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Satisfaction of Wrath







Satisfaction of Wrath


7 Mortal Sins, Volume 1


Stefan Lear



Published by Stefan Lear, 2015.


This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are

entirely coincidental.






First edition. November 30, 2015.

Copyright © 2015 Stefan Lear.




Written by Stefan Lear.








All rights reserved. This book or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means—electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise—without prior written permission of the publisher, except as provided by United States of America copyright law.


Melissa woke from a fitful sleep. She had been dreaming, but something had disturbed her dreams. She sleepily raised her head and saw the cat playing with her feet. She smiled. She could only see the light from the window reflecting off Mr. Rogers’ eyes. His fur was black as a starless night and contained no markings. If he were in shadows and closed his eyes, she wouldn’t be able to see him at all. But the bedspread was white, and the light from the window made his green eyes glow like a dim green Christmas light.

Melissa had grown fond of Mr. Rogers and felt a little guilty about what she planned to do with him. He deserved better. But things had to be done. Things had to be set right. Besides, Vinnie really loved him. Mr. Rogers had been with Vinnie since he was a kitten. She had taken care of Mr. Rogers all the times that Vinnie had been out screwing some other whore. No matter how badly Vinnie had treated her, she had always taken care of his cat.

She got out of bed and got everything she needed to start. Candles, salt, flour, incense, dagger. It was all there. Melissa stripped her shirt and panties off. Now nude, she began her task. After drawing the circle, she grabbed Mr. Rogers and began chanting.


Melissa looked in the mirror. She had dressed up all metal. Vinnie liked that. The hardness of metal attracted him, so that was how she dressed. Blacks and grays and Doc Martens. She wanted him to find her alluring and attractive like he had in the early days when they first met. She wanted to see the lust in his eyes. She wanted him to hunger for her.

When they met, she had worn no makeup, but tonight Melissa wore a slight shade of lipstick to highlight her lips. She had a manicure that day and wore French tips on her nails. She had thought about wearing the dress that Andy had bought for her. It was strapless on top and just covered her ass cheeks. Perhaps after this night she would wear it for Andy, but it wouldn’t get the reaction from Vinnie that she wanted. Instead, she chose to wear updated versions of what she was wearing when they first met. Of course the boots were Doc Martens. She also wore dark jeans, a barely feminine t-shirt, and a light flannel shirt on top.


In the sitting area, Vinnie was hunched over with a glass of old Scotch in one hand and his head in the other. He had seemed overly distracted lately. Melissa loved him but realized she hadn’t been very attentive lately. Often on purpose. She ran a charity, attended various social functions, and ran her video show online.

She didn’t take the opportunity to ask Vinnie what had been troubling him. She knew his company had recently been declining, so she just assumed it was a money issue. To her, a little bit of cash was nothing to fret over. After all, they had come from practically nothing, and now they had plenty. They would be fine.

The knock on the door startled Melissa. The sound of it thundered through the apartment. It was too late to be expecting visitors. Melissa walked to the heavy oak door and tugged it open. Standing there was an ominous looking stranger outlined by the light from the hallway. He was so tall that he had to duck his head under the oversized door’s frame as he entered the room.

His skin was dark, almost a chestnut brown. There was a faint glow that emanated from his skin as if lava were boiling just below the surface. In stark contrast to his skin, intense shadowy eyes punctuated his face. They were two dark pieces of coal buried deep in the sunken eye sockets. His hands and feet were near twice the size of a normal man’s. When he smiled at Melissa, she caught a glimpse of his teeth. Jagged and pointed, they looked as if they belonged in the mouth of a hungry wolf.

The stranger turned his colossal head towards Melissa’s boyfriend and began to speak. The stranger’s voice was low and gravelly: It was so powerful she felt it rumble through the room’s walls and her body. “I have come to collect my debt, Melissa Hunt.”

It was at that moment that Vinnie understood what was going on. The success of Melissa’s Internet startup, the remodel of the apartment, the charity. Most importantly, he felt the implication of the horrible, inhuman-looking man who had just entered their home. Melissa had made a deal with the devil. He flung himself at the demon. “Get away from her,” he yelled. “You can’t have her soul.”

The stranger reached out lightning quick with one of his monstrous hands and grabbed Vinnie by the head. “My dear man, I’m afraid you misunderstand. Your fiancé didn’t sell me her soul. Two years ago, she sold me yours.” The demon laughed thunderously and squeezed. The sick sound of bone cracking filled the room. Both the demon and Vinnie vanished at that moment. The air sizzled as if lightning had previously filled the space where they once had stood.


It was a shock watching Vinnie’s head caving in. It was over quickly. Though he died almost instantly, there still was a surprising amount of blood that splashed the walls. Melissa considered changing clothes but decided against it. What was more metal than cleaning up splattered blood and brain matter? It felt as though she had been dipped in sacred water and risen pure as snow.

Melissa whistled while she cleaned. She felt good. With every sponge full of blood she wiped away she felt better and better. When she finished cleaning, she would feel clean and whole. She hadn’t felt whole in a long time.

Satisfaction of Wrath

A twisted tale of retribution, born from the wrath of a woman scorned. Melissa had loved Vinnie from the start, but after his continued lack of faithfulness, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Vinnie would pay, and she would get money and fame in return.

  • ISBN: 9781311054463
  • Author: Stefan Lear
  • Published: 2015-12-10 05:05:07
  • Words: 1086
Satisfaction of Wrath Satisfaction of Wrath