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Seasons of Emotions

Seasons of Emotions




Dusk starts the night, as the sun falls behind

Birds fly away, nightlife has just begun

She drifts away killing all the nightmares

As she dreams of something nice


Now the sun begins to rise, as the darkness begins to die

She flickers her eyes, with the drowning of the light

The day is still ahead of you, so make the most of your life


She does not know what’s happening next

She only takes her one minute of her time

All she can wish for is a better day

All she can wish for is a better life.


Oceans Purity


Just like a mystery

Of oceans purity

Deepest art of soul

Which melts in your eyes

Words you say

Peacefully and silently

Sweet words fall of the tongue

Heartbeats beat side by side

Within the day we die

Guess we will be each others love slaves

Prison into each other eyes

If love shall ever vanish

Lives inside of you

Which it brings it to the end

The beauty of you.


Music of the soul.


Silence fills the air

Apart from the fainted beat

Where the shh can be found

Behind heart of R n B

Where the heart slowly rest

No harm can be found

Rest in peace

Rest in love

Rest next to the soul of jazz


How the eyes love to dance

How the eyes love to sway

How the eyes love to R n R


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Seasons of Emotions

  • Author: MPoetB
  • Published: 2016-08-07 11:50:08
  • Words: 826
Seasons of Emotions Seasons of Emotions