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Sekhmet's Inferno


I arrived with Emma on scene to a horrific bloodbath of excitement and activity. The blaze of the home had finally been doused and taken care of, but, the aftermath was more than gruesome and dire. My heart sank as my aunt, Laura, was rushed hurriedly out on a stretcher by the fire crew and medics; covered from nearly head to foot in black soot and tar from the smoke. How the hell could this have happened? Who could’ve done this to her? A whole slew of questions were constantly popping up in my mind, along with flashbacks, at that point. But, one thing was definitely for damn sure. Emma and I were most definitely going to get full and down to the bottom of this and burn the asshole, merely, whole and responsible.

Sekhmet's Inferno

Brooke Delilah Gillespie, known mainly and formidably by her official monikers, Samantha Komodo and "Cheezi D"; formerly known by her past pen names of Jennifer Gisselbrecht, and Mwezi Desoto, is a female African wild dog (choosing to reincarnate into an Asiatic Lioness) and an American author/rapper/lyricist. She has been writing series of more than many fiction/action/thriller series book since the tender cub age of five; with his most famous hits apparently being "Lone Wolves" and her most recently self published, all anti-villain main cast crime drama saga, "Lobo Thunder/The Hystericals". So far, her current writing ambitions include writing to express not only her own physical emotions into his works, but also those maybe of other animal beings around her in the world as well. Twitter: @CCheetah

  • Author: Emma M Vardaman
  • Published: 2017-07-28 14:20:12
  • Words: 134
Sekhmet's Inferno Sekhmet's Inferno