoes piled high

And sacks tied to sticks.

“No one comes back?”

He looked at the oven

“You eat all the travellers!

You’re a witch! It’s a coven!”

Turning he saw

The old lady change.

Into gross witchly features

Her face rearranged.

She came after Skullboy

With chains and with shackles.

Her eyes red with fire

And an odd evil cackle.

She grabbed him, he ducked

Swung his stick with a whoosh.

He gave the old witch

A big hearty push.

He raced out the door

With the quickest of speed,

But the witch followed suit

To fulfil her bad deed.


She screamed and grew slack.



Skullboy ran faster

Back into night’s depth.

He ran and he ran

Not stopping for breath.

Suddenly… CLUNK

A sign struck him down.

‘Leap of faith’ read the sign

Which was now on the ground.

What Skullboy saw

Was a wide open chasm.

An infinity of black

Of which one cannot fathom.

Out in the darkness,

As thin as the moon,

Appeared a sly smile

And two eyes that consumed.

The Dark Spot returned

To finish what he started.

“I’ve missed you, young Skull,

Although we’ve not parted”

“I’ve been with you always

As you wandered alone.

I’ve been the darkness,

From when you left home.”

“All you’ve found is a cliff

There’s nothing you see.

You came all this way

All you have is just me.”

Skullboy was tired

He was weary and cold.

This journey of his

Began to get old.

“I get it, you’re right!

“I give up, I give in.

I cannot go on…

You might as well win.”

Skullboy laid down

Letting darkness consume

Looking back on his travel

Which he could not resume.

“No! It’s not right!

I’ve had it I’m through!

I’ve faced monsters and witches,

I’m NOT scared of you!”

“I’m not like the tree

That stayed in one place

I took a step forward

Toward a Leap of Faith”

I could have had warmth,

Food, shelter and more.

And the three headed beast

Would soon become four.

I kept marching on

And yet wasn’t safe

I outsmarted that cronie

And her scream of a wraith.

“Now you tell me there’s nothing?

It’s a joke, just forget it?

I know what to do

And I sure won’t regret it!”

Skullboy saw the sign

That had previously fell

He noticed the shape

Was swordly as well.

“THE SWORD!” Skullboy shouted

Doing a triple somersault

He now had the sword

The Spot came to a halt.

“Stop!!!” cried the Spot

Sounding full of despair.

“Take this!” replied Skullboy.

As he swiped through the air.

Terror and shock

Filled the Spot’s Eyes

His mist ripped apart

In his timely demise.

Without second thought

With vigour and might

Skullboy leapt of the cliff

Into blinding white light.

Down at the bottom

He opened his eyes

The sword he had found

But the truth was still lies.

When he looked down,

The sword had been broken.

What it now said,

Is too strange to be spoken.

The letters of the sign

Had been scattered and spread.

Now, ‘A Path of Life’

Is what the sign read.

The truth hit him hard

Skullboy let out a laugh,

And looking ahead

Saw many a path.

Paths that went this way,

Paths that went that.

Paths that were bumpy,

And some that were flat.

The journey wasn’t over

It was about to begin,

And Skullboy had found

His courage within.

No matter who you are

We all have dark spots

If you believe in yourself

You can conquer the lot.

If you’re fronted with problems

If you’re ever in strife

Remember ‘Leap of Faith’

Spells ‘A Path of Life’.

Where did Skullboy go?

Well, that’s a different track.

But he always went forward

And never looked back!


There are some very important people that deserve my thanks for getting me this far in the story due to their involvement and support.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank my good friend Anna Steen. Without her input on writing children’s stories, rhymes and script from day 1 the story would never have gotten this far. It’s been a long time in the making, but whenever I picked up the keyboard again, Anna was always there to let me know her thoughts. She is a very talented and hilarious writer and I’m so glad that our paths have crossed.

Shane McNeil an Adelaide film maker and long-time fan of Skullboy is up next. Shane took my original script when I applied for a grant and turned it completely on its heels forcing a rewrite. The original story was quite dark and featured Skullboy on a solo journey which had no happy ending. I guess it reflected what I was going through at the time. Without Shane, this story wouldn’t have evolved into the journey that it is has become today, and that fills me with so much happiness. Thank you, sir!

Jamie McNicol gets an honourable mention here. Whenever I was on a rant, or talking about the vision I had for this story and the short film, Jamie always had my back. He’s played an important part of designing the characters in this story and kept the vision alive. Thanks to Jamie, I can see what this story will look like in the future. He is a very, very talented artist!

I need to thank Daisy Brown. Though we’ve lost contact over the years, it is because of her that Skullboy went from a doodle in a notebook to an animated character, to a stage show which lead me to this story. Without her I would never have taken a Leap of Faith and completed acting school I would never have met Anna Steen, Shane McNeil or Jamie McNicol. People wouldn’t ask me “What’s happening with Skullboy these days?” So from the very bottom of my heart, I thank you. You set Skullboy and myself off on this journey, and like Skullboy, I have never looked back.

Finally, to all of you! The ones who ask, “What’s happening with Skullboy?” The ones who came and saw the stand-up show and laughed. The ones who encouraged me and gave me great feedback on the show. The people I showed this poem to and they loved it. Without your interest, and constant asking, Skullboy would just be a memory to me now. It’s for you I write this story. From everything I have, I thank you!


Exactly one year ago today (September 24 2014) I woke up unemployed, with no job to turn to and no idea what the future was going to hold. I had taken a Leap Of Faith and quit my job. I knew people thought I was crazy, my family were probably at the top of list. But I’d had enough. I’d had enough of feeling like I was only chipping away at my dreams and never getting any closer, like I was only spinning my wheels. I wasn’t getting any younger, and every second I spent not doing what I wanted in life was a second wasted.

The Leap Of Faith that I’d taken had started 7 months earlier on February the 13th. I was driving home from my very well paying job in a bottle making factory, frustrated, angry, and furious. It was a job that I knew I didn’t want to be in for the long run. I was stuck in traffic on another hour commute home to lock myself away to study for the night before getting up at 4am again, making another hour commute, and wash rinse repeat. It was then in the heat of that moment that I destroyed the sunglasses sitting on top of my head and committed to the declaration of “NO MORE”. No more jobs, no more long commutes in peak hour traffic, no more doing what I didn’t want to do. It was time to begin my career as an animator.

This is where things get scary. 7 months later after a trip to Canada to activate my work permit, I returned to my job only to be welcomed by the announcement of redundancies. I requested for my pay out as soon as I could. Two weeks later I was a free man. There is more to that story, but that is for another time.

This is where things get a little scarier. One year to the day that I walked out of that job for the last time, I found myself sitting with a team of fellow animators watching my very first episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I had ever worked on. For anyone who knows me, they know that TMNT is my absolute favourite television show, and before I left for Canada, I vowed that I would work on it.

For some, this might not seem like a big deal. But when you’re from a small country town where people are content to work locally, get married, buy a house, settle down and start a family, what I’ve done wasn’t ever really considered. I’m sure there are exceptions to the example, but that’s how I saw things, I always knew that I could do more.

So has my Dark Spot disappeared? No. But I now know that I am strong enough to keep fighting it and I’m a lot better than what I used to be. The first iteration of this story saw Skullboy lost and alone in the woods stuck for eternity with the Dark Spot by his side. Just goes to show you how much of a different place I was in.

This book isn’t medical or professional advice. It is merely for entertainment value. However, my story is one that is real, and I hope it inspires people to examine the life they are living and know that it is ok to try something new. If it doesn’t work out, keep trying. One of my affirmations was always ‘There is no such thing as failure, only when you give up do you fail’. In the end it took 4 years to finally live my dream and believe me – there were a lot of setbacks. But I kept standing up and kept moving forward.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. Never forget, if there is ‘A Path of Life’ that you think you should be living, rearrange the letters and take a ‘Leap of Faith’.

Bless you,

Scott Hewitt


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Skullboy and the Leap Of Faith

Are you ready to take a Leap Of Faith? Join Skullboy as he shows young and old alike just what it means to take a Leap Of Faith. From a happy home to a dark and spooky forest, Skullboy meets with many friends and foes as he discovers that he can be so much more than Skull-headed boy! This story has been created from the authors own personal journey in life and he now wants to share it with the world. Not only is this book entertaining and thrilling children's story, its message can be powerful for adults as well. It contains a secret message that not even the best motivational speakers in the world have discovered! What is that message? You'll just have to read and find out!

  • Author: Scott Hewitt
  • Published: 2016-05-03 04:35:09
  • Words: 3881
Skullboy and the Leap Of Faith Skullboy and the Leap Of Faith