Rotary Foundations and Grants 2: Directory by State for the United States


Rotary Foundations and Grants 2

Directory by State for the United States



By Quentin Wodon



Copyright 2017 Quentin Wodon



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FOREWORD to the series



This ebook is published as part of the Rotarian Economist Short Books series. The books in the series are short, typically at 15,000 words or less. They provide rapid and practical introductions to topics related to volunteer work, service clubs, nonprofits, and the six areas of focus of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. These areas of focus are promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, saving mothers and children, supporting education, and growing local economies. Other topics will be considered as well.

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Similarly, it goes without saying that this book need not represent the views of the Rotary club(s) of which the author(s) may be members, their Rotary district(s), or Rotary International.

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This ebook is the second installment in a set of two volumes on Rotary foundations and grants. The first volume provides an introduction to Rotary foundations based in the United States (Wodon. 2017). These foundations include the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International for which a Centennial is celebrated in 2017 (on the history of the foundation’s first hundred years, see Forward, 2016). But they also include close to 4,000 other foundations operated by local Rotary clubs, districts, and other entities. The work of these local foundations is less well known, but no less fundamental.

This second volume in the set provides a comprehensive directory of Rotary foundations based in the United States. To my knowledge, while Rotary International maintains a great database of local Rotary clubs which is accessible by all (not only Rotarians) who may wish to make contact with a club or attend a club meeting, it does not maintain a similar database for foundations.

There is therefore no easy way for applicants to find out which Rotary foundations are active in any given geographic area. This is a drawback because as documented in the first volume in this set, club and other local Rotary foundations are numerous and active. In fact, for nonprofits as well as students in the United States, Rotary funding comes primarily from club, district, and other local foundations. By contrast, the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International tends to focus primarily on projects implemented in developing countries.

In order to make it easier for potential grant applicants to find local Rotary foundations to which they could apply in the United States, this book provides a directory of the foundations registered with the Internal Revenue Service. Since local Rotary foundations tend to focus their grants on projects in their communities, as well as on students living in their communities, the data is organized by state and by city within each state.

In practice, the book lists all 501c(3) charitable organizations associated with Rotary clubs, districts, or other entities in the United States. The directory is based on publicly available records from the Internal Revenue Services, using the latest year of data available for each foundation. The filter used for inclusion in the directory is the fact that a foundation has “Rotary” in its name.

Because of this (imperfect) filter, two caveats are in order on the data being provided. First, based on a rapid assessment as opposed to a detailed analysis of each foundation listed, a few foundations with “Rotary” in their name were identified as not being related to Rotary clubs, districts, or other entities. These foundations were not included in the directory, but it could still be that some other foundations included in the directory may not actually be related to Rotary clubs or districts. Readers should be able to figure this out simply by searching a foundation’s name (or the name of the associated club) on the web. These cases are likely to be relatively rare however. As these foundations are identified, they could be deleted from potential subsequent editions of this directory, so don’t hesitate to let me know if you find a mistake.

Second, and conversely, some Rotary foundations may have been excluded from the directory because they do not have “Rotary” in their name. It is unlikely however that there would be many such cases, because Rotary foundations typically make their association with Rotary clear through their name. If there are such omissions, they could also be corrected in the future.

Because of these two caveats, the list of Rotary foundations based in the United States included in this directory should be considered as tentative. In addition, it is important to note that the list considers only Rotary foundations located in the United States. This is simply because accessing data for other countries in a comprehensive way appears to be challenging in many countries. Again, to the extent that comprehensive data for other countries could be accessed in the future, the scope of this directory could be expanded to include foundations from other countries. But for now, it is good to start with the United States, which is in all likelihood the country with the most grant making by local Rotary foundations given its size, wealth, and large number of active Rotarians.

In terms of the organization of the directory, foundations are ranked within each state by city in order to make it easier for grant applicants to identify foundations operating in their geographic area. Each listing in the directory consists of the city where a foundation is located, the foundation’s name, and its assets in the latest year of filing with the Internal Revenue Service when assets are available in that filing.

Note that small foundations with less than $50,000 in annual income or gross receipts are not required to file a form 990 with the International Revenue Service. They may instead file a postcard. For these foundations, data on assets are missing. In that case assets are not provided in the entry for the foundation in the directory. Still, these foundations are typically active and may provide grants, so grant applicants could consider applying to them. Note also that while many foundations have a small assets base, this does not mean that their annual giving is small. Many Rotary foundations organize annual fundraisers, which enables them to give significantly to the community every single year.

Note also that this book provides a directory only of Rotary foundations based in the United States, and not a directory of all clubs, districts, and associated Rotary entities in the country. Many Rotary clubs in the United States do not have a foundation, but they may still provide grants to nonprofits or students, albeit in that case without the possibility for donors to benefit from a charitable deduction for their donation when filing their taxes.

The fact that clubs may provide grants to nonprofits or students without a club foundation means that grant applicants may still consider contacting local clubs even if the clubs do not operate a 501c(3) charitable organization, or in short a foundation. For some types of grants, clubs may also refer applicants to Rotary districts that typically do have a foundation, even if a club does not.

For this book however, since a publicly accessible directory of clubs and districts is maintained worldwide by Rotary International, there is no need for including all clubs and districts in the United States in the directory. At the time of writing this book, information on club locations as well as districts is available at https://my.rotary.org/en/search/club-finder (the link could change in the future).

Again, at the risk of repetition, the reason for publishing this directory of Rotary foundations in the United States on the basis of data from the Internal Revenue Service is the fact that to my knowledge, Rotary International does not maintain a directory for Rotary foundations, including those based in the United States, in the same way that this is done for Rotary clubs and districts. It is hoped that the directory will be useful to grant applicants, and possibly also Rotarians.




For each foundation and by state, the directory provides 1) the city where the foundation is located; 2) the name of the foundation; and 3) the assets of the foundations when data on assets are available in the database of the Internal Revenue Service. To reduce the size of the directory, the addresses of the foundations are not provided and the financial data provided is limited to assets. Grant applicants should be able to find out more information on the foundations through the web using a foundation’s name, or sometimes a variation thereof (some small foundations may not have their own website, but the associated Rotary club or district typically does and can be found using search engines).



Andalusia, Andalusia Rotary Club Foundation, $658,768

Anniston, Anniston Morning Rotary Club Foundation, $4,026

Anniston, Anniston Rotary Club Foundation, $9,981

Arab, Arab Rotary Club Foundation

Athens, Athens Rotary Club Inc., $188,419

Auburn, Auburn Rotary Community Needs Inc.

Birmingham, Educational Foundation of the Homewood Oxmoor Rotary Club

Birmingham, Educational Foundation of the Shades Valley Rotary Club, $1,236,292

Birmingham, Hoover Rotary Club Foundation

Birmingham, Rotary Club of Birmingham Foundation, $6,657,520

Birmingham, Rotary Club of Birmingham-Sunrise Foundation, $23,887

Birmingham, Shades Valley Rotary Charitable Foundation

Birmingham, Vestavia Hills Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation

Brewton, Brewton Rotary Club Inc.

Centre, Centre Alabama Rotary Foundation Inc.

Decatur, Decatur Rotary Club Foundation

Dothan, Dothan Houston County Rotary Charity Inc., $24,368

Dothan, Dothan Rotary Children’s Foundation Inc., $1,379,120

Dothan, Dothan Rotary Foundation Inc., $2,121

Dothan, Rotary Miracle Field Foundation, $541,844

Enterprise, Jerry B Brunson Enterprise Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $253,702

Fairhope, Fairhope Rotary Club Foundation, $52,980

Fairhope, Fairhope Sunset Rotary Club Charity Inc., $8,891

Fairhope, Fairhope-Point Clear Rotary Youth Programs Inc., $326,586

Fairhope, Rotary District 6880 Foundation, $15,190

Foley, Foley Rotary Club Inc., $47,153

Gardendale, Rotary International Mid-South PETS, $37,792

Huntsville, Huntsville Rotary Foundation, $761,870

Madison, Greater Huntsville Rotary Foundation, $77,169

Madison, Rotary Foundation of Madison, $27,450

Mobile, Mobile Rotary Charitable Foundation

Mobile, Rotary Children Foundation Inc., $1,486,156

Montgomery, Montgomery Capital Rotary Charities Inc.

Montgomery, Rotary Charity Foundation, $90,097

Pell City, Pell City Rotary Club Foundation

Prattville, Prattville Rotary Golf Foundation Inc.

Roanoke, Roanoke Rotary Charities Inc., $10,400

Robertsdale, Robertsdale Rotary Foundation Inc., $52,667

Silverhill, Central Baldwin Sunset Rotary Club Inc.

Talladega, Talladega Rotary Foundation

Tallassee, Tallassee Rotary Club Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Troy, Brundidge Rotary Club Scholarship Program

Trussville, Birmingham East Rotary Foundation Inc.

Trussville, Trussville-East Jefferson Rotary Foundation

Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Morning Rotary Foundation, $22,202

Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Rotary Honor Flight

Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Rotary-Memorial Foundation, $246,874

Vestavia Hills, Rotary Club of Vestavia Hills Foundation, $98,458



Anchorage, Anchorage East Rotary Service Fund, $17,063

Anchorage, Anchorage Gateway Rotary Inc., $55,738

Anchorage, Anchorage International Rotary Club Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc., $262,496

Anchorage, Anchorage Rotary Community Services, $225,719

Anchorage, Anchorage South Rotary Memorial Fund

Ketchikan, Rotary House of Ketchikan Inc.

Kodiak, Kodiak Rotary Scholarship Fund Inc., $87,362

Nome, Rotary Club of Nome

North Pole, North Pole Rotary Club Foundation



Anthem, Anthem Rotary Foundation, $91,002

Bisbee, Bisbee Rotary Charities Inc.

Casa Grande, Casa Grande Rotary Foundation, $809,689

Catalina, Saddlebrook Rotary Club Foundation, $89,055

Chandler, Chandler Horizon Rotary Foundation, $33,644

Cottonwood, Rotary Club of the Verde Valley Inc.

Flagstaff, Flagstaff Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $80,371

Fountain Hills, Fountain Hills Rotary Foundation, $97,814

Fountain Hills, Four Peaks Rotary Foundation

Glendale, Glendale Rotary Foundation Inc.

Globe, Globe Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $36,973

Green Valley, Green Valley Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $243,838

Green Valley, The Valle Verde Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $25,316

Kingman, Kingman Route66 Rotary Foundation Inc.

Litchfield Park, Estrella Rotary Foundation Inc., $336,660

Litchfield Park, White Tanks Rotary Foundation Inc.

Lake Havasu City, Lake Havasu Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc., $160,326

Lake Havasu City, London Bridge Rotary Foundation Inc., $568,886

Mesa, Mesa Baseline Rotary Foundation

Mesa, Mesa Rotary Foundation, $165,460

Mesa, Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Mesa, Rotary International District 5510 Foundation

Miami, Copper Cities Rotary Foundation Inc.

Nogales, Rotary Club of Nogales Foundation Inc., $21,545

Oro Valley, Oro Valley Rotary Foundation

Oro Valley, Rotary Club of Marana Dove Mountain Charitable Fund

Paradise Valley, Rotary Zones 21 & 27 Foundation

Payson, Payson Rotary Club Foundation

Payson, Rim Country Rotary Club Foundation, $4,717

Peoria, Peoria North Rotary Foundation Inc., $12,888

Peoria, Peoria Rotary Foundation Inc.

Phoenix, Foundation of Phoenix-East Rotary Inc.

Phoenix, Paradise Valley Rotary Foundation, $413,612

Phoenix, Phoenix Camelback Rotary Foundation, $57,645

Phoenix, Phoenix Rotary Club Charities Inc., $1,081,527

Phoenix, Phoenix West Rotary Club, $25,781

Prescott Valley, Rotary Club of Prescott Valley Foundation Inc.

Prescott, Chino Valley Rotary Foundation

Prescott, Prescott Frontier Rotary Foundation

Prescott, Rotary Club of Prescott – Sunup Foundation Inc., $82,047

Prescott, Rotary Club of Prescott Foundation Inc.

Quartzsite, Rotary Club of Quartzsite Arizona

Rio Rico, Rio Rico Rotary Foundation

Scottsdale, Phoenix Arcadia Rotary Club

Scottsdale, Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona Inc., $135,236

Scottsdale, Scottsdale North Rotary Foundation Inc.

Scottsdale, Scottsdale Rotary Foundation, $513,042

Scottsdale, Scottsdale Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc., $75,307

Scottsdale, Scottsdale Sunrise Rotary Vision Care Foundation Inc.

Sedona, Rotary Club of Sedona Charitable Fund Inc., $78,532

Sedona, Rotary Club of Sedona Red Rocks Endowment Fund Inc., $208,915

Sierra Vista, Sierra Vista Rotary Club Charities Inc., $188,167

Sonoita, Patagonia-Sonoita Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $63,771

Sun City West, Sun City West Rotary Foundation Inc., $260,142

Sun City, Del Sol Rotary Foundation Inc.

Sun City, Sun City Rotary Foundation Inc., $326,924

Sun Lakes, Sun Lakes Rotary Foundation 2000, $126,377

Surprise, Rotary Club of Surprise Community Foundation Inc.

Tempe, Mesa West Rotary Foundation Inc.

Tempe, Tempe South Rotary Foundation, $139,114

Tubac, Tubac Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Tucson, Casas Adobes Rotary Foundation Inc., $405,528

Tucson, Catalina Rotary Foundation Inc., $83,273

Tucson, Marana Rotary Foundation Inc.

Tucson, Pantano Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $8,295

Tucson, Rincon Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $96,399

Tucson, Rotary Club of Tucson Foundation, $1,425,064

Tucson, Rotary International District 5500 Foundation

Tucson, Saddlebrooke Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation

Tucson, Saguaro Tucson Rotary Club Foundation

Vail, Cienega Rotary Foundation



Alma, Alma Rotary Foundation Inc.

Arkadelphia, Rotary Club of Arkadelphia-Sunrise Charitable Fund

Ash Flat, Rotary Club Quad Cities of Sharp County

Bella Vista, Bentonville Bella Vista Daybreak Rotary Club Inc.

Benton, Benton-Bauxite Rotary Foundation Inc.

Bentonville, The Rotary Club of Bentonville Foundation

Blytheville, Blytheville Rotary Foundation

Bull Shoals, Bull Shoals-Lakeview Rotary Club Foundation

Cabot, Cabot Rotary Club Inc.

Crossett, Crossett Rotary Club

Dewitt, Rotary Club of Dewitt Arkansas

Fayetteville, Fayetteville Rotary Foundation Inc., $62,600

Fayetteville, Northside Rotary Foundation Inc., $87,237

Forrest City, Rotary Club of Forrest City Arkansas, $11,042

Fort Smith, Rotary International

Harrison, Harrison Rotary Foundation Inc.

Harrison, Rotary Centennial Dental Clinic Inc.

Hot Springs, Hot Springs National Park Rotary Club Scholarship Foundation Trust

Hot Springs, HSV Rotary Charity Corporation, $34,246

Hot Springs, Rotary Club of Hot Springs Sunrise

Jonesboro, Rotary Clubs of Jonesboro Foundation Inc.

Jonesboro, Rotary E-Club of Jonesboro-Metro Me Member of Rotary International, $11,948

Little Rock, The Rotary Club 99 Foundation, $1,490,626

Little Rock, West Little Rock Rotary Club Charitable and Educational Fund, $44,858

Marshall, The Rotary Club of Marshall Arkansas United States Inc.

Maumelle, Rotary Club of Maumelle Arkansas

Mena, The Rotary Club of Polk County Mena

Prescott, Rotary International

Rogers, Rotary Club of Rogers Foundation

Springdale, The Springdale Rotary Charitable Foundation Trust, $419,116

White Hall, O. C. Hauber Rotary Foundation Inc., $548,688

Yellville, Mid Marion County Rotary Foundation Inc.



Adelanto, Rotary Club of Adelanto, $22,889

Agoura Hills, Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $143,334

Alameda, Alameda Rotary Endowment Foundation, $633,458

Alamo, Foundation of the Rotary Club of California, $153,313

Altadena, Altadena Rotary Charities, $1,892,351

Alturas, Alturas Rotary Community Foundation, $2,234,041

Alturas, Alturas Sunrise Rotary Charitable Foundation

Alturas, Rotary International

Anaheim, Rotary International District 5320 Inc., $92,136

Antioch, Antioch Rotary Club, $18,525

Apple Valley, Rotary Club of Apple Valley Foundation, $78,065

Arcadia, Rotary Club of Arcadia California Foundation Inc.

Arcata, Rotary Club of Arcata Community Foundation, $1

Arcata, Rotary Club of Arcata Sunrise Community Foundation, $66,029

Arnold, Arnold Rotary Charitable Foundation

Atascadero, Rotary Club of Atascadero Foundation Inc., $789,800

Atwater, Atwater Rotary Foundation Inc.

Auberry, Auberry Intermountain Rotary Charitable Foundation

Auburn, Auburn Rotary Community Fund, $444,372

Auburn, Gold Country Rotary Foundation

Avalon, Avalon Rotary Club Foundation, $48,717

Azusa, Azusa Rotary Foundation

Bakersfield, Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Foundation, $165,575

Bakersfield, Bakersfield East Rotary Foundation, $414,513

Bakersfield, Bakersfield North Rotary Foundation, $417,881

Bakersfield, Bakersfield Rotary West Foundation, $1,048,719

Bakersfield, Bakersfield Rotary-Waterman Foundation, $1,091,719

Bakersfield, Bakersfield South Rotary Club Foundation

Bakersfield, Bakersfield Twilight Rotary Foundation

Beaumont, Rotary Club of Beaumont Foundation, $91,284

Bellflower, Bellflower Rotary Foundation Inc., $130,537

Belmont, Rotary Club of Woodside-Portola Valley Foundation Inc.

Benicia, Rotary Club of Benicia Foundation, $61,264

Berkeley, Berkeley Rotary Endowment, $817,021

Big Bear Lake, Big Bear Lake Rotary Club Foundation, $60,509

Bishop, Bishop Rotary Foundation, $484,017

Blue Jay, Lake Arrowhead Mountain Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $118,845

Bonita, Rotary Club of San Diego South Bay

Bonsall, Pendleton Rotary Community Service Fund, $53,809

Borrego Springs, Borrego Springs Rotary Foundation, $111,069

Brea, Brea Rotary Charitable Fund, $98,752

Brea, Sunrise Rotary Charitable Foundation

Brentwood, Brentwood Rotary Community Fund, $18,334

Buellton, Buellton Rotary Club Foundation, $6,438

Buena Park, Rotary Club of Buena Park

Burbank, Burbank Rotary Foundation Inc.

Burbank, Rotary International

Burlingame, Rotary Service Fund of Burlingame California, $326,076

Burney, Rotary Club of Burney Foundation, $26,271

Calabasas, Calabasas Rotary Club Charitable Foundation

Calexico, San Felipe Rotary Foundation, $132,708

Calistoga, Calistoga Rotary Foundation Inc., $19,687

Camarillo, Camarillo Breakfast Rotary Foundation Inc., $91,167

Camarillo, Camarillo Rotary Foundation Inc., $42,387

Cambria, Cambria Rotary Sunrise Centennial

Cambria, Rotary Club of Cambria Foundation Inc., $358,441

Cameron Park, Rotary Club of Cameron Park Foundation, $284,717

Campbell, Campbell-San Jose West Rotary Foundation, $195,730

Campbell, Mountain View Rotary Endowment Fund Inc., $134,983

Capitola, Capitola-Aptos Rotary Foundation, $517,185

Carlsbad, Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Club Foundation, $227,617

Carlsbad, Carlsbad Rotary Foundation, $339,870

Carlsbad, El Camino Real Rotary Club Foundation

Carlsbad, Encinitas Rotary Club Foundation, $174,846

Carlsbad, Oceanside Rotary Club Foundation, $173,378

Carlsbad, Rotary Club of Oceanside California, $27,518

Carmel, Carmel Valley Rotary Club Foundation

Carmel, Carmel Valley Rotary Endowment Fund

Carmichael, Carmichael Rotary Foundation

Carmichael, Rotary Club of Sacramento Breakfast

Carmichael, Rotary Club of Sacramento Breakfast, $21,732

Carnelian Bay, Tahoe City Rotary Foundation

Carpinteria, Carpinteria Rotary Charitable Foundation, $126,331

Carpinteria, Morning Rotary of Carpinteria Charitable Foundation Inc., $75,205

Castro Valley, Rotary Club of Castro Valley Endowment, $163,630

Cathedral City, Cathedral City Rotary Foundation, $5,692

Cathedral City, Rotary Club of Cathedral City, $24,322

Cayucos, Rotary Club of Cayucos

Cayucos, Rotary Club of Cayucos-Seaside Foundation

Ceres, Ceres Rotary Club Foundation, $280,882

Chico, Chico Rotary Club Foundation, $1,495,033

Chico, Rotary Club of Durham Foundation

Chino Hills, Rotary Club of Greater Chino Hills Foundation, $1,344

Chino, Charitable Foundation of Rotary Club of Chino, $87,796

Chino, Rancho Del Chino Rotary Foundation

Chula Vista, Chula Vista Rotary Foundation, $58,983

Chula Vista, Chula Vista Sunrise Rotary Community Benefit Fund, $29,456

Citrus Heights, Citrus Heights Rotary Foundation, $151,407

City Industry, Industry Hills Rotary Foundation, $156,891

Claremont, Rotary Club of Claremont Foundation, $169,804

Claremont, Rotary International

Claremont, Sunrise Rotary Club of Claremont Foundation, $48,767

Clearlake, Lake Area Rotary Club Association

Cloverdale, Rotary Club of Cloverdale Foundation

Clovis, Fig Garden Rotary Foundation, $462,919

Coachella, Rotary Club of Coachella East, $14,409

Concord, Clayton Valley-Concord Sunrise Rotary Charitable Fund Inc., $131,566

Concord, Concord Rotary Endowment, $1,142,293

Concord, Concord-Diablo Rotary Charitable Fund Inc., $101,219

Corning, Corning Rotary Club Foundation

Corona, Corona Rotary Foundation, $191,012

Coronado, Rotary Club of Coronado Binacional California USA

Coronado, Rotary Club of Coronado Binational Foundation

Coronado, Rotary International, $665,040

Covina, Covina Rotary Charities, $51,884

Covina, Operation Santa Clothes – A Nonprofit Corp. of Rotary Club Covina-Sunrise, $65,738

Covina, Pico Rivera Rotary Charities

Crescent City, Crescent City Rotary Scholarship Foundation, $161,541

Crescent City, Del Norte Sunrise Rotary Charitable Organization Inc.

Culver City, Culver City Rotary Community Foundation, $369,553

Cupertino, Cupertino Rotary Endowment Foundation, $1,618,760

Cupertino, Cupertino Rotary Housing Corporation

Daly City, Rotary Club of Daly City California

Danville, Danville Rotary Club Foundation, $41,563

Danville, The Rotary Club of Danville Sycamore Valley Community Foundation, $164,489

Davis, Davis Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Davis, Rotary Charities of Davis, $19,449

Del Mar, Rotary Club of Del Mar Foundation Trust, $181,236

Desert Hot Springs, Al Horton Memorial Rotary Foundation

Diamond Bar, Walnut Valley Rotary Foundation

Duarte, Rotary Club of Duarte

Dublin, Rotary Club of Dublin Foundation, $226,630

East Irvine, Irvine Spectrum Rotary Foundation Inc., $88,638

El Cajon, El Cajon Rotary Foundation, $302,088

El Cajon, Old Mission Rotary Club Foundation, $102,038

El Centro, El Centro Rotary Club Foundation

El Cerrito, Rotary Foundation of El Cerrito, $155,090

El Dorado Hills, El Dorado Hills Rotary Community Foundation

El Dorado Hills, Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills, $10,184

El Sobrante, Rotary International

Elk Grove, Elk Grove Rotary Foundation, $252,728

Elk Grove, Laguna Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation, $60,946

Escondido, Escondido Rotary Foundation, $551,715

Escondido, Rotary Club of Escondido after Five Charitable Foundation Inc.

Escondido, Rotary Club of Escondido East Inc., $38,831

Eureka, Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka Foundation, $87,050

Fair Oaks, Fair Oaks Rotary Foundation Inc., $178,733

Fair Oaks, Rotary District 5180 Charitable Foundation, $82,878

Fairfax, Rotary Club of Marin Evening Foundation

Fairfax, Rotary International

Fairfield, Cordelia Rotary Community Fund, $64,417

Fairfield, Twilight Rotary Charitable Fund

Fallbrook, Fallbrook Village Rotary Club Foundation

Fallbrook, Rotary Club of Fallbrook Foundation, $354,203

Firebaugh, Firebaugh Rotary Club Inc.

Folsom, Folsom Rotary Annes

Folsom, Folsom Rotary Foundation

Folsom, Historic Folsom Rotary Foundation

Fort Bragg, Rotary Community Scholarship Fund Inc.

Fortuna, Fortuna Rotary Foundation, $265,578

Foster City, Foundation of Foster City & Mariners Island Rotary, $113,125

Fountain Valley, Fountain Valley Rotary Charitable Association

Freedom, Freedom Rotary Foundation, $271,368

Fremont, Mission San Jose Rotary Foundation Inc.

Fremont, Niles Rotary Foundation, $177,749

Fremont, Warm Springs Rotary Foundation, $125,163

Fresno, Cultural Arts Rotary Foundation, $212,687

Fresno, East Fresno Rotary Charity Foundation, $158,145

Fresno, East Fresno Rotary International Understanding Foundation, $155,756

Fresno, Ethics Leadership Enterprise for Rotary Clubs and Districts, $1,009

Fresno, Fresno Latino Rotary Club, $23,280

Fresno, Fresno Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation, $83,124

Fresno, Friends of Rotary District 5230 Inc.

Fresno, Latino Rotary Club of Fresno Inc., $3,110

Fresno, Rotary Club of Fresno Foundation, $1,298,993

Fresno, Rotary Club of North Fresno Endowment Fund, $979,425

Fullerton, Fullerton Rotary Foundation, $314,448

Fullerton, Fullerton South Rotary Charities Inc., $18,254

Fullerton, La Habra Rotary Club Foundation, $156,757

Georgetown, Georgetown Divide Rotary Foundation

Gilroy, Gilroy Rotary Club Endowment Inc., $597,750

Glendale, Glendale Rotary Club Foundation, $340,002

Glendale, Glendale-Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $117,666

Glendora, Glendora Rotary Charities Inc., $53,295

Goleta, Goleta Noontime Rotary Club Charitable Fund, $82,848

Gonzales, Gonzales Rotary Community Education and Scholarship Fund

Granada Hills, Granada Hills Rotary Foundation, $366,059

Granite Bay, Granite Bay Rotary Foundation, $44,576

Grass Valley, 49Er Rotary Nevada County Charitable Fund

Grass Valley, The Rotary Club of Nevada City Foundation

Gualala, Gualala Rotary Scholarship and Service Foundation

Guerneville, Russian River Rotary Foundation, $35,093

Half Moon Bay, Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay Foundation, $159,503

Hayfork, Hayfork Rotary Foundation Inc.

Hayfork, Rotary International

Hayward, Hayward Rotary Club Foundation, $1,312,000

Healdsburg, Healdsburg Rotary Scholarship Fund

Healdsburg, Sunrise Rotary Club of Healdsburg Foundation

Hemet, Rotary Club of Hemet Sunrise Foundation

Hercules, Hercules Rotary Club

Hermosa Beach, Hermosa Beach Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Hermosa Beach, Rotary Club of Hermosa Beach Inc.

Holtville, Holtville Rotary Student Loan and Scholarship Foundation

Huntington Beach, Surf City Rotary of Huntington Beach Charitable Association

Idyllwild, Idyllwild Rotary Charitable Fund

Indian Wells, Rotary Club Foundation of Indian Wells, $52,053

Indio, Indio Sunrise Rotary Club Charitable Foundation

Indio, Rotary Club of Indio Foundation

Ione, Rotary Club of Ione, $33,212

Irvine, Anaheim Rotary Club Foundation

Jackson, Rotary Club of Jackson Foundation, $174,418

Joshua Tree, Rotary Club of Joshua Tree CCC-Skilled Nursing Center

Joshua Tree, Rotary Club of Joshua Tree Foundation Inc., $14,058

Kelseyville, Rotary Club of Kelseyville Sunrise, $58,523

Kerman, Rotary Club of Kerman Endowment Fund, $172,834

King City, King City Rotary Club Foundation, $107,661

King City, Rotary Club

La Jolla, La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club Foundation, $339,074

La Jolla, La Jolla Rotary Foundation, $3,864,750

La Jolla, La Jolla Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

La Jolla, Torrey Pines-La Jolla Rotary Foundation

La Mesa, La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation, $31,752

La Mesa, Rotary Club of La Mesa Sunrise

La Mesa, Rotary Club of Lamesa California Foundation Inc., $74,422

La Quinta, Rotary Club of La Quinta Foundation, $192,826

La Verne, La Verne Rotary Foundation, $118,564

Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach Rotary Club Foundation, $34,372

Laguna Niguel, Laguna Niguel Rotary Foundation Inc., $239,164

Lancaster, Lancaster Sunrise Rotary Charitable Organization

Lancaster, Lancaster West Rotary Foundation Inc., $117,068

Larkspur, Rotary Club of Marin Sunrise Foundation

Lincoln, Lincoln Rotary Club Foundation, $133,461

Lk Arrowhead, Lake Arrowhead Rotary Foundation, $1,021,761

Lodi, Lodi Rotary Foundation

Lomita, Lomita-Torrance Airport Rotary Community Foundation

Long Beach, Long Beach Rotary Charitable Foundation, $388,718

Long Beach, Long Beach Rotary Scholarship Foundation Inc., $8,531,108

Long Beach, Rotary Club of Historic Filipinotown Los Angeles Foundation

Los Altos, Los Altos Rotary Endowment Fund Inc., $955,826

Los Altos, Rotary Aids Project Inc., $120,736

Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Rotary Community Foundation, $45,918

Los Angeles, Charitable Fund of the Rotary Club of Koreatown, $104,343

Los Angeles, Crenshaw Watts Rotary Club of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Rotary Club of Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Rotary Club of East Los Angeles Inc.

Los Angeles, Rotary Club of Koreatown, $32,252

Los Angeles, Rotary Club of Los Angeles Foundation, $7,797,077

Los Angeles, Rotary International

Los Angeles, Rotary International District 5280 Charitable Foundation

Los Angeles, Thai Town Rotary Foundation

Los Angeles, Westchester Rotary Foundation, $975,500

Los Angeles, Westwood Village Rotary Club Foundation, $1,012,531

Los Angeles, Wilshire Rotary Club Foundation, $782,423

Los Gatos, Los Gatos Morning Rotary Charitable Foundation, $435,090

Los Gatos, Los Gatos Rotary Charities Foundation, $594,115

Los Gatos, Los Gatos Rotary Scholarship Fund, $724,339

Los Olivos, Los Olivos Rotary Club Foundation, $72,777

Los Olivos, Rotary Club of Los Olivos, $3,021

Los Osos, Rotary Club of Los Osos Foundation Inc.

Madera, Madera Rotary Foundation, $83,244

Malibu, Malibu Rotary Club Charities

Mammoth Lakes, Mammoth Lakes Rotary Club Foundation, $64,159

Manhattan Bch, Manhattan Beach Rotary Club Charitable Foundation, $640,401

Manhattan Bch, Rancho Park Rotary Club Foundation, $5,961

Manteca, Manteca Rotary Club Foundation

Marina Dl Rey, Playa Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $116,429

Marina Dl Rey, Rotary Club of Playa Venice Sunrise, $15,616

Marina, Marina Rotary Foundation

Marina, Rotary Club of Marina Club Number 632

Mariposa, Mariposa Rotary Fund, $48,525

Martinez, Rotary Club of Martinez Foundation, $18,778

Marysville, Rotary Club of Marysville Foundation, $463,020

Mendocino, Mendocino Rotary Foundation, $110,576

Menifee, Rotary Club of Menifee California Foundation

Menlo Park, Rotary Club of Menlo Park Foundation, $2,685,128

Merced, Merced Rotary Club Foundation, $189,991

Merced, Merced Sunrise Rotary Club Charity, $92,465

Mill Valley, Mill Valley Rotary Service Fund Inc., $17,807

Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo Rotary Foundation, $113,784

Modesto, Modesto East Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Modesto, Modesto North Rotary Club Foundation

Modesto, Modesto Rotary Club Foundation, $457,663

Modesto, Modesto Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation, $63,193

Monrovia, Rotary Club of Monrovia Inc., $132,703

Montebello, Montebello Rotary Endowment Fund Inc., $250,410

Monterey Park, Monterey Park Rotary Club Foundation

Monterey, Rotary Foundation of the Rotary Club of Monterey A Nonprofit Bene, $134,197

Monterey, The Rotary Foundation of The Rotary Club of Seaside

Montrose, Crescenta-Canada Rotary Community Foundation

Moorpark, Moorpark Morning Rotary Club Foundation, $34,307

Moorpark, Moorpark Rotary Foundation

Moorpark, Rotary International

Moorpark, Simi Sunset Rotary Foundation

Moraga, Moraga Rotary Club Foundation, $54,024

Moreno Valley, Moreno Valley Rotary Club Foundation

Morgan Hill, Rotary Club of Morgan Hill Endowment Inc., $893,876

Morgan Hill, Rotary Club of San Jose Silicon Valley Foundation, $84,074

Morro Bay, Rotary Club of Morro Bay Foundation Inc., $136,971

Mount Shasta, Rotary Club of Mount Shasta Foundation, $162,439

Mount Shasta, Rotary International District 5160, $438,313

Mountain View, Rotary District 5170 Foundation, $154,597

Murphys, Angels-Murphys Rotary Charitable Foundation, $14,309

Murrieta, Murrieta Rotary Foundation, $150,711

Murrieta, Rotary Club of Temecula Valley – New Generations Foundation

N Highlands, Foothills-Highlands Rotary Club Foundation

Napa, Napa Rotary Endowment, $199,459

Napa, Napa Sunrise Rotary Endowment, $250,084

National City, National City Rotary Club Foundation, $13,289

Newport Beach, Newport Balboa Rotary Club Foundation, $232,155

Newport Beach, Newport Irvine Rotary Foundation

Newport Beach, Newport Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $80,996

Nipomo, Rotary Club of Nipomo Foundation Inc., $28,289

Norco, Norco Rotary Foundation

Novato, Novato Rotary Endowment, $6,656,263

Novato, Rotary Club of Ignacio Foundation, $320,007

Novato, Rotary Club of Novato-Sunrise Foundation, $176,029

Novato, Rotary District 5150 Charitable Foundation

Nuevo, Children’s Health International Projects-Rotary District 5330

Oakdale, Oakdale Rotary Club Foundation, $3,450

Oakdale, Oakdale Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Oakhurst, Oakhurst Sierra Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation

Oakland, Oakland Rotary Endowment, $3,435,392

Oakland, Piedmont-Montclair Rotary Endowment Inc.

Oakland, Rotary Club of East Oakland Foundation, $50,000

Oceanside, SLR Rotary

Ojai, Rotary Club of Ojai Educational Foundation Inc., $2,194,621

Ojai, Rotary Club of Ojai West Foundation Inc., $254,658

Ontario, Rotary Club of Ontario Foundation, $12,698

Orange, Orange Rotary Community Trust Fund, $723,435

Orange, Rotary International District 5320 Charitable Foundation, $64,045

Orange, The Orange Rotary Charitable Trust, $1

Orangevale, Orangevale Rotary Charitable Fund, $152,068

Orcutt, Arroyo Grande Rotary Foundation, $8,360

Orcutt, Santa Maria Breakfast Rotary Foundation Inc., $114,539

Orinda, Orinda Rotary Endowment, $362,904

Oxnard, Julius Guis Memorial Rotary Foundation, $447,899

Oxnard, Rotary Club of Oxnard Number 788 Charitable Trust

Oxnard, Rotary Club of Oxnard Sunrise Foundation

Pacific Grove, Monterey Peninsula Rotary Fund

Pacific Grove, Pacific Grove Rotary Club Legacy Ca Inc.

Pacific Grove, Rotary Club of Pacific Grove Charitable Fund Inc., $22,320

Pacific Palisades, The Rotary Club of Pacific Palisades Foundation, $53,798

Pacifica, Rotary Club of Pacifica California U S A

Pacifica, Rotary Club of Pacifica Endowment

Palm Desert, Palm Desert Palms To Pines Rotary Club, $33,220

Palm Desert, Rotary Club of Palm Desert Foundation, $515,160

Palm Desert, Rotary Clubs of Moreno Valley Foundation

Palm Desert, United States Golfing Fellowship of Rotary

Palm Springs, Palm Springs Rotary Club Foundation, $189,477

Palo Alto, Palo Alto Rotary Club Annual Charities Inc., $133,218

Palo Alto, Palo Alto Rotary Endowment Fund Inc., $754,237

Palo Alto, Redwood City Rotary Charitable Foundation, $113,416

Palo Alto, Redwood City Rotary Trust

Palos Verdes Peninsula, Palos Verdes Sunset Rotary Charities Inc.

Paradise, Paradise Rotary Foundation

Pasadena, Little Tokyo Rotary Foundation

Pasadena, Pasadena Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $118,899

Pasadena, Rotary Club of Pasadena Foundation, $1,018,516

Pasadena, Rotary Club of Southwest Los Angeles

Pasadena, Rotary District 5300 Foundation Inc., $282,844

Pasadena, Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee Inc., $692

Paso Robles, Paso Robles Rotary Services Inc., $514,948

Paso Robles, Rotary Club of Paso Robles Sunrise Foundation, $45,246

Penn Valley, Penn Valley Rotary Foundation

Petaluma, Petaluma Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc., $75,490

Petaluma, Petaluma Valley Rotary Trust, $129,427

Petaluma, Rotary Club of Petaluma Foundation, $512,594

Petaluma, Rotary Club of Petaluma Sunrise, $9,308

Pico Rivera, Rotary Club of Pico Rivera

Pinole, Rotary Club of Pinole Inc., $20,881

Pismo Beach, Rotary Club of Pismo Beach-Five Cities Charitable Foundation

Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Hill Rotary Foundation, $184,427

Pleasanton, Rotary Club of Pleasanton Foundation, $694,512

Pleasanton, Rotary Club of Pleasanton North Foundation, $328,710

Plymouth, Plymouth-Foothills Rotary Club Foundation, $34,674

Po Box, Rotary Club of East Los Angeles Foundation Inc.

Porterville, Porterville Rotary Club Foundation, $64,724

Portola, Rotary Club of Portola Endowment

Poway, Poway Rotary Foundation

Point Reyes Station, Rotary International

Rancho Cordova, Rancho Cordova Rotary Charitable, $99,927

Rancho Cordova, Rotary Club of Rancho Cordova, $11,190

Rancho Cucamonga, Rancho Cucamonga Rotary Club Foundation, $38,974

Rancho Mirage, Rotary Club of Rancho Mirage Foundation, $51,406

Rancho Palos Verdes, San Pedro Rotary Club Foundation

Rancho Santa Fe, Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Foundation Inc., $263,189

Rancho Santa Margarita, Rotary Foundation of Coto De Caza Trabuco Canyon, $66,743

Red Bluff, Red Bluff Rotary Foundation, $146,432

Redding, Redding West Rotary Foundation, $146,317

Redding, Rotary Club of Redding Charitable Foundation, $554,310

Redding, The Redding East Rotary Foundation

Redding, The Rotary Club of Northern Calif Foundation Against Substance Abuse, $229,991

Redlands, Redlands Rotary Club Foundation, $388,291

Redlands, Redlands Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $194,614

Redlands, Rotary District No 5330 Foundation, $444,195

Redlands, San Bernardino North Rotary Club Foundation, $347,213

Redondo Beach, Rotary Club of Redondo Beach Community Foundation

Redwood City, Rotary Club of Peninsula Sunrise Foundation, $34,720

Reedley, Reedley Rotary Endowment Fund

Richmond, Rotary Club of Richmond Inc., $72,032

Ridgecrest, Rotary Club of Chinalake Charitable Foundation, $237,365

Rio Vista, Rotary Club of Rio Vista

Ripon, Ripon Rotary Club Foundation

Riverside, Circle City Rotary Foundation, $36,931

Riverside, Riverside East Rotary Foundation Inc., $67,984

Riverside, Riverside Rotary Foundation, $446,919

Riverside, Riverside Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Riverside, Rotary Club of Jurupa Valley

Rocklin, Rocklin Loomis Basin Rotary Foundation Inc., $25,813

Rocklin, South Placer Rotary Foundation Inc.

Rohnert Park, Rohnert Park Cotati Rotary Foundation, $119,958

Rohnert Park, Rotary Club of Rancho Cotati Foundation

Rolling Hills Est, Palos Verdes Peninsula Rotary Foundation Inc., $277,136

Rosamond, Rosamond Rotary Foundation

Roseville, Dixon Rotary Foundation Inc., $43,265

Roseville, Rotary Club of Roseville Foundation, $478,898

Ross, Rotary Central Marin Foundation

S Pasadena, South Pasadena Rotary Foundation Inc.

Sacramento, East Sacramento Rotary Club Foundation

Sacramento, Oak Park Rotary House Foundation

Sacramento, Point West Rotary Club Foundation, $1,028,235

Sacramento, Rotary Club of Arden Aracade Foundation, $303,485

Sacramento, Rotary Club of Natomas Foundation

Sacramento, Rotary Club of North Sacramento Foundation

Sacramento, Rotary Club of Pocket-Greenhaven Foundation

Sacramento, Rotary Club of Sacramento Foundation, $3,081,778

Sacramento, Rotary Club of South Sacramento Foundation, $184,189

Saint Helena, St Helena Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $48,497

Salida, Salida Rotary Foundation, $11,087

Salinas, Salinas Rotary Club Charitable Fund, $257,594

Salinas, Salinas Steinbeck Rotary Club Foundation

Salinas, Santa Lucia Rotary Foundation

San Anselmo, Rotary Club of Ross Valley

San Anselmo, Rotary Club of Ross Valley Foundation, $290,906

San Bernardino, Rotary Life Foundation of San Bernardino

San Clemente, San Clemente Rotary Foundation Inc., $228,355

San Diego, Art Pratt Foundation of Old Mission Rotary Club, $2,199,572

San Diego, Miramar Semper Fidelis Rotary Foundation

San Diego, MV Sunset Rotary Club Charitable Trust

San Diego, Point Loma Rotary Endowment Fund Inc., $250,983

San Diego, Rancho Bernardo Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $513,344

San Diego, Rotary Club of Mission Bay Community Foundation

San Diego, Rotary Club of Rancho Penasquitos Sunrise

San Diego, Rotary Club of San Diego Foundation Inc., $99,251

San Diego, Rotary Club of San Diego Paradise Valley Foundation

San Diego, Rotary Club of Southeast San Diego

San Diego, Rotary District 5340 Foundation

San Diego, San Diego Coastal Rotary Club Foundation

San Diego, San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Foundation, $459,428

San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf Rotary Charitable Trust 021392

San Francisco, Foundation of Rotary Club of San Francisco Bayview

San Francisco, Rotary Club of San Francisco Chinatown Foundation Inc., $114,221

San Francisco, Rotary Club of San Francisco Evening

San Francisco, Rotary Club of San Francisco Evening Foundation

San Francisco, Rotary Club of San Francisco Soma Foundation Inc.

San Francisco, Rotary Club of San Francisco West

San Francisco, Rotary Club of San Francisco West Foundation

San Francisco, Rotary Service Inc., $132,101

San Francisco, Rotary Valley Inc., $512,804

San Francisco, San Francisco Airport Rotary Club Foundation

San Francisco, San Francisco Rotary Foundation, $3,828,400

San Gabriel, San Gabriel Rotary Foundation

San Jose, Almaden Valley Rotary Club Endowment, $406,765

San Jose, Rotary Club of San Jose East Endowment Fund, $427,166

San Jose, Rotary Club of San Jose Foundation Inc., $5,020,946

San Jose, Rotary Club of Ubud Foundation

San Leandro, San Leandro Rotary Endowment, $433,191

San Marcos, San Marcos Rotary Club Foundation, $22,710

San Marino, San Marino Rotary Charities, $677,157

San Mateo, San Mateo Rotary Foundation, $1,483,599

San Mateo, Sunrise Rotary Club of San Mateo Charitable Foundation

San Rafael, Mission San Rafael Rotary Club, $335,269

San Rafael, Rotary Club of San Rafael Fund, $371,052

San Rafael, Rotary Club of Terra Linda Foundation Inc., $197,810

San Rafael, Rotary International, $6,917

San Rafael, Rotary Manor, $6,456,643

San Rafael, San Rafael Harbor Rotary Club Foundation, $47,112

San Ramon, Diablo San Ramon Valley Rotary Foundation, $175,934

San Ramon, San Ramon Valley Rotary Foundation, $508,417

Sanger, Sanger Rotary Foundation

Santa Ana, Santa Ana North Rotary Club Foundation, $36,348

Santa Barbara, Rotary Club of Montecito Foundation Inc., $163,328

Santa Barbara, Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North Charitable Foundation, $305,236

Santa Barbara, Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Charitable Foundation, $212,091

Santa Barbara, Rotary District 5240 Charitable Foundation, $41,390

Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Rotary Charitable Foundation, $513,446

Santa Clara, Santa Clara Rotary Foundation, $447,355

Santa Cruz, Rotary Club of Santa Cruz Sunrise Foundation Inc., $200,251

Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Rotary Endowment, $1,072,528

Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Rotary Foundation, $319,397

Santa Maria, Santa Maria Rotary Foundation, $17,360

Santa Maria, South Santa Maria Rotary Foundation

Santa Monica, Rotary Club of Hollywood Foundation

Santa Monica, Santa Monica Rotary Club Foundation, $787,451

Santa Paula, Santa Paula Rotary Scholarship Foundation Inc., $378,561

Santa Rosa, Rotary Club of Santa Rosa Foundation, $1,373,611

Santa Rosa, Rotary Club of West Santa Rosa Community Fund, $259,989

Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa East Rotary Foundation, $265,770

Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Santa Rosa, Valley of the Moon Rotary Foundation, $81,926

Santa Rosa, Windsor Rotary Community Foundation, $211,979

Santee, Santee-Lakeside Rotary Club Foundation, $186,943

Saratoga, Saratoga Rotary Charitable Foundation, $1,554,681

Sausalito, Rotary Housing Corporation, $4,181,594

Sausalito, Sausalito Rotary Educational Scholarship Fund, $517,270

Sebastopol, Rotary Club of Sebastopol Foundation Inc.

Sebastopol, Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise Community Foundation, $135,366

Sebastopol, Sebastopol Rotary Education Foundation Inc., $824,126

Selma, Rotary Club of Selma Endowment Fund, $42,919

Shafter, Shafter Rotary Foundation, $71,200

Sherman Oaks, Rotary e-Club of the Greater San Fernando Valley Foundation, $1

Simi Valley, Simi Sunrise Rotary Charitable Foundation, $208,064

Sn Bernardino, Crossroads Rotary Club Charitable Foundation, $15

San Luis Obispo, Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Charities Inc., $20,361

San Luis Obispo, Rotary Community Charities Inc., $272,486

Solana Beach, Solana Beach Eco Rotary

Solana Beach, Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club Foundation

Solvang, Santa Ynez Valley Rotary Club Foundation, $218,236

Solvang, Solvang Rotary Club Foundation, $242,579

Sonoma, Sonoma Valley Rotary Foundation, $163,685

Sonora, Sonora Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation, $83,324

South San Francisco, South San Francisco Rotary Foundation, $1,048,426

Spreckels, Salinas Rodeo Rotary Club Foundation

Stevenson Ranch, Newhall Rotary Community Foundation

Stockton, North Stockton Rotary Club Foundation

Stockton, Rotary District 5220 Relief Corporation

Stockton, Stockton East Rotary Scholarship Fund

Stockton, Stockton Rotary Endowment, $3,447,403

Suisun City, Fairfield Suisun Rotary Club Foundation, $49,543

Sunnyvale, Rotary Club of Sunnyvale California USA Foundation, $166,519

Taft, Rotary Club of Taft Foundation Inc.

Tarzana, San Fernando Rotary Foundation

Tarzana, Tarzana Encino Rotary Club Char Foundation

Tehachapi, Rotary Club of Tehachapi Foundation

Tehachapi, Rotary International

Temecula, Rotary Club of Temecula Foundation, $65,869

Temecula, Temecula Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Templeton, Rotary Club of Templeton Foundation

Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley Rotary Charitable Foundation, $446,727

Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks Rotary Foundation, $632,679

Tiburon, Rotary Club of Tiburon Sunset Foundation, $72,223

Tiburon, Rotary Club of Tiburon-Belvedere Foundation, $249,151

Torrance, Rotary Club of South Bay Torrance, $2,367

Torrance, Rotary Club of Torrance Educational Foundation, $109,666

Torrance, The South Bay Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation, $30,210

Tracy, Tracy Rotary Endowment

Tracy, Tracy Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Truckee, Truckee Rotary Community Foundation

Tucaipa, Foundation of Yucaipa Rotary Club Inc., $1

Tulare, Tulare Rotary Foundation, $97,005

Tulare, Tulare Sunrise Rotary Inc., $34,848

Tulelake, Tulelake Rotary Club

Tustin, Tustin Santa Ana Rotary Club Foundation, $126,760

Ukiah, South Ukiah Rotary Foundation

Upland, Rotary Club of Upland Foundation Inc.

Vacaville, Vacaville Rotary Foundation, $332,130

Vacaville, Vacaville Sunrise Rotary Endowment, $54,235

Vallejo, Rotary Club of Vallejo Foundation, $21,128

Valley Center, Rotary Foundation of Valley Center Ca Inc., $136,396

Valley Springs, West Calaveras Rotary Charities Inc.

Ventura, Rotary Club of Ventura-East Foundation Inc., $2,356,380

Ventura, Ventura-South Rotary Foundation Inc., $171,574

Vernon, Rio Hondo-Vernon Rotary Club Foundation, $4,800

Victorville, Victorville Rotary Foundation Inc., $74,899

Villa Park, Villa Park Rotary Club Non-Profit Corporation, $99,022

Visalia, County Center Rotary Community Support, $32,833

Visalia, Visalia Breakfast Rotary Community Support Association, $138,687

Visalia, Visalia Rotary Community Foundation, $4,752,047

Vista, Rotary Club of Vista

Vista, Vista Hi Noon Rotary Foundation

Vista, Vista Rotary Community Service Fund

W Hollywood, Southern California-Nevada Rotary International Youth Exchange, $61,906

W Sacramento, West Sacramento Rotary Foundation, $546,313

Walnut Creek, Rossmoor Rotary Foundation 1988 Tice Valley Blvd, $924,646

Walnut Creek, Sunrise Rotary Community Foundation

Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek Rotary Club Community Foundation, $319,611

Walnut Grove, Walnut Grove Rotary Foundation

Watsonville, Watsonville Rotary Endowment, $382,919

Weaverville, Weaverville Rotary Scholarship Foundation, $211,879

Weed, Rotary Club of Weed Charitable Foundation, $73,363

West Covina, Rotary Club of West Covina Foundation

Westlake Village, Westlake Village Rotary Foundation

Westlake Village, Westlake Village Rotary Unrestricted Charitable Foundation

Westwood, Rotary Club of Westwood-Lake Almanor

Whittier, Whittier Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $6,585

Wildomar, Wildomar Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $23,765

Willits, Willits Rotary Charitable Foundation, $82,814

Winters, Rotary Club of Winters Community Foundation, $66,673

Woodland Hills, Woodland Hills Rotary Club Charitable Foundation, $551,844

Woodland, Luna Vista Rotary Foundation

Woodland, Woodland Rotary Endowment, $572,838

Woodland, Woodland Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $221,792

Yorba Linda, Yorba Linda Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation, $140,344

Yuba City, Rotary Memorial Scholastic Foundation Inc., $463,745

Yucca Valley, The Rotary Club of Yucca Valley Foundation Inc., $51,089

Yucca Valley, Yucca Valley Sunset Rotary




Alamosa, Alamosa Rotary Club

Arvada, Arvada Rotary Foundation Inc.

Arvada, Arvada Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation, $292,151

Aspen, Aspen Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Aspen, Aspen Rotary Club-Christmas Wish Inc.

Aurora, Aurora Fitzsimons Rotary Foundation Inc.

Aurora, Aurora Gateway Rotary Community Foundation Inc.

Aurora, Aurora Rotary Foundation Inc., $221,308

Black Hawk, Foundation of the Peak To Peak Rotary Club

Black Hawk, Peak To Peak Rotary Club

Boulder, Boulder Flatirons Rotary Foundation A Nonprofit Corporation, $50,694

Boulder, Boulder Rotary Foundation Inc., $751,942

Boulder, Boulder Valley Rotary Foundation, $442,532

Boulder, Longmont St Vrain Rotary Charity Fund Inc.

Breckenridge, Breckenridge Mountain Rotary Foundation Inc., $30,341

Brighton, Rotary Club of Brighton Colorado

Broomfield, Broomfield Crossing Rotary Foundation

Broomfield, Broomfield Rotary Foundation, $251,743

Brush, Brush Rotary Club Foundation

Brush, Rocky Mountain Rotary Youth Exchange

Buena Vista, Buena Vista Rotary Interact Charitable Fund Inc.

Burlington, Rotary Club of Burlington Charitable Foundation

Canon City, Rotary Club of Canon City Charitable Foundation

Carbondale, Roaring Fork Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $71,031

Castle Rock, Castle Rock High Noon Rotary Foundation

Castle Rock, Rotary Club of Castle Pines Foundation Inc.

Castle Rock, Rotary Club of Castle Rock Foundation Inc., $76,144

Castle Rock, Rotary International

Centennial, Centennial Rotary Foundation Inc., $137,959

Centennial, Highlands Ranch Rotary Foundation Inc., $175,232

Centennial, Smoky Hill Rotary Foundation Inc., $20,421

Colorado Springs, Community Service Fund of the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs, $101,795

Colorado Springs, North Colorado Springs Rotary Club Foundation

Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Area Rotary Endowment, $498,450

Colorado Springs, Rotary Champions Foundation Inc.

Commerce City, Commerce City Rotary Foundation Inc., $210,084

Conifer, Conifer Rotary Foundation, $112,580

Cortez, Dolores Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Denver, Denver International Airport Rotary Foundation

Denver, Denver Rotary Club Foundation, $3,067,178

Denver, Rotary Club Denver Tech Center Foundation

Denver, Rotary Club of Denver Mile High Foundation, $168,412

Denver, Rotary Club of Denver Stapleton

Denver, Rotary Club-Denver Tech Center

Denver, The Lodo Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $65,286

Eagle, Charitable Foundation-Western Eagle Valley Rotary Club Inc.

Eastlake, Northglenn-Thornton Rotary Foundation, $42,967

Edwards, Charitable Foundation of the Edwards Rotary Club Inc.

Englewood, Englewood Rotary Foundation Inc., $178,409

Englewood, Rotary Club of Denver Sky High

Erie, Erie Rotary Charity Fund Inc.

Estes Park, Longs Peak Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Estes Park, Rotary Club of Estes Park USA Foundation Inc., $203,200

Evergreen, Evergreen Rotary Foundation Inc., $409,953

Evergreen, Foundation of Mountain Foothills Rotary, $78,642

Fort Collins, Foothills Rotary Charitable Foundation, $580,849

Fort Collins, Fort Collins Breakfast Rotary Charitable Foundation, $151,375

Fort Collins, Rotary Club of Fort Collins Charities Inc., $85,437

Fort Morgan, Rotary Foundation of Fort Morgan Colorado

Frisco, The Summit County Rotary Charitable Fund, $1,154,020

Glendale, Denver-Cherry Creek Rotary Foundation, $279,869

Glenwood Springs, Rotary Club of Glenwood Springs Charitable Foundation, $13,758

Golden, Golden Rotary Foundation, $144,847

Granby, Rotary Club of Granby Foundation

Grand Junction, Grand Junction Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $251,920

Greeley, Greeley Rotary Club Foundation, $30,146

Greeley, Rotary International District 5440 Foundation

Johnstown, Johnstown Milliken Rotary Foundation

Julesburg, Sedgwick County Rotary Club Foundation

Kremmling, Kremmling Rotary Club

Lakewood, Rotary Club of Lakewood Colorado Foundation

Lakewood, Rotary Club of Lakewood Foothills Foundation

Lakewood, South Jeffco Rotary Foundation Inc.

Littleton, Littleton Rotary Foundation Inc., $746,518

Longmont, Longmont Rotary Charity Fund Inc.

Longmont, Longmont Twin Peaks Rotary Charity Fund Inc.

Loveland, Loveland Rotary Club Foundation, $1,138,308

Loveland, Thompson Valley Rotary Club Foundation, $186,899

Mead, Westminster Rotary Foundation Inc., $889,702

Montrose, Montrose Rotary Club Youth Foundation Inc., $2,596,872

Niwot, Rotary Club of Niwot Foundation Inc.

Pagosa Springs, Pagosa Rotary Community Assistance Fund, $79,993

Pagosa Springs, Pagosa Springs Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $285,102

Parker, Cherry Creek Valley Rotary Club of Parker Foundation, $50,617

Parker, Rotary Club of Denver Southeast Foundation, $440,968

Parker, Rotary Club of Parker Foundation, $183,557

Pueblo, Pueblo Rotary Foundation Inc., $460,575

Rocky Ford, Rocky Ford Rotary Club

Salida, Salida Rotary Charitable Fund Inc.

Salida, Salida Sunrise Rotary Charitable Fund Inc.

Snowmass Village, Snowmass Village Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc., $237,505

Telluride, Mountain and Plains Rotary Youth Exchange, $82,244

Telluride, Telluride Rotary Foundation Inc., $116,784

Vail, Charitable Foundation of the Vail Eagle Valley Rotary Club, $323,074

Vail, Rotary International

Westcliffe, Wet Mountain Valley Rotary Community Service Inc., $49,014

Westcliffe, Wet Mountain Valley Rotary Foundation, $199,852

Westminster, Westminster 7 10 Rotary Club Foundation, $106,874

Wheat Ridge, Rotary Club of Wheat Ridge Foundation, $412,266

Winter Park, Winter Park-Fraser Valley Rotary Foundation Inc.



Ansonia, Rotary Club of Ansonia Inc.

Avon, Avon-Canton Rotary Club Community Fund Inc., $289,608

Bloomfield, Bloomfield Rotary Foundation Inc., $48,126

Bozrah, Norwich Rotary Foundation Inc., $304,860

Bristol, Bristol Rotary Scholarship Fund Inc., $4,158,736

Cheshire, Cheshire Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc.

Colchester, Rotary Club of Colchester Foundation Inc., $85,551

Cos Cob, The Greenwich Rotary Foundation, $287,271

Danbury, Rotary Club of Danbury Charitable Trust, $238,009

Danielson, Danielson Rotary Trust, $74,177

Darien, Darien Rotary Foundation Inc.

Deep River, Deep River Rotary Foundation Inc.

East Hampton, East Hampton Rotary Foundation Inc., $217,518

Enfield, Enfield Rotary Memorial Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Enfield, Rotary Club of Enfield Charitable Fund Inc.

Essex, Essex Rotary Scholarship Foundation

Essex, Rotary Club of Essex Foundation

Fairfield, Fairfield Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $880,317

Farmington, Farmington Rotary Club Foundation, $968

Glastonbury, Glastonbury Rotary Charitable Corporation Inc., $200

Glastonbury, Rotary Club of East Hartford Charitable Fund, $25,752

Greenwich, Byram Rotary Foundation, $58,200

Groton, Groton Rotary Community Awards Inc.

Guilford, Branford Rotary Foundation Inc., $275,078

Guilford, Guilford Rotary Club Memorial Education Fund Inc.

Hamden, Rotary Club of Hamden Foundation Inc., $542,411

Hamden, Rotary District 7980 Gift of Life Foundation Inc.

Hartford, Rotary Club of Hartford Do Good Chest

Ledyard, Ledyard Rotary Foundation Inc.

Ledyard, Rotary International

Litchfield, Rotary Club of Litchfield-Morris Foundation Inc.

Madison, Madison Rotary Foundation Inc., $197,477

Manchester, Manchester Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Meriden, Meriden Rotary Foundation, $473,930

Middletown, Middletown Rotary Charitable Fund Inc.

Middletown, Middletown Rotary Club Scholarship Trust NECT

Milford, Devon Rotary Foundation Trust Fund, $183,989

Mystic, Rotary Club of Mystic Charitable Fund Inc., $18,442

N Branford, North Branford Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

N Haven, North Haven Rotary Foundation, $208,164

New Canaan, Rotary Club of New Canaan Charitable Foundation Inc., $30,497

New Haven, Rotary Scholarship and Charitable Trust Fund of New Haven

New London, New London Rotary Foundation Inc., $361,972

New Milford, New Milford Rotary Foundation Inc.

Newington, Newington Rotary Charities Inc., $57,701

Newtown, Newtown Rotary Club Foundation, $304,250

Niantic, Niantic Rotary Foundation Inc., $50,280

North Haven, Rotary District 7980 Foundation Inc., $73,580

Norwalk, Norwalk Rotary Trust Fund

Norwich, Norwich Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc., $26,311

Old Saybrook, Old Saybrook Rotary Foundation Inc., $595,022

Orange, Rotary Club of Orange Foundation Inc., $110,621

Plantsville, Southington Rotary Trust, $78,452

Putnam, Putnam Rotary Foundation Inc., $475,191

Ridgefield, Ridgefield Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $15,906

Salisbury, Salisbury Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Shelton, Bridgeport Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $61,184

Shelton, Bridgeport Rotary Club Housing Corporation, $5,595,635

Shelton, Derby-Shelton Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $279,048

Shelton, Rotary Club of Derby-Shelton Inc., $10,674

Simsbury, Simsbury Rotary Club Ed Dodge Scholarship Endowment Inc.

Somers, Rotary Club of Somers Charitable Fund Inc.

South Windsor, East Hartford Rotary Club Scholarship Trust NECT, $215,623

Southbury, Tribury Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $37,463

Stonington, Rotary Foundation of the Stoningtons Inc., $103,509

Suffield, Suffield Rotary Foundation, $135,326

Thomaston, Rotary Club of Thomaston Connecticut Inc., $231,740

Torrington, Rotary Foundation of the Torrington Winsted Areas, $379,240

Trumbull, Trumbull Rotary Foundation, $137,160

Wallingford, Wallingford Foundation Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Wallingford, $962,199

Waterford, Montville Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Waterford, Montville Rotary Club Inc.

Watertown, Naugatuck Rotary Foundation

Watertown, Rotary Club of Watertown Connecticut Foundation Inc., $197,865

West Hartford, Rotary Club of West Hartford Service Chest Inc., $114,616

West Haven, West Haven Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $226,559

Westport, Sunrise Rotary 21St Century Foundation Inc., $84,034

Westport, Westport Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $24,344

Westport, Westport Rotary Trust Fund

Wethersfield, Rotary Club of Wethersfield Helping Hand Fund, $607,617



Bethany Beach, Southern Sussex Rotary

Georgetown, Rotary International, $57,172

Hockessin, Hockessin Greenville Rotary Foundation

Lewes, Rotary International, $66,159

Milford, Milford Rotary Club Educational Foundation

Milford, Rotary Area 4 Can Do Too Playground Inc.

Newark, Christiana Rotary Club Foundation, $185,670

Odessa, Rotary Club of Southern New Castle County Club 68374 District 7630

Seaford, Delaware Nanticoke Rotary Foundation Inc.

Wilmington, Newark Rotary Club Service Foundation, $22,185

Wilmington, Rotary Club of Wilmington Educational Foundation, $1,214,570

Wilmington, Rotary Club of Wilmington Services Foundation, $193,625

Wilmington, Wilmington Delaware Area Rotary Clubs Community Fund

Wilmington, Wilmington West Rotary Foundation



Washington, DC, Rotary Club of Capitol Hill Foundation

Washington, DC, Rotary Foundation of the Rotary Club of Federal City Washington DC

Washington, DC, Rotary Foundation of Washington DC, $7,535,597



Altamonte Spring, Rotary Club of Seminole County South, $187,226

Apopka, Rotary Club of Apopka Foundation Inc., $27,136

Arcadia, Rotary Club of Arcadia Foundation Inc.

Atlantis, Lake Worth Rotary Club Charity Inc.

Avon Park, Rotary Club of Avon Park Charitable Foundation Inc.

Belle Isle, New Generations Rotary District 6980 Youth Programs Inc., $27,369

Belleview, Belleview Rotary Foundation Inc.

Big Pine Key, Big Pine and Lower Keys Rotary Foundation Inc., $6,168

Blountstown, Blountstown Rotary Club Inc.

Boca Raton, Boca Raton Central Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Boca Raton, Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton Fund, $125,242

Boca Raton, Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunrise Foundation Inc., $216,873

Bonita Springs, Foundation of the Rotary Club of Bonita Springs Inc., $391,770

Bonita Springs, Rotary Club of Bonita Springs-Noon Foundation Inc., $445,478

Boynton Beach, Rotary Club of Boynton Beach Lantana Inc.

Bradenton, Bradenton Rotary Foundation Inc., $1,027,956

Bradenton, Manatee Riverside Rotary Club Inc.

Bradenton, West Bradenton Rotary Charitable Fund

Brandon, Brandon 86 Rotary Endowment Fund Inc.

Brandon, Brandon Rotary Club Charity Fund Inc., $412,539

Brandon, Rotary Club of Temple Terrace Foundation Inc.

Brandon, Rotary’s Camp Florida Inc., $1,571,340

Brandon, Valrico Rotary Endowment Fund

Brooksville, Rotary Club of Brooksville Charitable Trust Inc.

Cape Coral, Cape Coral Rotary Foundation Inc., $410,711

Clearwater, Rotary Club of Clearwater Beach Charities Inc.

Clearwater, Rotary Club of Clearwater Charities Inc., $831,219

Clearwater, Rotary Club of Safety Harbor Foundation Inc.

Clearwater, The Rotary Club of Clearwater East Foundation Inc., $239,854

Clermont, Rotary Club of International Drive Orlando Foundation Inc.

Clermont, South Lake Rotary Foundation Inc.

Cocoa Beach, Cocoa Beach Daybreak Rotary Foundation Inc.

Cocoa Beach, Cocoa Beach Rotary Foundation

Cocoa, Coca Rotary Foundation Inc., $164,268

Coconut Creek, Rotary Club of Pompano Beach- Lighthouse Fund Inc., $12,359

Coconut Grove, Rotary Club of Key Biscayne Foundation Inc., $240,284

Coral Gables, Brickell Rotary Foundation Inc.

Coral Gables, Rotary Foundation of Coral Gables Inc., $153,282

Coral Springs, Coral Springs Rotary Charities Inc.

Crystal River, Rotary Club of Central Citrus Charitable Foundation Inc.

Crystal River, Rotary Foundation of Crystal River Inc., $99,354

Dade City, Dade City Rotary Club Charities Inc., $61,072

Dade City, Dade City Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Davie, Rotary Foundation of Davie-Cooper City Inc., $4,172

Debary, Rotary Club of Debary Deltona Florida Inc.

Deerfield Bch, Deer Field Beach Rotary Fund Inc.

Deerfield Bch, Rotary Club of Fort Lauderdale Cypress Creek Charitable Fund Inc.

DeFuniak Springs, Rotary Club of DeFuniak Springs, $4,416

Delray Beach, Delray Beach Rotary Fund Inc., $178,325

Destin, Destin Rotary Scholarship Fund Inc.

Dunedin, Dunedin North Rotary Endowment Foundation Inc.

Dunedin, Dunedin Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $624,602

Dunedin, Rotary Club of Dunedin Waterside Foundation

Englewood, Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary Community Trust, $260,171

Englewood, Lemon Bay Sunrise Rotary Scholarship Trust, $1,073,104

Estero, Rotary Club of Estero Foundation Inc., $32,442

Fernandina, Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach Charitable Fund Inc.

Flagler Beach, Rotary Club of Flagler Beach Inc., $76,742

Fleming Isle, Rotary Club of Fleming Island Foundation Inc.

Fort Myers, Fort Myers Rotary 05202010 Trust Fund, $495,547

Fort Myers, Rotary Club of Fort Myers South Foundation Inc., $608,312

Ft Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale Beach Rotary Foundation Fund Inc.

Ft Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale Rotary 1090 Foundation Inc., $839,909

Ft Lauderdale, Rotary Club of Coral Springs-Parkland Foundation Inc., $90,359

Ft Lauderdale, Rotary Club of Fort Lauderdale North Beach Scholarship Fund Inc., $768,844

Ft Walton Beach, Fort Walton Beach Rotary Club Scholarship Inc., $293,647

Gainesville, Rotary Club of Gainesville Foundation Inc., $668,512

Goldenrod, Rotary Orlando East Foundation Inc.

Gulf Breeze, Gulf Breeze Rotary Scholarship Foundation Inc., $369,776

Hallandale Beach, Hallandale Beach – Aventura Rotary Foundation Inc., $128,468

Hialeah, Hialeah Miami Springs Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $58,981

Hollywood, Hollywood Rotary Foundation Inc., $951,128

Holmes Beach, The Rotary Club of Anna Maria Island Foundation Inc.

Homestead, Rotary Club of Homestead Charitable Foundation Inc., $137,479

Homosassa Spring, Rotary Club of Homosassa Springs Charitable Foundation Inc., $191,997

Homosassa, Kings Bay Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $137,164

Homosassa, Sugarmill Woods Rotary Charitable Foundation

Indialantic, Indialantic Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $11,892

Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Rocks Rotary Foundation Inc., $77,987

Inverness, Rotary Club of Inverness Charitable Inc., $53,649

Jacksonville, Riverside Rotary Foundation Inc., $111,247

Jacksonville, Rotary Charities of North Jacksonville Inc., $32,936

Jacksonville, Rotary Charity Foundation, $85,396

Jacksonville, Rotary Club of Mandarin Charities Inc., $30,039

Jacksonville, Rotary Club of San Jose Charitable Fund Inc., $10,558

Jacksonville, Rotary Club of South Jacksonville Charities Inc.

Jacksonville, Rotary D6970 Youth Exchange Inc., $23,923

Jacksonville, Rotary District 6970 York Foundation Inc., $70,870

Jax Bch, Oceanside Rotary Charities Inc., $65,716

Key Largo, Rotary Club of Key Largo Charitable Events Inc., $73,629

Key West, Key West Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $595,595

Key West, Rotary Club of Sunset Key West,

Key West, Sunrise Rotary Foundation of Key West Inc., $573,789

Keystone Height, Rotary International, $16,772

Kissimmee, Rotary Club of Kissimmee Foundation Inc., $21,975

Labelle, Labelle Rotary Foundation Inc., $18,645

Lady Lake, Rotary Club of the Villages – Evening – Foundation Inc.

Lady Lake, Rotary Club of the Villages Foundation Inc., $165,455

Lake Placid, Lake Placid Noon Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $158,736

Lake Placid, Rotary Club of Lake Placid Foundation Inc., $71,034

Lake Wales, Lake Wales Breakfast Rotary Foundation Inc., $285,246

Lake Wales, Lake Wales Rotary Foundation Inc.

Lakeland, Rotary District 6890 Foundation Inc.

Lakeland, The Bartow Rotary Foundation Inc., $231,006

Lakewood Ranch, Lakewood Ranch Rotary Club, $176,299

Largo, Rotary Club of Largo Charitable Foundation Inc.

Leesburg, Rotary Club of Leesburg Florida Foundation Inc., $1

Lehigh Acres, Lehigh Rotary Foundation

Longboat Key, Rotary Longboat Key Charitable Fund

Loxahatchee, Rotary Club of Wellington Foundation Inc., $28,819

Loxahatchee, Wellington Rotary Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Lynn Haven, Lynn Haven Rotary Club

Madeira Beach, Gulf Beaches Rotary Foundation Inc., $23,191

Maitland, Maitland Rotary Art Festival Inc., $52,558

Marathon Shrs, Rotary Club of Marathon Inc., $99,096

Marco Island, Marco Island Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $484,500

Marco Island, Marco Island Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $263,888

Marco Island, Rotary Club of Marco Island Inc., $59,602

Melbourne, Eau Gallie Rotary Charities Corporation

Melbourne, Rotary Club of Suntree Foundation Inc.

Melbourne, Rotary Foundation of Melbourne Inc., $1

Merritt Is, Merritt Island Breakfast Rotary Foundation Inc.

Merritt Is, Merritt Island Rotary Foundation Inc., $16,100

Miami Shores, Miami Shores Rotary Foundation Inc.

Miami, Foundation of the Rotary Club of Miami Dadeland-Pinecrest Inc., $190,710

Miami, Rotary Club of Coconut Grove Foundation Inc.

Miami, Rotary Foundation of South Miami Inc., $189,127

Middleburg, Rotary Club of Deerwood Charities Inc., $360,477

Miramar Beach, Rotary Club of South Walton County Inc.

Murdock, Rotary Club of Murdock Foundation Inc.

N Fort Myers, North Fort Myers Rotary Trust Fund, $121,358

Naples, Naples Gulf Shore Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Naples, Naples North Rotary Club Foundation, $474,646

Naples, Naples Pelican Bay Rotary Endowment Fund Inc., $182,808

Naples, Rotary Club of Naples Charitable Foundation Inc., $525,923

Naples, Rotary Club of Naples Collier Inc.

Navarre, Rotary Club of Navarre Inc., $12,466

Navarre, Rotary Foundation of Navarre Florida Inc.

New Port Richey, Rotary District 6950 Charitable Foundation Inc.

North Miami, Bal Harbour Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc.

Ocala, Ocala Rotary Foundation Inc.

Ocala, Ocala Silver Springs Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Ocala, Rotary Club of Ocala Southwest Foundation Inc.

Ocala, Rotary Sportsplex of Marion County Inc., $653,047

Ocoee, Rotary Club of Ocoee Foundation Inc.

Oldsmar, Oldsmar Florida Rotary Charities Inc.

Oldsmar, Rotary Club of East Lake Sunrise Charitable Trust Inc.

Orange Park, Rotary Club of Orange Park Charitable Foundation Inc., $40,285

Orange Park, Rotary Club of Orange Park Sunrise Charities Inc., $41,038

Orlando, Lake Nona Rotary Foundation Inc.

Orlando, Rotary Club of College Park Foundation Inc.

Orlando, Rotary Club of Kissimmee West Inc.

Orlando, Rotary Club of Orlando Foundation Inc., $261,003

Orlando, Rotary Foundation Kissimmee West Inc.

Orlando, Rotary Fund of Orlando Breakfast Club Inc.

Orlando, Rotary Youth Exchange Florida Inc., $343,032

Ormond Beach, Darcy Akers Ormond Beach Rotary Scholarship Fund Inc., $769,543

Oviedo, Rotary Club of Oviedo Foundation Inc.

Pace, Rotary Club of Pace Foundation Inc.

Palm Bay, Rotary Club of Palm Bay Florida Inc.

Palm Beach, Palm Beach Flagler Rotary Foundation Inc., $40,454

Palm Beach, Palm Beach Rotary Foundation, $599,840

Palm Coast, Rotary Club of Flagler Country Foundation Inc., $62,830

Palmetto Bay, Perrine-Cutler Ridge Rotary Foundation Inc.

Palmetto, Palmetto Rotary Education Fund, $49,400

Pembroke Pines, Miramar-Pines Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Pensacola, Cantonment Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Pensacola, Pensacola Suburban West Rotary Club Foundations Inc., $14,143

Pensacola, Rotary Club of Pensacola Foundation Inc., $192,299

Pensacola, Rotary Club of Pensacola Seville Inc.

Plant City, Plant City Rotary Foundation Inc., $30,957

Plantation, Plantation Rotary Fund Inc.

Pompano Beach, Pompano Beach Rotary Fund Inc., $657,046

Ponte Vedra, Ponte Vedra Beach Rotary Foundation Inc., $83,975

Ponte Vedra, Ponte Vedra Beach Rotary Sunset Charities Inc.

Port Richey, Holiday Rotary Endowment Fund Inc., $67,035

Port Richey, Port Richey Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $37,464

Port Richey, The Seven Springs Rotary Foundation Inc.

Port Richey, Trinity Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $5,568

Port Salerno, Hobe Sound Port Salerno Rotary Club Charity Fund Inc.

Port St Lucie, Port St Lucie Rotary Foundation Inc.

Port St Lucie, Port St Lucie Sunset Rotary Club

Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte Rotary Foundation Inc., $54,663

Punta Gorda, Punta Gorda Rotary Charity and Education Foundation Inc.

Riverview, Rotary Club of Riverview Foundation Inc.

Riviera Beach, The Singer Island Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Rockledge, Rockledge Rotary Foundation Inc., $61,743

Rockledge, Rotary District 6930 Charitable Foundation Inc., $16,863

Royal Palm Beach, Foundation of the Royal Palm Beach Rotary Club Inc., $12,424

Royal Palm Beach, Royal Palm Rotary Club

Ruskin, South Shore Rotary Foundation Inc.

Saint Cloud, Rotary Club of St Cloud Inc., $42,137

Saint Johns, Rotary Club of St Johns County Foundation

San Antonio, Rotary Club of San Antonio Florida Fund, $34,190

Sanibel, Sanibel Captiva Rotary Trust Fund, $140,231

Sarasota, Rotary Club of Sarasota Bay Foundation Inc.

Sarasota, Rotary Club of Sarasota Gateway Foundation Inc.

Sarasota, Rotary Club of Sarasota Keys Foundation Inc., $223,148

Sarasota, Rotary Club of Sarasota Southside Foundation Inc., $58,021

Sarasota, Rotary Club of Sarasota Sunrise Foundation Inc., $144,875

Sarasota, Rotary Gift of Life of Florida Inc., $46,045

Sarasota, Sarasota Gulf Gate Rotary Foundation Inc.

Sarasota, Sarasota Rotary Foundation Inc., $214,854

Sebastian, Rotary Club of Sebastian Recreation Foundation

Sebring, Rotary Club of Sebring Charities Inc.

Seminole, Rotary Club of Seminole Charitable Fund Inc., $254,609

Seminole, Rotary Club of Seminole Lake Charitable Foundation Inc.

South Miami, The Rotary Club of Miami Florida Foundation Inc., $677,265

Spring Hill, Rotary Club of Spring Hill Scholarship Fund Inc., $4,489

Spring Hill, Spring Hill Central Rotary Foundation Inc.

St Augustine, Rotary Club of Saint Augustine Endowment Fund, $162,696

St Augustine, St Augustine Sunrise Rotary Rhythm and Ribs Festival Inc., $95,525

St Petersburg, Rotary Club of Pinellas Park Florida Foundation Inc., $76,812

St Petersburg, Rotary International Club of St Petersburg Trust Fund, $455,448

St Petersburg, Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

St Petersburg, Sunset Rotary Foundation Inc.

Stuart, Rotary International

Stuart, Rotary International Inc. Stuart Rotary Club Inc.

Stuart, Stuart-Sunrise Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc.

Sun City Center, Sun City Center Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Tallahassee, Rotary District 6940 Foundation Inc., $156,076

Tallahassee, Rotary Youth Camp Inc., $28,079

Tallahassee, Tallahassee Southside Rotary Club

Tampa, Rotary Club of New Tampa Foundation Inc., $208,086

Tampa, Rotary Club of Tampa Bay Foundation Inc.

Tampa, Rotary Club of Tampa Foundation Inc., $841,315

Tampa, Rotary International,

Tampa, Tampa Hyde Park Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Tampa, Tampa Interbay Rotary Foundation Inc., $64,205

Tampa, Ybor City Rotary Foundation Inc., $207,102

Tavernier, Upper Keys Rotary Foundation Inc., $134,177

Temple Terrace, Rotary Foundation of Florida Inc.

Tequesta, Jupiter-Tequesta Rotary Foundation Inc.

Titusville, Rotary Florida PETS Inc., $39,334

Titusville, Rotary Leadership Institute Sunshine Division Inc., $17,047

Titusville, Titusville Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Trinity, Rotary Club of New Port Richey Fund Inc., $502,125

Trinity, Tarpon Springs Rotary Youth Trust Fund, $717,871

Venice, Rotary Futures Program Inc., $151,624

Venice, Venice Sunrise Rotary Charities Inc.

Venice, Venice-Nokomis Rotary Foundation Inc.

Vero Beach, Rotary Club of Orchid Island Charitable Foundation Inc., $5,630

Vero Beach, Rotary Club of Vero Beach Sunrise Foundation Inc., $75,118

Vero Beach, The Vero Beach Rotary Foundation Inc., $218,185

Vero Beach, Treasure Coast Rotary Club of Vero Beach Foundation Inc.

Wauchula, Rotary Club of Hardee County Inc.

Wesley Chapel, Rotary Club of Wesley Chapel Noon Fund Inc.

West Palm Bch, Northern Palm Beaches Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

West Palm Bch, West Palm Beach Rotary Club Charity Fund Inc., $229,050

Windermere, Rotary Club of Bay Hill Charitable Foundation Inc.

Windermere, Rotary Club of Windermere Inc., $42,179

Winter Garden, Winter Garden Rotary Foundation Inc.

Winter Haven, Camp Rotary Foundation Inc., $777,443

Winter Haven, Winter Haven Rotary Foundation Inc., $58,290

Winter Park, Orange County East Rotary Foundation Inc., $476,450

Winter Park, Rotary Club of Winter Park Charitable Foundation Inc., $84,117

Winter Park, Rotary Club of Winter Park Florida Inc., $10,710

Winter Springs, Rotary Club of Winter Springs Charitable Foundation Inc.

Zephyrhills, Rotary Club of Zephyrhills Foundation Inc.



Savannah, Georgia Rotary Student Program Inc., $12,362,050

Atlanta, Rotary Educational Foundation of Atlanta Inc., $2,988,542

Atlanta, Buckhead Rotary Foundation Inc., $1,304,308

St Simons Is, St Simons Island Rotary Foundation Inc., $828,153

Atlanta, Rotary International Convention Atlanta 2017 Host Committee Inc., $733,199

Augusta, James M Hull Rotary Educational Fund Inc., $511,994

Atlanta, Dunwoody Rotary Charitable Fund, $383,627

Flowery Branch, Vinings Rotary Charity Fund Inc., $379,073

Marietta, Marietta Rotary Foundation Fund Inc., $365,926

Cornelia, Habersham County Rotary Scholarship Fund Inc., $349,409

Griffin, Directors Project Fund Griffin Rotary Club, $333,914

Summerville, Summerville-Trion Rotary Trust, $312,638

Decatur, Decatur Rotary Foundation Inc., $202,558

Canton, Canton Rotary Charitable Fund Inc., $147,280

Macon, Rotary Educational Foundation of Macon Inc., $136,779

Douglasville, Rotary Foundation of Douglas County Inc., $133,676

Sandy Springs, Sandy Springs Rotary Foundation Inc., $129,953

Valdosta, Valdosta Rotary Foundation Inc., $119,525

Barnesville, Georgia Rotary Districts Character Education Program, $116,380

Cordele, John P Hines Foundation of the Cordele Rotary Club Inc., $111,403

Atlanta, Brookhaven Rotary 501C3 Foundation, $83,938

Roswell, Roswell Rotary Foundation, $83,218

Clayton, Clayton Rotary Foundation Inc., $74,075

Cartersville, Rotary Club of Cartersville Georgia Inc., $69,976

Marietta, Rotary Club of Marietta Metro Foundation Inc., $65,720

Jasper, Jasper Rotary Charitable Fund Inc., $60,073

Newnan, Grantville Mills Foundation Newnan Rotary Charitable Trust, $48,001

Carrollton, Rotary District 6900 Charitable Fund Inc., $44,374

Greensboro, G & P Rotary Charities Inc., $31,922

Jefferson, Rotary International, $22,150

Bishop, Rotary Club of Oconee County Inc., $16,494

Elberton, The Elberton Rotary Club Scholarship Foundation, $8,523

Alpharetta, Rotary Club of Windward Foundation Inc., $6,587

Macon, Rotary Club of Uptown Macon Inc., $4,572

Conyers, Rotary Miracle League Fund Inc., $2,760

Conyers, Rotary Club of Conyers Ga Foundation Inc., $1

Lagrange, Lagrange Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Lithonia, Rotary Club of South Dekalb Inc.

Blackshear, Rotary Club of Blackshear Georgia Inc.

Lexington, Rotary Club of Oglethorpe County Georgia

Cumming, South Forsyth Rotary Charities Inc.

Kingsland, Rotary Club Foundation of Camden County Inc.

Senoia, Rotary Club of Coweta-Fayette

Cleveland, White County Rotary Scholarship Trust

Atlanta, Midtown Atlanta Rotary Foundation Inc.

Rockmart, Rotary Club of Polk County Georgia USA Inc.

Ashburn, Rotary Club of Ashburn Georgia

Elberton, Rotary Club of Elberton Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Athens, Athens Rotary Foundation Inc.

Hinesville, Hinesville Rotary Club

Roswell, Rotary Clubs of Roswell Memorial Day Committee Inc.

Sandy Springs, The Rotary Club of North Atlanta Foundation Inc.

Savannah, Rotary District 6920 Medical Equipment Transport Corporation

Covington, Rotary Club of Covington Ga Foundation Inc.

Danielsville, Madison County Rotary Foundation Inc.

Eastman, Saul J. Rubin and James W. Spradley Rotary Foundation Inc.

Nashville, Nashville Rotary Club

Metter, Rotary Club of Metter Georgia USA Inc.

Dublin, Dublin Rotary Foundation Inc.

East Point, Atlanta Airport Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Woodstock, Towne Lake Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Saint Marys, Rotary Club of Kings Bay

Cumming, North Forsyth Rotary Foundation Inc.

Tyrone, Floy Farr Rotary Foundation

McDonough, Rotary Club of West End

Pelham, Rotary Club of Pelham Inc. Student Loan Fund

Savannah, Rotary Club of Effingham Sunrise Foundation

McDonough, Awe Rotary Microfund Inc.

Madison, Rotary Club of Morgan County Inc.

Sandersville, Sandersville Rotary Foundation Inc.

Alpharetta, Johns Creek Rotary Foundation Inc.

Pine Mountain, Harris County Rotary Charity Fund Inc.

Woodstock, Rotary Club of Woodstock Charitable Foundation Inc.

St Simons Is, SSI Rotary Charitable Fund Inc.




Aiea, Rotary Club of Pearlridge Foundation

Aiea, The Rotary Club of West Pearl Harbor

Hanalei, Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay Foundation, $66,389

Hilo, Hilo Rotary Club Foundation, $59,643

Hilo, Rotary Club of Hilo Bay Hawaii USA, $69,705

Hilo, Rotary Club of South Hilo Foundation, $94,071

Honolulu, 2020 Rotary International Convention Host Organization Committee

Honolulu, Foundation of the Rotary Club of Honolulu Hawaii, $1,465,285

Honolulu, Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation, $5,962,757

Honolulu, Honolulu Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Honolulu, Metropolitan Honolulu Rotary Foundation, $162,717

Honolulu, Rotary District 5000 Foundation, $131,220

Honolulu, Rotary International Hawaii Kai, $4,800

Honolulu, Rotary International Rotary Club of Downtown Honolulu

Honolulu, Rotary International, $80,528

Honolulu, West Honolulu Rotary Club Foundation

Kailua Kona, Rotary Club of Kona Community Foundation, $447,399

Kailua, Windward Rotary Endowment Fund, $268,873

Kapaa, Rotary Club of Kapaa

Kapaa, Rotary Club of Kapaa Foundation, $318,768

Kealakekua, Kona Mauka Rotary Foundation, $76,827

Kihei, Rotary Club of Kihei Sunrise Foundation

Koloa, Rotary Club of Poipu Beach Foundation Inc., $231,711

Lahaina, Lahaina Rotary Youth Foundation, $166,068

Mililani, Foundation For The Rotary Club of Mililani Sunrise

Pahoa, Rotary Club of Pahoa Sunset

Waimea, Rotary Club of West Kauai



Bellevue, Hailey Rotary Foundation Inc., $368,418

Boise, Boise Sw Rotary Foundation Inc., $48,656

Boise, Greater Boise Rotary Foundation Inc., $794,668

Boise, Rotary Club of Boise Foundation

Bonners Ferry, Bonners Ferry Rotary Club Foundation

Bonners Ferry, Bonners Ferry Rotary Club Inc.

Burley, Rotary Club of Burley Idaho Scholarship Trust, $26,713

Caldwell, Caldwell Rotary Foundation Inc.

Coeur d’Alene, Coeur d’Alene Rotary Non-Profit Inc., $357,579

Driggs, Rotary Club of Teton Valley Local Foundation Inc.

Emmett, Rotary Club of Emmett Foundation Inc.

Idaho Falls, Rotary Club No 380 Charitable Association Inc., $264,722

Ketchum, Ketchum-Sun Valley Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc.

McCall, Rotary Club of McCall Foundation Inc.

Moscow, Rotary Veterans Memorial Pavilion Inc., $738,142

Nampa, Canyon County Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Orofino, Orofino Rotary Foundation Inc.

Pocatello, Portneuf Rotary Club

Ponderay, Ponderay Rotary Charitable Trust Inc., $6,856

Rathdrum, Lakeland Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Rexburg, Rexburg Rotary Club

Sandpoint, Sandpoint Rotary Charitable Trust Inc., $25,242

Twin Falls, Rotary Club of Twin Falls Foundation Inc., $143,871

Twin Falls, Rotary District 5400 Charitable Programs Inc., $154,166



Algonquin, Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Rotary Charitable Fund, $370,522

Antioch, Antioch Rotary Scholarship Inc., $315,563

Arlington Heights, Rotary Club of Arlington Heights Charitable Foundation, $95,889

Ashmore, Charleston Rotary Charitable Foundation

Aurora, Aurora Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation, $22,980

Barrington, Barrington Rotary Charities Inc., $115,840

Barrington, Rotary Club of Barrington Inc.

Bartlett, Rotary Club of Bartlett Illinois Inc.

Belleville, Rotary Club of St Clair County East

Belleville, St Clair County West Rotary Foundation, $32,012

Belvidere, Belvidere Rotary Club Foundation

Bloomington, Bloomington Rotary Foundation Inc., $123,085

Bloomington, Bloomington Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Blue Island, Rotary District 6450 Foundation Inc.

Bolingbrook, Rotary Club of Bolingbrook Illinois Foundation Inc.

Bourbonnais, Bradley Bourbonnais Rotary Foundation Fund

Buffalo Grove, Rotary Club of Buffalo Grove Charitable Foundation, $110,560

Byron, Rock River Valley Rotary Foundation Inc.

Cahokia, Rotary Club of St Clair Valley Cahokia Dupo Sauget Illinois USA

Carbondale, Rotary Club of Carbondale Charitable Foundation Inc., $41,849

Carlyle, Carlyle Rotary Club Foundation

Carpentersville, Carpentersville Rotary Charities

Cary, Cary-Grove Rotary Charitable Fund, $407,330

Centralia, Centralia Rotary Club Foundation, $213,440

Centralia, Centralia Sunrise Rotary Club

Champaign, Champaign West Rotary Charities Inc.

Champaign, Rotary International

Channahon, Rotary Club of Channahon-Minooka

Chicago Heights, Chicago Heights Rotary Foundation

Chicago, Rotary Club of Chicago Lakeview Foundation

Chicago, Rotary Club of Chicago New Chicago Foundation Inc.

Chicago, Rotary/One Foundation Inc., $2,892,300

Crystal Lake, Rotary Club of Crystal Lake Dawnbreakers Charity Fund Inc., $208,972

Crystal Lake, Rotary Club of Fox Valley Sunset Charity Fund Inc.

Crystal Lake, Rotary District 6440 Charitable Fund Inc. Nfp

Deerfield, Deerfield Rotary Charities

Deerfield, Rotary District 6440 Charitable Fund Inc. Nfp

Dundee, Dundee Township Rotary Foundation, $149,254

Dundee, Rotary Charitable Projects Foundation of Elgin Ill, $138,454

East Alton, East Alton Rotary Club Foundation

East Moline, East Moline Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc., $2,473

Elgin, Elgin Breakfast Rotary Club Foundation, $16,845

Elgin, St Charles Rotary Foundation, $43,988

Elmhurst, Elmhurst Rotary Charitable Trust Fund, $103,227

Evanston, Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club Foundation, $72,084

Evanston, Rotary Club of Evanston

Evanston, Rotary Club of Evanston Charitable Fund Inc.

Evanston, Staff Society of Rotary International

Evanston, The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, $1,073,589,879

Farmington, Farmington Rotary Foundation

Fox Lake, Fox Lake Rotary Club Foundation

Freeport, Freeport Rotary Foundation Inc., $22,985

Galena, Galena Rotary Charitable Foundation, $523,613

Galesburg, Galesburg Rotary Club Foundation, $139,740

Gibson City, Gibson City Rotary Foundation

Gibson City, Rotary Club of Gibson City

Glen Ellyn, Glen Ellyn Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $90,636

Glenview, Rotary Club of Glenview Sunrise Charitable Foundation

Granite City, Rotary Club of Granite City

Gurnee, Gurnee Rotary Club Charitable Foundation

Harvard, Harvard Rotary Club, $9,309

Highland Park, Rotary Club of Highland Park- Highwood, $85,096

Hinsdale, Hinsdale-Gateway Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc.

Hinsdale, Rotary Club of Hinsdale Foundation Inc., $67,821

Hoffman Estates, Rotary Club of Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates Charitable Foundation Inc., $257,159

Homewood, Rotary Club of Homewood Foundation, $347,281

Jacksonville, Jacksonville Rotary Club Foundation

Joliet, Joliet Rotary Club 78 Charitable Trust, $34,711

Kewanee, Kewanee Rotary Foundation Inc., $2,623,386

La Salle, La Salle Rotary Park Foundation, $11,895

Lake Forest, Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Morning Rotary Club Foundation, $118,407

Libertyville, Sunrise Rotary Club Charitable Projects Foundation Of, $26,370

Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Morning Star Rotary Club Inc., $17,436

Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Rotary Charitable Fund Inc., $21,822

Lisle, Lisle Rotary Charities

Lockport, Paul Harris Memorial Committee-Blue Island Rotary-District 645

Loves Park, Loves Park Rotary Charitable Foundation

Macomb, Rotary Foundation of Macomb

Mahomet, Rotary Club of Mahomet Foundation

Marion, Marion Rotary Club Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Matteson, Matteson Rotary Special Kids Fund Inc., $90,820

Mattoon, Mattoon Rotary Charities Foundation

McHenry, Rotary Club of McHenry Charitable Foundation Inc., $133,282

McHenry, Rotary Club of McHenry Sunrise Charitable Foundation Inc.

McLeansboro, Rotary Club of Hamilton County No 6510, $14,186

Moline, Moline Rotary Foundation

Montgomery, Rotary Foundation of Montgomery Il

Monticello, Monticello Rotary Club, $23,285

Mount Vernon, Mt Vernon Rotary Club 3328 Inc.

Mt Prospect, Rotary Lunch Club of Mount Prospect Illinois Charitable Foundation

Mundelein, Rotary Club of Mundelein & Vern Hills Charitable Found

Naperville, Naperville Rotary Charities Inc., $7,484,489

Naperville, Rotary Club of Naperville Charities, $84,227

Normal, Normal Rotary Foundation

Northbrook, Rotary Charitable Projects Foundation of Northbrook Il, $47,635

O’Fallon, Rotary District 6510 Charities

Oak Brook, Rotary International Maywood Illinois Rotary Club

Oregon, Oregon Rotary Club Foundation Inc. C/O David A Smith, $680,109

Oswego, Aurora Rotary Foundation, $103,922

Palatine, Des Plaines Rotary Foundation, $5,638

Palatine, Rotary Club of Palatine Foundation, $43,414

Palos Hills, Rotary Club of Moraine Valley Foundation Inc.

Pekin, Pekin Rotary Charities

Peoria, Rotary Club of Peoria-North Foundation, $371,298

Plainfield, Rotary Club of Oswego Foundation Inc.

Plainfield, Rotary Club of Plainfield Illinois

Quincy, Rotary Foundation of Quincy, $70,471

Richmond, Richmond Rotary Project Fund, $33,232

Rochelle, Fth-Rochelle Rotary Club, $12,335

Rock Island, Rock Island Rotary Club Foundation Nfp

Rock Island, Rotary International, $40,460

Rockford, Rockford Rotary Charitable Association, $1,061,338

Rolling Meadows, Rotary Club of Chicagoland Korean-Northbrook Charitable Project, $45,034

Saint Charles, St Charles Breakfast Rotary Foundation

Schaumburg, Schaumburg AM Rotary Club Foundation, $6,929

Schiller Park, Franklin Park Rotary Club Foundation, $142,409

Shiloh, Rotary Club of Swansea Illinois Foundation

South Barrington, Breakfast Rotary Char Foundation, $202,006

South Jacksonville, Rotary District 6460 Foundation

Sparta, Rotary Club of Sparta-Henderson Memorial Foundation Inc., $59,284

Springfield, Rotary Club of Springfield South Foundation, $2,003

Springfield, Rotary Club of Springfield Westside

Springfield, Springfield Rotary Foundation, $229,610

Swansea, Swansea Rotary Club, $47,960

Teutopolis, Rotary Charities Foundation of Effingham

Tinley Park, Rotary Club of Tinley Park-Frankfort

Urbana, Rotary Charities Foundation of Urbana, $28,056

Washington, Washington Rotary Club Foundation, $70,095

Waterloo, Waterloo Rotary Tol

Westmont, Rotary Club of Darien Illinois Inc., $45,428

Wheaton, Wheaton Rotary Service Fund, $95,239

Wheeling, Rotary Club of Wheeling Illinois- Grant Fund, $58,238

Wilmette, Wilmette Harbor Rotary Club Foundation, $53,638

Wilmette, Wilmette Rotary Club Foundation, $165,851

Winnetka, Winnetka-Northfield Rotary Charitable Foundation, $31,860

Woodridge, Woodridge Rotary Club Inc., $48,388

Woodstock, Woodstock Morning Rotary Foundation Inc.

Woodstock, Woodstock Rotary Foundation, $125,698

Zion, Illinois Beach Sunrise Rotary Green Bag



Bloomington, Bloomington Rotary Foundation Inc.

Churubusco, Churubusco Rotary Club Inc., $21,233

Crawfordsville, The Rotary Club of Crawfordsville Indiana, $90,011

Danville, Danville Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Evansville, Rotary Foundation of Evansville Inc., $1,112,021

Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Rotary Foundation Inc., $425,406

Frankfort, Rotary Tiny Tim Fund of Frankfort Inc.

Huntington, Huntington Rotary Foundation Inc.

Indianapolis, Rotary Foundation of Indianapolis Inc., $6,996,869

Kokomo, Kokomo Rotary Foundation Inc.

Lebanon, Lebanon Rotary Community Fund Inc.

Logansport, Logansport Rotary Club Memorial Trust Fund Inc.

Marion, Marion North Rotary Club

Merrillville, Merrillville Rotary Club Charities Inc.

Michigan City, Michigan City Rotary Foundation Inc.

New Albany, Rotary Foundation of New Albany Inc., $36,265

Newburgh, Evansville Morning Rotary

Noblesville, Rotary 6560 Foundation Inc., $322,098

Portland, Portland Rotary Foundation Inc. Wayne W Hinkle Resident Agent

Rising Sun, Rising Sun Rotary Club

South Bend, South Bend Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $663,156

Syracuse, Syracuse-Wawasee Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc.

Terre Haute, Terre Haute Rotary Foundation Inc.

Valparaiso, Valparaiso Rotary Club Memorial Foundation Inc.

Vincennes, Vincennes Rotary Foundation Inc., $434,598

Winchester, Winchester Rotary Foundation Inc.



Adel, Rotary Club of Des Moines, $243,817

Ames, Rotary Club of Ames Foundation, $114,579

Avoca, Avoca Rotary Club

Bellevue, Bellevue Rotary Club Scholarship Fund Inc.

Bettendorf, Bettendorf Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $188,167

Burlington, Burlington Rotary Service Foundation, $74,580

Cedar Falls, Rotary Club of Cedar Falls Charitable Foundation

Clarinda, Rotary Club of Clarinda Iowa, $6,076

Clarion, Clarion Rotary Club

Clinton, Rotary Club of Clinton Iowa Charitable Foundation Inc.

Council Bluffs, Rotary Foundation Council Bluffs Iowa

Decorah, Decorah Rotary Club Foundation, $20,301

Des Moines, Rotary Club of Des Moines Foundation, $1,610,553

Dubuque, Dubuque Rotary Club Foundation

Eagle Grove, Rotary Club of Eagle Grove Home Inc., $6,093,794

Eldridge, Rotary Club of North Scott Educational Foundation, $171,000

Estherville, Rotary International

Forest City, Forest City Rotary Club Charitable Trust

Iowa City, Rotary Wheel Club

Iowa City, Rotary-Camp Cardinal Trust, $201,432

Jefferson, Rotary International

Marion, Rotary Club of Marion-East Cedar Rapids, $41,980

Marshalltown, Marshalltown Rotary Foundation

New Hampton, New Hampton Rotary Club Inc.

Newton, Newton Rotary Foundation, $155,858

Oelwein, Rotary Club of Oelwein, $8,861

Osage, Osage Rotary Charities

Parkersburg, Parkersburg Rotary Club

Pella, Rotary District 6000 Humanitarian and Educational Foundation Inc., $326,820

Red Oak, Red Oak Rotary Club

Rock Valley, Rotary Club of Rock Valley Foundation Inc., $219,062

Sioux City, Sioux City Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Urbandale, Service above Self Foundation of the Rotary Club of Northwest Des Moines

Waukee, Waukee Rotary Club Foundation



Atchison, Atchison Rotary Foundation Inc., $27,958

Atwood, Atwood Rotary Club, $50,936

Coffeyville, Coffeyville Rotary Foundation Inc.

Fort Scott, Rotary International

Kansas City, Kansas City Kansas Rotary Presidents Foundation

Kansas City, Village West Rotary Foundation Inc.

Kingman, Kingman Rotary Foundation Inc.

Leavenworth, Rotary Club of Leavenworth Foundation Inc.

Leawood, Rotary Club of Leawood Kansas Charitable Fund Inc., $248,635

Lenexa, Rotary Club of Johnson County Kansas Charitable Foundation, $28,700

Lenexa, Rotary Club of Shawnee Foundation, $30,556

Lenexa, The Lenexa Rotary Foundation, $271,361

Newton, South Central Rotary Youth Exchange Inc., $180,120

Olathe, Olathe Rotary Club Foundation, $54,942

Osawatomie, Osawatomie Rotary Community Fund

Oswego, Rotary Club of Oswego Kansas 2461, $46,932

Ottawa, Ottawa Rotary Foundation Inc.

Overland Park, Overland Park Rotary Club Foundation, $455,469

Overland Park, Overland Park Rotary Star Spangled Spectacular Inc., $9,057

Pittsburg, Pittsburg Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Topeka, Rotary Club of Topeka West

Topeka, Topeka Rotary Foundation, $395,968

Wichita, Rotary Club of East Wichita Foundation

Wichita, Wichita Rotary Charitable Fund Inc., $1,569,229



Augusta, Augusta Rotary Club

Augusta, Augusta Rotary Foundation

Benton, Youth Services Fund of the Marshall County Rotary Club Inc., $80,238

Cadiz, The Rotary Club of Cadiz Kentucky Inc., $340,638

Carrollton, Carroll County Rotary Foundation Inc.

Columbia, Columbia Rotary Club Scholarship Fund Inc.

Crestwood, Rotary Foundation of South Oldham Inc.

Cynthiana, Rotary Club of Cynthiana Foundation Inc.

Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown Rotary Foundation Inc.

Flemingsburg, The Rotary Club of Fleming County Kentucky Inc.

Frankfort, Frankfort Rotary Youth Fund Inc.

Franklin, Franklin Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $86,300

Georgetown, Georgetown Rotary Club Inc., $44,702

Glasgow, Rotary Scout Reservation Foundation Inc.

Hazard, Hazard Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Henderson, Henderson Rotary Charitable Trust Inc.

Hopkinsville, Hopkinsville Rotary Charitable Trust Inc., $2,685,619

La Grange, Lagrange Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $2,361

Lebanon, Rotary International Lebanon Marion County Rotary Club

Lexington, Lexington Rotary Club Endowment Inc., $1,015,901

Lexington, Rotary Club of Lexington Sunrise Foundation Inc.

London, London Rotary Foundation Inc.

Louisville, Metro Louisville Rotary Clubs Charities Inc., $246,156

Louisville, Rotary Club of East Louisville Sunrise Inc.

Louisville, Rotary Club of Hurstbourne Sunrise Foundation Inc.

Louisville, Rotary Club of Southwest Louisville Foundation Inc., $11,582

Louisville, Rotary Fund of Louisville Inc., $2,240,737

Louisville, St Matthews Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $52,715

Loyall, Harlan Rotary Club Inc.

Madisonville, Rotary Club of Madisonville KY Inc., $386,863

Mayfield, Mayfield Rotary Foundation Inc., $34,083

Murray, Murray Rotary Foundation for Families and Children Inc.

Owensboro, Owensboro Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $124,481

Owensboro, Rotary Club of Daviess County Foundation Inc.

Owenton, Owenton Rotary Student Loan Fund Inc., $99,900

Paducah, Rotary Education Assistance Program of Meducah Inc., $131,676

Paris, Rotary Club of Paris KY

Prospect, Rotary Foundation of Prospect- Goshen Inc., $98,602

Richmond, Richmond Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Richmond, Richmond Rotary Club Inc.

Russellville, Russellville Rotary Foundation Inc.

Shelbyville, Shelbyville Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Verona, Florence Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $24,522

Versailles, Rotary Club of Versailles-Woodford County

Versailles, Versailles-Woodford County Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

West Liberty, Rotary International

Whitesburg, Whitesburg Rotary Foundation Inc.

Winchester, Winchester Rotary Club Inc.



Alexandria, Alexandria Rotary Club Scholastic Foundation, $39,501

Alexandria, Rotary Club of South Alexandria

Amite, Amite Rotary Foundation

Baton Rouge, Capital City Rotary Foundation Inc.

Baton Rouge, The Rotary Club of Baton Rouge Inc. Foundation, $1,363,080

Bogalusa, Rotary International

Boutte, St Charles Rotary Club Scholarship Foundation, $539,081

Covington, Covington Rotary Foundation, $51,457

Eunice, Eunice Rotary Club Community Outreach Inc., $20,433

Gretna, West Bank Rotary Club Foundation, $2,346,419

Harahan, Harahan Rotary Bud Stipe Memorial Scholarship Foundation, $163,107

Houma, Houma Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Houma, Rotary Foundation of Houma-Terrebonne

Houma, Sunrise Rotary Club of Houma Foundation

Lafayette, Rotary District 6200 Foundation

Laplace, Rotary Club of Laplace

Mandeville, Belle Chasse Rotary Foundation Inc.

Mandeville, Northlake Mandeville Rotary Foundation, $329,075

Metairie, Metairie Sunrise Rotary Charitable Foundation

Metairie, Rotary Club of Metairie Scholarship Foundation Inc., $414,428

Morgan City, Morgan City Rotary Club Inc., $96,018

New Iberia, New Iberia Rotary Foundation Inc.

New Orleans, New Orleans Rotary Fund Inc., $639,974

New Orleans, Rotary International, $56,674

Plaquemine, Rotary International Plaquemine Rotary Club

Prairieville, Rotary Club of North Ascension

Shreveport, River Bend Rotary Foundation Inc.

Shreveport, Rotary Club of Shreveport Foundation, $98,252

Slidell, Rotary Rebuilds Slidell Inc.

Springhill, Springhill Rotary Educational Foundation Inc.



Augusta, Augusta Rotary Foundation Inc.

Bangor, Bangor Rotary Charities Trust, $53,619

Bath, Bath Rotary Club Charitable Trust, $64,850

Bath, Bath Rotary Club, $55,598

Bath, Brunswick Rotary Community Fund, $10,489

Belfast, Rotary Club of Belfast Maine Charitable Fund, $943,419

Bethel, Rotary Club of Bethel Foundation, $141,189

Bridgton, Bridgton Lake Region Rotary Club Maine Charitable Foundation

Camden, Camden Rotary Club Foundation, $371,528

Camden, Rotary Club of West Bay Charitable Foundation, $12,129

Damariscotta, Rotary Foundation of Damariscotta – Newcastle

East Boothbay, Rotary Club of Boothbay Harbor Foundation Inc., $19,515

Ellsworth, Ellsworth Maine Rotary Club Foundation

Farmington, Rotary Club of Farmington Maine Charitable Foundation

Fryeburg, Fryeburg Area Rotary Charities

Kennebunk, Kennebunk Rotary Charitable Fund

Kennebunk, Kennebunk Rotary Scholarship Fund Inc., $355,100

Kennebunkport, Kennebubk Portside Rotary, $14,314

Limestone, Rotary International Limestone Rotary Club

Mars Hill, Rotary International

Ogunquit, Rotary Club of Ogunquit Maine

Portland, Portland Maine Rotary Service Fund, $171,645

Portland, Portland Rotary Charitable Fund

Rockland, Rockland Rotary Club Charitable Fund, $29,934

S Portland, Rotary Club of Breakwater Daybreak Charitable Fund

S Portland, South Portland Cape Elizabeth Rotary Charitable Fund, $171,065

Saco, Saco Bay Rotary Foundation Inc., $90,115

Sanford, Sanford-Springvale Rotary Charitable Fund Inc.

Scarborough, Lewiston-Auburn Rotary Club Scholarship Trust

Scarborough, Rotary Club of Scarborough Charitable Fund

Wells, Wells Rotary Charitable Fund, $6,743

Westbrook, Westbrook-Gorham Rotary Club Charities

Windham, The Sebago Lake Rotary Club Charitable Fund Inc., $2,601

Winslow, Rotary International

Winthrop, Winthrop Area Rotary Foundation Inc.

Yarmouth, Rotary Club of Yarmouth

York, Rotary Club of York Maine Charitable Foundation, $153,695



Aberdeen, Aberdeen Rotary Club Charities Inc., $20,613

Annapolis, Parole Annapolis Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $348,532

Annapolis, Rotary of Annapolis Foundation Inc., $876,419

Baltimore, Baltimore Rotary Foundation Inc., $1,995,679

Baltimore, Rotary Club of Baltimore Inc., Trustees of Student Loan Fund, $330,305

Baltimore, Rotary Club of Pikesville-Owings Mills

Baltimore, Towson Rotary Foundation Inc., $417,749

Bel Air, Bel Air Rotary Foundation Inc.

Beltsville, Beltsville Rotary Club Foundation

Bethesda, North Bethesda Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc.

Bethesda, Potomac-Bethesda Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Bowie, Greenbelt Rotary Foundation

Cabin John, Bethesda Chevy Chase Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $384,085

Cambridge, Cambridge Rotary Community Service Foundation Inc.

Catonsville, Rotary Club Elkridge Charitable Foundation

Catonsville, Rotary Club of Catonsville Sunrise Charitable Foundation Inc.

Centreville, Centreville Rotary Club Community Fund Inc., $244,690

Charlotte Hall, Charlotte Hall Rotary Foundation Inc., $117,254

Chevy Chase, Metro Bethesda Rotary Foundation Inc., $102,114

Chevy Chase, Rotary Club of Friendship Heights Foundation Inc.

College Park, Rotary Club of College Park Trustee Charity Fund, $267,218

Columbia, Columbia Town Center Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Columbia, Rotary Club of Columbia Foundation Inc., $94

Columbia, Rotary Club of Columbia Patuxent Charitable Trust, $140,611

Crofton, The Greater Crofton Rotary Foundation Inc.

Easton, Easton Rotary Club

Easton, Easton Rotary Club Youth and Community Fund Inc.

Easton, Tidewater Rotary Club

Edgewater, South Anne Arundel County Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $38,056

Ellicott City, Friends in Need Foundation of the Ellicott City Rotary Club Inc.

Ellicott City, Rotary Club of Howard West Foundation Inc.

Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg Rotary Foundation

Glen Burnie, Rotary Club of Glen Burnie Foundation Inc.

Glenn Dale, Bladensburg Rotary Club Foundation Corporation

Hagerstown, Rotary Club of Hagerstown Charitable Foundation Inc., $63,679

Hagerstown, Rotary Club of Hagerstown Sunrise Foundation Inc., $14,347

Hagerstown, Rotary Club of Long Meadows Foundation Inc.

Hagerstown, The Rotary Club of Williamsport Foundation Inc.

Hunt Valley, Rotary Club of Hunt Valley James W Houck Foundation Inc.

La Plata, Charles County Rotary Foundation Inc., $229,907

Leonardtown, Foundation of Leonardtown Rotary Inc., $98,640

Lexington Park, Lexington Park Rotary Foundation Inc., $267,038

Middle River, Rotary Club of Middle River Maryland USA

Montgomery Village, Montgomery Village Rotary Club Foundation, $263,349

Mount Airy, District 7620 Rotary Project Trust Fund Inc.

New Market, Rotary Club of Southern Frederick County, $45,819

North East, Cecil County Rotary Foundation Inc., $13,112

Oakland, Rotary Club of Oakland Maryland Charities Inc., $91,255

Odenton, Rotary Foundation of West Anne Arundel County

Olney, Olney Rotary Charitable Trust Inc.

Pasadena, Rotary Club of Lake Shore

Potomac, Potomac Rotary Charities Inc.

Prince Frederick, Prince Frederick Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Rockville, Rockville Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $400,336

Salisbury, Charitable Foundation of the Rotary Club of Wicomico County

Salisbury, Rotary Club of Salisbury Foundation Inc., $545,764

Salisbury, Salisbury Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Severna Park, Rotary Club of Severna Park Foundation Inc.

St Michaels, St Michaels Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Stevensville, Rotary of Kent Island Community Foundation Inc.

Stevensville, Rotary of Kent Island Inc.

Timonium, Towsontowne Rotary Foundation Inc.

Upper Marlboro, Southern Prince Georges Rotary Foundation Inc., $56,147

Westminster, Rotary Club of Bonds Meadow Foundation Inc.

Westminster, Sykesville-South Carroll Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $22,885

Westminster, Westminster Rotary Foundation Inc.




Acton, Acton-Boxborough Rotary Charitable Endowment Inc.

Amesbury, Amesbury Youth Rotary Basketball League, $18,356

Amherst, Amherst Rotary Good Work Fund Inc.

Andover, Lawrence Rotary Foundation Inc., $114,159

Andover, Rotary Club of Andover Charitable Trust, $128,290

Attleboro, Attleboro Rotary Charities Foundation Inc., $239,847

Bedford, Bedford Rotary Foundation Inc., $185,792

Beverly, Beverly Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $385,517

Boston, Boston Rotary Club Charities Foundation, $32,920

Boston, Boston Rotary Trust, $323,815

Boston, Downtown Boston Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Corporation

Boston, Rotary Club of Boston Student Aid Fund, $96,370

Braintree, Braintree Rotary Foundation Inc., $204,259

Brockton, Brockton Rotary Charitable and Educational Association Inc.

Cambridge, Cambridge Rotary Educational Fund Inc., $42,054

Chatham, Chatham Rotary Foundation

Chicopee, Chicopee Rotary Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Cohasset, Rotary International, $50,826

Concord, Rotary Club of Concord Massachusetts Inc., $74,893

Dedham, Neponset Valley Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Dedham, Rotary Club Charities of Dedham Inc., $18,849

Dracut, Chelmsford Rotary Foundation, $24,906

Dracut, Rotary District 7910 Charity Fund Inc., $16,309

Duxbury, Duxbury Rotary Club Inc.

East Longmeadow, East Longmeadow Rotary Memorial Scholarship Foundation Inc., $313,525

Fall River, The Fall River Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Trust, $488,965

Framingham, Framingham Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $2,205

Gloucester, Rotary Club of Gloucester Foundation Inc., $28,439

Gt Barrington, Great Barrington Rotary Club Student Assistance Fund Inc., $469,020

Hanover, Tri-Town Rotary Educational Fund Inc., $241,312

Hanson, Rockland Hanson Rotary Foundation, $11,025

Haverhill, Rotary Club of Haverhill Charitable Trust Inc., $144,008

Hingham, The Rotary Club of Hingham And Hull Inc. Foundation, $111,047

Holyoke, Holyoke Rotary Foundation Inc., $83,436

Hull, Rotary Club of Nantasket-Hull Inc.

Hyannis, Hyannis Rotary Charitable and Educational Association Inc., $467,768

Ipswich, Ipswich Rotary Club Charitable Endowment, $11,784

Lawrence, Allan J. Battershill Fund of the Lawrence Rotary Club, $178,340

Ludlow, Ludlow Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $10,665

Lynnfield, Rotary Club of Everett Charitable Fund Trust

Malden, Rotary Club of Malden Charity Inc., $2,102

Marblehead, Camp Rotary Inc. of Lynn Massachusetts, $245,927

Marblehead, Lynn Rotary Charitable Corporation

Marblehead, Rotary Club of Marblehead Charitable Foundation Inc.

Marblehead, Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor Enhanced Scholarship Trust

Marblehead, Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor Massachusetts USA Inc., $39,720

Marlborough, Marlborough Rotary Charitable Endowment Inc., $98,296

Melrose, Melrose Rotary Club Charitable Fund, $66,167

Middleboro, Rotary Club of Middleboro Charitable & Educational Found Inc., $196,164

Milton, Milton Rotary Foundation

Natick, Natick Rotary Charitable Corporation, $118,585

Needham, Needham Rotary Club Memorial Scholarship Fund, $277,392

North Andover, Rotary Club of North Andover Charitable Trust, $35,219

North Attleboro, Rotary Club of North Attleboro Plainville Charitable Foundation Inc.

Northampton, Northampton Rotary Foundation Inc., $26,663

Orleans, Rotary Club of Orleans Goodworks

Peabody, Danvers Rotary Club Charitable Endowment Trust, $435,083

Pittsfield, Pittsfield Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $431,210

Plymouth, Plymouth Rotary Charitable Fund Inc., $82,101

Quincy, Rotary Club of Quincy Charitable Foundation Inc., $269,620

Reading, Reading Rotary Charitable Trust

Rockport, Rockport Rotary Club Scholarship Fund, $178,070

Salem, Salem Rotary Club Vance M Smith Iii Scholarship Foundation Inc., $582,888

Saugus, Rotary Club of Saugus Charitable Foundation Inc.

Scituate, The Scituate Rotary Foundation, $74,535

Sharon, Roger Dennett Sharon Rotary Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Sharon, Rotary Club of Sharon Charitable Fund Inc., $56,830

So Yarmouth, Yarmouth Rotary Foundation Inc., $105,101

South Dennis, Rotary Club of Harwich-Dennis Good Works Foundation, $73,645

South Yarmouth, Rotary Community Corps of Adults Day Health Programs Inc., $80,644

Southborough, Rotary Club Education Fund of Framingham, $960,732

Springfield, Wilbraham Rotary Memorial Foundation Inc., $229,137

Stockbridge, Tri-Town Rotary Club of Lee Lenox and Stockbridge Inc.

Stow, Nashoba Rotary Charitable Endowment

Sturbridge, Sturbridge Rotary Club Charitable and Educational Trust, $35,183

Swampscott, Swampscott Rotary Charitable Trust, $293,631

Tewksbury, Rotary International

W Springfield, West Springfield Rotary Foundation Inc.

Waltham, Rotary International, $5,069

Waltham, Waltham Rotary Fund Inc., $111,881

Wellesley, Alzheimer’s Rotary Foundation Inc.

Wellesley, Rotary Club of Wellesley Foundation Inc.

Westborough, Westborough Rotary Fund Inc.

Westford, Concord Rotary Charitable Endowment Inc., $400,922

Westford, Westford Rotary Charitable Endowment Inc., $128,343

Westwood, Westwood Rotary Foundation Inc., $80,758

Weymouth, Weymouth Rotary Foundation Inc., $390,895

Williamstown, Rotary Club of Williamstown Foundation Inc.

Wilmington, Rotary Club of Wilmington Scholarship Fund Trust, $201,486

Winchester, Winchester Rotary Charitable Fund Inc., $525,219

Winthrop, Winthrop Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $13,338

Woburn, Rotary Club of Woburn Charitable Trust, $13,777

Worcester, Rotary Club Education Fund of Worcester, $256,939

Worcester, Rotary Service Fund of Worcester Inc., $56,124



Adrian, Adrian Rotary Foundation

Allen Park, Allen Park Rotary Foundation

Allendale, Rotary International

Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor Rotary Foundation, $2,358,791

Ann Arbor, Rotary Club of Ann Arbor North Foundation, $299,820

Ann Arbor, Rotary Club of Ann Arbor North, $19,455

Ann Arbor, Rotary Club of Ann Arbor West

Baldwin, Baldwin Rotary Charities Inc.

Bay City, Rotary Club of Bay City Charitable Foundation, $47,069

Bellaire, Bellaire Rotary Community Services

Belleville, The Charles B Cozadd Rotary Foundation Inc., $947,304

Belmont, Grand Rapids North Rotary Club

Belmont, North Grand Rapids Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Benton Harbor, Rotary Club of Benton Harbor Sunrise Foundation, $13,958

Beulah, Benzie Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Big Rapids, Rotary Club of Big Rapids, $97,006

Birmingham, Birmingham Rotary Club Endowment Fund Inc., $507,812

Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Hills Rotary Foundation

Brighton, Brighton Rotary Foundation, $107,738

Brighton, Livingston Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $50,449

Burton, Rotary International, $115,737

Cadillac, Rotary Club of Cadillac Foundation, $1,579,294

Canton, Canton Rotary Foundation Inc.

Carleton, Carleton Rotary Club Foundation

Cass City, Cass City Rotary Foundation

Cedar Springs, Cedar Springs Rotary Foundation

Cedar Springs, Rotary Club of Cedar Springs Michigan

Charlevoix, Rotary Club of Charlevoix Inc.

Chelsea, Chelsea Rotary Foundation

Clinton, Clinton Rotary Scholarship Foundation, $190,209

Clio, Flint Rotary Charitable Foundation, $36,983

Coldwater, Coldwater Township Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $219,126

Comstock Park, Comstock Park Rotary Foundation

Coopersville, Rotary Club of Coopersville, $92,865

Corunna, Central States Rotary Youth Exchange Program Inc., $365,873

Dearborn Heights, Dearborn Heights Rotary Club Inc. Foundation

Dearborn, Dearborn Rotary Foundation, $1,112,005

Detroit, Detroit Rotary Foundation, $731,375

Dexter, Rotary Club of Dexter Foundation

Dowagiac, Dowagiac Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc.

Durand, Rotary Club of Durand

East Jordan, East Jordan Rotary Club Charities,

East Jordan, The Rotary Club of East Jordan Michigan Inc.

Farmington, Farmington Rotary Foundation,

Fenton, Rotary Club of Fenton, $10,731

Flat Rock, Flat Rock Rotary Club

Frankfort, Willoughby Rotary Foundation, $351,876

Gladstone, Escanaba Rotary Trust Fund for Children with Special Needs, $864,299

Grand Blanc, Rotary Club of Grand Blanc Inc.

Grand Ledge, Grand Ledge Rotary Foundation

Grand Rapids, Rotary Club of Grand Rapids- Charities Foundation, $970,845

Grand Rapids, Rotary East Charities

Grandville, Grandville Rotary Foundation

Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Rotary Foundation, $157,395

Grosse Pointe, Rotary Club of Grosse Pointe-Sunrise Foundation Inc.

Holland, Holland Rotary Charities, $69,013

Holland, Rotary International Dba Holland Am Michigan Rotary Club

Howell, Rotary International

Ironwood, Ironwood-Hurley Rotary Club Foundation, $67,455

Jackson, Rotary Foundation of Jackson

Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Rotary Club Charities, $50,725

Kalamazoo, Rotary District 6360 World Community Service Foundation, $242,576

Lansing, Delta Waverly Rotary Foundation

Lansing, East Lansing Rotary Foundation

Lansing, Lansing Rotary Foundation, $651,864

Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park Rotary Club

Livonia, Livonia Am MI Rotary Club, $39,981

Livonia, Livonia Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $198,806

Livonia, Rotary Club of Livonia Am Foundation,

Lowell, Rotary Club of Lowell Community Foundation, $172,916

Ludington, Rotary Club of Ludington Charities, $64,366

Manchester, Clinton Rotary Foundation

Manton, Rotary International

Marquette, Marquette Rotary Fund

Marshall, Marshall Rotary Foundation Inc., $432,203

Mason, The Mason Rotary Foundation

Midland, Midland Rotary Foundation, $852,133

Midland, Rotary International, $174,956

Milford, Milford Rotary Foundation

Mount Clemens, Macomb County Rotary Foundation, $477,559

Mount Clemens, Mt Clemens Rotary Foundation, $300,373

Muskegon, Muskegon Rotary Foundation, $405,215

Negaunee, Marquette West Rotary Foundation, $7,259

New Baltimore, Anchor Bay Rotary Charities Inc.

New Boston, Huron Township Rotary Charities

Northville, Northville Rotary Foundation

Northville, Rotary Club of Northville

Norton Shores, Rotary Humanitarian and Health Outreach Foundation

Novi, Rotary Club of Novi Foundation Inc.

Okemos, Haslett-Okemos Rotary Foundation

Owosso, Owosso Rotary Foundation Inc.

Oxford, Oxford Rotary Foundation

Petoskey, Petoskey Rotary Club Charities, $76,954

Petoskey, Petoskey Rotary Sunrise Charities Inc.

Petoskey, Rotary Club of Little Traverse Bay Sunset, $1

Pinconning, Northern Bay & Arenac Rotary Club of Pinconning & Standish

Plymouth, Plymouth Rotary Foundation Inc., $861,025

Plymouth, Rotary Club of Plymouth A M Foundation, $91,954

Plymouth, Rotary Club of Plymouth Am

Plymouth, Rotary District 6400 Foundation, $155,097

Pontiac, Rotary Club of Pontiac Charities Inc.

Port Huron, Port Huron Rotary Charitable Foundation, $156,715

Portage, Portage Am Rotary Charities

Portage, Portage Rotary Charities, $73,766

Reed City, Reed City Rotary Charities

Richmond, Richmond Rotary Foundation

Rochester, Rochester Rotary Charities Inc., $47,265

Rockford, Rotary Club of Rockford Michigan Foundation, $5,482

Romeo, Rotary Club of Romeo

Romulus, Romulus Rotary Foundation

Royal Oak, Royal Oak Rotary Foundation

Saginaw, Rotary Club of Saginaw Foundation

Saginaw, Rotary Club of Saginaw Sunrise Foundation

Saline, Saline Rotary Foundation,

Shepherd, Rotary Club of Shepherd

South Haven, South Haven Rotary Charities

Sparta, Thirsting To Serve Rotary District 6290 Water Project Inc.

St Clair, St Clair Rotary Club Inc., $38,592

St Joseph, Lakeshore Rotary Foundation, $154,895

St Joseph, St Joseph-Benton Harbor Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $1,476,712

Suttons Bay, Rotary Foundation of Suttons Bay

Traverse City, Rotary Camps & Services of Traverse City, $3,229,594

Traverse City, Rotary Charities of Traverse City, $47,477,545

Traverse City, Rotary Club of Traverse Bay Twilight Foundation Inc.

Traverse City, Rotary Club of Traverse Bay Twilight, $48,300

Traverse City, Rotary Club Traverse of Bay Sunrise Foundation Inc., $94,301

Traverse City, Traverse City Rotary Club Wheelchairs for Polio Survivors Fund, $4,546

Trenton, Trenton Rotary Foundation Inc., $241,770

Trenton, Woodhaven Brownstown Rotary Club

Troy, Troy Rotary Foundation, $74,888

Westland, Garden City Rotary Foundation

Westland, Wayne Rotary Foundation, $718,520

Westland, Westland Rotary Charitable Foundation

Williamston, Sunrise Rotary Foundation of Williamston Michigan,

Ypsilanti, Ypsilanti Rotary Foundation 105 Pearl St, $112,692



Apple Valley, Apple Valley Rotary Scholarship Foundation, $364,464

Bemidji, Bemidji Rotary Foundation Inc.

Bloomington, Richfield Rotary Foundation Inc.

Bloomington, South Metro Minneapolis Evenings Rotary Club Foundation

Brainerd, Brainerd Rotary Foundation, $221,388

Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Park Rotary Foundation, $177,726

Buffalo, Rogers Rotary Foundation

Buffalo, Rotary Club of Buffalo Foundation, $38,259

Burnsville, Burnsville Rotary Breakfast Club Foundation, $6,416

Burnsville, Burnsville Rotary Foundation, $166,671

Cannon Falls, Cannon Falls Rotary Foundation

Chanhassen, Chanhassen Rotary Foundation, $64,057

Chanhassen, Eden Prairie Rotary Foundation

Chaska, Chaska Rotary Foundation Inc.

Cloquet, Rotary Club of Cloquet, $36,475

Duluth, The Robert Hermans Harbortown Rotary Club Annual Scholarship

Duluth, Westmoreland Rotary 25 Foundation, $208,773

Eagan, Eagan Rotary Community Service Foundation, $133,328

Eden Prairie, Bloomington Daymakers Rotary Foundation

Eden Prairie, Eden Prairie AM Rotary Foundation

Eden Prairie, Edina Morningside Rotary Foundation, $90,726

Edina, Edina Rotary Foundation Inc., $214,835

Edina, The Rotary Club of Minnetonka Foundation, $49,803

Ely, Rotary Club of Ely Minnesota Inc.

Excelsior, Excelsior Rotary Foundation

Faribault, Faribault Rotary Youth Services Inc., $222,419

Farmington, Farmington Rotary Foundation, $23,035

Golden Valley, Minneapolis Women’s Rotary, $130,725

Hopkins, Hopkins Rotary Foundation

Hutchinson, Hutchinson Rotary Foundation

Lake City, Rotary Club of Lake City Foundation

Lakeville, Rotary Club of Lakeville Foundation, $223,920

Lakeville, Rotary International, $22,914

Le Sueur, Legacy Fund of Le Sueur Rotary

Litchfield, Litchfield Rotary Foundation Inc.

Long Lake, Orono Rotary Foundation

Mahtomedi, The White Bear Lake Rotary Foundation, $42,699

Maple Grove, Maple Grove Rotary Foundation, $140,343

Maplewood, Blaine Ham Lake Rotary Foundation Inc.

Minneapolis, Bloomington Rotary Foundation, $408,534

Minneapolis, Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Foundation, $105,861

Minneapolis, Minneapolis Rotary Foundation, $2,617,483

Minneapolis, Minneapolis University Rotary Service Foundation

Minneapolis, Minneapolis Uptown Rotary Community Service Foundation

Minneapolis, Rotary 5950 Foundation, $106,706

North St Paul, North St Paul-Maplewood Oakdale Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $198,304

Northfield, North Star Rotary Youth Exchange Foundation, $696,376

Northfield, Rotary Club of Northfield, $182,875

Park Rapids, Park Rapids Rotary Foundation Inc.

Pine River, Rotary Club of Central Lakes-Pequot Lakes Charitable Foundation

Plymouth, Rotary Club of Plymouth Foundation

Prior Lake, Prior Lake Rotary Foundation, $513,212

Red Wing, Red Wing Rotary Foundation

Rochester, Greater Rochester Rotary Club

Rochester, Rotary Club of Rochester Foundation, $148,125

Roseville, Rotary Healthy Youth Foundation, $113,750

Saint Cloud, St Cloud Granite Rotary Foundation Inc.

Saint Cloud, St Cloud Rotary Foundation Inc., $768,489

Saint Paul, St Paul – Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation of Minnesota, $8,147

Savage, Savage Rotary Foundation

Shakopee, Shakopee Rotary Foundation

Shakopee, Shakopee Rotary Scholarship Foundation, $463,293

South St Paul, West St Paul Mendota Heights Rotary Foundation

St Louis Park, Rotary Club of St Louis Park Sunrise Foundation

St Louis Park, St Louis Park Rotary Foundation, $397,058

St Louis Park, The Foundation of The Lake Minnetonka Excelsior Rotary Club, $69,183

St Paul, Saint Paul Rotary Foundation, $838,296

St Paul, Woodbury Rotary Community Fund, $24,146

Virginia, Virginia Rotary Apartments Inc., $148,713

Wayzata, Mound-Westonka Rotary Foundation

Wayzata, The Rotary Club of Wayzata Memorial Education Foundation Inc., $444,815

Wayzata, Wayzata Rotary Charitable Foundation



Baldwyn, Baldwyn Rotary Club

Biloxi, Rotary Club of Edgewater Mississippi Inc., $22,275

Brookhaven, Rotary International

Charleston, Rotary International

Gautier, Gautier Rotary Foundation Inc.

Indianola, Indianola Rotary Club Educational Trust

Jackson, Jackson Rotary Club Charities Inc., $175,871

Louisville, Rotary District 6820 Foundation

Newton, Newton Rotary Club

Pass Chris, Rotary Club of Pass Christian Mississippi Inc.

Pass Chris, The Rotary Charity Trust Fund

Philadelphia, Rotary Club of Philadelphia

Starkville, Starkville Rotary Foundation Inc.

Water Valley, Rotary Club of Water Valley Mississippi USA



Buffalo, Buffalo Rotary Club

Chillicothe, Chillicothe Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Clinton, Clinton Rotary Community Foundation Inc.

Columbia, Rotary Club of Columbia Northwest Foundation, $479,642

Cottleville, Charitable Fund of Cottleville Weldon Spring Rotary Club

Des Peres, Des Peres Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Ellington, Reynolds County-Ellington Rotary

Farmington, St Francois County Rotary Charities Inc.

Florissant, Florissant Rotary Club Foundation, $34,816

Fulton, Fulton Rotary Club Charitable Foundation

Grandview, Kansas City South Rotary Club Foundation, $79,291

Jefferson City, Jefferson City Rotary Club Local Community Foundation, $38,885

Joplin, Daybreak Rotary Foundation

Kansas City, Kansas City Rotary Club Foundation, $5,464,986

Kansas City, Kansas City Rotary Educational Foundation, $461,739

Kansas City, Kansas City South Rotary Club

Kansas City, Plaza Rotary Club of Kansas City Charitable Foundation, $51,591

Kansas City, Rotary Club of South Platte County Missouri Charitable Foundation

Kansas City, Waldo Brookside Rotary Club Foundation,

Kirksville, Kirksville Rotary Charitable Fund

Kirkwood, Kirkwood Rotary Club Inc., $445,077

Lake Ozark, Daybreak Rotary Charity Fund of Lake Ozark Inc., $80,353

Lees Summit, Lees Summit Rotary Endowment Foundation

Lees Summit, Rotary Club Youth Camp Association Inc., $2,139,897

Liberty, Rotary Club of Liberty Missouri Foundation

Macon, Rotary Club of Macon County Foundation

Moberly, Moberly And Huntsville Rotary Foundation

Moscow Mills, Troy Rotary Foundation Inc.

N Kansas City, North Kansas City Rotary Charitable Fund Inc., $178,734

Osage Beach, Lake Area Rotary Power of Four Inc.

Osage Beach, Rotary Club of Ozarks Lake Missouri USA, $62,228

Parkville, Parkville Rotary Charities

Parkville, Parkville Rotary Club Rotary International

Plattsburg, Plattsburg Rotary Club

Richmond, Richmond Rotary Charitable Foundation,

Saint Charles, St Charles Rotary Club Charitable Fund, $43,832

Saint Joseph, Saint Joseph Rotary Club Foundation

Saint Louis, Crestwood Sunset Hills Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $104,414

Saint Louis, Rotary Club No 11 Endowment Fund

Saint Louis, Webster Groves Rotary Charities Inc.

Saint Peters, Community Fund of St Peters Rotary

Springfield, Rotary Club of Springfield Southeast Endowment Inc.

Springfield, Springfield Rotary Service Fund Inc.

St Louis, St Louis Rotary Club Welfare Fund Inc., $51,952

Troy, Rotary Club of Troy Missouri

Warrensburg, Rotary Club of Warrensburg Mo Charitable Association, $7,914

Warrensburg, Warrensburg Early Bird Rotary Club Foundation

Washington, Washington Rotary Advancement Projects Fund,

Wentzville, Wentzville Rotary Foundation



Big Sky, Big Sky Rotary Foundation

Bigfork, Bigfork Rotary Foundation Inc.

Billings, Billings Rotary Foundation, $493,865

Billings, Rotary District 5390 Foundation, $15,747

Bozeman, Bozeman Rotary Foundation

Butte, Rotary Club of Butte Montana USA

Glendive, Rotary Club of Glendive Montana

Great Falls, Great Falls Rotary Foundation Inc., $308,022

Hamilton, Hamilton Rotary Club

Helena, Helena Rotary Foundation Inc.

Kalispell, Flathead Rotary Community Foundation, $42,843

Kalispell, Rotary Club of Evergreen

Missoula, Missoula Rotary Foundation, $62,111

Polson, Polson Rotary Foundation, $11,055

Red Lodge, Rotary Club of Red Lodge Montana

White Sulphur Springs, Rotary Club of White Sulphur Springs Montana

Whitefish, Whitefish Rotary Charitable Fund Inc.



Auburn, Rotary Club of Auburn Nebraska

Beatrice, Beatrice Rotary Foundation Inc.

Bellevue, Bellevue Rotary Charitable Foundation

Crete, Crete Rotary Club

Elkhorn, Omaha Downtown Rotary Club Foundation, $731,827

Elkhorn, Omaha Morning Rotary Foundation

Gibbon, Hasuk Rotary Hospital Foundation

Lincoln, Lincoln East Rotary Club Foundation, $238,764

Lincoln, Lincoln Rotary Club 14 Foundation, $1,715,135

Lincoln, Lincoln South Rotary Club Foundation

Omaha, Rotary Club of Omaha Millard Nebraska Foundation

Omaha, Rotary International-Omaha North

Omaha, Suburban Rotary Charitable Foundation, $1,163,669

Omaha, West Omaha Rotary Foundation, $441,037

Scottsbluff, Scottsbluff-Gering Rotary Foundation



Boulder City, Boulder City Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $228,000

Carson City, Rotary Club of Carson City Foundation, $433,265

Gardnerville, Minden Rotary Club Foundation, $301,209

Henderson, Nevada Rotary Foundation

Henderson, Rotary International District 5300 Inc., $221,468

Incline Village, Rotary District 5190 Community Fund

Incline Village, Rotary Foundation of Incline Village

Las Vegas, Foundation of Rotary Club of Las Vegas Central Inc.

Las Vegas, H Dale Tobler Rotary Charities

Las Vegas, Las Vegas Northwest Rotary Foundation, $59,647

Las Vegas, Las Vegas Rotary Foundation Inc., $1,844,953

Las Vegas, Las Vegas West Rotary Charitable Foundation

Las Vegas, Las Vegas Won Rotary Club

Las Vegas, Rotary Club of Las Vegas Fremont Foundation, $38,058

Las Vegas, Rotary Club of Las Vegas Southwest Foundation

Laughlin, Rotary Foundation of Laughlin

Mesquite, Mesquite Rotary Club Foundation

Mesquite, Mesquite Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Pahrump, Pahrump Valley Rotary Charitable Foundation, $25,277

Reno, Reno Centennial Sunset Rotary Foundation Inc.

Reno, Reno Rotary Foundation, $895,227

Reno, Rotary Club of Reno Central Charitable Foundation

Reno, Rotary Club of Reno Sunrise Charitable Foundation, $91,422

Reno, Rotary District 5190 Eighth Grade Leadership Program (REGL)

Reno, Rotary Zone 25-26 Foundation

Sparks, Rotary Youth Exchange D5190, $78,298

Sparks, Sparks Rotary Community Fund, $341,112

Wellington, Rotary Club of Smith Valley

Winnemucca, Rotary Club of Winnemucca NV USA

Yerington, Yerington Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Zephyr Cove, Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club Foundation, $107,311



Berlin, Rotary Club of the White Mountains Berlin-Gorham Inc.

Bow, Rotary District 7870 Foundation, $394,494

Canterbury, Bow Rotary Club Foundation, $35,515

Charlestown, Charlestown NH Rotary Foundation Inc.

Concord, Rotary Club of Concord Charitable Foundation, $1,778,740

Derry, Derry Rotary Educational Fund Inc.

Dover, Dover Rotary Charities, $22,026

Durham, Charitable Division of the Rotary Club of Durham Great-Bay

Exeter, Exeter New Hampshire Rotary Scholarship & Charitable Foundation

Hampton, Rotary Club of Hampton Charitable Foundation Inc., $19,959

Hanover, Hanover N H Rotary Charities Inc., $49,713

Jaffrey, Jaffrey Rindge Rotary Charitable Fund

Keene, Keene Elm City Rotary Club, $92,054

Keene, Keene Rotary Club Community Service Fund Inc., $247,258

Lancaster, Lancaster Rotary Club Charities Inc., $147,952

Lebanon, Rotary Club of Lebanon NH Charities Inc., $215,430

Lincoln, Lincoln-Woodstock Rotary Foundation

Littleton, Littleton Rotary Charitable Fund Inc., $56,809

Londonderry, Londonderry Rotary Club Foundation, $20,490

Londonderry, Londonderry Rotary Scholarship Fund Inc., $266,998

Manchester, Queen City Rotary Club Foundation, $4,353

Merrimack, Rotary Club of Merrimack Scholarship Fund Inc.

Milford, Milford Rotary Club Foundation, $494,443

Nashua, Nashua N H Rotary Charity Fund Inc., $932,073

Nashua, Souhegan Valley Happy Hour Rotary Club Foundation

New London, Rotary Club of New London Charitable Foundation

North Conway, Rotary Club of North Conway Charities Inc., $133,106

Peterborough, Peterborough Rotary Charitable Fund, $74,701

Plymouth, Plymouth Rotary Foundation, $59,343

Portsmouth, Charitable Division of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth New Hampshire, $2,286,089

Portsmouth, Sunrise Rotary Charitable Corporation, $231

Raymond, Greater Raymond New Hampshire Rotary Scholarship and Charitable, $38,265

Rochester, Rochester Rotary Charities, $76,207

Tilton, Tilton Northfield Rotary Foundation

Wolfeboro, Wolfeboro Rotary Club Charities Inc., $94,193



Fairfield, Rotary Club of the Caldwells Endowment Fund, $1,128,708

Westfield, Westfield Rotary Club Foundation, $959,933

Fords, Woodbridge Rotary Scholarship Foundation Inc., $866,069

Clinton, Foundation of the North Hunterdon Rotary Club Inc., $526,716

Marlton, Medford-Vincentown Rotary Foundation Inc., $448,768

Lawrenceville, Rotary Club of Montgomery-Rocky Hill Foundation Inc., $427,984

Paramus, Paramus Rotary Foundation Inc., $406,350

Scotch Plains, Albert and Louise Davis Scholarship Fund FBO Rotary Club Elizabeth NJ Inc., $391,554

Morristown, Morristown Rotary Club Endowment Fund Inc., $352,879

Pennington, Rotary Club of Trenton New Jersey Charitable Foundation, $351,284

Ridgewood, Ridgewood Rotary Foundation Inc., $338,718

Toms River, Rotary District 7500 Gift of Life Foundation Inc., $322,215

Toms River, Rotary Club of Toms River Charitable Foundation Inc., $297,527

Forked River, Rotary Club of Forked River Charitable Foundation Inc., $272,907

Princeton, Foundation of the Rotary Club of the Princeton Corridor Inc., $270,548

Somerville, Foundation of the Somerville and Bridgewater Rotary Club Inc., $263,346

Moorestown, Moorestown Rotary Charities Inc., $253,105

Hamilton, Rotary Club of Hamilton Township Charitable Foundation Inc., $233,129

Fords, Branchburg Rotary Foundation, $227,601

Pemberton, Pemberton Rotary Foundation Inc., $199,549

Cranford, Cranford Rotary Charitable Fund Inc., $190,383

Brick, Brick Township Rotary Club-Luncheon Charitable Foundation Inc., $165,325

Pt Pleasant, Rotary Club of Point Pleasant Borough New Jersey Charitable Foundation I, $159,710

Allenhurst, Rotary Club of Long Branch Foundation Inc., $146,295

Fair Lawn, Rotary Foundation of Fair Lawn Inc., $133,833

Vineland, Rotary International District 7640, $130,842

Ocean City, Rotary Charities Inc. Ocean City, $122,502

Red Bank, Red Bank Rotary Foundation Inc., $121,366

Livingston, Rotary Club of West Orange Foundation Inc., $112,360

Hillsborough, Rotary Club of Hillsborough Foundation Inc., $107,266

Vineland, Vineland Rotary Charities Foundation, $106,521

Newton, Newton Rotary Club Endowment Inc., $93,618

Hoboken, Hoboken Rotary Club Foundation, $93,346

Maywood, Maywood Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $90,127

Willingboro, Willingboro Rotary Fund – Give a Christmas Inc., $79,535

Ship Bottom, Long Beach Island Rotary Foundation, $73,563

New Brunswick, New Brunswick Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $65,184

Blackwood, Gloucester Township Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $63,643

Haddonfield, Rotary Club of Haddonfield, $54,265

Cinnaminson, P R C Rotary Charities Inc., $53,465

Freehold, Freehold Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $44,272

Oakland, Oakland-Franklin Lakes Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $43,694

Paramus, Paramus Sunrise Rotary Foundation a NJ Nonprofit Corporation, $40,726

Sussex, Rotary Club of Vernon New Jersey, $29,203

Pompton Lakes, Pompton Lakes Rotary Foundation Inc., $27,414

Morris Plains, Rotary Club of Morris Plains Inc., $24,297

Brick, Brick Morning Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc., $23,823

Asbury Park, Rotary Foundation of Asbury Park Inc., $23,556

Haddonfield, Voorhees Breakfast Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $19,289

Madison, Madison Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $18,492

Barnegat, Rotary Club of Barnegat New Jersey Charitable Foundation, $16,649

Fords, The Rotary Club of Branchburg Township, $15,551

Paterson, Great Falls Rotary Foundation, $15,003

Paterson, Paterson Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $14,997

Denville, Rotary District 7470 Foundation a NJ Nonprofit Corporation, $13,522

Ridgewood, Ridgewood Rotary Club Foundation, $11,444

Caldwell, Rotary-Kiwanis Street Fair, $10,610

Whitehouse Station, Rotary International, $9,816

Livingston, Livingston Sunrise Rotary Fund, $9,508

Sewell, Rotary Club of Winslow Township, $8,384

Clifton, Wayne Rotary Foundation Inc., $7,893

Wyckoff, Wyckoff Rotary Foundation Inc., $7,277

Branchville, Branchville Rotary Foundation Inc., $7,132

Cherry Hill, Garden State Rotary of Cherry Hill Foundation Inc., $5,291

Phillipsburg, Rotary District 7470 Youth Exchange Program, $5,090

Jackson, Rotary Club of Jackson Charitable Foundation Inc., $2,366

Springfield, Springfield Rotary Foundation, $1

Cherry Hill, Rotary of Cherry Hill Twilight

Maple Shade, Maple Shade Rotary Club Foundation a NJ Nonprofit Corp

Absecon, Rotary Scholarship Fund of Atlantic City

Woodstown, Woodstown Rotary Foundation Inc.

Fanwood, Fanwood-Scotch Plains Rotary Frazee House Inc.

Englewood, Englewood Rotary Charities

Montclair, Montclair Rotary Foundation Inc.

Rockaway, Rotary Club of Rockaway New Jersey

Hammonton, Rotary Club of Hammonton Foundation

Phillipsburg, Phillipsburg Rotary Foundation

Turnersville, Rotary Club of Washington Township Foundation Inc.

Hamilton Square, Hamilton & Washington Townships Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Cedar Grove, Cedar Grove Rotary Foundation Inc.

West Deptford, Woodbury Breakfast Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Bridgeton, Bridgeton Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Saddle River, Allendale Saddle River Rotary Foundation

Bernardsville, Bernardsville Rotary Charities Inc.

Warren, Watching Warren Rotary Club

Springfield, Rotary Club of Springfield New

Metuchen, Metuchen Rotary Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Ridgefield Park, South Bergen Rotary Foundation

Fort Lee, Fort Lee Rotary Charity Inc.

Lincoln Park, The Pequannock Valley Rotary Scholarship Fund

Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill Rotary Club Foundation

Park Ridge, Park Ridge Rotary Club Inc.

Clifton, Clifton Rotary Foundation

Williamstown, Williamstown Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Warren, Watchung Warren Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Kendall Park, Rotary Foundation of Plainsboro Inc.

Hackensack, Hackensack Rotary Foundation Inc.

Toms River, Toms River Sunrise Rotary Charitable Foundation

Glen Ridge, Glen Ridge Rotary Foundation Inc.

Fair Lawn, Fairlawn Sunrise Rotary

Belvidere, Rotary Club of Belvidere Inc.

Glen Ridge, Rotary International Glen Ridge

Whippany, Whippany Rotary Charitable Trust Fund

Marlton, Rotary Club of Mount Laurel Foundation Inc.

Somers Point, The Rotary Club of Absecon Galloway New Jersey

Spring Lake, Rotary Club of Spring Lake-Brielle New Jersey Charitable Foundation Inc.

Toms River, Central Ocean Rotary Foundation Inc.

Hammonton, Rotary International

Hackettstown, Hackettstown Rotary Foundation Inc.

Spring Lake, Rotary International

Teaneck, Rotary International

Haddonfield, Rotary Club of Haddonfield Foundation

South Orange, Rotary Club of South Orange N J Foundation Inc.

Marlton, Rotary Club of Mount Laurel Inc.

Livingston, Rotary Club of Livingston Foundation Inc.

Marlton, Rotary Club of Marlton NJ

Bayonne, Rotary Foundation of Jersey City Inc.

Budd Lake, Netcong-Stanhope Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Westfield, NJ Rotary Capital District Foundation A NJ Nonprofit

Medford, Medford Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Tinton Falls, Tinton Falls Rotary Club

S Plainfield, Rotary Plainfield-North Plainfield Inc.

Hamilton, Rotary Club of Princeton Foundation

Oakhurst, Rotary District 7500 Foundation Inc.

Park Ridge, Park Ridge Rotary Charity Foundation Inc.

Randolph, Randolph Rotary Charitable Fund Inc.

Orange, Rotary Club of Irvington Endowment Fund Inc.

Paramus, Foundation for the Bergenfield-Dumont Rotary Club

Wharton, Walkfest Rotary District 7470 Inc.

Glen Rock, Wayne Am Rotary Foundation

Morristown, Bernardsville Rotary Club



Alamogordo, Alamogordo Rotary Foundation Inc., $481,647

Albuquerque, Albuquerque Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $1,868,796

Albuquerque, Rotary Del Norte Foundation Inc., $892,361

Albuquerque, The Rotary Del Sol Foundation Inc., $651,296

Farmington, Rotary Club of Farmington Foundation Inc.

Farmington, San Juan Rotary Foundation Inc., $68,592

Grants, Grants-Milan Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $43,777

Las Cruces, Las Cruces Rio Grande Rotary Foundation, $60,379

Los Ranchos, Rotary South Valley Charities, $67,931

Moriarty, The Moriarty Rotary Foundation

Raton, Raton Rotary Charities Inc., $1,027

Rio Rancho, Rio Rancho Rotary Foundation Inc., $599,582

Rio Rancho, Rio Rancho Rotary Sunrise Foundation

Roswell, Gus Winter Roswell Rotary Foundation Inc., $211,161

Ruidoso, Ruidoso Rotary Foundation Inc.

Santa Fe, Rotary Club of Santa Fe Del Sur New Mexico

Santa Fe, Rotary Club of Santa Fe Foundation Inc., $216,643

Santa Fe, Santa Fe Centro Rotary Foundation

Santa Fe, Santa Fe Del Sur Rotary Foundation Inc.

Santa Fe, Santa Fe Rotary Foundation, $357,107

Silver City, Silver City Rotary Foundation

Socorro, Socorro Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Tucumcari, Rotary Club of Tucumcari New Mexico Inc.




Airmont, Spring Valley Rotary Schools to End Poverty Step Inc., $25,453

Albany, Albany Rotary Foundation Inc.

Astoria, Rotary Club of Wall Street

Auburn, Auburn Rotary Community Foundation

Avon, Avon Rotary-Lions Ambulance Service Inc., $605,515

Avon, Genesee Valley Rotary Camp Inc., $61,236

Baldwinsville, Baldwinsville Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Bardonia, Clarkstown Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Barneveld, Adirondack Foothills Rotary Club

Batavia, Batavia Rotary Memorial Fund, $451,268

Batavia, Milne Memorial Rotary Scholarship Fund Inc. CO Leroy Rotary Club, $409,940

Bath, Bath Rotary Student Fund Inc., $175,263

Bellport, The Gift of Life Inc. of Rotary District 726, $77,259

Binghamton, Binghamton Rotary Charities Fund Inc., $76,103

Brewster, Brewster Rotary Foundation Inc.

Bronx, Bronx Rotary Foundation of Rotary Club of Bronx N Y, $526,646

Bronxville, Rotary Club of Bronxville Foundation, $208,196

Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge Rotary Foundation Corp.

Brooklyn, Verrazano Rotary Charitable Foundation, $272,245

Buffalo, Buffalo Rotary Foundation Inc., $945,258

Buffalo, Kenmore Rotary Charities Inc.

Buffalo, Kenmore Rotary Foundation Inc., $405,750

Buffalo, Rotary District 7090 Youth Exchange Program Inc., $16,279

Camillus, Camillus Rotary Foundation

Canandaigua, Canandaigua Rotary Service Foundation Inc., $87,140

Carmel, Rotary Club of Carmel New York Charitable Foundation Inc., $29,766

Carmel, Rotary International Carmel Rotary Club

Center Moriches, Moriches Rotary Health Camp Inc., $6,101,703

Chatham, Rotary Club of Northern Columbia County New York Inc.

Chenango BRG, Nimmonsburg Rotary Club Inc.

Chenango BRG, Nimmonsburg Rotary Dr. Robert W Smith Memorial Foundation, $593,417

Chittenango, Chittenango Rotary Foundation Inc., $44,936

Clarence, Clarence Rotary Foundation, $479,564

Clarence, Williamsville Rotary Foundation Inc., $293,647

Clifton Springs, Clifton Springs Rotary Charities Inc.

Cooperstown, Cooperstown Rotary Foundation Inc.

Cortland, Cortland Breakfast Rotary CAC Inc.

Dansville, Dansville Rotary Club Inc.

East Amherst, Rotary Club of Amherst East Foundation

East Aurora, East Aurora Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

East Hampton, Rotary Club of East Hampton Foundation Inc., $21,920

East Northport, Rotary Club of Northport New York Charity Fund Inc., $144,007

East Setauket, Rotary District 7255 Foundation Inc.

Eastchester, Eastchester Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Ellicottville, Rotary Club of Ellicottville New York Foundation for Youth, $115,574

Elmira Heights, Elmira Heights Rotary Foundation Inc., $98,329

Elmira, Rotary Club of Elmira Charitable Fund Inc.

Elmsford, Elmsford Rotary Foundation Inc.

Endicott, Endicott Rotary Foundation Inc., $107,698

Endwell, Foundation of the Rotary Club of Endwell NY Inc.

Farmingdale, Farmingdale Breakfast Rotary Foundation Inc.

Farmingdale, Farmingdale Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Farmington, Victor Farmington Rotary Foundation, $25,526

Franklin Square, West Hempstead Rotary Foundation, $30,316

Fulton, Fulton Rotary Foundation Inc., $75,211

Fulton, Rotary Club of Fulton New York Inc.

Garnerville, Rotary Club of North Rockland Inc.

Geneva, Geneva Rotary Foundation Inc., $479,286

Glenville, Rotary Club of Glenville New York Foundation Inc., $132,876

Goshen, Goshen Rotary Scholarship Foundation Inc., $570,488

Great Neck, Rotary Club of Great Neck Foundation

Hamburg, Rotary Club of Hamburg Foundation Inc., $27,742

Hamburg, Rotary Club of Hamburg Sunrise Foundation

Hamburg, Rotary District 7090 Gift of Life Inc., $13,768

Harrison, Rye Rotary Foundation Inc., $65,906

Honeoye Falls, Honeoye Falls Mendon Rotary Foundation Inc.

Honeoye, Honeoye Lake Rotary Foundation Inc., $36,037

Honeoye, Rotary Club of Honeoye New York Inc.

Horseheads, Southern Tier Area Rotary Handicapped Children’s Camp Inc., $47,069

Islip, Islip Rotary Supporters Inc., $2,521

Ithaca, Rotary Club of Ithaca New York Charitable Trust

Ithaca, Rotary Club of Lansing-Ithaca

Jackson Heights, Rotary Club of Historic Jackson Heights Inc.

Jamestown, Rotary Club of Jamestown Community Service Fund Inc., $40,368

Kingston, Rotary Community Service Corp

Lake George, Lake George Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $23,212

Lake George, Rotary District 7190 Gift of Life Inc., $43,372

Little Falls, Little Falls Rotary Club

Livingston Manor, Livingston Manor Rotary Club

Lockport, Lockport New York Rotary Foundation, $78,086

Locust Valley, Locust Valley Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $16,740

Macedon, Palmyra-Macedon Rotary Foundation Inc.

Mahopac, Lake Mahopac Rotary Foundation Inc., $133,367

Malone, Rotary Club of Malone New York Foundation Inc.

Manhasset, The Manhasset Rotary Club Charitable Foundation

Marcellus, Rotary Club of Marcellus Foundation Inc.

Massapequa, Amityville Rotary Charitable Fund Inc.

Massapequa, Rotary Club of Amityville Ltd

Medina, Rotary International

Melville, Babylon Rotary Foundation Inc., $65,819

Merrick, Rotary Club of Lynbrook East Rockaway Charitable Foundation Inc.

Middletown, Rotary District 7210 Youth Exchange (YEX) Inc.

Millbrook, Millbrook Rotary Foundation, $154,266

Monroe, M-W Rotary Foundation Inc., $52,427

Monroe, New York Rotary Foundation, $944,463

Mount Kisco, Mount Kisco Rotary Foundation Inc.

Mount Kisco, Rotary Club of Mount Kisco New York USA

Mount Morris, Rotary Club of Mount Morris Charitable Foundation Inc.

Nanuet, Nanuet Rotary Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Nanuet, Rotary Club of Nanuet Inc.

New City, New City Rotary Foundation Inc.

New Hyde Park, Flushing Rotary Charitable Trust, $134,958

New Rochelle, New Rochelle Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $37,246

New York, The New York Chinatown Rotary Foundation Trust

Newport, Kuyahoora Valley Newport Rotary Club

North Chili, Gates Chili Rotary Charities Foundation Inc.

Northville, Northville Rotary Foundation Inc.

Nunda, Nunda Rotary Fund Inc.

Nyack, Rotary Club of Nyack Foundation Inc.

Oneonta, Oneonta Rotary Fund Inc., $94,444

Orchard Park, Orchard Park Rotary Foundation Inc.

Oswego, Oswego Rotary Foundation Inc.

Oswego, Rotary Club of Oswego

Otisville, Minisink Valley Rotary Club Inc.

Oyster Bay, Oyster Bay Rotary Student Loan Foundation

Patchogue, Patchogue Rotary Animal Assisted Therapy Inc.

Pearl River, Rotary Scholarship Foundation of Pearl River Inc., $1,225,429

Peekskill, Peekskill Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $291,808

Peekskill, Peekskill Rotary Club Inc., $5,325

Pelham, Pelham Rotary Charities Fund

Perry, Perry Rotary Foundation Inc., $174,520

Perry, Rotary Leadership Institute of Northeast America Inc., $83,997

Pittsford, Foundation of the Rotary Club of Pittsford New York, $110,496

Pleasantville, Pleasantville Rotary Foundation Inc., $23,635

Port Chester, Rotary Club of Port Chester-Rye Brook Charity Foundation

Port Jefferson, Port Jefferson Rotary Club Foundation

Queensbury, Glens Falls Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $35,605

Ray Brook, Saranac Lake Rotary Foundation Inc., $215,852

Red Hook, The Red Hook Rotary Foundation

Riverhead, Riverhead Rotary Charities Inc., $220,961

Rochester, Brighton Rotary Service Foundation Inc., $60,709

Rochester, Foundation of the Rochester Latino Rotary Club

Rochester, Greece Rotary Foundation Inc., $128,766

Rochester, Rochester Rotary Charitable Trusts Inc., $7,845,380

Rochester, Rush Henrietta Rotary Foundation Inc.

Rocky Point, Rotary Club of Rocky Point, $29,749

Rye Brook, Rotary District 7230 Foundation Inc.

S Richmond Hl, Jamaica Rotary Foundation Inc., $171,778

Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Springs Rotary Education Foundation Inc., $1,335,352

Schenectady, Rotary Club of Schenectady Foundation Inc.

Scotia, Rotary Club of Scotia Foundation

Scottsville, Scottsville Rotary Service Foundation Inc.

Seneca Falls, Seneca Falls Rotary Service Foundation Inc., $21,490

Sidney, Rotary Club of Sidney Community Foundation Inc., $600,484

Skaneateles, Skaneateles Rotary Foundation Inc.

Skaneateles, Skaneateles Sunrise Rotary Club Inc.

Sloatsburg, Ramapo Valley Rotary Foundation Inc.

Smithtown, Sunrise Rotary Charitable Fund Inc.

Somers, Rotary Club of Northeast Westchester Foundation Inc., $88,535

Southampton, Southampton Rotary Club Scholarship & Endowment Fund Inc., $170,968

Staten Island, Gateway Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $107,372

Staten Island, Mid-Island Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $175,051

Staten Island, South Shore Rotary Foundation of Staten Island Inc., $263,108

Staten Island, Staten Island Rotary Foundation of the Rotary Club of Staten Island NY Inc., $312,374

Stony Brook, Rotary Club of Stony Brook Charities Inc.

Suffern, Suffern Rotary Community Fund Inc.

Syosset, Rotary Club of Syosset Woodbury Foundation Inc., $6,758

Syracuse, Eastwood Rotary Foundation Inc., $234,137

Syracuse, Rotary Club of Onondaga North Foundation Inc.

Syracuse, Syracuse Inner City Rotary

Syracuse, Syracuse Sunrise Rotary Club Inc.

Syracuse, Syracuse-Rotary Foundation Inc., $652,205

Tarrytown, Tarrytowns Rotary Foundation Inc., $75,562

Trumansburg, Rotary District 7170 Youth Corporation, $55,238

Utica, Rotary Club of Greater Utica

Valhalla, Rotary District 7230 Gift of Life, $20,365

Vestal, Vestal Rotary Foundation Inc., $54,507

Victor, Rotary District 712 Foundation, $5,848

Washington Mills, Utica Rotary Service Inc.

Waverly, Rotary Club of Waverly New York Foundation Inc.

Wellsville, Wellsville Rotary Education Fund, $60,360

West Nyack, West Nyack Rotary Foundation Inc.

West Point, West Point- Highland Falls Rotary Foundation Inc.

White Plains, The Foundation of The Rotary Club of White Plains New York, $544,546

Whitney Point, Whitney Point Rotary Club Student Award Fund Inc.

Williamsville, Eastern Hills Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $257,804

Williston Park, Rotary Club of Williston Park Inc., $3,820

Windham, Windham Rotary Foundation Inc.

Worcester, Schenevus Worcester NY Rotary Club

Yorktown Heights, Yorktown Rotary Foundation,



Angier, Rotary Children’s Fund

Apex, Apex Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $64,258

Apex, Rotary Foundation of Apex, $29,871

Arden, Rotary Club of Arden Foundation Inc.

Asheboro, Educational Foundation of the Rotary Club of Asheboro NC Inc., $1,584

Asheboro, Midstate Rotary Club

Asheville, Rotary Club of Asheville Breakfast Foundation

Asheville, Rotary Club of Asheville Foundation Inc., $132,323

Belhaven, Belhaven-Pantego Rotary Club Foundation

Black Mountain, Rotary Club of Black Mountain Foundation

Blowing Rock, Blowing Rock Rotary Foundation Inc., $28,073

Boiling Springs, Boiling Springs Area Rotary Club

Canton, Haywood Rotary Foundation Inc.

Canton, Rotary International

Carthage, Rotary International

Cary, Cary Central Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Cary, Cary Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $55,949

Cary, Cary-Kildare Rotary Foundation, $202,970

Cary, Cary-Macgregor Rotary Foundation Inc.

Cary, Rotary Club of Cary Page Foundation

Cashiers, Cashiers Rotary Club Charities Inc., $119,907

Chapel Hill, East Chapel Hill Rotary Club Foundation, $396,744

Charlotte, Ballantyne NC Rotary Club

Charlotte, Mecklenburg County-South North Carolina Rotary Club, $26,947

Charlotte, Rotary Club of Ballantyne Inc.

Charlotte, Rotary International

Charlotte, Rotary International

Charlotte, Thomas Brown McClelland Rotary Scholarship Foundation, $4,145,542

Cherryville, Cherryville Rotary Club Foundation

Clayton, Rotary International

Concord, Cabarrus Rotary Charitable Works, $7,806

Concord, Concord Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $34,492

Creedmoor, Rotary International

Davidson, Davidson Rotary Club

Denver, Denver Lake Norman Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $1,083,731

Durham, The Rotary Club of Southwest Durham Foundation, $21,961

Farmville, Farmville Rotary Foundation Ltd

Franklin, Rotary Club of Franklin Charitable Foundation Inc.

Fremont, The Rotary Club of Fremont NC

Garner, Garner Mid-Day Rotary Foundation Inc.

Garner, Garner Rotary Club Trust Fund Inc., $365,285

Gastonia, Rotary Community Garden of Gastonia Inc., $8,936

Gastonia, Rotary Foundation of Gaston County Inc., $38,181

Goldsboro, Rotary International

Greensboro, Crescent Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $412,571

Greensboro, Gate City Rotary Foundation Inc., $117,241

Greensboro, Greensboro Airport Rotary Foundation Inc.

Greensboro, Guilford Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc.

Greensboro, Rotary Club of Greensboro Foundation Inc., $97,082

Greensboro, Summit Rotary Foundation Inc., $536,060

Greenville, New Bern Rotary Scholarship Foundation, $87,282

Hampstead, Coastal Pender Rotary Club, $18,765

Hendersonville, Four Seasons Rotary Charitable Foundation

Hendersonville, Four Seasons Rotary Club

Hendersonville, The Rotary Club of Hendersonville NC Charitable Corporation, $172,618

Hertford, Hertford Rotary Club Foundation

Hickory, Hickory Rotary Charitable Foundation, $636,462

Hickory, Rotary Club of Lake Hickory Charitable Foundation

High Point, Rotary Club of High Point Foundation Inc.

Highlands, Highlands Rotary Club Charities Inc.

Highlands, Rotary Club Highlands-Mountaintop Charitable Foundation

Holly Springs, Holly Springs Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Huntersville, Rotary Club of Lake Norman Huntersville Inc., $41,784

Indian Trail, Union West Rotary Charitable Foundation

Jacksonville, Rotary Foundation of Jacksonville North Carolina Inc.

Jarvisburg, Currituck Wild Goose Rotary Club

Kill Devil Hl, North Banks Rotary Club Foundation, $41,706

Kings Mountain, Kings Mountain Rotary Foundation Inc.

Kinston, Kinston Evening Rotary Club

Kinston, Rotary Club of Kinston Inc., $72,543

Kinston, Rotary District 7730 Youth Corporation

Lenoir, Lenoir Rotary Club Activities Inc., $21,879

Lillington, Lillington Rotary Club Foundation

Lincolnton, Lincoln County Rotary Student Loan Fund Inc., $2,425,789

Lincolnton, Rotary International

Marion, Rotary Club of McDowell County

Matthews, Charlotte South Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc.

Morganton, Rotary Club of Morgantown

N Wilkesboro, North Wilkesboro Rotary Club Scholarship Foundation

New Bern, New Bern Breakfast Rotary Charities Inc.

Oxford, Rotary Club of Oxford

Pinehurst, Pinehurst Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc.

Raleigh, Crabtree Rotary Foundation

Raleigh, Rotary Club of North Raleigh Foundation

Raleigh, Rotary Club of Raleigh Foundation, $393,696

Raleigh, Rotary Club of the Capital City Foundation

Raleigh, Rotary Club of West Raleigh Charitable Fund

Reidsville, Reidsville Rotary Charitable Organization, $313,857

Rockingham, Rotary International, $54,073

Rocky Mount, Rocky Mount Rotary Charitable Trust

Roxboro, Roxboro Rotary Foundation

Rutherfordton, Rotary Club of Rutherford County NC Charitable Foundation

Salisbury, Rotary Club of Rowan County North Carolina USA

Sanford, Sanford Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc.

Shelby, Shelby Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Skyland, Rotary Club of Asheville-South Foundation Inc.

Smithfield, Smithfield Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Snow Hill, Rotary International

Southern Pines, Rotary Club of the Sandhills Charitable Foundation Inc.

Southern Pines, Southern Pines Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc., $265,805

Southern Pines, Southern Pines Rotary Club, $46,423

Swansboro, Swansboro Rotary Foundation, $546,645

Taylorsville, Taylorsville Rotary Foundation

Thomasville, Thomasville Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc., $160,389

Tryon, Rotary Club of Tryon Foundation, $162,808

Valdese, Rotary Club of Valdese Foundation

Wadesboro, Wadesboro Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc., $153,043

Wake Forest, Wake Forest Rotary Foundation Inc.

Wake Forest, Wakefield Rotary Club of Wake Forest Foundation Inc.

Wallace, Wallace Rotary Charities Fund, $39,275

Warsaw, Duplin Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Waynesville, Waynesville Rotary Foundation Inc., $216,277

Wilmington, Rotary Club of Downtown Wilmington Foundation, $57,187

Wilmington, Rotary Clubs of Wilmington Wheel and Garden Collaborative Inc.

Yadkinville, Yadkinville Rotary Foundation



Fargo, FM Rotary Foundation, $77,682

Bismarck, Bismarck Farwest Rotary



Alliance, Rotary Foundation of Alliance

Amherst, Amherst Rotary Service Foundation

Archbold, Archbold Rotary Foundation Inc., $32,718

Ashland, Ashland Rotary Service Foundation

Ashtabula, Ashtabula Rotary Foundation, $153,577

Athens, Athens Am Rotary Foundation

Athens, Athens Rotary Foundation, $281,338

Aurora, Rotary Club of Aurora Foundation, $10,020

Avon Lake, North Coast Rotary Foundation Inc., $13,325

Barberton, Rotary Club of Barberton Foundation, $169,985

Batavia, Batavia Rotary Club Educational and Charitable Fund Inc.

Batavia, Rotary International

Beavercreek, Centerville Rotary Club Educational Foundation

Beavercreek, Rotary Foundation of Beavercreek

Bellevue, Bellevue Rotary Senior Housing Corporation, $448,319

Bellevue, Bellevue Rotary Service Foundation

Berea, Berea Rotary Foundation Inc., $59,413

Boardman, Boardman Rotary Foundation

Bowling Green, Bowling Green Rotary Foundation Inc.

Broadview Heights, Rotary Club of North Royalton- Broadview Heights Inc.

Brunswick, Brunswick Rotary Foundation Inc., $124,702

Brunswick, Parma Rotary Charities Foundation Inc., $92,065

Bryan, Bryan Rotary Foundation Inc., $65,019

Burton, Rotary International, $37,727

Cambridge, Cambridge Rotary Foundation Inc., $460,379

Canal Fulton, Canal Fulton Rotary Charities Inc.

Canfield, Canfield Rotary Association, $64,790

Canfield, Mahoning Valley Foundation for Rotary

Canton, Canton Rotary Charitable Fund, $159,542

Canton, Jackson Township Rotary Foundation Inc., $33,242

Canton, Massillon Rotary Foundation Trust, $1,503,263

Chardon, Chardon Rotary Foundation,

Chardon, Chesterland Rotary Foundation, $43,418

Chillicothe, Chillicothe Rotary Foundation Inc., $177,054

Chillicothe, First Capital Rotary Foundation

Cincinnati, Blue Ash-Montgomery Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $50,348

Cincinnati, Rotary Foundation of Cincinnati, $6,754,350

Circleville, Sunrise Rotary-Leo Moats Scholarship Foundation

Cleveland Heights, Rotary International, $8,717

Cleveland, Cleveland Rotary Foundation, $2,489,156

Columbus, Capitol Square Rotary Inc.

Columbus, Clintonville Rotary Foundation Inc.

Columbus, Columbus Capital Square Rotary Foundation

Columbus, Columbus Rotary Foundation Inc., $2,006,890

Columbus, Olentangy Rotary Foundation, $69,813

Columbus, Whitehall-Bexley Rotary Foundation Inc.

Columbus, Youngstown Rotary Foundation Inc., $764,535

Conneaut, Rotary Club of Conneaut Foundation

Coshocton, Coshocton Rotary Foundation Inc., $345,683

Dayton, Dayton Rotary Club Foundation, $138,912

Dayton, Kettering Rotary Club Foundation, $93,192

Dayton, Rotary Foundation of Oakwood, $425,015

Defiance, Defiance Rotary Foundation, $326,951

Delaware, The Delaware Rotary Foundation

Dover, Dover Rotary Foundation Inc.

Dublin, Dublin Am Rotary Charitable Foundation, $303,877

Dublin, Upper Arlington Rotary Charitable Foundation, $312,109

E Liverpool, Rotary Charities of Southern Columbiana County, $80,705

E Palestine, District 6650 Rotary Youth Exchange Program Inc., $33,655

East Canton, Rotary International

Fairlawn, Akron Rotary Foundation, $1,660,470

Fairlawn, Fairlawn Rotary Foundation Inc.

Fairview Park, West Shore Rotary Club Inc., $2,761

Findlay, Bluffton-Pandora Rotary Foundation Inc.

Findlay, Findlay Rotary Foundation Inc., $989,254

Fremont, Fremont Rotary Foundation Inc.

Gahanna, Gahanna Rotary Foundation, $131,369

Galion, Galion Rotary Charities Inc.

Gallipolis, Gallipolis Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Granville, Rotary Foundation of Granville, $62,065

Greenville, Rotary Club of Greenville Ohio Foundation, $120,487

Grove City, Grove City Rotary Foundation

Grove City, Rotary Club of Grove City

Heath, Newark-Heath Rotary Foundation Inc., $33,218

Hicksville, Hicksville Rotary Club Foundation, $587,149

Hilliard, Hilliard Rotary Education Foundation

Hilliard, Rotary International 6690 District, $147,910

Hillsboro, Rotary Club of Hillsboro Ohio, $67,145

Hillsboro, Rotary Forms Press Inc. Trust

Holland, Holland Springfield Rotary Foundation

Hubbard, Hubbard Rotary Foundation

Hudson, Hudson Rotary Foundation Inc., $212,161

Huron, Huron Rotary Charitable Fund Inc.

Jefferson, Rotary International

Kent, Kent Rotary Foundation, $318,590

Lakewood, Lakewood-Rocky River Rotary Foundation, $1,198,007

Lima, Lima Rotary Foundation, $715,225

Louisville, Louisville Rotary Club

Macedonia, The Rotary Club of Nordonia Hills Foundation,

Mansfield, Mansfield Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Marietta, Marietta Rotary Foundation, $401,889

Marion, Marion Rotary Foundation Inc., $1,205,179

Marion, Marion Rotary Senior Citizens Ii Inc., $1,604,805

Mason, Fairfield Rotary Club Education

Mason, Mason Deerfield Rotary Foundation Inc.

Maumee, Maumee Rotary Service Foundation, $606,064

Maumee, Rotary District 6600 Foundation

Middletown, Middletown Rotary Foundation, $537,782

Milan, Milan Rotary Club Charitable Fund Inc.

Millersburg, Millersburg Rotary Scholarship & Loan Foundation

Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon Rotary Foundation

N Industry, Rotary International

N Ridgeville, North Ridgeville Rotary Club Charitable Fund Inc.

Napoleon, Wauseon Rotary Club, $10,503

New Albany, New Albany Rotary Foundation

New Albany, The Rotary Club of New Albany Ohio

New Bremen, Rotary Club of New Bremen-New Knoxville Foundation Inc., $36,758

New Franklin, Rotary Camp for Children with Special Needs Inc., $4,640,469

New Philadelphia, New Philadelphia Rotary Heritage Fund

Newark, Newark Rotary Club Foundation, $309,971

Oberlin, Oberlin Rotary Memorial Fund, $349,091

Painesville, Mentor Rotary Foundation, $134,756

Parma, Rotary International-Rotary Club of Parma

Pepper Pike, Chagrin Highlands Rotary Charity Inc., $5,830

Perrysburg, Perrysburg Rotary Service Foundation, $1,033,956

Piqua, Piqua Rotary Scholarship Fund

Port Clinton, Rotary Club of Port Clinton Foundation Inc.

Reynoldsburg, Rotary Foundation of Reynoldsburg Pickerington Inc., $18,550

Richmond Heights, Hillcrest Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Rocky River, Lakewood Rocky River Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Salem, Salem Rotary Foundation, $177,948

Sandusky, Sandusky Rotary Club Charitable Fund Inc., $329,633

Silver Lake, Ohio Erie Rotary Youth Exchange, $165,426

Solon, Bedford Rotary Foundation, $100,162

Solon, Chagrin Valley Rotary Foundation, $341,365

Solon, Solon Rotary Foundation

Springboro, Rotary Club of Springboro Foundation

Springfield, Rotary Club of Springfield Ohio Foundation, $1,055,642

Steubenville, Steubenville Rotary Foundation Inc., $41,661

Strongsville, Strongsville Rotary Foundation, $338,532

Sunbury, Sunbury-Galena Rotary Foundation

Swanton, Swanton Rotary Foundation Inc., $113,370

Sylvania, Sylvania Rotary Foundation, $333,866

Tallmadge, Tallmadge Rotary Foundation

Tiffin, Foundation of Tiffin Rotary Club, $97,503

Toledo, Reynolds Corners Rotary Foundation

Toledo, Toledo Rotary Club Foundation, $4,046,817

Urbana, Rotary Manor Inc., $777,551

Van Wert, Rotary Club of Van Wert Ohio

Van Wert, Van Wert Rotary Foundation, $612,942

Vandalia, Rotary Club of Vandalia Ohio Foundation, $48,540

Vermilion, Vermilion Rotary Club Charitable Fund Inc.

Wadsworth, Rotary Club of Wadsworth Foundation

Warren, Rotary Club of Warren Foundation, $232,934

Waterville, Waterville Rotary Foundation Inc.

Waverly, Rotary Club of Pike County Foundation, $8,820

Wellston, Rotary Club of Wellston Ohio

Westerville, Westerville Rotary Elderly Housing Inc., $1,491,684

Westerville, Westerville Rotary Foundation, $326,422

Westerville, Westerville Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $325,336

Westlake, William Corley Foundation of the Westlake-Bay Village Rotary Club I, $199,303

Willard, Rotary Club of Willard Foundation

Williamsburg, Williamsburg Rotary Foundation Inc.

Willoughby, Willoughby Rotary Foundation, $15,432

Wilmington, Wilmington Rotary Club, $98,166

Wooster, Wooster Rotary Foundation Inc., $144,749

Worthington, Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club Foundation

Zanesville, Zanesville Daybreak Rotary Foundation Inc., $150,721

Zanesville, Zanesville Rotary Foundation Inc., $308,760



Ardmore, Rotary Club of Ardmore Foundation Inc.

Bartlesville, Bartlesville Rotary Club Foundation, $148,440

Bartlesville, Daybreak Rotary Club Foundation

Bristow, Rotary Club of Briston Oklahoma

Broken Arrow, Broken Arrow Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $241,134

Claremore, Rotary Club of Claremore Foundation

Claremore, Rotary Club of Claremore Revielle Oklahoma USA Inc., $7,681

Cleveland, Rotary International

Drumright, Rotary Club of Drumright Foundation

Edmond, Edmond Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $77,248

Edmond, Edmond Summit Rotary Club Foundation

Grove, Grove Rotary Foundation Inc., $332,943

Langley, Vinita Rotary Foundation, $48,362

Lawton, Lawton Rotary Leadership Institute

McAlester, McAlester Rotary Foundation Inc.

McAlester, Rotary Club McAlester

Miami, Miami Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $33,071

Midwest City, Midwest City Rotary Club scholarship Fund

Moore, Rotary Club of Moore Oklahoma USA

Muskogee, Muskogee Rotary Club No 87Foundation Inc., $172,477

Norman, The Foundation For Oklahoma Rotary Inc.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City Midtown Rotary Club Inc.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City Rotary Foundation Inc., $1,579,430

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City Sunrise Rotary Club Inc.

Oklahoma City, Rotary District 5750 Foundation Inc.

Oklahoma City, Rotary International, $10,686

Oklahoma City, South Oklahoma City Rotary Club Foundation, $7,146

Okmulgee, Rotary Foundation of Okmulgee Inc.

Stillwater, Rotary International

Tahlequah, Tahlequah Rotary Foundation

Texhoma, Rotary International

Tulsa, Rotary Club of Tulsa Foundation, $3,350,523

Tulsa, Rotary District 6110 Medical Supplies Network Inc., $106,542

Tulsa, Rotary International District 6110 Foundation Inc., $78,998

Tulsa, Rotary Men of Note of Tulsa

Tulsa, Southeast Tulsa Rotary Foundation Inc., $70,290

Tulsa, Southside Rotary Foundation Inc., $335,203

Tulsa, Student Loan Fund of The Rotary Club of Larned Kansas, $481,029

Tulsa, Sunrise Tulsa Rotary Foundation Inc., $207,439

Tulsa, Will Rogers Rotary Club Charitable Trust, $223,583

Weatherford, Weatherford Rotary Foundation

Woodward, Woodward Rotary Foundation



Ashland, Ashland Rotary Foundation, $982,033

Ashland, Rotary Club of Ashland Lithia Springs Foundation

Astoria, Astoria Rotary Foundation

Beaverton, Beaverton Rotary Foundation Inc., $776,184

Bend, Bend Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $467,752

Bend, Greater Bend Rotary Club Foundation, $304,551

Canby, Canby Rotary Foundation Inc., $454,680

Cave Junction, Rotary Club of Illinois Valley

Central Point, Central Point Rotary Foundation, $60,300

Central Point, Rotary Club of Central Point Scholarship Fund

Clackamas, Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Coquille, Coquille Rotary Foundation Inc., $3,421

Enterprise, Rotary Foundation of Wallowa County, $58,669

Eugene, Airport Rotary Foundation, $48,036

Eugene, Delta Rotary Foundation, $75,830

Eugene, Eugene Rotary Charitable Trust

Eugene, Eugene Rotary Scholarship Foundation, $413,276

Eugene, Eugene Southtowne Rotary Foundation, $251,558

Eugene, Springfield-Twin Rivers Rotary Foundation

Eugene, United Rotary Clubs of Lane County, $204,913

Florence, Rotary Club of Florence Foundation, $84,230

Forest Grove, Forest Grove Daybreak Rotary Foundation

Forest Grove, Foundation of the Rotary Club of Forest Grove, $132,071

Gladstone, Clackamas Rotary Foundation Inc., $383,369

Gold Beach, Gold Beach Rotary Foundation

Grants Pass, Grants Pass Rotary Club Foundation, $47,896

Grants Pass, The Rogue Gateway Rotary Club Inc.

Gresham, Albina Rotary Club Foundation, $580,737

Gresham, Gresham Rotary Club Foundation, $294,540

Hermiston, Hermiston Rotary Club Foundation, $9,918

Hillsboro, Foundation of the Rotary Club of Hillsboro, $270,367

Hood River, Foundation of the Rotary Club of Hood River, $1,001,877

Jacksonville, Rotary eclub State of Jefferson Foundation

Klamath Falls, Rotary District 5110 Youth Programs, $145,320

Klamath Falls, Rotary Foundation of Klamath County, $440,114

La Grande, La Grande Rotary Foundation

Lake Oswego, Earle C May Kruse Way Rotary Foundation Inc.

Lake Oswego, Lake Oswego Rotary Foundation Inc., $121,403

Madras, Jefferson County Rotary Foundation Inc., $75,811

McMinnville, Rotary Club of McMinnville Foundation Inc., $536,137

McMinnville, Sunrise Rotary Foundation of McMinnville Inc., $154,922

Medford, Bear Creek Valley Rotary Foundation

Medford, Foundation of Medford Rogue Rotary Scholarship Fund, $53,102

Medford, Medford Rotary Foundation, $650,919

Milton-Freewater, Milton-Freewater Rotary Foundation

Milwaukie, Milwaukie Oregon Rotary Club, $32,725

Molalla, Molalla Rotary Foundation, $116,843

Myrtle Point, Myrtle Point Rotary Club Inc., $234,495

Newberg, Newberg Early Birds Rotary Foundation, $829,232

Newberg, Newberg Rotary Foundation, $751,553

North Bend, Rotary Club of Bay Area Sunrise Foundation

Oregon City, Oregon City Rotary Club Foundation, $98,872

Pendleton, Pendleton Rotary Foundation, $49,209

Port Orford, Port Orford Rotary Foundation, $390,099

Port Orford, Rotary Club of Port Orford Community Service Fund, $131,931

Portland, Central East Portland Rotary Foundation Inc., $426,894

Portland, Foundation of the Rotary Club of East Portland, $528,946

Portland, Gladstone-Oak Grove Rotary Foundation

Portland, Milwaukie Rotary Foundation Inc., $267,244

Portland, Portland Metropolitan Rotary Club

Portland, Portland Rotary Charitable Trust, $3,115,191

Portland, Southeast Portland Rotary Foundation Inc., $141,454

Portland, West Columbia Gorge Rotary Foundation

Prineville, Crook County Rotary Foundation Inc., $2,945

Redmond, Redmond Rotary Charitable Corporation

Reedsport, Reedsport Rotary Foundation Inc., $301,079

Roseburg, Morning Rotary Inc., $10,773

Roseburg, Roseburg Rotary Foundation, $478,015

Salem, East Salem Rotary Foundation

Salem, Keizer Rotary Foundation Inc., $207,222

Salem, Salem Creekside Rotary

Salem, Salem Rotary Education Foundation, $688,990

Salem, South Salem Rotary Foundation

Salem, Sunrise Rotary Foundation of Salem Oregon

Seaside, Seaside Rotary Foundation Inc., $633,798

Sherwood, Sherwood Rotary Foundation, $52,266

Silverton, Silverton Rotary Foundation

Sisters, Sisters Rotary Foundation

Springfield, Springfield Rotary Scholarship Fund, $251,163

Stayton, Foundation of the Stayton Area Rotary Club

Sunriver, Sunriver Rotary Club Foundation, $86,582

The Dalles, The Dalles Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Tigard, Foundation of Tigard Breakfast Rotary Club Inc., $126,473

Tigard, Rotary Club of Tigard Foundation Inc., $319,658

Tualatin, Rotary Club of Tualatin Foundation Inc., $305,488

Warrenton, Warrenton Sunrise Rotary Charitable Trust

West Linn, West Linn Rotary Foundation

Wilsonville, Wilsonville Rotary Foundation Inc., $229,282

Woodburn, Rotary International, $31,236

Woodburn, Woodburn Rotary Foundation



Aliquippa, Rotary District 7300 Foundation, $899,639

Allentown, Allentown Rotary Club Foundation, $738,579

Allison Park, Rotary Club of Hampton Township Foundation

Ambler, Charitable Foundation of the Ambler Rotary Club Inc., $52,979

Ambridge, Rotary International

Ardmore, Ardmore Rotary Foundation, $50,373

Aston, Gundaker Foundation Rotary District 7450, $187,824

Bellefonte, Bellefonte Sunrise Rotary Club

Bethlehem, Bethlehem Morning Star Rotary Club Charitable Organization, $11,825

Bethlehem, Bethlehem Rotary Foundation, $126,739

Bethlehem, Rotary Club of Saucon Center Valley Pa

Blairsville, Rotary International Blairsville Rotary Club, $39,064

Blue Bell, Charitable Foundation of the Rotary Club of Blue Bell, $11,537

Boothwyn, Chichester Rotary Club

Boyertown, Boyertown Rotary Foundation

Bradford, Bradford Rotary Foundation

Broomall, Broomall Rotary Foundation, $17,015

Brownsville, Brownsville Rotary Club

Butler, Butler Am Rotary Charities

Butler, Butler Rotary Foundation, $50,292

Carlisle, Carlisle Rotary Club Foundation, $174,436

Carnegie, Carnegie Rotary Club Foundation

Chambersburg, Rotary Club of Chambersburg Foundation, $90,409

Chester, Chester Rotary Foundation

Clarks Summit, Rotary Club of the Abingtons Clarks Summit Trust Fund, $79,483

Collegeville, Collegeville Rotary Foundation,

Concordville, Rotary Club of Concordville Foundation Inc.

Concordville, The Rotary Club of Glen Mills – Thornbury Foundation

Connellsville, Rotary Club Connellsville

Cranberry Township, Rotary Club of Cranberry Township Sunrise

Dallas, Rotary Club of Dallas Inc., $18,465

Davidsville, Rotary Club of Conemaugh

Delmont, Rotary Club of Delmont-Salem, $1,295

Doylestown, Central Bucks Rotary Foundation Inc., $51,739

Doylestown, Rotary Club of Central Bucks

Doylestown, Rotary Club of Doylestown Charitable Organization, $220,597

Drexel Hill, Rotary Club of Upper Darby – Lansdowne

Easton, Easton Rotary Service Foundation

Easton, Rotary Club of Saucon Foundation Inc.

Erie, Rotary Club of Erie Scholarship Foundation, $287,624

Feasterville, Rotary International

Fleetwood, Fleetwood Rotary Charitable Foundation

Fleetwood, Rotary International

Fogelsville, Rotary Club Foundation of Allentown West-Western Lehigh County Pa, $80,574

Greenville, Rotary Club of Greenville Pennsylvania

Hamburg, Hamburg Rotary Scholarship Fund

Hanover, Rotary Club of Hanover Pennsylvania Charitable Fund Inc.

Harleysville, Harleysville Rotary Club

Harleysville, Rotary Club of Harleysville Foundation

Harrisburg, Harrisburg Rotary Foundation, $42,666

Harrisburg, Rotary Club of Colonial Park Foundation, $98,496

Hatboro, Rotary Special Athletes

Hazleton, Hazleton Rotary Foundation

Horsham, Horsham Rotary Foundation

Horsham, Huntingdon Valley Rotary Club Endowment Fund

Horsham, Rotary Club of Horsham, $129,780

Jim Thorpe, Rotary Club of Jim Thorpe Charitable Fund Inc.

Johnstown, Johnstown Rotary Educational Foundation, $77,973

Jonestown, Northern Lebanon County Rotary Club

Karns City, Chicora East Brady Rotary Club

Kennett Square, Kennett Rotary Foundation

Kennett Square, Rotary Club of Kennett at Longwood Foundation, $131,518

King of Prussia, The King of Prussia Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc., $66,733

Kutztown, Kutztown Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $72,102

Lancaster, Rotary Club of Lancaster Foundation, $428,024

Langhorne, Rotary Club of Shady Brook Charities

Lansdale, North Penn Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc.

Lebanon, Lebanon Rotary Club Foundation, $10,157

Lehighton, Rotary International

Lewistown, Lewistown Rotary Fund Inc., $40,701

Ligonier, Rotary Club of Ligonier Charitable Foundation

Limerick, Rotary International,

Macungie, Emmaus Rotary Club Foundation

Manheim, Manheim Rotary Charitable Foundation

McKees Rocks, Rotary Club of Greater McKees Rocks

McMurray, Rotary International, $28,089

Media, Rotary Foundation of Media

Milford, The Milford-Matamoras Rotary Charitable Organization

Minersville, Minersville Rotary Charities

Mountain Top, Rotary International

Muncy, Rotary Club of Muncy

Murrysville, Murrysville-Export Rotary Club Scholarship Fund

Newtown Square, Newtown Square Rotary Club, $1,399

Newtown Square, Newtown Square Rotary Foundation, $30,487

Newtown Square, Westtown-Goshen Rotary Foundation

Newtown, Newtown Rotary Foundation

Oxford, Oxford Rotary Foundation Inc.

Philadelphia, Foundation of the Rotary Club of Chestnut Hill

Philadelphia, Rotary Club of Northeast Sunrisers Philadelphia Pa,

Philadelphia, Rotary Foundation of Philadelphia, $603,306

Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Rotary Club Foundation Trust No 17119 & 17120, $258,391

Pittsburgh, Rotary Club of Bethel-St Clair Foundation

Pittsburgh, Rotary Club of Crafton-Ingram

Pittsburgh, Swissvale Rotary Club

Port Allegany, S. W. Smith Memorial Library Rotary Trust Fund, $103,300

Pottstown, Pottstown Rotary Community Endowment Fund, $83,036

Pottsville, Pottsville Rotary Foundation Inc., $80,896

Reading, Mount Penn Rotary Scholarship Fund Inc.

Reading, Reading Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Reading, Rotary Club of Muhlenberg Charitable Foundation Inc.

Saint Marys, St Marys Rotary Charitable Association

Sewickley, Quaker Valley Rotary Scholarship Fund Inc.

Sinking Spring, Conrad Weiser Rotary Club Chartered 1943 Club of Robesonia District

Slippery Rock, Slippery Rock Rotary Foundation Inc., $86,674

State College, Downtown State College Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc.

State College, Rotary International, $29,999

Stroudsburg, Stroudsburgs Rotary Foundation, $109,193

Swarthmore, Swarthmore Rotary Charitable Trust

Tamaqua, Tamaqua Rotary Club

Towanda, Rotary Club of Towanda Pennsylvania

Tunkhannock, Rotary International, $79,983

Tunkhannock, Tunkhannock Rotary Foundation Inc.

Turtle Creek, Rotary International

Warminster, Rotary Club of Warminster Foundation

Warrington, Warrington Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Waynesboro, Rotary Club of Waynesboro Foundation

Waynesburg, Rotary Club of Waynesburg

West Chester, Greater West Chester Rotary Foundation Inc.

West Chester, Greater West Chester Sunrise Rotary Foundation

West Grove, West Grove – Avondale Rotary Foundation, $24,015

Wexford, North Boroughs Rotary Foundation Inc.

Wilkes-Barre, Wilkes Barre Rotary Charities Inc., $221,815

Williamsport, Williamsport Rotary Charities Inc.

York, Rotary Club of York-East Charitable Foundation, $42,439

York, York Rotary Charitable Endowment Fund, $1,520,699

Zion Grove, Ringtown Rotary Club



Bristol, Bristol Rotary Charities Foundation, $47,395

E Greenwich, East Greenwich Rotary Scholarship Fund, $351,447

E Providence, East Providence Rotary Educational Trust, $60,387

East Greenwich, East Greenwich Rotary Charitable Fund, $4,808

Hope Valley, Chariho Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $379,319

Jamestown, Rotary Club of Jamestown, $42,611

Middletown, Water For Cambodia A Middletown Rotary Charitable Trust, $249,671

Newport, Newport Rotary Charitable Foundation, $293,703

Pawtucket, Pawtucket Rotary Foundation Inc., $91,274

Providence, Providence Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Wakefield, Wakefield Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $435,528

Warwick, Rotary Charities Foundation of Rotary Club of Providence, $1,703,574

Woonsocket, Woonsocket Rotary Charities Foundation Inc., $185,493



Andrews, Rotary International

Barnwell, Barnwell County Rotary Foundation Inc.

Beaufort, Rotary Club of Beaufort Endowment Foundation

Bluffton, Okatie Rotary Club Foundation, $400

Cayce, Cayce-West Columbia Rotary Education Foundation, $103,064

Chapin, Rotary Club of Chapin Sunrise, $42,893

Charleston, Charleston Rotary Fund, $358,497

Charleston, Gift of Life of Rotary District 7770 Inc., $357,615

Columbia, Columbia Rotary Educational Foundation Inc., $644,590

Columbia, The Rotary Club of St Andrews- Columbia Scholarship Foundation

Daniel Island, Rotary Club of Daniel Island Foundation, $191,671

Darlington, Rotary Club of Darlington, $1,987

Fort Mill, Fort Mill Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $15,991

Gilbert, Rotary International, $35,185

Greenville, Pleasantburg Rotary Club Foundation

Greenville, Rotary 7750 Charities Inc., $32,041

Greenville, Rotary Charities Inc., $258,426

Greenwood, Emerald City Rotary Foundation

Greenwood, Greenwood Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $175,293

Hartsville, Hartsville Rotary Foundation Inc., $21,257

Irmo, Rotary Club of Lake Murray-Irmo Foundation

Kingstree, Kingstree Rotary Club Inc.

Lake Wylie, Lake Wylie Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $30,377

Lugoff, West Wateree Rotary Club

Mauldin, Mauldin Rotary Club Foundation

McCormick, McCormick Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Mt Pleasant, East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Foundation, $27,917

Mt Pleasant, Mt Pleasant Rotary Club, $83,097

N Myrtle Bch, North Myrtle Beach Rotary Club Foundation

North Charleston, Rotary Club of North Charleston Scholarship Fund Administration, $191,519

Pawleys Island, Pawleys Island Rotary Foundation

Seneca, Westminster Rotary Scholarship Foundation, $176,555

Simpsonville, Greenville Evening Rotary Charities Inc., $48,890

Simpsonville, Rotary Club of Simpsonville Foundation

Summerton, Summerton Rotary Club, $6,406

Walhalla, Walhalla Rotary Foundation Inc.

Westminster, Rotary Club of Westminster South Carolina

Woodruff, Rotary Club of Woodruff



Gettysburg, Gettysburg Rotary Club

Huron, Rotary Club of Huron South Dakota, $11,132

Sioux Falls, District 5610 of Rotary International, $156,688

Yankton, Yankton Rotary Foundation



Bartlett, Bartlett Rotary Foundation

Brentwood, The Brentwood Rotary Club Charitable Foundation, $281,902

Bristol, Rotary Club of Bristol Charitable Fund Inc.

Carthage, Rotary Club of Smith County Noon

Clarksville, Clarksville Rotary Foundation, $5,489

Clarksville, Friends of Rotary Park

Clarksville, Rotary International District 6760 Youth Services,

Clarksville, Rotary International, $20,226

Cleveland, Cleveland Rotary Foundation, $181,256

Cleveland, Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $70,878

Collierville, Collierville Rotary Foundation

Columbia, Columbia Breakfast Rotary Community Fund, $21,796

Columbia, Columbia Noon Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc.

Cordova, The Rotary Club of Memphis East Foundation, $361,050

Crossville, Crossville Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Crossville, Fairfield Glade Rotary Foundation

Crossville, Rotary Foundation of Cumberland County Tennessee Inc.

Erin, Erin Rotary Foundation Inc.

Franklin, Cool Springs Rotary Community Fund Inc.

Franklin, Franklin Noon Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $176,566

Franklin, Rotary Club of Franklin at Breakfast Charities Inc., $130,679

Gallatin, Gallatin Noon Rotary Foundation, $142,909

Gatlinburg, Gatlinburg Rotary Foundation Inc., $28,754

Germantown, Rotary Club of Germantown Charitable Trust, $178,108

Hendersonville, Hendersonville Rotary Foundation, $202,206

Jackson, Jackson Rotary Foundation

Jackson, Rotary Youth Town Endowment Fund Trust

Jamestown, Rotary Club of Jamestown Tennessee Inc.

Jamestown, Rotary Foundation of Jamestown Tennessee

Johnson City, Johnson City Morning Rotary Foundation

Johnson City, Rotary Foundation of Johnson City Tennessee

Kingsport, Rotary Club of Kingsport Foundation

Kingsport, Rotary Club of Kingsport Sunrise

Kingsport, Rotary International

Kingston, Rotary Club of Kingston Tennessee USA

Knoxville, James L. Bomar Jr Rotary Interact Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Knoxville, Knoxville Rotary Club Student Loan Fund Inc., $1,369,278

Knoxville, Rotary Club of Knoxville Volunteer Tennessee USA

Lebanon, Rotary Club of Lebanon Foundation

Lewisburg, Rotary Club of Lewisburg Tennessee, $47,400

Maryville, Rotary Club of Maryville Foundation

McMinnville, McMinnville Breakfast Rotary Foundation, $48,277

Memphis, International Travel and Hosting Fellowship-Rotary, $59,066

Memphis, Memphis Rotary Foundation, $1,054,438

Memphis, Rotary Club of Memphis Central Charitable Foundation Inc.

Memphis, Rotary-Family Youth Initiative Inc.

Monteagle, Grundy Rotary Service Fund

Morristown, Rotary Am Morristown Foundation Inc., $10,736

Morristown, Rotary Club of Morristown Inc.

Mount Juliet, Rotary International

Murfreesboro, Wheels from Rotary Foundation

Nashville, Donelson Hermitage Rotary Foundation, $37,047

Nashville, Green Hills Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $66,143

Nashville, Nashville Rotary Foundation, $1,669,937

Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge Breakfast Club Rotary Foundation

Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge Rotary Community Fund, $53,410

Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge Rotary Sunset Community Fund

Pulaski, Rotary Club of Pulaski Tennessee Inc., $51,250

Smyrna, Smyrna Rotary Club Charitable Foundation, $4,422

Spring Hill, Rotary Club of Spring Hill Foundation Inc., $34,785

Union City, Union City Rotary Foundation Inc., $4,539,161

Winchester, Winchester Rotary Foundation



Abilene, Rotary Clubs of Abilene Texas Charitable Foundation Inc.

Addison, Addison Midday Rotary, $51,810

Addison, Addison Rotary Foundation Inc., $20,174

Alpine, Rotary Club of Alpine Texas

Alvin, Alvin Rotary Park Foundation Inc., $129,171

Alvin, Alvin Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $208,221

Amarillo, Amarillo South Rotary Foundation, $2,234

Amarillo, Rotary Club of Amarill Foundation

Angleton, Rotary Club of Angleton Charitable Foundation Inc., $181,936

Arlington, Arlington Rotary Foundation Inc., $1,407,150

Arlington, GSW Rotary Memorial Park Foundation

Atlanta, Atlanta Area Rotary Endowment Fund Inc.

Austin, Austin Rotary Club Foundation, $1,501,539

Austin, Austin University Rotary Club Foundation

Austin, Cosmopolitan Rotary Club of Austin Foundation

Austin, North Austin Rotary Foundation, $170,056

Austin, South Austin Rotary Club Foundation

Bastrop, Bastrop County Rotary Foundation

Bastrop, Rotary Club of Bastrop County, $46,866

Baytown, Rotary Club of Baytown Foundation Inc.

Beaumont, Beaumont Rotary Foundation Inc., $421,741

Beaumont, Rotary Club of Beaumont Spindletop Inc., $364,587

Beaumont, Rotary District 5910 Foundation, $5,703

Bedford, Mid Cities Pacesetters Rotary Club, $71,551

Bellaire, Bellaire Southwest Houston Rotary Foundation Inc., $4,997

Belton, Community Foundation of the Rotary Club of Belton

Belton, Rotary Club of Belton

Boerne, Rotary Club Foundation of Boerne Sunrise Texas

Boerne, Rotary Club of Boerne Foundation

Boerne, Rotary Club of Fair Oaks Ranch Foundation

Boerne, Rotary District 5840 Foundation

Brenham, Rotary Club of Brenham Texas Foundation

Brenham, Rotary Club of Washington County Foundation

Bridge City, Bridge City-Orangefield Rotary Club, $1

Brownsville, Rotary Club of Brownsville Charitable Foundation, $284,545

Brownsville, Rotary Club of Brownsville-Sunrise Texas U S A Inc., $52,352

Brownsville, Rotary Club of Historic Brownsville

Bryan, Bryan Rotary Club Charity Corporation, $23,435

Burleson, Burleson Rotary Foundation

Canyon Lake, Canyon Lake Rotary Foundation, $168,186

Cedar Hill, Cedar Hill Rotary Foundation, $16,489

Cedar Park, Rotary Club of Cedar Park Youth Services Fund Inc.

Clarksville, Clarksville Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Cleburne, Cleburne Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $275,111

Clifton, Bosque County Clifton Rotary Club Scholarship Fund Inc.

College Station, College Station Rotary Club Charities, $22,886

Colleyville, Colleyville Rotary Foundation Inc., $35,544

Conroe, Rotary Club of Conroe Foundation, $153,238

Corpus Christi, Rotary Club Padre Island Corpus Christi

Cypress, Cypress-Fairbanks Rotary Foundation

Dallas, Dallas Rotary Club Foundation, $3,238,611

Dallas, Fair Park Rotary,

Dallas, Farmers Branch Rotary Foundation

Dallas, Preston Center Rotary Club Foundation, $94,927

Dallas, Prestonwood Rotary Foundation

Dallas, Rotary International

Dallas, Rotary International

Del Rio, Del Rio Rotary Housing Village II, $697,390

Del Rio, Del Rio Rotary Housing, $1,436,228

Del Rio, Rotary Club of Del Rio Texas Foundation Inc., $18,100

Denison, Denison Rotary Club Charitable Foundation

Denison, Denison Rotary Club Organ Transplant Foundation

Dripping Springs, Rotary Club of Dripping Springs Foundation,

Duncanville, Duncanville Rotary Foundation

El Paso, Camino Real Rotary Club Inc.

El Paso, Northeast Rotary Foundation, $576,817

El Paso, Rotary Club of El Paso Foundation Inc., $3,133,903

El Paso, Rotary Club of West El Paso Foundation, $66,586

Ennis, Rotary Club of Ennis Texas, $46,047

Falfurrias, Falfurrias Rotary Club,

Farmersville, Farmersville Rotary Club

Fort Worth, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Rotary Service Network

Fort Worth, Rotary Children’s Fund, $1,575,983

Fort Worth, Rotary Club of Fort Worth-North Inc.

Fort Worth, Rotary Club of Western Fort Worth Foundation Inc., $264,351

Fort Worth, Rotary International

Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg Morning Rotary Charity Fund, $25,595

Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Friendswood, Rotary Club of Friendswood Charitable Foundation

Frisco, Frisco Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation, $42,902

Galveston, Galveston Rotary Foundation Inc.

Georgetown, Rotary Club of Georgetown Foundation

Geronimo, Sunrise Rotary Scholarship Foundation Inc., $207,296

Giddings, Rotary Fund of Giddings Texas

Gladewater, Gladewater Rotary Club

Graham, Rotary Club of Graham, $152,290

Grand Prairie, Rotary Club of Grand Prairie Foundation Inc.

Greenville, Greenville Rotary Post Office Foundation Inc., $148,174

Harlingen, Rotary Club of Harlingen Sunburst 2074

Harlingen, Rotary Shrimp Fest of South Texas Inc., $10,445

Hereford, Hereford Rotary Club

Highlands, Highlands Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc., $56,163

Houston, Gulfway Hobby Airport Rotary Club

Houston, Memorial Spring Branch Rotary Club Charities Inc., $184,475

Houston, North Shore Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc., $764,393

Houston, River Oaks Rotary Charitable Trust

Houston, Rotary Club of Bear Creek Copperfield

Houston, Rotary Club of Houston Foundation, $1,216,491

Houston, Rotary Club of Houston Heights Charitable Foundation, $473,590

Houston, Rotary Club of Westchase Charity Inc.

Houston, Rotary E-Club of Houston Texas USA

Houston, Rotary Firefighters Home, $38,674

Houston, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation Inc., $259,180

Houston, Space Center Rotary Club Endowment Foundation

Houston, University Area Rotary Club Foundation

Houston, West U Rotary Club Foundation, $155,700

Houston, Willowbrook Rotary Foundation, $101,819

Houston, Women of Rotary Club of Houston

Houston, Women of Rotary Club of Houston Inc.

Humble, Humble Intercontinental Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $122,609

Iowa Park, Rotary International

Karnes City, Rotary Club of Karnes City, $159,890

Katy, Katy Rotary Fund, $101,548

Katy, Katy Sunrise Rotary Club Inc., $20,427

Keller, Rotary Club Foundation of Keller Inc.

Kennedale, Kennedale Rotary Club, $18,504

Kerrville, Rotary Club of Kerrville Community Service Fund, $60,113

Kerrville, Rotary Club of Kerrville-Morning Foundation Inc.

Kerrville, Rotary Club of Kerrville-Morning Texas USA

Killeen, Killeen Rotary Club Foundation

La Porte, La Porte Rotary Foundation, $247,766

Lake Jackson, Brazosport Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc., $181,742

Lakeway, Rotary Club of Bee Cave-Spicewood,

Lakeway, Rotary Club of Lakeway-Lake Travis Foundation Inc., $193,389

Laredo, The Charitable Foundation of The Laredo Rotary Club Inc., $2,409

League City, Rotary Club of League City Foundation

Levelland, Rotary Club of Levelland Breakfast Texas USA

Lewisville, Lewisville Morning Rotary Club Inc.

Liberty, Rotary Friends Inc., $12,137

Lindale, Lindale Rotary Charities

Longview, Longview Greggton Rotary Charities Inc.

Longview, Longview Rotary Endowment Fund Inc.

Lubbock, Rotary Club of Littlefield TX Scholarship Trust, $792,896

Lubbock, Rotary Club of Lubbock Foundation, $617,273

Lubbock, Southwest Lubbock Rotary Foundation Inc., $23,243

Lufkin, Angelina Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Lufkin, Rotary Club Student Loan & Scholarship Fund Inc. Trust Fund of Lufkin, $257,573

Magnolia, Rotary International,

Mansfield, Rotary International, $40,919

Marble Falls, Rotary Club of Marble Falls Foundation Inc., $63,312

Marfa, Rotary International, $16,219

Marshall, Marshall Metro Rotary Club

McAllen, McAllen North Rotary Club, $31,347

McAllen, McAllen North Rotary Fund, $210,303

McAllen, Pharr Rotary Scholarship Endowment Fund, $128,080

McAllen, Rotary Club of McAllen South, $99,915

McAllen, Service over Self SOS Foundation of the Rotary Club of Edinburg, $636,009

McKinney, McKinney Rotary Foundation, $41,202

McKinney, McKinney Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Mexia, Mexia Rotary Club

Mexia, Rotary Club of Mexia Foundation

Midland, Rotary Club of Midland Daybreak,

Midlothian, Rotary Club of Midlothian Texas

Mineola, Mineola Rotary Foundation Inc.

Montgomery, The Rotary Club of Lake Conroe Foundation, $139,506

Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon Rotary Educational Scholarship Trust, $625,944

Mount Vernon, The Rotary Club of Mt Vernon Texas USA

Mt Pleasant, Rotary Club of Mount Pleasant Foundation

Nacogdoches, Fredonia Rotary Foundation

Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches Rotary Club Foundation

New Braunfels, New Braunfels Downtown Rotary Scholarship Fund

New Braunfels, New Braunfels Rotary Club Scholarship Fund

Odessa, Odessa Rotary Club Memorial Foundation

Odessa, Rotary District 5730 Charitable Foundation Inc.

Palestine, Palestine Rotary Scholarship Foundation

Paris, Paris Area Rotary Foundation Inc.

Pasadena, Pasadena Rotary Foundation, $117,769

Pasadena, Rotary District 5890 Charities Inc., $101,871

Plano, David B McCall Jr Plano Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Plano, Plano Metro Rotary Club, $355,228

Plano, Plano Metro Rotary Club, $750

Plano, Plano Rotary Foundation, $115,309

Porter, Rotary Club of E Montgomery County Foundation, $46,165

Prosper, Prosper Rotary Foundation

Richardson, Richardson Central Rotary Foundation

Richardson, Richardson East Rotary Foundation, $108,841

Richardson, Richardson Rotary Foundation

Richmond, Rotary Club of Richmond Inc., $104,843

Rockport, Rockport Rotary Club Scholarship Foundation

Rockwall, Rockwall Breakfast Rotary Foundation Inc.

Rockwall, Rockwall Rotary Foundation, $2,314,302

Round Rock, Hutto Rotary Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Round Rock, Rotary Club of Round Rock – Sunrise Foundation Inc.

Saginaw, Eagle Mountain Saginaw Rotary Club

San Antonio, Dominion Rotary Foundation,

San Antonio, North Central Rotary Club Charity Fund Inc., $60,012

San Antonio, Northwest Rotary Club of San Antonio Foundation, $161,355

San Antonio, Oak Hills Rotary Foundation Inc., $433,658

San Antonio, Rotary Club of San Antonio Foundation, $285,513

San Antonio, Rotary International

San Antonio, Rotary International

San Antonio, Stone Oak Rotary Charity Fund

San Antonio, Youth Educational Foundation of the Rotary Club San Antonio Inc., $1,573,727

San Augustine, San Augustine Rotary Club

San Benito, Rotary Club of Harlingen Texas Inc. Endowment Fund, $445,940

San Marcos, San Marcos Rotary Club Foundation

San Saba, Rotary Club of San Saba Texas

Seabrook, Seabrook Rotary Foundation, $125,791

Seguin, Seguin Rotary Foundation Inc., $381,358

Seguin, Seguin Sunrise Rotary Club

Shamrock, Rotary International

Sherman, Grayson Rotary Scholarship Foundation

Sherman, Sherman Rotary Club Charitable and Scholarship Foundation Inc., $392,998

Snyder, Snyder Rotary Club

Somerville, Rotary International

Southlake, Metroport Rotary Charities Inc., $51,251

Sugar Land, Oyster Creek Rotary Foundation

Sugar Land, Rotary Club of Sharpstown Charity Inc.

Sugar Land, Sugar Land Rotary Foundation Inc., $244,495

Sugarland, SW 59 Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $42,841

Sweeny, The Sweeny Rotary Centennial Foundation

Taylor, Taylor Rotary Education Endowment Fund

Texarkana, Texarkana Wilbur Smith Rotary Club Foundation, $41,678

Texarkana, The Rotary Club of Texarkana

Texas City, Texas City Rotary Foundation Inc., $287,413

The Woodlands, Woodlands Rotary Club Foundation, $441,968

Tomball, Tomball Rotary Foundation, $84,524

Tyler, Rotary Club of South Tyler TX USA

Tyler, South Tyler Rotary Foundation Inc.

Tyler, Tyler Rotary Foundation

Tyler, Tyler Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc., $47,290

Uvalde, Rotary Club of Uvalde JB Memorial and JH Scholarship Fund

Victoria, Rotary on Stamps

Victoria, Victoria Rotary Foundation Inc., $57,580

Waco, Lake Brazos Rotary Club Foundation

Waco, Northwest Waco Rotary Club Foundation

Waco, Rotary Club of Waco Youth Service Fund Inc.

Waco, Waco Rotary Club Scholarship Fund, $169,683

Waller, Waller Rotary Charity Inc.

Weatherford, Weatherford Rotary Foundation Inc., $19,070

Wharton, Wharton Rotary Charity Inc.

Wichita Falls, Rotary Club of Wichita Falls North, $35,975

Wichita Falls, Rotary International

Woodville, Rotary International

Wylie, Rotary Club of Wylie East Fork

Yoakum, Rotary International



Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City Rotary Foundation, $1,424,729

Park City, P C Rotary Foundation, $159,519

Ogden, Rotary Club of Ogden Foundation, $155,372

Salt Lake City, Murray Rotary Club Foundation, $131,274

Cedar City, Cedar City Rotary Foundation Inc., $121,078

Bountiful, The Bountiful Rotary Service Partners Foundation, $82,906

Salt Lake City, Sugarhouse Rotary Charity Events Inc., $13,066

Kaysville, Kaysville Rotary 501C3, $721

Dammeron Valley, Redrock Rotary Foundation

St George, St George Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Orem, Provo Rotary Foundation Inc.

Midvale, The Rotary Club of Form Union- Midvale

Sandy, Sandy Rotary Foundation

Park City, Park City Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Logan, Rotary Club of Logan Foundation

Salt Lake City, Sugar House Rotary Memorial Trust

Centerville, Centerville-Farmington Rotary Charitable Fund

Draper, Draper Riverton Rotary Foundation

Kaysville, Rotary Club of Kaysville

Orem, Pleasant Grove Rotary Service Foundation

Spanish Fork, Rotary Club of Spanish Fork

Tooele, Rotary International

Logan, Rotary International

West Jordan, South Jordan Rotary

St George, Rotary Club of Dixie Sunrise of St George Foundation

West Point, Northern Wasatch Front Rotary Club



Bellows Falls, Foundation of The Bellows Falls Rotary Club Inc.

Bennington, Catamount Rotary Charities Inc.

Bethel, Bethel Area Rotary Club

Burlington, Burlington Sunrise Rotary Club Inc.

Burlington, Burlington Sunrise Rotary Club Inc.

Cambridge, Cambridge Area Rotary Foundation

Chester, Rotary Club of Chester Vermont Inc.

Colchester, Charitable Fund of the Rotary Club of Colchester Milton Inc.

Essex, Rotary Club Charities of Essex Vermont Inc., $102,120

Londonderry, Wantastiquet Rotary

Ludlow, Ludlow Area Rotary Charitable Fund Inc., $126,490

Lyndonville, Rotary Club of Lyndonville Vermont Inc.

Manchester Center, Manchester Rotary Club Fund Corporation

Middlebury, Rotary Club of Middlebury Vermont Inc., $16,182

Montpelier, Rotary Club of Montpelier Charitable Foundation Inc., $1,454,858

S Burlington, South Burlington Rotary Charities Inc., $93,050

South Burlington, Burlington Rotary Foundation Inc.

Vergennes, Vergennes Rotary Club Charities Inc.

Waterbury, Waterbury Rotary Club Community Trust

West Dover, Rotary Club of Deerfield Valley Fund Inc.

White River Junction, White River Rotary Charitable Fund Inc.

Woodstock, Woodstock Area Rotary Charitable Fund Inc., $8,733



Abingdon, Abingdon Rotary Club Inc., $13,907

Abingdon, Abingdon Rotary Foundation Inc., $25,939

Abingdon, Rotary Club of Washington County

Alexandria, Alexandria Rotary Foundation, $174,721

Alexandria, Alexandria South Rotary

Alexandria, Alexandria West Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Alexandria, Rosslyn Rotary Foundation

Alexandria, The Mount Vernon Rotary Club Foundation, $8,879

Altavista, Rotary International, $9,478

Amherst, Rotary Club of Amherst Virginia Charitable Foundation

Annandale, Annandale Rotary Foundation Inc.

Arlington, Arlington Rotary Educational Foundation

Ashburn, Rotary Club of Ashburn VA Foundation

Bedford, Bedford Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Bedford, Rotary Club of Bedford VA

Berryville, Rotary Club of Clarke County Foundation Inc.

Blacksburg, Foundation Rotary Club of Blacksburg, $56,482

Blackstone, Blackstone Rotary Club Foundation

Bowling Green, Rotary Club of Caroline Foundation

Bristol, Bristol Morning Rotary Charities Inc.

Bristol, Bristol Rotary Student Loan Foundation

Buchanan, Rotary Foundation of Buchanan Virginia Inc.

Burke, Burke Rotary Foundation Inc.

Charlottesville, Albemarle County Rotary Club Foundation

Danville, Riverview Rotary Club of Danville Virginia Foundation, $92,063

Exmore, Exmore Rotary Club Foundation

Exmore, Rotary International

Fairfax, Fair Oaks Rotary Foundation

Fairfax, Fairfax Rotary Educational Foundation, $92,092

Fairfax, Rotary Club of Falls Church Foundation Inc.

Falls Church, The Baileys Crossroads Rotary Club Foundation

Forest, Rotary Club of Forest Foundation Inc.

Forest, Rotary International

Franklin, Rotary Club of Franklin VA Foundation

Franklin, Rotary Club of Franklin Virginia

Fredericksburg, Rappahannock Rotary Educational Foundation Inc.

Fredericksburg, Stafford Rotary Foundation Inc.

Gate City, Rotary Club of Scott County Virginia, $112,090

Glen Allen, Henrico North Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Glen Allen, Innsbrook Rotary Charitable Foundation, $155,302

Glen Allen, Rotary Club of Short Pump-Henrico County Virginia USA

Glen Allen, Short Pump Rotary Club Foundation

Gloucester, Gloucester Point Rotary Charitable Foundation

Great Falls, Rotary Club of Great Falls Virginia Foundation Inc., $28,008

Hardy, Smith Mountain Lake Rotary Foundation

Harrisonburg, Rockingham Rotary Foundation, $25,385

Harrisonburg, Rotary Club of Harrisonburg Charitable Foundation, $551,927

Hartfield, Middlesex Rotary Charitable Foundation

Haymarket, Gainesville-Haymarket Rotary Foundation Inc.

Irvington, Kilmarnock-Irvington-White Stone Rotary Foundation, $147,061

Kilmarnock, Northern Neck Rotary Charitable Trust

King George, King George-Dahlgren Rotary Foundation

Lawrenceville, Rotary Club of Lawrenceville, $13,021

Leesburg, Leesburg Daybreak Rotary Foundation Inc.

Leesburg, Rotary Club of Leesburg Foundation Inc., $31,675

Leesburg, The Leesburg Rotary Club Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc.

Lexington, Lexington Rotary Club Foundation

Lexington, Lexington Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation, $52,645

Lovingston, Nelson Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Luray, Luray Rotary Club Charitable Fund Inc.

Lynchburg, Lynchburg Morning Rotary Foundation Inc.

Lynchburg, Rotary Foundation of Lynchburg Inc., $9,594

Manakin Sabot, Goochland Rotary Club Foundation, $47,627

Manakin Sabot, Rotary Club of Goochland Virginia USA, $12,457

Manassas, Bull Run Rotary Foundation

Manassas, Manassas Rotary Foundation, $127,493

Mclean, Mclean Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $313,938

Mclean, The Rotary Club of Tysons Corner Foundation, $43,564

Mechanicsville, Rotary Club of Mechanicsville Foundation, $33,187

Midlothian, Huguenot Trail Rotary Foundation Inc.

Midlothian, Midlothian Rotary Foundation Inc.

Midlothian, Rotary Club of James River Richmond Foundation

Midlothian, Rotary International

Mineral, Louisa County Rotary Foundation

New Market, New Market Rotary Club Charitable Fund Inc.

Newport News, Oyster Point Rotary Foundation

Newport News, Rotary Club of Newport News Foundation, $33,298

Newport News, Warwick Rotary Foundation

Norfolk, Norfolk Rotary Charities Inc., $585,730

North Chesterfield, Rotary Youth Activities Inc., $23,099

Palmyra, Rotary Foundation of Fluvanna County Virginia

Petersburg, Rotary Club of Petersburg Virginia Charitable Foundation Inc.

Powhatan, Powhatan Rotary Foundation

Prince George, Rotary Club of Prince George County Charitable Foundation Inc., $20,614

Providence Forge, Rotary Club of New Kent County Virginia

Purcellville, Purcellville Rotary Foundation Inc.

Reston, Rotary Club of Reston Foundation

Richmond, Hanover Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $208,191

Richmond, South Richmond Rotary Club Service Foundation, $418,307

Richmond, West Richmond Rotary Club Foundation, $172,483

Roanoke, Roanoke Rotary Club Scholarship Foundation

Roanoke, Rotary New Gen Foundation Inc.

Salem, Rotary International

Salem, Salem Rotary Club Woodbridge Scholarship Inc.

South Hill, Rotary International, $90,055

Springfield, Springfield Rotary Foundation Inc.

Springfield, West Springfield Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $151,965

Stafford, North Stafford Rotary Foundation

Staunton, Staunton Rotary Club Charitable Fund Inc.

Stuart, Stuart Rotary Foundation

Stuart, Stuart Rotary Student Loan & Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Suffolk, Rotary Club of Suffolk Charitable Foundation, $20,825

Tappahannock, Tappahannock Rotary Club Foundation

Virginia Bch, Cape Henry Rotary Foundation, $4,727

Virginia Bch, Rotary Club of Hampton Roads Foundation, $109,274

Virginia Bch, Rotary Club of Town Center Virginia Beach Foundation, $1,018

Virginia Bch, Virginia Beach Rotary Club Foundation

Waynesboro, Waynesboro Rotary Foundation Inc., $193,844

Williamsburg, Rotary Club of James City County Foundation Inc., $59,746

Williamsburg, Rotary Club of the Historic Triangle Foundation Inc.

Williamsburg, Rotary Club of Williamsburg Foundation Inc.

Winchester, Winchester Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Inc.

Woodbridge, Woodbridge Rotary Foundation, $70,512

Woodstock, Woodstock Rotary Foundation Inc.

Yorktown, Yorktown Rotary Foundation, $34,057



Everett, Everett Rotary Youth Foundation, $3,544,164

Ellensburg, Rotary Club of Ellensburg Foundation, $2,477,234

Vancouver, Rotary Foundation of Vancouver, $2,398,449

Aberdeen, Aberdeen Rotary Foundation, $2,083,627

Gig Harbor, Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation, $1,892,329

Lynnwood, Lynnwood Rotary Community Foundation, $1,769,012

Yakima, Yakima Rotary Charitable Foundation, $1,671,610

Spokane, Spokane Downtown Rotary Endowment Fund, $1,639,082

Lacey, Lacey Rotary Foundation, $1,632,744

Tacoma, Tacoma Rotary 8 Foundation, $1,623,365

Seattle, University Rotary Service Fund, $1,501,596

Seattle, Seattle Rotary Service Foundation, $1,124,643

Marysville, Marysville Rotary Education Foundation, $1,119,708

Olympia, Olympia Rotary Foundation, $1,106,361

Bellingham, Rotary Club of Bellingham Foundation, $1,054,103

Bellevue, Bellevue Rotary Foundation, $1,034,319

Shelton, Shelton Skookum Rotary Club Foundation, $865,481

Bainbridge Is, Rotary of Bainbridge Island Trust, $817,630

Poulsbo, Poulsbo – North Kitsap Rotary Foundation, $734,741

Yakima, Yakima Rotary Charities, $711,342

Seattle, Rotary Club of Emerald City Foundation, $691,908

Liberty Lake, Rotary International, $664,443

Bellevue, Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club Foundation, $639,441

Port Orchard, Port Orchard Rotary Foundation, $497,987

Bremerton, Bremerton Rotary Foundation, $492,614

Lynden, Mt Baker Rotary Foundation, $483,211

Puyallup, Rotary Club of Puyallup South Hill Charities Funds, $467,920

Kennewick, Pasco-Kennewick Rotary Charitable Trust, $449,556

Everett, South Everett Mukilteo Rotary Foundation, $445,963

Wenatchee, Wenatchee Rotary Foundation Inc., $442,666

Walla Walla, Don Sherwood Endowment Charitable Trust Fund Rotary Club Walla Walla, $409,195

Yakima, Yakima Rotary Food Bank, $404,088

Seattle, West Seattle Rotary Service Foundation, $383,021

Port Angeles, Port Angeles Rotary Club Foundation, $372,154

Mercer Island, Foundation of the Rotary Club of Mercer Island, $347,779

Seattle, Rotary First Harvest, $321,496

Maple Valley, Maple Valley Rotary Foundation, $308,574

Tacoma, Tacoma Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation, $305,589

Kennewick, Columbia Center Rotary Charity, $303,367

Bellingham, Bellingham Bay Rotary Foundation, $301,247

Bremerton, East Bremerton Rotary Foundation, $299,512

Gig Harbor, Gig Harbor Rotary Charitable Fund, $296,283

Sedro Woolley, Sedro-Woolley Rotary Foundation, $295,083

Tumwater, Tumwater Rotary, $292,257

Silverdale, Silverdale Rotary Club Foundation, $279,281

Seattle, Shoreline Rotary Foundation, $253,777

Federal Way, Federal Way Rotary Service Foundation, $250,386

Olympia, Rotary Foundation of the South Puget Sound Rotary Club, $244,192

Spokane, Robert B Pendleton Rotary Scholarship Foundation, $242,415

Vancouver, Greater Clark County Rotary Foundation Inc., $239,812

Olympia, West Olympia Rotary Charities Fund, $236,363

Renton, Renton Rotary Caper Inc., $227,241

Bainbridge Is, Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island Scholarship Foundation, $226,402

Tacoma, Rotary International District 5020, $216,774

University Pl, Tacoma Narrows Rotary Charities Fund, $214,720

Battle Ground, Lewis River Rotary Foundation, $213,842

Woodland, Rotary Foundation of Woodland, $211,213

Kent, Rotary Club of Kent Foundation, $204,509

Lynnwood, Alderwood Terrace Rotary Foundation, $194,716

Sammamish, Sammamish Rotary Foundation, $189,895

Mill Creek, Mill Creek Rotary Foundation, $189,276

Port Hadlock, East Jefferson County Rotary Charitable Trust Association, $186,178

Chehalis, Centralia Rotary Project Foundation Inc., $180,337

Seattle, Lake Union Rotary Foundation, $179,949

Anacortes, Anacortes Rotary Charitable Association, $178,308

Lakewood, Rotary Club of Lakewood Washington Charitable Fund, $169,497

Seattle, Seattle-International District Rotary Club Foundation, $166,962

Spokane Valley, Spokane Valley Rotary Charitable Trust, $161,288

Omak, Okanogan-Omak Rotary Foundation, $161,100

Pasco, Tri-Cities Sunrise Rotary Charity, $160,465

Seattle, Ballard Rotary Foundation, $154,176

Yakima, Sunrise Rotary Club of Yakima Charities, $153,984

Spokane, Rotary Community Service Inc., $151,922

Sumner, Sumner Rotary Club Foundation, $151,864

Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon-Skagit Rotary Charitable Association, $144,441

Burlington, Burlington Rotary Foundation, $128,936

Seattle, Burien-White Center Rotary Service Foundation, $127,064

Tacoma, Parkland-Spanaway Rotary Club Foundation, $124,867

Yakima, Yakima Southwest Rotary Club Charities, $123,008

Colville, Colville Rotary Charitable Foundation, $117,307

Anacortes, Fidalgo Island Rotary Foundation, $109,188

Walla Walla, Rotary Foundation of Walla Walla, $107,225

Wenatchee, Rotary Club of East Wenatchee, $103,051

Auburn, Rotary International, $101,576

Lake Forest Park, Lake Forest Park Rotary Charitable Foundation, $95,762

Longview, Rotary Foundation of Longview, $89,480

Mercer Island, Rotary Club of Mercer Island, $89,353

North Bend, The Rotary Club of Snoqualmie Valley, $83,957

Cle Elum, Rotary Club of Upper Kittitas County Foundation, $81,550

Richland, Richland Rotary Foundation, $78,123

Kingston, Kingston North Kitsap Rotary Foundation, $77,161

Moses Lake, Rotary Charities of Moses Lake, $77,065

Monroe, Rotary Club of Monroe Foundation, $76,078

Sequim, Sequim Sunrise Rotary Foundation, $73,981

Seattle, Rotary Club of Seattle Northeast Scholarship Endowment Fund, $73,608

Port Orchard, South Kitsap Rotary Foundation, $72,407

Redmond, Redmond Rotary Club Foundation, $71,998

Port Townsend, Port Townsend Rotary Charitable Fund, $70,507

Issaquah, Foundation of the Rotary Club of Issaquah, $51,564

Spokane, Spokane South Rotary Club Foundation, $51,285

Longview, Longview Early Edition Rotary Foundation, $51,179

Renton, Renton Rotary Foundation, $48,922

Sequim, Sequim Rotary Trust, $47,472

La Conner, Rotary Club of La Conner Foundation, $44,441

Marysville, Arlington Rotary Foundation, $42,961

Steilacoom, The Rotary Club of Clover Park Charities Fund, $40,238

Bothell, Northshore Rotary Foundation, $35,116

Freeland, South Whidbey Rotary Club Foundation, $33,556

Kirkland, Kirkland Rotary Foundation, $27,577

Woodinville, Woodinville Rotary Charitable Foundation, $24,967

Port Angeles, Nor’Wester Rotary Foundation, $23,778

Shelton, Shelton Rotary Foundation, $21,785

Kent, Rotary Club of Kent Washington Inc., $19,402

Shelton, Rotary Club of Shelton, $18,686

Seattle, Rotary Club of Seattle Northeast Foundation, $15,954

Duvall, Rotary Foundation of Duvall, $6,419

Lynnwood, Rotary International District 5030 Service Fund, $5,765

Bellevue, Rotary Wishing Well, $5,230

Freeland, Rotary Foundation of Whidbey Westside, $842

Seattle, Rotary Club of Lake Union

Sunnyside, Sunnyside Rotary Swim Team

Everett, Everett-Port Gardner Rotary Charitable Foundation

Seattle, The Rotary Club of Magnolia Seattle Washington USA

Enumclaw, Enumclaw Rotary Foundation

Vancouver, Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise Foundation

Port Townsend, Port Townsend Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Kettle Falls, Rotary International

Chelan, Lake Chelan Rotary Community & International Fund

Bellevue, Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Ferndale, Whatcom County Rotary Foundation

Snohomish, Rotary Club of Snohomish

Yelm, Rotary International

Camas, Rotary Foundation of Camas Washougal

Seabeck, Women of Bremerton Rotary

Chehalis, Twin Cities Rotary Foundation

Lynnwood, Alderwood-Terrace Rotary Club

Seattle, University Sunrise Rotary Service Foundation

Vashon, Vashon Island Rotary Foundation

Burlington, Burlington Mid-Day Rotary Foundation

Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon Rotary Club Foundation

Colville, Rotary Club of Colville Washington USA

Seaview, Southwest Pacific County Peninsula Rotary Foundation

Battle Ground, Battle Ground Rotary Foundation

Chehalis, Lewis County Rotary Foundation

Spokane, Women of Rotary of Spokane

Lacey, Gateway Rotary Foundation

Steilacoom, Rotary Club of Clover Park

Pullman, Pullman Rotary Charity

Kent, Rotary Club of Kent Sunrise Foundation

Seattle, Rotary Club of Magnolia Foundation

Seattle, Rainier Rotary Foundation

Vancouver, Northeast Portland Rotary Foundation

Des Moines, Rotary Youth Exchange Cle Gunsul Memorial Fund

Gig Harbor, Rotary Foundation of Gig Harbor North Club

Lake Stevens, Lake Stevens Rotary Charitable Foundation

Liberty Lake, Liberty Lake Centennial Rotary Foundation

Oak Harbor, Oak Harbor Rotary Foundation

Gig Harbor, Rotary Foundation of Gig Harbor Mid-day Club

Oak Harbor, North Whidbey Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Stanwood, Stanwood Camano Rotary Foundation

Ellensburg, Ellensburg Morning Rotary Foundation

Toppenish, Rotary International

Spokane, Rotary District 5080 Charitable Fund

Marysville, Marysville Rotary Charitable Foundation

Gig Harbor, Rotary International



Barboursville, Rotary Club of Barboursville Inc.

Beckley, Beckley Rotary Club Charities Inc.

Charles Town, Rotary Club of Charles Town Charitable Foundation, $391

Dellslow, The Rotary Club of Cheat Lake Inc., $51,890

Grafton, Grafton Rotary Club

Grafton, The Education Endowment of The Rotary Club of Grafton Inc., $21,496

Kingwood, Rotary Club of Newburg

Lewisburg, Lewisburg Rotary Foundation Inc.

Martinsburg, Martinsburg Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Martinsburg, Rotary Club of Martinsburg Charitable Foundation, $6,033

Morgantown, Rotary Club of Morgantown WV Inc., $99,822

Morgantown, Rotary International

Morgantown, The Rotary Club of Morgantown Foundation

Romney, Rotary Club of Romney West Virginia, $65,884

S Charleston, Rotary International District 7550 Foundation

Shepherdstown, Rotary Foundation of Shepherdstown

Whitesville, Rotary Club of Whitesville West Virginia



Antigo, Antigo Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Appleton, Appleton Rotary Foundation Inc., $4,632

Appleton, Rotary Club of Appleton West Foundation Inc., $307,885

Beloit, Rotary Club of Beloit Foundation Inc., $155,051

Berlin, Berlin Rotary Foundation Inc.

Brookfield, Elmbrook Rotary Foundation Inc., $209,893

Cedarburg, Cedarburg Grafton Rotary Foundation, $164,910

Chippewa Falls, Chippewa Falls Rotary Foundation Inc., $208,012

De Pere, De Pere Rotary Foundation Inc.

Deforest, Deforest Area Rotary Club

Delavan, Delavan Rotary Gardens Foundation Inc.

Eagle River, Eagle River Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $106,642

Elkhorn, Rotary Club of Elkhorn Foundation Inc., $8,534

Fond Du Lac, Fond Du Lac Morning Rotary Foundation Inc.

Fond Du Lac, Fond Du Lac Rotary Club Charities Inc., $41,642

Fond du Lac, Rotary Club of Fond du Lac Wisconsin, $61,854

Green Bay, Green Bay West Rotary Club Local Community Service Endowment Fund

Green Bay, Packerland Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Green Bay, Rotary Foundation of Green Bay Inc., $624,260

Hartford, Hartford Rotary Foundation Inc.

Hayward, Hayward Area Rotary Charitable Foundation, $14,601

Horicon, Rotary Club of Horicon Wisconsin Inc.

Janesville, Janesville Morning Rotary Foundation Inc.

Janesville, Janesville Rotary Foundation, $445,093

Kenosha, Rotary Foundation of Kenosha West Inc., $21,432

Kewaunee, Kewaunee Rotary Boy Scout Fund Inc.

La Crosse, La Crosse Rotary Brain Game Inc.

La Crosse, Rotary Lights Inc., $360,798

La Crosse, Rotary Works Foundation Inc., $280,889

Lake Geneva, The Lake Geneva Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Lake Mills, Lake Mills Rotary Foundation Inc., $56,507

Lodi, Rotary International

Madison, Fitchrona Rotary Foundation Inc.

Madison, Madison East Rotary Foundation Inc., $169,435

Madison, Madison Rotary Foundation, $10,976,862

Madison, Madison South Rotary Foundation Inc., $194,081

Madison, Madison West Rotary Foundation Inc.

Madison, Rotary Club of Madison-Breakfast Foundation Inc.

Madison, Rotary District 6250 Foundation Inc.

Manitowoc, Manitowoc Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc.

Manitowoc, Rotary Club of Manitowoc Foundation Inc.

Marshfield, Marshfield Rotary Foundation Inc., $93,468

Mayville, Mayville Rotary Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Medford, Medford Morning Rotary International

Menasha, Fox Cities Rotary Multicultural Center

Menasha, Rotary International

Mequon, Thiensville-Mequon Rotary Foundation Inc., $91,591

Middleton, Madison West Towne-Middleton Rotary Foundation Inc., $287,619

Milton, Kids Against Hunger – Rock County Rotary Inc., $67,856

Milwaukee, North Shore Rotary Foundation Inc.

Milwaukee, Rotary Club of Milwaukee Community Trust, $3,287,644

Milwaukee, Rotary Club of Milwaukee North Shore Foundation Inc.

Milwaukee, Wauwatosa Mayfair Rotary Club Charities Inc.

Milwaukee, Wauwatosa Rotary Foundation Inc., $43,949

Milwaukee, Whitnall Park Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $31,497

Minocqua, Lakeland Rotary Foundation Inc., $61,025

Mount Horeb, Mount Horeb Rotary Club Foundation Inc.

Mt Pleasant, Rotary Foundation of Racine West Inc., $95,496

Neenah, Neenah Rotary Foundation Inc., $394,075

New Berlin, Rotary Club of West Allis Foundation Inc., $164,613

Oconomowoc, Oconomowoc Rotary Foundation Inc., $49,832

Oregon, Oregon Rotary Foundation, $107,511

Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha Rotary Foundation Inc., $70,094

Pr Du Chien, Rotary Club of Prairie Du Chien

Prairie du Chien, Rotary Club of Prairie du Chien Area Foundation Inc.

Racine, Racine Founders Club Rotary Foundation Inc., $184,373

Reedsburg, Rotary Club of Reedsburg-Western Sauk County

Rice Lake, Rice Lake Rotary Foundation Inc.

Sheboygan, Sheboygan Early Bird Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc., $52,367

Sheboygan, Sheboygan Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $114,745

Slinger, Slinger-Allenton Rotary Inc., $39,851

Stoughton, Stoughton Rotary Special Projects Foundation Inc., $892,850

Sturgeon Bay, Rotary Club of Sturgeon Bay Breakfast

Sturgeon Bay, Sturgeon Bay Rotary Club Charitable Trust, $348,124

Sun Prairie, Sun Prairie Rotary Foundation Inc., $192,146

Tomah, Tomah Rotary Foundation

Two Rivers, Two Rivers Rotary Foundation Inc.

Walworth, Walworth Fontana Rotary Foundation Inc., $110,736

Waukesha, Menomonee Falls Rotary Trust

Waukesha, Waukesha Rotary Charitable Fund, $100,282

Waukesha, Waukesha Sunrise Rotary Club Charitable Fund Inc., $56,724

Waunakee, Waunakee Rotary Foundation Inc., $189,239

Wautoma, Rotary Foundation Wautoma Area School District Scholarship Fund I

West Bend, West Bend Noon Rotary Club, $58,322

West Bend, West Bend Rotary Natural Waterways Land Foundation Inc.

West Bend, West Bend Sunrise Rotary Foundation Inc., $35,150

Wisconsin Rapids, Rotary Club of Wisconsin Rapids Foundation Inc., $22,807



Casper, Casper Rotary Club Foundation Inc., $222,271

Cheyenne, Cheyenne Rotary Club Foundation, $425,011

Cheyenne, Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Foundation

Cody, Cody Rotary Foundation Inc.

Douglas, Rotary Youth Exchange District 544

Evanston, Rotary Clubs of Southwest Wyoming Foundation Inc.

Gillette, Gillette Rotary Club Foundation

Jackson, Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Foundation, $418,248

Jackson, Rotary Supper Club Charitable Association

Laramie, Laramie Rotary Foundation Inc.

Riverton, Riverton Rotary Foundation

Sheridan, Sheridan Rotary Foundation Inc., $88,932




Hagatna, Rotary Club of Guam, $138,358


Puerto Rico

Carolina, Rotary International

San Juan, Rotary International, $ 144,488

Vieques, Rotary International, $ 3,148


Virgin Islands

Christiansted, Rotary Club of St Croix Mid-Isle Charitable Foundation Inc., $86,349

St John, Rotary Club of St John Foundation Inc., $76,071

St Thomas, Rotary Club of St Thomas Foundation Inc., $707,780

St Thomas, Rotary East Foundation

St Thomas, Rainbow Fund of the Rotary Club of St Thomas II Inc.

St Thomas, Rotary Sunrise Charitable Fund Inc., $74,868





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Quentin Wodon is a Lead Economist in the Education Global Practice at the World Bank where he leads work programs among others on equity and inclusion in education, child marriage, out-of-school children, and the wealth of nations. Previously, he managed the World Bank unit on values and development, served as Lead Poverty Specialist for West and Central Africa, and as Economist/Senior Economist in the Latin America region.

Before joining the World Bank, he worked among others as Assistant Brand Manager with Procter & Gamble, volunteer corps member with the International Movement ATD Fourth World, and (tenured) Assistant Professor of Economics with the University of Namur. He has also taught at American University and Georgetown University. A lifelong learner, he holds graduate degrees in Business Engineering, Economics, and Philosophy, as well as PhDs in Economics, Environmental Science, Health Sciences, and Theology and Religious Studies.

Quentin has more than 500 publications. Books published since 2014 include Water and Sanitation in Uganda (World Bank), The Economics of Faith-based Service Delivery (Palgrave Macmillan), Climate Change Adaptation and Social Resilience in the Sundarbans (Routledge), Investing in Early Childhood Development (World Bank), Infrastructure and Poverty in sub-Saharan Africa (Palgrave Macmillan), Education in sub-Saharan Africa (World Bank), Faith-Based Schools in Latin America (World Bank), Climate Change and Migration (World Bank), and Membership in Service Clubs (Palgrave Macmillan).

A recipient of the Prize of Belgium’s Secretary of Foreign Trade, a Fulbright grant, and the Dudley Seers Prize, Quentin has served on several advisory boards for non-profit organizations and university programs, and as Associate Editor for academic journals. A past President of the Society of Government Economists, he is currently serving as President of the Association for Social Economics.

Quentin is actively involved in Rotary with his club (currently serving as President), District (former Evaluation Adviser and Interact Chair, among others), and Rotary International (committee member for the Rotary Foundation and other roles). His father was a Rotarian. His daughters founded the Interact Club of their High School. Quentin launched the Rotarian Economist blog in 2014 on World Polio Day and the Rotarian Economist Short Books series in 2017.

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Rotary Foundations and Grants 2: Directory by State for the United States

This book is the second installment in a set of two volumes on Rotary foundations and grants. The first volume provides an introduction for grant applicants and Rotarians to Rotary foundations based in the United States. These foundations include the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International as well as close to 4,000 other local foundations operated by local Rotary clubs, districts, and other entities. This second volume in the set provides a comprehensive directory of local Rotary foundations based in the United States. While Rotary International maintains a great database of local Rotary clubs which is accessible by all (not only Rotarians) who may wish to make contact with a club or attend a club meeting, it does not maintain a similar database for foundations. There is therefore no easy way for applicants to find out which Rotary foundations are active in any given geographic area. This is a drawback because as documented in the first volume in this set, club and other local Rotary foundations are numerous and active. In fact, for nonprofits as well as students in the United States, Rotary funding comes primarily from club, district, and other local foundations. By contrast, the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International tends to focus primarily on projects implemented in developing countries. In order to make it easier for potential grant applicants to find local Rotary foundations to which they could apply in the United States, this book provides a comprehensive directory of local Rotary foundations. Since these foundations tend to focus their grants on projects in their communities, as well as on students living in their communities, the data is organized by state and by city within each state. In practice, the book lists 501c(3) charitable organizations associated with Rotary clubs, districts, or other entities in the United States. The directory is based on publicly available records from the Internal Revenue Services, using the latest year of data available for each foundation. In terms of the organization of the directory, foundations are ranked within each state by city in order to make it easier for grant applicants to identify foundations operating in their geographic area. Each listing in the directory consists of the city where a foundation is located, the foundation’s name, and its assets in the latest year of filing with the Internal Revenue Service when assets are available in that filing.

  • ISBN: 9781946819048
  • Author: Quentin Wodon
  • Published: 2017-02-23 03:20:16
  • Words: 29139
Rotary Foundations and Grants 2: Directory by State for the United States Rotary Foundations and Grants 2: Directory by State for the United States