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Meeting With A Sales Prospect

Does Persistence Pay Off?

Using A Sales Script

What Is Your Sales Motivation?

How To Convince Someone To Buy

Who Is The First Person You Sell?

You Get What You Think You Deserve

Success Is Never A Straight Line

Creating Tunnel Vision

The Tried And True Gives Way To The New And Improved

What Can You Learn From Magic

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

I Want It and I Will Have It

Biding Your Time

If It’s Not Going To Happen, It’s Not Going To Happen

There Is An Inherent Timing To Every Sale

No Guts, No Glory

Pressure: Friend Or Foe

Pacing And The Power Of Three

The Sale Doesn’t Start Until You Get A “ NO, I’M Not Interested”

Ask For The referral

Paint A Picture Of The Future

Use What You Have, Start Where Your At

If People Control The Amount Of Money They Make, Why Don’t People Have More Money

You Have To Be Able To Walk Away

No Kidding. I Was Just Going To Say That

OK. Let Me Look It Over And I’ll Get Back To You

Creating Your Own Referral

Don’t Be A Prude But Don’t Be The Life Of The Party

The Only One Who Can Hold Your Vision Is You

Be That As It May Be

P T Barnum

The Old Tried And True

Don’t Be So Self Conscious

Start Above The Glass Ceiling

All You Need Is A Spark To Start A Fire

Common Goals Unite People

You Get Paid For What You Accomplish, Not What You Do

You Don’t Have To Be A Know It All

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Your Thoughts Determine Your Action

If It’s Tedious, Finish It Now

Post Script

In Sales, Everything Is Perception And Attitude.


How you perceive a situation determines how you react to it.

This can be shown with an example of how to take the stress out of prospecting in sales.

Instead of looking at prospecting for sales as a military strategy where you have to find and conquer a prospect, you can switch that perception around. You can start looking at sales as your assisting and completing a predetermined rendezvous with your prospect. The video image I get of this is someone getting off a plane knowing that an unknown business has sent their private limo to pick him up. He was told by his boss to be there but he doesn’t know which business sent the limo or where it will take him. As he looks out to the curb he sees many private limos. Some of the limo drivers have signs with the name of their intended party written on them but they aren’t holding them up. The line of cars is exceedingly long, but there is an option. The airport has made an arrangement where you can use their phone and call all the drivers. This saves you time as you don’t have to carry all your bags running up and down the curb looking for your limo. All you are trying to do is locate the limo you were meant to rendezvous with. You pick up the phone and start calling. “Hello. I’m Mr. So and so from xyz company. Are you the one I should be talking too. Are you looking for me? Is your company in need of xyz services.” If it’s not the right driver and he’s not interested in helping,you hang up and dial the next. You are looking for the one that you were meant to connect with. It maybe time consuming and tedious but you find there is no stress in calling the limos when your trying to eliminate the ones that aren’t for you. Finally you find a limo that works for a company that can use your services. You arrange to meet, as this is the one you were looking for and it was meant to be.

Meeting With A Sales Prospect

When you are meeting with a sales prospect you don’t have to brow beat him until he buys. You know that if the situation is right, it was predetermined that the sale will be completed. It is your job at this point, after you have told him why you are there, to ask questions and make sure he is the right person for your product and your product is right for him. When you find this out and the situation is right, it is now your job to help him complete the transaction and facilitate getting it done. It’s not pressure that makes the sale but doing the right thing for all parties involved. It should happen easily and naturally.

At times the prospect might be so caught up with distractions and the stress of his job that he doesn’t realize the sale was meant to be. He might start coming up with all kinds of objections why he can’t do it or how he wants to think it over. That’s OK because at this point if you have asked the right questions and know the situation was meant to be, you can recognize that all his objections are imaginary and can be dealt with easily. Most of the time all you need to do is help the prospect get centered and brought back down to what you are trying to accomplish together. My favorite way to do this after he lists all of his objections is just to ask him “ Do you like the idea? Does it make sense to you?” As soon as he answers in the affirmative, he has just discounted all his own objections and you can proceed with” Well then, lets just get it done.”

Does Persistence Pay Off?

You bet it does. Sales statistics show most sales are made between the fifth and eight contact. How is this possible if the sale was meant to be? You have to keep in mind that when we are aggressively looking to make sales, we sometimes try to force our rendezvous before its correct time. We accentual y have shown up earlier than the universe could arrange for all the different parts to fall into place. This is where strategic follow up comes in. You want to keep yourself in the prospects thoughts on a regular basis until the time becomes right. If during your contacts the prospect tells you that he is no longer interested, you must realize he has chosen a different pathway and has nullified the pending rendezvous. As we are people with free will this is always possible but shouldn’t happen that often. With persistent follow up we will be there when the time is right.

Using A Sales Script

Every sales person should write out a sales script. It will organize your thoughts and can be used to develop a presentation that is logical, easily understood and that covers all the important points you want to make. This needs to be done before the presentation. It's like a road map. Once your traveling on that road you can always take detours or other routes but it gives you a starting point and a destination. When making your presentation you must remember that communication is based on 85% of how you say something and only 15% on what you actually say. This is why the script is important. Once you know what you are trying to say you can then concentrate on the really important part and that is how you say it. The prospect is picking up subtle clues when he listens to you talk. His inner being is deciding if what you are saying is true, good for him and if he wants to do business with you. The secret here is to be yourself. Don't put on an act. Talk to the prospect truthfully like you would do if the person was a true friend that you were trying to help. People relate to people not to a fancy sales pitch. Have you ever received an unsolicited phone call at home where the person on the other end of the line just starts reading a canned sales pitch. It sounds almost mono toned and from the get go you are trying to find a polite way to end the call. You automatically start blocking out everything they are saying. You are hearing but not listening. You don't want to be that mono toned sales person. People like to interact lively. They want to be part of something. They don't want to feel like an unappreciated target. When you talk to someone on the phone, let them hear your enthusiasm. Let them know you are calling because you sincerely want to help them. In your mind you’re trying to find out if they are your predetermined sale, and if they are, you are happy to make the rendezvous.


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Sales Wisdom and Self Motivation

Sales Wisdom and Self Motivation is a Guide for the Mind-Centered Sales Person. This book is filled with Tidbits of Spiritual Wisdom as it relates to Sales and the Sales process. It is good for beginners and professionals alike. The lessons are taught from life experiences and are presented is a series of short paragraphs. The reader will find these lessons Motivating, Comforting, and Practical.

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Sales Wisdom and Self Motivation Sales Wisdom and Self Motivation