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Short Stories Collection of Love, Loss, and Perseverance







Short Collection


Love, Loss, and Perseverance


Angela Mireles






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Published by Angela Mireles

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Table of Contents


Forbidden Love

Dimensional Crisis

The Future Comes Knocking


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Forbidden Love


It was a beautiful day with the sun high up in the sky and the sound of birds singing. Two young women were having a picnic gossiping and laughing. One of these young women was Shinge. She was in her early twenties with her long naturally straight black hair, brown eyes, with alabaster skin, wearing a white summer dress.


Matsu was the same age as Shinge with shoulder length wavy black hair, onyx eyes, and tanned skin from her long hours in the sun. Matsu was wearing blue jean shorts and a red simple shirt staring at Shinge as if she wanted to ask her something. Finally, Matsu just decided to blurt it out.


“What’s this I hear about you being engaged?”


“Oh, you heard about that?” asked Shinge looking away.


“So it’s true?”


“My father set me up with an old family friend’s son.”


“A betrothal? Seriously?”


“Yeah. You know how my dad is old fashioned.”


“I knew that, but I didn’t think that he would ever want to do anything that would make you unhappy,” said Matsu shaking her head.


“I’ve never met this man and yet I have to marry him.”


“Have you talked to your father about it?”


“Of course I have, but he says that it’s time for me to settle down.”


“I think he just wants grandchildren,” said Matsu thoughtfully.


“I don’t want to talk about this anymore,” said Shinge shaking her head and standing up. “Let’s go pick up some violets.”


Matsu had barely stood up when Shinge was already heading to the well where the violets grew the most. “Wait up!” shouted Matsu running after Shinge only to see her fall.


“Shinge!” shouted Matsu worriedly as she caught up to Shinge. Matsu looked around and quickly saw a snake with its fangs elongated in a threatening position.


“Someone help!” she shouted not taking her eyes away from the snake.


Suddenly, she felt someone behind her pulling her and Shinge away from the snake.


“Are you alright?” asked a male voice.


Matsu turned to their savior and saw a very handsome man who seemed to have a slim muscular body, black hair, brown eyes, and the same alabaster skin as Shinge. He was wearing some kaki slacks, and a blue buttoned up shirt as he bent down to inspect Shinge.


“That snake is poisonous,” he said turning his attention to Matsu. “We have to get her to the hospital. Come on, my car isn’t far,” he picked up Shinge taking her to his car with Matsu following.


They got to Saitama Hospital in no time and went into the small hospital. The personal moved quickly with the mystery man going with them.

While Matsu waited she tried calling Shinge’s father, but nobody was picking up so she left a message hoping that he might come soon. After what seemed like hours a nurse came up to Matsu.


“Your friend is fine,” said the nurse causing Matsu to sigh in relief. “You can visit her now. She’s in room 116.”


No sooner were the words out of her mouth Matsu was practically running down the hall to get to Shinge. When Matsu arrived at the room she opened the door to see Shinge talking to the mystery man with a blush as she stared up at him. Once they noticed Matsu they stopped talking.


“It’s okay,” said Shinge grabbing the mystery man’s hand. “She won’t tell anyone.”


“What’s going on?” asked Matsu looking between them.


“Matsu this is Dr. Yoshisawa,” Shinge took a deep breath knowing how Matsu might react, “and we were planning on eloping.”


“What?” she asked.


“I know it’s sudden—“


“You do realize that you would bring shame to your family, right?” said Matsu.


Shinge motioned for Yoshisawa to leave the room and he did leaving the girls alone.


“I know that and I have thought it over,” said Shinge. She had thought it over when she woke up and saw Yoshisawa standing over her and in that one small moment he had stolen her heart. She did not care about bringing shame to the family when she fell so deeply in love with that man.


“And you want me to do what exactly? Just a few hours ago you were saying that you didn’t want to marry a man you never met and now you’re telling me you’re going to marry a man that you barely met,” said Matsu frowning.


“Have you never heard of love at first sight?”


“I believe in lust at first sight.”


“I just need your help.”


“With what?”


“I’m going to sneak out of the hospital with Yoshisawa to elope and since this is a small town I’m going to come here to confront my father to tell him the news. I need you here to stall him for me. Will you do this for me?” said Shinge.


“Fine,” said Matsu.


“Thank you,” said Shinge leaving the room without another word.


Matsu sat down on the hospital bed waiting. It was not long before Shinge’s father came into the room looking worried only to be confused at the lack of Shinge. Zembei Asano had a pop-up belly, balding black hair, and wearing a black business suit.


“Where’s Shinge?” he asked looking around.


Matsu was about to answer when her phone went off. She checked it to see a text message from Shinge saying that she was married.


Well that was quick, thought Matsu. Matsu wanted to smack herself when she realized that the courthouse was across the street. Of course it didn’t take long.


“Your daughter just finished eloping with Dr. Yoshisawa,” replied Matsu honestly.


“Dr. Yoshisawa?”




“Works in this hospital?”




“Then we have no problem he was her betrothed.”


“Seriously?” asked Matsu.


Zembei nodded.


“I say we never tell her that she just married her betrothed,” said Matsu blankly.


“I have to agree with you on that.”






Dimensional Crisis


The stars looked breathtakingly beautiful as the ‘Abraham Lincoln’ passed them, but at the moment the crew was busy celebrating the success they had in forming the treaty with the Keplers on Kepler 10-c.


“There he is,” said Shawn moving his way through the crowd to a blonde male next to an equally blonde female his arm wrapped around her shoulder. “The man who was able to make this mission a success. Tobias, buddy, how do you do it?”


“It’s his charismatic personality,” said Rachel the blonde woman in Tobias’ arms. “I know I fell in love with it.”


Tobias laughs, “Being charismatic has nothing to do with it. I just listened.”


“Every woman’s dream,” said Melissa taking a sip of her wine glass. “I think Rachel lucked out in college.”


They all laugh expect for a short male with black hair looking awkward and mousy, his brown eyes shifting uneasily then looking longingly at Rachel.


“Alright, crew,” said a voice in the back.


All the partygoers moved aside to allow Captain Richard O’Neal to be seen and heard.


“Enough partying! We got work tomorrow. Everyone is dismissed,” said Captain O’Neal only for the alarms to go blaring throughout the entire ship.


A scattering of activity was seen on deck as every crewmember dropped what they were doing and moved to their positions.


“Report, what is happening?” asked Captain O’Neal.


“A black hole has appeared, sir,” said a woman typing away on a screen.


“Then pull us away from it.”


“We’re trying to, sir, but we’re in its pull. We can’t escape, Captain.”


There was a moment of silence as those words sinked into the minds of every crewmember. Once it did, they all looked at each other, then outside at the black hole in front of them and finally at Captain Richard O’Neal.


“It was an honor to serve under you, sir,” said Tobias saluting him.


“It was an honor to serve with you, son . . . with all of you,” said Captain O’Neal nodding over to Tobias then at the crew.


The crew stood up and saluted while the scientists tried to keep calm. Melissa drank while Rachel held onto Tobias, and the mousy looking scientist looks at them all with wide eyes.


“You can’t seriously just give up,” he said as they all look away from him.


“We can’t get out of its pull, Drake,” said Rachel pulling a hand gently on his arm.


“Brace yourselves!” said Captain O’Neal holding onto his chair.


The alarms still blared as the ‘Abraham Lincoln’ fell head first into the black hole. The ship rocked and everybody held on as best as they could. The sensation of being squeezed was felt and then the screams started up. Tobias and Rachel held onto each other with Tobias trying to shield Rachel from any debris that might fall on them. Suddenly an explosion of white light made them cover their eyes from the brightness of it then nothing.


Tobias’ green eyes snap open as he sits up in bed seeing the vanity in front of him and his reflection in the mirror. Tobias turns to see Rachel asleep next to him and he reaches out to her only to hesitate for a second then he shakes her gently. Rachel sits up rubbing her blue eyes looking over at Tobias then widening when she took in her surroundings.


“What’s going on?” asked Rachel sitting up. “How did we end up back here?”


“I don’t know. I woke up just a few seconds before I woke you up,” said Tobias getting out of bed and starting to get dressed. “What is the last thing you remember?”


“We were falling through the black hole then we went through a white hole,” said Rachel putting on a white robe.


“A white hole?” asked Tobias frowning.


“Yes, that must be how we survived, but a white hole is just a theory. It’s not a proven fact. Theoretically it exists as long as there isn’t a single speck of matter within the event horizon. That’s all I know we have to find Drake. He could know more about it,” said Rachel changing into blue jeans and a black shirt.


“I thought you were the astronomer,” said Tobias raising an eyebrow at her as he chuckled.


“Yes, but Drake is the physicist,” she said as someone knocked on the door.


“I’ll get it,” said Tobias walking out of the room and down the hall only to notice the pictures on the walls and frowning at them.


The knock on the door reminded Tobias of what he was in the middle of and he starts to walk over to the door again. Once the door opened he saw a familiar face with sweat running down into his yellow shirt.


“Oh, thank god, you still live here,” said Shawn actually putting his hands together and looking up at the sky. “This world is weird. The sky is red. I’m apparently not a ladies’ man and am in a serious relationship with a woman named Eve Hogg. Eve Hogg! What kind of name is that?!”


“It’s not that bad of a name . . . wait the sky is red,” said Tobias looking up and sure enough the sky was red. “How did that happen?’


“I don’t know, man, I ran over here so do you mind giving me a glass of water,” said Shawn leaning against the doorframe.


Tobias rolled his eyes, “Get in,” he said opening the door wider and Shawn practically ran into the house.


When Tobias came into the kitchen he saw Shawn already drinking a cup of water.


“Why is your kitchen purple? I thought it was a kind of blue color,” said Shawn putting the cup down on the counter.


“I was actually stuck between the color purple and the electric blue. Now that I’m looking at it I’m glad I choose the electric blue,” said Rachel coming in from the bedroom.


“But your kitchen is purple,” said Shawn in a deadpan tone.


“I have heard that people believe passing through a black hole can lead to an alternate dimension of sorts,” said Rachel as an urgent knock on the door came again. “I’ll get it this time.”


“Can you believe that?” asked Shawn nodding over to where Rachel disappeared. “Because I believe her. The sky is red and apparently I’m off the market.”


“All the single ladies must be crying bitter tears,” said Melissa coming into the room behind Rachel with Drake next to her.


“Why is your kitchen purple?” asked Drake fixing his wire rimmed glasses.


“We think we’re in an alternate dimension,” said Shawn getting more water from the sink.


Drake laughs, “That’s impossible. We live in a four dimensional world,” he said shaking his head.


“What?” asked Shawn narrowing his brown eyes at Drake.


“It’s called the Superstring Theory where the universe exists in ten dimensions. The first being length, the second height, the third depth, and the fourth being time,” said Drake counting them off on his hand.


“Okay, so what are the other six dimensions?” asked Tobias sitting down on a stool.


“The fifth dimension is where possible worlds come into play where we see a world that is slightly different from our own world. The sixth is a plane of possible worlds where possible universes have the same beginning which would be the Big Bang. The seventh is having access to possible worlds that have different events starting from the beginning of time. The eighth is called infinities because there’s possible universe histories that branch out infinitely from different beginnings, like say if, Princess Diana didn’t die in that car crash and instead accomplished her dream in one universe while in ours she’s dead, that kind of thing. The ninth is comparing all the possible universe histories starting from the laws of physics and conditions. The final dimension is the point where everything possible and imaginable is covered,” said Drake


“So what happens when someone has conquered these dimensions? In theory, of course,” asked Tobias.


“The theory is that a person only has to master the fifth and sixth dimensions in order to travel back in time or to visit different futures,” said Rachel shaking her head. “But it’s a theory not a proven fact.”


“Until now,” said Melissa.


“But that’s impossible,” insisted Rachel.


“Honey, have you seen the pictures in the hall,” said Tobias glancing down the said hall.


“They’re the same as they’ve always been,” said Rachel frowning at him.


“No, they’re not,” said Tobias shaking his head. “They’re of different places. Rach I’m not in the military.”


Rachel stares at Tobias then walks down the hall. When she comes back her face is pale and her blue eyes are wide.


“I have never been to those places before,” said Rachel her hands trembling. “I don’t even like sky diving. I hate heights.”


“Apparently, this version of you does,” said Shawn under his breath.


Tobias turns his green eyes to Shawn widening him and mouthing ‘shut up’ having been the only one who heard what Shawn said. Shawn looked back at Tobias and shrugs glancing out the kitchen window.


“We just need to calm down and think about this,” said Melissa sitting down next to Tobias. “How are we here? The last thing I remember is being on the space ship so how did I wake up in a house. I assume ya went through the same thing.”


“A house? But you live in an apartment,” said Rachel having caught Melissa’s wording.




“What if we are in our alternate’s bodies,” said Drake gaining their attention.


“What do you mean exactly?” asked Tobias.


“If in time travel past, present, and future versions of a person can’t be in the same room or time it will cause a paradox then maybe the same could be said about alternate dimensions,” said Drake pacing next to the kitchen island. “Instead of us being here physically we are in their bodies so a flux wouldn’t be created.”


“A flux?” asked Shawn.


“A time flux,” said Drake looking at Shawn like he was an idiot.


“Sorry, I didn’t study in physics . . . so a time flux.”


“It’s kind of like time is messing up the past is the present the present is the future that sort of thing . . . probably,” said Drake.


“What do you mean probably?”


“It’s a theory!”


“Shawn, we need to know what world we ended up in,” said Tobias distracting Shawn, who had opened his mouth only for it to snap shut.


“Well, we’re at war with the Keplers,” said Melissa from the living room.


“How do you know that?” asked Shawn.


“Because it’s on the news,” said Rachel pointing to the TV.


“I think we just found out why our sky is red,” said Tobias as the reporter stood beneath a fleet of airships.


“Of course, because Tobias isn’t in the military in this world when it was time to send someone to work a treaty—,” started Melissa


“—it failed,” finished Shawn as they all looked at each other.


“And now we’re at war,” said Rachel clinging to Tobias’s arm.


“We have to find a way out of this world,” said Tobias holding Rachel. “After we help these people.”


“How do you suggest we do that?” asked Drake in a bitter tone causing Shawn to narrow his eyes at him.


Who are you?’ shouted a voice in Rachel’s head causing her to groan and to grab her head. ‘What are you doing in my body?’


“Are you alright?” asked Tobias whispering to her.


“I thought I heard – it’s nothing,” said Rachel shaking her head and smiling up at Tobias.


Get out!’






The Future Comes Knocking


The heat hit his skin hotter than a summer day in Texas; the flames went higher, the smoke thicker as he ran through the flames covering his mouth and nose. Suddenly he felt a hand grab his pulling him out of the room and down the flaming hall. Through narrowed dark eyes he saw black hair and pale skin, leading him out of his room.


“You have to get out of here, Rin,” he said as flames leapt up in front of them.


He held on to Rin turning them into bats and reappearing on the other side of the flames where they both continued to run down the hall as fast as they could.


“Aiden, what’s going on?” asked Rin, the flames moving away from him.


“Endymion has attacked us. We’re trying to hold him back long enough to get you out,” said Aiden looking around then crouching and turning to the right.


“Why me?” asked Rin holding on tightly to Aiden’s hand.


“Because you are the only one we can trust with this task. Endymion has sealed the heirs just like he did our leaders, it’s only us now. You have to find us and give us our portion of the collective’s power,” said Aiden suddenly stopping and turning to Rin as their hands glowed a brown color.


“But the collective’s power has never been inside a person before,” said Rin watching a brunette run up to them.


“We know, but it’s the only chance we got, Rin,” said the brunette grabbing Rin’s hand.


“Joel,” said Rin as Joel dragged him away.


“Take care, Rin! Look for me on August 22, 1993!” called out Aiden to their backs.


“What does he mean? Look for him?” asked Rin as they made another right turn the flames coming at their heels.


“Heba foresaw all this. He asked Edward Derrick to build a time machine for this very purpose. The only problem is it’s one-way. We’ll destroy it once you use it,” said Joel stopping and their hands glowed a green color.


“Then how will I get any of ya?” asked Rin as a black haired male runs up to them.


“Sam will explain the rest to you. Now go with Lou,” said Joel pushing Rin to Lou. “And find me on July 17, 1990!”




“We don’t have time to talk. I have to pass you to Daisuke soon. Endymion is getting closer. He brought his generals,” said Lou, the flames dying off.


“He brought those three?”


“As you can tell the situation isn’t looking good,” said Lou, stopping and turning to Rin their hands glowing blue. “Listen to me among the Kings my power relies on emotion whatever happens in your travels don’t lose control. You’ll be able to hear everything even what the walls have to say so create barriers in your mind.”


“I’ll miss you, Lou,” said Rin hugging Lou.


“I’ll miss you too, Rin. You have no idea how special you are,” said Lou as another dark haired male runs up to them. “Look for me on April 3, 1738.”


“Daisuke,” said Rin as Daisuke dragged him away. “I don’t know if I can do this.”


“You can, Rin,” said Daisuke glancing back at him. “You’re different from us . . . stronger.”


Rin smiles at Daisuke’s back then shakes his head, “What time do I look for you?”


Daisuke chuckled, “December 24, 1922.”


“Christmas Eve? Why Christmas Eve?”


“Nevermind that, just don’t die,” said Daisuke as their hands glowed orange.


“I remember what happens when you die, Daisuke.”


“Good,” said Daisuke nodding. “I’ll leave you with Goku.”


A brunette with golden eyes runs up to them his golden diadem flicked with the flames that were behind them. Goku grabs Rin’s hand making them glow a golden color as they pass trees.


“I thought you would be in the front line,” said Rin panting.


“I was,” replied Goku glancing around.


“I should be helping you guys not running away!” said Rin close to tears.


“No! You have a mission so do what you have to complete it,” said Goku stopping. “Promise me, you’ll do what you have to in order to survive. If you have to kill then kill, if you have to seduce then seduce, if you have to manipulate then manipulate. Do what you have to to survive.”


“I promise, Goku,” said Rin nodding.


“Good, now go, Merlin will meet you,” said Goku pushing Rin forward. “I’ll meet you in the year 637.”


Rin ran, tears falling as he heard Goku say, “Nyoi-bo extend,” and the screams of Goku’s opponents. He continued running until he bumped into something, looking up he saw pale skin, blue eyes, and black hair surrounding a usually carefree face.


“Merlin,” said Rin hugging Merlin.


Merlin smiles and grabs Rin’s hand making it glow white before he turned and ran with Rin.


“You know where to find me,” said Merlin not looking back.


“Yes, you’ve told me before, but Merlin, I don’t feel so good,” said Rin almost tripping.


“Just hold on a bit longer, Rin,” said Merlin suddenly turning around and casting a barrier around them just as a chi ball came at them.


Merlin drops his barrier and threw a fireball into the trees where the chi ball came from. Out of the darkness of the trees came an older male with sapphire blue eyes, pale skin, and black hair . . . a strong resemblance to Endymion and Alexandria.


“Epeius,” said Merlin his blue eyes turning gold. “Run, Rin!”


Rin ran through the trees again hearing spells being thrown behind him. He stops, leaning against a tree trunk trying to catch his breath then he starts to slowly move again hunched over. Pale hands wrapped around him holding Rin up, who fought against the arms holding him.


“Calm down, Rin, it’s me,” said a male voice behind him.


Rin turned around; the first thing he saw was long firestruck hair and his hands moved away from pale skin. Rin backed away only to look up into green eyes.


“Kyle,” said Rin going for a hug.


“Whoa, no,” said Kyle stopping Rin from hugging him. “Let’s just go.”


Kyle grabs Rin’s hand causing it to glow red as they ran out of the trees and in front of a building.


“I’ve never seen this before,” said Rin his eyes going wide.


“Good, that’s means we did our job,” said Kyle walking over to the keypad and punching in the code.


They went in only for a dirty blonde to be there with another blonde with the older one typing in commands into the computer. Rin looked around to see a steel ball in the middle of the room with wires all over it the door opens as the older blonde walks over to Rin.


“Sam,” said Rin looking Sam over to see a few scratches that were already healing.


“We don’t have time to explain everything,” said Sam nodding over to Kyle.


Kyle reaches into his pocket and pulls out a watch putting it on Rin’s wrist.


“What’s this?” asked Rin looking down at the watch to see that the month, day, and year were blank beneath it was location and a red button beneath that.


“You know my power deals with time. This is a back up to the time machine,” said Kyle nodding over to the steel ball.


“That’s a time machine? You couldn’t make it look like a Police Box or a car,” said Rin walking around the time machine.


Kyle rolled his eyes, “Yeah, because that is a completely normal thing to see in Japan or even the Caribbean or the 16th century.”


“I got the point,” said Rin glancing over at Kyle. “Now about the watch.”


Sam nods over to Kyle, who leaves the room after nodding back. Sam went back to the control putting in the date April 14, 1865, Washington, D.C.


“The watch only allows you to do eight jumps in time so use them sparingly. Don’t let anyone take this watch from you. Once the both of you pass through this time machine I’m going to destroy it,” said Sam walking back to Rin and grabbing his hand making it glow black.


“The both of us?” asked Rin glancing over at the other blonde in the room.


“Adam will go with you,” said Sam pushing both boys into the time machine.


Sam’s head jerked to the door and as soon as it did the door starts to shake and they all heard bangs coming from the other end.


“Take care of each other!” said Sam running over to the controls. “You guys might hear terrible things about us, but know that what we did was for survival. Sometimes we do things that we regret, things we thought we would never do, but we do them in order to survive.”


Sam pushed a button and the machine started up lighting the whole room. As soon as the light went down Sam’s body was surrounded by black flames, burning first the controls then moving outwards towards the time machine. The door bangs open and four men come in creating a barrier to block off the flames, but not without catching a glimpse of the time machine. Sam put out the black flames and fell to his knees in exhaustion being surrounded by the four men.


“What an honor to be in the presence of Endymion and his three generals,” said Sam looking up at them through half lidded hazel eyes.


“Where is he? I know you sent that half-breed to fulfill a mission,” said Endymion grabbing Sam’s wavy hair.


“Where he is you won’t be able to reach him,” said Sam chuckling.


“Did you forget, Samael, what Paeon’s ability is?” asked Endymion smirking. “Even if your flames destroyed this place Paeon will know what happened in this room.”


Paeon walks over to where the machine was standing kneeling down and touching the ground. He closes his eyes only for a moment later to snap open and to look over at Sam with wide eyes.


“He’s in the past,” said Paeon standing back up. “And he’s not alone. He sent his younger brother with him.”


“You must have truly been desperate to have sent your own brother with him,” said Endymion laughing, releasing Sam’s hair.


“You underestimate my brother,” said Sam smiling at Endymion.


“And you underestimate me.”


“I’ve never done such a thing. How can I when you bear a resemblance to the one I love,” said Sam standing up.


“Too bad my sister can’t feel love especially to her most loyal servant,” said Endymion suddenly punching Sam.


Sam grunted and fell back to his knees.


“Aetolus, follow them,” said Endymion turning to the only silver haired male in the room.


“Yes, my Lord,” said Aetolus his body falling to the ground and his soul left its body.


“Epeius, Paeon, protect your brother’s body. I need to get information out of the Boy King,” said Endymion grabbing Sam’s hair again and starting to drag him out of the room.


Sam grabs at his hair, but does not make a sound.


‘Be safe, Rin, Adam. I can only hope that you two don’t fail us,’ thought Sam noticing the other Kings around him unconscious.




The End






About the Author


Angela Mireles is an up and coming novelist in Horror, Tragedy, and the Paranormal dealing with the psychological trauma of life. She is currently working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Full Sail University. If she is not spending time reading or watching anime then she is spending time with family or watching horror movies with them. If you wish to connect her then she can be reached at www.linkedin.com/in/angela-mireles-0a2000124.






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Angela Mireles



[email protected]

757 S. 15th Street



Short Stories Collection of Love, Loss, and Perseverance

This collection contains three fictional stories centered around, a romantic comedy, a science fiction, and supernatural/science fiction thriller. The first is entitled FORBIDDEN LOVE set in modern day of a young Asian woman who finds out that she is betrothed to someone she has never seen. Shinge wants to choose who she can love, but her father is controlling and old fashion. Having always listened to her father when she sees Dr. Yoshisawa she decides to rebel with the help of her friend Matsu. DIMENSIONAL CRISIS is set in a futuristic world where space travel is possible and the crew of the Abraham Lincoln is coming back from an extra-terrestrial contract with the inhabitants of Kepler 10-c. After an incident with a black hole the crew dies with only Shawn, Tobias, Rachel, Melissa, and Drake are the only survivors. When they wake up they realize that they are not in their own world and now have to jump dimensions in order to get back to their original world as they notice that something is wrong with Drake. THE FUTURE COMES KNOCKING set in another futuristic world where the supernatural runs rampant and the Eight Kings rule when they are attacked by an old enemy: Endymion, and his three sons. As a way to defeat him the Eight Kings place a portion of their power into their student Rin Cicolecchia and send him to the past to gather up their past selves, but the problem is the Kings were brutal and uncaring in their younger days and now Rin has to convince them to work together to help out their future selves.

  • Author: Angela Mireles
  • Published: 2017-02-27 05:05:10
  • Words: 4970
Short Stories Collection of Love, Loss, and Perseverance Short Stories Collection of Love, Loss, and Perseverance