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Skeletal Life


Skeletal life


William Andrews



William Andrews on Shakespir


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Soft focus


On the advice of the price

that slices into your life

in a web of deceit

and double edged lies

though the actions of others

your fed

the soft focus of life





Obsession will be sucking

on the bones of reason

as you slowly read

the reasons why you weep





Why think negative

when negative

doesn’t think about you





We carry the legacy

of our our sisters

we carry the burden

of their petty insanity



Thin skin


Could you point out your own fears

could you speak about

what lies beneath

your thin skin of belief

could you secretly

hide the despair

of I”m convinced

and handle the pain

as the cracks became

an understanding

of why the shame





Look very carefully

can you not see

this is not how

it was meant to be

if pictures tell stories

how can you not agree

you can read

the black and blue look

on the delicate skin

the bones poking out

from within

that feeling of shame

of all the beatings

that they gained

for being at home





Twisted nature


When twisted nature

robs you

of your children

when you look in the mirror

who do you blame

when a child lays dying

on a dirty street corner

or tied to a bed

screaming in vain


look at the children

who do you blame





Human rights

what rights do you have

when nature’s rights

are abused

starved of food

starved of water



put in a cage

for no other reason

but to amuse the insane



Hard to play


It is wrong to dream

it’s a big mistake

to let them in

your feelings they will take

when you’re tired of the game

having to wear a mask

in this valley of what’s your name

time to leave or dare you stay

without a mask

it’s hard to play





You give meaning

to feelings

that you

don’t deserve





Don’t tap it

it might break

are you dreaming

is this a fake

is this the rhythm

that you require

a painted mask

a thing for hire

a legacy

of all your desires





Your life can continue

without the option to think

all you have to do

is believe





The picture has been written

the words have been painted

but the silence

remains insane





As you slowly peel away

emotions that lie within

you slowly start to understand

if there is no trust

we cannot stand



The 5th


To complete the release

you so much desire

remember remember

the man on fire



Still me


The reflection you see

you just don’t believe

no matter what you change

you will still be me





Reason without emotion

begets the near extinction

of common sense



A reason


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Skeletal Life

  • ISBN: 9781311133588
  • Author: William Andrews
  • Published: 2016-01-04 22:20:06
  • Words: 1930
Skeletal Life Skeletal Life