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Journey to Dionysus


The Accident of Route 61




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[*Journey to Dionysus *]


Neil Chapman never been on a space ship before, but he finally made it. He was now an official member of the USS Pinafore, and he was waiting to board the ship with his bags ready to go. He kept tapping his feet as he sat at Gate 51 of the Earth International Spaceport, which is a station orbiting the planet.

After 30 minutes the ship finally arrived. It was grand in size, and in majesty. The ship was painted in a platinum white on the bottom of the ship, and oily black sheen at the top of the ship. There were two white circles at either side of the ship. The ship was oval shaped, and long. Two oily black rudders were on either side of the ship that gave the ship its momentum. The tail was shaped like a fin, and bow stuck out like a nose.

From the window Neil noticed two white ovals on either side of the ship. It reminded him of Orca Whales. As if the ship sailed into space as an Orca splashes to the surface of the ocean, and crashes back down again. The image of an Orca brought a powerful grace to the ship. It was a ship admired as many Space Naval magazines analyzed the raw, and natural grace the ship has inspired upon other ships. It was the first of it’s kind to be a space ship that not only was used to explore the Universe, but to also be admired as a work of art.

The computer at Gate 51 said, “The USS Pinafore is ready to board all passengers.”

Neil got up, and walked to the front desk. A computer awaited him.

“May I see your passport please?” asked the computer.

Neil got out his passport. On the back of the passport was a barcode. The computer got out a scanner, and scanned the barcode. The screen on the computer showed a green icon that said, “Confirmed.”

“Enjoy your travels, sir.”

“Thank you.”

Neil started straightening out his uniform as he walked into the tunnel, and entered into the Pinafore. As he entered the whole crew greeted him, and the other recruits onto the ship as they stood in two rows. At the center of the two rows stood a man with a decorated navy blue uniform. This was Captain Oliver Lawrence, commander of the Pinafore, and former commander of previous ships. To Neil the Captain appeared to be an Apollonian alien based on his tan skin, curly dark blonde hair, and his muscular features that he saw from art of the Greek god Apollo. But the name Lawrence indicated that he was also human.

Captain Lawrence then said, “Welcome, new recruits. My name is Captain Lawrence, and welcome to the Pinafore.”

The Captain then started inspecting the recruits. When Lawrence came up to Neil he was intimidated by how tall the Captain was. He then figured that Captain Lawrence really was an Apollonian. As the Captain inspected Neil he stared down every little detail on him.

The Captain then said, “Recruits, I see promise in a lot of you, and I hope it shows when you are faced into deep space. You have all learned at the Earth Space Naval Academy, and I want you to apply all that you learned on this ship. Dismissed!”

All the crewmembers went back to their posts, while Neil and the recruits went to their quarters to go unpack their bags. When Neil was finished unpacking he reported to the Bridge where he was supposed to be. Neil entered onto the bridge, and saw where his desk was, which was to the left of the center where the Captain’s chair was.

The Captain in his chair said, “Welcome aboard. Chapman isn’t it?”

“Yes sir.”

“And you’re a navigator?”

“Correct sir, but this is my first time.”

“Of course. If you have any questions ask Gary Newman your partner. He’s next to your desk on the right.”

“Thank you sir.”

Neil went over to his desk, and approached Newman at his post.

“Hello. My name is Neil Chapman the new Navigator.”

“Pleasure to meet you Neil. I’m Gary Newman.”

The two shook hands. Neil then sat down at his desk, and placed his hand on the screen of the desk. The screen then scanned his hand, which then confirmed him. A screen appeared in front of him with a grid showing where the ship was, a smaller screen showing the cameras on the ship showing all of the outside of the ship, and near the holographic keyboard was a throttle with a trigger.

“If you need any help just let me know,” said Newman.

“Thank you, but I’m good for now.”

“Well, you’ll never know when you’ll need my help. Just keep that in mind.”

The Communications Officer Daniel Murphy said, “Captain, I just received an audio transmission.”

“From whom?”

“The person disclosing the transmission won’t say who he is, but he’s got information on something secretive that he can’t say on the transmission.”

“Ask him what he wants from us so we can go see what we can do about it.”

“Yes sir.”

Murphy kept talking to the mystery speaker.

“He’s given us a coordinates to the planet Dionysus VI.”

“That’s Draconian territory,” said Captain Lawrence, “Give Chapman the coordinates.”

“Yes sir.”

Murphy sent the coordinates to Neil onto his desk while Neil found Dionysus VI on his grid. Neil then typed up the coordinates, and found where the location was.

Neil said, “The coordinates location is on an island in Dionysus VI called Snake Kidney Key.”

“Any signs of people on that island?” asked Captain Lawrence.

“The grid’s not showing any signs of life other than plant and animal life.”

“Set the waypoint for that island.”

“Yes sir.”

Neil tapped on to the waypoint, and sent the directions to the Helm Iona who was also an Apollonian.

Iona then said, “Everyone accounted for is on board, Captain.”

“Thank you Iona.”

Captain Lawrence turned on the intercom, and said, “Attention all crew members. This is the Captain speaking. We are now heading to the planet Dionysus VI in the Draconian System. Be sure to use precaution when necessary. The Draconians are dangerous to deal with so be weary of that.”

Iona then turned on the accelerator, and the ship blasted off into the dark void of space with blue and white flames coming from the rudders. A blue jet stream trailed from behind. Neil from his rear camera could see the Earth now as a tiny blue ball. For over two days the ship sailed out of the Milky Way, and then came to the border where the Draconian System lies.

The ship came to a halt when they came towards a station that read the initials G.B.P. (Galaxy Border Patrol). Then a hologram message appeared at the front of the bridge. An officer came on the hologram.

He said, “May I see your identification?”

Murphy then sent the officer the proper record of the Pinafore, and all the confirmations on all the passports.

The officer then said, “You’re clear to go.”

“Thank you,” said Captain Lawrence.

The ship moved back on schedule. They first passed the Draconian sun, and later to Planet Draconia. In the center of the system is an asteroid belt that Iona dodged up to the top of the belt, and sped away.

Neil then noticed something on the rear camera of the ship.

“Sir, there’s an asteroid that’s following us.”

“That’s no asteroid.”

“How can you be sure?”

“That is how they disguise themselves.”


“Draconian pirates.”

The asteroid was gaining up on them.

“They’re going to crash into us!” said Neil.

“Iona, take evasive action!” said Captain Lawrence.

“Yes sir.”

Iona sped further, and dodging the pirates dives at them. The asteroid then transformed as it split parts of its asteroid shell, and revealed a front window and rotating laser cannons. The asteroid ship turned toward the Pinafore, and fired a multitude of green lasers. It was a direct hit.

Neil felt the ship shake and shove him off his seat.

Murphy said, “Sir, a hologram message is coming through from that ship.”

“Put it on.”

On the hologram appeared a scaly green Draconian wearing a brown leather sleeveless jacket exposing his chest, and pants. His yellowy eyes stared at Captain Lawrence. His snout huffed before he spoke.

“This is Captain Darak of the Black Spot, and I order you to turn around now, or we will take your ship by force.”

Captain Lawrence said, “No chance. We are explorers, and we have a right to pass through here.”

The Black Spot started to charge again, and Iona sped even faster this time towards Dionysus VI, which was closer this time. When Pinafore got to the planet’s atmosphere Iona gradually slowed down to Snake Kidney Key. The Black Spot turned back into it’s asteroid form, and crash landed in the water.

Captain Lawrence said, “Chapman, Murphy, and Newman come with me.”

Captain Lawrence turned on the intercom.

“All members of the security team lock the ship while we’re away. Iona you have the con.”

Neil grabbed his tracker and laser gun, and followed the Captain out to the beach where the ship landed. Neil then turned on his tracker to guide the group to the location of the coordinates. From the grid on the tracker they weren’t far. They went into the wooded area of the beach where they came across a boulder. Neil tracked the boulder, and noticed something strange about it.

“Sir, this boulder is made of metal.”

Suddenly, a man jumped from behind a palm tree.

“Hold it!” said the man.

Neil took out his gun. The mysterious man was bald, very bony, wore baggy clothes, and wore a long blonde beard.

The man asked, “Are you from that ship on the beach?”

Lawrence said, “Yes. We’re of the USS Pinafore.”

“Then let me introduce myself. My name is Ben Englund. I’m the one who gave you the coordinates to come here.”

Neil lowered his gun as Ben continued.

“I used to deliver food particle ovens to developing planets before Captain Darak captured me, and held me hostage. We then landed on this island, and then Darak had me and his captors bury his treasure for him. And after all I did for him he left us here to die, but I found a ship buried under this boulder. And me and the other captors have lived here since. Was that Darak’s ship that crashed?”

“Yes it was,” said Neil. “Do you think he survived?”

“Yes. The ship underneath this boulder crashed. It creates a crater. The metal on those ships are a combination of meteor rock, and metal. Darak and his crew will surely have survived the crash.”

“And we have,” said Darak.

Six of his crewmembers came along.

“What do you want from us Darak?” asked Captain Lawrence.

“Oh no. It’s not what we want from you. It’s you taking what is rightfully ours. I’ll make you a deal. We don’t have the coordinates to where our treasure is at so get us there, and you can take us back to Draconia on your ship since our ship is damaged from the salt water.”

Captain Lawrence said, “Give us a minute to think this through.”

“Very well,” said Darak.

Ben then said, “I got an idea. I placed a treasure decoy on Rattle Key. On the same island is the real treasure, and I’ve got the coordinates to both places.”

“And I can use my tracker to find both of those areas,” said Neil.

Captain Lawrence said, “Darak, you have a deal. You’re friend Ben here has the coordinates to the treasure.”


Neil then put the fake coordinates on his tracker as they went back to the Pinafore, and took the group to Rattle Key with some on the ship questioning the Captain’s decision. They landed on another beach to continue.

When they finally arrived to the location of the fake coordinates the pirates started digging. And then they hit something that was metal. It was part of a ship.

“The treasure’s not here!” said one of the pirates.

Suddenly, a metal door opened as more captors fired their laser guns at the pirates. The beams were at stun level. Captain Lawrence held up his gun at Darak before he got the chance to fire back.

“In the name of the Intergalactic Nations you’re under arrest for violating the Draconian Convention.”

Neil asked Ben, “How’d you get your captor friends to do that?”

“There are more than enough ships buried on these islands. I signaled them with my ships communication frequency.”

Neil then put the coordinates to where the real treasure was on his tracker. They then got to the location, and dug up eight metal boxes filled to the brim with multi-colored gems, diamonds, jewelry, and currency from various planets in the Draconian System.

Captain Lawrence called up the Pinafore, and ordered the treasure to be put on board. They then put the pirates in the brig. The Pinafore then rose from the beach blasted off into space.


The Accident on Route 61


There was not much to life that Hunter Troy really wanted. He always enjoyed doing physically straining jobs with his athletic physique, and brown combed hair sweating. He learned from his dad about cars. But what Hunter was really good at woodworking. He discovered it in his woodshop class in high school. He really got into it after building a wooden box for his final in that class. Hunter wanted to learn more.

After school Hunter asked Mr. Tanner, “Is the workshop open today?”

Mr. Tanner said, “Sure Hunter. Anytime.”

Hunter built little wooden dolls, a wooden dollhouse for his 8-year-old cousin Harper for Christmas, and had built his own guitar that resembled the Bo Diddley box guitar. He loved creating and molding his work every day.

Even though Hunter loved woodworking, he didn’t think he could really apply his skills to a career. After Hunter graduated from high school, he didn’t know what his next move was going to be. He now worked full-time at a trucking company called Hardaway Freight Line. Hardaway Freight Line was 30 minutes away from Hunter’s home in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota. This trucking company specializes in delivering groceries to various grocery stores across the United States.

Hunter was looking to save money for college for the first few months of work at Hardaway. Hunter had helped move cargo into the trucks for Hardaway.

One day when Hunter was loading the cargo onto the trailer, there was a truck that started pulling back to the trailer. Hunter ran out of the trailer because it was a freezer trailer to keep the food fresh during delivery. Hunter went up to the truck, and was amazed at the size of it. The truck was dark green with several white patterns on the sides. The owner of the truck came out. He had black army crew cut hair, thin sunglasses, and a thick black mustache.

The truck still rumbled as the trucker asked Hunter, “What’s your name kid?”


“My name is Travis. Listen, I’m going to back up my truck to the trailer. I want you to guide me. Got that?”

“Sure do.”

So Hunter helped Travis back his truck straight to the trailer.

When that was done Travis came out and said, “Hey thanks kid.”

“No problem.”

Hunter was really curious about the truck when he said, “Before you go can I see the inside of your truck?”

“Sure thing,” said Travis.

Travis got down from the truck, and Hunter climbed up to the driver’s seat of the truck. Hunter saw on the dashboard next to the steering wheel were a whole bunch of buttons and gauges on the dashboard that Hunter didn’t know what they were meant for. Behind the truck was a bed along with two counters on both sides that were meant to be a workspace. On both ends of the counters were two black curtains.

“Are you thinking of driving one of these?” asked Travis.

“Maybe,” said Hunter. “I don’t know yet.”

Hunter talked to his parents about this, and his dad asked, “Well what do you think you’ll get out of this?”

Hunter said, “Well, I don’t think it would be a long term thing, but I feel that this could open new doors for me. Get me exposed to new things you know?”

Hunter’s mom then said, “We don’t want to hold you back on this, but we just want to be sure that you’ll be safe when you are ready for it.”

“I understand,” said Hunter. “I’m not going to do it now, but I’m just thinking this over.”

“Just understand that we’ll support you either way,” said Hunter’s dad.

“Thanks,” said Hunter.

Hunter then finally decided after thinking it over that he should learn how to drive a truck. Hardaway Freight Line did offer lessons. So, Hunter had trained with Hardaway for over a year on truck driving lessons. Then Hunter had learned how to drive on his own. Whenever Hunter was in a truck he liked the view from the windshield. He felt taller whenever sitting in the truck.

Soon Hunter was ready for his first delivery on his own. He had never delivered on his own. He already proved himself to be a good driver to everyone at Hardaway, but there was something that was holding him back. He couldn’t explain what it was, but he was having second thoughts.

The day before Hunter’s first delivery he wanted to talk to his dad about it.

“Hey dad?”

“Yes Hunter?”

“Can I talk to you about something?”

“Sure. Anything.”

They went into the living room, and Hunter’s dad asked, “What do you want to talk about?”

“Well it’s about my first delivery tomorrow. I’m kind of having second thoughts about. “

“Why’s that? Are you nervous?”

“No. I’m confident in my driving, but it’s just that I don’t feel that I’ll enjoy it now. I mean the pay will be better than how much I was earning before, but I don’t think I’ll be interested in it anymore when I’m done.”

“Well do you enjoy it now as it is?”

“I haven’t done it yet, but with practice and all I don’t think it will be my passion to go into trucking for a living.”

“You used to enjoy woodworking. What happened there?”

“I just didn’t think that I’d be able to find a career in that.”

“Hunter, listen you’ll never know until you see it for yourself. Otherwise you won’t know which is your dream and which isn’t. Even if I do miss you building from wood you can still go back to it, and see where that takes you. Who knows you may like delivering from a truck. What matters is that you can’t know about it until you try. Even if you can’t get into trucking you would know that you can go back to something that you love.”

“I will try dad. I’ll see about it tomorrow.”

“Keep in mind it’s all up to you.”

“Thanks dad.”

Hunter then gave his dad a big hug.

Hunter then let go and said, “Well I better get to bed. I got to start early tomorrow. Goodnight dad.”

“Goodnight son.”

Before Hunter went to bed he thought to look under his bed. He reached his arm under the bed, and pulled out the wooden box he had made in woodshop. His name was carved on the lid of the box. He opened it. Inside the box were a pen, two $10 bills, three $20 bills, a flashlight, and a handkerchief that he used when he was a Boy Scout. Hunter took the money out of the box, and put them in his wallet. He then closed the box, and put it in his backpack for his delivery as a reminder of home. Hunter then went to bed.

The next morning, Hunter went to Hardaway to start his delivery. Hunter’s route is from Hardaway Freight Line to Little Rock, Arkansas where a local grocery store called Adelaide’s Grocery was expecting it’s next delivery. For this delivery Hunter was paired with another driver with more experience than him, but drove the same route that Hunter was going on. His name was Dan Hill. Hunter met Dan over at his truck.

“Nice to meet you Dan.”

“Nice to meet you. I hear that this is your first delivery right?”

“That’s right.”

“Are you nervous?”

“A little.”

“It’s alright. Even I got nervous my first time. Are you comfortable driving first?”

“I guess.”

“Don’t worry kid. At least you’ll have some company on this trip. They just sent me on my own my first time. Well we’re just about ready to go soon. Come on up.”

Hunter climbed onto the truck, and got into his seat.

Dan then asked Hunter, “Are you ready?”

“Yes. I’m ready.”

Hunter then turned the ignition, and waited for the “wait to start” light to turn off on the dashboard. The light then turned off, as Hunter turned the ignition, and the truck started to rumble. They were ready to go.

Hunter really did well on the local roads. Hunter then carefully merged onto Route 61. Hunter then picked up momentum as he got onto the highway. He could see nearly everything in front of him. It then occurred to Hunter that he was actually doing this. He was responsible with delivering this load. He was able to handle something this big on his own for the first time.

Hunter then asked Dan, “How am I doing?”

“You’re doing great. Not bad for your first time.”


Hunter kept his focus.

Then Dan said, “Make sure you focus on everything that’s going on around you. Sometimes the unexpected can happen. So, be on your toes.”

“I will.”

All that was ahead on the road was all just a few cars up ahead; all the greenery on the side of the road, and the sky cloudy. The sky was indecisive between brightness, and gloominess.

Hunter then asked, “Do you think we might get some rain?”

“Maybe. We might get some later on.”

Some rain did start to pour when they passed through Minnesota, and into Iowa. They stopped at truck stop in Iowa so they could have lunch. As soon as they were done they headed back out onto the highway. This time the rain was really pouring down. Hunter gripped the steering wheel.

Dan asked, “Have you ever drove in this kind of weather before?”

“Not in a truck. But I have drove in rain before. I don’t think anything this bad though.”

“Just take it nice and easy.”

The rain continued to let on. Along the left lane on Hunter’s blind spot came a red Buick. The car’s turn signal was blinking as it passed the truck, but it stayed in the center of the lane.

“What’s he doing?” said Dan.

Hunter then honked his horn to get the drivers attention, but the driver was still in the center. Then the red Buick turned left while another car dashed straight toward it. The red car quickly turned to the other side, and Hunter slammed on the brakes. With the tires screaming Hunter hit the car. The truck then slowed to a halt.

Hunter then pushed the parking brakes, and turned on the hazard lights before getting out of the truck. He and Dan dashed to the driver’s side of the car. The man inside wasn’t moving. The door was unlocked. So, they got the man out of the car, and laid him flat on the grass.

Dan said, “I’ll call for an ambulance. Go find the first aid kit.”

Hunter ran in the truck, and found the first aid kit in the top drawer. He then remembered about his box. He opened it and grabbed the handkerchief inside. He ran back out.

“How’s he doing?” asked Hunter.

“Not responding. I think he hit his head when we hit him.”

Dan then showed the red bump on the man’s head.

“Did you call for an ambulance?” asked Hunter.

“Yes. They’re on their way.”

Hunter and Dan had done their best to help the man in anyway. He looked similar to Hunter. He was muscular, and he looked young despite the red bump on his head and having black hair. They bandaged the man’s cuts, and his bump.

When the ambulance arrived they ran out with a stretcher, and Hunter and Dan came along to explain everything. There was absolute silence between Hunter and Dan in the ambulance, and when they arrived to the hospital. They signed in when they got to the hospital, and then they sat in the waiting room.

Hunter then pictured the face of the man from the accident. He looked young as he did, but looked different. Was motionless. Almost looked dead. Just pale, scarred, and motionless.

Hunter covered his face and said, “I might’ve killed that man.”

“We might’ve saved him though.”

“But what if we didn’t? What’ll he do if he’s conscious? I didn’t react fast enough.”

“You couldn’t have though. Trucks are hard to brake. You know that, and I do too. This wasn’t your fault.”

“ I don’t think I want to do this anymore.”

“Why’d you even start in the first place?”

“I thought I could do it.”

“That doesn’t answer anything.”

Hunter hesitated before he could answer.

“I had a passion. I had something I enjoyed. I used to do woodworking in high school, and I didn’t think I could make a career out of it. So, I thought I could settle for less by doing this job so I could have something to fall back on. But I just don’t see any joy in this now.”

“Hunter, you couldn’t have prevented what just happened to us, but you can get out of this and enjoy the things you do love. If it isn’t something you enjoy then don’t settle for less. You need to settle with what you enjoy.”

Hunter then thought of what Dan told him and said, “You’re right. I’m not fit for this.”

“If you still love woodworking you should do it.”

“I will now more than ever.”

They went to the cafeteria to have dinner. They talked more, and even started a few games of blackjack just to pass the time. They still waited for two more hours before the nurse came out.

“Daniel Hill! Hunter Troy!”




The neon lights of Las Vegas glittered with such synchronization that each bulb acted as a star in a city glowing with stars. That was all Glenn Fry could watch from the balcony of his hotel room. He combed back his unkempt black hair with his fingernails trying to look tidy.

Glenn and his fiancée Abby Kemper came to Vegas so they could elope. Vegas was only a two hour drive for them. They decided that they didn’t want the stress and the expense of a wedding and reception. They had been dating for six years, but they wanted to get married in a hurry. And they were to be married the next morning.

Glenn got out his wallet. In one of the pockets of the wallet was a family portrait with him and his family years ago. In the picture were he, his parents, and his younger brother Stan. They were at a beach in the Bahamas, and they wrapped their arms around each other. Glenn analyzed the picture with such contempt as he noticed that in the picture his dad had a beer in his hand. Glenn then rubbed his right arm where his father bruised it years ago.

Abby just got out of the shower wearing a smooth white robe. She let back her rosy blonde hair as she came out on to the balcony to dry her hair. Abby then noticed the picture that Glenn had in his hands.

“What’s that,” asked Abby.

Glenn quickly tucked the photo back into his wallet.

“Don’t hide it let me see it,” said Abby.

“It’s just a picture of my family,” said Glenn.

He handed it to Abby.

“I don’t think I ever met your family before. You’ve visited my parents plenty of times, but I’ve never met yours.”

“I don’t know if you want to.”

“Well why not?”

Glenn didn’t give an answer. He just pretended to stare at the sky.

“Why are you being difficult?” asked Abby.

“This is just hard for me to talk about.”

“About your family?”

“Yes. Well, particularly with my dad. You see he was an alcoholic.”

“Oh. I’m sorry Glenn. I didn’t know. We don’t have to talk about this if you don’t-“

“No. I should get this all out now since we’ll be married tomorrow.”

Glenn paused and

My dad is usually seen as a guy who would usually keep a stiff upper lip, but when he was drunk he would just let his emotions out. When I was older about 18 his drinking just got worse. There was no longer a stiff upper lip on his face. He began to lose control. One night we had a terrible fight, and he had his high school ring on his finger. And…”

Glenn then shut his eyes and lowered his head.

“That night he whipped me on the arm.”

Glenn then started to sob. Abby then embraced him and petted his head.

Glenn and Abby then lied down on the bed. Glenn grabbed some M&M’s from the Mini-bar while Abby had switched on the TV.

“Thank you for understanding,” said Glenn.

“Sure thing babe,” said Abby.

They both sat together, and watched the local news.

“Just remember that everyone has their imperfections,” said Abby. “And that sometimes people can lose themselves because of that.”

Glenn nodded in agreement. Glenn’s phone then vibrated on the nightstand.

“Excuse me,” said Glenn.

He grabbed his phone, and went into the bathroom. Abby tried to eavesdrop on what Glenn was saying, or whom he was even talking to. Abby could only hear the buzzing in the bathroom. She could only hear murmurs of Glenn’s conversation on the phone. He then walked slowly out of the bathroom.

“We need to call off the wedding,” said Glenn.

“Why?” asked Abby?

“I just talked to my mom, and she told me that my dad has cancer.”

“What kind?”

“Liver. I have to talk to him. Make up for lost time.”

“So, I’m going to visit your family then?”

“I guess so.”

“Let’s leave tomorrow morning.”

“Yeah. That’s probably a good idea.”

They both then went to bed. Glenn woke around 1:24 AM. He grabbed the curtain, and took a peak at the synchronized lights. He saw the perfect synchronization of the lights, but also saw a lonely dark bulb in the center. Nothing was ever perfect.


About the Author



I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, and ever since I was little I was always brimming with ideas for stories after watching a movie or after reading a book. My parents noticed how much I would want to entertain everyone around me, so they had me audition for plays and musicals in my home town and school. This helped me fuel my imagination, and got me to start writing seriously. I used to write whenever I wasn’t busy at my old college to pursue a career in music therapy. However, I soon lost interest, and I didn’t know what to do. Now I am at Full Sail University earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing. I have been keeping myself busy with school and work all at once. Soon, I will begin to show my full potential, and this is where I start.

Short, Sweet, and in a Flash

These are a collection of flash fiction pieces that are anthologized in this E-book. All of these stories vary in style and genre, but are rather quick reads for anyone. The first story is about a first time space explorer and his crew. They discover coordinates to a forbidden planet, they must find what is on that planet, but must avoid an evil empire. The second story involves a young boy as he discovers his passion, but must also balance a work schedule that also interests him. He is conflicted on what he wants to do, his passions, or something more practical. The final story revolves around a couple as they elope in Vegas, but one lover hides a secret that he can't share with his soon to be wife.

  • Author: Michael Sitzler
  • Published: 2016-06-18 09:05:08
  • Words: 5373
Short, Sweet, and in a Flash Short, Sweet, and in a Flash