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Shopping In Siem Reap




Siem Reap


By Anton Swanepoel




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What is a vacation without some memorabilia, or a gift for a friend who could not make it? Siem Reap and Angkor Wat complex do offer some interesting things you can take home. Cambodia is known for its rubies, and all around Siem Reap and inside Angkor, you can find amazing paintings for a good price. You can even request a personal portrait painting from some painters.


For those staying a bit longer, and need a place to shop for groceries, everyday items, or maybe some pots and pans and a gas stove, knowing where to go can make a big difference in how much you pay.


Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for both visitors to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, as well as backpackers or expats who plan to make Siem Reap their home for a time. This book lists the larger shops and markets you can shop at to get about anything you need that is available in Siem Reap. With the information in this book, you will be able to get what you need fast, as well as understand more about Siem Reap.


Remember to allocate time for the attractions in Siem Reap, the gateway city to Angkor Wat. If you have more time consider seeing Kulen Mountain & Kbal Spean as well as Koh Ker Temple Site.


Also, consider my small Angkor Wat Travel Guide if you have only a few days in town. For visitors who have more time and would like to see additional temples, some nestled in dense jungle, or just more pictures of the temples listed, see my book Angkor Wat Temples that contains over 30 temples and over 250 images. Alternatively, see my larger book [+ Angkor Wat Archaeological Park+] that contains over 50 temples plus 15 additional attractions and over 380 images.


Table of Contents


Who This Book Is For

General Tips

Lucky Mall

ATC Supermarket

24 Hour Huy Meng Minimart

Chao Sank Hok Superstore On Road 6

Central Market / Phsar Chaa/ Old Market

New Market / Phsar Kandal

Old Market At Road 6/Phsar Leu

Night Market

Pub Street And Pub Alley

Angkor Market

Asia Market

National Road 6

Wat Bo Road

River Road

About The Author

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Get 5 Important Facts You Should Know When Visiting Cambodia + 5 International Travel Tips



Get The 10 Tips Here


These 10 Tips can save you time, money, and make your trip go a lot smoother as well as help prevent lost luggage.



General Tips

1: Goods on offer at the temples are often for sale in Siem Reap, at a lower price.

2: Most items in the markets and at Angkor Wat can be bargained down a bit.

3: Items in stores that have a price tag cannot be bargained down.

4: There are a large number of shops selling cheap phones all over. Some are new, and mostly knockoffs that look like the real deal. Many of the secondhand ones are stolen.

5: Gold and precious stones are not really cheaper in Cambodia than back home. If a price is very low, it is probably fake or low quality.

6: Siem Reap has small shops all over, as well as small markets. However, the larger shops and the ones that carry most of what you will need are located in one of four roads. Three roads run parallel to the river, being Pokambor Ave on the left of the river, and Wat Bo Road on the right of it (second road). A bit more to the left of the river is Sivatha Boulevard. These three roads, especially Sivatha Boulevard, contain the bulk of the shops in town. At the top of the roads, national road 6 intersects them. National road 6 contains all the shops that do not sell everyday items, such as mechanics, motorcycle shops, bicycle shops, two large markets that cater more for locals, driving schools, office supplies, and more.

7: When making a reverence to town, then top is the start of Sivatha Boulevard and furthest from national road 6, and bottom is directly by the intersection to national road 6.


Lucky Mall


Address: Sivatha Boulevard, near the traffic light at the end of the road close to Road 6

GPS: 13°21’42.7900” N 103°51’20.5100” E

Open: 7 Am to 10 Pm, but most shops open at 9 Am.


Lucky mall is currently the largest mall in town (does not say much). The mall has three floors, and nice air conditioning. There are escalators that work most of the time. The mall has toilets on all floors, but mostly only the top floor is open. Toilets are in the back, on the right, next to the stairs.


Currently, on the ground floor is a Lucky supermarket (about the best in town), and a number of smaller shops that sell clothing and electronic stuff, plus a nice ice cream place. Lucky supermarket has a good selection of vegetables, fruit, canned goods, meat, and personal products. However, it is a bit more expensive than other shops.


There are about seven ATM machines on the ground level, including a good pharmacy that accepts Visa and Master cards. Lucky supermarket itself takes cards if the total amount is above $20, and neither the pharmacy nor the supermarket charges a transaction fee.


On the second floor is a Luck Burger, a good burger and chicken places (has free Wi-Fi). There is also a lucky coffee shop just across from the burger place that is an excellent place to relax or work online. A number of the tables by the window have power points if you need to recharge your laptop or phone. Burger King funny enough has some of the best cheap food in town. Coffee at the coffee shop is $1 in low season and $1.5 in high season. Jan to April. An Apple approved store (IOne) and an expensive gadget store are across from Lucky Burger. For real chicken head to KFC up the road near the gas station.


On the third floor is an excellent book and office-supply store (for Cambodia) including a Sony electronics store that sells from cameras to air conditioners and fridges, across it is a good sushi place. The gadget store on the bottom level sells movies, as well as 3G sim connectors for laptops. What you cannot find here, you may find at Thmei Photoshop in Sivatuh road on the left as you go towards Lucky Mall. GPS: 13°21’38.0100” N 103°51’19.1400” E


If you want clean meat and fresh fruit, Lucky supermarket is the place to shop. They also have a large range of household goods such as pots, pans, plates and so on. Later in the evening, you can get from bread to pies that have not sold throughout the day, for very cheap.



ATC Supermarket


Address: Pokambor Ave, right next to the river, and close to the old market.

GPS: 13°21’15.0600” N 103°51’24.2700” E

Open: 7am to 8pm

ATC is the second mall in Siem Reap, and is a bit smaller and older than Lucky Mall. The mall is on Pokambor Ave that runs all the way to Angkor Wat. The mall has toilets on the ground level. Follow the passage to the left just past the escalators. The escalators rarely work though.


The mall also has three floors as Lucky mall. There are two ATM machines outside the mall. On the ground floor is a good supermarket that sells a selection of canned and household goods. Some cheaper than Lucky supermarket. There is also a very nice ice-cream place, and one of the best pizza places in town. A chicken place is opposite of the ice-cream place, and sells good food with a view of the river.


On the second floor is a cinema and a personal-care shop, plus a few shoe and clothing shops. A DVD store cells ripped DVDs for $1.5 a piece, and you can do returns (if in good condition) and select a new movie for 0.50cents (not that I support piracy, just noting the service).


On the third floor is a large game’s arcade, and at current a restaurant. Although the supermarket does not have all the items you will need for everyday shopping, if you add all the items together that you need for a month, such as canned bully beef, fish, noodles, rice, and so on, you can save a few bucks against shopping at Lucky mall.


Currently, the pizza shop and the supermarket accept cards. However, the card machines do not always work.



24 Hour Huy Meng Minimart


Address: Corner of Sok san road (road 50) and Sivatuh Boulevard, top of Siem Reap

GPS: 13°21’16.6200” N 103°51’13.9500” E

Open: 24 hours


This good minimart is open 24 hours a day. You can get from bread and milk, to toiletries and some canned food here. The shop at night has a small roadside eatery as well (pictured). There is one ATM machine just outside the shop. The shop itself does not accept Visa or Master cards at the moment. You can get cellphone recharge cards from the shop.


The prices in the shop is not much more than Lucky mall, and some the same, making it a good shop if you forgot something, and lucky mall is closed.


Chao Sank Hok Superstore On Road 6


Address: On road 6, a short distance from the roundabout, on the right.

GPS: 13°21’38.3000” N 103°51’44.7400” E

Open: 7am to 7pm


For those that want to save a few bucks on most canned food and other stuff, this shop is a good option. Most prices are a bit cheaper than Lucky Mall. The shop is located in National road 6, on the right-hand side as you leave town, and is a short distance from the first traffic lights as you get onto road 6 after the big traffic circle that links up with the road ATC supermarket is in.


They sell a good selection of baby and personal-care items, and have two ATM machines outside. Their produce is normally very fresh, but not really cheaper than Lucky mall. I normally get my canned products from here.


Central Market / Phsar Chaa/ Old Market


Address: A number of streets, check text.

GPS: 13°21’16.2100” N 103°51’19.8200” E

Open: 7 am to about 5pm


This market is one of the most visited in Siem Reap. It stretches a few streets, and runs all the way from the river to almost Sivatha (Sivatuh) Boulevard. It starts at the top of Siem Reap, close to Pub Street. You can get from bedding and pots and pans, to fruit and meat at the market. Clothes and jewelry are also sold at shops. Do negotiate with prices, as all are marked up since many tourists come here. Note however, that the hygiene of the meat is questionable, go take a look and smell and decide yourself. There are ATMs across the road at some points. No shop accepts cards at current. The market is one of your best bets to get cheap clothing, although if you are looking for more upmarket stuff, try some of the clothing shops around town.


You can get most stuff here. From the picture above, on the corner is a shop for household goods, a bit down to the left is tools, and further along the right is a shop that sells rice and cheap gas stove cans.


When you want to settle in with pots, pans, cookware, bedding, toiletries, cleaning stuff, and more, this is the place to go in town.


There are also a large number of Khmer restaurants in the market where you can get cheap local food. Across from the market is Pub Street, that has a bit more upmarket restaurants. What you cannot find here in household goods, you will have to go to road 6 for.



New Market / Phsar Kandal


Address: Across the river from the central market.

GPS: 13°21’9.3300” N 103°51’18.8600” E

Open: 7 am to 5pm


The new market is far more upscale and cleaner than the old market, and mostly sell jewelry, clothing, backpacks, and paintings. There are a few massage places, and a shop selling fresh fruit juices. If you are looking for jewelry, this is the place to go. As always, haggle over the price. There is one ATM machine just outside the complex. There are no fruit or meat shops here. There is one small Khmer restaurant inside that have okay burgers and coffee. I bought good shirts and a backpack here for cheap. At the top of the road is a small cluster of restaurants that are a bit more upmarket (background of the picture).



Old Market At Road 6/Phsar Leu


Address: On road 6, see text

Open: 8 am until 5 pm.

GPS: 13°21’40.3300” N 103°52’05.7000” E.


This is the main market in Siem Reap if you want to get anything, especially if you are staying in Siem Reap a bit longer. The market is massive, and has everything you need for everyday living. What you cannot find here, you will find at the shops in road 6 near the market. Prices are lower here than the other two markets in town. However, it still pays to learn what Khmer numbers look like, as if you ask the price, it will most likely be given as double the actual price.


This market is a bit of a distance out on Route 6 and is worth it if you are staying in Siem Reap and want to save a few dollars. If you have not seen a large market yet, then it will be an experience walking through the market and seeing wedding dresses and meat hanging on rails.


There is a money exchange place across the road at a smaller market that gives reasonable rates. Note that US dollars are accepted all over Cambodia.


This market is not geared towards tourists, so if you are looking for a souvenir to take home, you are better off looking at the central market or the night market. This market is, however, one of the best places to get cheap clothing and shoes.


Note that the hygiene of the meat sold here is even more suspect than the central market. Thus, get there early in the morning and buy from one of the stalls that is a bit cleaner.


To get here, follow National Road 6 out of town and look for the market on the right. (You will see a large area where motorcycles park and a row of fruit stands in the front.) Watch out, as people zoom through the market in the back where the meat section is with motorcycles. The smaller market is on the left just before the big market, and is good for saving a few dollars on household goods such as soap, hair shampoo, and maybe fruit. Do watch out as people zoom through the entire market with motorcycles as it is the Wild West market. Both markets have Khmer restaurants you can eat at.



Night Market


Address: Multiple roads, see text

GPS: 13°21’18.2700” N 103°51’14.9100” E

Open: 6pm until 10pm


Siem Reap really comes alive at night. A whole section opens up at night that is something to go and have a look at even if you are not intending to buy anything. Do know, that prices are even more jacked up as most tourists are caught in the moment and may have had a beer or two already. Do haggle with prices or buy at the central or old market in the day. The night market starts at Sivatha Boulevard, near the Sok San road (road 50) corner (top of Siem Reap) and spans a few roads down. There are massive lights hanging in the street showing you where to go. What you will find here are plenty of foot massage places, as well as a number of Khmer restaurants and souvenir shops.


The night market leads off from Pub Street, and the two together for an experience not to miss.


Pub Street And Pub Alley

Pub Street is just off Sivatha Boulevard, and like the night market, really comes alive at night. There are also massive lights hanging in the street showing you where to go. The street as its name says, is lined with eating and drinking places, with a few shops to get a massage thrown in. If you are looking to meet fellow travelers, this is the place to be at night. The street is reasonably well patrolled until around 10 PM.


Angkor Market

Angkor Market is in Sivatuh road on the left as you go towards Lucky Mall. They have good fruit and meat, as well as pet products on the second level. There is also a selection of office supplies and household goods on the second floor. Currently, they are about the only shops selling Whey Protein Powder.


Asia Market

Asian market has a good selection of groceries, and is about on par in price with Lucky Mall. It is a good alternative if you live a bit of a distance form Lucky Mall.


National Road 6

As mentioned before, national road 6 at the bottom of Siem Reap is where you will find just about anything you need. There is a photo place just at the start on the right and a driving school on the left a bit further down. Motorcycle and bicycle shops are along the right, and an office supply shop is a bit down on the left.


Wat Bo Road

This road has a number of small shops that sell from fridges and everyday items such as milk and bread, to a motorcycle mechanic. The road runs parallel to the river, on the side of the new market, one road away from River Road.


River Road

River road is on the opposite side of the river than ATC mall and runs parallel to the river and Pokambor Ave. It has a number of restaurants located in it. At the top of the road where it joins High School Road, is a cluster of good restaurants and a good coffee shop that has air conditioning. This shop is about the best in town to work online the entire day. The shop has a number of charge points for laptops.



Get 5 Important Facts You Should Know When Visiting Cambodia + 5 International Travel Tips



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Sometimes, life is like a dark tunnel that feels like it is going to squeeze the life from you. However, if you just keep going, you are bound to come out the other side. I love writing, travel, diving, caves, motorcycles, and speed, but as a Reiki Master Teacher, I know you have to balance your life with love, and compassion. Be proud to stand firm in your quest for your dreams, but humble enough to ask for help in reaching them.


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Shopping In Siem Reap

Know where to get cheap households goods, clothing, fresh fruit, meat, canned goods and more if you intend on making Siem Reap your home. For tourists, know where the best deals are, and where to buy jewellery, clothing, bags, paintings, and more. Also included are some tips for good restaurants and cheap Khmer eating places. Get to the heart of shopping in Siem Reap and begin your journey now! Inside Shopping In Siem Reap Travel Guide: Highlights and images help you decide what mall, market or shops to go to for what you need Insider tips on who sell certain items cheaper and where to get non everyday items such as office supplies, household goods, kitchen appliances, cell phones, and more GPS coordinates allows you to find shops easily rather than try to figure out local street names Essential info at your fingertips - Operating times, what shops have ATMs, what each shops sells, what shops are in each mall, what mall and streets have good restaurants Covers Siem Reap The Perfect Choice: Shopping in Siem Reap, is perfect for both travelers visiting Angkor Wat and Siem Reap, as well as backpackers or expats who plan to make Siem Reap their home for a time. Looking for more to see and do close to Siem Reap? Check out Kulen Mountain & Kbal Spean and discover the birthplace of the Khmer empire, or Koh Ker Temple Site, to discover a 36-metre high pyramid temple dating back to 928 that was the capital of Angkor for king King Jayavarman IV. Don't forget to get a guide book for Angkor Wat and Siem Reap.

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Shopping In Siem Reap Shopping In Siem Reap