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Six Pack.


Six Pack

A Modern American Western

©2016 VKambro

“What the hell are you looking at?” That’s what I told her when I caught her glancing at me. Her eyes drifted upward from my waist and she grinned. “A man and his gun, It’s a beautiful thing.” I winked at her, and turned my head to spit. She told me that it was gross.

“Well missy, you can’t have everything you want in life.” She stuck up her pretty little nose and sternly twirled around and walked out of the saloon. I followed her to the street and called out to her, but she played hard as hell to get.

“Hey Missy! Ya’s forgot something!”

She was really ticked off, so spit in her direction and then she stopped. Her eyes were as blue as the sky above us. The wind caught her curly blonde hair and made her look like some kind of earth bound angel, but this devil was trying to get her to come back.

She stood in the street as the dust blew around in carefree circles. Tumbleweeds bumped into one another as they made their between us. She glanced at the wound up balls of weed and then began to breathe heavily as she looked at me.

“What’s the matter? Cat got yer tongue?!”

And she did it again. She turned around and walked away. I was pissed off to say the least. Since when does a woman give a man the silent treatment? I took out my pistol and fired off three shots into the sky. She kept on walking. Didn’t even flinch.

This was some kind of special bitch.

I aimed my pistol at her back and centered it perfectly between her spine. As I began to pull the trigger a hand slapped the gun from my steady grip and knocked it down into the dusty street. The gun fired and she was shot under her foot. She got lucky. The bullet missed her and burrowed itself into the dirt just as she lifted her foot to walk.

She was one lucky, special kind of bitch.

As I turned to see who whacked the pistol from my grip I thought maybe I had died and gone to heaven. The same girl that had walked away from me was now standing beside me. I had to look at the girl in the street and shake my head before looking at the one next to me.


I know sooner realized this and was slapped in the face and was kicked from behind in my knees. I fell down like some jelly boned squid.

These girls are evil. I thought I was bad, but these two take the cake. I don’t give up without a fight, and these two lasses are going to get what’s coming to them.

“Stay right there. Don’t move, hoss.” A girl telling me what to do? I was fed up with this. I grabbed her leg and pulled it and she fell right in front of me Her legs were open. I must say the view was very nice, but she caught me off guard by letting my eyes prove that I’m a man with a prying eye. I was distracted and she took advantage of me with her womanly features

All I know is that her twin got me in a choke hold that felt like vise. I was losing my sight and gasping for breath. I blacked out, and could hear them talking. It had all been a plan. Distract the lonely cowboy and take him for all he’s got.

The desert sun was cooking me alive. I dragged myself up and watched through my dried up eyes that felt as hard as marbles while these two angels of crime rummaged through my saddle bags. They found my six pack, dammit!

They looked back at me and blew a kiss.

I tried to yell at them to take whatever they wanted, but leave that here.

“Leave the six pack!” My voice was raspy and to silent.

The twin robbers laughed as they looked at me before getting on their horses and rode away.

I sat on the hitching post and collected my thoughts. A kind stranger approached and gave me a drink from his flask.

“Who the hell were those two?” I asked with a wetted tongue.

The stranger watched as I tapped the bottom of his flask to encourage the last drop of liquid to roll out and into my parched mouth.

Stranger: “My daughters.”

“They’re dangerous as hell.” I stood up and looked at this man standing next to me. His hair was perfect. His face was clean shaven. Nice clothes. Fancy boots and a wide brimmed, very white hat with a black band around the edge.

Stranger: “They get that from their mother. She was a crazy sum’bitch.”

I handed his flask back to him as I asked him a question: “Why the hell did they take my six pack?” He looked at me and grinned before answering and then flicked the edge of his hat.

Stranger: “They each have three boyfriends.”

I looked at him and shook my head back and forth. “So I got robbed by two hookers?” The stranger pulled up his jacket as he reached for his pistol.

“Yep. And their pimp.”

Yeah. He was their daddy alright.

The End.

Six Pack.

A lonesome cowboy has got his eye on a beautiful woman, but he doesn't have any idea what he gets himself into by allowing his bruised male ego to guide him into a trap that has a double punch and a sexy twist that's mixed with a modern twist.

  • Author: Von Kambro
  • Published: 2016-10-21 01:50:09
  • Words: 898
Six Pack. Six Pack.