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Rural Poems

Rural Poems




By Carlton D Kennedy


Shakespir Edition Copyright 2016 Carlton D Kennedy



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Rural way.



Rural so inspirational, how beautiful and pure,

Green pastures and the golden sun shines down on pretty lands,

Hills and rocky spaces blessed with native greens around it.

Stand on the edge of every rock to see far and wide,

The breeze swooning along the fields in utter content silence,

Such joy to see lush hamlets, distant woodlands.

Gathered nests in trees with birds singing so tranquil,

We come and go but rural stays, we enjoy the beauty of this rural way.








These settlements we walk upon once had common heritage,

This pasture once working through the night, now lays bare,

We seek to travel and lay our excited eyes on these landscapes,

Generations before us made this land we hold so dear.

Men ploughed the fields as women milked the cows,

Children of this once settlement learn more at home.

A cherished time that brought people together,

An assemblage of social interaction in life’s natural habitat.

All this remembered as we enjoy the open land,

Of a time when this place was a binding settlement.













The Farm.


The farm is a family affair, truly grueling but utterly worth it,

Many hands at work on the fields, in the home and with cattle,

The organic starting point from hand to mouth,

Milking all day to lambing through the night.

The tractors trembling the soils below,

While hay is stacked and crops grow.

This rural retreat families call home,

Where generations have lived for many of year,

The years go by while the bread and butter is slower.

Agricultural progress is in there blood,

From five till nine they tend to their livelihood.

From ranches to orchards it’s all about love,

When the familys take back the farmers hard worked goods.




Beautiful Bird.


This beautiful bird you see in flight,

Sings so sweet and lands so light,

Finding its way through nature’s presence,

It finds its food to take home to its chicks.

A glance a second to know its safe,

This bird roams around branches.

On the edge of the stream and grass so high,

Singing to all making your day seem right,

Night time falls as they fly away,

Calling their goodbyes at the end of the day.








Open Fields.


These open fields we stand in opens our minds,

Free our thoughts of the city,

Stand in that one space and feel the air,

Feel free to remember your imagination.

Lay down on fields so green with comfort,

Look up to the sky and dream…for a while,

Deeply find your core and glow,

Take your feelings to a whole new place.

Stretch your arms and legs and breath,

Your heart is at one now in this field.




Rural Spot.


We dance on this rural spot,

We bring the family for picnics,

We take pictures to remember,

Our stress evaporates.

Standing on hands and hopscotch,

This rural spot is for keeps,

A place we grew up,

A place we never forget,

This is our place, everyone’s place,

This is your rural spot.






Rural Poems

Rural, nature, countryside...call it what you will. One things for sure they are all defined into beauty. These special places are often taken for granted. In this book you can find six poems touching on rural settings. In my creative writing i hope to make people smile, think and find inspiration from would they read of my work. I don't pretend to be a amazing writer but i think all that matters is that you share with people what you feel in your heart and mind, put it out there if it feel right and then let the love and imagination of people take it and do as they will with it. I write about many different things including love, people, life, artistry, death & nature. I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you for taking the time to take a look at my books. Have a great day.

  • ISBN: 9781370981564
  • Author: Carlton D Kennedy
  • Published: 2017-02-21 19:35:08
  • Words: 596
Rural Poems Rural Poems