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Rosy Design: A Boost Of Pure Sunshine - Unfettered Autumn's Chime


Rosy Design: A Boost Of Pure Sunshine – Unfettered Autumn Chime

Barbara M Schwarz

Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

The Value of Knowing


Published by PEP at Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-68-7


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On the front cover: “Rosy Design – Autumn’s Prime (caught in early sunshine)” 2016.


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The wind started to free Autumn’s entire mastery.



Rosy Design: A Boost Of Pure Sunshine – Unfettered Autumn Chime

The felling of a tree

The seasons naturally

Come to a close

For there the fresh wind blows


She chose

She chose

She chose


To blossom like a rose

And every sweet suppose

Was scent to her nose


I bow to you

The seasons that you knew

Had all come flooding through

And here was loads to do

Designing life anew


Autumn worshipped you

Lovely little rose

The scent follows my nose

Is just as life suppose

A simple offering


When the fresh air sing

A wondrous thing


And the leaves swirled overhead

Autumn’s element

Now said

‘Good things return to you

As the sky turns grey and blue’


Good things indeed

To follow Autumn’s creed

And bed down fresh new seed


The sense to concede

And with open heart bleed



The final prayer that I can bring

Whispered on Autumn’s wing

And as the birds sing

Their final fling


I hear bells toll

For this is Sun Day whole


The fresh air blast

Hit the master class

Ready on your wake

All of life to snake and shiver

All of life an open river


All of life for you

Was wings aflame and golden, new

Phoenix hidden cashes

Oh how Autumn stashes


A final wondrous thing

The colour golden sing

What rosy life can bring


Hidden in pure sunshine

The depths of all divine

Lived on time

In moments true


See, Autumn still remembers you!


Autumn carry me

through final roses ecstasy

And as the bee,

I slumbered easily


Rosy in design

Unfettered in my prime

To all depths incline

The height of Summertime


I cannot but with my eye

See the way life now fly

Ever deeper earth and sky


Take with me the reason why

Deepest ever sigh

We live we do we die

And all around we see

Autumn’s memory





Autumn come to show

all the depths that you can know

And in the glowing flow

All of life can go


A boost of pure sunshine

The hidden depths of rhyme

The ending to my chime

Is a golden sign

For all seasons divine

We sync to life sublime

In our own good time


Rosiest design

Unfettered boost

Of pure sunshine

As the wind swept

Clean this heart of mine


Rosy moment true

The goldenness is you

(the apple on the tree

was what I came to see!)


And the leaves swirled around you

The birds whispered anew

‘It is true

a journey awaits for you’


And as I stood so still

Autumn brought me golden fill


Rosy design

A boost of pure sunshine

In the nick of time

Unfettered and sublime


And the scrambling in the branches knew

“Hail to you!”


This season now is through

To pastures live and new


Symposium for sun

See, Autumn, the work now done

In amongst the fun

The golden become


An Autumn memory

In its Primacy


Unfettered I now see

The greatest power to be

As a growing tree

To give your all

Most constantly


Rosy design

Unfettered, autumn’s chime


And with great aplomb,

Autumn just carried on


Basia Bien

My heart now open again


Rosy design of field

all that is revealed

and concealed


See, how Autumn yield

All that life appealed


And a craftsman grand and true

Awoke images around you


In joy’s eternity

Is life in

Autumn’s memory


The sun connected

All life perfected

All thoughts golden,



Unfettered energy


Of sunshine harmony


Unfettered rosy design

Autumn’s golden prime

A boost of pure sunshine!



Purple Eyes Publishing

When all paths renew, Autumn’s gold comes streaming through in the sunshine flue where light surrounds you and you can hear and see unfettered actuality.


Rosy Design: A Boost Of Pure Sunshine - Unfettered Autumn's Chime

The feeling in the air, autumn start to share a steady of glow - here the final after-flow when summer's height we know, the season turns to see the goldenness of reality, and reflected through the golden hope that lit in a season in the making just as the leaves are shaking from the tree, autumn's great harmony is to release anew and let other things come through.

  • ISBN: 9781910774724
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-08-28 13:05:08
  • Words: 723
Rosy Design: A Boost Of Pure Sunshine - Unfettered Autumn's Chime Rosy Design: A Boost Of Pure Sunshine - Unfettered Autumn's Chime