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Revenge Of The Poets I








Revenge Of The Poets






Warren Mposi Sihlangu Shongwe Lazola Masinyane












Revenge Of The Poets

Book I





Cover art ©2016 by Warren Mposi





This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author or except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.













Children Of The Soil


Stand I say!

That puddle of self pity in which you wallow

Is not the result of what you lack

‘Less you pay attention to the words you hear and not swallow

The energy you ingest will reflect your inner being

But you have to opt to whether you see this image in toilet water

Or in mirrors that show your best features


Walk I say!

For those feet grip your path and keep to it

Let your knees bend for your wants and needs

Till your legs give in to the Rhode beneath

Where you’ll find minerals and mines you’ll keep


Run I say!

For the distance you need travel is lengthy

Take a breath when you must,

But may your actions make your competitors eat your foot dust

And when you reach your destination, gloat not and be just

You’re still a student of the path


Grow I say!

In mind, to have a better understanding of what you learn

In body, let it work for you and what your heart yearns

In spirit, to merge both the light and darkness within you, to be completely one with God

Love I say!

Love yourself and your fellow man

Let your inner cup overflow in abundance

Love your wife, mother and sister

Love your husband, father and brother

Love your allies and your enemies

Love them all, help them all, teach them all

Because without them, you cannot achieve your full potential

And without you, they cannot achieve their full potential

We are all people of the soil

And in that, we are more than alike

We are one.





White Room


A chest that bleeds…

A soul that crosses the great divide

My asylum whispers bruised images

Obscure responses anchor my reality

My subliminal double entendres disguised

in the vanity which expresses my paradoxical dependency


Let it rain

Let every raindrop represent my pain

Let every thunder strike unleash my childhood fears

Let the wind blow away the whispers of mocking thoughts,

Blow away the pain I hear from my ears.

Each rose I receive pokes my bleeding heart with thorns

And there’s a lightning strike for every scar that shows

Wish I had a mathematical equation to balance out my lows.

Push the walls of my insecurities apart

Stop the clocks that count down seconds to death

A star for every hurting word

Remove the negativity out of the night

Let me open the curtains,

Let me see the beauty of the sunlight.









The world keeps spinning,

As I nervously embrace my stagnant thoughts

Trying to hold on to the moments which possess meaning

My veins systematically lead me to oceans of turmoil

Rhythmically drowning in shallow thoughts.

I am deeply rooted within the roughness of unfamiliar grounds,

Branching out to lands beyond the simplicity of my understanding

Grasping for the darkness captured within the comforting shade.

The fibres of my skin are floating among the turbulence of tornadoes

Trying to find purpose within all the chaos

Admiring the vulnerability of the gray clouds,

For the rain expresses the collapse of hopeless souls.








Time goes by

Sands in the hour glass slowly building up to eternity

A rebel, on the journey of finding inner peace

Putting his life together like a puzzle

Feeling inadequate, he can’t find the missing piece.

Will he ever be enough?

Society created emptiness within his soul

Quick fixes of his problems are validated by the acceptance of the masses

He hardly writes anymore

The limitations of his imagination create a labyrinth,

Which the words of poetry can no longer help him escape.

Above all the clouds

His spirit speaks loud

He dreams of becoming a better man

On the search hoping to discover the fountain of abundance

A sip will quench the thirst of his desires

A sip will guide the boy from the forest which he is lost in

A life boat to save the boy drowning in sin.





Our Tale Of History[++


Shackled from birth and facing the future.

We look through history, learning

From books off theory, determining art of fact

And travelling backwards through artifacts

Revealing, to ourselves, that we have lived

Through Pandora’s box of evils.

When history tortured, chained and left us in the darkness.

When all we knew were the four walls that resembled our pigment

And iron bars cancelled our meeting with freedom.

Oh, how dark and terrible our tale of history is.

When struggle and shame imprinted itself on our faces,

With our mind’s as the ball and chain and slavery infiltrate genetics with each generation.

Our tale has never changed.

Lessons of hate being our opposition and love being our champion.

Reaching in and pulling us out of the darkness, time and time again, we still do not see the light.

Now that times have changed and the illusion of freedom being as real is will ever be,

Illusive and undreamt.

The hope that the 21st century seems to beam with impossibility.

A mirage of paradise, in the desert, brought out by our thirst for love and hunger for life.

We lose ourselves in the sand.

Our souls cracked and aching from our valiant feats.

The journey, to the future, a long one and for some, one that still needs to be discovered.








Living the devil’s nightmare

Fallen dreams

Broken hearts

Destroyed by the vivid imagination of a soul that was once fair.


Happiness brings tears to his sad eyes

Poor life

Rich thoughts

It’s always the weak ones who pay their price.


His blood meanders into an ocean of freedom

Blue water

Red sink

His emotional words is where it all comes from


Depression’s got him feeling well

Clear past

Blurred future

His poetry has a deeper story to tell.






Merciful Smile


The sound of her name dancing in my mind

Every time I think about her,

I feel the hairs in the back of my neck rise

I can see her walking through the streets of London,

Leaving footprints in the sparkling snow.


I want to penetrate her deeper thoughts

I want to penetrate the cravings her soul desires

Her beauty draws me closer

She paints my imagination, like the orange sun slowly disappearing into paradise

Our worlds collide,

Breaking away walls created by loneliness.


The rhythm of her heart unlock the doors to true happiness

Every word written is a creation of a story,

A story about perfection that was once lost

Until I caught a glimpse of her merciful smile


You Are Coming Back To Me

Tears of a drowning heart

Memories of a lost soul

Trying not to remember what happened in the past

Because you leaving me is all I can recall

Fallen off the cliff of heartbreak

You’re no longer there to catch me when I fall.

Simply faded in front of my eyes

I was blinded by the fog which covered up all the lies

No more warmth in my arms

Just shivers like the winter cold

I can’t stand to watch the realities of my nightmares unfold.

Maybe when the sky is blue

And the sun is bright enough to shine away my flaws,

I won’t be oblivious enough to miss the beautiful day

Sometimes in life our dreams aren’t as close to reality as we would like them to be

But I’ll never lose hope for the day that you come back to me.








Caught up in a generation,

Where our strengths are attached to our egos

Caught up in a generation,

Where our insecurities are hidden behind the weaknesses of our hearts

Broken promises creates cuts in our memories,

And their scars are a reminder of who we no longer trust.


We run our mouths longer than we train our brains,

So we quickly get tired of our own thoughts

And the only source of hydration we seek is the validation of others.


Our tears are a reflection of how strong we wish we could be

We are haunted by our past,

And killed by our future

The present moment is the only time we are free.


Encouraged to be ourselves

Yet we are judged for being ourselves

Silenced into individuality,

Yet we scream for each other’s help.



Adolescents are rushed into growing up

And yet they fear growing old

We demand kindness and warmth

Yet our actions towards the ones who love us are cold.




The Balcony[++


Sitting on my balcony

Once again

The silence which my mind used to carry has now been crowded by a million voices

Once again

My fragile heart near its breaking point

Once again


“I thought she would be more careful this time”

“I thought she would be less clumsy this time”


Inhaling the toxics within this cigarette

Observing it fade away


By Moment

Resembling the warmth of her touch

Fading away


By Moment


A love that used to be so classic

So black and white

So simple

Wasting away on this balcony,

I start to see all the colours

The vivid brightness which was hidden by infatuation.


Who knew forever would come to an end

Once again


“I thought it would be different this time”

“I thought she would care as much as I cared for her this time”


Maybe offering infinite stars

Was not enough to shine a light in the darkness of our distance

Once again

I am wrong

Once again

I am sitting on this balcony

Surrounded by nothing but the million echoes of my sorrowful thoughts


Every Step You Take

With every step you take away from me,

The sight of being with you is blurred from all the tears I cry

With every step you take away from me,

Every time my heart beats, I find more reasons why I need you back

Let me whisper the words of my broken heart

Because if I don’t the words will be a ghost that will haunt me until I die.

I memorized the image of the first time I saw you, just like a picture in a frame

Because it’s a perfect moment I will cherish forever

With time, change is inevitable

But I know that time will never change the way I feel about you.

I want to sleep forever,

Dreams with you remind me of the reality I wish I had

Should have poisoned you with the power of my love from the start

Because with each hug and kiss you give to him,

Just like a cracked wall, my heart slowly falls apart.

If I had you, you would be the boat that keeps me floating in an ocean full of negativity

I am alone and lost from all the waves of darkness pushing me from side to side

I wish you would be the light house that shines me to your love and comfort.






Fountain of destiny


Sunlight seeps through the cracks

Her soul forever silhouetted

Her tears disperse into the abyss

And re-emerge as the stars we know

As our hearts collide, a whisper of her name escapes my very lips


A million souls rejuvenated by her aura, and bow down in her presence, I remember a time when love used to love her. The Goddess of love remains mute to my requests, I’m unhinged beneath her spell once she manifests her woe


I long to sculpt my love upon her innocence

And for her love to intertwine eternally within my veins. I believed we possessed forever, when our souls interlinked. A night of shooting stars as I stare into her constellation I dare not blink


She maybe impaled to the Earth, bleeding drops of purity. Only with her, my face would be petrified as I welcome her magnificent purge onto me. As we flirt back and forth, oh yes I’m forever tempted to unmask her Godly beauty


Found in you

Dived into the ocean of your love

Drowning in the depth of endless happiness

The voice from an angel is still ringing in my ears from weeks ago

They say you don’t know what you are doing until you stop doing it

I will never stop because the scent of your love is the only thing I know.

Looking for a map to your heart

Found it through the desires of your amazing brown eyes

Promise to veil nothing but the truth through the lies

Promise to be the tissue to wipe your tears when you cry.

When you’re falling from curiosity

Count on the strength of my love to give you a hand to help you rise


Because no other person in the world can make me smile like you do

So the definition of love is nowhere to be found but in you.








Although we have drifted apart and my sorrow is still incomplete

I remember the days when you would allow me to massage your feet

to relieve my pains and troubles on your shoulder

Though no tears were shed, you remained my only boulder

I used to love how you’d call me randomly and we’d speak for hours

I loved it when you’d get angry when I wasn’t around or out of reach

I loved it when you’d use all your minutes for the month on me and no one else

I loved it when you wouldn’t let go when we hugged

I loved it when you sighed after one of our long arguments

And I loved you even more when you told me you missed me

And although we speak no more

I’ll love you forever until forever is no more







New Beginnings


Lost deep within the dark forests of doubt

Searching for the simplicities of a perfected life

Fountain overflowing with the curiosity of my infinite thoughts

The thought of happiness has always eluded me

Troubles of my yesterday burning up in flames.


Drowning in the purity of clear waters

Carried within the tides of new beginnings

The flashbacks from the past are haunting me

Their voices glitter amongst the city lights

Each word shining brighter than before.


Give me the warmth

The softest touch of love

The comfort of the smiles of a heart that was once broken

The strength of the wings of a bird that has fallen.


Silence broken by the screams that once brought inner peace

Enhance in me the spirit to be ignorant to the cold winter days

The spirit wise enough to see nature’s wonders

Wonders which has been portrayed in its beautiful ways.





In Her eyes


In her eyes

I can see the reflection of a soul mate,

That never fails to provide me with unconditional love.


In her eyes

I can see her take her silent steps to freedom

My long awaited angel from above.


In her eyes

I can see her innocent heart beating

Asking for me to give it a meaning.


In her eyes

I can see the open blues skies

Shining with passion that never dies.


In her eyes

I can see the youth of a woman with a broken heart

Filled with tears, struggling to smile.


In her eyes

I can see her spirit thanking me,

For the moments of her life, that have made life worthwhile.

I was


I was a flame on a candle

Waiting for you to blow me away.


I was lost within darkness

Waiting for you to brighten my day.


I was stuck in a messy state of mind

Waiting for you to wash me clean.


I was a single king

Waiting for you to be my queen.


I was a lonely boy

Waiting for your love to be my theme.


I was stuck in a nightmare

Waiting for you to be my life changing dream.





Just A Smile


He was shy

Not liked by many

He didn’t really know why

He tried to impress his peers,

But they rejected him, and made him feel useless

He had no reason to feel good about himself

He had a dirty appearance

But a clean soul

A short body

But a heart that stood tall

Even if he disappeared to the land of the unknown,

No one would notice

He’s all alone

He watches the sunrise

He watches the sunset

He watches people eat his life away

He watches his heart take the hurt

He only has one wish; to live a life with freedom

A life with no tears

A life with no silence

A life with no fears

He wants to break the doors of hell

He wants to run away from exile

He cries, he fears, he’s shy

All he really wants is just a smile.






Sinking deeper and deeper,

Far beyond the ground

He can feel the warmth of hell’s gates,

Seducing his mind, isolating him from the good that once existed.


Reality broke the little boy’s heart

Pieces buried beneath the ground


His ambitions drove him on a path that led to suicidal thoughts

The only sunshine seen is brought upon by the darkness of the night

His highest point is brought upon by the lowest words enhancing his flight.


Chains have him captured in the past

He can smell the air of stale sweetness

Dirty clouds,

Rusted sun

As he inhaled the smoke,

He felt the ashes running through his veins

He’s a misery

His whole life is a mystery

His nightmares have revealed his scary horrors into a reality.


Having you

Sometimes I really don’t know what say

Sometimes you just take my breath away

Sometimes you make me speechless,

Sometimes I can’t find words to describe the way I feel about you

But don’t you for one second think my love for you is meaningless

The happiest day of my life is the day you said the words “I love you”

The way my heart pounded…

I just knew the feeling was true

I didn’t think the day would come

I honestly didn’t know what to do

From that day on nothing else really mattered

No, not while I still have you.

I will never let you go

Because you are my black beautiful girl

You’ve kept my soft fragile little heart well

If I had to pick one thing from this entire world

You’d be the only option I’d choose

And that’s only because you’re the only thing I never want to lose.

Because no other person in the world can make me smile like you do

So the definition of love is nowhere to be found but in you.







I am so cold hearted

Allergic to the warmth of love

Surrounded by black angry clouds,

Mocking me for every mistake I make

I tried running away,

The voices in my head keep finding me

I’m stuck in a world,

A world where guilt, hate and loneliness are seen by the naked eye

I fight for the freedom of my soul,

But I always lose

I scream to express the pain that’s eating me up inside

Somehow my voice is never heard

I cry,

No one dare to wipe the tears off my face

I try wearing a smile,

Yet my heart is slowly breaking apart

Who am I trying to fool?

Even the blind can see the emotions I’m feeling

Even the deaf can hear my heart,

The heart that’s screaming for help.








Desires take us on a road,

So distant, far from this troubled world

Travelling to eternity

Mortal beings

Embracing immortal feelings

Our shadows will write poetry about our journey

The journey which will glow amongst the stars

Your presence is a reflection of what amazing is

Let my passionate kiss be the dreams of what reality can never give you.






Letting Go


I’ve done everything I could do,

But let’s face the painful truth,

I’ll never have you

This is a war I can’t win

A scream that can’t be heard

A tear that can’t be wiped

A torn heart that can’t be sworn

I’d continue fighting,

But I know you can never be won

I’d continue trying to prove my love to you

But it’s pointless, because you’ve moved on.


Maybe if you saw how much I’m hurting,

You’d come back

But that afternoon,

When the sun was a dimmed orange

In that quiet street,

The street where I saw you kiss him

That was the moment my world collapsed

All the joy,

The smiles,

And happiness,

Was thrown out the window

Feeling worse by being alive,

I’d rather be six feet below

I guess I’ve waited so long for you to accept me,

But deep down in my soul, I’ve always known,

That the best option was letting go.








Trying so hard to impress other people,

You forgot to impress yourself

Won over the hearts of other people,

You lost the love you used to have for yourself.


You took the time and built your own prison cell,

Where the freedom to be who you are,

Has been chained up by society’s ideology of who you are.


Your ignorance to love has caused you to find joy in;

Breaking heart,

Breaking rules,

Even breaking the law

I know deep down you still want to be cared and loved for.


Pushed your innocence of a cliff

Evil grew you wings

It was round about the same time you flew away from everything you once believed.


Wrote a million pages,

About how drowning in an ocean of superficiality has set you free

Yet when I look deep into your eyes,

It tells me a different story.





Just The Thought


Just the thought,

Of having you in my arms,

Sharing a hug,

Would provide me with happiness, never reached by any drug.


Just the thought,

Of my lips touching yours

I’d probably end up behind bars,

Because kissing an angel would be breaking all laws.


Just the thought,

Of writing you this poem,

About how I really feel,

I’m probably a fool,

Because I’d live a million years,

But I’d never have you.


Just the thought,

Of letting you go,

I never want to let it happen,

Because loving you is all I know.


Just the dream,

Of having you,

I never want to wake up,

Because I know none of these things will ever come true.


Fleeting Moments


I hate the fact that I can only feel your touch in fleeting moments

I hate how time makes our love seem so insignificant

All I have are these words

But through these poetic structures,

You and I can construct cities where we can happily run around,

Creating statues of the memories which will forever haunt these streets

So time can think twice before underestimating the immortality of the feeling I have whenever I taste your kiss.






Your softest touch

An invitation to a religion I never knew existed

My lips

Attached to your lips

Reciting scriptures which open doors to the heaven I feel whenever you are in my sight



Ignorant to the world which the masses belong to

The passion between you and I

Leads to the seven days of the creation of a world constructed perfectly by the curves of your smile.






Love Potions Of Evol[+:+]


They say people need love to evolve

That love makes more sense than water and atmosphere

That love moves mountains and makes the world revolve

That loves trumps evil so there’s nothing else to fear


What about the love that evol feels

Is it the same love that helps us to progress

Or does their love slip through like electric eels

Leaving them in shock, is this the reason why they love less??


I was told once that love is as evol as good

It changes like the weather

Goes from hot day to change face to match the moons mood

Or go from heavy to lighter than a peacock feather


I do love, however without trust is love as kind

Is love as patient as we make it

Why is love associated with the heart and never the mind

Or is the blood pumping vessel as important as we make it








How she drives me insane

Its, really her stare

Or the shift from light to dark as her eyes glare,

at me

The flash from the camera made her over flow with passion

She’s hands on with her actions, its amazing when we clash


Cause the cause was offering offerings

Making us opposites turn from pompous

To obviously, cautious of all misgivings given to us

By, her and her delectable flaws


I do take charge, but she’s more convincing

The pants of which she has taken were formerly driven

By real men, who since let live and dig deep in

Where she rules, all life bows to her freckled cheeks

And naked feet, titter tatter when we meet


She’s real beauty, that mystifies all beings

Men, women and fiends believe she’s the one they need, but

She belongs to me, well not me

But my heart and what my heart speaks is chest deep

Where treasure lies and resides as shore deep as her lies

Or truth from her uninnocent eyes


I do love the fact that love loves to love her where maker meets his elixir

As naked as flowers flowing through Gaia

I hope she learns that I am here like the rest

No cut above, not perfect, but I’ll love her until I rest.





Mind Your Own:


I am born

Not of multiple speaker joints

Though the weed does relieve us

I breathe out, life to those that receive us

My thee God find it easy to forgive us

Our sins bring ill repute to those that do need us

I try to change, but the stains on my clothes are stuck

Making the fabric glue to bums homeless but never hopeless


I am healing

Not to those that ask, but those that don’t

To those that try, not those that hope

Those that work and burn the dope


I am not born of man

My name is my name, by God not human

My identity is borrowed and my manhood is planned

Like, a slave driver’s pet, killed where spaceships land

And runways expand,

as take off takes forever

Where dreams board to get lost

To live and let die as the coined theme, never mind the cost


I am winter, colder than ignorance

Penetrating through pivots, where greed is sharing my dividends

Like businessmen portrayed as the devil making waves,

For all the days of existence, making riches of the richless, however this is none of my business.





The Apex


The wonders of joy have blind sided thee once more

Each wound grows larger with every morn

What a blessing it would be to start again

As I lay defeated in my shadows of regret


A voice asks…

Do you miss her?

I replied…

I can’t miss what I don’t remember


I’ve listened to loves lies

I’ve stared into loves eyes

I’ve flown in loves skies

I’ve been deaf to loves cries

But I promise I will be there, when love finally dies…








Your hand in mine

So close…

So soft…

The feeling of your love, comforted by your warmth

My heart beating your name.


Time goes by, you walk away

Leaving me as cold as I once was

The wind carries my broken heart

Far beyond the mountains

Into the caves covered in darkness and isolation

The hand that once led me to happiness

Now leads me to the sadness of the drops of the summer rain.


High above the sky

I walk on the smoothness of the clouds that your words devoted to never bring me pain when I fall

So peaceful,

Your lies brought about ignorance which was so blissful

Now I’m falling, feelings meandering into waterfalls

Now I’m falling, into the depth of the river, drowned by the waters of broken promises.

I dig deeper

Trying to find the treasure of your heart

I dig deeper

Trying to find the meaning of happiness

I dig deeper

Trying to find the hand that was once comforted by your warmth.







She moans as my tongue twists in-between Her


And my name escapes Her lips, with breaths as heavy

as rocks

My glass house shatters as Her air hits my ears, and

Her breasts fill my eyes,

She looks to the ceiling, with a smooth irony that

seems to wrinkle my bed sheets

Again She moans

As my hands find their way through Her foreign parts

Finger painting with my index of worded art, I write

And on her back She lies, with me on top, I provoke


Making all ten of Her claws, gnaw my back, as She

marks what’s Hers

Her legs wrap around my waist, as I thrust, She

would pull me closer,

She moans again, this time, my name

She hopes the walls are deaf, so no-one will know

Her impure ways

Her mind’s in paradise, as She grabs my face and

clutches my dreads

Each day gets hotter, thicker and raunchier than the


We shift from kitchen, to bedroom, to the garage

From the first set of suns, She screams

over and over

With streams of drops of sweat from my Nubian


And Her clit as the jewel to Her crown, I stimulate

Her inner waist,

And hold Her hips, swaying them back and forth

I satisfy Her lusty fantasies, day and night, She reigns

As I penetrate Her kingdom, and squirts a liquid that

resembles rain

She loves this lust, alone, She imagines my role in

this play of ours

With my pole, that would prop up, and slid between

Her lips

She would try to resist, but this adds to our want

And as desire takes over our minds, we think of

nothing else.







Erratic moans unconfined, incisive for their equal

The depth of her essence sculpted from devotion


Longing for her escape…

Emaciated trees lead the way to what was…


A single key summons her unconditional love

Her memories take flight


Her innocence vanished with the leaves of autumn

To the world she is a name without a face

Beautiful, how this C-Note conceals her shadows of regret

Revenge Of The Poets I

  • ISBN: 9781370498192
  • Author: Warren Mposi
  • Published: 2016-10-08 18:05:09
  • Words: 5129
Revenge Of The Poets I Revenge Of The Poets I