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Sell Your eBook Today! (Guaranteed Book Sales Without the Hassle of Marketing)

Sell Your eBook Today!



(Guaranteed Book Sales Without the Hassle of Marketing)




By Charm Baker






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Table of Contents



From You to the Reader

Paid eBook Sales

Book Buy Xchange

Frequently Asked Questions

Other Books by this Author




Every self-published author has to deal with the challenges that come with trying to get book sales. When you’re a new indie author and you release a new title, your chances of instant success are basically slim to none. Even when you work hard to market your ebook and promote it before it’s released, it doesn’t mean that your book sales will simply jump off the charts. The fact of the matter is, for every newly published indie author that writes and publishes an ebook, another ten or twenty authors give up and fall by the wayside. Of course, these are not actual statistics based on any documented facts, but you get the point all the same. Many good (and even great) authors often give up on the awesome books that they’ve published, all because they find it too hard to get book sales.


What you are about to read is a quick publication that discusses a method of getting guaranteed ebook sales and it has nothing to do with marketing. The system is designed so that the actual ebook sales that you start to get causes your book’s position on Amazon to rise towards the top. You’ll be able to see how this works, once you consider the information you read, prior to the discussion about the BBX Network. This material was designed for struggling self-published authors with new or existing titles that aren’t selling so well.



From You to the Reader


Contrary to popular belief, just because you write a good book, doesn’t mean that the book will sell. In reality, no matter how great a book you write, books just don’t sell themselves. Something has to happen in order to make the book visible, available, and desirable to the audience that the book was intended. This is the typical process that gets your ebook from you to the reader, the person who eventually makes a purchase.


When you’re a new self-published author with a new title, trying to get your ebook visible to the online community can seem virtually impossible. This is not always due to a lack of good ebook marketing. True, some new authors don’t have a clue about the amount of marketing involved if they want to ever have a successful book. On the other hand, some new authors take a very proactive hand in their own ebook marketing strategies. Some even go so far as to start marketing and promoting their ebook title long before the book is even finished! But what do you do when you’re already doing everything right in the way of marketing, but you don’t see the results reflected in your book sales? This is definitely a valid question, especially since ebook marketing and promoting can suck up a lot of your valuable time. What if you could be devoting that time to ebook sales, instead of ebook marketing? Wouldn’t you rather be selling ebooks without the hassle of endless marketing?


Your Ultimate Objective

Why do you want to promote, market, advertise, expose, and make your ebook visible?  You got it; ebook sales!  When you think about your ultimate objective, the bottom line is to sell your ebook. Oddly enough, if you were to ask the average self-published author what is their biggest challenge, you might be surprised at the answer. While some might readily acknowledge that selling their ebook is definitely a challenge, others may choose to respond and say: “Getting book reviews.” In fact, we authors tend to rely heavily on the coveted book reviews that can be so very hard to get. Perhaps we rely too heavily on them.


As a self-published author myself, I know all too well how difficult getting book reviews can be.  Just like thousands of other self-published authors, I’ve read resource after resource and they all talk about the need for getting book reviews. I’ve listened to video guides about ebook marketing and how to promote your book titles for visibility. In the past, I’ve taken different approaches to the kind of book marketing that I’ve done, and to what degree. But even when you manage to see a little bit of ebook marketing success, as it relates to your book sales, striving for reviews can be disheartening.


This publication came about after taking a long hard look at where my time, energies, and resources were spent and why. It was only recently that a light bulb came on in my head. Although this something that should have always went without saying, “eBook sales are just as important, as reviews, in fact, they are MORE important. If selling your ebook is truly your ultimate objective, you really need to read the rest of this information.


Your Place on Amazon

Ironically, a big part of why so many authors aren’t actually selling more ebooks really has a lot to do with Amazon. Stop for a moment and think about this next question. Which would you rather do?


A – Would you rather sell one hundred .99 cent books on Amazon and get one book review

B – Would you rather sell ten .99 cent books on Amazon and get 10 book reviews?


Personally, I can’t see why anyone would choose answer “B” but somehow, we’ve been led to believe that those Amazon reviews are like gold. Maybe this was once the case, before the recent scandal about all the indie authors who were paying for book reviews. But what is the big deal about Amazon reviews, and why do authors clamor and step over one another to get them?


Self-published authors have come to learn that Amazon is the place where they want to position their ebook, in hopes of regular sales. The problem is, in order for your ebook to become visible on Amazon, your title has to move its way up the ranks. This is where the challenge comes in, with your ebook trying to make it towards the top of the list for whatever genre it falls in. There are basically two way it can move towards the top of the list.


Method One – A few people can buy your book and all leave reviews, thus causing more people to buy the book, and hopefully leave reviews, which in turn continues the cycle and your book title will begin to climb.


Method Two – A lot of people can buy your book and even if only a few leave a review, your book title begins to climb.


The above breakdown may seem a bit simplified, but in essence, this is exactly what happens on an ongoing basis. This is also why so many good books never make it to the top. You either have to have one method or the other working for you. If you have neither, then your book is sunk.


For the majority of new self-published authors, the tendency is to rely on the first method. We spend excessive amounts of time trying to introduce, advertise, promote, and market our ebook, all for the sake of a few good reviews. But suppose you decided to try the second method for a while. What if you could get enough sales (even without the reviews) so you could start your book title on its climb to the top? Get ready to take a look at exactly how to do that, and you can even do it today.



Paid eBook Sales


Once you realize that you’ve been placing more emphasis on marketing instead of selling, you will instantly want to take proactive steps to turn this around. This is what happened to me when I stumbled upon a website that I mistakenly thought would be the solution to my problems. But although one solution didn’t work out like I planned, it led me to the answer that I needed. Here’s how.


I had come to the conclusion that I was more than willing to spend a little cash for some type of paid help with selling my latest ebook. The idea of paying out of pocket money to gain more ebook sales may sound crazy to some authors, but not to those who believe in investing in their own talent. This seems to be the theory that helps to keep the popular Book Butterfly website in business. Book Butterfly is a website that will promote your Free or .99 cent Kindle ebook for a fee.  They have little packages (called book slots) that you can buy at a fixed rate. They run a book promotion for you on the designated days. 

I contacted Book Butterfly about buying one of their “Titanium 25” slots for my .99 cent Kindle book.  The $50 cost for this slot was supposed to guarantee me at least 25 sales.  They run a two day promotion (dates of your choosing), and at the end of the period, if you don’t obtain all 25 book sales, some remaining “guaranteed sales” money is refunded to you (on a prorated basis). I immediately realized that with this system of theirs, Book Butterfly was earning a cool $25 off the top. I was still willing to lose roughly $25 of the $50 fee, in hopes of getting the guaranteed book sales they promised. I figured, I could possibly get more than 25 sales, not to mention some potential reviews.

I have to admit, the lure of the refund policy was enough to cinch the deal. That meant that the worse-case scenario would be that I’d end up losing about $25 if I didn’t make any sales, and got no reviews. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out like I planned, and now I’m actually glad, because I came up with an even better system of my own for gaining ebook sales. Before I explain what it is, I’ll finish telling you what happened with Book Butterfly.

Getting Book Sales

By now, getting book sales had become a focal point for me. I was all set to purchase the Titanium slot at Book Butterfly, so I did as instructed and waited for their response. The email I received from them made me irritated.  Apparently, my novel is actually classified as a Young Adult title (I didn’t think so). Since they don’t seem to have a large market for young adult, they offered me a $20 option that wasn’t mentioned on their website.  It consisted of a possible 0 – 25 sales, NO GUARANTEE, and NO PRORATED REFUND.  Well, this was clearly a whole different deal from what I had read about. But I was still curious about the scope of their marketing and the possibility for more book exposure. I almost told myself “what the hell” and sent them the money, but I held off once the wheels in my head got to ticking.

The first thing I began to think was: “If Book Butterfly is so gracious to offer the refund policy on the amount of guaranteed books not sold, they must rely on it heavily. After all, they take half of what you pay off the top, so they get paid either way”. I tried to do some checking to see if I could find some useful online reviews about the website, but I didn’t find anything concrete. There was nothing to really confirm whether self-published authors were having success with Book Butterfly.

I began to think:  “If I’m going to pay to have my book purchased, why not cut out the middle man?”  As the idea began to formulate, I came constructed my idea of the Book Buy Xchange system.  I don’t know if there is already a website or network such as this in existence, but if it isn’t, there is now. When you take some time to consider the details about this system, I believe you will agree with me on how sensible it is. It’s almost too simple to believe it will work, but it will. Notice as I repeat the details that I provide on the self-published blog for new authors interested in book buying exchanges.

The Book Buy Xchange

The Book Buy Xchange (BBX) is simple – you view my titles and select one to purchase. A brief form is provided for you to submit your request. You give your book details and you select from details provided about available books in the exchange.  You receive a Confirmation and agreement to buy your book title. If no available book slots are available for the month, you receive a notification instead of this, instead of a confirmation to exchange.

When you read the above paragraph and consider what is actually happening in a book buy exchange, it really all makes sense. If you are an author who needs books sales, and you have a way to get them without losing money, doesn’t it make sense to try it? The more I thought about it, the more sense it made to me, so I created a blog and began setting up a network to try out my theory. All the details are available by visiting: https://selfpublished.wordpress.com/ and I have also provided a copy of the “Frequently Asked Questions” at the end of this ebook. Before you continue to check out these details, or go to the website, keep the following in mind.

This publication was created for two reasons.

FIRST: To locate like-minded authors who are interested in getting book sales without the hassle of marketing or promoting. At this time, book sales is the bottom line for me, and if that is something you can relate to, this information was tailor-made for you. This is for the author willing to make a small step and buy one book (of equal value as yours), so you can not only get a guaranteed book sale credited to your Amazon or Shakespir account, but also an honest book review.

SECOND: In addition to book sales, the other reason for this publication is to help promote the idea of book buy exchanges – not just on my blog, or the exchanges that I offer. Create your own networks, or book buying exchanges. Think of other creative ways to actually get book sales. The point is NOT to rely on convention and spend all your time talking about your book. It’s time to start selling your book, so why not start today?


What is the Self-published Blog?

Self-published Blog is the home of an online network called the Book Buy Xchange.  The blog owner, Charm Baker is also a self-published author seeking to share and trade ideas with other newbies.

What is the Blog Mission?

Self-published Blog has a primary agenda – to Sell eBooks!  This budding network is for authors willing to try creative approaches to gaining more book sales.

How does the BBX work?

The Book Buy Xchange (BBX) is simple – you view my titles and select one to purchase. Fill in a brief form and submit your request, along with your own ebook details.  I respond with a Confirmation and agree to buy the book title you provided or I notify you if no available book slots are left for the month.

What Book Distributors are used in book buy exchanges?

Currently, only Amazon and Shakespir are allowed for the book exchanges.  You can purchase my book from either site.  You can also specify which of the two distributors you want  your own book purchased from.

Do both books in the exchange have to be purchased from the same distributor site?

[*NO: *] You can choose to purchase my book from Shakespir, and still request your book be purchased from Amazon (and vice versa)

How many books do you buy a month?

Currently, my book purchase budget is $50 for the month, although I plan to increase that amount in the very near future.  The $50 is allocated to purchase twenty ebooks priced at .99 cents and ten ebooks priced at $2.99.

What happens if no available book slots are left for the month?

I offer you the choice of a “Pending Xchange” slot for the upcoming book buy session OR you can simply request to be “Wait listed”

What is a “Pending Xchange” slot?

A “Pending Xchange” requires making a book purchase within 24 hours of your agreement, thus guaranteeing a slot in the very next upcoming book buy session (2 – 4 weeks)

What is “Wait listed?”

“Wait listed” only adds your book title to a list of authors who requested a future slot.  If my budget doesn’t allow for your book buy exchange at the requested time, you will be notified and automatically “Wait listed”.  IF you respond back with “Proof of Purchase” for a paid ebook, you will be scheduled for a “Pending Xchange” slot.

What is the “Authors” Page for?

The “Author’s” page is where all titles of authors requesting a Book Buy Xchange are posted.  The ebook titles are displayed in one of the following categories:  Published Reviews, Reading Now, [_Pending Xchanges, and Wait Listed.  _]

Do you charge to write reviews?

[NO: *] All book buy exchanges come with a *free review to be published at the place of purchase.

How long will the review take?

Most reviews will be completed well within 30 days, unless they are lengthy novels, in which case, the review will be published within 30 – 45 days (max) after the book buy exchange.

Who does the book reviews?

I write all the reviews and post them, although I have 3 avid readers who will do some of the reading and provide me with a summary.  These assisted reviews are indicated by the display of the initials JCP (Just Charm Publishing) at the end of the writing.

What if I don’t like your review?

If you would prefer to read the review before it is submitted to your ebook distributor, you can check the box on the BBX Form that says:  “Mail me draft of review first.”  If you select this option, you will need to respond back with an “agreement to publish the review” within 48 hours after you receive the draft.

Do I have to write a review also?

NO:  You are not required to leave a book review after your purchase, HOWEVER, one would greatly be APPRECIATED.

What is a paid BBX Network Member?

A paid BBX Network Member is an author who is interested in making additional book buy exchanges with other authors.  They simply pay a one-time $10 fee to belong to a regularly updated email list provided exclusively to members.

Do I have to be a BBX Network Member in order to do a book buy exchange?

NO:  Any author who follows the Getting Started steps outlined on the Join page can participate in a book buy exchange.

Do I have to pay anything to participate with Book Buy Xchange?

NO:  Non-members pay no fees to participate in a Book Buy Xchange (All you pay is the price of the book that you selected for your exchange)

Why Should I pay $10 to become a BBX Network Member?

BBX Network Members are the only authors who:

Have access to the requests taken from the Network Board.

Can set up multiple book buy exchanges with one another.

Have their book titles displayed to all authors and Members

What other service do you provide besides the non-member Book Buy Xchange?

Besides the $10 Network Membership, I provide “Blog Posts Announcements” that are OPTIONAL.  The service requires a one-time $5 fee and can be purchased by non-members.

What is the difference between your “blog mention” and “blog post” announcements?

A “mention” of your title, author name and book link is included with every book buy exchange (for no cost).  With the paid blog announcement, two entire blog “posts” are written exclusively for your book alone.

When are optional “Blog Posts Announcements” published?

I will publish two blog posts that will be dedicated exclusively to your ebook.  One post will be published when I first purchase the ebook; the second post will be made (within 30 days) as soon as the review has been approved for publishing.

When will you purchase and review my book?

I will buy your ebook within 24 hours after receiving an email containing your “Proof of Purchase.”  Within that time, you will receive a Confirmation of MY purchase, along with a link to the published blog mention (or blog post if applicable).

What is the Network Board?

The Network Board contains buttons for different author related activities that you may be interested in.  You simply click and add your name and interest via email response.

Can I submit to the Network Board if I’m not a Network Member?

YES:  Any self-published author can submit to the Network Board and make themselves available for the activity of their choice, HOWEVER, only paid BBX Network Members have access to the author names and emails submitted to the board.

How can I Support Self-published Book Buy Xchange Network

Of course, you can join the Book Buy Xchange Network but you can also lend your monetary support anytime.  All proceeds go towards creating more and more book buy exchanges that benefit a whole lot of authors, including myself :-)

What if I have Questions or Suggestions?

If you have questions about anything that you find on this blog site, or you simply want to add your two cents about something, CONTACT ME.  You can use the “Suggestions” button on the Network Board page.

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Sell Your eBook Today! (Guaranteed Book Sales Without the Hassle of Marketing)

Self-published indie authors spend tireless hours promoting and trying to market their new ebook titles. Too much of the time, we're so concerned with marketing, promoting, and kissing up for book reviews that we forget all about the bottom line; selling books! Are you a new or existing self-published author who is tired of marketing and never getting any ebook sales? Charm Baker is a self-published author who can definitely relate, and that is how she came up with the solution to guaranteed ebook sales. No book marketing and promoting is necessary; it’s all about nothing but book sales, unless you count the complimentary book reviews that you will also receive with each book sale! Read and see how simple this system really is, and start selling your ebooks today.

  • Author: Just Charm Publishing
  • Published: 2016-04-09 00:35:07
  • Words: 4007
Sell Your eBook Today! (Guaranteed Book Sales Without the Hassle of Marketing) Sell Your eBook Today! (Guaranteed Book Sales Without the Hassle of Marketing)