Seeds of Karma, Wheel of Life - Dreams and Visions


Seeds of Karma, Wheel of Life

Dreams and Visions



Published by Kevin Dwyer on Shakespir

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Seeds of Karma, Wheel of Life

Dreams and Visions



Seeds of Karma, Wheel of Life

Dreams and Visions


This essay could have been called dreams and visions but I realised many of these visions, either in dream, waking state or somewhere in between, they have similarities. I don’t study dream and have no idea why people do. I do practice dream yoga, there’s a couple of Tibetan Lamas that teach it that I know of. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche does a nice book. Namkhai Norbu well he just calls it Dzogchen, he’s more your crazy lama, life’s just a dream kind of thing.


There’s not much i’d say about dream generally but when one meditates sufficiently, which can just be a case of not falling asleep, dream state pushes itself into waking state. You are freed from something in a way, illusory boundaries perhaps. Not all dreams are good. The dream yoga is a way of rendering imagery back into coloured energy. Taking control of a fashion.


People like karma, it’s a subject that’s popular to talk about. With so many opinions my only interest here is how this popularity contrasts with Wheel of Life. If you’ve not seen the sand mandalas or paintings representing Wheel of Life then just look some up. Wheel of life is not soft and cuddly, or negotiable, the imagery is full of demons for a reason.


A significant aspect of waking state is that now and again it offers the opportunity to break the shackles of dream, this is mostly achieved by the will. One has the will to change something. In dream this is unlikely because one has already succumbed to the dream scenario. It’s no more likely you’ve created the dream reality you’re walking around in any more than you would have created a shopping mall you’re walking around in. If someone believes they have created the dream world they probably have issues.


Lets look at a specific vision involving someone I know well. It’s fairly basic. I see this person as a bicycle that’s crashed with black ribbons in amongst the spokes. It’s not a good scenario and I told the person about the dream. Shortly afterwards he got very sick from a skin infection due to a snake. The exact words he said to me when describing this incident were “I’m not going to let that bastard Kevin kill me”. Was an odd response.


These kind of situations are interesting in terms of perception and experiencing what it’s like to be part of a bigger world but don’t expect to get any thanks. Fortunately one has to be impartial from the outset. What we are talking about here is things people cannot see for themselves. This is a form of clairvoyance and actually quite bizarre imagery is involved.


Why I’m looking at this in terms of Wheel of Life is because it has boundaries, a wall. That and everything comes at a heavy price. If you try and say to someone, “stop doing what you are doing, you’ll cause yourself harm”, it never works. There’s so many examples of that. You cannot get past the wall around them, the wall is synonymous with the Wheel of Life. Only a very powerful method will penetrate this.


Essentially this would already be the essence of it but some experiences are beautiful experiences. High energy can pass through to others and it’s quite precious to them. When someone dies their energy may change exponentially and they can no longer be felt by close friends or family, so a person is sad.


People can also die a little whilst they are alive and this is where energy play comes in. All these experiences are different and expect strange. When a medium said to me “say hi to my 8 foot high pink bunny rabbit spirit guide”, was she joking ? Probably not. Mediumship or clairvoyance in a sense is contagious, kind of about who you hang out with. Clairvoyance from a Buddhist view is seen in terms of merit.


One of the main reasons for clairvoyance is that people are coming from all angles and heading who knows where. As an individual our experience is too limited. There’s a broad compromise. Some kind of being or entity wants to connect through you to a person of their interest. You’ll see and feel something that may well bend your mind. Then you have to communicate that to the person. I find this is often accenting.


I was presented with a green energy pyramid for someone. She was another medium and I was fairly connected to her anyway. The who this is coming from is beyond me so I give it no thought really. It may have made me tearful at the beauty or grace of it, hard to write about that. The pyramid has alien or ancient writing / script associated with it. It’s a place, a destination, home. When someone dies and their energy changes and changes, at a certain point they become a place, a destination, rather than a person with an identity.


A third example from a semi waking state was far more unpleasant to perceive. For somebody and relating to a persons own limitations in seeing themselves and their situation. A part of what I saw was a burning circle, again with alien type language at the centre, hieroglyphics or patterns. It is orangey and also has texture. Angular like Roman numerals or italics.


It appears then that a persons real language may well not be English or French or whatever they have learnt from birth. It was very difficult to look at, almost as if I’d want to turn away. We may have ideas of what we think people are, often from a romantic or emotional perspective. This is just harsh and brutal to look at. The person also appeared as a ball of orange energy, not so unfamiliar and comfortable to sit with.


The unusual part of this is the message aspect for the person. There is imagery of a dead and blackened tree with two oranges on it. I was in no way overjoyed about experiencing any of this so I didn’t give any thought to it’s meaning. It didn’t relate to me so I didn’t waste my time thinking about it. I just passed the message on. To me it’s about the effect of use of language. A certain use can connect a person to an internal language or feeling, it’s subtle.


Some of it is real crazy, even lends itself to the idea that the way to cure insanity is to translate and accept it.


Kevin Dwyer.

August 2017.















Seeds of Karma, Wheel of Life - Dreams and Visions

When looking at certain dreams or visions they can relate to how another person is really not seeing themselves or the situation they're in. Some unusual language and methodology can snap people out of that. It can bring them back to the present which gives a better light on things. The short essay has a few detailed examples.

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Seeds of Karma, Wheel of Life - Dreams and Visions Seeds of Karma, Wheel of Life - Dreams and Visions