Short manual

Short Manual

1 Login

The name and password in the email we get. After the first login, we will have saved login name.

2 When you first start

After the first start you need to download data (Update / Receive) and may be required to update (or updates will be automatic).

Depending on the speed of your Internet connection may initial reception of data can take different time, but should not exceed 5 minutes. If an error occurs, most likely to avoid transmission of data and needs to be repeated.

3 Enter the new data

We will open the main menu click on the “Insert data”. Write the name of the partner (just any part of it) in the “Company” and click on “Filter”.

premises selection from the dropdown list by clicking “Select Partner” (Figure 1). If you can not find any business, repeat downloading data from section 2.

The following is a screen in which we view the details about the partner to the press the “Okay” or modify these data.

The following is a screen for adding boxes. If u partner were no boxes are found, we can directly click on the “Next” and then “Save”. After clicking on the “Add” button will appear form for data entry freezer.

In this form, just fill in the ident. box number and box if there is, then after clicking the “Search in the records” searches and can thus complement other information about boxing (stickers, type and other figures).

If the box is not available, it is necessary to fill stickers and type of boxing and all numbers on the box we find the correct spaces.

After pressing the add screen followed by adding a photo to the box. When the photo to go back to the screen with the addition

After entering all the boxes, click on the “Next” button. You will be prompted to complete the notes. But this is optional. Click the Save button and the data are stored.

4 Viewing and cancel the entered data

Data, you can view by clicking on “View data” in the main menu. Here, data can also delete (cancel). When deleting remain stored on the tablet, but is not sent for processing.

5 Edit the entered data

Adjusting the entered data are available on the “View Data”. Editing the data is the same as entering new data.

6 Send entered data to the server

To send data to the server, display a window synchronization (“Send / Receive”) from the main menu and click on “Send data”.

When sending data, an application can determine that a server is already data for one of the partners (businesses) saved. In this case, you will need to choose whether you want to overwrite the data on the server or whether they have just sent data to add. This is done by clicking on the item.

Zneplatníme overwriting the original data stored on the server and replace them with those we send (not delete them). Operator processing data can then see the original data overwritten.

7 Update data and update the program

In the event that you need to keep you up to date applications displayed data about customers and as current lists of types of boxes and stickers, it is necessary to press “Update / Receive data” in the “Send / Receive” from the main menu. Synchronization (update data) You can also update the program or receiving new premises.

In the event that there is a new version of the application, you will be offered to download. In the event that will be released critical updates, you will be forced to upgrade, otherwise you can not use the application.

Short manual

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Short manual Short manual