SIN - Rebellion Within


Rebellion Within

by K. P. Walker

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Rebellion Within

There are essentially two categories of people on this earth: rebels and proselytes. The rebels are the dominant group. They are the ones that make the headlines today and have throughout all history. Today you could read: Murders up in Chicago. Robberies up in Rome. Kidnappings up in Mexico. Rapes up in Sweden. Phone scamming up in Nigeria. Boko Haram enslaves 400 Christian women. Father beheads daughter for going shopping alone. ISIS executes local population. Terrorist stabs twenty. Suicide bomber kills 35. Gangs create No-Go zones. Politician convicted of bribery. Policemen ambushed. Drunken driver kills father of five. Drug cartels battle near border. Drug use on upswing worldwide. Bacchanalia party in Nevada desert. Russia threatens Latvia. Russia threatens Ukraine. China threatens Taiwan. China threatens US. North Korea threatens ‘nice surprise’ for US. Iran threatens Israel with annihilation, again.

If you looked at history you might read: Atlantic slave trade death toll: 16 million over 350 years. The warlord Tamerlane was responsible for the death of 17 million. Genghis Khan’s conquests killed about 40 million. Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ policy killed 45 million in only four years. The worldwide death toll for WWII was roughly 56 million (of which 29 million were civilian). Over 670 million have been slaughtered by Islamic forces since 638 AD (and as many forced to convert to Islam). These are huge numbers but they are dwarfed by the death inflicted by mothers. Since 1970 over 1.4 billion babies worldwide have been executed by their mothers through abortion.

These statistics show that untimely death (disease aside) usually comes by the willful act of some rebel. But the most important aspect of these numbers is the unstated question – why. Why did the Communist Mao institute his policies and why did he not rescind them when he saw the resulting devastation? Why was he so callous? Why do rebel leaders start wars knowing that carnage will ensue? Why are rebel religions so focussed on dominating people that they are willing to kill innocents that do not want to submit? And the saddest question is why have so many rebel women, mothers chosen to murder their own offspring? Yes, I’m sure there are many sad stories and many justifications, but there is one overarching explanation from each of those four sources, one simple justification for implementing a death sentence on another human and that is the word “good.” Yes, you read that correctly, good, but don’t stop here, read on.

‘Good’ to a rebel is what is good for the rebel, not the victim. If a war will advance a ‘good’ rebel agenda then war it will be despite the carnage. Rebels are callous. Rebels are mean. Rebels are liars. Rebels are two-faced. Rebels are whatever it takes to gain the advantage or goal. But they don’t see themselves this way. They say ruthlessness is being competitive, and underhanded maneuvering is tactical genius. They know bully tactics usually win so bully tactics are employed. For example examine Communist China’s South China Sea aircraft carrier islands started in 2016, and see the Boko Haram slaughters and enslavements. You could also note the Russian military annexation of the Crimea, and note the actions of gangs from Central America. You could also look at the childish actions of politicians in power that want to remain in power, or that want to disrupt their opposition.

Rebellious actions do not spontaneously occur, no, they have a source. Note that internal cogitation always has an external expression, meaning that your actions are simply a manifestation of what is on your mind. If the heart (and mind) of a man is corrupt he will think corrupt things and will manifest corrupt actions. It is these actions that are splashed all over the headlines and make up the grist of corrupt news outlets and the bulk of history books. Corrupt people then use the news and the education system to try to make everyone think their actions are honorable and desirable. Corrupt people act a little like Wormwood in the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis (1942). They want to mainstream all corruption (make it seem normal and acceptable) by corrupting children, churches (see Liberation Theology established in Latin America by the KGB) and politics (see Leftist ideology and practice) to further their causes and in individual cases to justify their own lives. In fact rebels have control of major political parties and a percentage of opposition parties in all free nations of the world. Rebels of course totally control all non-free nations because all effective opposition has been eradicated (killed, jailed, or intimidated into silence).

The corrupted heart produces self-righteous, fanatical, bigoted, manipulating, callous, bullying, strife encouraging, backstabbing, carousing, mean-spirited, divisive, angry, drug-imbibing, oppositional narcissists. There are more adjectives that I could add, but you can picture the type of people this represents, Communists, Progressives, Leftists, modern liberals, criminals, and practically all university professors in the Western world. Yes, this is the dominant human life form on the planet. They consider anyone that opposes their opinions (which they consider reality, proven science and truth) as the enemy. They think of themselves as righteous and the source of all wisdom and knowledge. They define good and evil to suit their own purpose. They define deviance and unacceptable behavior as whatever they disagree with. Therefore rebel culture to them is what is ‘normal.’ And rebel acts as classified by them are righteous behavior.

Mao had his own concept of good and so he acted in accordance with his orientation. Hitler, Stalin and the Islamic people each act according to their own definitions of good, truth and righteousness. Islamic martyrs perform “goodly deeds” that result in the death of many innocent people. Look at their concept of peace. To them peace will be achieved when all ‘unbelievers’ are killed leaving only Muslims in this world. Mothers kill their womb babies for many reasons but mainly to enable themselves to have a chance for a ‘good’ life. A baby could get in the way of the mother’s opportunities and personal happiness. Again, I’m aware that you can probably find one woman out of the 1.4 billion mothers that on the surface does not comply with this generalization. Nonetheless the rebellious and corrupted heart produces corrupted deeds that the corrupted heart deems good.

There is another group in this world and that is the proselyte. In truth, both the rebellious and the proselytes are spiritual slaves but the rebels consider themselves as the rulers. They are actually slaves of spiritual corruption for whatever you submit to or are overcome by to that you are enslaved. So everyone in this world is actually enslaved by something [Read the free booklet Slavery by K. P. Walker for a different look at this.] although there is the group that is the antithesis of the rebels, it is those enslaved to obedience. Wow, that sounds placid doesn’t it? Being a rebel sounds much more dynamic, which is an attraction for many. In this instance Proselyte means a person that has different opinions and beliefs than the rebels.

Rebels see the proselytes as the deplorables, people that deserve abuse. The proselytes see the rebels as delusional and deserving pity. The rebels see the proselytes as intolerant; that is, they have no respect for the opinions and beliefs that the rebels use to justify their actions. The proselytes see the rebels as egotistical, that is, doing things that focus on themselves personally and not doing things for the greater good of all. The rebels define good as actions focused on pursuit of happiness in this world and in this lifetime because they believe that there is nothing beyond death. Therefore Utopia is a proper goal, heaven on Earth. The proselytes see only God as good so their thoughts and actions are based upon eternity because to them this planet is only a stepping stone to a greater existence beyond human detection. The rebels scoff at this concept and mock those that hold this opinion. The proselytes marvel at the stupidity of the rebels for being so closed-minded. When the proselytes decry the practice of abortion the rebels call them religious nuts. When the rebels seek to make laws that bind everyone to rebel beliefs the proselytes call them narcissistic. The rebels themselves are scofflaws but use laws to beat the proselytes over their heads. The rebels justify themselves by using their hearts, saying if it feels correct, then for them, it is correct. Therefore nothing is actually against the law. If it feels okay then do it, and do it often. The proselytes cannot justify themselves. They hold that it is impossible. They say the rebels build their houses on a foundation of sand that shifts with every wind of whim. The proselytes insist that they have built on a foundation of rock and no societal pressure or whim can move them. So this is the state of the impasse between the rebels and the proselytes. With so much oppositional passion this world doesn’t sound like such a desirable place to live [Read the novel Death Planet Tourist by K. P. Walker for a whimsical look at this dichotomous planet.].

These two groups can’t effectively communicate even when the language spoken is the same. This is because each side is speaking from antithetical orientations. The rebels see the sunset, and the proselytes see the sunrise. The rebels see the world as the end all, while the proselytes see the world as transitory. For each group truth and good have essentially opposite meanings, nonetheless each group claims to have the correct point of view. This is why the two groups can’t “just get along.” The rebels berate the proselytes because the proselytes say the rebels are wrong and their works are evil. The rebels reject this opinion and attack the perceived source of this opinion, the God of the proselytes. They say the proselyte’s god is simply a mental crutch for the weak-minded. The rebels call anything beyond their sight superstition, fantasy, or foolishness. And they mock anyone that has an opinion that differs from their own. In self-righteous arrogance the rebels think they can go it alone, that they can achieve their goals of a one-world order and utopia through self-effort, even though historical evidence is against this notion.

Incongruously many rebels have turned to religion to assist them achieve their utopian goals. Rebel religions all have gods that reside within the realm of this world or as part of this universe. The doctrine of the rebels allows them to have gods as long as these gods are under the control of their priests. The rebel religions offer many different paths to reach nirvana or utopia but they all comport with the principle of self-effort. All the supplicant need do is follow the rules. They are simple to do: pray, support charities, participate in righteous sounding events, and act pious. Killing is also a factor in rebel religion; thus they speak of the “sacred work of abortion” and the “goodly work” of killing the kefir (unbeliever). They also conceive alternative religions that they include in the category of science (not fantasy or foolishness), such as global warming and evolution. Their goal is to save the planet (their Earth-god Gaia).

In past history there was a book introduced into the world that explained the human condition and predicament in detail. It pointed out that the corrupt condition of human nature was the result of a rebellion within the soul, a rebellion that starts at birth and produces not just the eventual death of the human body, but the condemnation of its eternal soul. Yes, there is a soul, something like a personality, a consciousness that continues forever. The book pointed out that upon the death of the body (host) the soul will go to reside forever in a place that it had chosen when housed in the body. There are only two places that can be chosen. One is with the God revealed in the pages of the book (this is eternal life, sometimes called heaven) and the other is a place separated from this God (it is eternal death, sometimes called Hell). It should be obvious that this situation is something that is beyond the rebel’s meme of self-help, despite protestations to the contrary.

The book is the Bible. The God revealed in its pages is the God of love, of life, and of truth. [The free short book The Great Question by K. P. Walker presents a way to resolve the questions: Which god is the real God? and How do you know God is real?] The Bible provides good news for all people because the loving God wants everyone (including rebels) to have life with himself forever. It is up to each individual soul (person) to choose an abode for eternity. But there’s a problem for the souls of this world – sin.

The Bible says that sin is rebellion against the living God. Sin as rebellion is disbelief, or belief in something other than God. There is a story in the Bible of a woman that shunned God’s word and believed the lie of a liar. Her name was Eve. Her disbelief, her sin, her rebellion caused her to be ejected from Paradise. She was banished into a land of death. This is the place wherein you were born. You too have the stigma of death inherited from her. So you like her are here to die. [Read more about this deadly planet in Universe and Beyond by K.P. Walker.] Her rebellion was also passed on to her progeny. Rebellion against God (sin) is now normal human nature. Thus human nature is the antithesis of God’s nature. Human nature has been polluted by its rebellion. Humanity is now subjected to futility, and as such because of the sin enthralled human nature it is condemned to perpetual immaturity. It manifests as a visceral adolescence.

You have seen teenagers that act defiant, disobedient, disrespectful, erratic, uncooperative, unappreciative, unfriendly (except with their friends), irrational, and puerile. Sin causes everyone subject to its power to be forever a teenager with an inverted concept of right and wrong. Yes rebels that have grown to be men and women act like visceral teens. You have seen them; you have read about these adults in the news. A recent President and historic world leaders have been in this camp. Many teachers, parents, politicians and so-called entertainers are visceral teens. Just read the stories about them. News reporters are in the camp too, which is why they are so eager to report on their fellow visceral teens, and attack those that are different, those with mature opinions. Oh yes, there are some with maturity in this world; they are ridiculed by the teen rebels. This is the situation in the world as it is today.

So how does one become mature? Certainly not by self-effort. Maturity is a byproduct of salvation. Salvation is the doorway to maturity and to eternal life. You must understand that the God of love loves everyone, yes every rebel and every proselyte. [For more on this read What does God Want? by K. P. Walker.] He is unceasingly calling people to let go of their rebellion, to eschew sin, to turn to him (repent). This is the only action God requires of sinful humanity. [For more on salvation read the New Testament in the Bible specifically Paul’s letters to the Romans and the Hebrews.] This is because humanity can do nothing to climb up to God, but the loving God can and will come down to salvage humanity. This is the Good News that though separated from God by rebellion, through God’s love anyone can be reconciled with him.

The proselytes are the ones that took and take advantage of this opportunity God provides. Salvation takes place because the God of love sent his son to live as a man, a tested and proven human, not a god in human clothing [Read KING Jesus by K. P. Walker for more on this]. Jesus lived the life we sinful humans couldn’t (in righteous obedience) and died the death we deserve (because of our disobedient rebellion, sin). Jesus paid the price that all humans owe (because of sin the debt is one dead body each) with his own sinless body. The Bible says that now all people have to do is to turn away from self-effort and turn to King Jesus, as he has become the source of life by reason of his payment for everyone’s sin. And here is the best part for sinful humanity, there is nothing else to do except place our simple faith in him and trust that his sacrifice and resurrection is sufficient to overcome our sin. This spiritual act will connect the spiritually dead believer to the power of life, usually called the Holy Spirit. For by faith in Jesus this power is poured into our corrupted hearts and minds, cleansing us of our guilt and rebellion. Through this same Spirit the believer has life and a guarantee of life forever. So with this some rebels, slaves of sin and death, have become willing slaves of Jesus. These proselytes change allegiance from sin and the god of this corrupted world to righteousness and the God of life. And with this new status the God of love and life promised that the proselytes will be adopted as his sons.

This was too much for the rebels. They didn’t like anyone escaping from the fate that they thought awaited everyone (eternal darkness). They inserted themselves into most seminaries and polluted the interpretation of the Bible so that it was re-imagined to say that Jesus’ death and resurrection (without repenting) was sufficient to excuse all acts of the rebels. They then took over numerous denominations with this message coupled with good works so they would be seen as justified in doing the evil they had been doing all along. And with this religious crusade they confronted and still confront the proselytes of God in an attempt to confuse them.

When slaves of sin become slaves of obedience an interesting thing happens, the Holy Spirit works a miracle in them by flipping their attitudes upside down. What they formerly considered bad is now seen to be good. And again, in the light of God’s truth what was formerly considered good is revealed to have been bad. So the proselytes of Jesus now have an orientation that is the antithesis of the rebels. Good to a rebel has become bad to the saved proselyte and vice versa. It is this new orientation that enables the proselytes to evade contamination by the lies of the rebels. So the proselytes knew that the ‘Christian’ religions endorsed by the rebels had a major omission. These had neglected to point out that God does not just take people into heaven arbitrarily. He only takes those that have chosen to be with him and those that have come to him through Jesus by faith. Jesus is the door to eternal life; religion and religious effort is of no account. So if a rebel attends a ‘church’ that act is actually insufficient for life with God. When a rebel gives money to a charity, that is a waste of money, for no one can buy his or her way into heaven. No one by self-effort can earn entrance either. Salvation requires repentance, a turning away from rebellion and foolish notions of religion. One must turn to Jesus and choose to be a proselyte of Jesus. Only he can rescue us from the corruption of sin and restore us to our rightful, yes I said rightful place with the God of life. God had planned for us to be with him all along [Read Plan for Life by K. P. Walker for God’s great plan for repentant humanity.] but humanity rebelled. If you are a rebel don’t wait until you discuss this with your fellow rebels, REPENT! You will find that the so-called ‘foolishness’ of God is far superior to the ‘settled’ wisdom of the corrupted world. Do not be deceived by the empty rhetoric of the rebels. You will die eventually, then what? Blackness? Are you sure? Can you prove it? The Bible says you will go to a place of darkness – Hell. So, it’s up to you. Where will you choose to go? If you do nothing your choice is made. If you choose to ignore Jesus, your choice is made. If you choose to work for your salvation through religion, your choice is made and death is sure.

God said through Moses, you shall die, but I set before you life and death, a blessing and a curse. Choose life! (God has given you this power to choose. The choice is yours alone and is totally up to you.) Choose life by loving the Lord the only God and by obeying his voice (spoken through the Bible and spoken in your conscience) and by clinging to Jesus. Jesus will not forsake you. And in the end he will bring you to himself.

In the Bible the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans says something like this about salvation: We are justified by faith and so we have peace with God through Jesus through whom we have obtained grace (unmerited favor) from God that we may share in his glory. What’s more, God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, (a love that is the antithesis of self-centered human love) which we received when we repented (turned away from the rebellious world, turned to Jesus and trusted in him). Now we have true hope for the future and an assured life with God forever. – To those that have already chosen life, that have received salvation I say “Praise be to the God of life.” I also ask you to pray for those who have read this short presentation that haven’t yet repented.

So now you have seen the current status of sin in the news, and noted that history is mostly a record of sin. Sin is also the reason for the Bible. The Bible is all about the savior Jesus who delivers us from sin. But there are some that will choose to continue to rebel against God, even to the end. In fact sin is the raison d’être of this world, the reason for the existence of the universe. [Read Universe and Beyond by K. P. Walker for more on this topic.] When sin ends the need for the world and universe will end.

What about the future of sin? According to the book of the Apocalypse to John (Revelation), which is a general outline for the future, sin will be defeated, but it will be the last thing destroyed before something like the Big Crunch (opposite of the Big Bang) occurs. Yes, before that time there will be some great efforts made by various entities, nations, Communists, Capitalists, Religionists, One World Order aficionados, armies and dictators with worldwide economic manipulation imposing great turmoil. [Read the short free book about a prophecy by the Prophet Daniel concerning a sign of the end time, The End has Begun by K. P. Walker] You can read all about the future in the last book of the Bible: Revelation. [You could also read The Living End by K. P. Walker. It deciphers a lot of the imagery of Revelation for you such as the “great harlot” and it even reveals the meaning of the mysterious 666. Then if you want an entertaining fictional romp into the subject of sin and the end time you could also read Death Planet Tourist. But be prepared for space aliens.]

Of course, sin is not for entertainment. It is a very serious and deadly presence. Look how the world is infected by it. The Lord God is sad at the foolhardy rejection of his salvation by so many people, but he will not force anyone to repent. Eternal life is a freewill choice (as is eternal death) so it’s all up to you.

Which future have you chosen?

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To learn more you should read the Bible. Read the Old Testament to learn about the Savior and what his coming means. To learn about what happened when Jesus came read the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, To learn what his coming means to those that have repented read the Letters. To learn what will happen soon, read Revelation. You could also read the Plan for Life series by K. P. Walker. These four books explain what it is you will or have already read in your Bible. The books are designed to be read in sequence but are completely stand-alone if you wish to read them individually. For the Old Testament read Book 1 , for the Gospels read Book 2 , for the Letters read Book 3 , and for Revelation read Book 4 The Living End.

SIN - Rebellion Within

Is ‘sin’ a verb, a kind of active essence that subverts and dominates humanity; or is it a noun, a sort of melange of conflicting emotions that defy control? Maybe it’s both, making it a contumelious reality that defies authority while imposing its uncompromising power over the human soul. But what exactly is sin? Some people think that it’s just a concept designed to make people feel bad, even ashamed about their thoughts and lives. You may be one of those that wish this to be so, but sin is actually a tangible force although unlike any other in this universe. Invisible gravity may keep you on this world but the invisible force of sin subjugates those in this world. Sin is not a positive or negative dynamism; rather it’s a rebellious one.

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SIN - Rebellion Within SIN - Rebellion Within