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Eddie’s Scribbles


Copyright 2016 Eddie Lafrenaye

Published by Eddie Lafrenaye at Shakespir


ISBN: 9781370696246 Title: Scribbles

Author: Eddie Lafrenaye Publisher: Shakespir, Inc.


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These random thoughts, often scribbled on the corners of pages during meetings or via email ramblings, are my own. Some are old, some are new, and none have been published before. Undoubtedly, these are not professional structured verse. I hope you find them amusing and possibly even thought provoking.



Forward 2

Years Go By 4

The Hill 7

Cromes 8

Why 9

Just a Temp 10

Better or Worse 11

Worker Whore 12

People Outside Sit 13

Snakebite Venom Bitch 15

Mr. Christmas Toad 17

Not Christmas 19

About the Author 20



Years Go By


Early Years

No Fears


Time Slow

Age Grow


College Done

Meet Someone


Ride Horse

Pleasure Source


Scared Commit

Finally Submit


Love Wife

Love Life


New House

Income Mouse


Dog One

Daughter Son


Later Years

Joyful Tears


Dog Two

Extra Woof


Daughter Schools

Learns Rules


Boy Schools

Learns Tools


Time Speeds

Family Needs


Dancing Reading

Academic Leading


Dirt Bikes

Mountain Hikes


Camping Fishing

Star Wishing


Activities Sports

Shirts Shorts


Dance Bands

Helping Hands


Family Lost

Life’s Cost


Children Sprout

Outgrown Out


Survive Fights

Love Unites


Pets Die

Passing By


Market Up

Never Enough


Market Down

Same Town


Daughter Grown

On Own


Son Ready

Reliable Steady


Aging Aging

Always Changing


Friends Come

Lose Some


Aches Pains

Love Remains


Time Persistent

Youth Distant


Two Alone

Stay Home


Old Comes

Leaves Young


The Hill


A long time ago on a hill far away

Lived a man that strived to enjoy every day


Each day was a gift of joy

To be spent with his wife, his girl and his boy


The children lived and grew big and strong

The world was their playground each day a song


They climbed trees and ran from bees

And slid down the hill when the snow was at their knees


Time passed as it always will

The girl and the boy moved away from the hill


The old man and the old woman chose to stay

And smile and laugh of days gone away




Cromes cromes balding domes

Crusty old men complain about their homes


They bitch about kids, wives, and jobs

They badmouth neatness freaks and slobs


They eyeball young women with perverse intent

Each one to the young just a gross malcontent


No topic escapes their complaints

They continue demeaning without self-restraints




Your beautiful green eyes, how they used to shine.


Now your eyes are spider webs of red lines.


They show the pollution of drugs and wine.


There was a time when your parents were so proud.


At games of skill and sport they shouted your name aloud.


Now your parents are broken hearted and ashamed.


They feel your sins and assume the blame.


Your family and friends silently cry.


And ask themselves.








Just a Temp


I’m just a temp. Yes, I’m only a temp.

And I make just enough to pay the rent.


I work hard all day, so I can get paid.

I need money for my honey so I can get laid.


The regular employees, well they screwed up

And I’m here with a crew just to clean it up.


I’ve got no insurance to cover my ass

So I better not step on some broken glass



Better or Worse


It Could Be Better

It Could Be Worse

At Least I’m Not Horizontal

In A Box In The Dirt


I don’t know what the hell you say.

But, you keep on saying it every day.


Hip Hop, Bip Bop

Need to pick my nose

And make a pit stop.


Tomatoes, Potatoes, Spinach and Broccoli


What the hell rhymes with Broccoli?


I got it.


Tomatoes, Potatoes, Spinach and Broccoli

I ate my veggies and played monopoly.


I tried to make a poem about an Irish Setter

And realized the subject matter could be better


I tried to make a new rhyme and before I started

I held my nose and broccoli farted


Embarrassed as I was it could have been worse

At least I’m not horizontal in a box in the dirt


Worker Whore


In days of old the rich were bold

And enslaved people in pursuit of gold


Today is much the same

The time clock has replaced the chain


The rich get richer

The poor get poorer

The ruling class remains


We’ve been taught

That happiness

Is something bought


If your life’s pursuit

Is from a store

You’re just another

Worker whore


People Outside Sit


People Outside Sit

With Sweatshirts On

Money And Tech

Their Only God


Winter’s Coming

Like An Easy Song

It Will Be Here

Before Too Long


Shorter Days

Longer Nights

To Me It Just Doesn’t

Feel Right


There’s Nothing Worse

Than Dark And Cold

Is This Your Heart

As You Grow Old


Bright Son

Will Always Shine

If You Let Him In

One More Time


Heads Down

Eyes To Screens

Life Goes By

No one Screams


Interaction Remiss

Except to Exclaim

“Look At This”


You Can Change

If You Have The Will

Or Meet The Maker

With Darkness Still


The Path Is Yours

For You To Choose

You Have One Soul

To Win Or Lose


When I Stand

Before The Gates

I Hope The Son’s Light

Is On My Face


Enjoy The Earth

All Around

Or Sit And Rot

Tether Bound


Snakebite Venom Bitch


Snake bite, venom bitch

You poisoned my heart and threw it in a ditch.

Even though I hate you now

You stick to me like a festering itch.


Our love was so hot and strong

Passionate, wet and sticky, all night long.


Ocean motion, oil and lotion

We used it all with love’s emotion.


Never before had I been so high

As when we made love, like rockets in the sky.


Snake bite, venom bitch

You blackened my soul and threw it in a ditch.

Even though I hate you now

You stick to me like a festering itch.


I knew you were all I’d ever need

With you I’d breed, and sow my seed.


My love for you was so strong and wild

Until I learned you aborted my child.


You killed my son before he could age

So I killed you back, in a fit of rage.


Snake bite, venom bitch

You broke my mind and threw it in a ditch.

Even though I hate you now

You stick to me like a festering itch.


Now I sit in the county pen

You lie in the ground, stone cold dead.


Snake bite, venom bitch

You poisoned me and threw me in a ditch.

Even though I hate you now

You stick to me like a festering itch.


Snake bite, venom bitch

You poisoned my heart and threw it in a ditch.

You stick to me like a festering itch.


I hate you now

You bitch


I hate you now

I hate you

I loved you

I hate you



Mr. Christmas Toad


In a small swamp pond

Not far from here

Lived an energetic toad

Fond of females, dancing and beer


On a chilly fall morning

While lamenting the first frost

He decided to leave New Hampshire

No matter the cost


It’s time to sleep

In the mud down deep

His fellow toads implored

Get down here quick

So you’ll keep warm


Stay here with us Mr. Christmas toad

You’ll freeze to death by the side of the road


He packed some flies and crickets

In an old rucksack

Found a snowbirds’ pickup

And climbed in back


Mr. Christmas Toad

Tooled down the road

As the snow fell around

For Florida he was bound


He nearly froze to death

Traveling through New York

He curled up tight between

An old blanket and a box of sporks


He arrived in the warmth

And none too soon

He met a new girlfriend

And proceeded to spoon


They made love all winter long

Wild and passionate gentle and strong

On the beach and in the back of cars

During the bright daylight and under twinkling stars


In the spring they hitched a ride north in a new mini-van

Mr. and Mrs. Christmas returned to New Hampshire to raise their clan


They enjoyed life as other toads did

And raised their brood of ten thousand kids


Not Christmas


It doesn’t feel much like Christmas this year

I know I’d feel better if you were here


It’s the 24th of December, but I’m still stuck in May

It was a beautiful sunny morning on that fateful day


That’s when I heard you’d laid down your life for people to be free

All I could do was weep and think how you’re lost to me


They said you were brave and another life you saved

And I should be proud

Those words echo in my mind so loud


Of course I’m proud that you were brave as you could be

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me


About the Author


I sincerely hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed creating it.


I currently work and live in the wonderful state of New Hampshire. I enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, motorcycle riding and a good beer in the company of friends. I have several stories published on Amazon with more on the way.


I can be found at:




eBooks: “Mower Death Kill: The Hardwood Incident”, “A Farmer’s Chronicle”








Random thoughts brought forth as short written pieces.

  • ISBN: 9781370696246
  • Author: Eddie Lafrenaye
  • Published: 2016-10-24 19:05:21
  • Words: 1631
Scribbles Scribbles