Shiva's appearance How Shiva came to this earth ?





How Shiva came to this Earth…….?

BY Manoj Kumar Dash

|| Shri Ganeshaya Namah ||

|| Shri Durgaya Namah ||

|| Shiv…Shiv…Sadashiv ||

|| Shri Shivaya Namastubhyam ||

|| Namah Shivaya ||

|| Ishwar Shiv……..Maheshwar Shiv ||

|| Mahadev Shambhu Shankar Shiv ||


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Author’s Message

I am presenting this quantitatively small but qualitatively significant book for Shiva devotees. This book is for all of them who believe in God or have desires to belive in God and spirituality. The book will be showing you how Lord Shiva came into this earth with the present form. Aim is to bring some awareness about Shiva among people who think Shiva only as destroyer of creation, with a different type of attributes than all other worshipped idols and pictures in Hindu tradition. This small book will be throwing some light on Shiva’s identity, giving elementary knowledge about Him which I got by His grace. Shiva is the Ishwar, the best Teacher and the father of the universe.May this book increase love for Shiva in your heart.

Manoj Kumar Dash


Dedicated to my parents and my Lord .


Now, we are discussing about the time when the planets including the mother earth were just created by Brahma. In earth, He created mountains, valleys, oceans, rivers, trees, forests, birds, animals etc. After creating these non-living entities and living creatures He thought of creating humans .At that time Lord Vishnu (as the name suggests, who is widely celebrated in the world) also known as Narayana (who sleeps in ocean) and Brahma were seen on the earth, but Lord Shiva has not appeared in his form yet. Shiva is eternal, who has no start and end, everlasting. Then why mother earth has not seen him since her creation? Is there something secret about Shiva or Shiva went to some secret place?

To understand these things, first of all we need to know Who Shiva is ?

Shiva means which is not present. Oh! You must be thinking, then Whom we worship at home ? Who is He with an ascetic type of attributes? Is He a different personality from Shiva about which we are talking right now ? All these questions which are coming to your mind, will be solved while your journey of reading.

Shiva in the beginning does not exhibited any form or attribute, He was formless. Before the creation, when nothing existed, Shiva was spread all over. He was that blank, which was not filled by anything at the beginning of creation. At that time, we can also see Lord Narayana in his abode, the Ksheer Sagar (Ocean of Milk) in a meditative sleep (Yog Nidra) posture. After sometime a lotus with its base branch came out from Lord Narayana’s navel which was uplifted to a large distance, and then the existence of Brahma came. The scriptures say that, even Brahma is not eternal, He also has his end with the destruction of His creation. Hence Brahma is not supreme and is not worshipped. But Lord Shiva and Vishnu are eternal, they themselves declared this in sacred books. Vaishnav’s say that Vishnu is the primary creator and Brahma creates everything by following His order, similarly in the sect of Shaivism, Shiva is supreme and is the primary creator and Brahma does the secondary creation. With these differences in their mind sometimes they are also seen debating and quarrelling with each other. This does not make any sense, as Shiva and Vishnu both in many scriptures told their these type of discriminating devotees that we are one and those who does not see any difference between us are more dear to us. Both of them only need pure devotion (love, feelings and service ) to liberate you from the repeated cycles of birth and death. Both of them are not incapable of anything. These sects should not do these types of cheap and non sense things, which will be taking them away from their Lord. A Shiva devotee should see Shiva in Vishnu and the Vishnu devotee should see Vishnu in Shiva .Both of them are Lords of each other , devotees of each other and also worship each other. A person who is too much elevated in spiritual consciousness, realises the self, and gets this clarity that everything that he sees is his Lord only, then how such a difference can exist. They are one but in two different forms and attributes, handling different activities in their own way. Lord Vishnu’s primary activity is to sustain the creation of Brahma; it doesn’t means that He is limited to this task only. He even destroys the evil powers whenever it rises to a higher extent and disturbing the Sages and the whole creation in His original form or by taking incarnations. He will be initiating the process of destruction of the whole creation at the end of Kali Yuga (The Dark Age) as Kalki. Lord Mahesh who is popularly known as the destroyer is responsible for the destruction of the whole creation at the end of each eon (Kalpa). His destruction doesn’t include only the annihilation of creation, but he also destroys ego, the most dangerous enemy of the self. When He consumed the poison after churning of the ocean He showed His role as a protector of the lives and hence the creation. This was a brief description about Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the Hindu Trinity(Trimurthy).

p<>{color:#000;}. Pure devotion, means loving and serving the Lord without expecting anything from Him. Then you will not need any proof for God’s existence. You will be feeling his love, no matter what world may speak about Him, as you have felt him, you will not care about all non sense allegations against Him by mindless people.

Now, we will continue our discussion that Who or What is Shiva? In the beginning he was formless and without attributes, the Nirgun Niraakar Brahm. He is independent Lord, whatever He is doing is His free will, not somebody’s order, He is not created by someone else and nor is maintained by anyone and even not destroyed by someone else, He is self-manifested(Swayambhu), that’s why He is Swatantra Parmeshwara._ From the formless, he took the form for His devotees and accepted attributes by his free will. He is formless(Niraakar) as well as exhibits form(Saakar), thats why he is known as Sakshat Parbrahm of the *Vedas. His _*Ling represents His unlimited formless nature and His Idol shows him with form and attributes. Our topic “Shiva’s appearance in this earth” will be showing you that how formless Shiva became a Lord with form and attributes and entered this earth.

Now we are again at our earlier discussion, the time when the planets including the mother earth were just created by Brahma. In earth, He created mountains, valleys, oceans, rivers, trees, forests, birds, animals etc. After creating these non-living entities and living creatures He thought of creating humans. As Shiva is known as ‘The Ultimate Masculine Energy’, Brahma remembered Him and produced Four Manas Putras(Sons out of his Mind), they were Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and SanathKumara. They were fully enlightened souls and were great devotees of the Lord. They had great knowledge about life and spirituality and hence took the oath of celibacy( Brahmacharya ) which was against the wishes of their father Brahma, as He thought that these sons will be helping Him in the proces of creation. After told many times by their father, even ordered by Him, they did not used their mind in the creation process of Brahma, because their perspective about material creation was that it is a barrier in spiritual process and will divert them from the Ultimate. When Brahma saw that His sons were not supporting Him in His creation process then with great pain and suffering He showed strong anger, His face became dark reddish in colour. He then remembered Lord Narayana. Lord Vishnu came in front of Him and suggested Him to pray Lord Shiva for the solutions and then He disappeared.

Then Brahma did strong austerity(Aghor Tapasya).Pleased by His austerity Lord Shiva who was formless yet took a form and came out from the point between two eyebrows from Brahma’s face.Lord Shiva is too much compassionate, He is known as Abode of Welfare, He even forgives His enemies.He doesn’t see any shortcomings in His devotees instead the devotee if exhibit some goodness, the Lord is pleased by Him and ready to protect him. He takes away all of his sorrows and pains.

Seeing the Lord coming out from Him, Brahma felt blessed and His eyes were filled with tears. When Lord Shiva came out from Brahma’s head he was known as Rudra.He came with a form which looked like an ascetic, with locked matted hair(JataDhari), crescent moon as a jewel in His head beautifying Him(ChandraMouli), ashes smeared in His whole body and three eyed face(TriLochana). By seeing the Lord with smile in His face and lights coming out from His body, Brahma started glorifying Lord Shiva.

Lord then asked Brahma for His wish, He replied “ Oh ! Lord, the process of creation which you had handed to me is now not possible for me to complete as my sons are not following my orders, so please Lord now you yourself continue the process of creation.” By listening to this Shiva said “Ok” and started creating lives which were exact replica of Him, as Shiva is eternal, those replications of Him were also eternal and fierceful, which feared Brahma.They were also known as Rudras and were eleven in numbers including the Lord Shankar(Ekadash Rudras).In Shrimad Bhagvad Gita Lord Krishna says-“out of eleven Rudras, I am the Shankar (as Lord Shankar was the source of all other Rudras and was Supreme). By seeing this Brahma tried to stop Lord Rudra Shankar and requested Him-“My Lord what are you doing, you please produce those organisms who will be having fear of death”. By hearing this from Him Shiva replied-“No, I will not create these

type of inauspicious organisms as they will be always remaining drowned in the ocean of sorrows and pains, you create these type of organisms, I will only liberate them from the ocean of this material world. I will take the form of guru and throw light on them in the form of knowledge”. By saying this Lord Shiv Shankar blessed Brahma and with his Rudra-Ganas He left that place.

Blessed by Lord Shankar, Brahma resumed the process of creation. While doing this for sometime He again found difficulties in the process. The population was not increasing after His many tries. Then He thought that creation of females will help the creation to increase the population, but he did not had the art to create females. As Shiv is known as “Ultimate Male” and Shakti (The Goddess Ambika) as the “Ultimate Feminine Energy”. So for the creation of females Brahma prayed both Shiva and Shakti . Then the God appeared infront of Him in form of one of the most famous figures of the Lord- “ Ardhanaarishwar”, whose body was half male and half female, the right part of that figure was Shiva(the God) and Left part was Ambika Shakti (the Goddess).Brahma glorified that form of Shiva and requested Goddess that “Devi, you are the only female till now so I need your blessings to create females and then creation process will go by itself.” Lord Shiva told the Goddess to bless Him with the art of female creation and then Brahma got this from her. Then Brahma divided Himself into two parts, out which one part was male and another part was female.The male through that female produced a pair of male and female.That male was Manu and the female was Shatrupa. They got married to each other and became the first married pair in this world, hence the father and mother of humans. And the generation moved ahead.

Shiva Shiva Sadashiva

Shiva-Shakti Purusha [*& Prakriti

Shiva is the Purusha, the masculine energy and Ambika is Shakti or Prakriti the feminine energy, also known as the primordial energy. Here these masculine and feminine doesn’t mean simply male and female, it has some energy aspects of life.Now whatever we see in this nature is just a combination of Shiva and Shakti.

Our body itself is made up of combination of Shiva (Purusha) and Shakti (Prakriti).Different types of attributes(Gunas) which we exhibit are the results of the feminine energy(Prakriti).The energy which we say as Maya, which confuses us is also a energy of Shakti/Prakriti, and Maheshwar is consort of Maya(MayaPati). The imperishable, eternal soul, which is the real identity in living organisms is Purusha Shiva[)*] and the source of perishable non-living material body is Devi Shakti (]*Prakriti)*]*._] During every cycle of creation The Ultimate Male([Param][_*Purush) deposits the seed of creation in Prakriti, and from Prakriti the whole universe comes into existence. At the end of the cycle the whole universe merge in Prakriti. The subtle and gross bodies of the soul also merge in Prakriti. That’s why Shiva and Parvati are known as parents of whole creation.

Shri Shivaya Namastubhyam

Shiva [*A different way to define him

Shiv Vo Hai Jo Nahin Hai, Shiv Vo Hai Jo Hai Bhi ll Jo Nahin Hai Woh Bhi Shiv Mein Hi Vidyamaan Hai ll Jiska Koi Roop Aur Aakar Nahin, Aur Jo Roop Aur Aakar Ke Saath Bhi Hai Woh Shiv Hai ll Sukshm(सूक्ष्म) Se Sukshm ,Sthool(स्थूल) Se Sthool aur शून्य Bhi Shiv Hi Hai ll Nirgun NirAakar Brahm(ब्रह्म) Bhi Shiv Hai aur Sagun SaKaar IshwarMurthy Bhi Shiv Hai ll Ek Hi Kaal Mein परस्परविरोधीभाव गुण Aur क्रियाएँ Jo धारण Karte Hain Woh Shiv Hai ll Sakshat Parbrahm Parmeshwar Shiv Hai ll Antaryami Parmatma Shiv Hai ll Jismein Koi Vikaar Nahin, Jo Nirvikaar Hai Woh Hai Shiv ll “Omkar” Shiv Hai ll Vedon Ka स्रोत Bhi Shiv Hi Hai ll Prakriti Ke 3 गुण Hai-Sattva ,Rajas Aur Tamas, Jo In Sab Guno Se Pare Gunateet(गुणातीत) Hai Woh Shiv Hai ll Vedon Ke Dwara Jo जानने योग्य Hai Woh Shiv Hai ll Niyam, Bandhan aur Sansaar Se Pare Jo Hai Woh Shiv Hai ll Jiska Na Hi Aadi(आदि) Hai Aur Na Hi Ant(अन्त), Woh Nitya-Sanatan(सनातन)Roop Shiv Hai ll Is Shristi Ka Aadi, Madhya Aur Ant Bhi Shiv Hi Hai ll Yeh Sab Naxatra-Taramandal-AakashGanga Jisse Aate Hain, Jismein Pratistheet Hain Aur Ant Mein Jismein Vileen(विलीन) Ho Jate Hain Woh Shiv Hai ll Sarva-Aadhar, Sarva-Vyapak, SarvaGya(सर्वज्ञ) Shiv Hai ll Satya-Gyan-Vidya aur Sacchidananda Swaroop Shiv Hai ll Kalyan-Mangal aur Andand Ka Shrot Bhi Shiv Hi Hai ll Sab प्राणियों mein चेतना Shiv Hai ll Jeevon Mein स्थित Parmatma Shiv Hai ll Jeevon Ki Pehchan Unki Aatma Bhi Shiv Hi Hai || Aadi-Yogi, Maha-Yogi Shiv Hai ll Shakti-Pati ParamPurush Shiv Hai ll ParamGuru-JagatPita Bhi Shiv Hai ll भक्तवत्सल भगवान् Bhi Shiv Hai ll Jo Door-Se-Door Hai aur Sameep-Se-Sameep Bhi Hai Woh Shiv Hai ll Aisa Koi स्थान Nahin Jahan Shiv Nahin Hai ll Aisa Kuch Bhi Nahin Jo Shiv Nahin Hai llJo Sabko Jaante Hain Par Unhe Vastav Koi Nahin Janta Woh Shiv Hai || Jiske Vishay Mein Kisiko Bhi पूर्ण Gyan Nahin Hai, Jisko Sampurna Roop Se Samajhna Kisike Liye Bhi Shambhav Nahin Hai Woh Shiv Hai ll Shabdon (शब्दों) Mein Unka Varnan(वर्णन) Shambhav(सम्भव) Nahin Kyunki Jo Shabdon Se परे Shabdateet(शब्दातीत) Hai Woh Shiv Hai ll.


Some of the very significant and beautiful lines which glorified Shiva in various sacred books :

p<>{color:#000;}. Shiva, the highest truth (Satya), bliss, knowledge and the auspicious one.

p<>{color:#000;}. He is the Parbrahm (GOD) of Vedas, and the original source of Vedic literatures.

p<>{color:#000;}. The source of AUM(OM)…from which Every Mantra has evolved.

p<>{color:#000;}. Adi-Guru : He is Vidyapati, the Lord of arts. Every type of art such as
Dance(Nataraja), Music,Yoga (Adiyogi), Mantras, etc…, including 
Vedas and Puranas are brought forth by Him. He gave the knowledge of Yoga and threw light of knowledge for self realisation to His first 7 disciples known as Saptarishis. The first day when he became the teacher of those seven students, that was a full moon night. The day is being now celebrated as Guru-Purnima.

p<>{color:#000;}. Shiva is present in every living beings heart as Parmatma and He is 
the soul in everybody.

p<>{color:#000;}. Those who are advanced in spiritual consciousness surrender 
unto him. Shiva is worshipped by great saintly persons for Liberation/Salvation(Mukti).

p<>{color:#000;}. The cause of all causes : He is Independent Lord. No one is His creator, maintainor or destroyer. He himself is cause of all the causes

p<>{color:#000;}. Father of the universe : Shiv is Purush (God) and Shakti (Godess) is
Prakriti, Shiv deposits the seed for creation, and from Prakriti
the creation comes out. Thats why Shiv and Shakti are parents of the whole creation.

p<>{color:#000;}. It has been said in scriptures that, Even If Devi Saraswati uses 
whole of the ocean of this World as ink to write about Him, 
then She also can’t describe Him completely.

p<>{color:#000;}. Some popular names of the Ishwar with their meanings

p<>{color:#000;}. Shiva : The auspicious one.

p<>{color:#000;}. Shambhu : The abode of welfare.

p<>{color:#000;}. Shankar : The source of bliss.

p<>{color:#000;}. Isha : The ruler/controller.

p<>{color:#000;}. Har : Who eradicates the sins and pains.

p<>{color:#365F91;}. Ashutosh [*:*] Who fullfils wishes instantly.

Lord Shiva is too benevolent. Goswami Tulsi Das speaks about him that,

Dani kahun Shankar sam naahin

Who gives blessings, fullfils wishes of His some of the degraded devotees and He Himself falls in tragedy.

Banasura possessed a thousand hands. He by clapping with those hands and dancing gracefully pleased Lord Shiva and made Him his bodyguard, such a non-sense mind of that demon. A devotee should be servant of Lord but he did the reverse, and as Shiva is too much compassionate, He accepted that also and fought with Lord Krishna for him.

Another demon named Bhasmasura, got the blessings from Shiva that on whose head he will keep his hands he or she will be burnt into ashes. By getting this power he became so blind that he saw mother Parvati with wrong notions and raised his hand over Shiva’s head to burn Him. Was Shiva didn’t aware of that ? He knew everything, as He had blessed him with that power, how could Bholenath used his Trident(Trishul) on his devotee? So He started running away from him. It’s strange that how can Shiva run away from somebody, but this happened, and he ran away from his mindless devotee. Then Lord Vishu came and saved him.

Shiva Shiva….Sadashiva

Triveni Sangam [*Shiva’s name, the Vibhuti and the Rudraksha

Triveni Sangam, one of the most most sacred Hindu place in Allahabad. Here the confluence of the three foremost holy rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati takes place. It’s a traditional belief that, a bath here is said to take away all of the accumulated sins and frees one from the cycles of birth and death.

In the sacred book of Shiv-Puran, a major scripture in Shaiv sect states that who holds the following three things in his life, he gets that what a person gets having a bath in Triveni Sangam.

p<>{color:#000;}. Uttering Shiva’s name : burns away all the accumulated sins.

p<>{color:#000;}. Using Bhasm/Vibhuti, the holy ash as Tripundra(the three lines); and

p<>{color:#000;}. Rudraksha : produced from Shiva’s tears.

In these, the names of Shiva are similar to river Ganga, Vibhuti is similar to the Yamuna and the Rudraksha represents river Saraswati.

Add spirituality to your life and live the way you want to. …………………………………………………Har Har Mahadev……………………………………………..

The real art of living……………………………………… Be spiritual and live a blissful life.

Shiva Shiva SadaShiva

|| Shri Shivaya Namastubhyam ||

A book in service of my Lord, my teacher and my father, Shiv-Shankar.

Shiva's appearance How Shiva came to this earth ?

This book is for all of them who believe in God or have desires to belive in God and spirituality. The book will be showing you how Lord Shiva came into this earth with the present form. Aim is to bring some awareness about Shiva among people who think Shiva only as destroyer of creation, with a different type of attributes than all other worshipped idols and pictures in Hindu tradition. This small book will be throwing some light on Shiva’s identity, giving elementary knowledge about Him which I got by His grace. Shiva is the Ishwar, the best Teacher and the father of the universe.May this book increase love for Shiva in your heart.

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  • Author: Manoj Kumar Dash
  • Published: 2016-08-06 21:35:12
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Shiva's appearance How Shiva came to this earth ? Shiva's appearance How Shiva came to this earth ?