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Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

by Kennie Kayoz

Copyright 2016 Coyotes Publishing

Shakespir Edition

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I hit rock bottom

Can’t afford to help pay bills

So I gotta sell my shit to do so.

I can’t get top dollar so I’m forced to take a cut.

While I continue to live my life in this rut.


I’ve hit rock bottom

I’m trying to climb my way out but its tough

Seems like I’m one step away from homelessness, it’s rough.

I’ve been doing everything.

The job hunting thing isn’t working.
I put dozens of resumes out

Not a single call.

How’s that suppose to make me feel.

The following week I see you re-post your job
Makes me grab my monitor and yell

Who do I yell at …



I’m tired of this game

It’s constantly the same

You post that your hiring and don’t call.

Obviously you don’t know a good employee so you fall

Constantly on your ass
Having to pick yourself up from hiring kids.
You can’t keep hiring the young.

While you ignore the old, I know you hear my tongue

I know that you’ve seen my resume

In a single day you got five of them for different positions

The following week your ad gets re-posted

Makes me grab my monitor and scream “FUCKING HIRE ME”

I know that your still looking.

Perhaps my resume is what scares you
The ones who are comfortable know that I would take jobs from them.

I’ve hit rock bottom


If it wasn’t for your site opting me out from putting in.

I would apply everyday

Make you sick of seeing my name

Maybe that would make you call me

Give me the interview

Give me the fucking job


I’ve hit rock bottom




It’s clear that you just hire kids
Thinking youth is the way to go

But you hire so much the turnover rate is high

They’re still young and immature

When it comes to a job

They don’t care about it
They choose to use it as a stone

To step on for something else.


They know it’s limited hours

Which tends to be not what they want.

So they up and quit, or walk

It don’t matter.

You hire them so much

It’s got a revolving door
You don’t hire kids to run a business

But I guess you haven’t clued into that



All Those Who Are Hiring

I see jobs I’m suited for.

I submit, sit, wait.

The phone never rings

The silence washes over me

It washes over the house

It drives me mad

Why aren’t you calling ?


I guess I’m just a worthless

Piece of shit

I don’t mean anything to you

The ability to help out a team

To know how businesses work

To be able to think like a business


All means nothing
Just like myself



Never Had

Thirty-five years old

Never had a fucking chance

Your not legally allowed to ask me my age

But you have ways of figuring it out

Everyone knows that.

Just another thing for you to judge me on

Thinking I’m going to take the job and quit

Once I find something better.

Little do they know, I’m in it for long haul

But I guess they just want people

To hit it and quit it

Treat the company like a two bit whore


Maybe that’s why turnover rates

Are so high

Since that’s what they want deep down.



Rock Bottom

  • ISBN: 9781370512621
  • Author: Coyotes Publishing
  • Published: 2016-07-26 16:50:10
  • Words: 587
Rock Bottom Rock Bottom