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Ricky the Rooster: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More!


Ricky the Rooster

Uncle Amon

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Shakespir Edition

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Table of Contents

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Ricky the Rooster

Ricky the Rooster Meets Murphy the Dancing Horse

Ricky the Rooster Meets the Angry Bull

Ricky the Rooster and Silly the Billy Goat

Ricky the Rooster and Sunshine the Baby Chick

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[][] Ricky the Rooster

Ricky the Rooster lives on a large farm in a remote northern area. There are a lot of animals on the farm such as chickens, ducks, horses and cows. Ricky the Rooster loves his friends on the farm but he wasn’t feeling so good.

“Ricky,” said Dominic the Duck. “I like how you have cleaned yourself up today.”

“Thank you Dominic,” said Ricky, sadly. “I appreciate that but I don’t really care what I look like.”

“That isn’t a very good way to be,” said Dominic. “You should always love yourself first.”

“Yes,” said Ricky. “I do understand that. However, I just don’t feel good today.”

“What exactly is it that you don’t feel good about?” asked Dominic.

“Hmm,” said Ricky, thinking. “I guess I don’t feel good about my tail feathers.”

“Your tail feathers?” asked Dominic, taking a good look at Ricky’s tail feathers. “What is wrong with them?”

“Well,” said Ricky. “One of my tail feathers is a different color than the others.”

“Okay,” said Dominic. “Is there anything else that you don’t like about yourself?”

“I don’t think so,” said Ricky.

“Well,” said Dominic. “You do know that there is an easy fix to fixing your tail feather problem.”

“There is!” exclaimed Ricky.

“Yes,” said Dominic.

“What is the fix?” asked Ricky.

“All we have to do is get some paint and paint the feather to match the others,” said Dominic.

“Oh!” exclaimed Ricky, happily. “That would definitely work, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes,” said Dominic. “It would.”

Dominic went into the barn and he came out with a paint brush and some paint.

“Please close your eyes,” said Dominic.

Ricky did as he was told and Dominic quickly painted the end of Ricky’s long tail feather so that it matched the color of the others.

“Done,” said Dominic.

“Well…” said Ricky, looking at the color of his tail feathers. “That did not make me feel better.”

Ricky walked around the barn and he saw a mirror. He sat looking into the mirror and Dominic walked up behind him.

“I guess I am a pretty good looking rooster after all,” said Ricky.

“Yes,” said Dominic. “You are and I am glad to be your friend.”

Ricky smiled and realized that looks are not as important as friends.

“Ricky,” said, Marlene, one of the hens that lived on the farm. “I think you are very handsome just the way you are!”

“Thank you, Marlene,” said Ricky. “I feel much better about myself.”

“I can see that,” said Marlene. “And it has made such a difference.”

Moral: Everyone is unique in their own way. Celebrate our differences and appreciate them.

[] Ricky the Rooster Meets Murphy the Dancing Horse

Ricky the Rooster had just finished his daily chore of waking up everyone on the farm.

“Cock-a-doodle-doo,” he crowed as loud as he could.

“Okay,” said Farmer Ron, getting out of bed. “Thank you for the wake-up call.”

Ricky watched as Farmer Ron dressed, quickly ate a piece of toast and grabbed the keys to the truck. Farmer Ron started up the truck and drove off.

“I wonder where Farmer Ron is going in such a hurry this morning,” said Ricky out loud.

“I believe that today is the day that Murphy the Dancing Horse is coming to visit,” said Dominic the Duck, who was Ricky’s best friend.

“Oh,” said Ricky. “Everyone really likes him here. Don’t they?”

“Well,” said Dominic. “Yes they do. Do I detect a hint of jealousy?”

“No,” said Ricky. “I am not jealous. I just wish I had the personality like Murphy. He is the funniest horse I have ever seen!”

“Yes,” said Dominic. “He sure is. I love how he dances!”

“I like the way he dances too,” said Ricky.

“Do you remember how he almost hurt himself doing that twirly dance,” said Dominic. “He almost slipped and fell off the stage.”

“Yes,” said Ricky. “I do remember. I want to learn to dance like that.”

“I can teach you,” said Dominic.

“That would be great,” said Ricky.

Ricky took dancing lessons with Dominic for most of the day. Dominic felt that Ricky was a really good dancer and he told Ricky that.

“Thank you,” said Ricky, feeling much better about his skills.

Ricky and Dominic spent the rest of the day waiting for Farmer Ron and Murphy to show up.

“I hope he gets here soon,” said Ricky. “I want to show Murphy my new dance skills.”

“I am sure he will love your new dance moves,” said Dominic.

“I am very happy you taught me how to dance,” said Ricky.

“That is wonderful,” said Dominic, very pleased.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Ricky, a few minutes later. “Murphy the Dancing Horse is here!”

Ricky was absolutely ecstatic that Murphy was there. He could barely contain himself as Farmer Ron opened up the door on the trailer that was on the back his truck.

“Boy,” said Farmer Ron, laughing at Ricky. “You would think I had Murphy the Dancing Horse on my truck.”

“You do,” said Ricky. “Don’t you?”

“Well,” said Farmer Ron, opening the gate to the stall in the trailer. “Come see for yourself!”

Ricky peeked into the stall and sure enough, there stood Murphy. Farmer Ron scooped up Ricky in his arms just in time because he saw a gleam in Murphy’s eyes when he noticed the gate was open.

Murphy jumped down off the trailer and he immediately started dancing as soon as his feet hit the ground. Murphy danced around the barnyard for about an hour. All the farm animals gathered around to watch him. They were all amazed at the moves that Murphy had.

“He is such a great dancer!” exclaimed Ricky.

“Yes,” said Dominic. “He sure is and now is your chance to show him how you can dance!”

Ricky stood tall and proud and he started dancing the dance that Dominic taught him. Murphy soon saw Ricky dancing and he went over to him and the two started dancing together.

“That was wonderful,” said Dominic. “You are Murphy danced really well together.”

“Thank you,” said Ricky. “We did have a lot of fun together.”

“You guys make a great team?” said Dominic.

“Yes we do,” said Ricky and Murphy together.

Moral: When you are good at something it can be fun, but it is much more fun when your skills and talents with others.

[] Ricky the Rooster Meets the Angry Bull

Ricky the Rooster had just given the farm it’s wakeup call when he saw a bull staring at him from the far field.

“That is funny,” said Ricky. “I have never seen that bull before.”

“What bull?” asked Dominic the Duck, Ricky’s best friend.

“That one!” exclaimed Ricky, pointing to the direction of the angry bull.

“I see!” exclaimed Dominic. “Ricky, I think we had better stay away from him.”

“Why?” asked Ricky.

“He doesn’t look like a very nice bull,” said Dominic. “He looks extremely angry!”

“I don’t know why that is,” said Ricky. “What could he be so angry about?”

Ricky walked towards the barn and Dominic watched the bull. As Ricky got further away, Dominic noticed the bull did not seem so angry. A few minutes, Ricky came back and stood beside Dominic and Dominic noticed the bull became very angry again.

“I think the bull is angry at you,” said Dominic.

“Me?” asked Ricky. “I didn’t do anything to the bull.”

“I watched him when you walked toward the barn,” said Dominic. “He started becoming less angry looking right away.”

“Why would he be angry at me?” asked Ricky.

Dominic shrugged his shoulders because he didn’t actually know either.

Later that day, Farmer Ron walked around the field wearing a red colored jacket. Ricky and Dominic both watched as the bull became very angry.

“I think it might be the color red he is angry with,” said Dominic.

“Really?” asked Ricky.

“Yes,” said Dominic. “I do think so.”

Dominic saw a pile of white feathers just around the corner of the barn. He motioned for Ricky to follow him.

“What are you doing with these white feathers?” asked Ricky, confused.

Dominic started placing the white feathers all over Ricky.

“Go stand by the tree,” said Dominic. “See if the bull gets angry now.”

Ricky very slowly and very deliberately walked over to the nearby tree. He noticed that the angry bull didn’t budge an inch. He did not get angry at all.

“It is the color red,” said Ricky.

Ricky noticed that Farmer Ron was walking toward the bull with his red jacket on. Ricky also noticed that Farmer Ron had a red hat on his head. Ricky watched as the angry bull came toward the fence and he was frothing at the mouth.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Ricky. “That bull is very angry this time.”

Ricky had to think fast because he did not want Farmer Ron to get hurt. Ricky saw Dominic and motioned for Dominic to come quickly. Dominic saw the anger in the bull’s eyes so he jumped up onto Farmer Ron’s hat and sat there.

Farmer Ron was trying to shoo Dominic off his hat but then he noticed the angry bull as well.

“Oh dear,” said Farmer Ron, looking down at his red jacket and taking it off and turning it inside out.

As soon as he did that, the bull stopped being angry.

“Okay,” said Farmer Ron, everything with the color red in it is going to have to stay away from this area of the barn yard.

“That includes you,” said Farmer Ron, pointing at Ricky. “I will bring you into the house with me at night.”

Ricky was privileged to spend the night in Farmer Ron’s house.

Moral: Don’t judge others before you understand what they are going through.

[] Ricky the Rooster and Silly the Billy Goat

Ricky the Rooster was sitting outside of the barn when he heard a loud commotion behind him.

“What is going on?” asked Ricky.

“I don’t know,” said Dominic the Duck, Ricky’s best friend. “It does look like Silly the Billy Goat is out in the back field.”

“Yes,” said Ricky. “I can see him there but what is he doing.”

“Let’s go ask Farmer Ron,” said Dominic. “Maybe he knows what he is doing out there.”

“Oh dear!” said Ricky, pointing at Silly. “He is rolling around out there in the dirt.”

“He sure looks dirty,” said Dominic.

“Yes,” said Ricky. “He sure does.”

Ricky and Dominic walked into the barn where they saw Farmer Ron. He was standing over a big tub and he was filling it with warm soapy water.

“Oh it is you two,” said Farmer Ron. “Have you seen Silly at all?”

“Yes,” said Ricky, pointing toward the back field.

“Oh no!” exclaimed Farmer Ron. “He better not be doing what I think he is doing!”

“Well if you are thinking that he is rolling around in that field out there,” said Dominic. “That is what he is doing.”

“Great!” exclaimed Farmer Ron. “I wanted to give him a bath before he got too dirty but now he is going to be even dirtier and it will take twice as long to clean him.”

Farmer Ron, Ricky and Dominic went over to the back door of the barn. Farmer Ron saw what Silly was doing and as angry as he was at him, he couldn’t help but laugh. Silly was hysterically funny as he rolled around in the dirt.

Ricky and Dominic couldn’t help but laugh either. Silly would rub the tip of his nose in the dirt and then he would do a little back push with his back legs and dirt would go flying out from beneath him. Then he would lie down and roll first one way and then the other.

Silly noticed that he had an audience so he acted up even more. He laid down and rolled over quickly. Then he got back up and then did it all over again.

“Okay,” said Farmer Ron, after watching Silly for about half an hour. “You do know it is bath time.”

Silly came right over to where Farmer Ron stood and he put his head on Farmer Ron’s shoulder.

“Good boy,” said Farmer Ron.

Farmer Ron was just going to reach up and grab Silly’s neck but Silly was much quicker than he was. He took off running and he dropped down on all fours and rolled one way in the dirt and then the other.

“Oh dear!” laughed Farmer Ron. “You just won’t stay out of the dirt now will you?”

Farmer Ron went into the barn and he brought out some of Silly’s favorite treats. Silly loved sugar cubes. Farmer Ron would give Silly one sugar cube and then get him closer and closer to the barn and give him another one. Then he got Silly into the barn and he closed the barn door and gave Silly another one.

“I guess you are ready for your bath now,” said Farmer Ron, when he knew that Silly couldn’t get away from him.

Silly had his bath and he was so nice and clean. His coat was shiny and he looked very handsome.

“You stay put,” said Farmer Ron, going outside for a moment.

Farmer Ron had accidentally left the barn door open a crack and Silly saw it. Silly ran for the door and tried to push it open.

“Oh no you don’t,” said Farmer Ron, coming over to the door as quickly as he could. “You are staying inside tonight.”

Silly didn’t like that idea but he knew he had no choice so he decided he would lie down in the barn and sleepy comfortably in the hay.

[] Ricky the Rooster and Sunshine the Baby Chick

Ricky the Rooster was sitting outside on a very warm day. He was talking to his best friend, Dominic the Duck. Dominic was saying how peaceful it was on the farm and how much he liked living there.

“It certainly is beautiful here,” said Dominic.

“It is,” agreed Ricky. “I love living here too.”

The two friends sat and talked for quite some time.

“Do you hear something?” asked Ricky.

“No,” said Dominic.

“Listen closely,” said Ricky. “I hear a pecking sound.”

Dominic listened very closely and pretty soon he heard a distinctive pecking sound.

“So much for our peace and quiet,” laughed Ricky.

“It is okay,” said Dominic. “It was nice while it lasted.”

“What is making that noise?” asked Ricky.

“I am not sure,” said Dominic. “It sounds like something pecking their way out of an egg.”

“It does sound like that,” said Ricky. “Doesn’t it?”

Dominic and Ricky searched around and soon they came across a little white egg in the grass. They could see a beak pecking its way out.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Dominic. “Look, it is a baby chick!”

“It is!” exclaimed Ricky. “How exciting?”

Ricky and Dominic watched as the baby chick pecked its way out of the egg and hatched. Just as the egg hatched, the sun shone brightly on the top of the baby’s head.

“Are you my mom?” were the first words the baby chick spoke.

“Well no,” said Dominic. “We aren’t your mom.”

Ricky and Dominic asked around the barnyard as to who was the baby chick’s mom. They found her and brought the baby chick over to her. She was very relieved to have her baby back.

“Thank you,” said the baby chick, happily. “Can you be my dad?”

“Yes,” said Ricky. “We can.”

Ricky, Dominic and the baby chick’s Mom took turns in looking after the baby chick.

“I need a name,” said the baby chick one day.

“Now that would be a good thing,” said Ricky.

“What would be a good name for a baby chick?” thought Dominic aloud.

“I know,” said Ricky. “How about naming him Sunshine?”

“Now that would be a perfect name,” said Dominic.

“Yes,” said Ricky. “I remember the sun was shining very bright the day he was hatched.”

“Yes,” said Dominic. “I remember that as well.”

So they named the baby chick Sunshine and ever since that day the sun shone brightly on the baby chick, his mom, Ricky and Dominic. They were the proudest parents ever!

~ ~ ~

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[][] Funny Jokes for Kids

Q: What do you get when a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn?

A: An eggroll!

Q: What does it mean if you find a horse shoe?

A: A horse is walking around in his socks!

Q: Why did the piglets do badly in school?

A: They were all slow-loiners!

Q: What is a dog’s favorite hobby?

A: Collecting fleas!

Q: How does a mouse feel after taking shower?

A: Squeaky clean!

Q: How come cows never have any money?

A: The farmers milk them dry!

Q: What kind of doctor does a duck visit?

A: A ducktor!

Q: What do you say if you meet a toad?

A: Warts new buddy?

Q: What is the hardest thing about learning to ride a horse?

A: The ground!

Q: Why did the turkey cross the road?

A: He wanted to prove that he was not a chicken!

Q: Where do cows go to dance?

A: The meat ball!

Q: What do you give a sick pig?

A: Oinkment!

Q: What happens when ducks fly upside down?

A: They quack up!

Q: What do you give a sick bird?

A: Tweetment!

Q: What was the mouse’s favorite game?

A: Hide and squeak!

Q: How does a cow do math?

A: With its cowculator!

Q: What happened when the dog went to the flea circus?

A: He stole the whole show!

[][] Puzzle 1

Can you find your way through the maze?

[][] Puzzle 2

Can you find your way through the maze?

[][] Puzzle 3

Can you find your way through the maze?

[][] Puzzle 4

Can you find your way through the maze?

[][] Puzzle Solutions

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Ricky the Rooster: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More!

Ricky the Rooster - Short Stories, Jokes, and More! Are you looking for a children's book that is highly entertaining, great for early readers, and is jam-packed with stories, jokes, and more? You and your child will love the fun tales of Ricky the Rooster and his friends! -5 short stories for kids -Funny jokes for lots of laughs -Maze puzzles for extra fun Each story is fun for kids and includes morals and values. There are also games, puzzles, and mazes included! This book is especially great for bedtime stories, traveling, waiting rooms, and reading aloud with friends and family! Best-Selling Children's Book Author, Uncle Amon Uncle Amon has created over 100 children's books and counting! He has had several #1 best-sellers and finds most of his inspiration from his readers. Uncle Amon began his career with a vision. It was to influence and create positive change in the world through children's books. Whether it be an important lesson or just creating laughs, Uncle Amon provides insightful stories that are sure to bring a smile to your face! His unique style and creativity stand out from other children's book authors, because often times he uses his life experiences to tell a tale of imagination and adventure. "I always shoot for the moon. And if i miss? I'll land in the stars." -Uncle Amon Scroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child!

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Ricky the Rooster: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More! Ricky the Rooster: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and More!