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Rose of Nights Prologue


Rose of Nights









Written by

Lauren L. Carpenter





















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This short story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events and persons are coincidental.



















Rules to Follow



Aaliyah bit her lip against the steady pain coursing through her veins, touching every nerve with fire. Every single ounce of strength within her fought desperately to keep the warm tears from falling down the side of her cheek. In her heart, she knew she would never show weakness to the one who had taken her.


She leaned her head against the cool stone wall behind her, closing her hazel eyes and hiding herself from a reality too unbelievable to accept. Her long, honeyed chestnut hair fell in tangles around her, barely masking the fracturing facade beneath them. Shades of despair surrounded her hopes in darkness as the bright gleam of moonlight outside her prison disappeared within the clouds. She was completely alone.


As pure exhaustion drained her mind of any rational train of thought, she allowed herself to drift in a broken state of sleep. Somewhere in the spaces of consciousness and dreams she dearly missed a place she once knew as her home. Her last lingering thought wondered if she would ever see it again.



Aaliyah awoke to a man leaning casually on the wall near her, his arms crossed over his chest. He stood watching her, his lips quietly fashioned in an unsettling, cruel smile. Even in the dark she could still make out his thin, towering outline and narrowed black eyes above her. She captured nothing in the abandoned depths beneath his gaze, there was only coldness and detachment. For the first time since they met, she had no words to give him.


“It’s time to go.”


He spoke with an unnatural calmness, his expression impossible to read. Fear of what lay ahead began to echo in alarm across her in heartbeats. His hands around her held firmly, pulling her upwards to stand on her own feet. His grip on her loosened slightly, his expression unchanged as she steadied herself. Aaliyah looked down, her hands traced the faint crimson bruise lining her wrists. She realized then he had freed her from the restraints chaining both her feet and hands. It was the first real taste of freedom he had given her in a very long time.


A sudden rush of adrenaline sparked an unexpected flame of inspiration.



A glimpse of fragile possibility was almost close enough for her to reach. The door before them hung open, the soft, dusty reflection of light filtering in through the darkness.


Without hesitation she pushed out of his grasp, running for the door. He stumbled backwards, taken by surprise at her unexpected fearlessness.


She had taken only a few steps before a sudden, sharp pain knocked her to the ground. She tried to scream, her lungs gasping for air, fighting to breathe. As she stared defiantly back at the man standing above her, pure anger ran through her blood like poison, and filling her heart.


“You will regret that princess,” was all he said.


She knew she had just sealed her own fate. Tears burned in her eyes, but she refused to let them fall now. Her heart was heavy as she looked behind him, out across the desert, where she was miles from home…












Aaliyah’s eyes were blinded by the sunlight pouring in through pearl white glass windows. She closed them tightly, wishing more than anything this was a nightmare she would soon awaken from. His voice whispered a warning to her, promising swift punishment for her actions if she failed in any way. She knew if he wanted to, he would eventually find a way to try to break her spirit. She couldn’t try another escape until she knew it would be successful.


The room they were in resembled an elegant palace chamber, not unlike the one she once had. Silk sapphire pillows and dark midnight blankets rested upon golden chairs around her. Her bare feet felt cold against the dark marbled floor. It should have been a welcoming sight to the prison she once was held in, but something in her wouldn’t believe it to be so.


She waited for him to speak but only his silence weighed in the air around them. Usually she witnessed coldness in his eyes but now she saw subtle lines of amusement curving across his lips. Aaliyah felt the flame of hatred burn within her more in that moment than any other before.


“When my father gets a hold of you I’ll make sure you pay for this,” she seethed, knowing her threats of violence would do very little to deter him.


He just stared back at her. She hesitated at the emptiness and lack of any warmth in his eyes. It left her with an unsettling impression this man had never been shown any real love in his life. Strange how she didn’t even have a name to place him with.


“You will never get the chance.”


It was all he said to her before he left her. Coldness surrounded Aaliyah but she didn’t bother to bring her arms together for warmth. She swore that this soulless man would pay for his evil endeavors, if it was the last thing she did.


She wondered who this buyer was and what he would want with her. Aaliyah lowered her head, looking towards the sunlight shining through the windows. A small resemblance of comfort beat against her heart and she knew that she had to push aside her fears if she was going to survive this. She prayed silently for the day where all this would be just a memory.


A new arrival brought her back down to reality. She turned and met a man whose skin was as pale as the moon and eyes that reflected a starless night.


The man’s smile was brief, but she caught a glimmer of interest swimming in his eyes at the sight of her.


“Who are you?”


She asked him too forcefully, attempting to cover the fear she had in her own heart. The man grinned slightly as he answered her.

























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Rose of Nights Prologue

  • ISBN: 9781311120229
  • Author: Lauren L Carpenter
  • Published: 2015-12-29 07:05:07
  • Words: 1143
Rose of Nights Prologue Rose of Nights Prologue