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Selection While Waiting at The Airport

Selection While Waiting at The Airport




By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah


Shakespir Edition


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It is a quick love story. The story came to my mind when I saw two young ladies were occupying a four-seater chair keeping their belongings in between them. Probably, they did not know each other and that is why, there were not talking to each other. From their dress, I guessed, one must be from a hi-fi society and the other one from a conservative Indian society. I liked both of them.

Hope you like this story.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Shakespir for publishing this story book along with my other books.



Chapter I: Waiting Out Side Airport


Every person from middle class to upper class in any urban places of the world has the experience of waiting outside the airport to receive someone near and dear.

Mr. Bhabesh Chakraborty has acquired this experience for last sixty odd years. He came for the first time to the airport to receive his father when his father came from Mumbai after an official visit. At that time air travel in India was a luxury and the airport was also small and there was no seat to sit outside the airport. Therefore, Bhabesh had to sit on the grass outside the airport for few hours as he reached the airport by DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) bus much before the arrival of the flight. Though it would have been a boring affair for a modern boy, despite having a smart phone now, it was enjoyable time for Bhabesh looking at the passengers and peeping the taking off and landing of the aircrafts over the wall of the runway boundary. In those days, there were not many layers of security covers around the airport.

In last sixty years, he saw many changes in the world. Changes of the airport were also drastic over six decades. Now the Delhi airport is a world class airport with all modern facilities and layers of security covers with modern gadgets. Now, there are good number of seats available for the waiting people outside the arrival terminal.

At the personal front, he has visited the airport for his own travel, then again, to drop and to receive his only son, he visited this airport hundred times. Last few years, he has to come to this airport many times to see off and receive the family of his son, who have been staying at USA for last thirty years. They have already acquired US citizenship.

But this time, it is a special visit to the airport for him. He was not well and therefore initially he was not to come to the airport to receive the person who is coming today. His wife did not join him to the airport as she was busy with lot of works for welcoming the guest, the most love one person in the world for her.

After getting down from the Chauffer driven car, Bhabesh Chakraborty walked into the waiting area. All seats were occupied. However, he found in a corner, on one of the four seater chair, only two young girls were seating, keeping their purses on the vacant seats in between them. With his experience, he understood the girls did not know each other.

As he approached to the chair, one girl immediately removed her purse and invited him to sit near her. The other girl ignored his presence.

After sitting, Bahbesh thanked the girl and asked, ‘Are waiting to receive someone?’ Asking the question, he thought why he had asked this foolish question, everyone knows, all the persons waiting there were waiting to receive someone near and dear to them.

But the girl was very polite and answered, ‘Yes, uncle. But I do not know the person properly whom I am going to receive; as I saw him when both of us were kids few years ago, when they visited our home.’

‘That is interesting!’ Bhabesh Chakraborty understood the girl was not only polite but also not adverse in talking with a very old person, which is very uncommon among the new generation.

‘Yes uncle; it looks something weird, is not it?’

‘Yes. But then why you have come?’

‘Due to family politics!’ Without elaborating, she smiled beautifully.

Bhabesh Chakraborty liked the girl. He with a grin asked her, ‘Yes my child, you cannot run away from the family politics, even if you want. May I know what it is?’

‘I do not know whether I should tell you or not. But sometimes telling something to a stranger is better than to talk to a known person. If someone ventilates to a stranger, ventilation will be there but no further effect on life.’ She smiled innocently.

Bhabesh Chakraborty surprised to realize, why he was attracted to the young girl sitting beside him!

The talkative girl again started, ‘Am I boring you? Otherwise also you would have been bored so long the person for whom you are waiting does not come.’ She took a pause and then said, ‘My father sent me to receive his friend’s son. My family wants, I should win his heart. He has many proposals in his hand. Frankly speaking, I am probably not a good marriage material. I am already 25 and still neither I could love someone, nor someone tried to win over me.’ She giggled for the first time.

Bhabesh looked at the girl. She is beautiful and apparently from a good family and well educated, but extremely vocal and simple.

‘What are you doing right now?’

‘I am a doctor, doing masters in medicine. But my friends say, I should have done my masters in HR being very talkative.’ Bhabesh thought his idea was correct, she is a very intelligent girl with a very simple lifestyle and frank in nature.

‘Why your father wants that you should marry the boy who is coming today?’

‘May be, he is the son of my father’s friend. Moreover, he is well established in his profession, a civil lawyer in USA. He is only 28. I heard he is very handsome also. But my fear is that; being not very smart, why he will like me as his bride.’

The old man for the first time felt a tremor. The girl whom he was talking might be daughter of Srinivasan, his son’s friend. His son wants this girl should be his daughter in law which was opposed by his wife, because she remembers her as a dark coloured girl. In India people are not racists but always prefer fair skinned girl as daughter in law.

‘We have talked a lot, may I know your name, my child?’ Bhabesh wanted to know, whether she is Srinivason’s daughter or not.

‘Oh, I am sorry, I have not told my name so far. My name is Ragini. I am half North Indian and half South Indian. My father is Srinivason and mother is Amita Malhotra. Both are working in Lady Harding Medical College. They had a love marriage. But I am yet to get my man.’ She giggled again.

Chapter II: The Other Girl


The other girl, Ambika, extremely beautiful, sitting at the other end of the chair, initially did not take any interest what the other girl and the old man were discussing. But when the ever-talkative girl started saying about a boy who was coming from USA, her ear straitened to hear what they were discussing. When the ever-talkative girl introduced herself to the old man, she realized she was sharing the chair with her most formidable rival.

Ambika is the daughter of Preeti Aggarwal who is a close friend of Sarmishtha Chakraborty, mother of Anupam, the boy who is coming from USA to select his bride. There are n number of contenders; but Preeti told her daughter that she should be wary of Ragini, daughter of Srinivason who is a close friend of Arun Chakraborty, father of Anupam. Sharmistha already told Preeti that her husband Arun wants Ragini as his daughter in law. Further, she told as Anupam’s grandfather was not well, she should send her daughter to receive Anupam at the airport. However, Ambika understood similar message had been passed on to Srinivason by Anupam’s father. Therefore, the very presence of Ragini at the airport gave an irritation to Ambika.

Ambika thought, had this old fellow not sit in between her and Ragini, Ambika would have pulled Ragini by her hair by the time and thrown her out of the waiting area.

A phone ring disturbed Ambika’s thought. There was a ring on the mobile of the old fellow. He picked up the phone, ‘Chottu, you have landed. How long you will take to come out? I am her to receive you, dear.’

From the other side, something was told on which the old man replied, ‘Do not worry, till your marriage, I shall not die.’

After a gap, he said, ‘No your grandma has not come. She is preparing some sweets for you.’

Again, the old man said, ‘No, no I am not alone here. A young physician is with me. Do not worry for my health.’ Then he hung the phone.

The old fellow with a smile told Ragini, ‘I am referring about you to the grandson. He is always worried about my health.’

‘When your grandson will know, you are lying he will scold you.’ With a sweet smile Ragini warned the old fellow.

‘Let us see what happens?’ With a mysterious smile the Oldman replied.

Chapter III: Anupam, the Prospective Groom


He was torn between the wishes of his father and mother so far choice of the bride is concerned. He does not want to make unhappy both of his parent. If he marries Ambika, father may not like his decision and he goes for Ragini, mother will not be happy. Finally, he told his parent before his departure, ‘I am not going to choose my bride myself. I shall give this duty to my grandfather who is loved and respected by both of you. Will it be alright?’

Sharmishtha always treated her father in law as her own father. She lost her father when she was in the school only. After death of her father, they were in dire state. Somehow, she was able to complete her graduation. While she was looking for a job, she met her father’s classmate Bhabesh Chakraborty in marriage ceremony. When he came to know about demise of Sharmishtha’s father, he became very sorry. After few months, he proposed Sharmishtha’s hand to his son who was about to leave for USA to join an American Company. Bhabesh did not take a single rupee as dowry which he could have taken from any other rich families who were vying for Arun. From the day of her marriage to Arun, she treated her father in law as her own father. Bhabesh Chakraborty also never distinguish between Arun and Sharmishtha for any matter.

Therefore, both Sharmishtha and Arun had to agree to the proposal of Anupam, as both have unquestionable faith in Bhabesh Chakraborty’s ability to judge any person. After all, all of them love their only child/ grandchild more than themselves and all of them want, Anupam should be happy in his married life.

Chapter IV: Love at First sight


As Anupam emerged at the exit gate, the old man waived his hand. On reaching near to his grandfather, pushing his cart aside, he embraced his grandfather. Then he noticed a beautiful girl, with little dark complexion, was looking at both of them. As eyes of both met, both felt something had happened which both of them never experienced. Ragini thought for a moment, ‘What happened to me? I was not here to receive this young man. I was waiting for the son of my father’s friend. But why I am unable to remove my eyes from this young man?’

Similar thought was going on in the mind of Anupam. ‘I was supposed to be received by two ladies, Ragini and Ambika. But who is this young lady accompanying my grandpa?’ At that moment, he was more interested to know about this lady instead of meeting Ragini and Ambika.

As he was looking at Ragini, Ambika extended her hand to Anupam for a hand shake and said, ‘I am Ambika. You must be Anupam. I am here to receive you.’

‘Oh, thank you, so nice of you. Hope you have already met my grandpa!’ Pointing to his grandfather, Anupam told to Ambika.

Ambika realized, she had already lost her first round to Ragini. She became angry on her parent and parent of Anupam for not updating the information about coming of the old fellow to the airport to receive his grandson. She told herself, ‘I shall teach a lesson to the parent of Anupam for hiding the important information from her and passing the information to Ragini once I marry Anupam.’ However, she did not show any anger in her face. Instead she touched the feet of the old man as if she was asking for his blessings.

But in a fact of the matter, none of the parents knew about the latest development that the old man decided to come to the airport despite of his poor health.

Chapter V: Selection of a Car


‘We three of us are having one car each. But our guest is only one, now he has to take a decision in which car he will go.’ The old man posed a question to his grandson.

‘I have no problem in travelling with anyone of you. But it will be better if, all of us come in a car and the other two cars follow us. But in that case one has to sit with the driver. Of course, I can sit with the driver without problem.’ Anupam said.

Ambika did not want to lose this opportunity to flaunt her opulence to Anupam. She said, ‘All can come in my car. Hope everyone will be comfortable in my new car. My father has given this Audi on my last birth day only.’

‘ Oh, that is fine! Then let us go by Ambika’s car.’ The old man said with a glee.

‘Sorry uncle, I cannot come with you. I shall follow you on my own car. I am the driver of my car.’ Then she smiled innocently.

‘In that case, we all can go by Ragini’s car and other cars can follow.’ Anupam suggested.

‘Oh, you have a self-driven car. By the way, what car do you have?’ Ambika found a chance to humiliate Ragini in front of Anupam.

‘It is a Maruti Alto 800. My father has abandoned this car after buying a new Santro. I took this car for my use.’ She proudly said.

‘How can you take all of us in that small car? Better follow my car. I am taking Anupam and Grandfather.’ Ambika wanted to demolish Ragini with her money power.

But Ragini thought otherwise. ‘That is an excellent suggestion. I shall follow you.’ Ambika was surprised to see the meek submission of Ragini to her opulence.

However, Anupam had another idea. ‘Grandpa, you go with Ambika. I shall go with Ragini, because I am already fed-up with big cars and high speed. I want to travel in a small compact car with less speed.’

The grandfather nodded with the proposal of his grandson. He prayed to Almighty, his grand child’s selection should not be limited to the car only.

Chapter VI: Final Selection


Ambika was seething in anger. But somehow, she controlled her anger for the second time and sat with the old person in her car. She did not want to talk with the old man at all. Whenever, the old man asked something to her, she answered with a mere ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Both the large cars were following a small car driven by the young lady, with a typical simple outfit. The lady was driving at low speed and talking to the young American with ease.

‘Do you remember me? We met at our home few years ago, when we were in school.’

‘Yes, now I can recall you, a girl with lot of oil on her head.’ He teased her.

‘You avoided another word to describe me; a dark girl.’ She smiled. Her smile was so contagious that Anupam could not stop his laugh.

‘Ambika, must be angry on you. You should have gone in her car.’ This time Ragini poked him.

‘Are you not happy in driving me home?’ Anupam wanted know her mind.

Ragini did not say anything for a long time. Then she said, ‘Are you interested to appoint me your permanent driver?’

‘If I say yes, what will be your reply?’

‘You send your appointment letter indicating when to join along with other terms and conditions.’ Ragini coyly said.

Anupam patted Ragini’s shoulder and told, ‘I have already signed your appointment letter, much before you had given your driving test. You can intimate your terms and conditions before reporting for your duties. From my side, I do not have any T&C.’

As they reached home, Ambika rushed to Ragini’s car to help Anupam out of the car. Anupam’s grandmother also came out to the courtyard to receive him.

Smacking a kiss on her grandson’s cheek, the old lady said to him, ‘You are becoming thinner and thinner, every time you visit your grandma. Your useless parents are not taking proper care of my sweetheart. This time you can go only with a wife who will take care of you.’

‘Do not worry, grandma. This time even if I do not go with a wife, I shall definitely take a driver with me.’

The old lady could not understand what her grandson was saying; but the grandfather and two young ladies understood what Anupam was saying.







The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.


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Selection While Waiting at The Airport

It is a quick love story. The story came to my mind when I saw two young ladies were occupying a four-seater chair keeping their belongings in between them. Probably, they did not know each other and that is why, they were not talking to each other. From their dress, I guessed, one must be from a hi-fi society and the other one from a conservative Indian society. I liked both of them.

  • ISBN: 9781370880034
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2017-02-20 13:50:10
  • Words: 3425
Selection While Waiting at The Airport Selection While Waiting at The Airport