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I never heard the thump or the crash as the truck ran over my body and then ricocheted off the curb and hit a trash can. By about that time, I had left my crumpled, damaged body and hovered above, watching all the action.

The man driving the truck hit his head on the steering wheel and I could see that he didn’t have his seat belt on. They never do. I always wore my seat belt but then again, I didn’t die behind the wheel either. I was the poor joe just walking across the street when the two vehicles collided.

Police cars, ambulances and fire trucks congregated along the wreckage, and each expecting the worse. Of course I was the worst and they couldn’t do anything about that. The around the place where I died?

Then the paramedics, who hadn’t left the scene, came over and covered my body with a sheet and put me on a stretcher. Well, I knew where my body was going, but didn’t they know I was still here?

I had no wife or other relatives to notify, just friends and by the time the evening news came on, they’d know what happened to me too. Any memories of me would be gone in no time.

The sun began to set and around twilight is when I saw the vision. I’ had never met her, but I felt as if I had known her all my life. She was beautiful, a vision of light and goodness. Her name was Lauren, and she told me that she was mu guide. She had watched out for me all my life. I stifled a sarcastic comment that she hadn’t done such a good job at the end, but it was if she knew what I was thinking. Smiling at me, she said, “I’m new at guiding humans because I haven’t been a human all my life. You knew me as Tabitha in your lifetime. Do you remember now?”

“Tabitha that was my cat. I got her at a shelter and was so tiny I had to bottle feed her. I loved that cat. She slept with me, followed me around like a dog, and came when I called her. Then she died of liver failure and I’m not ashamed to admit I cried for months”

“Yes, that was me, and I loved you too, Jake, but it was just my time to go and you gave me a good life. When I passed, they gave me a new name, Lauren. I like it and it suits me now that I’m not a cat anymore. I must have done a decent job of protecting you since they upgraded my body from feline to human.”

“So, are you here for me?”

EMT’s got the man out from behind the wheel, laid him on a stretcher and took him into the ambulance. He had blood running down his face, but I didn’t see anything else. Unless he had internal injuries, he would be fine. Now I was another matter. His turck was totaled and so was I.

At first I was mad, but then I realized that it didn’t’ do me any good to hold grudges. I’d still be dead and it was an accident after all. It wasn’t like it was a hit and run or something.

After all the action died down and they towed away his truck for scrap metal, I wondered what would happen to me. I was dead. I knew that, but what would I do for eternity? Hang

“Yes, Jake, I’ll be your guide and your companion. I was given this form because it seemed more appropriate for the assignment.”

“Are you still Tabitha, my cat?”

“Yes, I am and I’ll turn back into a cat after my assignment is over, but I’ll be with you always. In heaven, animals, especially pets, are never separated from their owners. We will continue our life together, only it will be better than before I love you Jake. Let’s go home.”


* * * * *.







About the Author

Catherine Carlson lives with her husband and daughter on a farm in South Texas. She has taught in both public and private schools, but now devotes her time to her craft. Catherine writes in many different genres.

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