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Sebastjan Videtic

2017, Shakespir Edition

A great offer attracts visitors, but it does not necessarily means that they are also customers. They’ watching at products, it’s also a pleasure. Because they don’t know how to use those products. The basis of the sale is therefore to sell products that are either very simple to use, or is the user-the buyer who’s qualified to use it. Purchasing power is also a condition of sale. Boat rental is an interesting example. Many passersby have a purchasing power, but simply they’re not able to drive it. At best, the boats for them are just beautiful goods for eyes. The purchasing power in how much rises encourages many to buy a boat, hire a sailor who drives a boat, a yacht. From another point of view, you know how to use a screwdriver and screws, and you know exactly which screwdriver to buy. You notice as a layman renting boats agency, you don’t know anything about boats, neither you know how to drive it. What to sell? Underwear with a brand name of 30 euros doesn’t know anyone to wear. They catch the eye. Knowing and knowing how to use the product is what we are looking at first. And right after that is the buyer’s purchasing power. We sell promotional products to companies with high purchasing power, in the offer we can teach them how to use the products we are trying to sell them. What about THE NEED NOW! In the summer heat the passers-by are thirsty, we immediately expose the sale of cold drinks. You watch what you don’t know to do and others do it well. Everyone knows how to order a glass of cold drink at its own choice. Water skiing is not as simple as to drink a glass of water, so not everyone knows how to do it, here visitors with a strong purchasing power, will at most look at and take pictures of the attraction. And we go to Piran, Florence, Egypt, we can not use the pyramids, nor the statue of Tartini in Piran, we take a look and photograph, and qualified restaurateurs in the immediate vicinity will be able to take advantage of us in a good way with a cold drink. Attractions, the sea in summer, the snow in winter, events, concerts, there are many reasons to crowd somewhere . Olive oil will warmly warm the visitor in the winter, also the food based on olive oil, as will chilly refreshingly cooled the visitor in the summer heat at the sea. It is almost indispensable that we sell when there is demand, exactly what people need and we must know how to quickly explain that our offer is the NEED NOW. Our offer should be small and hit completely, like is ice cream selling. Being in the company of others twenty stores as ours and we all will sell a lot. Customers don’t want to waste time, a store with ice cream, with up to 30 selected products. Tourism, events, meetings, since you have already been at the fair, there must also be a small, distinctive offer from several traders. A specialized store is something else, here we will have more products because we sell every day. And catalogs of unusual products, which we will provide as soon as possible. No stock. Have you ever heard that the people are going to heat up in the malls in the winter and to refresh themselves in the summer? The malls are great attractions worth seeing. What about shopping? SELECTED OFFER OF MULTIPLE SALES PRODUCTS. I bought the best now, the last music hit for example. I bought what I needed right now, a cold drink. In a specialized shop, I got a very hard-earned product in one day. I also bought a smartphone because it’s easy to use. Those are satisfied customers, and this is the essence of sales. Sales of pleasure. Today, we are all smart, you need to surprise customers and offer them, exactly what they need now and here. And they will say thank you.







  • ISBN: 9781370514403
  • Author: Sebastjan Videtic
  • Published: 2017-08-28 01:20:07
  • Words: 712
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