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Why being a mind nutritionist is a proper job


Self-styled life coach Kevin Abdulrahman teaches IQ the ‘secret weapons’ of ‘true greatness’ and explains why being a mind nutritionist is a proper job.



You describe yourself as a life coach, an international business coach, a mind nutritionist and the man inspiring millions, which one are you?


I have been called many things because in all cases, I am working with people, and when you help people achieve a higher resourceful state, the results are seen in different aspects of their lives.

What is a mind nutritionist?

You nourish your body with food and your car with gas, yet in many instances, people forget to nourish their minds. The reason I call it mind nutrition is because that’s exactly what’s needed, nourishment to turn an ordinary mind in to what I call a winning mind.

How do you define a winning mind then?

A winning mind is being able to tackle life in the best way possible every day. Winning is a state of being. It is how you feel, the beliefs you hold about yourself and having complete control of your state of mind. Winning is courage, leadership within, attitude, giving life a go and choosing the other side of the coin. A winning mind is not a destination; it is a daily journey of improvement.

So would you say you’re a glass half-empty or glass half-full kind of bloke?

I am the kind of bloke who will take a jug, fill the glass and say, now it’s full.

What brings you to Dubai?

Dubai could be a great platform for what I envisage to do around the world. Currently I am looking at the Gulf because I see an immense gap. By gap, I am referring to the raw potential in people here that is yet to be realised. I see a need for talent, energy and minds that can be enhanced into winning minds that’s why i am available for [+ public speaking training Dubai+]. 

You also say your vision is one of giving back to the world. What are you giving back and if you had to put a monetary value on it what would it be worth?

Here is a little surprise. I want to give the first 100 readers of IQ a free e-copy of my book, which is valued at US$20. But I’ll only do this on two conditions; firstly that they make a commitment to read it, and secondly that they apply it to their lives. People can only get a free copy by emailing [email protected] MeetWithKevin.com. Aside from that, my vision of giving back is not something I can put a monetary value on.

What is your book all about?

The book is called Winning The Game Of Life and it is my way of expressing the difference between those succeeding in their chosen field and those who are simply existing. In the book I refer to what I call ‘secret weapons’ that people need to be aware of, and apply and master in order to win their game in life. I have written the book it in a very casual manner as I wanted anyone to be able to pick up the book and get the feeling that I am chatting with them over a latte.

You talk about having a different insight into people based on your heritage. Discuss.

I’m of Middle Eastern origin but I was born in England and raised in the West. People I speak to usually connect with me because of this X-factor. People constantly comment that they instantly feel a connection with me and then they do something significant; they listen. I have been fortunate to have been subjected to different cultures, families, traditions and paradigms, which has given me an enhanced perspective of people from the diverse world we live in.

You use a lot of quotes from various historical figures within your book to define chapters. What is the most impressionable quote to you?

As a Inspirational speaker, I personally have around 200 quotes of my own which I have been told I should turn into an inspirational gift book. Robert Schuller makes an incredibly powerful observation when he says, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?” It’s incredibly powerful.

Which game is life most like: Monopoly, Connect Four or Travel Scrabble?

Life is like Scrabble. It is filled with opportunities and possibilities. You have to simply nourish your mind in order to be able to best utilise the resources around you.

In your book you mention there are many going through the game of life without fully understanding how to play it. What are the rules?

Most people don’t really understand that life is a game and like any game, there are rules and ways of playing in order to win.

Are there any ways to cheat?

When I used to play video games, some friends used cheat sheets to figure out special moves that would give their characters greater powers and extended lives. In real life, the cheat sheets equate to smarter shortcuts or understanding how life really works for those with a winning mind.

Is it difficult to gain credibility in the mind nutrition industry?

As a Motivational Speaker, I have been blessed in that I have a star-studded list of industry giants who support my work, including the 25th richest billionaire in America Bill Bartmann and personal development guru Brian Tracy. I sent them all a copy of my book to enjoy, and I am very grateful that they obviously believe my message stands out and must be heard by millions.

What do you think is your most effective metaphor for life?

I always talk about a coin having two sides to it. Every situation and stumbling block in life also undoubtedly presents an opportunity. In fact the Japanese have a symbol that represents crisis, which is the same symbol that represents opportunity. If you are in a position of crisis, step back and ask yourself, how can I benefit from this situation and what can I do to win?

You conduct one-on-one coaching and public speaking sessions, what does this entail?

Having come from the school of hard knocks, my experience as a coach and speaker has really stemmed from years of trial and error. Each individual is at a different stage in life, with different needs, values, skills and so forth. My aim to take any individual that I coach – and I only select a few every year for my one-on-ones – from the point they are in life and enrich them to where they want to be.

Are you a qualified   mind nutritionist?

I have a bachelor of health and sciences degree.

How would you describe yourself in 10 words or less?

I’m a person who has chosen to say yes to life.

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Secret Weapons of True Greatness Secret Weapons of True Greatness