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Rosemary’s Rhymes - For Spiritual Awakening

Rosemary’s Rhymes

For Spiritual Awakening

Rosemary Christie

Rosemary’s Rhymes

For Spiritual Awakening

Rosemary Christie Copyright © 2013

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Hello and welcome to my poetry book of Rhymes. I started reading poetry when I was about ten. I would read it but not quite understand it, but the words gave me much pleasure. I went on to learning very long poems and recite them to my Mother who wondered why I should want to read and learn poetry. She didn’t understand the enjoyment I got. I believed then I was odd and stopped reading it.

When I was 16 years old I wrote a poem for Valentines Day for my boyfriend. I wanted him to believe someone else had written it and that he had an admirer. I also wanted to see if he would tell me he had got it. It went like this.

Oh Tommy you have eyes of blue

And how I’d love, to be loved by you.

I see you nearly everyday

But you never seem to look my way.

I know your hand has been spoken for

But I wish some day you’d show her the door

She is too slim but I’m just right

So why don’t you two have a fight.

Incidentally he never told me he had got it, and Tommy and his mother thought they had the laugh on me. They where giggling together when I arrived at his house. How silly of me to learn at that age not to trust men. But that’s another story.

I began writing more poetry after I had learnt to meditate. I was thirty four years old, and some of those poems are in this book. As my consciousness grew so did the knowledge in my poetry.

I tend to write in rhyme because I find rhyme is musical and I love music. It is also understandable to most people, even if they don’t like poetry. We all liked the rhymes we learn as children.


I dedicate this book to everyone on the Earth Plane. Let it help bring peace to earth.


To everyone I have ever known


What is Love

To Live In the Moment

Heaven and Hell

[] What Is love

Love is the energy that lies within

The heart of all creation

The essence of all it manifests

Because it can’t, have separation.

To find this love and merge with it

One must be truly free

To do this one must look within

And find ones Divinity.

So close your eyes and be still

And have dedication

And know that peace will emerge

Through daily meditation.

Then all at once the light will shine

The love will manifest

And you will open up your heart

And be truly blest.

All fear with leave your physical form

And you’ll know who you are

You will radiate and shine

Just like a jewelled star.

So meditation everyday

Will bring much happiness

And fill you with the love you need

To truly manifest

To Live In The Moment

To live in the moment – this is right,

Not to be worried of what is our plight,

Not to look back or forward at all

Just act spontaneously to the call.

Do what’s to be done and never seeking

But do for the doing and not for the reaping,

This way we’ll be detached and so

We’ll allow the energy in us to flow.

The energy is life and so we see

To use it we have just to be,

For to worry and strive with all our might

Stops the energy flowing causing a fight.

The fight leads to destruction and causes us pain

And it’s only ourselves that we have to blame,

So live in the moment and then we will see

That we can be so very happy.

[] Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell

Are a state of mind,

Not a place to go.

It’s the consciousness

That you expel,

That makes you high or low.

Positive thought

Is heaven sent,

Love and joy portraying.

Negative thought

Is not so nice,

Worry and strife displaying.

Where you live

And what you do,

Are the outcome of your mind.

You can’t blame anyone

For your fate,

By you it was designed.

So call upon

The spiritual realms,

Connect to the divine.

Raising your consciousness

As high as you can,

With heaven you will align.

Be Thankful

Be thankful in this world for what you’ve got

Don’t be envious of the things that you have not

Look around at all you have in your home

You’ll realise that you’ve no right to moan.

Have you not a meal on the table each day?

And somewhere at night where you can lay?

Some poor souls don’t even have these

If you were in their shoes you wouldn’t pleased.

So be content with all you’ve got

You will realise you don’t need a lot.

And thank the lord each and every day

Or like the poor souls you may end up that way.

Where is God?

Where is God you may cry?

Is he in church or up in the sky?

Is he here, or is he there?

I can’t see him it isn’t fair.

Is he good or is he bad?

Is he happy or is he sad?

Is he, or is he she?

Just what is he is their plea?

No need to look and search so far

He’s right within you like a star,

The shinning Christ the son of the father

No need to look now any further.

God is the all-pervading power

That keeps us living every hour,

Tune into the power and you will see

That God is you and God is in me.

Jesus said that we could be

Just as he was for all to see,

He used his power to do all good

His body, a temple, where he stood.

So just be still, and close your eyes

And you will feel your spirit rise,

Enter into your very own temple

Your body and soul will feel so gentle.

Go forth and know that you are one

With God you are his only son,

As Jesus said many times

We are all one, the very same kind.

A Life With Love

Close your eyes

Go to your heart,

Watch your breath and be;

Enter the silence beyond the mind

The healing energy.

Just linger there,

A little while

And let your spirit free;

Your mind, your body, will feel such peace

As you turn the heavenly key.

Bring back with you

A quite mind,

A loving heart and soul;

A lightness of spirit, a feeling of love

And life will then unfold.

For life and love

Go hand in hand

And, it can be so;

Life with love is not apart

Together they can grow.

So close your eyes

And be still

And let your spirit flow.

Enter the silence beyond the mind,

And your life with Love will show.

Lucifer and Awareness

Lucifer is not real,

But is the culprit that makes us feel

Sad, despondent – angry too,

These feeling are just a few.

He is fearful and doesn’t trust

Produces thoughts of hate and lust,

Drives us crazy, he’s good at that,

Tells us we’re too thin of fat.

Always gives the should and shouldn’t,

Makes us feel that we couldn’t

Do anything that is right,

Keeps us away from the Light.

Now Awareness is God Divine

One with us she is sublime,

Gives to us, peace and love,

And many blessing from above.

In her Being she holds us tight

Until the day when we take flight,

Back to the Oneness in truth and knowing

That we are Energy that is flowing.

That is all there is you’ll find

Were all one, the very same kind;

There isn’t you, there isn’t me,

There is just UNITY.

My Choice

Who is it that runs my life?

That gives me many thoughts of strife;

Who lives in me and never fails,

To bring me down with morbid tales.


A little voice that says to me,

“You’re not good enough you see”.

It tells me, “You can’t trust that one;

They’re out to get you, you must run”.


Is it friend or is it foe?

Is it real, I must know?

Does it speak a word of truth?

This voice in me is so uncouth.


Ah wait! Another voice I hear,

It says to me, “Never fear;

Connect to me every day,

And you will find life goes your way”.


It tells me I’m all that’s good,

I am its child and filled with love;

I am nothing but the Radiant Light,

Like a star that’s shining bright.


Now I know which voice I’ll choose

So I will never get the blues.

I’ll merge with it forever more

And show that vagabond the door.

Joy And Sorrow

The duality of joy and sorrow

Are one with each new tomorrow,

And to know the sorrow we must know the joy,

And experiencing these is our ploy.

The well from which your sorrow rises

Is the self-same well from which happiness devises,

The deeper the sorrow channels into your being,

The more the joy is ever seeing.

When sorrow attacks like a bolt from the blue

Know that joy was the cause of this it’s true,

For what you weep for has been your delight,

And now from you it has taken flight.

A suspension of both, like the scales of life

Are with you forever so don’t see it as strife;

For both are as equal and needs to be so

So watch it and feel it and go with the flow.

None is the greater both are the same

Take both very lightly just as they came;

Accept each one with an open heart,

And know eventually, from you it will part.

God In Me

God in me, and I in thee

So you see, just Unity.

No suffering, no sin,

No negativity within;

No sickness, no pains

Just God, who reigns.

God in me, and I in Thee

So you see no duality,

No bad, just good, only one

I can see, the ‘Kingdoms’ come

No limitations in anyway,

Just Light and Love, in my Auras Ray.




Pure Spirit is that, which has always been

A thing that somehow can’t be seen;

Pure Spirit is Cosmic Mind Divine

A constant flow of Love sublime.

Spirit is everything in potential

But nothing at all and oh so gentle;

Spirit desired and spoke the word

And creation then divinely stirred.

The Word of Spirit became the Law

And so that Energy turned to form,

Form is everything we can see,

And this includes you and me.

Spirit made us, in its true likeness

From its Energy which was Light and brightness,

With unlimited potential; just the same

From the Word of God, our Law came.

A Consciousness reigned towards human form

And from this, Mankind’s subconscious born;

From subconscious came our own creation

A body manifested through gestation.

The body forgot who it was

And pain and suffering came because;

It had cut of from the Source,

It’s main supply of its own life force.

Mankind relied on its own perception

This led it away from its own perfection,

It created its life that could sometimes be

Full of sickness and misery.

But things are changing now at last

And all suffering can be in the past,

We can focus on Cosmic Cause,

The Spirit within our own Life Force.

One Force

One Force

Behind cause

Intelligence entwined

God Mind

Universal birth

Evolutionary earth

Humankind knowing

Gods sowing

Returning Oneness

Cosmic consciousness

Of cause

One force!


Now I know that I am free

Because I KNOW I’m Energy.

I KNOW that I’m a being of light,

I KNOW I’m shining very Bright.

I am the Source of all that’s Good

I’m so glad I’ve understood.

God in you and God in me

Now I’ve fulfilled my destiny.

Now that I can say the Word

I know the Light of God has heard.

God is within and God is without

That’s what it is all about.

I am a mystic I am Life

In my world there is no strife.

I am happy I am Truth

Now I have eternal youth.

So for others the Word I’ll say

That is how I will pray.

Raising their spirit very high

That will surely remove the lie.

That is going to be my work

While I stay here on earth.

Bringing souls to heaven within

Knowing they are my kin.



Abundance of emotions

A letting go to trust,

Freedom found, in no control

Relinquishment a must.

Value in possessions

That now are valueless

Clearing and a knowing

That it would be for the best.

A time of quite reflection

As I open to the new,

As peace prevails within now

In everything I do.

The period of undoing

The pain that seemed unfair,

Has gone as joy has entered

A new life to incur.

Still not knowing what will happen

Not knowing where to go,

Just trusting God within me now

And going with the flow.

Waiting in this moment

Patience now a must

Inspiration yet to follow

Letting go to trust.




To move with the flow

To grow

To manifest – to unfold.

Creation we are

Seeing, believing – happens spontaneously.

Change in the moment

Gives potential

To live Love and be happy.




A feeling welling inside

I cannot describe

Such beauty I see

In you,, in me.

The children – such beautiful flowers

The elderly folk – smiles

Twinkling eyes – Dark skies

Such delight

Loving world mine.

Spirit I Am

I am spirit

An energy – flowing

I move in illusion of time and space

In and out

I don’t see, hear, feel, touch, taste

All is illusion

I am that

That which is

And isn’t

No home and alone

All is me.

Empower Someone

When you have a word to say

Think before you speak,

For a thoughtless word can hurt

And make another weak.

Never criticise someone

In anger or in jest,

For you take from them their very soul

And they cannot feel their best.

Empower a person to feel good

And watch their self-love sow,

A little praise is like the sun

It allows the love to grow.

Then peace will flow from them to you

And you will feel so good,

Happy in the knowing

That they feel understood.

So question all your motives

Before you say a word

Together you will be at one

And love is truly shared.


Healing oneself is very easy

When you know the truth;

Realising you are one with God

And full of spiritual youth.

Speak your word of what you want

Never say you’re ill;

For God will give you what you ask

Make sure health will be fulfilled.

You’ll be brought back to the truth

Of whom you really are;

A tender being of love divine

A Spiritual Superstar.

Pegeia in the Morning

Sitting high in morning cool

Dawn brakes the air is sweet,

The cockerels crow the echo heard

With birds melodious tweet.


High upon this mountain side

I look with eyes of wonder,

Haphazardly the roof tops spread

Hundreds now I number.


The vastness of the ocean

Spreads out stupendously

The church bells awakening

As most lay in a sleep.


Chickens roam the streets below

Scratching for some food,

Chuckling, crowing, freedom found

Enjoying their day too.


Two ladies aged, in black just wave

A smile like sunshine spread,

Chatting on along their way

So early out of bed.


The rising sun the warming air

Felt now as day unfolds,

The sky so blue without a cloud

Mountains exhibit gold.



What joy to be in Cyprus

In Pegeia high above,

To sit here in such gratefulness

My heart truly filled with love.

Rosemary’s Rhymes - For Spiritual Awakening

A Collection Of Rhymes To Awaken Your Soul. Bringing More Light Into You Rosemary’s Rhymes - For Spiritual Awakening are a collection of rhymes that Rosemary the author of Knowing The Secret, Revealing the Truth, and Merging With The Light, Removing Negative Thoughts, wrote over 30 years of her spiritual awakening. Poems are good for the soul and have a vibratory effect. They heighten your consciousness and lead you to knowledge that can awaken your soul. Most of these poems are written in rhyme although there are a few that are not. Included are a couple of poems Rosemary wrote when she changed her life and moved from England to the beautiful Island of Cyprus.

  • Author: Rosemary Christie
  • Published: 2016-07-18 10:40:12
  • Words: 2802
Rosemary’s Rhymes - For Spiritual Awakening Rosemary’s Rhymes - For Spiritual Awakening