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Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club - Meet Sloane - Bonus Edition

Table of Contents

Letter from the Author

Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club – Meet Sloane Bonus Episode



Meet Sloane Temple

No Apologies

That party in December

Back to the Present

Episode One

Chapter One – The Beach

Chapter Two – Bye Bye Texas

Chapter Three – Let’s Go Ladies

Chapter Four – Shake it Off

Chapter Five – The Artists

Chapter Six – Party Time

Chapter Seven – Johnny on the Spot

Chapter Eight – Showtime

Chapter Nine – Who’s That Girl?

Chapter Ten – Fun’s Done

Letter from the Author

Hello and welcome to my world! My name is Dakota and like you, I have a desire for some good romance and it’s my personal experience that led me to put this series together. Picture [Desperate Housewives _]meets _Real Housewives, all wrapped up in The Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. Sound good? Let me give you some background.

I grew up in Las Vegas and now live in Los Angeles. Like so many, I had the big dream. I wanted to be in movies and I wanted to be famous. I was optimistic; a friend of mine, had a friend, who knew someone, and so on. I was all set and the plan seemed easy. All I had to do was be good at my job, meet celebrities, make contacts and make it big!

My referral got me a job working in one of the most intimate places in Hollywood. I had an in and became a server and assistant in an elite and celebrity sex club known only to those wealthy and well-liked enough to have the honor. I was hired to serve guests and help make things comfortable; no, I do not indulge or partake in the goings on, that’s reserved for members only. It was an excellent opportunity and being a model back home, I felt like I was halfway to fame already!

However, if you haven’t heard, Hollywood is not that easy. Day after day reality hit and before I knew it, it was year after year. I mean, I’m still a beauty, or so they tell me, but the reality is that today I’m not so optimistic that I’ll see my face on the big screen. It seems my opportunities for fame went out the window the closer I got to the secrets I was privy to. Instead of finding stardom, I found that people with wealth, status and popularity start to shy away from those who have seen too much. That would be me.

And so I’ve taken my passion to the page and believe me, I have enough to fill it for years. These stories are all based on real people made up of celebrities and the Hollywood elite. People talk a lot and I am writing what I’ve come to know, filling in the blanks where I need to. I’ve seen what goes on behind-the-scenes in “tinsel town” for quite some time now; I’m talking about actors, singers, artists and even politicians. No athletes though, they weren’t allowed in the club. The members needed the financial background, integrity and intelligence to be let in and frankly, the athletes in general were a flat out risk.

I’ve changed the club name and character names of course, and since I do not go home with these people you can expect my own dramatization there based on what I’ve learned. My intent here is not to be vindictive in any way and I am not trying to ruin lives or take down the latest on the A-list. No, I simply want to tell the truth while exploring my creativity.

This series takes you into a steamy world, based on insider information and created with a bit of a twist. We have social elites in a luxury world, and a posh sex club with some big egos and fierce competition.

The secrets begin with the lives of “Rachel, Harper, Sloane and Lexi” but with so many members over the years, there is so much more to tell. I invite you into the lives of these very successful people who love themselves, love their fans and enjoy living on the edge. Sex and secrets are where you find the good stuff so read on, explore and enjoy a little bit of the life.


Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club – Meet Sloane Bonus Episode

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By Dakota Fox


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

[*Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club – Meet Sloane Bonus Episode *]

(Celebrity Series – Meet the Girls)

Copyright © 2016 by Dakota Fox

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Published by DeckersPress

Cover Illustration by Christina Keats



Meet the Girls Series

Meet Sloane Temple

Blonde, curvaceous and fun. You could tell all of that in the first five seconds of meeting Sloane but it is what’s behind the bubbly personality and killer smile that really completes the package. Her past is a bit of a mystery to her friends but it seems to have made her all the wiser. Some might be put off by her eccentric ways but judging a book by it’s cover makes for a bad assessment. Sloane is outgoing and over the top for sure and that’s what makes her such a great diversion, even to herself. Many of her wants and goals are private and many are things one would not expect.

She is adored by her husband Dylan. He does not challenge her extra wild ways and accepts her for who she is. In the end, Sloane’s love for him makes him feel special and they work hard to maintain their marriage, making sure they do not lose their special intimacy. Together they have moved up and down the coast of California and along the way found their love for swinging and other sexual escapades. The life keeps them close, and keeps them social and active. Like many couples, they swear that the experiences with others are what keep their home life stronger.

Sloane finds herself challenged by the fact that there may be limits to her wild side. There is also a question of how long her witty ways can keep things under control; time will tell. In the meantime this couple continues to forge forward in their luxury life and living out their sexual fantasies.

No Apologies

Okay, before I go any further let me let you in on a little bit more about Sloane. Yes her appearance is appealing and yes she will explode when she walks into a room, but if anyone thinks that’s where the party ends with Sloane, they will find themselves sadly mistaken. The true secret behind Sloane is what’s on the inside. It always made sense that she was an actress like many of her friends. She had a way of covering up so much and could change on a dime and be whatever any situation called for.

Sloane can also be the surprise you never saw coming and you may find yourself touched by her in ways you didn’t think you could based on first impressions. She was definitely a suprise to me when I met her. Back when I met her for the first time, she was just another blonde babe as far as I could tell but as I learned more and as I look back now, I think she is a genius, not to mention more human than I ever would’ve guessed.

Forbidden Possibilities

Today is Friday and Sloane is out and about seeking out some slinky items for the evening’s affairs. Sloane and her close friends belong to the high class and very private sex club, Elite Beach, hidden in the hills. Tonight would be the first party of the new year!

Sloane feels good and is more than excited to find that just right something for the happy new year celebration. Her good friend Rachel owns a clothing boutique and Sloane shops their often but today she is looking for something different for the party. Tucked away in a private dressing room at her favorite French lingerie boutique, she is being fitted for the perfect look to go with her very sheer dress she plans on wearing later. She reaches into her bag for a few of her hair clips. She pulls her blonde locks together and twists them up in the back so she can get a better view. Her breasts are overflowing in the black lace shelf bra and that’s exactly the look she is going for. She turns around to get a backside view. Her cheeks and thighs are firm and her skin is a dark bronze. The Brazilian style panties fit tight and flawless.

Knock, knock, “How are we doing in there Sloane?”

“Perfect!” Sloane is more than satisfied, “I’m going to take these!” She unclasps and unties, lets her hair down and gets dressed. She’s done for the day and is all smiles as she cruises down the road and turns into her neighborhood, jamming to Hiding Away by Daya, in her silver Porsche Boxster.

When she gets home she is feeling very pleased with herself and is happy with her purchases of the day. After she turns her car off and the garage door closes behind her, she takes a moment to think about how great her life is. With her fame, she became familiar with the terms conceited and selfish, and has a somewhat famous label of “the trophy wife” but as Sloane sees it, those references come from people who are just too envious to see all the good in her! Her life is fabulous and she will not apologize or take time for the judgmental. Sloane believes that regardless of their money and fame, she and her husband have worked hard to get where they are today. Home and ready to get moving on things for the night, she scoops up her packages and heads inside for a shower.

She gets upstairs and sits down on the edge of the bed and sees her face in the mirror. Smiling to herself, Sloane dares to remember her last visit to the club, and her night with Kyle. Kyle is not her husband, that’s Dylan, but Kyle was her last swing-man and it was definitely a night to remember.

That party at the club was the second weekend in December, just before the holidays. Drinks flowed and after some innocent holiday chatter, the kinky dirty talk started up along with the moves to get things going. Soft kisses, rubs and tugs eventually got you what you wanted. And so it went for Sloane and Kyle. They are an an unlikely pair, and most would say a forbidden pair, at any of the parties. Kyle is married to her friend Rachel and to have Kyle that night was a daring move for sure, but it also gave Sloane that added touch of “special” that fuels a girl like her. It gave her a rush because it was so risky. To Sloane, there are no apologies needed. It was a top notch night and having the untouchable definitely made her feel like a girl on top. The way she saw it, they were all friends and why they would limit themselves never really did make any sense to her. She thinks back to it and remembers it fondly and considers the many future possibilities around it.

That party in December

So as I moved about the party, tending to this and that, I can tell you that I remember this night very well because of Sloane and Kyle. It wasn’t only me that noticed the two getting cozy. The added gossip and excitement around what would come of it all definitely had the staff going that night. The thing is, these cliques have codes and in this particular group, it was well-known that they never hook up with each other.

Most of the groups were like that in fact. I think it made them feel like they still had a air of prestige and class about them, no matter what they got into with anyone else behind closed doors. Yes, having “rules” definitely seemed to make them feel like they were somehow doing it right and on a more respectable level. But sometimes doing it right wasn’t as important as doing what they wanted and it definitely caught my attention when Sloane tossed the rules aside and crossed the line that night. Well, and let’s not forget Kyle!

A Night to Remember

Sloane remembers it was a party like many others but Sloane and Kyle were definitely in a funky mood. They tried to slip out unnoticed after having a drink on the lower patio. They were off to the side and in the dark, and before either of them knew it they were sneaking off to one of the back rooms. Neither Sloane nor Kyle were strangers to the club situation and they also knew the group rules. “No friend swapping!” Yet here they were, running off together with their urges flying. They got this far and didn’t see a way to avoid it now.

They each knew they could walk away but they did not. The two of them also knew how to work the other into ignoring all rules at time like this. They were two adults who were well aware of what they were doing and it didn’t settle down any desires to try to discuss it. Sloane decided to go for it and seeings how she doesn’t have a shy bone in her body, she was soon sprawled out over the bed on her stomach in her white lingerie. She knew she looked good and felt like a true movie star lying out over the fluffy duvet in her hot pink heels. Kyle stood watching her and when he told her how captivating she really was, it gave her goose bumps.

He was smooth in how he walked around the bed finishing up his glass of scotch. She could see he felt the burn as he took the last gulp before setting his glass on the nightstand. A soft light from the table lamp along with a couple of candles on a shelf set the mood. He bent down and pressed his lips to hers sending butterflies up through her stomach. Their kisses started out slow and delicate and when his tongue found hers a ripple of tickling vibrations rose up inside of her, chasing the butterflies. He lay down on the bed next to her guiding her onto her side in front of him.

He caressed her arm with his strong hands and moved them along her waistline and down over her hips. He surprised her with a spank before squeezing her behind letting her know he was ready for some fun. Sloane loved it. She worked hard to keep herself firm, and out of admitted vanity she giggled inside. He ran his hands over her flat stomach and his fingers through her platinum blond hair. He told her how beautiful she was and how sexy she smelled while he continued to cover her in kisses.

Sloane enjoyed the attention while her head was spinning in amazement. This was the slow and romantic Kyle she had heard about at the club and from other girls. She wanted to suck up every drop of it and not miss a beat.

He moved in closer and she could feel his chest hairs on her back; they tickled and sent shivers down her spine. He started pulling and tugging at the string of her tiny thong before slipping his fingers under the small piece of fabric. He let out a heavy sigh finding her moist and smooth, and groomed to perfection. A warm sense of urgency spread out between her legs as he stroked her up and down and then in and out, his touch intensifying the deeper he went.

Sloane found herself slipping off into that place of sexual pleasure. He knew just how to vibrate his fingers inside of her, sending waves of pleasure shooting out between her thighs. He paused to slowly pull down her thong, and then he removed what little clothing he had left. He pulled her up to her knees in front of him, reaching around her and gliding his hands up her stomach. He started massaging her breasts, now aroused and pushing out against her bra as he felt his way over them.

He gently lowered her to all fours in front of him and lay his body over hers. She could feel how impressively firm he was as was grinding her and pressing his pelvis into her backside. He found his way to the front clasp of her laced number, unclipping it and allowing her large breasts to fall into his hands.

He rubbed his hot and steamy body against hers until she melted underneath him. When he felt her cave, he backed a way just enough to run his fingers down her neck and across her shoulder blades. He took a moment to admire her back and hips which were like a smooth bronze hourglass. Sloane arched her back not knowing what to expect next. All she did know was that being with Kyle was already more than she’d imagined.

He went back to her supple breasts, kneading and pinching while continuing to grind her from behind. They stayed that way for a while and the sexual tension between them rose to the extreme. It seemed they both enjoyed the tease. Time seemed to click by frame-by-frame until Kyle snapped her out of it up by putting his hand to the back of her neck and saying, “Are you ready?”

He tugged at her hair and Sloane remembers turning and looking up at him and seeing the pleasure and desire on his face. She realized he was stroking himself with his other hand remembers thinking, This is Rachel’s Kyle, right there in front of me! He was as perfect and muscular as she’d seen on the big screen; his arms thick and shimmering from the small layer of sweat he’d worked up and Sloane was ready.

Electric adrenaline ignited between them and in her sexually aroused delirium the words just flew out of her mouth, “I’m ready…take me Kyle…’Little Kitty’ is waiting…”

That was a couple months ago and what she said that night didn’t dawn on her right away but sitting in her room now it definitely hits her. Sloane suddenly breaks from her trip down memory lane and shifts in her seat. She looks around as if someone could be standing there watching her thoughts. She is hit with a small sense of guilt and not for being at the club with Kyle, which in an of itself was a bit out there. No, for giving up the name, “Little Kitty”. It is the name her and her husband started using on their honeymoon for her hot point of womanly goodness, and it was private. That was to always stay personal between her and Dylan, but now she’s said it to Kyle. Hopefully Kyle will not remember the name or ever care to say it again. It was all just for fun after all. She selfishly shakes off the thought and slips back into her daydream.

She remembers Kyle suddenly pushing her back down to all fours in front of him, which she did willingly. He rubbed his hand up and down her legs and through her thighs, lightly teasing her until he found his way back into what awaited him. He was a natural in how he slid his fingers up inside of her. She loved the feeling of him pushing in as hard as he could and doing a little exploring, but it only made her want more. She found herself pushing back into him as he held tight onto her backside and told her how much he loved watching his fingers slide inside of her. He was breathing harder now and she loved how excited he was getting, and that it was just by touching her no less!

And then it was time. He grabbed her hip with one hand and began to guide himself with the other. He rubbed against her and she could feel he was ready. At first he teased her by only going in with his tip and Sloane remembers the torment she went through waiting for the moment he would slam into her with all he had. When Kyle finally did decide to go for it he shoved himself into her, thick and hard, and Sloane was completely blown away by the feeling. He fit her perfectly and filled her up, pushing on her insides in all the right places. The sensation from him being inside her spread down to her toes and was so intense, she dare not move in any direction. She felt frozen and in the greatest feeling of her life, and didn’t know what to do. She thought about reaching down or maybe rolling over but then Kyle started to change things up. He started out slow but was now grunting under his breath and moving a little faster each time he slid himself, long and hot, into her. It didn’t take long before there was no holding back and he was slamming himself into her over and over again, and that was the beginning of the end.

It took all Sloane had to grab onto the headboard. She arched her back pushing herself back into him as hard as she could. She remembered how good it felt to have him in charge and how forceful he was. It felt like he was obsessed and couldn’t get enough of her, and that was great because she couldn’t get enough of what he was doing to her. She was no longer in control of her own body and started to tremble as she approached her peak; she was close. The warmth filling up her abdomen, the shaky feeling in her legs and the sexual urgency between her thighs was almost too much to bear. Kyle became more aggressive and each time he thrust his hips into her the sensations grew stronger. He went at it hard until they both let go at the same time. Sloane’s insides went into spasms and her muscles contracted around him. She let out a high-pitched scream as Kyle exploded into her, He held her close until the last of his eruption spilled out into her.

For Sloane it was more than powerful the way her muscles took over, clenching onto him tight and strong. Her head fell to the pillows and then she threw it back up again sending her hair flying and fanning over her back, as she reached for the sheets. The repeated contractions left her gasping for air.

When they lowered themselves back down onto the bed, it was like they were coming down from a high or back from some far off place. The intensity between them was unlike anything else Sloane had known, and this animalistic Kyle was unlike anything she had heard about from anyone at the club. Much more exciting!

And then, just like that, he was a gentleman again. He pulled the sheets out for her and she slipped her legs down under the puffy comforter. Not really sure what he was going to do, he amazed her again by wanting to extend their time together just a little bit longer. They snuggled together in each other’s arms and did so for quite a while and for the first time Sloane felt a bit of embarrassment at their intimacy, but not wanting to give it up, she stayed comfortably in his arms.

They could hear the party outside and the faint sounds of moaning and screaming coming from the rooms around them. Conveniently, all the “dirty rooms”, so they casually called them, were stocked with liquor and drinks. Between Sloane and Kyle they ended up putting down a bottle of wine and shared the next hour fondling each other and talking.

Eventually, their bliss was forced to come to an end when they realized the rest of the group was desperately trying to figure out where they had run off to. It was time to move on. And so it was over.

Broken Promises

Sloane let out a heavy sigh as she remembers how hard it was to pull herself away. To this day, the only way Sloane can describe that moment is epic, although she did feel a bit of pressure as well. She was even the subject of conversation while having lunch with a couple of her neighborhood elite friends. They had observed the unusual lingering between Sloane and Kyle. An unsaid code at the club and any of their parties, was never to linger. Among this clique, another unsaid code was to leave each other’s husbands and wives alone. Sloane wonders for just a moment if maybe the girls were right. Had she gotten too close to Kyle?

Feeling that small pang of guilt coming back just a bit too much, Sloane shook it off and got back to business. She unpacked her new items and sat down to take the tags off. How funny, she thought, that all that money could be spent on so little fabric. Well worth it though. Plus, she had just finished 3 weeks with her new trainer and felt better than ever.

With her garments laid out on the bed, Sloane starts to undress. She is standing in front of her framed full-length mirror that is tilted against the wall. Her deep tan almost shimmers in the sunbeam from the window. Sloane is stunning by all definitions. She ties her white blond locks back into a bundle while looking herself over in the mirror.

Tonight had to be perfect. It held a bit of the unknown for Sloane and this fed her eagerness to get going. She takes in a breath and smiles in spite of herself before turning and heading for the bathroom.

Just then, her husband Dylan came home. She has not talked to him about the hook up. Her and Dylan usually keep the post-party lowdowns to a minimum as they engage in more than the tame and simple play, and too many details could get ugly. To know the other is satisfied is good enough, and that works of course when you are relying on the trusted base they have for each other. In their chosen lifestyle and their careers their bond is more than trust however; they need each other if they want to stay successful. Either way, that base can fall apart in an instant should enough go wrong.

For Sloane, it’s promises and loyalties that she is now reminded of and both she knows she has broken.

Back to the Present

Dylan is now upstairs and sees the clothes laid out on Sloane’s chair and sees a pile of clothes on the floor.

“What do we have here? Did you have a fashion show while I was at work today?” Dylan walks in, in a good mood and starts to chuckle.

“You’re funny.” Sloan responds from the bathroom.

“And oh my, are these all new?” Dylan asks, “Explain to me, how do you ladies call these clothes at all?”

Don’t touch those Dylan. I took a long time picking those out today and your just going to have to wait. Just then, she throws her pink lace panties at Dylan hitting him in the face. She peaks out of the bathroom, smiling and starts laughing. Dylan puts his hands up as if to say hands off, shakes his head and says, “Okay okay.” He hears the shower turn on and he heads over to his closet undoing his tie.

When Sloane is done in her shower she comes out in her robe and everything is quiet. She picks up her brush and stands in front of the bathroom mirror. She’s startled by the sound of the shuffling of paper and sees Dylan sitting in the chair in the corner, reading the paper he had brought up from downstairs.

“I just love that entertainment section, and even more when I’m in it! Can you believe some of the stuff they say about us?” he winks and then sets his paper down. He stands up and walks over to Sloane. She’s brushing out her long blonde strands and he puts his hands to her shoulders. He rubs them lightly and her robe starts to fall to the side exposing the large, full mound of supple goodness underneath. She puts her brush down and turns to him while he puts his hands to her face and plants a long passionate kiss on her plump wet lips.

Dylan stands back and takes his shirt off and unties the belt string on her robe. He gives her breasts a squeeze and then reaches in around her waist and feels the warm humidity in the small of her back. Sloane feels a chill and shifts in his arms.

“What do you think you’re doing Dylan?” Sloane already knows the answer and winks.

“Oh, I think you know.” Dylan pushes her back against the counter and she grabs the edge of the vanity to steady herself.

Dylan was a very strong man and nothing felt better to Sloane than when he was determined to have her. He slides her robe down her arms and starts massaging her full and luscious breasts,[* *]and leans in for a kiss. He pulls and twists her nipples until he sees them get hard and then he takes one into his mouth and begins rolling his tongue and nibbling until Sloane joins in.

She pushes her breasts together and he takes the bait. He runs his tongue along her cleavage and then pauses to take a step back and shed his clothes. He lifts her up on to the counter and puts his naked body to hers. She can feel him firm and throbbing, and pushing up against her.

He moves his hands to her warming sweet spot and gently feels his way in. Sloane whimpers as he glides his fingers in and out, working her to respond to his touch. She notices other sensitivities rising inside of her. Her body is welling up with emotion along with a major need for satisfaction. She needs Dylan, and she needs all of him right now. She reaches down to guide him to her, and looks up to him as she starts to rub him up and down. He sees the small tear dripping down her cheek and he devours her mouth with his. He wipes her face to dry it off and then takes hold of himself. He looks deep into her eyes and pushes into her slowly. Her entire body shudders; she throws her head back and lets out a gasp.

Dylan grabs her legs and puts a thigh under each arm. Bottles are now falling to the floor but they ignore it all as Dylan works up his pace to a perfect rhythm. Sloane has lost the emotional urge to leak tears and instead, an erotic surge is building inside of her instead. Sloane starts to let out sexy cries of desperation and is now grabbing onto any part of him she can and settles with a solid grip on the back of his shoulders.

Dylan starts pounding her harder, moving in and out faster than before. Just as her legs start to go numb, vibrations shoot out between her legs and she cries out even louder. Dylan watches her expressions. He was interested in the sorrow that was mixed with her passion but is happy to see that now she has a look of only pleasure. He watches her let it out and feels satisfied in how he can please her like this. He wants to make his woman happy but he also likes the reassurance that as a man, he’s still got it.

He then pulls out and starts working on himself. Panting, his body tenses up and he lets out an ear piercing moan as his own pleasure takes over and spills out onto her stomach. His body is quivering as he finishes until finally, his breathing slows down and he let’s himself fall into Sloane’s arms.

“Hi babe,” she puts her arms around his neck and pulls him close; she wants an extra strong hug tonight. Even though Sloane is out to get ahead like many other women she knows, she still needs moments like this to replace some of the memories of what she has done. She starts to wonder if guilt tends to move in more as the years go by, but like all distracting thoughts as of late, she shakes it off. Sloane was born to be wild, as the song goes, and she had no intentions of slowing down.

Dylan regains his composure and taps her nose with his finger, giving her a light kiss. “Care to join me for another shower?”

“I think a rinse off would do me some good, yeah. Let’s go.”

Sloane slides off the counter and lets her robe fall to the floor on top of the bottles and lotions that also fell. The two are smiling and laughing as they get into the shower and just like that, all moves on.

Oh, to The Ego!

Sloane is younger than Dylan by seven years and they make quite the pair from what I’ve seen. Even though I do believe their love runs deep, I’ve come to know they also have a deep fascination about the fact that they are a well-liked and admired couple. They are a perfect fit with his career as a famous plastic surgeon and her being an aspiring actress. For them, their popularity trumps other things and on nights like tonight they are reminded of their plush and exciting lives, and truly believe it is all possible [_because _]they are so awesome.

I’ve watched them set aside their deep and real emotions and just go with the flow at the club. In all reality though, Dylan is just a man like many others and Sloane is just another pretty face in Hollywood. As I’ve seen with so many of their peers though, being wanted pumps up Sloane and Dylan’s egos, and keeps them going with an even stronger force.


Episode One

Celebrity Series

Chapter One – The Beach

Just as you might think, everyday was another beautiful day in California. Newcomers with big dreams and those living that dream. For some it’s being on the big screen that does it, and for others it’s music, talent management, modeling, and the list goes on. But there are some people who never have enough. The group I want to share with you did in fact make it by many standards, and live quite extravagantly tucked away in the Hollywood Hills, but they always wanted more.

Let’s start with Rachel, Harper, Sloane and Lexi; these girls are quite the team. Paired with their men, they are committed to maintain their lives of luxury and fame, working hard and living to the extreme. They are admired and looked up to by everyone they know but as I can tell you firsthand their fight goes much deeper than simply being adored, or successful for that matter. They pay top dollar to be part of the club Elite Beach. Known to it’s members simply as The Beach, it’s one of California’s most exclusive and expensive, private sex clubs for the rich and famous.

From their performing, beauty, status and business dealings, it’s power money and greed that fuel their daily lives, and this all extends to their involvement at The Beach. This group is known for their reputations and high-profile social positions; each is very smart and undeniably stunning. They love to be in the spotlight and use their charm, and anything else at their disposal, to stay there.

The club members include the rich and elite who are looking for erotic adventure. It’s a place where they can flaunt their success and live out their tendencies for the x-rated, and this group is more than motivated to be a part of that scene. They love to take advantage of the classy soirees which are unlike anything else and provide a sexual fulfillment beyond what any traditional relationship could give them.

Trust me, working there has provided me front row seat to a world many will never see and even more don’t even know exists.

Chapter Two – Bye Bye Texas

Some were newer than others to this lifestyle and in this group that would be Harper and her husband Jaxon, who relocated from Texas. From what I came to know, things for them back home were anything but the high class and fast-paced life of California, and very far removed from anything like The Beach.

Harper and Jaxon Wells were college sweethearts and very happily married. Their new opportunities and relocation would change many things and although it brought up some challenges, Harper vowed through it all that her focus would not change. She kept it simple. She wanted to live a good life and keep her husband happy. She told me all about what she did in preparation for their move and to make sure she was ready for their new life, and it was everything Jaxon wanted. Her friends used to say she was more quiet and shy but the new Harper wanted to be anything but that, and from what I could tell, she was! She knew California would be different, and she wanted to do whatever it took to fit into their new life. Watching Harper come out of her shell was fun, interesting and at times you just held your breath with how she dove into it all.

Back in Texas

On the last day before Jaxon would leave Texas to head out west to get thing ready for Harper to follow, the two of them enjoyed a lazy morning.

“I’m just not sure I’m ready,” Harper says.

“Trust me, you are more than ready,” Jaxon says to her in a soft voice.

Harper is laying on her back with a somewhat blank stare on her face, her black hair spilling out over the pillows. For the last 18 months, she has been letting it grow out and it is a lot longer now than she normally wore it in past years. Jaxon is propped up on his elbow next to her thinking about how beautiful she is and looking into her blue eyes. He traces her face with his fingers and weaves them into her hair as he leans in for a kiss.

“What in the world do you think is it about you that’s not ready?” He asks, with a grin on his face, “It certainly isn’t this beautiful face.”

His hands move down to her neck, “And it’s not this beautiful neck,” he wipes his hands over her, “I mean, this could be the most beautiful neck I’ve ever seen!” That gets a smile and small chuckle out of Harper.

They kiss some more and Jaxon continues his travels over her skin and down to her chest. He starts to fondle her breasts which are full and soft and that gets Harper’s attention. Her voluptuous frame is also a newer enhancement and Harper has no complaints. The changes not only make her more desirable to Jaxon, Harper herself feels more womanly and worthy.

He slowly slides her tank top up from her belly, and she willingly lets him pull it up and over her head. His big hands are warm; she loves it when he touches her and that he is pleased with how she looks. He starts massaging her breasts one at a time and moves in closer to her. He takes one of her nipples into his mouth, and a wave of goosebumps covers her body.

She reaches out to him, grabbing onto his broad shoulders. He continues to knead her large breasts, moving from one to the other and circling her aroused red nubs with his tongue. He moves his hand down her tight stomach and around her small waist, “And what’s this? These curves, I don’t think there could be anything more perfect.”

His compliments are engaging. She shifts and moves her leg, allowing him to explore. He pulls her leg up at the knee and then follows her lean and muscular shape down and over her warmth, barely touching her between her thighs. Harper takes in a small gulp of air and her breathing intensifies as his hand grazes over her. When he reaches into the last piece of clothing she has on and feels her, a hot tingling sensation spreads through her abdomen and a warm vibration spreads out between her legs.

“Ah…definitely perfection.” He starts massaging her and dipping his fingers into her wetness every so slightly. She is sensitive and pushes her head back and deeper into the pillows. Jaxon really does love his wife and her response to his touch is intoxicating.

They shed what little clothing they have left, and he lays his body on top of hers, careful not to crush her with his strong frame. Harper takes in the feeling of his warm body on hers, skin to skin. He’s rubs onto her, lubricating himself with her moist desire for him. She is overcome by a surge of heat rushing through her body as he continues to rub himself, now hard and aroused between her thighs.

Jaxon craves to be inside his wife and the feeling starts to overwhelm him. Harper wraps her legs behind him and he lets out a low and sexy moan. They move together in perfect rhythm, as if under a spell made up of their erotic desire for one another. Harper feels it so strongly she is almost lightheaded; she is consumed with a want to feel him with her and inside her.

He lowers his face onto her neck and into her hair. He caresses her side as he guides himself to her. He slides in and out, keeping it gentle, and for a few moments they enjoy the slow and quiet rush that runs through them. But in the end Jaxon can’t help himself and moves to his knees and pulling her hips up to him. He starts thrusting himself into her, stronger, and harder.

All Harper can feel now is him, large and hot inside of her. She is floating and can’t get enough. As for Jaxon he has moved past any foreplay or any type of sexual courting. He starts in on her hard, pounding himself into her, faster and faster.

His eyes are focused on her breasts bouncing up and down with every slam into her, and it only makes him feel more invigorated. Small beads of sweat are making their way down his face and Harper can feel the temperature of his body rising. Her head is spinning now and she can feel her body starting to tremble uncontrollably. The tickling and pleasure sensations that are rushing through her are about to explode like fireworks onto her man.

Harper grabs onto the sheets beneath her. Her little whimpers tell Jaxon that she is ready, which is good because he can’t stop his desires. It doesn’t take long before Harper’s body lets go and the minute Jaxon hears her call out and feels her erupt onto him, he can no longer control his own explosion. He lets out a loud and very deep gasp as he injects everything he has into her.

After every last bit of orgasm is squeezed out of them they lay there in each other’s arms for quite a while, petting one another but not saying a whole lot. Harper knows their smaller town life is quickly coming to an end. The two quietly hold onto the last of their simple pleasures in their simple life.

That was Then

Yep, that story was from a while ago and to know them now, you would never recognize them from the people they used to be. After that quiet morning of making sweet love, things were never the same again. Jaxon kept things moving and took to the details of getting everything ready for Harper in California for her big move.

He had been looking forward to this change for quite a while and it was easy to see he embraced his new life from the day he arrived. She eventually followed of course, embracing the idea of it all because she supported her husband.

It didn’t take long before they were all settled in for the most part. They also took the plunge and attended their first party at The Beach. Jaxon knew before he ever got there that he would love it and was pleasantly surprised when it went amazingly well for Harper too. Their new life in California had begun and there were many more parties to come, starting tonight.

Chapter Three – Let’s Go Ladies

One thing I can tell you about these four girls is that they stuck together. A lot happened behind the scenes but there was power in numbers and for this, they always made it work. There was no doubt they were close, mind you, but they could fight like evil sisters too.

With Harper and Jaxon now on board, the crew was expanding and this made the events that much more interesting. With every new year there was more to see and more people to meet! And the closer and more relaxed people got, the more juicy the stories also got.

Happy New Year!

It was Friday afternoon and time to jumpstart some weekend madness before the men got home. Tonight was the group’s first club party of the year; the last party any of them attended at The Beach was a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Clad in a halter top and tight white jeans, Harper slips on her sandals and gives herself a check in the mirror. Right before she’s about to head out her phone rings. She looks down and sees it’s Remington Chadwick. He was her first connection in her new life, and a very special man for sure. He is a bit overly persistent however, and she decides not to answer this time. She gives herself one last satisfying look and out the door she went. Ready to get things going, she clicks her heels down the sidewalk and walks over to Lexi’s house. It is almost 3:00 and the ladies need to have a little chit chat before the night’s activities.

Lexi did have a man but technically was the only single one among the small group of friends. She used to be married to a successful man just like Jaxon until it all fell apart. Since the divorce, Lexi kept up her spirits just fine and didn’t look back. She held her own and took from it a healthy independence, as well as a very healthy pocketbook. She got enough money out of the split to survive for pretty much eternity.

Although dripping with money, Lexi’s carefree and artist style matches her free spirit. She can usually be found with her hair tied up in a thousand clips, spilling out in a million directions. And today, her black tank top covered with rhinestones in all the right places, torn up short-shorts and chunk pumps fit her mood perfectly.

Harper arrives and Lexi swings open the front door just as she is about to ring, “Hey!”

“So? What did you find out?” Harper is eager to hear the big news.

“Well, if you would have come over earlier, you would know by now that Kyle got an RSVP from the new residents.” Kyle is married to Rachel and together they hold the most power of anyone in the group.

“Oh, what did it say? When did he get it?” They both go in and sit down at the kitchen table.

“It didn’t say yes or no; it simply had a note on the back thanking us all for the welcome package, that they were happy to be here, blah, blah, blah…and that they would see us all this weekend! Nobody saw them drop it off and nobody saw them leave.” Lexi was feeling like quite the reporter and happy to be discussing something other than her own life events.

They were talking about the new couple that recently moved into their private neighborhood. After they got officially settled, Rachel and Kyle invited them over for dinner so they could get to know them, or more like screen them. After a night of music, good food and far too much wine they were able to work their way into discussing special interests and having a good time. The new couple had the careers and money to back them up, and seemed to be down with it, so Rachel and Kyle invited them to test the waters at the first party of the year. The party would start out at Rachel and Kyle’s and then move to the club.

“Okay, so…” Lexi starts to continue when they are interrupted by a shuffle outside and then Sloane busts through the door in her fully animated style.

“Hello, hello! Anybody home? I know you girls are in here. I’m so excited for tonight; you won’t believe what I found at Boutique Dentelle! It’s so cute you’ll die!” She gets to the kitchen and comes to a full stop as she is met with blank stares.


“Sloane, sit down. We are trying to decide what to do about our possible guests tonight. Lexi says there was an R.S.V.P.” Harper brings her up to speed and then turns back to Lexi, “Well, everybody knows who he is, not sure about her though. What did Rachel say?”

Lexi refocused and was once again more than happy to share the info, “Not much, she doesn’t seem to know or care either way so I think we are on our own. I talked to her this morning and whether they show up or not, the party is still at her house.”

There hadn’t been any changes to the group since Harper and Jaxon arrived. Before that, it was just Lexi’s new man, but he was more of an add-on. It wasn’t all that clear if the new couple was really going to show up or not but the party was a go either way. The girls decided, very deservedly, to turn the focus back to themselves.

“Well either way we’re all good, right?” Sloane asked with slight concern as she put her bags and purchases on the table in front of them. The party was of course her first priority.

The three sat around the table with a bit of an awkward silence until Lexi got up to pull out an ice-cold bottle of Chardonnay. She set it down on the table along with a glass for each of them, her silver bracelets clinking against the bottle while she opened it, “I know I plan on having a great time!” She says.

For the next half hour, they sat around the table discussing the last party and the mood surrounding tonight’s event. After the last party there was some tension due to lines being crossed and rules being broken. This group of friends had a code to go by and that included not lingering or getting too close to swap partners, and never EVER swapping with each other. At the last party, certain members broke that code.

Lexi couldn’t help herself and jumped right in, “Well Sloane, let’s just get down to it because you know it’s going to come up. When the party was called, what was the deal with you and Kyle anyway?”

“What do you mean?” Sloane did not love being put on the spot and even more, putting her good mood at risk.

“Come on Sloane, there was more going on at that party than the usual.” Lexi squinted her eyes while taking a sip of her wine, urging Sloane to give it up.

Sloane was quick to respond, “Look, I don’t ask about what goes on with you every single time. It was nothing and anyway, I don’t want to talk about Kyle. I’d rather move on to what’s happening now, and going to happen tonight!”

But as they all know, Rachel pretty much runs things and Sloane’s lingering love moment just happened to be with Kyle, Rachel’s husband, so this was not ideal. Sloane had to admit that she went over the line getting together with one of their own, especially Kyle! She also knew it didn’t help that they let it go on for so long but it was said and done and since these things weren’t meant to be personal, Sloane just wanted to blow it off like it was no big deal. She wanted to move on from the subject. Surely Rachel would have reached out to her if it were an issue and she was in no way going to let any of this ruin her excitement for tonight. Instead she took to sipping her cold glass of wine with the hopes it would just go away.

Harper jumped in to lighten the mood, “Well, Jaxon and I had a great time!” She was all smiles and took solace in her belief that her and Jaxon were different, and that their marriage was perfect. She trusted that all that happened in her and Jaxon’s marriage would only add to their strong bond.

Lexi put down her glass, “Okay, let’s just forget I asked and anyway, that’s what make up sex is for, right? I’m sure Rachel handled that!” She looks over to Harper and starts to giggle.

“Of course!” Harper agreed, picking up her glass.

The laughter stopped when they heard “little red” pull up. That would be the very Rachel herself. She drove a little red Corvette and loves to make a statement when she comes home, especially on a party Friday.

“There’s Rachel now,” said Lexi, “If it were me I’d keep my eye on it is all, but okay, we should get everything ready for tonight and get ready ourselves! We need to get in party mode ladies!”

“Sounds good to me!” Not letting her enthusiasm be broken, Sloane kept a smile on her face. “Look girls,” as she takes the final gulp of her wine and stands up to gather up her packages, “there is nothing to worry about and that’s what makes these parties so great! I wouldn’t even think about it again. Now, I’ve got things in these packages that I can’t wait to get into and Dylan’s going to be home any minute so I’m outta here. I’ll see you guys 7:00.” Packages in hand, she winks at Lexi and Harper, and heads out the front door.

“What about you Harper?” Lexi shoots her an inquisitive look, “You were in the mood more than ever at that party. What’s in store for tonight?”

“Let the party continue! Hey, I love my new life and I guess it just shows. I can’t tell you how good I feel! Gonna go pick out something fun to wear,” she says, shaking her shoulders, “but anyway, I’m going to go home too Lexi. Jaxon will be home soon and he was working some deals today. Depending on his mood about that, I may need to get him in the mood.”

Lexi laughs, “Oh I doubt it Harper! Jaxon is a total good time! I personally think he enjoys it more than anyone else!”

Harper gets to the door but before she walks out, turns and looks back, “A good man is a reflection of a good woman. How do you think he gets in such a wonderful mood in the first place?” She flashes Lexi a mischievous smile and shuts the door behind her.

Chapter Four – Shake it Off

Sloane took her time getting home and reflected on the last party. She’s hoping to push past all of that and put it behind her but the thought of how special Kyle made her feel kept forcing its way back into her thoughts, and was making that difficult. He was not like the rumored Kyle she heard so much about.

He was exciting, and she couldn’t help the butterflies that swirled up in her stomach when she thought of him. She would swear he was different with her, and couldn’t shake the possibility that something might be there between them. Rationale told her shake off those thoughts and that all she needed was something else to replace these forbidden curiosities and feelings. As she was getting home, she tightened her grip on her packages. She tried to keep it positive by telling herself that they held new items for something new. She went in and straight upstairs to unpack her purchases and start to get ready.

Harper’s mind was just as full of thoughts as Sloane’s. A lot was happening and Harper was feeling an excitement that was all new to her. She was never one to date around, and she was very much in love with Jaxon. He was a good man and a good husband. That’s what all of this is about, she reminded herself, Jaxon wanted me this way.

She thought how she might as well pack up the memories of her old life and put them away somewhere because the way things were looking, there was no room for any of the old comforts or habits. She reassured herself that her commitment to being the new woman Jaxon urged her to be was still very strong.

Her thoughts wandered and she wondered if she would see Remington tonight. Do people have recurring partners at these parties? Tonight was party number two for Harper and there would be many this year. Walking down the street and getting closer to her house, her pace quickened. The new Harper Wells could take tonight and many more.

Chapter Five – The Artists

I have to say, although my views and opinions of everyone changed as often as their gigs and hair color, I think for a time there, Lexi and Ryder had it all. They were fun, creative and just different than most. They were artists and sure, they were looking for fame there but it was in a different way then many of the more celebrity-style people I met. They were creating their own relationship and style just like I imagined they would do one of their own paintings.


Back at Lexi’s and with everyone gone, she cleans up the extra glasses and puts what is left of the wine on the counter. She grabs her own glass and heads down the hall to her studio where she does all of her artwork.

In the art studio there are paintings leaning against the wall that she has been working on for the past year and a half. She’s almost done, and she hopes this will be something big. She is putting together a collection for an upcoming exhibit in the spring. Over the last few years Lexi has been a featured artist in many smaller art galleries but she really wanted to be an artist that mattered, something her ex-husband never really supported. He never really supported much of anything Lexi had an interest in, and that included the parties. Like her art, Lexi found them fascinating and invigorating, and although he tried at first it just didn’t seem to work. These conflicts were at the core of many of their issues. After her messy divorce, bringing her new man Ryder into the group left the others a bit unsure about her choices in men, but they accepted it for now.

She catches a glimpse of herself in the mirrored wall on the left. She used to be a dancer and has a full wall mirror and ballet bar along one of the studio walls. She sets down her glass of wine and goes over to the bar, and takes off her shoes.

With her nearly waist-length, brown, wavy locks tied up in at least three clips and out of the way, she puts one leg up on the bar in front of the mirror and starts to stretch. She leans in and her short shorts reveal her toned legs in the reflection. She smiles to herself and switches sides. After stretching a bit she slowly slides her hands down the shape of her body, feeling the curves of her sides. She rolls up her tank top to analyze her abs; the gym has been good to her this week. She pops her shirt up over her breasts to give those a check as well. Lexi’s proud of her natural firm beauties and gives them a small squeeze. She pulls the shirt off over her head and tosses it onto a stool not far away. Turning to the side, she runs her hands over her hips and checks her backside, sneaking a peek. Lexi is perfectly proportioned and fit from head to toe. Satisfied, she turns, grabs her wine and her shirt, and heads upstairs to start to get ready.

Ryder makes it home in the meantime and was glad to be done for the day. He has been living with Lexi for six months now. He moved in soon after they shared a steamy afternoon at an art party in June. It was more than clear they couldn’t get enough of each other, and their heated attraction was unavoidable. He made four trips back out to the car for art supplies before he was completely unloaded. After that, he had four more trips transferring it all to the studio. Ryder was an art instructor at a small college as well as a nude model at the university. He was always out and about with his supplies in tow. Like Lexi, his true passion was for his art.

He was starting a new series of oils he called “Simple Beauty” and felt fortunate to have the use of Lexi’s studio. It would be his first series done entirely in black and white. In his mind, it could be the best he’s ever done. He had an enthusiasm for it that you couldn’t miss if you tried. Ryder was even more into and dedicated to his funk art then Lexi was, only she had the money to be whatever she wanted. So far, they were a good pair. Ryder trailed Lexi by a couple of years but even without age as a factor, he was younger at heart than any of their friends.

The group liked Ryder overall, although at times could be skeptical. Some thought that he was using the group itself as some sort of art project, particularly Rachel. In the end though, he would always win them over with his charm and what seemed to be sincerity. Besides, physically and socially Ryder fit in perfectly. He had dark eyes, dark wavy hair, and was solid as a rock, and his previous experience as an erotic dancer for the ladies didn’t hurt either.

At times, Lexi felt there was a small level of jealousy coming from the other girls over her young, hot, stud of a catch. He was not like their husbands and certainly not a suit. But then she’d shake it off and chalk it up to her own imagination. Besides, if there was any truth to it, so be it. Let them be jealous if they will she thought; she had been through enough.

Her ex could have been a GQ model mind you, but that alone couldn’t cut it. His rigid personality and stiff businessman mindset limited him to an arrogance that killed his chances of ever really fitting in. Nope, she’d take Ryder any day! Lexi always thought it a shame that her ex didn’t try to have more fun though, especially with the good looks given to him.

Ryder got all unpacked and was ready for the weekend to begin. He fell into the biggest, most comfortable armchair in the world and let out a big sigh. The house was unusually quiet though, and his curious personality sent him searching.

“Where oh where is my Lexi-girl?” he called out. When he made it to the bedroom, he saw clothing thrown out over the bed and heard movement coming from the master bath in the back. He took off his hoodie, threw it on the bed and headed that direction.

Shades drawn, Lexi was in the claw foot tub with candles and bubbles everywhere. Ryder stood there for a second enjoying the view of her lying there with her eyes closed, so content. Her head lay back and her hair up in her artsy knot, she tapped her fingers on the side of the tub to the music on her headphones. Ryder smiled. He liked her like this; she was a vision of beauty. His eyes followed a line of water that trickled down her jaw and worked its way down to the bubbles below, slowing as it met with her buoyant breasts half floating in the water. He pulled his shirt off, grabbed a washcloth, and made his way over to the tub. Gently pushing some of her hair out of her eyes, he pulled her out of the spell of the suds. She turned her head his direction and looked up at him with her big blue eyes, grinning in a sexy but innocent way.

Ryder took her headphones off and set them on the floor. He dipped the washcloth into the warm soapy foam and then rang it out over her chest giving him more of a peek at what was just below the surface. Lexi closed her eyes once more and tilted her head back, telling him without words that she was his to do with what he wanted. He ran the washcloth down the front of her neck and back and forth across the top of her chest. He gently dipped it in again and began washing her from her stomach to her round curves above, nice and slow. Lexi spread her arms out to the side and let Ryder continue his play, her chest rising and lowering in the bubbles with every breath.

She lifted her knees and spread her legs to the sides of the tub keeping her eyes closed and rolled her head slowly to the side. Ryder welcomed the invitation and took one leg at a time, teasing her and being mindful to only go so high. He kept the cloth in the water and moved about her tummy and along her side and hips, ending with a playful swirl in her belly button, which made her smile. He rang the washcloth out one more time over her chest, and she opened her eyes.

He set the washcloth down and leaned in close to Lexi, running his fingers down her chest and cupping her breast in his hand. He leaned in even closer to[* *]meet her moist lips and ended up devouring her. Adrenaline shot through Lexi and it was so stimulating it caused her to sit up a bit and pull away from the back of the tub.

She kissed him with the passion he was bringing out of her. He felt the electricity between them and let out a slow and heavy exhale, pressing his cheek to hers before he moved further down. He kissed his way over her chest until he reached her breast still cupped in his hand. He lightly circled her firm nipple with his tongue and Lexi started to moan. He ran his fingers over her, barely touching her and wiping them lightly over her toned mid-section. His arm was dipping deeper into the warm water now and he found his way between her open thighs.

Lexi reached over and grabbed Ryder’s one arm that was holding him steady over the side of the tub. He continued to lightly touch what she wanted so badly. He then started stroking her slow and gentle. Lexi was getting more and more worked up and he could feel the sexual tension building in her. She was breathing a little bit harder now and starting to wriggle around in the water. She wanted to get out of the tub and have him do her right but his touch felt so good, she couldn’t move. She was at his mercy but at the same time, knew he wouldn’t let her down.

He pressed his fingers against her and started to massage her, feeling her, hot and soft, through the water. She put her head back exposing her chest and excited nipples just above the water line. When he pushes his fingers inside of her, she takes in a deep breath and when she lets it out, she also lets out a subtle whimper. Ryder could swear she was smiling and it turned him on to see her this way; Lexi was as sexy now as when he’d met her and he couldn’t imagine his life with anyone else.

He pulled his fingers back and runs them up through the water and up to her mouth. He wipes them over her red lips and then her chin. She opens her mouth and takes his fingers in, sucking onto them tight. She reluctantly lets go and he moves them back into the water and pushes inside of her again. He starts to glide his fingers in and out and with every slide, Lexi wants more. She is going crazy confined in that small space and Ryder loved every minute of it.

Ryder was fixed on her body movements as she reacted to every move he made; her head stayed back and she held on to the side of the tub with strong fists. She felt the yearning getting stronger and started panting and letting out small cries for him to keep going. She pushed her feet against the end of the tub and pushed her hips up closer to the surface of the water. Then her legs were tense and her toes curled as she slammed one hand down on the tub and cried out Ryder’s name. She held on tight before collapsing back into the water. Ryder moved his warm hand up through the water and put it to her chest to feel her breathing which eventually slowed down and then in her haze she turned to look at him. She flashed him a satisfied grin and he took in the look on her face which was that of relief and pleasure.

Ryder was quite proud of himself and felt like the luckiest guy in the world to have this little spitfire at his fingertips, literally! In his usual and playful style, he leaned back in to Lexi and smiled, “So, now then, how was your day?”

She laughed and splashed water up into his face and he grabbed a towel.

Chapter Six – Party Time

By 7 o’clock each couple got home, did their thing and have started to gather at Rachel and Kyle’s. There would be four couples total, five if the new neighbors arrived: Lexi and Ryder, Harper and Jaxon, Sloane and Dylan, and of course Rachel and Kyle. The new neighbors were Kari and Mason.

Harper and Jaxon are the first guests to arrive and are in their reliable good moods and head over the bar to mix up some drinks.

Jaxon looks over to Kyle, “So, what are we celebrating tonight? Oh yeah, were celebrating my deals closing today! I know, awesome right? I can’t tell you what a great day it was, I’m feeling goooood!” He is grinning ear to ear, and starts to sip his dry martini.

Kyle is sitting behind Rachel on the couches by the fire pit, drinking a glass of wine and rubbing his hand up and down her back. “Awesome! Party at your place next time! Our day was good but doesn’t sound quite as exciting as yours.”

“Speak for yourself!” Rachel chimes in, slapping him on the leg.

“Well, of course your day was awesome. No one would expect anything less from you Miss Shell, your great days are a given!” Kyle says as he leans in for a kiss. Rachel doesn’t deny him, but doesn’t exactly go for it either. She is still working to calm herself from their unresolved incident earlier that evening. Harper sits down next to her and pours herself a glass of white from the bottle chilling on the table between them, and Rachel welcomes the distraction.

Right as Harper’s about to take her first sip of vino, Ryder walks in with Lexi just behind him, “Hey guys!” He looks straight at Rachel and winks, “Miss Rachel,” and then he looks out at the rest of the group, “let’s get this party started!” He’s eagerly rubbing his hands together while taking a scan of who all was there. Everyone said hello and welcomed his upbeat energy but all the attention turned to Lexi when she walked in.

She did not have her hair up in any artsy knot tonight. Instead, she wore it straight and hanging over her right shoulder. She had it clipped back from her face and to the side with a big rhinestone hairpiece, just like an old-time movie star. That paired with her gold shimmering dress almost made her seem to light up.

“Hi guys!” She catches up to Ryder, “What he said, let’s get this party started!”

Jaxon and Kyle smiled, taking note of Lexi’s backside. Aside from her dress being extremely short, it clung to her in all the right places. A small gold chain hung around the waistline and down the front of her thigh past her dress line. What drew attention was the back of the dress. It draped over her from her shoulders to her hips, swooping down and leaving the back fully open.

Like many times before, it was a look unique only to Lexi, and it was hard to pull your eyes from her. Ryder put his hands to her waist and it took great restraint to keep his hands from wandering up the front of the silky number. “What will it be tonight Lexi-girl?”

“Vodka press and keep’m coming.” She was most definitely out for a good time tonight.

“Now we’re talking, don’t mind if I join you.” And with that, Ryder got busy mixing up their drinks.

Soon enough, the six were chatting casually around the fire and the drink cart when finally, the last of the core group arrived; it was Sloane and Dylan. Sloane had her hair done up in big curls and wore a jeweled, almost sheer, floor-length dress made out of a very thin fabric that provided a fairly decent view of the lingerie she purchased that afternoon. Her nails are pink to match her dress and her shoes are dainty pink heels with little white flowers on the toes. A wine for the lady and a scotch for the man, and the patio party was complete.

During the initial small talk and mingling Rachel kept her eye on Sloane and Kyle. Nothing wrong so far and so she held on to her confidence and kept a smile on her face. She actually started laughing to herself at how perfectly content everyone was and how good everyone was feeling. She thought back to when the group started and how well they have done since.

Sure, there are swinger clubs and groups everywhere but this one was different. These guys were successful, classy and respected. They did overindulge in many ways but this group was no average swingers group, she was sure of it. She was confident that soon, the small problem from the last party would be resolved and the group would once again be as solid and perfect as ever! Rachel was counting on it. She took a sip of her vodka-7 and assured herself, so it will be.

A limo arrives out front. They always get a limo to take them to the club and arrive in style, but the new neighbors, Kari and Mason, have not shown up yet.

“Rachel, you might want to know that the limousine is here. Where are Kari and Mason?” Lexi asks.

“Oh right, forgot to tell you all. I’ve set up guest passes under my name and hopefully we will see them at the club a bit later. Mason’s flight from Arizona was delayed or something.” Rachel informs the group.

Everyone is well aware of the fact that Rachel hates to be stood up. They also thought it unusual she would extend an invite like that to the club when the new couple couldn’t even make it to her party. What they don’t know though is that Rachel has other things on her mind right now and that’s the least of her concerns.

“Wow, you must really like them!” Lexi comments, walking back to the group.

“Not really.” Rachel says with a smile that somehow gives Lexi the chills, so she drops it.

Everyone finishes what they want of their cocktails and gathers their things. Like they do before every party they attend together and pile into the limousine with smiles and anticipation on their faces.

Chapter Seven – Johnny on the Spot

I remember this night well. Everyone’s moods were pretty much figured out before they even got to the club. I definitely remember Sloane and she wanted to get as much out of the night that she could. Dylan was happy and just going with the flow. It didn’t take long, and it wasn’t hard to miss, the other couple hat caught their eye. Johnny and Nina were on the hook up with Sloane and Dylan fairly soon after they got there. Both couples had the experience behind them and after the chase and games went on long enough, they all knew it would work out.

Party on

About an hour and a half in, Sloane agreed to go to one of the back rooms with Johnny. Although Sloane was more than happy to perform for her husband, when they both had a partner, they’d often times choose to go to separate rooms, and so off they went. Johnny looked to be a bit reckless and Sloane was in the mood for it!

He led her into the room where there was a good-sized, dark leather couch. Each room had a sitting area, small bar and bed area. They were lucky to get it because that particular room was known to be a favorite. She sat down and leaned back, melting into the crème-colored fuzzy pillows. She was ready for another drink and conveniently Johnny just brought her a cocktail, along with one for himself. “Cheers!”

She accepted the drink, exaggerating her movements to accentuate the curves of her body. He could see the tiny strings of her lingerie through her sheer dress.

They toasted and each took a drink. Sloane leaned into him and looked him right in the eyes, “Exactly what I needed.” The look on her face said trouble and he was all about it. He went in for a kiss and what she gave back would’ve brought him to his knees if he were standing, but instead he almost dropped his glass. They each took another drink and then he set his glass on the table in front of them.

Johnny turned to her and ran his hand up her back. She playfully shifted at the slight tickle but when she didn’t resist, he slid his hand over to her front and up from her waist. He pressed his hand against her very large breast and ran his fingers very lightly over her tips. The sensation sent a chill through Sloane’s body and it exhilarated Johnny so much he almost wanted to jump out of his seat.

She was all woman and extremely hot, and if it turned him on that much just to touch her, he could barely contain his excitement for what was to come. Her hair was big and bright and she smelled so fantastic he just wanted to scoop her up, not to mention her luscious breasts that were tormenting him in the way they were pushing out out against the very thin layer of fabric that covered her. From the minute he saw her he had his eyes on the hint of her aroused nipples poking through her dress, and that was long before they got to the room.

She took another sip of her drink and when she set her glass down he moved in for another kiss. And after being tortured by her looks all night he could no longer resist the temptation and ran his fingers down into her cleavage. He grabbed onto her breast, which would never actually fit in his hand and started kneading her soft skin while kissing her deep with his tongue.

It’s Sloane who feels invigorated now and she wiggles under him. He pulls himself away and takes another swig of his cocktail. She does the same, interested in what he’s going to do next. He surprises her by pulling a tiny container from his pocket and clearing the items from the glass on the table.

He looked to Sloane and she feels the excitement coming from him and is interested. She nods in agreement and Johnny goes right into setting up some lines. He let Sloane go first and then he sniffed up the rest. Quick and done with that, they both picked up their drinks and swallowed them whole in one straight shot, setting the glasses down at the exact same time.

The drugs hit them both and the urgency and passion start immediately. The more exposed Sloane got, the more crazy Johnny felt. He started at her shoulders and slid the straps of her dress down slowly, taking in every inch of her smooth and bronzed body. He helped guide the stretched fabric over her large firm breasts. He grabbed them with both hands and let the dress fall to her waist. She reaches around to her back and unclips her bra, unleashing her voluptuous beauties. He leans in and buries his face between them, squeezing and kissing them, and biting the nipples he’d admired all evening. He lowers to his knees and guides her dress and panties over her hips and down her legs. Sloane shook out her hair, letting her breasts shake freely in front of him, and then sat back into the pillows.

Johnny, still on his knees, gripped her thighs. They stared each other down and he begins stroking her inner thighs. The cocaine is hitting her more now and she can feel the adrenaline rushing through her body. He’s rubbing and pinching her and with each little squeeze a sensual burst shoots through her core.

He doesn’t waste any time and encourages Sloane even further back on the couch, setting her arms out to the side. He spreads her legs out to the side as well and kisses his way down to her. He sucks onto her arousal and a hot pleasure starts to course through her veins. She looks up to the ceiling, smiling at the thought of the ecstacy that was about to be hers.

She starts moaning and telling him how good it feels and her voice sends his cocaine high through the roof. He’s like a hungry animal. He scoops her breasts up with his hands, inhaling her hard nipples into his mouth.

He lets his lips and tongue continue to work while he starts to lubricate himself between her legs. Sloane’s entire body is a rush of energy and excitement at this point and she feels the anticipation right before he pushes himself forcefully inside her. She lets out a loud gasp and bites her lip.

He pulls out slowly and then pushes back into her hard. Her lip is bleeding a bit and she is panting. Their eyes are locked onto each other as she pulls her legs up and he pulls her hips closer to him. He slams into her harder and as deep as he can get. The only sound now is their heavy breathing and their bodies slapping together.

Drunk and high on cocaine, they exchange grins just before the hot and violent orgasms hit them both. Although together, they are each in their own moment of euphoria. Afterwards, Johnny falls to the couch feeling lightheaded and surprisingly, a little bit dizzy. Sloane is in complete bliss and releases a heavy sigh, and closes her eyes.

After they come out of it, their bodies are a bit numb and they share a low laugh. They are very pleased with themselves and Johnny is in heaven. “My God Sloane…that was awesome! Dylan is a lucky man!”

“Well, I’d like to think so! You’re not too bad yourself Johnny.” Sloane stands up, wiping the sweat from her forehead. She smiles and walks over to the window to cool herself off.

After they take turns in the powder room, they put their clothes back on and get put back together. Sloane gives her dress one last adjustment and tops it off with a giggle and a little shake of her hips. Johnny grabs their glasses and pours them each another drink. The two plop back down on the couch and look at each other feeling accomplished and elevated.

“Cheers!” Johnny says again. He breaks out some more of the white powder and they both indulge before they head out. Sloane was in the mood for wild ride and wild is definitely what she got.

Chapter Eight – Showtime

One thing that made this sex club different was that it offered many things and was flexible to the member’s needs. Not everyone, everytime was going to be into the same, traditional swaps. The parties had hot wives, a select group of singles and many other entertainment options. There were things like intimacy games, a movie room and something they called “The Stripdown”. This was a separate area in the club for dancing and strip shows and that night, that is right where Rachel wanted to be.

She can Dance

Being in line with her current goal of keeping her husbands attention, she wanted to use The Stripdown to show her husband, and anyone else, just how hot and wanted a woman like her was.

Rachel picked out the track “Don’t Cha” by The Pussycat Dolls. Her goal was that everyone in the room would wish they had a woman like her by the time she was done with her four minutes. She stands at the back of the slightly elevated stage where there is a pink smoky light coming up from behind her. She starts to walk forward, slowly, unzipping her tight black dress from the jeweled string that is hanging down her back. She walks the rest of the way half naked, dressed only in black laced lingerie. She had a look on her face that could take any man down.

Her warm glow radiated in the lights. Her breasts were barely covered by the small triangles of her top and with her long limbs and tight body, she took over the stage. When she leaned forward her long and glossy auburn waves spilled around her shoulders. She raised her head back up and looked Kyle directly in the eyes. Like usual, he was in awe of his wife. Rachel was like no other, and he knew he had it good. With Rachel up there as his wife in front of so many, there was one thing that was for sure, not a single thought of Sloane entered his mind.

Rachel spun around the pole with her sculpted arms. Her legs took to the air and she finished her little move upside down. The string of her panties disappeared into her tight bum, leaving little, but just enough, to the imagination. She flaunted herself in front of the crowd, walking up to men, and women for that matter, and none could hide their enchantment. Her breasts were shapely, she smelled of sweet perfume and way she moved around them, almost touching them, made it hard for the audience to restrain themselves. The crowd in the room was squirming and Kyle was beside himself. He wanted to hop up on the stage and take her for himself right then and there, but that was not an option.

She played with her g-string, teasing and tempting, but never took it off. She never stripped down completely, that would be beneath a woman like Rachel. When she was done she walked away slowly, swaying her hips from side to side and boasting all her curves. When she disappeared back behind the curtan Kyle immediately gathered up her things and followed.

The Stripdown was definitely a great tool for a marriage wanting more. Rachel didn’t participate in The Stripdown often and Kyle didn’t know why exactly she chose tonight, but whatever the reason, it most certainly left him wanting more. He went straight back to her small change room and the two were instantly drawn into the sexual passion she conjured up on stage.

Chapter Nine – Who’s That Girl?

It wasn’t all married couples at the beach. Select singles are allowed after they undergo strict background checks and verifications, and that includes Richard Cripps, a man I served many times. He is a wealthy anesthesiologist and one of those singles that was definitely an add to the club. On this particular night he picked up a tequila bottle earlier in the evening and went all out. By the time things really got going, he already took down more than he even thought possible.

She Can Dance

Richard’s been distracted and is behind in his plans, and feeling eager to get the night moving and found himself alone with a new interest. They drank and chatted and he learned that she was new to the club, her name was Kari and her husband was some computer genius or something. She mentioned they were on a trial invite from Rachel Braxton whom he knew as a top member. Either way, he realized that they somehow bypassed all the private rooms and were now stumbling into the club’s gym. The club encourages all members to stay fit and has an impressive fitness room.

The gym is stocked with the best machines, weights and dumbbells. It’s all dark now though except for the faint blue glow along the walls that lights up the weights and machines. Richard is in a bit of a drunken fog and before he knows it, Kari is doggy style on the bench press with her hands in front of her gripping the barbell. From behind he sees is her chocolate cherry hair hanging over her right shoulder and a tattoo he can’t quite make out on her left shoulder. They have already removed their unnecessaries and her black miniskirt is pulled up over her waist exposing the milky soft skin of her backside.

He squeezes her tight cheeks. He squeezes them hard and she apparently likes it and he can also tell she is in a do it quick mood. He’s all for that though considering all the tequila he’s drank; he knows he’s probably running out of time before the drinks really take over.

She has a good grip on the bar and is arching her back and pushing her body back to him. He accepts the offer and starts to rub himself against her. It’s not long before the urge takes over. He fumbles, but only for a minute, and then is able to push himself inside her.

At this moment, it’s the best thing he’s ever felt in his life. A thrill rushes through them both when he enters and it ignites an aggression between them, although a bit sloppy. Richard goes for it and starts pounding her hard and fast. He can feel himself throbbing and watches himself sliding in and out of her over and over again. She hears him grunting and growling with every thrust and she starts slamming herself back against him, letting out her own exaggerated sexy moans. By now Richard’s head is spinning and his entire body is buzzing from the pleasure.

His grip on her is so tight he’s sure it will bruise her in the end and he wonders to himself if it hurts. Her head is down and she answers his question by telling him to keep going and commanding him to do her hard. He likes her authoritative style and does just that.

He catches himself in the workout mirror. His muscles are bulging as he moves and he sees the sweat glistening over his body. He notices a hint of steaming heat coming off her back in the blue light. He slows things down and looks to the muscles in her arched back; his hair is hanging down in his face and sweat is dripping off the ends.

They break out of the soft and slow going feel good moment and their endurance doesn’t let them down. Wet slaps echo through the gym as they speed it up again. Her cries are getting louder and he’s getting even more turned on each time he hits her with it deep. There is a strong feeling building

up inside him and his legs start to go numb. At the same time, she breaks through. He grabs onto her even harder, feeling her orgasm pulsate onto him. His hands are clenching into fists on her hips. He pulls her closer to him and then holds her steady, pushing into her as hard as he can.

His body stiffens and he opens his mouth as if to call out but no words escape his lips. He explodes into her with everything he has sending vibrations up his spine with every contraction. Kari lets out a gasp and short breaths as a warm sensation spreads through her with every pulse of his release.

When their bodies finally relax, she slowly lowers her head and lets go of the barbell. When he regains his ability to breathe, Richard flips his hair up and slowly backs away from the bench. He grabs a towel off the rack and wipes his forehead, again looking at himself in the mirror. He looks to the up and without saying a word mouths the word, “Wow”.

This mystery woman grabs a towel and slips into a dark corner. She slides on her panties and adjusts her skirt. She shakes her hair out and refits her halter top and turns to Richard who is still breathing a bit heavy and in awe of what just happened. She is like a sexy, goth, hippie! He thinks to himself, wondering what she’s going to do next.

“This is definitely some party. Now I know what all of the hype is about!” she says with attitude just before she reaches into her small black purse pulling out a bottle of spritzer.

Richard snaps out of it, “Yeah.” That’s about all he can get out and he starts getting dressed.

“Too bad my husband missed it! Drink?” She is ready to head back to the bar area.

Richard is looking for his shirt, “Yeah, sure…wait, your husband isn’t here? I thought you both were on a special invite tonight?”

“Well, we are, but nope, he had troubles flying back from Phoenix today.” She says as she plants a big wet kiss on his lips. Then she nonchalantly pulls out a lipstick tube and covers her lips with bright red.

“Anyway, I’m very glad I came!” She laughs and heads for the door. “See you out there!” She gives him some sort of curtsy, blows him a kiss and then leaves without looking back.

He finishes putting himself together and tries to put together what just happened. He can’t tell if this was all a bit strange because he had way too much tequila or if this girl was just a bit much. He attempts to fix his hair and then walks out behind her. She came alone? He thinks to himself again.

Chapter Ten – Fun’s Done

“Okay, let’s finish our drinks people and call it a night.” Rachel was calling it. The night was over for her.

Ryder is definitely done and thinks that is an excellent idea, “That’s our cue Lexi, let’s head!” He and Lexi fall into each other’s arms a bit clumsily.

“Okay there big guy, just hold on,” Lexi’s amused by her man. They start laughing and whispering under their breath.

Sloane and Dylan, and Harper and Jaxon, are bidding their farewells to a small group of people when a woman, all in black, walks up to the group.

“There you all are!” She’s smiling but is met with blank stares.

“I don’t believe we’ve met, I’m Lexi, who are you?”

“I’m Kari,” the woman says.

Rachel sees Kari and walks up to her and Lexi, “Ah, Kari. I didn’t even know you arrived. When did you get here and where is Mason?”

“Oh, Hi Rachel! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! I got dropped off about an hour ago, and he’s not here. He’s still in Phoenix but why should I miss all the fun, right? It’s been a great time guys.” She gives them an air cheers with what’s left of her drink and then slams it, “Thank you for a super time! Mason will be sad to have missed it!”

The group doesn’t know what to make of this dark yet bubbly stranger. Rachel is trying to figure it out as well and notices a man coming down the hall, fumbling with his shirt. She see’s it’s Richard Cripps. He starts to walk up to Kari but sees Rachel and turns another direction. Rachel looks back to Kari and responds, “Let me walk you out.”

When the two get to the front door, Rachel peaks out the window and sees her limo waiting. They step outside and Rachel hails one of the cabs waiting in the carport. Kari trips on her heel walking down the stairs and before she falls, Rachel catches her by the arm, “You okay?”

“Oh sure, this was nothing. I’m feeling great! You guys do these parties often?”

Ignoring her last question, Rachel comes back, “Sure. But one thing dear, our parties are for invited “couples” only.”

“I know! It was a privilege to be here! Thank you again so much Rachel.”

Rachel is looking at Kari not even sure what to say. She’s obviously not getting it. “Well, see that’s the thing. You as yourself are not a couple. Our group doesn’t represent singles at the club, I’m sure you understand.”

Kari is just looking at her and says nothing. After a small pause, Rachel continues, “Thank you for coming and we’d love to see the both of you sometime soon. And we wouldn’t want Mason to miss any more fun now would we?”

“Oh…of course not…I mean, if I offended you…”

“Oh, I’m sure offending is not what you did. Thank you for understanding.”

“Yes, well thank you and I’ll just be going now.”

“Yes, good night!”

Kari is getting into the cab when the rest of the group walks outside. “Where is she going?” Kyle asks.

“She is going home where she belongs,” Rachel turns to him as the cab drives off, “we need to talk Kyle.”

“I know that Rachel but I thought we took tonight off?”

“I’m not talking about that Kyle, I’m talking about the new girl. She is trouble. We need to have a chat with Mason, like a real conversation with the man.”

Kyle goes to put his arm around Rachel, “Don’t know what you mean Miss Shell, but I’m sure glad to hear you’re not mad at me anymore!” Kyle looks over his shoulder at the rest of the group that is now outside and also ready to get going.

Rachel gets his attention back, “I didn’t say that Kyle,” She flashes a stern look at him and he lowers his arm. She then looks at Sloane, frustrated.

Time to Go Home

And the night comes to an end. Watching Rachel get into her limo, she was just as beautiful as when she arrived. Her presence when she walked out is noted by everyone around her.

It’s almost as if time slowed down as she flips her hair over her shoulder and looks back to the club before she sits down and pulls her long and lean legs into the car and out of sight. No matter how much fun is had at these events, or anywhere in their posh world, there is always one constant theme. It’s always about greed, status and control, and tonight was no different.

Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club - Meet Sloane - Bonus Edition

Hello and welcome to my world! My name is Dakota and like you, I have a desire for some good romance and it’s my personal experience that led me to put this series together. Picture Desperate Housewives meets Real Housewives, all wrapped up in The Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. Sound good? Let me give you some background. I grew up in Las Vegas and now live in Los Angeles. Like so many, I had the big dream. I wanted to be in movies and I wanted to be famous. I was optimistic; a friend of mine, had a friend, who knew someone, and so on. I was all set and the plan seemed easy. All I had to do was be good at my job, meet celebrities, make contacts and make it big! My referral got me a job working in one of the most intimate places in Hollywood. I had an in and became a server and assistant in an elite and celebrity sex club known only to those wealthy and well-liked enough to have the honor. I was hired to serve guests and help make things comfortable; no, I do not indulge or partake in the goings on, that’s reserved for members only. It was an excellent opportunity and being a model back home, I felt like I was halfway to fame already! However, if you haven’t heard, Hollywood is not that easy. Day after day reality hit and before I knew it, it was year after year. I mean, I’m still a beauty, or so they tell me, but the reality is that today I’m not so optimistic that I’ll see my face on the big screen. It seems my opportunities for fame went out the window the closer I got to the secrets I was privy to. Instead of finding stardom, I found that people with wealth, status and popularity start to shy away from those who have seen too much. That would be me. And so I’ve taken my passion to the page and believe me, I have enough to fill it for years. These stories are all based on real people made up of celebrities and the Hollywood elite. People talk a lot and I am writing what I’ve come to know, filling in the blanks where I need to. I’ve seen what goes on behind-the-scenes in “tinsel town” for quite some time now; I’m talking about actors, singers, artists and even politicians. No athletes though, they weren’t allowed in the club. The members needed the financial background, integrity and intelligence to be let in and frankly, the athletes in general were a flat out risk. I’ve changed the club name and character names of course, and since I do not go home with these people you can expect my own dramatization there based on what I’ve learned. My intent here is not to be vindictive in any way and I am not trying to ruin lives or take down the latest on the A-list. No, I simply want to tell the truth while exploring my creativity. This series takes you into a steamy world, based on insider information and created with a bit of a twist. We have social elites in a luxury world, and a posh sex club with some big egos and fierce competition. The secrets begin with the lives of “Rachel, Harper, Sloane and Lexi” but with so many members over the years, there is so much more to tell. I invite you into their stories. Sloane Temple is the hot, blonde babe of the group. She’s all sunshine and personality, and more woman than most would even know what to do with. Behind the kinky fun and flaunting though, there is much more to Sloane than one could guess just by looking at her. Born and raised in California, she is married to Dylan and the two have made themselves known throughout California before landing in L.A. She gets roles here and there and his famed plastic surgery practice is growing by the minute. They love each other but their true passion is to be loved by others, and admired.

  • Author: DeckersPress
  • Published: 2016-12-05 05:50:15
  • Words: 17017
Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club - Meet Sloane - Bonus Edition Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club - Meet Sloane - Bonus Edition