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She’s Crazy


Nicholl McGuire


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This book is dedicated to my sons who may one day meet Ms. Crazy types. I pray that they won’t lose their minds, freedom or souls for these heartbreakers. God bless.



Table of Contents



Chapter One: At First Glance


Chapter Two: The Angry Woman


Chapter Three: You were Warned


Chapter Four: Controlling, Crazy Signs


Chapter Five: Mental and Health Issues


Chapter Six: Life Revolves Around Ms. Insecure


Chapter Seven: She’s Intense and Crazy


Chapter Eight: Where is the Love?


Chapter Nine: Are You Driving Her Crazy?


Chapter Ten: Time to Get Away


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Abused and abandoned by parents, bullied by siblings, and mentally ill, the pretty damsel in distress is going to sooner or later attract a naive man who just wants sex, a quality companion, or to boost his ego. Whatever his desire, a manipulative woman will use it to get what she wants: love, money, a place to stay, a friend with benefits, etc. If the man should let his weaknesses show (like saving women from themselves for starters) he will have attracted the damsel to compliment them; therefore making him an easy target for the crazy woman.


In the movie Basic Instinct, Catherine Tramell, was accused of murder, she used her sexuality to throw her accusers off her trail while seducing an investigator. Fatal Attraction, another movie that produced a sexy but obsessed deranged woman, showed how intense things can be when a man cheats on his wife with a woman like Alex Forrest. Clingy and possessive women are hard to rid yourself and family of especially when you are still connected to them in some way (house, children, business, etc.)


According to media reports, one in three abuse victims are male. So the chances that a man could be abused by a woman in his lifetime are likely. Whether he chooses to open up about wild incidents with an abusive woman or not, there is enough evidence displayed on and offline that prove that many women can be physically violent too. The secret has long been out; men do get harmed or murdered by insane women.


Countless families don’t have a clue that sons, brothers, nephews, cousins, grandsons, and great grandsons have been abused by wives, fiancés, girlfriends and mistresses. Sometimes mothers and fathers too. Check out my books Tell Me Mother You’re Sorry and Say Goodbye to Dad. Being repeatedly assaulted by someone who claims to care for you is not anything to be proud of and most men would rather forget about what happened then to get assistance.


Have you ever wondered why some of the best-looking women in Hollywood just can’t seem to stay committed? They have the best of everything, but love. People who have formerly worked with celebrities have gone online telling the public how mentally disturbed Hollyweird is. So imagine being a fly on the wall watching your beloved actress clawing or hitting a favorite actor over and over on his head in one of those big, beautiful mansions sitting on a hill? Seeing is believing when you refuse to face facts especially when it comes to entertainers.


Most mainstream media outlets showed arm-swinging Solange, a singer, actress and the sister of award-winning musician Beyonce, fight Jay-Z in an elevator. There were rumors circulating why she “went off,” but since there was no audio publicly available to listen we really do not know what made her go mad on her brother-in-law. Rumors were that he was disrespectful toward her sister and she felt the need to defend her. Just like some of us are shocked to see media footage or hear about A-list celebrities fighting, there are those you know who wouldn’t ever believe that you were exposed to someone abusive.


Since crazy means many things to different people for purposes of this book, I will define it based on many articles, videos and conversations I have had with abusers and victims. A crazy woman is one who makes you feel like you are walking on egg shells, nervous and afraid. You take great care not to set her off like a time bomb. You do what you can to appease her while protecting yourself for fear she might do something to harm you and/or children. But if you don’t meet her demands, she will either threaten or emotionally and physically abuse you.


Some people who have encountered foolish women knew right away something wasn’t quite right in their minds just by their mannerisms like their acting: too loud, goofy, strange, talkative, quiet, or angry. They also felt very uncomfortable around these ladies. Sometimes you can see when a strange woman is about to blow her lid and other times you have no clue. I recall a woman who had an emotional breakdown over money. She took her bag and swung it at everything including cracking a glass case. Then she ran outdoors fell into a slump crying horribly while a male witness attempted to help. She tussled with him a little almost knocking the man over six feet tall down. She began to calm down. The police and paramedics arrived.


Now mental insanity can be temporal or permanent with plenty of people. When it is temporal, you will notice a rise of emotions with someone due to a difficult situation, sudden loss, and other life challenges that trigger mood swings. Normally, the average person will return to a reasonable mindset and proceed with his or her daily activities. However, one whose mind has gone mad is out of touch with reality, often confused, lost, saying off-the-wall things, behaving in shameful ways, sometimes not caring for his or herself and others, and often making you feel like you need to react to whatever, whenever or else they are going to hurt you, the bystanders, or themselves.

So you have a partner who is easily upset, and begin to find solutions. You might caution people about not coming around her at this time. You will do nice things for her to lift her spirits. If someone she cares about is going through much; you immediately rush to that person’s aid not just once but many times. Your companion is in trouble; you bail her out. You find yourself running with this person (and his or her family sometimes too) with no end in sight. Her mind and feet are rarely calm and neither is yours. She might take far more than she gives or provides so much to the point that you are spoiled (but not in a good way either). You probably are okay with participating in some activities with her for awhile, but the moment you stop, she becomes demanding and displays her anger like a two year old having a temper tantrum.


The insane woman might be wild, loud, domineering, or strangely odd or quiet. Upon closer inspection, she reminds you of someone such as: an ex-partner, a controlling mother, a sibling, or someone else you once spent a lot of time with. A familiar person from the past didn’t produce a lot of happy moments for you or those you know and neither does the lady you have chosen. A crazy woman is reckless about what she says, does, and can be violent.


Some women in the Holy Bible would have been deemed unwise like Jezebel, Delilah, Eve, Potiphar’s wife, Leah, and Lot’s daughters. Consider the women who did things like: act deceptively, order the deaths of innocent people for selfish gain, participated in incest, stole from others, participated in prostitution, cheated on husbands, have babies for men who didn’t love them, and more, these women weren’t short on craziness in the Bible. During a time when women were stoned to death for doing some of those things, these ladies had to be somewhat mentally unstable to carry on in the ways that they did.


In this book, I’m not referring to women who are angry every now and again who do things like: yell, say some bad words, and slam doors then years go by before they are angry enough to want to leave their spouses or boyfriends. Most people have disputes, but oftentimes they get over them without having to beat their partners up or emotionally abuse them to the point that they don’t know who or what they live with. I am referencing off the wall women, wild, mean, delusional, and insane. The kind of women that have many facades and do plenty of things that make you and others want to distance themselves.


If we are going to label someone crazy, they have to show real signs of insanity and not just things that make us feel uncomfortable sometimes. A foolish woman frequently has issues, many she brings upon her self and those she loves. This unwise woman wears drama like a badge, because she looks for it from the phone calls she makes with the intention to start trouble to sudden appearances at places she is not welcome. For example, what is seemingly unimportant to most women, a petty woman will make a big deal out of issues and recruit others to go along with the irrational thoughts in her mind and erratic feelings. She has to appear like she is a victim and others are against her. “I just don’t know why people treat me this way, I am so good to people,” the emotionally disturbed woman cries. Meanwhile, she is the difficult one setting traps for others. A trap to catch you in a lie, a trap to discredit you and what you stand for, a trap to provoke you to do something so she can put you in jail, a trap to take something away from you, a trap so that she can act violently toward you, and so on. “Let’s see if he is going to do this for me, but if he doesn’t I will…” the petty woman sits by and waits like a wolf in a forest waiting to pounce on her prey. “I will never do another thing for him again! I am so tired of people hurting me. I hope I never see him on the street or I just might scratch his eyes out!”


A victim of spousal abuse shared on YouTube that his wife had went so far as to set weapons up around the family home to incite fear. She would get into arguments with him while having something nearby just in case they physically fought. He went on to say, his wife would sabotage his character by telling her friends what he supposedly did to her while leaving out what she did to him. This way her friends who spoke positively about him wouldn’t want him. Imagine how hard it was for him to believe at first that someone who supposedly loved him very much really despised him.


Consider the following scenario, Ms. Crazy was once sweet to a disappointed lover, who described himself as “one of the good guys, a nice person…loves Mom…treats women with respect.” She showered him with gifts, gave him much sex, and other things when they first started dating. She was the kind of woman he always wanted (or maybe sort of), the man admitted he settled. Anyway, this kind gentleman began to observe that his companion had some alter egos that hated men, manipulated them, and every now and then said they could kill men during one of her rages. The poor man learned how this woman really was when he started having his share of disagreements with her. The disputes weren’t typical like someone speaking nasty words, and then you say something in return and neither of you talks to one another for hours while you both do other things. No, these intense arguments were shouting matches sometimes complete with her hitting, shoving, slapping, spitting, throwing things, and doing other abusive stuff to him. What I just described is what many abused men go through in relationships with violent women. You might know firsthand if you are currently with a volatile woman.


Let me take a moment to switch topics, this book isn't for those, who consider themselves to be innocent in every difficult situation that occurs in their intimate relationships. The self-righteous will hate this book, because it challenges you to not only take a good long look at that abusive woman you paired yourself up with, but also yourself. This body of work brings awareness to things you may not have thought of concerning wild women as well as quick-tempered, controlling, intense, and insecure types. Also, it provides you with moments of thoughtful introspection. In addition, wise counsel is provided in various chapters to help you free yourself from this troubled soul in your life. I can speak on this topic because I have witnessed boys being abused by a woman during childhood, I have been a victim of violence due to a crazy ex-boyfriend and I did defend myself, I experienced spiritual abuse, and was emotionally abused by insecure men. Lastly, I have received communication from my listeners over the years (over 30% of my listeners are male) who visit my YouTube channel: NM Enterprise 7 my Facebook page Nicholl McGuire Media, and blog Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate. Although this composition isn’t long; it is one that is intended to empower abused men after reading it while encouraging them to do something quickly to restore peace within while safeguarding themselves and children in the process. The last thing they need is to end up in jail or worse six feet deep fighting fanatical, resentful, bitter, unforgiving, angry and/or controlling women.


Back to our fictional example (based on true life events), the man who was shocked at first by how nasty his girlfriend could be, did put his foot down at first in the relationship. They broke up and he told her what he wasn’t going to allow her to do to him, but he reconnected with her a lot of times afterward. Her sexy smile, warm caress, generosity, and other things drew him back into her open arms and constant fluctuating mood swings. They moved in together and of course all hell broke loose again and again! She would apologize tearfully, he would apologize for his share of name-calling (he never hit her). Family events would temporarily close the gap between them, babies would be born (as if they made matters better which they didn’t), children would later graduate high school, start relationships of their own (looking a lot like their dysfunctional partnership), and so the cycle would continue—another generation of sons emasculated by women, and daughters abused by controlling partners. See why it is so important to break the bad cycle early on?


I met some seemingly sweet, knockout gorgeous women, but they were dangerous—if only their boyfriends knew how they truly felt about men, I would sometimes think. But time reveals truth and those men would find those ladies out during explosive disputes. I didn’t have any intimate relationships with those women. A few were single lesbians and a bi-sexual woman. I had been a supporter of various feminist movements as well as other heterosexuals that I knew. Yet, some of the radical feminists’ foolish and bias thinking about men rubbed off on me during my youth and I almost went to jail listening to some of their talk about what they “wouldn’t take off a man” and how they “would hurt a man about this or that if they ever…” I had no clue just how mean these women were. Why were they so angry with men? What happened during their childhoods? Why weren’t they able to maintain decent relationships with men? I knew some of the guys these ladies befriended. The women always claimed the men were at fault, but never them.


Over the years, some good and bad guys, who quite frankly didn’t want to put their business out in the street, shared their abusive experiences with me privately and others openly on a variety of online pages where my work has appeared. Some of these abused men were driven into dark mindsets concerning wicked women having put up with them for so long. Good became evil and evil became good in their eyes. They defended their abusers, but also talked badly about them. They wanted to leave their lovers, but yet they stayed. They believed they were loved, but often hated by their crazed women. Meanwhile abusers, who had been hurt by their men long ago and some to date, reached a point in their minds where all they could think of was the following: where their men would go when they weren’t around, who were they seeing, when would they be back home, what they planned on doing with their own money, whether they would be helping them out with their household tasks, and more. Some of these abusive women acted more like pimps then wives and girlfriends!


I noticed how some women grew obsessed with their men and treated them more like gods than mere mortals, but didn’t mind hurting them if they crossed them. Like controlling, abusive men, these controlling, abused women didn’t let partners go anywhere but to work without them. I also met lots of decent guys online and off who didn’t do too much but love and care for their wives and girlfriends, but admitted that sometimes they acted a bit lazy, didn’t always communicate well to partners, and had their share of personal issues. But for the most part, these depressed men felt they didn’t do anything so bad that their angry women should feel the need to kick, slap, bite, claw, curse them out, or do other things to them like ruin credit or create false police reports. I agreed.


Stunning, average and ugly looking women, big or small, who are hot one minute and cold the next, are capable of doing much evil, especially when they have undiagnosed mental illnesses (like bi-polar disorder, various phobias, and schizophrenia) and chronic health ailments (like menopause related symptoms) as mentioned later in this book. I will admit I felt like I was going mad after having not one, but four children during different periods of my life that I know I and my partners weren’t ready for (see my printed book, When Mothers Cry). Some of you have already learned the hard way and so you are doubtful about the future—my heart goes out to you.


As you read this compassionate piece, don’t talk yourself out of what you know to be true, don’t allow others to manipulate your mindset by telling you to stay or go, weigh the evidence, check your tolerance level and do what’s right for your situation. However, be advised those around you who see your suffering will start to question your mental sanity for continuing to put up with a mentally disturbed woman who is abusive.


I recall a guy who I briefly dated tell me much about his ex like how “crazy” she was, but then one day tell me we couldn’t see one another anymore, because he wanted to be with her. I was shocked! The woman continued to abuse him and I didn’t bother speaking to him again about her. So don’t be surprised when your family and friends say things like, “He must be crazy too, because why would any man keep letting himself be hurt like that?” The abusive partner possibly questioned your manhood for putting up with her too. Yes, ask yourself, “Why?” Your reasons will never be good enough and they definitely won’t take away the pain you feel inside every time a mean-spirited woman calls you everything but your name! Finally, keep in mind, the last thing you want to do is jump back out into the dating pool with a lot of baggage, so do take the needed time to get yourself together first and foremost (mentally, physically and spiritually) and end a bad relationship before starting a new one.


Here’s to your future! May this book serve you well, now let’s begin.


Chapter One: At First Glance

The woman you might call, “Crazy” wasn’t that way when you first met her. You wouldn’t have thought to call her such back then. The words you chose were most likely positive. “She is cute, funny, sweet, and smart,” you said. In the past, there was no possible way for you to know about a date’s oddities; therefore, start forgiving yourself (if you haven’t already) for missing the clues. The odd woman didn’t wear a t-shirt that said, “I’m a bit off,” but if she had, you probably would have avoided her, unless of course the t-shirt was wet. Then you probably would have at least considered talking to her if nothing else.


Some men think with their eyes and body parts then wonder why they can’t seem to find the right partner, while others have been burned so much that they learn not to dismiss those warning bells that go off in their minds no matter how sexy, pretty, wealthy, or smart a woman might be. Chances are you have steadily outgrown this mindset too since meeting your mad dame and others like her. All the sexiness in the world means nothing when you are being emotionally or physically abused! You probably believed there was nothing about your fine-looking female early on that alerted you to what was dancing around in her mind. But there were signs and this book is going to cause you to think about much so that you can be at peace about whether you should stay or go.


If you had been given a quiz about your lady soon after those early meetings, you probably would have failed because you were too busy looking at how she might benefit you. “The guys will envy me for snatching up this one! She sure has a nice sports car—I wouldn’t mind driving that! Her family is loaded! I could see myself living in that nice house she owns. When she dies, I will be paid! So glad she has a good job, she can help me out. I will be saving money if I connect with this one—oh yeah, jackpot!” Lots of single men and women think like that even if they never share their intentions.


Men and women assume that when they first meet potential lovers they are relatively normal and have some things that benefit them. Immature college students will encourage and partake in the “hook up culture” (having sex with no commitment) without thinking about the repercussions. Young men will date older women not pondering on the future and how they may no longer be suitable for them. The following thoughts and more do not ever cross one’s mind. “Is my date a narcissist? Maybe she’s bi-polar? What about histrionic personality disorder? Does she have Alzheimer’s? Does she suffer badly from a generational health condition?” You just don’t think like that until something goes wrong with your selection in a mate then out comes, “This b*tch is crazy!” Now you are on the Internet looking up personality disorders and more. Go ahead now and start looking up things like: PMDD, perimenopause, post-partum blues, schizophrenia, side effects of prolong drug use, obesity, depression, and any other issue that might apply to your woman and if you are a man 35 years and older, check out andropause or irritable male syndrome too. There are plenty of older men out of their minds as well due to fluctuating hormones among other things!


Admit it; you rushed to take Ms. Crazy off the market, so she wouldn’t date anyone else, right? You probably were very concerned about turning her off and her finding someone else to date. You promised your wild chick, insecure woman, or quirky, educated lady friend that you weren’t going to treat her like that last guy, didn’t you? You told the damsel in distress what you could do for her, and she was impressed—you became the apple of her eye. “Yes Baby, I’m going to be there for you. You are my dime! I’ll take good care of you,” you might have said. That was your first mistake during those early dating days, as soon as she started to reveal what made her hurt inside, you wanted to heal her. You thought you were the great Messiah or “I am,” one touch or prayer from you and she would be new and improved. Is your hard work paying off?



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She's Crazy

A man doesn't suspect after great food, sex, and cool conversation with a beautiful companion that there is a dark side to her. He doesn't anticipate that one day his partner might hurt him with her words and hands. Yet, there are crazy women who will not hesitate to abuse a man over almost anything! In this non-fiction book, Nicholl McGuire, author of "Tell Me Mother You're Sorry" and "Say Goodbye to Dad," speaks to the man who has been berated, misunderstood, wounded, and beaten down by a frequently irate and abusive woman. He might be your son, brother, father, uncle, cousin, or bestfriend. He hides his shame. He tells you that everything is okay when it is not. He shares nothing that would make you suspect that he is hurting inside due to his controlling girlfriend, emotionally abusive wife, or violent companion. He grins in front of you and grimaces when at home with her. He hates what his bad relationship is doing to him and possibly his children. He needs peace! If you are this man, let this book inspire you to speak and break free from a dysfunctional relationship with a controlling partner. In this compassionate and thought-provoking guide you will receive: - Guidance on using the past to gain control of your present. - Tips on recognizing warning signs a woman is abusive and not just having a bad day. - How to exit a miserable relationship. - Insightful information to help you rebuild your life. You can feel confident knowing you are doing the right thing for yourself and family when you start working on having a new mindset about this abusive situation. Hitting, shoving, spitting, punching, slapping, biting, and other violent acts are abusive! Name-calling, isolating, economic abuse, ignoring, withdrawal of sex, and more are forms of emotional abuse. Get this book today, what you do with the content just might save your life!

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She's Crazy She's Crazy