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Seasons of the Stars

Seasons of the Stars

By Trevor Hopeworth

Copyright © 2016 by Trevor Hopeworth

Published by Trevor Hopeworth at Shakespir

Shakespir Edition

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Table of Contents

Tomorrow is a Dream

The Lovers Among the Thistles


Seasons of the Stars[

Tomorrow is a Dream

No one can sway the sky,

Looking down as it does,

On orators and kings,

Eloquent and mighty.

The Galaxy, it seems,

Has no time for mortals,

Huffing and puffing smoke

On their decaying worlds.

It sends instead starlight

To illuminate eyes

That seek tranquility

From the strife of the lost.

Orion prowls near us,

Ready to pounce with sword,

Aching to vent his rage

On those who dare defy.

Who plays the lyre these days,

When some reckon we sink -

Back to unconsciousness,

From whence humans arose.

What is one world at all?

Are we not spent for nought?

Life is cherished almost

As death is so worshipped.

The stars don’t care for me,

They hardly see this fool;

Glad to be life’s merchant,

Selling my love to all.

Orion, stay back!

We’re not finished just yet;

Lovers entwine in beds,

As the lights grow dim.

What it is to be mortal!

Love today and tomorrow,

Eternity is guarded

By the stars we follow.

The Lovers Among the Thistles

What day is it now, my love?

Yesterday’s dream coming unfurled,

You tell me with a brushing finger,

Dabbed in the dew of a sparkling web.

To think I could now lie with June,

Feeling her lilac scent aroused;

May is a pretty girl I loved,

And she filled my head with passion.

It is only you here with me,

Waiting for a word that starts love;

How could we be so enraptured,

In a world that cares not for life?

Let’s roll about in the grass, dear,

And touch the earth with grasping hands;

I can know what it is to live,

If once I turn my back on death.

The End

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Seasons of the Stars

Can people find reason to live in positive ways in these days of strife and hatred? A tenuous connection exists between us and the stars. Two poems.

  • ISBN: 9781370963812
  • Author: Trevor Hopeworth
  • Published: 2016-12-21 10:35:14
  • Words: 364
Seasons of the Stars Seasons of the Stars