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Heard he does live alone now. A year ago he did loss his wife. But today Sania Majhi needs justice. He doesn’t cry though. He does think of the nature. He thinks the mango trees are his home. He loves his village, neighbors, muddy lands and green leaves. He feels to his wife’s spirit. People say he behaves like a ghost sometime. He becomes mad.

And then village wizard comes to him to treat. Everything changes in a moment. Leave the matter, it is a tribal village. Our city people ignore the villagers easily. Politicians use to travel costly BMW cars and here, innocents die in hunger. I see they are against the republic. They don’t give equal right to all. They are like sands of a desert. They can’t create rain. They can only bring storm to destroy happiness. They kiss city highways but they hate village roads as the things belong to the earth.

I like early morning of Koraput district. As a reporter I was curious to meet him. I entered his village. Tribal children ran behind my motor bike. I stopped at his old home. I watched around. He was there, next to me, under a wide mango tree.

“Namaste uncle,” I said as bowing my head and smiled.

He didn’t respond to me suddenly. He looked me for a while and then to my face.

“Who are you babu?” Sania majhi asked me.

“My name is Suresh and I am from Bhubneswar,” I said.

“What?” Sania Majhi questioned me again. Guess he couldn’t listen to me just well.

I repeated my answer. I showed him a newspaper and his wife’s photo.

“Uncle, do you know about the news yet? Government cancelled your money that you were going to get. Health minister saying the incident is not natural actually. Sania Majhi himself killed his wife. He should get punishment, not help,” I said.

“Who is he?” Sania Majhi asked.

“He is a minister under chief minister, uncle. He lives in capital,” I said.

“I never see them babu. Yes, some town people come to me during election. They ask for vote. I say I am an old man, how can I go there? They say you don’t worry. We will see everything about you. They promise me lots of things. They also donate me some money to drink. I don’t refuse them. I think this is enough for me. Government workers are very good.”

“Later, they change and what they promise me. I do see nothing for next five years,” Sania Majhi said innocently.

“Are you not in government list to get a home?” I asked.

“Who will give me babu? Will bank give me?” Sania Majhi asked.

“Not bank uncle, you will get this from state government!” I said and looked him.

“It is impossible for a poor like me babu, did you not know what they tell about my wife? I am the guilty for her death. Oh god, why you are not kind for our tribal people? Why you always want to let us live in sad, tragedy and pain?” Sania Majhi said.

Yes, I know he didn’t kill his wife. Government is blind for common people. Today the humanity needs justice and only a trust can give it.



Sometime injustice rises as storm but we know every problem has a solution. We can find out this. We can go against odd things which are not good for us.

  • Author: NL RINKU
  • Published: 2017-09-14 10:35:07
  • Words: 553