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Revenge of Zeeka : Zeeka and the Zombies

Revenge of Zeeka: Zeeka and the Zombies

Author: Brenda Mohammed

Copyright © 2016 Brenda Mohammed.All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Brenda Mohammed. Distributed by Shakespir.


The sound of sirens rudely awakened Raynor Sharpe from his bed. He thought he heard screeching noises everywhere and people screaming and shouting outside. “What is all that commotion about?” he muttered. He tumbled off his bed staggering and grappled around for his eye- glasses. He was unable to find them in the confusion in the room. His clothes were scattered on the floor. A bottle of wine and two wine glasses were on the bedside table. He tripped on a woman’s pair of red high-heeled shoes. “What the hell!” he shouted. “Who do those shoes belong to?” He could not recall what happened the night before. As he looked around the room, he saw female garments and underwear on the couch. He scratched his head. “Was a woman here?”

He was still half-asleep. “Where are my glasses?” he shouted as he brushed aside some clothing on the dressing table. Something fell. It was his eyeglasses. He picked it up from the highly polished wooden floor, put it on, pulled the curtain aside, and looked out of the window. What he saw was like something out of a science fiction movie. Were there really hundreds of short people with very small heads walking like robots on the beach? He scratched his head again, and then pinched himself. That hurt. He certainly was not dreaming. He looked at the calendar on the wall to recall what day it was. It was Sunday 30th January 2036. He looked out again on the beach. He flung open the window and the pungent smell of rotting fish invaded the room. He heard the waves pounding on the seashore. There was no one there except a lonely angler trying to pull in a catch. He wondered. Did I just have a vision? But what about those noises I heard?

Suddenly the visual telephone rang and as he turned around to answer it, a woman walked out of the second bedroom. “J – Janet”, he gasped, “were you here last night?”

“Don’t you remember anything Raynor?” she said

“You mean, we…….” as he glanced up and down her beautiful slim body with dark brown hair falling on her tanned shoulders.

“No silly,” she replied. “I brought you home last night. You had too much to drink at the mayor’s ball. You have a lovely house here on the beach front.”

“Thanks. Did you tuck me in?” Raynor asked while the phone continued to ring with a piercing sound.

“I only removed your shoes and jacket. Answer the phone Raynor,” Janet said.

He looked at the telephone, which was like a small robot, and blurted out, “Hello.”

There was a dial tone and no face at the other end. Whoever it was had disconnected the call.

“Where is my car Janet?” he asked.

“Oh, you left it at the hospital. Dr. Mark Schmidt took you to the ball right after you saw your last patient last night,” she said.

“Did you see what I saw Janet?” he said

Janet walked across to the window and looked out. “Saw what?” she said.

“The short people with the small heads,” he said.

“There is no one out there Raynor. You must have been dreaming,” said Janet.

“I swear that I was wide awake. There were hundreds of people with small heads walking out there. There were police sirens and people shouting and screaming,” he replied.

“Looks awfully quiet to me,” Janet replied.

“Maybe I was dreaming,” Raynor said quietly and with a feeling of relief.

“Let’s have breakfast,” she said. “I made you toast, scrambled eggs, and hot coffee.”

“Janet,” he said, “You have worked at the hospital all these years and you have helped me tremendously with my medical practice. You did not have to make me breakfast too.”

“I wanted to Raynor,” she said. “Let’s enjoy it.”

Raynor and Janet walked over to the bar in the kitchen and sat on the bar stools. Janet had laid out the toast, bread, and coffee on the bar counter. There was a homely scent permeating through the kitchen area. The aroma of the freshly brewed coffee covered up the scent of the rotted fish. He looked at her and wondered why he could never get the courage to propose to her. He was secretly in love with her for many years. He had even purchased a diamond engagement ring but kept it in his locker waiting for the right time. She was ravishingly beautiful without her doctor’s coat. She was wearing a soft red polka-dot dress and her body curved in all the right places. Her dark brown smiling eyes glanced at him. Her lips were pouty and full, like Angelina Jolie’s when she was young. He could not help staring at her as she sipped her coffee ever so graciously.

Unaware to him Janet was eyeing Raynor too. She was thinking Raynor Sharpe is not a bad-looking guy at all. In fact, he is very good-looking. He looks like my favorite movie star George Clooney in his younger days. I wonder why he never got married.

There was silence in the kitchen as they ate breakfast. Both were engrossed in thoughts of their own.

Raynor broke the silence, “Do you have a boyfriend Janet?”

“Raynor, I thought you knew. I am engaged to be married in the next two months,” she replied.

“Who is the lucky guy?” he asked in a disappointed tone of voice.

“He is a doctor too,” she said.

“Do I know him?” Raynor asked.

“I doubt that very much. He works in another city. He does not attend many functions with me. He is a very private person,” she said.

“What’s his name?” Raynor asked.

Before Janet could answer, the shrill ringing of the phone interrupted their conversation. Raynor walked swiftly over to the phone in the living area and saw Dr. Brown’s face appear.

“Doc! Doc! Come over to the hospital right away. We need all the doctors we have on this case.”

“What’s wrong?” Raynor asked. “Who is it?”

“Just get over here as fast as you can,” said Dr. Brown sounding worried.

“Sure, I am on my way,” Raynor replied.

As he disconnected the call, he called out to Janet. “Get dressed quickly Janet. The hospital needs us. You will have to drive me there since you said that my car is at the hospital.”

“No problem,” said Janet.

As they got into the car, Raynor told Janet, “The medical chief of staff, Dr. George Brown, from the hospital called. He wants us there right away.”

Both Raynor and Janet worked at the Central hospital. Both were gynecologists and were amongst the best-known doctors in the island of Gosh. Janet also specialized in oncology and helped many cancer patients survive with a new drug that she recently invented.

Gosh was a well- developed and prosperous little scenic island off the coast of South America, well known for its fabulous beaches and resorts. The island was a tourist attraction and people from all over the world travelled to the island for vacations. There were annual Carnival celebrations with its advantages and dark elements. The festival of Carnival was an explosion of colour, music, revelry, and creativity, and another great tourist attraction. People from all over the world attended the festival, which was internationally known as the greatest show on earth. However, now and again there were instances of serious crime occurring during the Carnival celebrations in spite of the presence of heavy police security. Notwithstanding the new developments in technology and medicine over the past twenty years, the crime detection rate in the island had not improved much because of corrupt officers on the police force.


When they got to the hospital, all twenty doctors were gathered in the conference room. Dr. Mark Schmidt, a tall and strikingly dark and handsome man walked over to Raynor and whispered in his ear, “Sorry I could not take you home last night. I had an emergency to attend to. So glad that Janet agreed to do so.”

Raynor replied, “No worries Mark. Janet took good care of me.”

Mark with a shocked expression replied, “But isn’t she engaged to be married?”

Raynor laughed. “It’s not what you are thinking Mark. We’re just friends.”

Just then, Dr. George Brown, Chief of staff walked in. He was a tall, slim, guy with graying hair. He looked exhausted. He got right down to the purpose of the meeting by saying, “Thanks to all of you for turning up at such short notice. We have a problem. In fact, we have an unbelievable problem. What I am about to tell you is to be kept strictly confidential until we decide if it will be necessary to bring in external help.”

Everyone began listening intently. If a pin had dropped, it would have been heard. Dr. Brown continued.

“Twenty years ago, the island of Gosh had an outbreak of a dreaded virus. The carrier was the Anopheles mosquito, which is a pest in Central and South America. Our island of Gosh is located just off the coast of South America and some of our people were vulnerable to that disease.

The virus had a debilitating effect on pregnant women and their babies. More than one hundred pregnant women were affected and at the end of their full term, they gave birth to babies at this hospital with very small heads and little brain cells. They were all still born. For safety and health reasons, the dead babies were not given to their parents for burial. The Government agreed that the babies be buried in separate graves in a vacant lot two miles from this hospital. Special care was taken during burial to avoid contamination with the public. No funerals were held. Doctors who assisted in the delivery of the babies were Mark Schmidt and Raynor Sharpe and they will recall these events. The rest of you joined the hospital after this had taken place and none of this was ever divulged to any of you.

A hand shot up in the air to attract Dr. Brown’s attention. It was Dr. Raynor Sharpe. Dr. Brown waved to him to put his hand down and went on speaking.

“What I am about to tell you will shock all of you.” He then hesitated and looked around to make sure that the doors to the conference room were closed.

“One of these babies who we know was dead and buried, is alive under very strange circumstances, and is now in the Observation Unit under heavy sedation.”

There was a loud uproar from the doctors. Dr. Raynor Sharpe stood up and shouted, “Dr. Brown, how could this be?”

Dr. Brown replied, “Please calm yourselves and listen to me. That baby is a grown man today, although a bit short in stature. He walked into the hospital yesterday and came directly to my office and revealed the whole conspiracy.”

There were shouts of “Unbelievable!” from almost all the doctors. Some just stared in disbelief.

“What did he say? Is he healthy and of sound mind?” said Dr. Raynor Sharpe.

“Not exactly. He looked like a normal guy, as he was wearing a false head. That head had electrical gadgets. I recorded everything he told me on my smartwatch before I removed that false head and sedated him. From what he told me, it seems to be the work of a genius with evil intentions. I am going to play the recording for you all now. It is a bit muffled so please pay close attention.”

These were the words on the recording.

“My name is Number Nine and I grew up in an incubator with fifty others like me. We all have false heads and mechanical bodies. Our master tells us what to do by controlling the gadgets in our false heads. But my master wants me and my brothers to do bad things and I am not bad. He trains us to kill.

Dr. Brown’s voice:

“Who is your Master?”

Number Nine’s voice:

“He said to call him Master Zeeka.”

Dr. Brown:

“Is Master Zeeka a doctor?”

Number Nine:

“He said that he is a great Scientist and he saved us from the grave. He said that although we were still- born he bribed a Government official to give him our bodies. He brought us back to life with a special formula that only he knows about. He kept us in incubators until we grew up and then fitted our bodies with mechanical and electrical components.

Dr. Brown:

“Do you know where you live?”

Number Nine:

“I can show you, but that would be dangerous.”

Dr. Brown:

“Why is it dangerous?”

Number Nine:

“Because Master Zeeka said that he would kill anyone who disturbed his operation. He has many guards at the hideout, which is underground. Besides, we all are scientifically programmed to kill humans.”

Dr. Brown:

“So how did you escape from the hideout?”

At that point, Dr. Brown turned off the recording and said to the group of unbelieving doctors. “If any of these scientifically created men come to this hospital, please call security immediately and contact me. We will remove their false heads and sedate them to prevent them from harming staff and patients. Please remember what I said before. We must keep this information confidential, even from our spouses, in order to avoid an island- wide panic.”

Dr. Raynor Sharpe stood up again and said, “Sir, why did you turn off the recorder?”

Dr. Brown replied, “Raynor I need to see you and Mark in my office right away.” Having said that he hurried to his office.

Inside the conference room, the other doctors gathered in groups discussing the contents of the recording. They were debating if Number Nine was really a zombie or a prankster. The argument was that zombies display symptoms such as lethargic movement, language dysfunction, amnesia, and the inability to suppress hunger and aggression. Some felt that the voice on the recording sounded like a normal human being, and if a zombie had the ability to speak, it could not be a zombie. One doctor believed that the false head which was fitted with electrical gadgets could have been wired to make the zombie sound human, but why did he not attack anyone or had no desire to eat human flesh?

It was puzzling to most.


“Sit down,” Dr. Brown said to both doctors. “Now I will play the rest of the recording. Listen carefully.” He then switched on the recorder on his smart watch.

Dr. Brown:

“How did you escape?”

Number Nine:

“I did not escape. Master Zeeka sent me here to spy on you and your hospital and report back to him with a plan to invade the hospital.

He said when the virus became an epidemic he had created a vaccine to save all babies in their mothers’ wombs, but you and other doctors were against it. He said that you advised the Health Minister not to distribute the vaccine, and you condemned all babies conceived at that time to death. He said that his mission is revenge.”

“That is the end of the conversation. I was unsure if I could trust him so I removed his false head and sedated him. No one else has seen him. He is in Room 9 coincidentally. Does either of you remember Dr. Jason Stephens? He was the scientist who invented the vaccine.

Could he be Master Zeeka?” Dr. Brown asked.

Raynor began to feel sick in his stomach and replied, “I was thinking the same thing. “We would have to find Dr. Stephens and the other fifty zombies at any cost. Should we get the police involved?”

“Can we trust anyone on the force? Do you know anyone who is not corrupt?” asked Dr. Brown.

“I was thinking of Detective Jack Wildy. He has a good reputation of solving crimes,” said Raynor.

“All right then. Let’s contact him,” said Dr. Brown.

“I’ll get on it right away,” said Raynor. “But first, can we have a look at Number Nine?”

“Yes, I want to see what that zombie looks like,” said Mark.

Dr. Brown got up from his chair and stretched out his arms. He said, “This has been a burden on my mind since yesterday. I deliberated a lot before telling you all about it, but I knew that I could not keep it a secret. Let’s go visit the zombie.”

They walked down the long hallway to room nine and Dr. Brown slowly opened the door. There was no one in there. “What is going on here?” shouted Dr. Brown who was visibly upset, as he ran to the hallway to press the alarm button, “Where are the guards?” Mark and Raynor stood speechless in the room gazing at the empty bed which appeared to be neatly made up as if no one was ever there. They looked at each other.

Raynor said, “Do you know I had a vision this morning? I thought I saw hundreds of short people with small heads walking like robots along the beach in front of my home. Janet did not see them and she said I must have been dreaming. I better call Detective Jack Wildy now.”

Mark replied, “Yeah do that. This whole thing is so bizarre. I don’t know what to think.”

Just then, Dr. Brown returned to his office with several hospital staff who were all talking at once. Each one was trying to figure out how Number Nine escaped. Dr. Brown said, “The false head is also gone, so he must have retrieved it and put it on. He would have looked like a normal male when he left the building.”

Raynor called out to Dr. Brown. “George, I contacted Jack Wildy. He is on his way with a team.”

“Thanks,” George replied, looking half-dazed as he plopped down on his chair and looked out the window. Raynor noticed the depressed look on Dr. Brown’s face, and went up to him and sat down next to him.

Raynor said to Dr. Brown, “George do you recall the events of that virus outbreak twenty years ago?”

“I certainly do,” said Dr. Brown, and he went on to relate it to Raynor.

“The outbreak of the virus occurred when a group of nationals of Gosh attended a conference in a neighbouring South American country where the virus was prevalent. A number of them caught the virus, which in itself was no threat to life. When they returned to Gosh, they transmitted the virus to their spouses by sexual contact. Others contacted it by the spread of bacteria through sneezing and coughing by these individuals in public places during the weeklong annual Carnival celebrations in 2016.

“Before long it had become an epidemic in the small island. The danger, however, was to the foetuses of pregnant women. Babies could have been born with unusually small heads that caused mental retardation and other developmental problems. Women were advised to avoid getting pregnant at that time, but many did not take that advice.

“Dr. Jason Stephens was in charge of scientific research at the hospital at that time and he had suspected a relationship between the virus and microcephaly, a rare neurological condition in which an infant’s head is significantly smaller than the heads of other children of the same age and sex. He was, however, unable to confirm that. He claimed to have created a vaccine to prevent microcephaly from affecting the foetuses, but the vaccine would have been life – threatening to the mothers. I felt that the mothers’ lives should be the first priority and I was therefore against the use of the vaccine. I advised the Health Minister accordingly. Dr. Jason Stephens and I had a heated argument over the matter and he resigned from the hospital in a rage.”

“It all sounds very familiar,” said Raynor. “I do remember all of it now.”


Their conversation was interrupted by the stern voice of Detective Jack Wildy and they both turned around to look at him.

Jack Wildy looked as if he had just walked out of a detective novel. He was the typical type with a thick moustache and big ears. He was tall, dark, burly, and dressed in stiff khakis and a police officer’s hat. He had a no -nonsense air about him. He greeted Dr. Brown with these words:

“Hi, Doc. I got Raynor’s message. He said that you have a problem here.”

George was unsure if he could trust Jack. Besides, all he had was the recording on his smartwatch with a strange voice and his. How could he prove that Number Nine was real? No one else had seen him.

“Good Morning Jack. Have a seat”, he said. “What did Raynor tell you?”

Jack sat down, crossed his legs and replied, “He said that some strange guy came to see you and gave you some cock and bull story.”

“No, I did not give you a cock and bull story,” said Raynor.

“I was joking. This sounds serious. Can I hear the recording?” said Jack as he pulled out a pack of unusually large cigarettes.

“Smoking in the hospital is not allowed Jack,” said George as he was about to turn on his smartwatch.

Jack put back the cigarettes in his pocket and sighed. ”Let’s listen to the recording doc.”

George turned on the recorder in the smart watch. Jack took notes on his tablet as he listened to every word, but he also recorded the conversation on his smartwatch. At the end of the recording, he turned to George and asked, “Is this all the evidence? I understand that the person disappeared from the hospital. Do you realize that the police have nothing to work with except for voices on this recording? I suppose you do not even know where this so- called hideout is.”

“I knew that you would say that Jack,” said George.” And no, I do not know where the hideout is.”

“All is not lost, however. I remember the virus outbreak. and what Raynor told me about Dr/ Jason Stephens. The name of the virus was Zika. It was all over the newspapers twenty years ago. Maybe that is why Dr. Stephens calls himself Master Zeeka. When I go back to my office I will listen to the recording again and do some research,” Jack said, as he rose from his chair, “I will leave now. Have a great day guys, and watch out for zombies. They may eat your flesh,” he joked, as he walked away waving a hand behind his head. He turned around again briefly to say, “The government has drones everywhere and can see through walls even. This criminal will be caught.”

Mark walked in just as Jack was leaving. “What did Jack say, guys?”

“That we have no evidence and he has nothing to go on,” said Raynor.

“So what about the recording?” Mark asked.

“He said that it is only voices,” George replied.

“There must be something that we can find out,” said Mark. “We will have to work together on this.”

“Yes. We sure will guys, but right now the hospital needs us. Let us look after our patients,” said George.

“I better begin my hospital rounds now,” said Mark.

“I will check the waiting area on my tablet and see if there are any patients waiting for me,” said Raynor.

When Raynor returned to his office, Janet was sitting at his desk writing something.

She looked up as he walked in and said, “I am handing these out today. They are my wedding invitations. Remember I told you that my wedding is in the next two months?”

“Oh yes, you did. What date is the wedding?” said Raynor.

“March 30th is the big day. I hope you will be there,” she said, with her right hand outstretched holding the invitation.

Raynor took the invitation, placed it in his desk drawer without reading it, and said, “Thanks. I hope I remember.”

She said, “You better do, or I will be very sad. I have to deliver a couple more to other doctors so I will see you around.” She then started to walk out of the office and then turned around and said, “Raynor, what do you make of that meeting with Dr. Brown? The voice on the recording sounded like a normal man, and then he disappeared. Doesn’t the whole thing sound fake?”

Raynor replied, “Is that what all the other doctors think?”

She replied, “Maybe,” and walked away.

Raynor sat at his desk and pondered over the events of the past few hours. He was thinking that he believed George because he was around twenty years ago and he was a witness to what took place with Dr. Jason Stephens. It did not matter who thought that George had come up with a fake story. He planned to get to the bottom of it, especially since he did not think it was coincidental that he had such a strange vision that morning.

A hologram appeared with a nurse’s face and her voice brought him back to reality, “Dr. Sharpe to the maternity ward. It is an emergency.”

Raynor, Mark, and George were back to their usual routine. Raynor and Mark were busy delivering babies and looking after patients and George was tied up with the hospital administration and his own patients. There was not much time for chat or discussion of what happened earlier in the day.

After a long and hard day, Raynor drove home and fixed himself a TV dinner. He then fell fast asleep on the living room couch. He jumped up in the middle of the night muttering, “Why do I keep dreaming this?” He wondered if he should call Mark but when he looked at the time he figured it was too late to do so.


The following morning at the hospital Raynor went to Mark’s office and told him about his dream. Raynor said that he had dreamt an army of zombies was marching towards the hospital. Mark told him that he should not take the dream seriously, but Raynor told him. “That dream is making my desire stronger to find that hide-out.”

“How are you going to do that?” asked Mark.

An idea suddenly struck Mark. “Let us look up the telephone listings for Jason Stephens.”

“That is a good start,” said Raynor.

Mark turned on the digital directory on his desk and looked under S for Stephens. There were lots of Stephens but no Jason Stephens. “We have reached a dead end here,” Mark said. “Raynor, I will think of something else, but right now I have to see my patients. I will talk to you later.”

Raynor nodded his head and went back to his office feeling very frustrated.

Meanwhile, Number Nine had returned to the “hideout” and was discussing with Master Zeeka his encounter with Dr. Brown.

“So tell me about your little adventure,” Master Zeeka said to Number Nine.

“I gained Dr. Brown’s confidence, but then he removed my false head and tried to sedate me,” said Number Nine, “but I mapped out a plan of the hospital in my mind when he thought that I was asleep. You can download it.”

“Ha! Ha! He does not know that their sedatives cannot work on you or any of my creation. Only that headpiece with its gadgets which I control with this little masterpiece can cause you to take action,” Master Zeeka said, waving a device with dozens of buttons on it. ”You and your companions can only do my bidding because I control your minds from this device. It is called a transponder. I am the greatest scientist that man has ever known. Do you agree?”

“Of course, Master. You are the best,” said Number Nine.” I overheard some of the doctors arguing and saying that we zombies like human flesh. But I have no desire to eat human flesh. Why is that?”

“I did not program any of you to feed on human flesh. I programmed you to eat certain foods, but no human flesh whatsoever,” Master Zeeka said.

“Why no human flesh Master?” Number Nine asked his Master.

“Because human flesh weakens your body. When I brought back all fifty-one of you from the grave I injected each of you with a serum that resists meat. It was the only way to keep me alive and perform my experiments,” replied Master Zeeka.

“Keep you alive? What does that mean?” asked Number Nine.

“Because if I did not inject you all with that serum to remove the desire to eat human flesh, you all would have fed on me. Do you understand what I mean?”

“I get it,” said Number Nine.

“Let me borrow your head so I can download that map to my secret files,” said Zeeka.” Your companions are all resting. I have their heads in my locker. You can rest too. Soon it will be Carnival and we have to continue practicing for that great national event. So rest a lot. We will have another practice session later.”

Master Zeeka then removed Number Nine’s head and switched it to ‘No activity.’ Number Nine fell back in a lifeless mode and Zeeka took him into the room with the other zombies to rest.

At the hospital, Raynor had just delivered a baby and went to his office to update the records. Janet was passing his way to visit a patient in the oncology centre and she called out to him. “Hey, Raynor, have you read the invitation yet? I want you to RSVP as soon as possible so I can finalize the catering.”

“Ah,” he sighed. “I will do that soon. I will reply soon. But you can count me in. I will not miss your wedding for the world.”

“I was hoping that you would say that,” Janet replied. “See you around.”


A couple weeks passed and Dr. George Brown could not get over the embarrassment he faced when Number Nine disappeared from the hospital. He played the recording of their conversation repeatedly trying to get some clues but came up with nothing. Raynor and Mark did not speak about it either. Detective Jack Wildy never called to say that he got anywhere with the investigation. Could it have been just a bad dream? He opened his desk drawer with the ‘open’ button and saw Janet’s wedding invitation lying in there. He never had time to read it. He was just about to open it when Raynor walked into his office.

“How are you today sir?” asked Raynor.

“Not too bad Raynor. What’s on your mind?” said Dr. Brown.

“I cannot get that recording off my mind. It worries me that we know who may be behind all of this and we are helpless to do anything about it,” replied Raynor.

“So you do believe me. What about Mark? Does he believe me too?” said Dr. Brown.

“We both believe you, and we want to get to the bottom of this, but we also need outside help,” said Raynor.

“Did you hear from Jack Wildy?” said Dr. Brown.

“He has not called since he heard the recording. Do you want me to follow up with him?” said Raynor.

“I suppose it would not hurt to try. But we have to be very careful. I feel as if a bomb is waiting to explode. I am not sure if we can trust anyone,” Dr. Brown said.

There was a knock on the door. It was Mark. “What’s up, guys? Any news on Number Nine?”

“No news is normally good news, but in this case, it is bad news that we have not found out his whereabouts or his Master’s whereabouts. What’s up with you?” asked Dr. Brown.

“Well, I have been thinking that they may reveal themselves during the Carnival celebrations next week. We have to be on the alert. We should get Detective Wildy involved,” said Mark.

“That will be chaos if they do that. Raynor was just saying that he is going to contact Jack Wildy again,” said Dr. Brown. ”When is Carnival?”

“Carnival is next week,” said Raynor. “We do not have much time. I am going to meet Jack right now.”

When Raynor arrived at Jack’s office, he saw him with a pile of old newspapers on his desk. “Good day Jack. I dropped in to find out if you made any headway into that investigation you promised to look into.”

“Have a seat, Raynor. You want a cup of coffee?” Jack stood up to pour a cup of coffee from the Coffee Dispenser.

“I will have one. Thanks, Jack,” said Raynor.

Jack poured two cups of coffee, handed one to Raynor and sat down. ”I have not forgotten about the investigation. I was waiting to get some real facts before I contacted you and Dr. Brown. I have dug up these newspapers from the archives since there is nothing of substance on the computer records. Look at this article and the picture of Dr. Jason Stephens. Dr. Brown thinks that he is our suspect.”

“I remember him well. He is a sharp-looking guy. I wonder if his hair is still black or has turned gray,” said Raynor looking at the headline on the article, which read, “Scientist discovers a vaccine for the dangerous Zika virus.”

“So you know this guy? I lived in America twenty years ago so I never knew about him until now,” said Jack. ”Do you know he resembles you?”

Raynor looked at the photo again and after closely examining it he shrugged his shoulders and said, “Maybe he does. Jack, do you think he is Master Zeeka? Do you think that he scientifically created fifty-one zombies from those dead babies? Is this at all possible?”

Jack replied, “It is possible Raynor. There was a similar case in Africa some years ago. The police discovered their hiding place after it was burnt to the ground. The scientist was killed in the fire, but his records mysteriously disappeared from the fire-proof safe.”

“Jack, Dr. Brown, and Dr. Schmidt both believe that these zombies will create havoc during the Carnival celebrations. We must stop that from happening,” said Raynor.

“We will be monitoring the celebrations closely. I have already discussed that possibility with the Chief of Police,” Jack said.

“You mean the Chief of Police is also on the case?” Raynor said in amazement.

“Oh, yes. I spoke to him and he considers this high priority,” said Jack.

“That is wonderful,” said Raynor. “So can we all relax now?”

“Just be alert and give me all information if you find out anything,” Jack said.

“I will. I will,” repeated Raynor as he stood up to leave.


The first day of the Carnival celebrations started with a fantastic display of bands.

Janet, her mother, and two sisters were in the north stands of the Carnival Arena enjoying the parade of bands, which started at 9.00 am. The weather was just right. It was not very hot, neither was it cold. It was quite comfortable.

The colourful costumes delighted the thousands of nationals and tourists who filled the stands. The steel band music was tantalizing and the atmosphere was just wonderful. Several bands crossed the stage with hundreds of young girls and men wearing skimpy but stunning costumes, decorated with colourful feathers, sparkling beads, and glitter.

Just before noon a small sailor band pulling a lovely decorated boat came on stage. The sailors were all the same height and size and dressed in magnificent, fur-trimmed, colourful, embroidered, and embellished sailor suits with oversized hats of similar material. They were dancing and prancing on the stage and pulling the boat along. They then stopped in the middle of the stage to perform some antics. They took off their hats and waved to the crowd with them and the crowds loved it and started cheering loudly. This encouraged them to perform more antics and they continued throwing around their hats and dancing to the beat of the steel band music. In the middle of all the fun, Janet’s mother started to feel hungry and asked Janet to get her something to eat. Janet hesitatingly but dutifully went to the back of the arena to purchase food for her Mom and sisters.

She walked around the various food stalls manned by robotic waiters to see what was being offered. She decided that her Mom and sisters would love to indulge in a Carnival chicken dish. She bought four meals.

As she turned around to return to the stands, she heard gunfire and loud explosions. She observed bullets were flying from the sailors’ heads and that seemed odd. People were screaming and falling to the ground. Blood was splattered everywhere. Those who were not injured or killed were tumbling over each other to get out of the Arena. The Emergency alarm went off, police sirens started blaring as police cars, and helicopters encircled the area within minutes.

The police aimed for the attackers on stage and rapidly fired on them until every one of them fell to the ground.

Janet was concerned for the safety of her Mom and sisters as well as that of the spectators. She dropped the food boxes to the ground and pushed her way through the crowd. She kept shouting, “I am a doctor. Let me through please.” When she arrived at the spot where she left her mother and sisters, she saw them on the ground huddled in a corner hugging each other. “Are you hurt?” she asked.

“No Janet we are fine, but look on the stage.” Janet turned towards the stage and could not believe her eyes.

The bodies of the sailors and the boat had disintegrated to black ash in a few seconds. There was not a trace of a human body. “How is that possible?” said Janet.

Numerous patrons were lying dead in pools of blood. Severed arms and legs dripping with blood were strewn about the stands. The injured and bleeding needed to be transported urgently to the hospital for treatment.

She said to her Mom and sisters, “Can you find your way home? Duty calls.”

Her Mom replied, “We understand dear. Do not worry about us.”

She took out her transmission phone from her handbag and called the hospital to send all the ambulances available to the Carnival Arena. Within seconds ambulances arrived with the necessary personnel to take the seriously injured to the hospital. Morgue attendants arrived too and collected the dead bodies and severed arms and legs in body bags to take to the mortuary.

At that moment, Detective Jack Wildy, police officers, and the Chief of Police arrived on the scene and started questioning spectators. Janet went up to them and told them what she saw. She also told them that she found it rather strange that the bodies of the sailors disintegrated into ashes. The Chief of Police was tall, dark and stout and seemed distracted. He barely spoke.

Upon hearing what Janet said, Detective Jack Wildy became suspicious and went on the stage to search for clues. He discovered a false head at the back of the stage. He examined it and saw the gadgets inside. There were gadgets for ‘Attack Mode,’ ‘Normal,’ and ‘No activity.’

The ‘No activity’ mode was switched on for the false head. How could this be when it was obvious that the sailors were all in ‘Attack Mode’? He also observed that a number was inscribed inside the head. It was Number Nine.

He placed the head in his evidence bag and whispered something to the Chief of Police who nodded his head.


Janet arrived at the hospital in disarray. She was not dressed for work so she dashed into her office and threw on her doctor’s coat.

Raynor walked by and on seeing that she was visibly shaken said. ”Janet, I thought that you were off today. Your secretary told me that you were taking your Mom and sisters to the Carnival celebrations.”

Janet replied, “Raynor, I would love to tell you all about it but we have a hospital full of people with injuries from the carnival celebrations to attend to. Will you help if you have no babies to deliver?”

“So that’s it? There was an explosion or something? Sure I will help,” Raynor said.

“Yes, and the patients will tell you more about it. Let’s go to the emergency unit,” Janet said to Raynor.

Together they hurried to the emergency unit. Other doctors and dozens of nurses were already attending to some of the injured who were relating what took place at the Arena to the doctors attending to them.

Dr. Mark Schmidt and Dr. George Brown rushed to the emergency ward to assist.

The news of the tragedy spread throughout the island like wildfire and made world news headline on television. Newspaper and television reports stated that it was a terrorist attack on the island in the middle of their jubilant carnival celebrations.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Police assisted by Detective Jack Wildy were busy searching for more clues to solve this vicious crime. Many senior police officers were assigned to assist with the case.

Based on the conversation he had with Dr. George Brown and Dr. Raynor Sharpe, Jack Wildy had already formed some conclusions in his mind, but he needed more to go on.

He called both doctors to the police station the following day to discuss what he had found.

When the doctors arrived at the station, they were guided into a secluded area where the Chief of Police and Detective Jack Wildy were seated.

“Guys, I have good news and bad news,” said Jack Wildy to them. “Have a seat.”

He raised the false head above his head.

“Recognize this Dr. Brown?” he asked.

“Where did you get that?” said George.

“I found this on the stage at the Carnival Arena after the massacre,” said Jack. “Do you know what is written inside of it? Number Nine.”

“I recognize that false head. It was the one that Number Nine had on when he visited me. Is he involved in this crime?” asked Dr. Brown.

“He and fifty others. They paraded as a jolly sailor band at the Carnival celebrations. Their one intention was to kill and maim as many as they could, and they succeeded,” said Jack.

“So Number Nine was telling the truth. This means that Master Zeeka is behind all of this. Did you all ever find him?” said Raynor.

“The elusive Master Zeeka has not yet been found, but our men are searching for him. There is more. Look at these gadgets inside the head. There are gadgets for ‘Attack Mode,’ ‘Normal,’ and ‘No activity.’ The ‘No activity’ mode was switched on for Number Nine when the other fifty sailors were obviously all in ‘Attack Mode.’ It seems that someone was controlling these zombies using a transponder. I suspect it was Master Zeeka. The other sailors were the brothers he spoke of in the conversation with you.

The strangest thing was, that after the police killed them, they fell to the ground, and seconds later their bodies disintegrated into ash. There was no trace of human matter. This head was found some distance away from the stage like if its owner flung it there on purpose. Therefore, the good news is that I believe you, Dr. Brown. There really was a Number Nine and he spoke the truth. He said that he did not agree with killing people and that he was not a bad person. It seems that he deliberately threw out that false head to send a message to us that he was not responsible for killing anyone. He was indeed a hero. …a zombie hero.

“The bad news is that we cannot find Master Zeeka who we all believe is Dr. Jason Stephens. However we assure you that we have arranged a manhunt to find him,” Jack said with a deep sigh. “The body count that day was one hundred and twenty- five. He is responsible for killing those people. Seventy-five were seriously injured and are still hospitalized. By the way, the Government official who assisted Dr. Stephens in getting the stillborn babies before burial passed away five years ago.”

At that point, the Chief of Police, who was not a man of many words, interjected. ”We want to thank you both for bringing the matter of Number Nine to our attention in the first place. Your assistance will help us to solve this heinous crime and bring the real perpetrator to justice. We will keep in touch. Thanks again for coming.”


George and Raynor returned to the hospital satisfied that the investigations were heading in the right direction. Jack Wildy had tied up many loose ends but the main suspect was still at large. Raynor told Mark all about the discussions with Jack Wildy. They returned to their routine at the hospital and a few days passed.

One week later Raynor had just finished seeing his last patient and was packing up to head home for a good night’s rest. He opened his desk drawer to get his car keys and saw Janet’s wedding invitation lying there. He took it up to take it home. His thoughts led him back to the first day she came to work at the hospital. She was so young, beautiful, and intelligent. He never felt the way he felt about her for any other woman. He tried to dismiss the thought. She was getting married to someone else. “Why can’t I get her off my mind?” he said shaking his head and sighing.

Mark Schmidt walked in the door. “Did you open it yet?” he shouted.

“What?” Raynor asked.

“Raynor, did you open the wedding invitation?” Mark asked.

“No. I am taking it home, “Raynor replied as he stood up to leave.

“For God’s sake open it now Raynor,” Mark said in a high- pitched voice.

“Mark are you in love with her too?” Raynor asked.

“No Raynor, just open the invitation now,” Mark said.

“All right. Is there a bomb in here?” he joked as he ripped open the envelope.

Raynor could not believe his eyes as he read the invitation. His jaw dropped as he read,

“Dr. Janet Jones and Dr. Jason Stephens request the honour of your presence to witness their marriage on Sunday 30th March 2036 at five o’clock in the afternoon at the Hyatt Resort, 23 Palms Road, Lakeville, Gosh. RSVP

Raynor dropped back down on his chair in shock. He took up the phone to call Jack Wildy. He suddenly thought What if Janet is involved with Jason’s revenge plan?

He dropped the phone, looked up at Mark, and asked, “Do you think that Janet is criminally involved with him or is Stephens using her as part of his revenge plan?”

“No Raynor. Do you know what I really feel? I feel that she is in love with you, and she agreed to go along with marriage to someone else to test your reaction. I do not feel she knows that Jason Stephens is a vicious criminal,” said Mark.

“Mark, we have to save Janet from the claws of that devil. Will you help me?” asked Raynor.

“Sure, but we must inform the police. It seems though that Janet alone knows where he lives,” said Mark.

Raynor tried to compose himself and his thoughts for a while and then said, “We should alert Dr. George Brown about this and then decide where we go from there.”

“That is a good idea,” said Mark. “Is he available?”

“Let us check,” said Raynor.

They both proceeded to walk towards Dr. Brown’s office.

On their way, they passed Janet’s office and she was packing up to leave for the day.

She called out to them, “What are you guys up to?”

Raynor asked, “Are you busy tonight?”

Janet replied, “I have a dinner date with my fiancé.”

“Really,” Raynor replied, trying to sound as if he was not prying. “I suppose that you are going to your favorite place.”

“We are trying out the new restaurant at the Bay. I believe it is called Bay View Restaurant.”

“Enjoy it,” Raynor said, as he and Mark walked on not wanting to raise any suspicion of their intentions.


Dr. Brown was sitting in his office reading some electronic files on his monitor as Mark and Raynor entered.

“You all look serious. What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Did Janet invite you to her wedding on 30th March?” Mark asked Dr. Brown.

“Yes she did but I will not be available on that date,” Dr. Brown replied.

“Did you read the invitation?” Raynor asked.

“My secretary noted the date in my tablet,” he said, swiping the pages of his tablet to find the entry.

“Do you know to whom she is getting married ?” asked Mark.

“Didn’t you two get invitations? I did not read the invitation. My secretary handled that and replied that I am unable to attend,” said Dr. Brown looking annoyed.

“Have a look at this,” Raynor said as he handed Dr. Brown his invitation.

“What is wrong with it? It is a typical wedding invitation,” said Dr. Brown. Then his eye caught the names on the invitation and he exclaimed, “My God. Does Janet know about this mass murderer? We have to warn her.”

“Yes, we have to tell her about him. She said that she is meeting him for dinner at Bay View restaurant tonight,” said Mark.

“We will go there and take Jack Wildy with us. We have to nail him tonight,” said Dr. Brown, “I will contact him. You guys go ahead and change. We will get there before 7.00 pm.”

All four arrived at the restaurant at 6.45 pm but neither Janet nor Dr. Jason Stephens could be seen. They ordered drinks and dinner and waited anxiously for the couple’s arrival.

At 8.00 pm Janet walked in alone and sat at a table with her back turned to the group of four. She could not see them but they could see her. At 8.30 pm Jason had not yet arrived. At 9.00 pm there was still no sign of him and Janet seemed restless. She seemed to be constantly texting on her phone. She then took up her purse and stormed out of the restaurant.

Jack Wildy said, “It seems that Dr. Jason Stephens knows that the police are on to him and he has absconded.”

“I agree,” said Dr. Brown. “Now who will pay for all the havoc he caused on Carnival Monday? He deserves to get the death sentence for killing so many innocent people and injuring so many others.”

“When we find him he will get what he deserves, “said Jack.

All four left the restaurant after a hurried meal and a couple of beers.

Raynor could not get Janet off his mind. He wanted to see her and to find out why her dinner date was cancelled. He decided to swing by her house to see if she was at home. Sure enough, her car was parked in the driveway. He got out of his car, walked up to her door and knocked on it. After a few seconds, Janet looked out of the bedroom window.

She recognized him standing at the door and ran down the staircase to open it.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I was in the neighbourhood and decided to check up on you,” he said.

“I was about to go to bed, but you can come in for a cup of coffee,” she said.

“Are you sure?” Raynor asked.

“To be honest, I need some company right now,” she said. ”Come right in.”

It was the first time Raynor was seeing Janet’s home. It was neat and very attractively laid out. It seemed quite cozy.

He sat on a comfortable looking chair and Janet went to bring out the coffee.

Raynor thought that was the ideal opportunity to look for photos of Dr. Jason Stephens. He got up and looked around but there were no photos of him.

Janet walked in with the coffee and blurted out, “Raynor, I may as well tell you. The wedding is off.”

“What? Why the sudden change of heart?” said Raynor trying not to sound too excited.

“My fiancé never turned up for our dinner date, he never answered my calls, and when I went to his home the house was empty, and there was a note for me with just three words, ‘Forget me, Janet,’ said Janet who was almost in tears. “I destroyed all photos of us. How could he forsake me two weeks before our wedding, and without any explanation? I will never forgive him for the embarrassment he has caused me.”

Raynor realized that she was extremely upset and did not want to tell her what he knew. He decided to wait until the next day to break the news to her.

He spent a few minutes with her trying to comfort her and then left.


The following day Raynor woke up late and arrived at the hospital one hour late for work. When he arrived at the hospital, he went to Janet’s office to see how she was doing. He saw Detective Jack Wildy and Dr. George Brown speaking to her.

Janet looked at him as he arrived and said, “Raynor, you knew all of this all along and never told me anything?”

Raynor suddenly realized that they were telling her who her fiancé really was. “I only found out the name of your fiancé yesterday when I read the wedding invitation. Last night I could not bear to tell you the truth as you were very upset because he stood you up. I was coming to tell you what I know this morning.”

Janet said, “With friends like you who needs enemies.”

She turned to Jack Wildy and said, “If Jason ever tries to contact me again I will find out where he is hiding and report to you. I am so glad that the truth was revealed before I went ahead with the wedding.”

Jack Wildy was getting up from the chair to leave when he suddenly remembered something. He said, “Last night we found Dr. Stephens’ house and searched it. Do you all know what we found? We found the missing file of the scientist who died in a fire in Africa some years ago. It is apparent that there is a connection between that scientist and Dr. Jason Stephens. Maybe he was the one responsible for killing that scientist and stealing his files. We still have not found that underground hideout nor Dr. Stephens and that is worrying. I fear for the safety of all of you but I have my men working 24/7 on the case.”

Janet looked stunned on hearing that.

Detective Wildy and Dr. George Brown then left Janet’s office but Raynor remained.

“Janet, I am so sorry……….”

Before he finished the sentence, Janet said, “I do not blame you or anyone else, Raynor. I am a fool to allow myself to be tricked by such a scoundrel. I will just cancel all plans for the wedding.” She turned around to read her patients’ files from the monitor behind her.

Raynor could not believe that the words flowed from his lips so easily, “Janet, if you will agree to marry me there will be no need to cancel the wedding plans.”

Janet was quiet. She turned around slowly and saw a sparkling diamond engagement ring in Raynor’s hand. Raynor looked most sincere.

“Raynor, if you had asked me to marry you nine years ago, I would have said yes. It isn’t even nine minutes since you asked me,” Janet said. She stopped speaking for a few seconds. “My answer is still yes,” she said.

She ran into his arms and by that time, nurses and doctors who had heard Raynor’s proposal had gathered around and started clapping.

The spectacular wedding took place on 30th March 2036 at the Hyatt Resort in the presence of one hundred guests just as Janet had originally planned. Mark Schmidt was the best man and one of Janet’s sisters was the matron of honour. Janet looked radiant in a white floor- length traditional bridal gown made of lace and tuille with a long flowing train. She carried a bridal bouquet of red roses, her favorite flowers. Her matron of honour wore a royal blue floor- length dress of lace.

After the couple exchanged their vows, there was a banquet dinner, followed by the sticking of the six-tiered cake. Each tier was made in a different flavour. Dancing followed but the couple was anxious to leave the celebrations to go on their honeymoon.

Raynor surprised Janet with a honeymoon of which she always dreamt. They flew halfway across the world and then hopped on a private sailboat to take them to a secluded island where they were greeted with champagne and fresh cut fruit.

After two weeks of bliss, Dr. and Mrs. Raynor Sharpe started a new life together. Will they live happily ever after? Jason Stephens remained at large. Would Jack Wildy and his team ever find him?

The story continues in Zeeka’s Child: Revenge of Zeeka Book 2 and Zeeka Returns: Revenge of Zeeka Book 3. Be sure to read them.


Brenda Mohammed is a former Bank Manager who turned to writing. She started writing for fun in her spare time.

She wrote the following books:

Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan, which gives a brief insight into the life of her father.

My Life as a Banker – Brenda’s Autobiography

Adventures of Squeaky Doo – Five family adventures related by a child’s teddy bear.

I am Cancer Free, is her own true story about her battle with cancer and how she was healed through prayers, her utmost faith in God, and the skilled hands of surgeons abroad.

Heart- Warming Tales - Four exciting tales each with a lesson of its own.

Your Time is now – An inspiring book based on King Solomon’s verses in Ecclesiastes 3.

Stories people love – Four stories based on true events.

Retirement is fun – This book is a sequel to My Life as a Banker. The author discovers that retirement is not to be dreaded.

Travel Memoirs – Exploring the world – A chronicle of the author’s travels.

Revenge of Zeeka: Zeeka and the Zombies Book 1 – A mystery thriller

Zeeka’s Child [Revenge of Zeeka Book 2] – A mystery thriller

Zeeka Returns [Revenge of Zeeka Book 3] – A mystery thriller

Revenge of Zeeka : Zeeka and the Zombies

Revenge of Zeeka - Zeeka and the Zombies is the first book in a horror mystery thriller series about futuristic zombies and their clever Mastermind Zeeka. .A zika virus outbreak is the start of the island's troubles. Twenty years later, in the year 2036, at the island's national Carnival celebrations a small band parading as sailors wreaked terror on the spectators, killing and maiming several of them. If you love zombie thrillers, futuristic zombies at that, with a mix of love and romance, don't miss this action-packed read.

  • Author: Brenda Mohammed
  • Published: 2016-08-28 14:50:09
  • Words: 9896
Revenge of Zeeka : Zeeka and the Zombies Revenge of Zeeka : Zeeka and the Zombies