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Revelations of the Attesor Stone

Revelations of the Attesor Stone


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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In 1799, the discovery of the Rosetta Stone by some of Napoleon’s soldiers meant that the key had been found that would allow scientists to decipher two modes of Egyptian writing, the hieroglyphic and the demotic. In November, 2012, another stone was found in a hidden cavern in the Pyramid of Khufu at Giza in Egypt. On this stone, which has become known as the Attesor Stone, there are three inscriptions; one, hieroglyphic, one demotic, and one in an exotic Greek-like language, which is thought to have been invented by Socrates. These inscriptions have been deciphered and translated to French and English.

Without fanfare, the translations were released to the general public, but to date, these have been of interest only to archaeologists. Yet, the ramifications for the future of what is in these translations cannot, at this time be comprehended. So astounding are the revelations, that they may cause pandemonium when they are widely disseminated. There is no good, however, that can come from attempting to conceal or obfuscate the truth; indeed, peace of mind and acceptance can come only when the truth is known and its consequences addressed. That is the purpose of this document. What follows is a distillation of the dramatic translations.

Two hundred thousand years ago, the Earth became ruled by intelligent creatures of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, and other families of dinosaurs, who had come to Earth from Mars. Because conditions for life on Mars had been degenerating for several thousand years, all life on that planet gradually became extinct except for the huge dinosaurs, which at the time, had ruled the planet and maintained its well-being. They eventually faced the fact that a migration would have to be made to Earth where the subsistence of life was still possible. Eons were spent by these creatures in mastering techniques of miniaturization. When, at last, conditions were right, a conclave of 144,000 dinosaurs miniaturized the space between the atoms in their bodies so that they required only one thousandth of their original volumes. The tiny dinosaurs then transported themselves in small saucer-shaped vehicles to Earth. Leaving several hundred million of their brethren behind, these creatures survived the trip to earth. They landed in a place that today, we know as Machu Picchu in Peru. They restored themselves to their former sizes and began populating the earth.

At that time, the only other creatures on Earth were insects, birds, and fish. The dinosaurs created the new creatures we see today; lions, tigers, dogs, cats, etc., and several others that have become extinct. Human beings were also designed and produced at this time. The male human was called Mada and the female, Eve. Humans, a favorite of the dinosaurs, were taught to communicate in a language called Ruasonid, which, over the years, splintered and evolved into Greek, Latin, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and all the other languages that exist. At the request of the Egyptian rulers, the dinosaurs built the pyramids in Egypt by miniaturizing the boulders, setting them in place, then expanding them to their present sizes. These structures served as the resting places of the pharaohs for thousands of years. Dinosaurs also built a statue in the image of a revered pharaoh, Xnihps, which, at a later age, became known as The Sphinx. In England. they helped the Druids build Stonehenge. The dinosaurs continued constructing the computers which they had used on Mars. The chips are made from sand crystals which were found in abundance at Giza. The purpose of the computers was to control the everyday lives of humans, the other creatures on earth, and the dinosaurs, themselves. No attempt was made to control fish, insects, and birds.

As the computers took more and more control of Earth, it became obvious to the dinosaurs that certain species of life had no purpose and might need to be made extinct. They did nothing with respect to their kinsmen which had been left on Mars. The dinosaurs felt that these beings should resolve their own destinies. It is known that, today, there are small colonies of dinosaurs still existing on Mars, and that they are planning another excursion to earth. This is expected to occur sometime in the year 2026. When this happens, the landing is expected to be at Reno where sand for the construction of computers is in plentiful supply.

The computers that were built by the dinosaurs are still operating and will continue to do so for thousands, if not millions, of years. They are located in the computer bays of one thousand space capsules that automatically circumnavigate the Earth. These computers control, and have controlled the evolution of science on this planet. While Marconi may have thought he had invented radio; Morse the telegraph; Bell the telephone, and Edison the electric light, the actual knowledge for these inventions had been fed to those persons at predefined times. The fact is that, with one exception, smoking, humans never invented anything. Even the idea of the wheel was fed to Mada’s and Eve’s descendents by a Parasaurolophus.

It is understood that, with the arrival of the new settlers, earthly creatures, that are deemed superfluous, will be extinguished. All other life, whatever its form, including humans, will be destroyed also. It is planned that an experiment will be conducted to determine if anything at all should exist, including dinosaurs and, even their computers.

All of the foregoing, inscribed on the Attessor Stone, is to be burned onto a DVD-ROM beginning in August 2023, and the disk is to be widely distributed. The date and time of the release of the document that you are now reading, is to be determined. If you are reading this document, that time has arrived!

It is possible you might think this entire article is a hoax. The fact that the word, Attesor, is Rosetta spelled backwards may lend some credence to this notion. But it is also possible that, in order to help keep panic to a minimum, this is what the computers want you to believe.

Revelations of the Attesor Stone

  • ISBN: 9781311287397
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-04-30 22:50:06
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Revelations of the Attesor Stone Revelations of the Attesor Stone